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tv   Headline News  RT  August 15, 2013 9:00am-9:30am EDT

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i am. more than five hundred people have been killed nationwide in a drift in the bloodiest of violent as the country has seen since the toppling of dictator hosni mubarak with almost no sign a solution to the crisis is on the horizon. we could be exclaims u.s. army whistleblower bradley manning has been for stop apologizing for revealing war crimes in the hope of easing his sentence for i spent hours. on the rail the dollar as a global reserve currency is being threatened amid mounting fears the u.s. central bank may not hold all the foreign gold it claims it has and its call for its.
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new song russia and around the world this is see was me you know thanks for joining us. the death toll from street battles in egypt continues to rise every hour and has now exceeded five hundred according to health officials the relenting bloodshed is about to become as deadly as it was during the twenty eleven revolution when scores of people were killed in an army down the latest news we've just received from the council is the islam is the hub began torching the headquarters of the regional government in cairo we have to warn you some of the images you're about to see are disturbing kyra descended into chaos on wednesday once security forces swept through two of the biggest protest camps full of supporters of the ousted president mohamed morsy the clashes have now ratcheted up by multiple levels away
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from these started throwing mobs of the most era the capital's now seen short hours between groups of masked gunmen and police snipers violence was quick to spark in other cities under adopt a sectarian twist as islamist supporters of the former leader raided christian churches mourned the turmoil now which is raising the specter of civil war from true in cairo. this morning egyptians seem to be getting on with their daily lives despite the fact that so yesterday so probably one of the most bloodiest days in egyptian modern history however we are expecting more protests as the day goes on and in particular funerals for the people who were killed yesterday across the nation in these very bloody clashes between supporters of ousted leader mohamed morsy and the security forces now the muslim brotherhood you are largely spearheading these these protests are saying they are not going to back down the bloodshed is really just adding to their defiance as they will push for morsy to be reinstated on the constitution and many people are actually saying this is going to
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intensify the protests in the coming days as protesters have now lost several friends and family members in these extremely bloody clashes and i was there yesterday on the scene in the way another city sit in the main encampment for more see and it really was continuous gunfire from security forces firing on protesters both inside the come in those anyone attempting to access them could live on the mission and gun shop automatic weapons as well as tear gas it's also sectarian violence across the country which exploded yesterday. supporters of mohamed morsy attack the christians accusing them of basically being responsible for the ouster so you've got a lot of bubbling tensions here in the capital with a very fractured government we expect a lot of violence on the horizon. do follow bell on twitter she's always on the move to be the france to know and to keep you posted online. meanwhile president has the situation in egypt could worsen and become similar to
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what's happening in syria goal doesn't thing become true will return to democracy any time soon either let's now take a look at how each of has been trying to achieve that elusive dark right of change for the per the past two and a half years president mubarak was forced to step down early twenty eleven ending his near thirty year stranglehold on power the country voted in a parliament last year but the results of that election were a knowledge and declared unconstitutional the muslim brotherhood's mohamed morsi been achieved a slim electoral victory to become the new president who granted himself sweeping powers and tried to push through an islam is tied constitution last december that caused huge public outrage which continued until morsi was finally ousted by the military early this last month so the country has come full circle back to military control and war correspondent margolis who has written extensively about the middle
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east says western powers and doing anything to help the situation which means the violence could get even worse. we are very close to the civil war in egypt not only in cairo but in that alexandria and down the nile that has headed the upper egypt the people get more militant there and it's historically in areas larger violent so it's very worrisome what they've done is they've overthrown a one of the arab world's only democratically elected governments they've reimposed the reactionary group of security officers leaves bureaucrats judges they've taken over the media completely and all this is being financed with money from saudi arabia and kuwait and it's being allowed to happen because the western powers are turning a blind eye to what's going on they're saying tut tut tut it's not good but in fact they really haven't done anything substantial to stop this putsch egypt cannot live
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without foreign financial support it cannot feed its own people it has to put fifty percent of its food so that. either as they have patron in the united states or with the gulf arabs in the gulf arabs are deathly afraid of a revolution by their people so of course they're helping the counter revolution in egypt. and there's much more what's happening in egypt on our website you can find a decent timeline of events and fuzz tunde accounts from people caught in the thick of it we've got you covered at. us on a whistleblower bradley manning has started has started his supporters by saying
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sorry for orchestrating the largest leak of military data in history but according to wiki leaks manning who faces up to ninety years in prison for i spend made them policy under duress and the hope of a pacing the judge and his court martial. what he said during that statement shocked a lot of people he started off by apologizing he said quote sorry that i hurt the united states he has suffers from issues and there's no excuse for that he said i can't go back and change things i want to go forward i want to be a better person and it got to the point where it seemed like he was just leading to the judge pleading for his life he said to the judge i hope you can give me an opportunity to be a productive person and i say that these statements come as a shock because it was a very different bradley manning than the one we heard during the pretrial hearings where he said that he did what he did because he was trying to do the right thing
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and that he was a whistleblower. bradley manning is perhaps most famous for exposing this video which shows u.s. military press now gunning down iraqi civilians in cold blood and he also leaked hundreds of thousands of documents including u.s. diplomatic cables and war logs which were published by week in leaks and even you are sufficient have admitted that manning's actions did not directly home anyone the whistleblower had previously defended the leaks saying quote i felt i had accomplished something that allowed me to have a clear conscience based upon what i had seen and what i had read about and knew was happening in both iraq and afghanistan every day and earlier we spoke through norman solomon who's spearheading a petition for bradley manning to be awarded this year's nobel peace prize more than one hundred thousand people have already signed it. well the prize has been tarnished in recent years for instance to give the nobel peace prize to president
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barack obama obama when he was in the midst of escalating the war in afghanistan the nobel peace prize needs bradley manning at this point much more than bradley manning needs the nobel peace prize and by that i mean that no one can doubt the advocacy and the risk for peace that bradley manning has undertaken but there is serious doubt about the commitment by the norwegian nobel committee to peace on an independent basis in the form of awarding the nobel peace prize to the head gear in the program here and i'll see and watched all the plans of british police for failing to address complaints of racial bias which will claim they've been abused just ahead.
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arabic t.v. dot com. this is all see and go bang told top story now on the ballance an agent with the blood a standoff between supporters of the toppled president and the police a bond by the army has claimed hundreds of lines now let's bring the that's working in the at the top me and award winning journalist and author live from cairo now. me welcome to see how many people have to die in egypt for the international community's ago father ben simply was of condemnation as a reaction to this. because a lot of people have been talking that washington is in a very difficult position you know with the military and the contract with
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the military being the only reason we have a safe guard with israel and no one i think was expecting the blood that was spilt yesterday i think the last count over five hundred have been killed in these are official statistics i think the international could. be. and it is just very uncertain of what to do because what happens in egypt doesn't just affect egypt you're for what's left on the entire arab region and the other countries in this area i do think you know we're living in an age now where no longer can autocrats you know involve the notion of national can remedy and that they will wait any interference from the international community and they can repress their citizens that well this isn't going to happen any more countries will start cutting you know you had aired on the prime minister of turkey calling on you and security council and just we don't know no one knows if the international community will interfere or if this is a green light for the military to continue on in what it's been doing so far. this
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scale of the zoster nearing battle day bloodbath of the twenty seven revolution that mubarak was toppled and put behind bars what about big currently that have given orders to assurant. i think the scary thing now for a lot of people is that you really have no idea where we go from here we had we had a revolution and we toppled mubarak we brought in a new president then the army came in we said we don't want the army we told the army to leave the army left we got a new president and didn't like this president so we made him leave and the army came back again so it's weird exactly do you come from here there is really no one everyone in the opposition even when you just sit there at the narrative or if. the rhetoric that just unites them all is the fact that they are and i'm muslim brotherhood but we have no political party we have really no one who we can say that they are qualified at this position to lead the country and things are very hazy everyone is very confused to what's actually happening is that the army is at
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the ministry of interior is it the police cooperating with the army is it was it didn't really start out of something not violent and the reaction of the muslim brotherhood is what deteriorated the situation now i think it was just just ten minutes ten or fifteen minutes ago we got notice that the government building in been burnt down the reaction of the muslim brotherhood kind of a do or die all the calls are for you know that you are fighting for islam this is the final battle you know that that could terry and they're attacking churches which will lead us further into sectarian war they're attacking police stations releasing prisoners government buildings military installations so it's just snowballed and escalating and no one's quite sure everyone is at fault both sides are suffering tremendous losses and yes across the board for all egyptians this is a tragedy we all lost yesterday and i don't think you know in the entire two years that we see in worse state than yesterday then i understand no one really knows what it's for this is what the. latest news from the competition is that they is
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them as attacking the headquarters of the regional government does that cya bob the tuc tags they muslim brotherhood will now adopt after their protests to change charged because you see for a lot of. the muslim brotherhood for the last eighty five years years they've been in conflict with the state we've been going through this ideological roller coaster over the last two years it is a military vs pro vs the mubarak era there are leaders is it nationalism versus islamists is it secularism versus. honest but now we've kind of reached a point where for the muslim brotherhood they have this one chance finally to shine they've been oppressed for how decades and they finally got their chance they blew it and if they lose now this will kind of reflect on any islamist party an entire region so their reaction to the sit in it's not just a normal sit in that was dispersed for them it. are presenting more of
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a way out if we lose this we might lose an entire region if we lose this chance who knows if we're going to back again so definitely their reaction has been out of proportion i believe also contributed a lot to the death toll the attack of churches in particular at least the last count forty five churches have been attacked some of them historical churches and this you know this will only lead us to thinking so you attack the military or the ministry of interior attack the muslim brotherhood so you go and attack a minority and that only leads to civil war two seconds carrying war and what's the point of that how is that going to lead to anything the chronically ill or so it's just can preform today and. as each joke someone is talking about how unserious you which is one of our tourist destinations they removed the curfew and it's just what a joke is that what kind of tourists are going to come with the images coming out of egypt now just driving through the streets today no one's in the streets everyone still terrified in their homes i have to get here in time for this
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interview i jumped through the airport and had a gun pointed at me in the airport so no one's going to be coming here so you really have to state what what strategy does either side have you know whether it's aside from the government or the side of the muslim brotherhood what are you thinking where do we go from here there's nowhere to go like there what can we salvage from this how is this how are we going to fix this but either side both sides seem to be so focused on their own kind of winning and egypt and egyptians are the ones losing in the middle. petard me an award winning journalist and author live from cairo and i went off on jazz for the bad connection and sound quality saying thank you thank you. the fear is the u.s. dollar is losing its former glory and world its trust in the currency as
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a safe haven a major blow came after germany's central bank demanded the federal reserve return three hundred tons of gold berlin says it needs by all she's going to check on explains now the assets of foreign nationals in the fed may not be secure or even there at all. behind these walls is one of the most secretive organizations in the world u.s. federal reserve websites to audit them it's a wall this place is impenetrable for we years the u.s. federal reserve has been the place where many countries of the word a big chunk of their nations well as the countries weathered different waves of economic crises economic instability the federal reserve seems to them like a more or less secure place to keep their funds but are the funds really secure or are they even being there has been speculation for a long time that the fed doesn't actually have much good that he has either sold it all lent out or used it as collateral for borrowings either way there are many
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claims that the gold that is being stored on behalf of many nations doesn't actually exist germany has recently decided to bring home all these gold with the federal reserve says that it's not possible that he would need until two thousand and twenty to be able to accomplish such a transfer germany then asked to visit the fed vaults to make sure that the gold is actually there but the fed first refused to permit germany to exempt examine its own gold then the germans apparently assisted in the fed did open only one of nine rules but they were not permitted to either enter or touch the gold the german government has stored about half of its schools supply with the u.s. federal reserve so there are understandably nervous this makes not only germans nervous of course u.s. financial institutions have a history of selling things that don't exist one example last year goldman sachs were proven to have been selling gold certificates to the public saying that they were backed by real gold in their balls but the story leaked out that they'd fact
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held no gold at all and were doing the so-called fractional reserve gold banking on the basis that few people would want to claim their gold at any one time and looking further back in history during world war two when the fed came to many countries in asia latin america and africa. and told them their gold holdings might not be safe because of the war and that they should permit the fed to take all of it to the u.s. for safekeeping many countries have done that receiving said gold certificates in exchange but when they later tried to cash in those specific kids and reclaim their gold they were told the certificates were fake that they contain spelling another mistake so on and so forth and the fed still has all that gold the power of the u.s. federal reserve has grown dramatically especially since the one nine hundred seventy when the u.s. cut the link between dollar and and gold that allowed the u.s. dollar to be bought and sold freely on the markets and with the u.s.
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dollar being the main reserve currency the u.s. has basically been able to tax the whole world in just the value of the country holdings by printing more money now we see many countries trying to maneuver away from the u.s. dollar is the main reserve currency and we see many central banks increasing their own gold reserves and he seems after all these years the world decided they put too much power in this one building. china's in gold bling of gold on month on month so the country's consumption of the precious metals jumped more than fifty percent in the funds tougher this year and there's also speculation beijing could be holding out to ten thousand tons of its reserves and potentially preparing a return to the gold standard well she's venture capital show host katie people they want names. sadly chinese buyers have been snapping it up because it is cheaper price music currently consider a ball good also feeling demand is a desire for a physical assets instead of betting on foreign exchanges so here we go then these
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other countries are the world's largest gold reserve. although it's actually suspected that china has far more than these official figures suggested it may even have more than that of the us china is also the world's largest producer of gold and could soon become the biggest consumer pushing india off the top spot in that department. so despite a role the dollar year for gold china's recent surge in interest them astray is the precious metals lost none of its sign. and are all screen underlined twenty four seven and years what we're covering and our goal right now for you very soon public diplomacy is really governments to recruit students as undercover agents find out more about the new force in the making. do you on the trayvon ki-moon calls for unmanned aircraft to be used for
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surveillance said not as weapons will go the full story at all. or you can watch dogs as a british police need a cultural change in a bid to taco bell snowballing claims of racism figures show black people are seven times more likely to be searched by police on the streets than white people and as outraged as our senior found out most of the time it's without any evidence. one morning while driving to work nathan was stopped by the police and asked to step out of his car. you know. a priest lady was walking. you know. anything i was going to. nathan says they grabbed his wrists at which point he
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started getting angry is anyone going to the police station and what he told me is when he told me. fifteen or forty speeding yeah so. you know nathan's experience is just one of numerous other stories of black and minority ethnic youths who feel they've been unfairly targeted or treated by police a sentiment that's fueled riots in the past. home secretary theresa may order the police watchdog to conduct its first ever study into the use of stop and searches and deemed wanted for were unlawful warning that black and minority ethnic groups were stopped more than white people janet hill's a detective at the metropolitan police service says she's been stopped herself and more times than she's personally use the power on other people i've been stopped and searched in my time and again the way i view it is that whenever i've used that
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power it's always been about the intelligence around stopping an individual not just because they just happen to be hanging on the street corner and of more than one million stop and searches recorded each year only about nine percent result in an arrest which the home secretary described as quote far too low for comfort many of the people we've spoken to don't have a problem in theory with the stop and search powers of the police but the problem arises in individual cases where people walk away feeling like they've been on the receiving end of injustice and the repercussions these experiences may have. it can have a very negative impact of his done in the wrong way and it can make people feel really going to be can make them feel to me and they can leave very serious mental emotional trauma if it's if they feel they've been abused which then creates resentment and then the trust and confidence that you know the police will destroy the community should hide in the place is lost in response to a report by the independent police complaints commission which found that scotland
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yard is failing in the way it handles complaints of racism and discrimination the metropolitan police sent us this statement we determined to be less defensive in except when we're not performing as well as we should be it's powerful sharing the way we deal with complaints involving racism is letting down the public we need to understand more about what we're doing wrong as well as taking the best out of where we get it right i do realize that the police have a job to do but in when you get pulled over about nine times in one year you know it gets a bit does get frustrating are you so angry where when i when i think back on it i do i do i do get angry but i try to work it out to try to get on with it really from you know treated unfairly again i can make sure i do take it and to put my complaint. tester sylvia r.t.e. london. coming up next state's primary interest family now it's a state with. the
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video game company of heroes two is facing a lot of heat from gamers inside the former soviet union in fact fourteen thousand people thus far have taken the time to sign a change dot org petition to get the game removed from former communist shelves across the land why are people so mad this looks like some sort of world war two game i mean in this type of game there's going to be a murdering of hawkers or virtual rampaging through cities with rocket launchers so why did they start a petition for you to blogger called the bad comedian made a detailed twenty five minute video depicting all the gross historical inaccuracies and exaggerations throughout the game the game prefers the soviet army as
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a pack of slave driving before with every soviet officer wanting nothing more than to shoot his old soldiers in the back or send them to the gulag forthwith according to polygon dot com the game exploits where moments in the wars history like some very limited battles or soviet soldiers went in unarmed and made it look as if sitting right fullest infantry directly into machine gun fire was part of the soviet army manual maybe it is a bit oversensitive to flip out over a dumb video game but lives repeated often enough will become true in the minds of millions of people who play the game and that's why you can't back down when it comes to historical falsification but that's just my opinion.
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and good afternoon welcome to prime interest i'm marion boring and i am bob inglis it seems to me that but it's. the london whale has its case the prosecutorial in that are no excel but j.p. morgan chase trader who earned himself the nickname at variance six billion dollars trading loss last year is off the fishing hook so to speak the recent agreement with the us authorities yesterday so it looks like the mainstream media has successfully floated his freedom but now it seems federal authorities have another fish to fry today they moved up the food chain charging pixels former boss with wire fraud and a conspiracies of all supply records now they've decided not to go after it still so that could crack the case wide open and that's because he will be used as a witness for the prosecution so let's see how far they can swim upstream. and don't break out your teeth perhaps just to get.


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