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was. a phrase don execution would have ended a young chechens live as he was being questioned by the f.b.i. his father tells also you will pursue the monsoon the pools to bring the agency and the songs came as to account. the top u.s. diplomat is picking his words carefully as he heads to brazil coming face to face with the very government revealed as one of the key targets of america's sweeping spy program. in the u.k. and spain pools of good job role to. you know right now over the lengthy border tracts to be disputed territory as britain readings and legal battle and flexes its naval muscles.
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international news and comment live from moscow this is all she with me thanks for joining us it came to a young man who was killed while being questioned by the f.b.i. you may have been shot in the back of the head while lying face down on the ground so say private investigators hired to study the case it were his father is currently in the house where he says he'll soon legal action to see his son's killers punished he's a sissy trick and the grieving father. a quaint residential neighborhood in florida and a father who can't hold back his tears. nothing will bring me peace as long as i live from the moment it happened i haven't been able to forget about it even for a second barely containing his grief. takes a moment several times during our interview. a few days ago he arrived in the u.s.
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from russia to seek answers for his son in brigham's tragic death this is the entrance into the condo where twenty seven year old greg lived minutes away from disney world it was here that on may twenty second after reportedly being questioned by officials for hours he was shot and killed by the f.b.i. under circumstances most of which remain murky. from reminiscing about ibrahim as a child who was very much into sports. to looking through graphic images that a parent should never get to see images that will haunt him for the rest of his life which four or five shots right into the heart i've never seen things like this even in the movies not in the u.s. not in russia no where. such violence from law enforcement nowhere have i seen anything like this. the morning father's on a mission to uncover the truth behind the f.b.i.'s killing of his son and he's even willing to sue. but i want justice honestly because an unprecedented intentional
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murder of my son took place. ibrahim came to the u.s. in two thousand and eight to study english and ended up staying to pursue a career in martial arts this spring he was questioned in connection with a triple homicide in massachusetts as well as the boston marathon bombings as officials believe the chechen young man had been friends with the deceased suspect a milan search. the father says the only connection his son had to the tsar knives was a chechen background that had once prompt a. them to exchange phone numbers were given received multiple fatal gunshots to the heart and head during the night of the questioning the f.b.i. claimed a violent confrontation took place but has been blocking autopsy results from going public some reports suggested breggin was armed with a knife others a broomstick but there are also claims that he was not armed at all demands from
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the american civil liberties union and the council on american islamic relations for florida authorities to hold an investigation were declined while the f.b.i. claims to be conducting an inquiry of its own as with now they would never be able to prove his guilt in anything because they killed him if they kept him alive tried him that would be a whole different story. showing us the postcards from american sending condolences to his family by key hopes those behind his son's killing would show some heart as well most of you know maybe the f.b.i. will have some kind of guilt resurface and it meant that they committed this fatal mistake for several years prior to his death ibrahim was not able to leave the u.s. while waiting to be granted a green card he eventually received permanent residence status and had plans to visit home on may twenty fourth but he died two days earlier. i'll never get tired i'll do what i can i'm just not able to leave this.
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r.t. orlando florida. russia responds to activists seeking to turn the winter olympics into approaches ground against a long homosexuality propaganda to minors the interior ministry says the participants or spectators will suffer as a result of the rich lation will break down the low end here and the rate of opinions on it and if you missed it. and also coming out china may soon surpass the u.s. as the world's top well importer the gas guzzling engines of its industries carried its full speed towards the global political and economic shift to the. u.s. secretary of state is currently on an comfortable trip to latin america where it seems sorry is not soothing the strain created by the spire revelations of edward snowden it was a tough task for john kerry defending washington's far reaching surveillance during talks in colombia and now use walk of shame is continuing in brazil which is
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apparently thinking twice before proceeding with a hefty four billion dollar deal to purchase american fighter jets more details now from a row need. it's going to be john kerry's first visit to south america seen stake in the secretary of state job but apparently not they used his specter to face the rise of questions raised about the incident involving president gore allies from believe us when his airplane was blocked in europe recently and in the wake of the revelations that washington has been the spying law in america according to the day for mation release by future chief blower it were told in brazil was the top original target for the n.s.a. surveillance program washington was a brain please look being on b.b. and solve brazilians telephone records as well as private e-mails for about a day kate brazil's foreign minister talking about all the has said this can't be
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left out of the conversation between the two countries the problem is that right after the brazilian lobel abuse paper published an article in july you and the n.s.a. collecting data on been solved telephone email conversations in the country the foreign minister suppressed deep concern and asks for a small nations in father bill brazil once the matter addressed at the united nations to find a legal way to protect the rights of citizens and preserve the serving of the country's meanwhile with looks like the most provocative relations are you still to come diem agree world america journalists who be published as gold and legal documents claimed that what has seen so far just these mollies of the most case he promised to release thousands of files in the upcoming weeks or so relate to what he say is secret united states surveillance of the global internet.
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that has reportedly told brazilian sophie shows that the disclosures we'll unveil more each a gate. tables of the america's spy world a white in brazil we are so it looks like washington has some issues too are you an out why the n.s.a. scandal seems to be taking on a broader to be a sions running her fellow to r t brazil. and america's all time excuse that it's a program is a vital anti terror tool is not strong enough when it comes to snooping on the brig's group members which brazil is part of so says your political analyst eric draitser. the surveillance was targeting economic interests business interests this adds an entirely new dimension to this story because as we all know brazil is one of the world's leading emerging economies in the united states and the ruling
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class in the united states that is tremendously fearful of the rising economic power of the brics grouping it is not just a formality that we use this term it represents a shift in the global economic balance of power and the united states knowing that its economic power is waning is using alternative means to exercise his gemini and project its own power and the surveillance that the n.s.a. operates within other agencies as well that is a fundamental part of that whether it gives the united states an upper hand in negotiations whether it allows them to use blackmail and other forms of leverage all of this is part of the the tool kit if you will of u.s. imperialism in latin america and around the world. while countries such as brazil look for a way around american surveillance to file sharing website pirate bay mongst t.v. isn't outsmarting balance by launching
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a sense of don't you an online browser read more about the new software. and same da clouds a gathering of the relations between the u.k. and spain london is considering unprecedented legal action either madrid's lengthy checks at the border into the british territory of gibraltar downing street claims they are politically motivated royal navy warships are also expected to drop by the strait although it's claimed on chantilly exercises his testosterone aches pains. it all started with spain saying that it really wants to protect its interests mainly fishing interests as this whole spat this whole story was sparked by gibraltar's building of an artificial reef which spain claims is destroying fishing in the area and therefore it had imposed a border checks on those going to one from a gibraltar a british held territory of beer for causing a lot of delays and right now the rhetoric is escalating between britain and spain
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over the matter britain is threatening e.u. legal action over spain say what it says it's a politically motivated move and london mayor boris johnson actually said that it is quote unquote tantamount to a blockade even used particularly harsh words saying quote i hope one way or another we will shortly prize spanish hands off the throat of our colony end quote and also like and be actions of the spanish government to the franco the time of military dictatorship favorite sport as reported by the spanish press is a considering escalating this to the level of the united nations even floating around the idea of spain and argentina presenting a united front over gibraltar and the falkland islands are clearly as britain boris johnson in particular is criticizing spade by raising the a franco era you have spain you're highlighting what critics without a doubt will be see as britain's colonial behavior or habits and now all of this is
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happening as thousands of royal navy personnel have already set sail for the mediterranean in what the ministry of defense has insisted it is a long scheduled a training exercise well long scheduled or not it seems the timing is not lost on the london mayor boris johnson as he said it quote the deployment should send a clear signal to the spanish it seems that the spot is continuing to go on. because trops you know what pool wall later this hour the pool hall of the snake minority which has found itself in the way of all kind of linked groups aiming to setup an islamic state to state this without. wealthy british study all. the time to explain the things we don't do out of.
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market why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike stronger for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines kaiser reports.
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and this is also he welcome bach and usually on the outskirts of syria's civil war find themselves caught right in the middle reports suggest al qaeda linked jihad it tops noted more than four hundred fifty kurdish civilians including women and children and all believed to be holding many more hostage if confronted kurdish leaders in iraq say they are ready to intervene human rights activist as on day one he says the militants want access to natural resources that. these groups seek a stylish in going to islamic states they supposed to engulf the oil rich areas of kurds and they said they are supported very well by turkey so there are two factors one of them is that these groups want to establish their all islamic state many islamic state which is a project to establish a huge islamic state gulf things turkey syria and iraq now they see that kurds are
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facing them all the kurds as a challenge to them the other factor is that turkey is pushing these groups against kurds because turkey is not happy that could've. are willing go to try to establish their own internal me in that region and the kurdish region northern syria and of course as always we've got plenty more stories for you on our website nobel prize whistleblower supporters of u.s. army private bradley manning who is facing up to ninety years in prison for leaking secret data gather one hundred thousand signatures on a petition to get their hero global recognition. travelling in the chief faster than a plane billionaire inventor elon musk believes his hyperloop project could revolutionize intercity travel around the world go online to find out more. right on the scene. first. and i would think that you're.
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on our recorders. and instagram i. would be in the. because it is and participants of the sochi winter olympics will not be discriminated against as a result of russia's new law against homosexual propaganda to mine its become trees interior ministry has dismissed any claims to the contrary as far fetched and baseless this follows a wave of protests against the new law by western l.g.b. see communities lose a couple of looks not causing all the reaction. the international reaction as well as domestic here reaction here in russia has really been hand on what the law does and doesn't do and there's been a lot of misconceptions about it so let's really break it down now the bill
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criminalizes the public expression of support for so-called nontraditional relationships russian lawmakers say that it doesn't outlaw homosexuality it merely discourages the discussion of it among people younger than eighteen now the law doesn't outlaw gay sex which was actually legalized in russia back in one thousand nine hundred three it also doesn't explicitly ban the participation in gay pride parades the problem however is that the defendant of propaganda is rather vague and it's based on intent so anyone who distributes information for example with the intention of persuading minors that nontraditional sexual relationships are attractive could be accused of breaking this law any individuals or organizations who are accused convicted of violating it face fines foreign citizens could potentially face up to fifteen days in prison deportation and denial of the entry into russia now almost activists believe that this law will not be widely enforced
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there is concern that it effectively gives some local governments carte blanche to say to ban gay pride parades and to discourage people from discussing lesbian gay bisexual issues on the internet so that's the worry the thing to keep in mind however is that russian society is very traditional and conservative and there is in fact a lot of support for this legislation here domestically the independent center of polling center here in russia have actually found that seventy three percent of respondents support any government efforts to curb the homosexual propaganda in fact of these subjects and haven't really changed over the years it also found that four out of five russians say that they don't have a single lesbian or gay acquaintance so that is why there's been such a difference in for example the western and. national reaction versus the reaction right here in russia that's a perfect opportunity to sort of make political statements for whatever issue that comes up this is the the main sort of social hot button issue that's been raised
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internationally originally the wall had sparked a boycott of russian vodka and gave them bars across north america and elsewhere with people dumping of baka in front of russian embassies eventually the calls moved on to boycott the twenty fourteen winter olympics in sochi and one of the prominent british actor stephen fry of course raised intense controversy when he wrote an open letter to the prime minister david cameron as well as the international olympic committee suggesting calling for a boycott suggesting fact that there should be a boycott of the cames even comparing them to the games held in berlin in one thousand and thirty six of course that was in nazi germany but we should also states that most officials including u.s. president barack obama had said that the boycott is unnecessary and that these games should continue to be attended by the athletes now here in russia the russian sports minister said that foreign athletes will be expected to respect the laws of
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the country but the head of russia's a limping committee alexander also spoke out on this issue he said that russia will do its best to effectively keep the guests on the participants safe and comfortable that very mixed reaction internationally but russian officials are trying to encourage athletes to to feel comfortable and to of course participate in these upcoming sochi winter olympic games. and my colleague and his guys discussed what changed the law was introduced. we are an international community bonded by the homophobia that affects all of us and what we have to do is take a stand against the fact that the government is actually preventing education rather than propaganda that is desperately needed feel people who are growing up lesbian and gay growing up with prejudice this cause this day it causes distress anti gay bullying is terrific but it also is deep in issues because of the huge
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fines it imposes an organization and individuals who even mention gay rights but i'm going i just you know i like you i constantly as a journalist hear us and see the sides but you know i constantly as a journalist here go on about gay rights in russia and i on this channel i've spoken various networks around the world about this i've not been penalized or find out or i'm just trying to keep people at home the reality of the situation here i posted on facebook or something i say no problem but you don't face for others to protest and as as basically a scouse journalist here i know the reality of life and i just wanted to put to stop the exterior you know it doesn't snow all around there's a simmering active thriving gay community in russia and indeed in sochi when i was filming the last week there was one that i just wanted to actually get my car on humble mature opinion regarding gay life in russia and i was nothing short of i was assassinated without rain water for having possibly you know you know pro you know
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thoughts on russia which is seen as evil russia want to talk about it's a political commentator. there london as well as the recent levada poll recently saying that more than half of russian support the law and conservative traditions alexander your thoughts on that well i think first of all i've been asking some people here what is it exactly that british athletes are planing to do and sort your other going to. get lifestyles or are they going to compete they're actually in the games themselves look at me tell you something about believe the. the lord be here and the game will be as well we have that. none existed in debate about gay marriage same sex marriage the great was suppressed by the liberal elite nobody was allowed to say anything the moment you questioned you know whether it's a wise thing to do you were immediately accused of being called before i think it's done for the gay community to realize you cannot prevent the people for having
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their own views and in london you know of what those who were in complete and total total doldrums by the by the liberal elites that know to love this political correctness has turned into censorship all of the countries and i think this gets forgotten have signed in a lympics charter which states that there is no kind of demonstration or political religious or racial propaganda allowed at any olympic sites venues or other areas is the l g b t community going to allow this olympics to become about gay rights and not about the olympics and also what about other minorities that feel like they need to have their say at the olympics how many protests are we going to see or we're going to have a gay pride protest and then a protest about western countries that want russia to intervene in syria and then another protest from the environmentalists they don't think the olympics should be held there at all everyone is going to want to have their say china is likely to overtake the u.s. as the world's largest crude oil importer they see according to
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a report by the entry information association with millions of drivers thirty four fester for petrol and growing industrial production at beijing's liquid fuel in full cost to rise to over six million barrels per day was his case to pale ban has more now on the market reaction. well investors really it's a sigh of relief that we see you we had a metals rally on our hands at one point and it's not just oil that's making its way to china in record amounts but soybeans iron as well but the oil really demonstrates a change in dynamics is a global shift the u.s. has been the top or the consumer since the early ninety's father china is growing they need the oil for that they need it for their cars for their factories for the infrastructure but really aligned with this is what's going on in the u.s. domestically the shale gas boom they're far more self-sufficient than ever before so this could have a big impact you think on the global it is not really i think the people that are
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set to benefit a rock especially that's where the most oil goes to more than half actually comes from iraq and the middle east in general but russia is also going to want to listen into this we know that russia wants to tap in being neighbors into this market just like china more attractive this data really but as well as that it's not just about economics is about politics as well with the oil market because it is such a to mulches region the oil producing countries and the maybe pressure on china now to be more vocal in what's going on there the u.s. perhaps more less inclined less motivated to be so going forward talking about responsibility also the emissions carbon emissions we know china isn't exactly admired for their eco ethe also be interesting to see if they follow in the footsteps of the likes of europe japan who are more conscious in this department or follow in their predecessor the u.s. and gas girls on the way. check whatever's happening around the world this hour
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a massive gas pipeline explosion house rather state of illinois to the north of the village of erie a one mile radius including part of the village has been evacuated with children and women among those taken to safety the flames are expected to be actually for hours despite fire crews managing to shut belie. hundreds of demonstrators clashed with police in the brazilian city of rio de janeiro monday night as security forces resorted to tank asked to disperse this stone throwing mob people have been demanding answers over the disappearance of a bricklayer who was last seen in police custody in june this issues under-rated current tensions with the local authorities who are also accused of corruption with acts of his calling for the citizens there to go. and an age of clashes have reportedly erupted between their supporters and opponents of the ousted president mohamed morsy in cairo police have used tear gas to clear the crowds the
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authorities have been repeatedly delaying the promised eviction of two promo succumbs to avoid bloodshed as thousands of protesters have been holding ground for about a month now activists say they'll leave only one the deposed president is re-installed . and more news for you in half an hour that's coming up next it's max kaiser taking an in-depth look at the shady side of global finance in. the u.s. government project marty has been in place for twenty years this project was designed to break the media monopoly of cuban television by putting u.s. government propaganda on to t.v. screens this injection of american t.v.
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works with the blimp and a c one thirty military plane working in tandem you know this would actually be a major achievement in the history of technology if it actually worked this program which over the years has built up a billion taxpayer dollars simply does not work but continues to exist despite the cuban government completely blocking the transmission the fish. the logic of continued the program is that it would send a bad message to the cuban government if they stopped brilliance in action but the big question is who gives the us government the right to propagandize cubans just because they have a different lifestyle doesn't mean it is wrong and the us government does has the right to destroy it and even if cubans on mass actually do hate their system then it is their job to change cuba not the military industrial complex and its cronies in washington but that's just my opinion.
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welcome to the kaiser report i'm max kaiser last week in london a sixteen and a half ton confluence of wet wipes and lard was found lurking in the sewer system no it wasn't j.p. morgan's london whale nor was it j.p. morgan's derivatives book its manipulation of the energy markets or its bogus mortgage backed securities this was a whole different ball of wet wipes and a long hard this was that berg sells more stacey yes max this is fat berg and it was lurking in the sewage system here we're going to use this as a metaphor for the global fat burger fraud going on around the world so first let's look at this thing that was in the sewage system here blimey it's slimy meat fat bird london sixteen point five ton confluence.


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