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coming up on r t the sentencing trial for bradley manning there's an end of the army whistleblower himself made a statement in court earlier today we'll have updates on that from fort meade straight ahead. and each of clashes have erupted between security forces and probe morsi proport protesters the crackdown has so far left dozens dead so what's next for this divided nation the latest updates on this pay out exaggeration coming up. and last night newark mayor cory booker won the democratic primary for the new jersey state senate but one of his opponents ran on an anti surveillance state platform how did this affect the vote find out later tonight show.
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hello there it's wednesday august fourteenth eight pm in washington d.c. i'm aaron aid and you're watching our two we begin tonight with the latest in the sentencing saga of bradley manning many of the army private convicted of the largest leak of classified information in u.s. history spoke during the sentencing phase of his trial in fort meade maryland today argy correspondent liz wahl was on the ground in for me this afternoon i spoke with her earlier about the latest developments. yaron today bradley manning took the stand he remained silent throughout the trial but he did give a very brief statement today and i think what he said during that statement shocked a lot of people he started off by apologizing he said quote sorry that i hurt the united states you said he has suffered from issues and there's no excuse for them he said i can't go back and change things i want to go forward i want to be a better person and i got to the point where it seemed like he was just leading to
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the judge pleading for his life he said to the judge i hope you can give me an opportunity to be a productive person and i say that these statements come as a shock because it was a very different bradley manning than the one we heard during the pretrial hearings where he said that he did what he did because he was trying to do the right thing and that he was a whistleblower. now did anyone from manning family speak today as well. yeah there was a really really compelling testimony from his sister today it was quite frankly it was heartbreaking she talked about the environment that her and bradley manning grew up in and it was dysfunctional to say the least she talked about how both of her parents were alcoholics her mother in particular she talked about she said that she had to take care of bradley manning as a baby because her mom their mother was not fit to take care she was suffering
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suffering from alcoholism and really wasn't there for them as children and i think one of the most moving parts is when she actually showed photographs of their childhood photographs of a young bradley manning looking like every other normal smiling kid and she was actually brought to tears during this there were some members watching the trial today spectators that were also brought to tears during this part of the trial. and she said amanda's attorney david comes after what's your hope for manning and she said quote i hope he can be who he wants to be i hope that he can just be happy so very very compelling testimony today from manning sr. now did anyone else from manning family speak today at all. yeah we also heard from bradley manning is on deborah than all c.n.n.
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and she was able to give us a glimpse into manning's character because manning actually lived with her for a time she talked about the strained relationship that manning had with his parents talked about. what it was like that he was really really interested in politics really interested in current events and was shocked to find out that he was joining the army but said that the he she tried to discourage him from joining the army but he really really was intent on doing so because he really wanted to go to college he really wanted to find a way to pay for his education and this was a way that you saw this was a way that he saw that he could actually achieve this goal of his. attorney david coombs after many changed throughout all of this throughout this whole ordeal and she said yeah manning is a lot calmer now he seems a lot more grown up and
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a lot a lot more mature so his family members today really were able to. give us a glimpse of manning really humanized him and gave us a glimpse into his character from from people that knew him a really knew him as family now other than family who spoke at the sentencing trial. you know we heard testimony from two medical professionals mental health professionals one of them a clinical psychologist and the other a forensic psychiatrist the clinical psychologist actually evaluated manning while manning was deployed in iraq and he said that he diagnosed manning with an anxiety disorder that manning was under a severe amount of stress and he had problems fitting it in the army and that he'd never felt like he was good enough so. clearly he was suffering at this time under a lot of stress when he was deployed in iraq we also heard from the forensic
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psychiatrist and despite this the medical professional was tasked with kind of giving this objective mental evaluation of manning and he diagnosed manning with gender dysphoria also known. as gender identity disorder and we saw this yesterday when crew was brought up a photo of manning dressed as a woman dressed up wearing a wig and full drag and this is essentially when somebody identifies with somebody of the opposite sex and and and you see this as we saw with manning the loft and cross dress because that's what they identify with a. he said that having this kind of of mental issue that manning was in a state of crisis and he had a hard time dealing with this in the military and as a gay man in the military historically hasn't been an environment that has been a friendly to those that are gay and also on top of that dealing with this gender dysphoria the mental health professionals are really painted the fact that he was
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suffering and he felt alone and felt in the military and the army that there was really anybody that manning could turn to so all of this really. painted a picture of the mental state of manning at the time that he leaked hundreds of thousands of classified documents on the internet now liz can you tell us what the mood was like inside the courthouse today during manning's testimony. of the mood i would say first i guess hopeful is the word that i could could you really there was a lot of i guess the suspense everybody wanted to hear what bradley manning had to say but when he came out i had a some activists bradley manning supporters were sitting next to me and they were they were shocked. that he basically came out in apollo. they were shocked that he said that he was sorry for what he did because. it's at all odds with with what the
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depravity manning that they saw as a whistleblower and somebody that really was trying to do the best for society by leaking this information and when he came out and said that and when he came out and apologized you could tell that. the tone kind of changed at least among the supporters they were upset they were actually people in tears after after that after manning's testimony and also testimony from his family members it was it was very moving and there and there were people that were spectating that were clearly very moved by what went on in the courtroom today aaron that was our two correspondent liz wahl reporting from fort meade maryland we turn now to egypt where the country has declared a month long state of national emergency at least two hundred seventy eight people are dead after security forces sent bulldozers and tanks into camps set up by supporters of the ousted president mohamed morsy the violence began with gyptian
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security forces storming to makeshift camps that have been occupied by morsy supporters the muslim brotherhood which was behind the protest told state t.v. that two thousand people were killed over the brotherhood has been known to give exaggerated figures and then later revised those numbers u.s. secretary of state john kerry spoke today against the violence but said he still believes a political solution is possible. today's events or deplorable and they run counter to a gyptian aspirations for peace inclusion and genuine democracy to gyptian stay inside and outside of the government need to take a step back they need to calm the situation and avoid further loss of life. we also strongly oppose a return to a state of emergency law and we call on the government to respect basic human rights including freedom of peaceful assembly and due process under the law in other developments egypt's vice president of foreign affairs mohamed el baradei
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resigned today artie's del true is on the ground in egypt reporting all the latest . the egyptian president he has now announced a one month state of emergency across the country in the growing violence the interim president adly mansour to hold on the army to support the ministry of interior and its police force in this now i have been in the heart of the clashes the main sit in for ousted leader mohamed morsy in your city and the scenes have been extremely bloody we've had reports of at least two journalists killed including a sky news cameraman who was shot dead it's been very very violent as the security forces moved in on these encampments. whereas the second city and the incoming was completely destroyed. pushed all the shelters and the tents off the firing volleys of tear gas and bullets on the protesters there however the caches continue on
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there extremely fierce in the rubble of the way a mosque in nasr city security forces moved in on protesters at around six thirty this morning and started firing at them at seven am using bullets tear gas and also live ammunition we're talking about you see with my own eyes and they have surrounded that continue to surround the entire city and firing both the protesters inside and also anyone attempting to get in the background to this is the supporters of ousted leader mohamed morsy said that they wanted to be reinstated on the constitution they started these two sit ins in the capital and across many different governorates over a month ago saying they will not leave until he is put back in place as i approached the city and security forces as i said have blocked off every entrance even the smallest sorry streets which resulted in was basically the side road where the police and the military would fire heavily on anyone approaching including journalists like myself residents and families of people trapped inside i had to
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duck behind cars behind any concrete barricades that i could find i mean being fired at me. both from above and from the front including tear gas the i was stinging it was almost impossible to breathe it was on i was unable to ascertain whether this was in fact like i mean what i heard a lot of automatic weapon fire and also i heard what sounded like rifle rounds i then went i managed to make my way into the sit in after hours of being shot stats and found protesters as i said trying to find shelter and i said women and children in the field hospital itself is in the heart of the clashes you have to run through a corridor of the night on the nation to get some protestors were doing meanwhile others that were wearing the qur'an around their neck and chanting defiantly against the police post saying they will not be intimidated paramedics were carrying stretches to the front line with their uniforms covered in blood saying that number of people had died in the ambulances i then watched one particular protest the shots in the chest he was actually killed she died in front of me the
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paramedics in the ambulance attempted to resuscitate him but it didn't work he died right there with a gunshot wound to his chest and another one to his leg so clearly it looks like the security forces are shooting to kill you from my contacts inside the field hospital they say that people have been shot to the head the face the neck and the chest that was our team's bell true reporting from cairo egypt now to walk us through the latest developments on the turmoil in egypt i was joined earlier by r.t. arabic correspondent rima come via now i started off by asking her what exactly sparked this most recent violence in egypt. well it's a problem that that's been building up for the past few weeks for the past two months almost there is mistrust on both sides there is the feeling that every side is white there is the perception that justice is on the side of one party or one group against the other and i think that basically let's do what we are seeing in
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egypt today are you saying that it was a long time coming and this is just the inevitable the sit ins have been sitting there that sit ins have been there for the past forty seven forty days so it was inevitable that the government is going to do something about it yet we didn't know when or how or whether those demonstrators are just going to go home on their own now if the military war to release mohammed morsi do you think that would help to dissipate some of the chaos that we're seeing in the country at this time we this is a stage that is overdue now this is over power and this is passed and maybe it would have helped had it happened a few weeks ago but i think this is already we can't even talk about it because we know that maybe it will just make things worse if they are to release him now now has the military provided the egyptian people with a long term plan other than the one that they initially when they ousted morsi
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other than that initial one have they updated or revised their plan they've been declaring their commitment to that roadmap that they've announced earlier which includes parliamentary elections presidential elections giving up power to the interim government and that's exactly what we saw happening over the past few weeks we just don't know if they're going to go by the timeline that they sat to hold those elections given the situation that's happening in egypt now is it kind of impossible that given what they said and now that they're completely attacking a peaceful protest it seems kind of impossible to stand by what their initial long term lot of people would argue a peaceful protesters quiet a lot of people say that. these are not peaceful protesters these sit ins had weapons with them a lot of people would tell you know they have been there for forty seven days we have not seen them do anything so it's really a debatable issue given that each side is going to try and to document every single second and everyone is showing the picture as they see it and not the whole picture
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we don't know exactly what's going on we don't know what happened earlier today during these evacuations of the professors but we also don't know what is going to happen from now on we don't know if this is the end of the story everyone's just going to go home and maybe try to come to a peaceful resolution from now on or this is going to rate into something that's worse and we already saw some of the burning of the churches that people say is probably go into effect any consolation process in the future not just the burning of the but also the attack on some of the police stations and the muslim brotherhood for instance i was talking to some of their spokespeople earlier today who are holding press conferences and washington d.c. or people who are not associating themselves with the muslim brotherhood but they say that they are pro morsi and pro democracy what they call in egypt and we're saying that we have seen these people protesting for the past two months they have
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not done any of that there is just the fact that it's happening today when they're being attacked by the military is something that they think is probably not exactly what the media at least what the state media in egypt is trying to portray do you believe that egypt is on the precipice of civil war and if so how will this affect the surrounding region everything depends on what's going to happen from now on if the situation gets worse say in the next few days a lot of people think that yes maybe syria is headed towards that path we've seen some of the statements made by you for instance one of the leaders. the muslim brotherhood in egypt after his daughter was killed who was saying that as sisi the military leader is pushing egypt into that direction into a syria like scenario but we also saw people who are saying that no one's the professors once the protesters are home once the process are over if this is that everyone is just it's just going to be. a normal situation again it all happens all
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depends on what happens next from here now hosni mubarak he came into power in a similar fashion it was one thousand nine hundred one in egypt was under a state of emergency a national state of emergency and he then ruled for thirty years do you think we're going to see a similar if not the same situation take place c c had sat over and over that he does not intend to interfere in political life he does not intend to run for the elections so he made clear that he is not repeating the scenario of the past he is not doing what happened thirty years ago. is he going to commit to these statements is something that we just have to wait and see rima thank you that was r.t. arabic correspondent rima. in other news a u.s. air force unit that operates the nation's most powerful weapons beyond its safety and security just the three hundred forty first missile wing at air force base in montana filled with the military calls
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a short inspection of its nuclear weapons this is the formal check of whether the unit is following the rules to ensure the safety security and control of the three intercontinental ballistic missiles that operates here's what the commander of the wing had to say about this unsatisfactorily breaking what i can say is that these inspections are as exacting a test as one can possibly imagine they are a pass fail test of enormous complexity imagine being in a college physics class and working through five pages of calculations on a problem but you receive no credit if your answer is off by even a decimal point. that is the nature of our job and i wouldn't have it any other way now this is the third time following the colonel's metaphor that the three hundred forty first wing missed a decimal point in two thousand and eight and two thousand and ten they also failed a safety and security inspection now commander of the air force global straight command lieutenant james quasi so that a group of quote relatively low ranking airmen failed two of the thirteen
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inspection areas the general said he was unable to be more specific about the failed exercises because of security concerns quasi says that the air force is looking into it and now an update on a story that we've been covering for quite some time the federal government's response to edward snowden's disclosures on the n.s.a. surveillance now last friday president barack obama promised an independent and outside review of the intelligence community surveillance here's how he put it. we're forming a high level group of outside experts to review our entire intelligence and communications technologies so i'm tasking this independent group to step back and review our capabilities particularly our surveillance technologies and they'll consider how we can maintain the trust of the people we can make sure that they're absolutely is no abuse in terms of how these surveillance technologies are used. so many were surprised when the director of national intelligence james clapper who
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admitted he had lied to congress about these same intelligence capabilities sent out this press release at the direction of the president i'm establishing the direct of national and the director of national intelligence review group on intelligence and communications technologies to examine our global signals intelligence collection and surveillance capabilities quite a wordy press release and not exactly independent or outside but a spokesperson for the national security council said that this is all just a misunderstanding. the review group will be made up of independent outside experts the dan eyes roll is one of facilitation and the group is not under the direction of or led by the d.n.i. so this whole press release from the previous day now erroneous clapper is establishing the group but it will be just as independent and outside as the president promised on friday. but that's not the only review group taking place in the wake of these disclosures the office of the inspector general at the d.o.j. has just started his own investigation this is into the use of section eight to
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fifteen of the trade act section two fifteen allows the f.b.i. to order anyone to turn over what the law calls tangible things without a warrant so long as it's part of an investigation section two fifteen provide a justification for the n.s.a.'s collection of american citizens phone metadata and bulk this review will specifically look at improper or illegal uses of surveillance granted under section two fifteen a different focus than the clapper established review board the f.b.i. is the domestic partner of the n.s.a. when it comes to snooping on u.s. citizens. elsewhere newark mayor cory booker won the democratic primary in new jersey in the new jersey senate race with a huge margin on tuesday the victory propels booker into the special election on october sixteenth but have recent n.s.a. surveillance concerns played any role in this election or will they in any upcoming elections political commentator sam sachs reports so cory booker won big last night
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and he's likely to be the next senator from new jersey but this election is important for another reason it was the first national attention grabbing election in which the surveillance activities of the n.s.a. were in issue they were made that way by congressman rush holt who when he learned of the n.s.a. leak said screw it and introduced a bill in the house to repeal everything but the patriot act in the buys a moment to act and since he was running for senate at the time against cory booker here in this ad specifically hitting booker on a number of things including supporting massive government spying on russia you may have heard i'm the scientist who needs a supercomputer in jeopardy. why am i running for senate against cory booker. we need to pass a carbon tax to stop climate change make up the wall street. and stop the government spying on innocent americans. for a book or doesn't support any of these ideas so hold told they got third place in
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the race just fourteen percent of the vote but just the fact that the n.s.a. was brought up in a political ad it's worth talking about i mean we had a whole year of political ads not too long ago including ones like this throwing old grandmothers off cliffs but not a single ad referenced n.s.a. spying and because holt who is bringing this issue up a book or had to respond posting on his campaign website quote i was deeply troubled by recent revelations of the scope of the national security agency's domestic data collection we failed as a nation to thoroughly debating create public oversight before this highly questionable data collection began it is time to bring this program to light and fix that error and bookers the upcoming republican opponent in the race steve the lawn again is demanding booker talk more about where he stands on the n.s.a. issue which according to polls is exactly what the american people not just in new
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jersey but nationwide wants a series of polls since the n.s.a. leaks show pluralities if not large majorities of americans are concerned about the n.s.a. surveillance activities for example a quinnipiac poll found forty five percent of americans believe and it's a spying goes too far in restricting civil liberties forty percent believe it doesn't go far enough to keep us safe and a fox news poll showed the same sentiments sixty two percent of americans believing n.s.a. spying isn't unacceptable invasion of privacy and thirty two percent believing it's acceptable to prevent terrorism so edward snowden all the way from somewhere in russia made his mark on last night's democratic primary election in new jersey and all the rush hole didn't win given the polling on this issue nationwide don't expect him to be the last candidate to use n.s.a.'s spying programs to whip up voters in washington sam sacks are to. since the american
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revolution the us has experienced over two hundred years of progress and rights quality of life and more but of course it's not history without its setbacks in today's world of government surveillance the growing power of corporate influence and countless other societal ills some people have decided to opt out of modern society altogether the residents laurie harvest with more. every day americans are bomb hearted with headlines about how their government is spying on regulating or downgrades seizing their property as
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a result more and more people are finding ways to revolt only this time around instead of banding together in an organized militia americans are revolting by disbanding from modern society case in point a group of hacktivists is revolting against the as face commandeering of the internet by building a new one from scratch the project is called mash net it's now raising funds to help distribute routers to help more people connect to this second government free internet it's a pretty complex endeavor to say the least but the fact that people are willing to go to that extreme to revolt against government internet spying is pretty telling. another current example of revolt of the occupying money co-operative an offshoot of the occupy wall street movement it's backed by bankers who are fed up with the corrupt banking system that the government is in bed with they're starting out by issuing a prepaid bank card to people who want to stay out of the current financial system
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eventually they plan on offering a full range of banking services. people are also revolting against our over regulated agriculture industry they are sick of being fed crap like months frank and sea and high fructose corn syrup as a result more people are starting small farms where they can grow and eat food that hasn't been processed by the government the free state project is a group of libertarians revolting by moving to new hampshire to make their own limited government paradise. and of course you have people setting up alternative currencies like that point or light coin. it would be one thing if the government were trying to control all of these aspects of our lives for our best interest but the reality is our government continues to grow more oppressive regulate it and invasive pretty much just for the financial gain of the one percent so more and
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more movement continue to spring up with the intention of free some aspects of our modern society from government control to the point where you could say we're now seeing the beginning of the american revolution version two point zero tonight let's talk about that by following me on twitter at the risk that. that does it for now for more on the stories we covered you can go to youtube dot com slash r t america or check out our website r t dot com slash usa you can also follow me on twitter at aaron aid and don't forget to tune in at nine pm for larry king now with special guest lisa crew dro the emmy award winning actress will talk all about her hit t.v. series web therapy and much more for now have a great night. well
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. technology innovation all the least of elements from around russia. the future are covered. and good afternoon welcome the prime interest i'm sorry i'm boring and i'm bald english it suits today it's a. little london well hasn't state the prosecutorial in that or no excel the j.p. morgan chase trader who earned himself the nickname at various six billion dollars trading loss last year is off the fishing hook so to speak the recent agreement.


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