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tv   Headline News  RT  August 14, 2013 1:00am-1:30am EDT

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bahrain's brace for more mass protests as it marks independence from the u.k. with the opposition preparing to take to the streets in a push for more democracy in the government ready to respond in force. israel angers palestinians by announcing new plans for more settlement homes you know people putting restarted fragile middle east peace talks under threat. and rubbish spying recycling bins are used to track people on the streets of london collecting data from their mobile phones as well as.
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international news and comment you're watching r.t. coming she live from moscow. now mass anti-government demonstrations are planned in bahrain and the government has promised a strong response today marks the country's forty second anniversary of independence from britain and exactly two and a half years since the current wave of unrest started police confronting protesters and foreign clouds of tear gas these scenes have become common in the gulf nation ever since the uprising began despite constant talks between the ruling sunni family and your position the shia majority in the country want a constitutional monarchy with a government which is chosen to a democratically elected parliament artie's lucy caffein of details the key events of the unrest over the past two and a half years a majority shiite country ruled by the sunni all khalifa family in bahrain has been
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a rocked by political unrest since twenty eleven and for the past two years the majority shiite opposition has been pushing for democratic reforms and more say in their government but those demands have been met with an iron fist so let's take a look at how these events actually unfolded in february of twenty eleven a day of rage thousands of bahraini is gathered in unprecedented demonstrations against the country's rulers several people were killed some three hundred injured when security forces raided the protesters who were camped out in the country's capital the foreign minister dismissed the violence as accidental but there would be no resolution as the unrest continued troops from saudi arabia and the u.a.e. entered rain in order to help suppress the uprising the king declared martial law the following day operating forces moved to clear hundreds of demonstrators from the tampa to become the symbol of the uprising arresting more than a thousand protesters including leading opposition figures. now over the summer
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eight shiite pro-democracy activists were sentenced to life in prison for the role in the uprising later that fall a government inquiry had found the. security forces used excessive force to suppress the protests even torturing detainees in order to get confessions now marched on one of the biggest demonstrations in bahrain's history that same month the un commissioner for human rights criticized for disproportionate use of force in the tear gas may have left to more than thirty deaths. now in february twenty thirty and two demonstrators and a policeman were killed in clashes that took place the following month on the second anniversary of that uprising. and ahead of today's protests the king toughened penalties and anti terror laws approving proposals that have alarmed human rights groups which fear a quack down on the demonstrations it's an arab spring revolution that has been forsaken by the arabs abandoned by the west and largely ignored by the international community but without meaningful reforms off wayne's uprising isn't
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likely to quiet down anytime soon so bahrain toughened up its anti protest laws last month throwing condemnation from the u.n. and other human rights groups. a former bahraini page full of the country's largest opposition party and had his citizenship revoked for allegedly threatening national security he told us why the western world isn't doing anything about the harsh crackdown by bahraini authorities. there have been. lots of violations and behind but unfortunately there is rarely anything in the list certain media regarding all the violations torture. little group or tour of the united nations on torture have been stopped from going to lottery but that has not all to me shane. fourteen legal ones like waiting list. of course over the past week three of the major human rights groups and the
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students are much human rights watch and redress they have issued a very strong urging floor of the for the u.k. government was the goal is to stop supporting the dictator and try to enforce respect of the human rights but unfortunately the money and the patrol dollar are talks higher than the principles and the worst that is very unfortunate now is plenty more ahead including the big ben is watching the rubbish can spying on passes by on the streets of london it's not science fiction but signs fact will tell you the story in a few minutes time also ahead sarah hates children r.t. explores the human cost for parents whose kids are course in the crosshairs of government attempts to save money. right on the scene. first street. and i would think that your.
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eye on our reporters would i instantly i i would be in the i was on my i. now middle east peace talks are already under pressure to israel approved over two thousand new settlement homes in the west bank and east jerusalem negotiations between israel and the palestinians are set to resume for a second round in jerusalem but expectations are low the two sides have been brought together for the first time since twenty ten but the settlements issue has been around for decades the battle over ten thousand square miles of territory between the jewish community and the palestinian started back in nineteen seventeen when the establishment of a jewish homeland was approved decades later the arab israeli war ended with israel
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in control of most of the territory the garza strip was controlled by egypt and the west bank was occupied by jordan while jerusalem was divided following the six day war a nine hundred sixty seven israel captured the sinai peninsula from egypt and the golan heights from syria and although the israeli army didn't annex the west bank from jordan it started to occupy the area after decades of fighting israel share of the land has grown from three percent to almost eighty in israel's plans for more settlements may derail the peace talks artie's paula slayer has this report. today for the first time in three years israelis and palestinians will be resuming direct talks in jerusalem this follows parity talks that will hold a fortnight ago in washington but both sides are skeptical and no one is expecting a breakthrough the problem is that these talks are resuming against the backdrop of
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an announcement by israel that it is expanding its settlement this announcement came on sunday with tel aviv said that it had approved the expansion and construction of some one thousand two hundred new settlement units in east jerusalem and the waistband the european union has warned that this is the palestinians also warning that this will cause the negotiations to collapse before they even begin they accuse the israeli government of trying to sabotage these talks and they also complain that current israeli settlement growth is at place it into the levels israel has rejected this criticism it says that every peace initiative so far has proposed that the settlements affected become part of the israeli territory the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has officially said that he wants these talks to succeed but the problem is that both his government and the israeli public split over them it is also reported that even the u.s. secretary of state john kerry want to netanyahu that israel may be confronted with
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an international legitimacy ation campaign to quote carry on steroids if these renewed peace talks with the palestinians fail to be fruits earlier twenty six of one hundred and four palestinian prisoners that israel is releasing as a confidence measure to bolster these talks we'll see if we convicted by israel of carrying out attacks against israelis before he also called nine hundred ninety three israeli government said that this was a difficult but necessary step but there have been demonstrations in israel by both the wife and protesters and also friends and family of israelis who were killed in attacks carried. don't buy at least some of these prisoners you should know that giorgio didn't help he's out according to our poll held few weeks ago eighty four point nine percent are gangs deal many people here and he's out here to the pointed and angry prime minister and government we feel betrayed because we are we
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trusted them prime minister netanyahu has been heavily criticized over this decision to release these prisoners some say this is a step in the right direction while others say it's definitely not so you have an israeli prime minister who is in that predicament on the one hand the right wing members of his cabinet off pushing him to extend the settlements on the other hand you have those who are putting pressure on him to make progress with the palestinians as for the palestinians themselves have mass which is the leadership in gaza is not talking peace negotiations and refuses to be you have other factions that are threatening to sabotage the talks earlier this week a rocket was fired from sinai and for the first time ever israel's defense missile system the iron dome fired a rocket over the southern to a city of a not so you do have this is a warning concern particularly by the israelis now the palestinian president mahmoud abbas as he comes to these talks is definitely not talking with the united
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palestinian voice as is neither the israeli prime minister to see our team television. but while palestinians in gaza and the west bank were celebrating the return of twenty six prisoners released from israeli jails hamas which rules gaza slam the peace talks is futile an urge palestinians to unite and confront them. peace negotiation one succeed like the other negotiations we've tried the negotiations for more than twenty years before what we got there is only losing our learns losing our people will continue for the killing by the israelis for our people when what the israelis are doing to actually continue and that's certainly the sentiment and doing whatever they want and. tell them and all the palestinian cities there is no faction is agreed to go to the negotiation even some parties who belongs to the p.l.o. they refused to go into the negotiations mr mahmoud abbas doesn't represent the put
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a c.m. people the only represent themselves and there he doesn't have the right to negotiate by the name of the palestinian people. now in india eighteen people are trapped by flames after a huge explosion rocks a doctor submarine we've got the details coming up yourself this quick break. i grew up near me airbase. i dreamed of becoming a pilot ever since i was a child. i love this. live.
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i. watching. on top of revelations of intelligence services tracking your phone calls i'm watching your online activity see that pays even the rubbish is watching a recycling bin make is apparently using them to track passing mobile phones in the
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city of london. has the story. just a ben think again these nifty looking lesser bins are connected so why five and that means that they can track the movements of each and every person walking down this street as long as they've got a smartphone that's connected to wise by now the digital stalking is all in the name of advertising simply by knowing who you are and where you'll go and they can alter the images on the screen here to tailor the advertisement to whoever is walking down the street in the city of london corporation have said that they also use the sun by despite technology that they've asked the company responsible for the bends to switch them off the local authority here say that schemes like this require the backing of an informed public but just how aware are the british public of the erosion of the so-called digital privacy in the wake of the n.s.a. scandal it's been revealed that it's not just commercial companies but entire governments that are spying on their citizens and just last week we found out that
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just telecom on the verge of phones have been secretly crossing on details of their customers conversations over to intelligence agency g c h q coming into my privacy . my knowledge it would be a cause of concern is a breach of law is a breach of confidentiality i just wouldn't have nothing to hide so i don't really care but still i don't think that. that's fair from them not telling us that to me because information to governments who are truly in your twenty's citizens private information should stay private i've got nothing to hide so it doesn't matter. all that stuff is very much the other side is there anything in the final things they shouldn't do. to be honest with you must surveillance is now a reality of our everyday lives c.c.h. to call it day to hoover and according to experts they screw up as much information as possible online and through telephone traffic in order to school through it so
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there's that third married these things say much more. in the making and in many of it you said even the back alley boy. meanwhile the role of america's intelligence boss on the panel reviewing government surveillance programs is causing controversy james clapper was expected to lead the quarry which was promised to be independent but now it looks like he'll only have a limited role in all this scrutiny of spying methods is costing big tech companies big money. explains. it's very difficult to put a price on trust but in business customer trust consumer confidence is money according to the information technology and innovation foundation the n.s.a. leaks will cost us tech companies up to thirty five billion dollars in the next three years according to the cloud security alliance after the leaks ten percent of two hundred seven non us companies canceled contracts with the u.s.
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providers also fifty six percent of non-u.s. respondents are now hesitant to work with u.s. based cloud operators this is bad news for us tech companies because cloud computing and storage is a huge expanding market a market based on trust but do companies have a choice other than to share their users private information most recently the highly encrypted email service called level bit has gone off line among its users was edward snowden lavabit claims the company is legally barred from explaining why it shut down but its owner wrote this i've been forced to make a difficult decision to become complicit in crimes against the american people or walk away from nearly ten years of hard work by shutting down lavabit after significant source searching i've decided to suspend operations i wish that i could legally share with you the events that led to my decision i cannot all other u.s.
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internet services that cooperate with the n.s.a. are also legally required to keep their mouth shut but tech companies are of course not the only ones grappling with a costly trust issue the white house is doing its own damage control the president has announced that a group of quote unquote independent outside experts will review the government surveillance and intelligence gathering programs the privacy advocates do not expect that this so-called outside review could actually result in changes in the programs but one change that we can expect the. is more measures to stop future leaks and one of them could be this the director of the n.s.a. said the agency is going to cut the number of its system administrators by ninety percent less people knowing about the details of the programs less chances to have sex and those who do know something are strictly required to keep their mouth shut like the founder of that e-mail service level bit in washington i'm going to check
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out and as the n.s.a. spy scandal rumbles on artie's abby martin talked to former presidential hopeful howard dean about his view on america's all seeing eye. but if a law has been broken does it matter who is at the helm of it and if the laws being broken by the government you know it's not clear to me the government's breaking the law that the problem is the law itself which was passed under bush and cheney pfizer that pfizer core doesn't work one side is presented as like it functions more like a grand jury going to does a court that's wrong it shouldn't be that way there needs to be checks and balances on the pfizer court there needs to be the opportunity for people who even if it can't be the obviously the targets of the investigations that ought to be. an advocacy group are and have even paid by the government of defender generals that were which most of the states have that would make the case that was why these people shouldn't be spied on. you if you're going to have a secret court system which i understand the need for and when you're protecting us
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against terrorism it's got to be fair and right now for the courts not fair. well legal advice from google has this warning mail used they should never expect that communications to be kept secret. on r.t. dot com right now for more on that also on our web site bobbie behaved then health care doesn't care an american teenager was refused a lifesaving heart transplant because doctors decided his history of poor grades she jest he was unlikely to attend appointments following his treatment. and artie's you can win you'll find a massive sinkhole which knows no mercy swallowing a whole house and leaving it buried under. his online feet.
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more news today violence has once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. for a shelter all day. the measures aimed at easing economic and resting greece are back firing on the country's children more than one hundred state funded elementary schools in kindergartens are due to close this summer bringing the total number of education facilities shirt since twenty eleven to over a thousand. spoke to those on the front line. another employed single mother agree saul has been dealing with what any loving parent would class as a nightmare for five days of the week her child has to live elsewhere because she can't afford to look after her i didn't have anything. to feed my child.
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only god knows how. sorry. she says she's going looking for a job for three years but now aged forty knows the chances of her succeeding are slim she tries to shield her four year old daughter as much as she can from the grim reality until she's old enough to understand and in the meanwhile the girl lives in this kindergarten along with other children from needy and problem families how do you explain to your child you're not able to take care of them full time because of problems with the economy and perhaps to completely understand what these people go through every day you have to be in their shoes but what's clear for many kindergartens like this one are the only chance for their children to have more or less decent lives but since they're financed by the greek state they're now under threat of being shut down. and. open since one thousand
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one hundred this garden has helped thousands of families throughout the years but because of a lack of financing for the past twelve months its staff have been working for free and it won't be long before what little funds they have dry up completely. remodel we're facing severe and multiple problems and i now and then you've been closed down we're using every means possible to continue working and are open to any help when i'm sure home we could last due to various austerity measures by greece's creditors the government has been cutting jobs and we do see financing in the public sector teachers and schools included. sheet yes it is terrible it is getting was. nothing gives us an. i hope that this will change in the next. two three four years this seems that this economy our economy immigration in general is going down to hell. despite grim forecast from
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economists and a downgrade of the greek economy from developed to emerging market officials are promising an economic miracle promises which if you were greeks are finding the strength to believe in with each passing day it's going off athens. now we are getting reports that security forces in egypt have begun to disperse demonstrations in cairo at least five people are reported dead in those latest clashes we can go live now to fail trains in the egyptian capital for us. what is the latest there. well i think spoken to a protest. camp which is a not physically the main want to see it in. and he told me that security forces including minutes you believe to render the comment about an hour ago. started to. look like. this information we have. been to
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charities on a number of injuries and we keep waiting. for almost a month to comment. in the late. spirit mohamed morsi did a lot of. security to media but. then we were told that it would be. a democratic reconciliation. and certainly become a blazing. negotiation. game. meeting people from comments if you can on the situation to see how far they can ok thank you ballot. live from cairo they're reporting on the side and security forces in egypt have begun to disperse demonstrations in cairo thank you.
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now to some other news making headlines this morning around eight hundred sailors from india's navy are trapped by flames aboard a half sun submarine this after an explosion ripped through the vessel off the coast of mumbai rescue operations are underway to retrieve the men according to an a.b. spokesman the incident was most likely an accident was in the. past . elsewhere twenty four inmates were injured in a prison blaze in central chile the fire was set off by burning mattresses lit by prisoners brawling with guards firefighters battle for hours before eventually getting control of the flames it's believed the inmates had been on hunger strike over changes to visiting rules although officials have denied this allegation. and london is planning to take madrid to the u. court of justice over prolonged cues that you brought is border control this after motorists heading to the british rock were hit with strict checks leaving traffic
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at a standstill for up to five hours politicians from spain's catalonia have even stepped into the disputed using the tree to bring local gibraltarians however prime minister mariano jorge says his country hasn't done anything illegal. i'm back with more news in about half an ast on that next though it's all report on russia's best known defense a craft coming. choose your language. so we can we know if you're going to feel some of the.
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treatments that get consensus to. choose the opinions that immigrate to. choose the stories that impact your life choose be accessed off to. if. he. says.
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