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tv   Headline News  RT  August 10, 2013 1:00am-1:30am EDT

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more syrian kurds recounts seeing civilians are slaughtered as their villages are plundered by al qaida linked rebel fighters splintered opposition militias in gauge and deadly rivalry. president obama says moscow and washington relations meet some time out while russia's foreign minister insists there's no cold war shatter and both poles need to act like adults. and the battle for moscow begins at six candidates vying to become mayor look at why the campaign is a real nail biter for those leading the race. oh. it's my name here you know the russian capital you live with
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us on our t.v. with me to bomb and say let's take a look at the top stories this hour. about al qaida link to militants in syria have reportedly killed a top commander from the free syrian army in the latest display of deadly rivalry between opposition groups the rebels are increasingly fighting each other for control of various areas with al-qaeda affiliated radicals trying to create islamist state within syria as part of the plan the militants like use of stepping up lethal assaults on kurds in the north east to seize their land more from our correspondent in the region policia. we've been speaking to eyewitnesses relatives and also kurdish journalists and from the sequence of events that we've been able to piece together that coming nineteenth of july you had an assault by islamist extremists at that stage they placed a bomb in a local kurdish school they also rounded up and abducted a number of civilians the very next day and number of kurdish houses in various
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kurdish enclave were blown up it was also an entire kurdish village that was destroyed and some five hundred people were kidnapped that violence continued into early august when you had the reported killing of at least some seventy kurds and the abduction of another three hundred and fifty now this week we saw a massacre in which some four hundred and fifty kurds were killed from the figures we've been receiving seven hundred twenty of them were children some three hundred and fifty of them were women that massacre happening in a syrian town on the turkish border not neither damascus nor the opposition has actually confirmed that massacre but we have been speaking to eyewitnesses and this is what they told us back in recently that they came into villages and started to blame the locals to be faithless it was during ramadan they opened fire on villagers people came onto the streets men women and children they fired at
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everyone who came in the way they captured many young men and began to cut them with knives we told them that we were muslims too but they said that they would continue to kill us they also said that our granting them all or money or property or women then they begin tomorrow everyone around my nephew was killed. when civilians escaped their shot militias raided their house and blew up some of them and robbed others the conditions are very bad people are in fear and terrorized the all nusra fighters are out of control there raiding the streets there's no media coverage and anyone who tries to reach out. it's being kidnapped by the militants and one of the problems we face is that some reports are difficult to verify as you heard there from kurds we've been speaking to they say that if they come forward and they report on any other directions kidnappings and killings they themselves run the risk of being looted so they want to have is there's a cd out of the language that is being carried out by the islamist fighters this is
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resulting in the spread of this information you have the scarcity of sources this too is leading to discrepancies in the reports that are making it into the international media and then of course you have videos that are being posted online that are sometimes difficult to independently verify there was one video that was posted that the porter to show the killing of kurds it said that they were burned to death later this turned out to be false now we could sim solves say that the attacks are being carried out by islamised fighters that are linked to al qaida you have as one of these groups the all nusra front and this is an organization that is pledged to establish an islamic state in northern syria this is precisely the area where these kurds are living so this is why or both for some time you've had the kurds on the periphery of the conflict increasingly we're seeing them in the line of fire. turkey's on itself called between
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a pro western stance in supporting the rebels and demanding its relations with the kurds on r.g.p. dot com patrick getting simples ankara's dilemma up front is all that will be online now. russia and the us are sending contradictory signals about their relationship there's no sign of cold war thinking according to foreign minister sergey lavrov views with the russian defense chief meeting the u.s. counterparts president obama says relations need to be poles and reassessed it's all in the wake of obama's canceling his summit with light emitted putin after moscow granted edward snowden temporary asylum has
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a washington correspondent granted she can remember the meeting between russian and u.s. officials at the state department comes days after president obama canceled the bilateral summit with the russian president is the potential of more and more often we hear about a new cold war between moscow and washington so everyone was listening very closely to what officials on both sides were saying and we heard two different messages coming from president obama and for minister lavrov remember very well what you said when we were saying goodbye he said well i believe that we can make a difference in the russian they're going to listen let's. get as adults. and that's what we're trying to do because if you for. small. incidents. become an impediment to every single. i think it would be it would be very wrong who will get six through this president
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obama in the meantime did the opposite he has basically hyped up the cold war talk when president putin who was prime minister aware that it was president came back into power i think we saw more rhetoric on the russian side that was anti-american that. played into some of the old stereotypes about the cold war contest between the united states and russia and i've encouraged mr putin. think forward as opposed to back on those issues with mixed success president obama also said in light of all the disagreements with russia mentioning syria and snowden it's time to make appalls and to recalibrate the tone of the talks at the state department at least the opening part that we have seen that was different there was an agreement on both sides that they should not lead disagreements and scandals completely overshadow whatever progress the two countries can actually make one
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area where the two countries can make a difference is the crisis in syria both state the objective the same objective that they want to political solution that they want to bring all sides of the syrian conflict together in geneva to try and map out such a political solution the syrian opposition says they are not going to sit down no one table with those who have blood on their hands moscow says in order to stop the bloodshed all hands need to come to the negotiating table and foreign minister lavrov this friday he said that secretary kerry assured him that the opposition will be there at that negotiating table so there were some very serious issues on the agenda like syria like missile defense in europe where russia and the u.s. obviously don't see eye to eye but making progress on any of those topics becomes that much harder when the relations are defined by scandals and today we heard foreign minister lavrov trying very hard to ease the tension to move it away from the cold war talk but president obama's remarks seem to have exacerbated the
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tension. international relations expert shereen sadeghi says it would be a mistake of washington let's note is of their damage its ties with moscow as too many world issues depend on them getting along. u.s. administration simply cannot afford to exclude russia from important talks on very important issues. before snowden happens a couple months ago those issues were very much to do with syria and some foreign policy issues as well as some economic issues that the u.s. and russia have in common it just seems that this particular snowden affair has unleashed a level of anger in the u.s. government that has that is preventing them from actually doing what they do very well which is to manage foreign policy manage crises and use the press to do that i think it's actually. a very unique and rarely seen sign of weakness
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and the same news conference where president obama mentioned the strains with moscow he announced reform of the much maligned n.s.a. surveillance program although he promised more transparency and supervision the american president made it clear that data collection will continue the founding editor of news website this can't be happening told us it's just an attempt to calm the public. first of all his for a press conference is totally for u.s. consumption and secondly. we have now seen five years of this where he says one thing and does another. you know he he is not going to cut back on the n.s.a. spying that's clear or. he he could just order it to cut back if he would he in the past had expressed great concern about the n.s.a. program and yet he's expanded it on his watch for five years so i don't see it being cut back east been going after whistleblowers in the most fierce way that
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anyone can recall and suddenly he uses it for that so what they're trying to do is tamped down a growing concern about all the spying among americans the polls keep rising with the number of people who are saying that there is too much spying that the war on terror has overstepped on civil liberties. i do have a mountain get stuck into the u.s. government's handling of the n.f.l. thermate and scandal with what's ahead in the next alley in breaking a sweat. in an era of rampant surveillance government secrecy and whistleblower crackdowns more and more questions have arisen over the actions and intentions of the us government regardless of how doubtful we may be of its justifications worktop to just accept the explanations that are given and if we don't if we acknowledge the gaping holes in hell that just makes us conspiracy theorists the project of term that for years has been cast on those who have been bold enough to
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ask questions so how did we get to a place where truth seekers are now conspiracy theorists. such that one of the jews have you ever seen anything like that. but as the lead do we go through shopping with a difference if you find jail ready made in the big dubious we'll introduce you to the german fall. while it's still alive. and report reveals how bridges tanked up cloris like giving the u.k.'s embassies around the world tough time. but i'll talk about language a little but i will only react to situations i have read the reports for like the
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british and no i will leave them to the state department to comment on your minor point to save lives or carry out a car is on the job here no guns. thank you no more weasel words. when you made a direct question are you prepared for a change when you when you should be ready for a. freedom of speech and a little down to freedom to watch. you
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know watching our campaigning to become moscow's next may as well add for speed with less than a month to go before russia's capital picks a leader the first round of debates between the candidates is scheduled for monday and if the now it looks now add wide to rival rama's already getting headstock. and they're on the last leg of the campaign has officially begun in the first election for moscow's mayor in ten years there are six candidates over seven million registered voters and a lot of promises being made it's not easy to please a city of an estimated fourteen million people there are major problems huge projects and the seemingly never ending fight against corruption incumbent
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serviceably on and his team in office for two years are confident the city streets speak for themselves. as have been completely changed the city is pro-war it is have been public space fighting traffic development of public transportation and to take medicine and education to new levels of development and his plan is to continue that work if he is elected but also running is anti corruption blogger an opposition leader alexei navarro and me recently wrapped up in a fraud scandal arrested and then released his campaign volunteers are promising a new moscow. have you ever been to paris that's what we want boulevards green everywhere look here for two months they've been putting down tiles by pots our plans for traffic will be like the rest of the world not like some banyan. although a staunch critic of the government number in these platforms so far sounds a lot like some guidance it's a liberal program you know it's
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a program geared for the reach for the rich young and active you know so that they would be able to survive in this seat here so what about those who are old poor and need support the state media is focused on some value and the opposition media with some help from the west and pro manuals is promoting not only so far the core members of the socialists are sidelined i think their programs are somewhat more humane either way the vote is expected to draw tremendous turnout that's media coverage and possibly even controversy and he's now a r.t. moscow we have plenty more stories online for you including boarding denied that as a prominent trainee activists is from taking up flight home pointed you to an order from my mama online to look at whether the gulf kingdom government is tightening the screws ahead of a planned mass protests. and not in vision
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section images of a massive wildfire that has destroyed more than twenty five homes and a commercial building in california let's get it resolved for plenty of other world events all on our team. right to see. first street. and i think richard. on our reporters with the. instrument. i. see in the little. the new russian law banning the promotion of homosexuality to minors has taken the upcoming torture winter olympics hostage there have been protests by gay rights activists throughout europe and in the us renowned author stephen fry suggested
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most that she's used to being rejected activist and when with the words sort of a boy called man not thinking russian locked up a comment is stepped in saying sports should be available to all in the new no will not of bag those attending the games but as journalist neil clark believe that the reason for criticism lives be on gay rights in nazi germany homosexuals really were discriminated against they were put into concentration camps and killed in large numbers and of course this is not happening in russia today if it was i'd be the first person said we go to russia all together it's not happening what's happened in russia is we got a new law which advance promotion of homosexuality to under eighteen's they are not saying i support the law i oppose all anti-gay laws were passed in the world but why stephen fry focusing on russia there are about eighty countries in the world where homosexuality is actually illegal one of them is a country called qatar where the world cup is going to be held in twenty twenty two you go to prison for five years if you're homosexuals it's political i think that's
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because i said that eighty countries. have worse records on gay rights than russia stephen fry isn't talking about that so i think it shows double standards here and it shows this could have russia phobia i think among the western elite that they look down at russia they patronize them and the idea that russian people wore homophobic they're racist it's nonsense it's not true. a quick look now at some other world news clashes in northern ireland have left twenty six police injured loyalist protesters attacked security forces with bricks and bottles as they waited for republican parade to arrive in belfast police use baton rounds and water cannon to disperse the rally in july drives rocked the city for five days after loyalists were banned from parading through a national area of the city. a small aircraft has question the u.s. state of connecticut the killing of six people the propeller driven plane struck two houses as it tried to land in rainy weather firefighters found both homes
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engulfed in flames when they arrived at the scene a accident investigators say three people with faulty have been on board and other victims were on the ground. and at egypt's military government crowd together nationwide in support of the ouster of president dozens were injured just south of cairo after police used tear gas and water cannon to disperse the demonstrators the rallies came despite calls from the country's army bag leadership to immediately and the protests egypt's been gripped by troubles and the third of july after a military coup. right pre-packed and all been ready meals today are built so that we can and we need to add speed but it's going to be somewhat unsavory as customers know less and less about what's really in there do them artes peter all about has been to meet a german samo you solution is a living menu. europeans want to know exactly where their food is coming from this
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year we've seen the scandal of horse meat being passed off as beef in ready meals and the genetically modified crops giant monsanto decide that there isn't a market for them in you. all this is given one pig farmer an idea how to assure customers that his product is the best it can be and. it's important for people to see the environment where that it will take an animal has grown up they get to see them in a field surrounded by grass not in some main pigsty by buying from burned is a little different from going to your local organic butcher customers pick their pick from photos online and then through a web cam they can watch the animals grow when you get back and then several months later they receive their requested cut. the idea behind this belongs to a student from berlin who denys bookman his philosophy was that people should be
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better quality products he wanted to increase awareness and make it known how made has produced with famous chefs politicians and styles of music in sport queuing up the bones products from the caucus and some with a whole pig going for around four hundred fifty euro for. the transport and the policy on customers like to have transparency in the production process people want to know where their meat comes from we're looking to fill that niche. these days more and more people are concerned where their food has come from but for some just because you like pork chops doesn't mean you want to come face to face with the pig. that you wouldn't like it would be kind to tell you i'm sorry because it's a bit freaky. tastes great but i'm not sure i would have liked to see it when it was a lie many though seem happy enough to watch their dinner grow from
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a free range piglets to a juicy. couplet. you get to see where the biggest comes from how to grow up the live ultimately the quality of the product i've got no problem. with the pigs or groups in a natural habitat with a turkey pig stays in better days you know what you're eating in light of the recent scandal that is important to me just because most diners would say they'd want farm animals ridden healthy conditions before they get to the but just whether you want a closer relationship with him your sausages or chops is really a matter of taste peter oliver party german. drug arrests drunken brought in as the usual ingredients for holiday it's a common occurrence for thousands of british toys travelling around the world and as our for thinks planes they seem to think nothing can stop them. you say you pull the take a and you're finally off on your holiday to say the very last thing you
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want to have happen is to get into trouble boarding at nineteen thousand people so consular assistance last year according to the latest figures by the foreign and commonwealth office into british behavior a broad there has been a rise in some countries of more serious crimes and that's causing concern in particular the statistics run rate and sexual assaults are up by ten percent now the countries that have been pinpointed as this particular areas of concern spain turkey and boys all countries popular with young holidaymakers all countries renowned for their very busy night life now it has to be said the brits do tend to have a bit of a reputation of course and out the whole continues to be a major factor in many of the problems that i think we are as a nation why a cooling approach especially begins you often see brits completely drunk how they had. holes the biggest banks to earn income most of this nine hundred thousand
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people so consular assistance thing a lot of that's going to be youngsters getting drunk a little bit a little bit and so the foreign and commonwealth office reminding travelers once again to keep safe. coming up drug gangs the police wave and daily violence that we've seen on the streets of mexico mexico's until i want to. everyone respects a promise written in stone the promise is written on the internet well they're a bit more flexible and a lot easier to erase obama made a lot of promises as a candidate on his site change dot gov including some about protecting
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whistleblowers and obama said that we need to empower federal employees as watchdogs and that he would strengthen whistleblower laws to protect federal workers who expose waste fraud and abuse of authority and government but strangely and possibly coincidentally two days after the first revelation of government spying by stoughton these promises of the change dot gov site were taken down if this is not just some odd coincidence and they consciously chose to hide obama's campaign promises that this is political cowardice at its worst and what is even worse is that they didn't think that this would get exposed almost immediately if you try to conduct some sort of medieval book burning to destroy information on the internet then you are only going to get burnt yourself but that's just my opinion. emissions free cretaceous free in-store charges free range
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ones free. free stews free. food free books you have to feel for your media projects free video done to our teeth dot com. yeah. here you can feel.
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the pieces.
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there were three from what i saw one. with no head with no wrists and with no legs all i could see. thanks chris thanks to.


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