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tv   Prime Interest  RT  August 9, 2013 11:30pm-12:01am EDT

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isn't talking about the same story doesn't make it news no softball interviews no pop pieces and new tough questions right here.
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this vehicle was peck's because usually all policemen undergo control there are police officers that are connected to illegal activities. there might be traces or someone might have taken drugs there was a smell left over but it's we have to investigate any possibility that he might be carrying drugs. if they. have a sense so many personnel began being active in urban areas there was rose three hundred percent.
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it's a fifty caliber machine gun they can penetrate and one of the most powerful guns we've confiscated from organized crime. right now in the warehouse. we have eleven thousand guns with these guns you could some military units two to three battalions of five hundred. this is a fifty six caliber machine gun it takes run belts and it's function is automatic. small machine gun. and this is an uzi.
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this is the ar fifteen. this is a high precision. if this is a short barreled rifle in one hand here's a rocket launcher the gangsters use it. and here we have confiscated marijuana twelve tons in total money one way of cocaine heroin different substances for the preparation of crystal meth and materials for the perpetration of synthetic drugs but why is the army responsible for the safe keeping of narcotics. because the civil authorities trust us that the drugs here had lost or end up in someone else's hands.
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and not the us there have been cases in the past when some other authorities he was keeping them so that criminals would get them back. the first thing the army did when it reached him was to disarm the city's two thousand three hundred policemen. the army was appointed head of the police and public safety secretary. went to go we got here it was commonplace for cops to be receiving double salaries . they were boasting they were full of themselves they felt like bosses. they were even
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slapping their superiors. they were yelling because they had this. respect for me or i kill you tomorrow. and the chiefs were afraid they scared them . it turned into a weakness for them. because i started to locate them when i got here with the. if i thought it was easy at the at the met all this guy that's gone and i started busting lots of people. look at him when we managed to expel three hundred sixty police offices. some went to prison others ran it. and others were killed in conflict with
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us and if it were. but a profit police offices. that iris did. really when you say that the first time the bad guys came into contact with me the government they offered me five thousand dollars a week because you don't single me live summer jam and imus and five thousand dollars is a tremendous amount of money. only to give them information with the minutes and money but the first week they gave him five thousand the second three thousand and one thousand because he was going to the full if they don't pay them anymore. the fourth week they tell him you have to do it otherwise we kill you and your family. if that's the procedure. so they turn into prisoners in prison as of the maffia but as the.
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lord. will surely read to keep us all can do one on it of him and of unease i'll supply kneeling. at home in this community. does your son is busy when assailed. soprano innocent thrills took with the. general consumer. as the poop. gate there's an element of i quit on them before no pork is dull cause no no it wasn't this program was those. who missed gave. us a little bit of the old over the sea on castello if they're going to leave you to.
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burn up workers here in a sport this. year i was the one of them that the only other person look we had i don't know when god will. as the. only man who is a man i think is sad of his innings of global member that in a for media into law a was in when the last only one with all of his help was he and no good it will dog . stink is it. equal most of us is on the yes i listen to all guy personas are for the iranian i'm going. to miss this persona. used in. the pre-dawn most. the little. things are going ok. we've seen over the news consume.
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but i want to for a moment see you with a. window . and we're going to my we were arrested now that i don't know why they arrested me i don't know what's going on. how long have you been working twenty years. but i'm going to how long have you been with the police twelve and a half years. and you twenty eight years your boasts instead rosarito police and the rosarito police. opened up to you did you watch with him did he have
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a professional relationship now. were you aware of his illegal activities no neither was i interested in or knew of them but are you going to be. i don't. know but of law. i.
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and. all. of them have. that they need arrested baby face and twenty six members of organized crime. in the butt all of whom are in the front. lawn. i feel. twenty nine years old from a very close look at. what otherwise. been living when somebody comes from the core of organized crime. he was carrying a nine millimeter pistol with a gold plated handle and the image of the grim reaper remember of course as well as the initials. on the sides of the barrel. of that but it be a bit off but it's yours as well as the image of
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a skull it would have been caught on you. thanks.
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good to despair. something good will come along. i believe that most of you have to be a little patient that with god's will you'll soon get another job will people. live their lives in the console of your problems the flood wasn't on them or the woman must there be anything it causes says death of the. people the trouble with the with sleep with.
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her little i was a new alert and a patient scripts scared me a little relief. there is breaking news tonight and we are continuing to follow the breaking news please. alexander's family cry tears are so why great things other than. at a court of law were found alive there's a story made sort of movies playing out in real life. is it possible to navigate economy with all the details to to stick some misinformation and media hype will keep you up to date by decoding the mainstream
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status if in your right. a pleasure to have you with us today. led.
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to something that is who thank you for things. here comes from sometimes in the kitchen or. close to group just to get. through. the scene.
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game systems with personas. is kooky in the. cave where the money. she said was when. was said i'm going to call you. when this outgunned. storm winds across through the city. ok you
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were home to mucosal can see i don't open so. shoddily as. you don't. suppose someone i'm here to study in those in the water. is suddenly out of the sort or. even got bored of the earth is on income. do you want to rule at all would. be no where london with. the i.e. . foot on the moon because on that one because people use it all.
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kidnappings are somethings you until want. besides getting rid of unwanted persons they are source of income to the cartel. this man was just released after an army intervention. he was held by taylor's men they've given a four day deadline for his brother to bring half a million dollars unfortunately the family didn't have the time to get the ransom in god only they came and asked for explanations about the agreements not being kept that we shouldn't play with them that they could kidnap all my relatives from yet and they named them one by one. they told me to choose whether fared better to kill me and throw me on the streets to show they weren't joking or to cut off my fingers to send them but i know obviously i chose my fingers to be cut off we're
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going to boo. and they did it and yes. they held me down. by the legs if others by the arms. they brought a doctor. started working on my arm. is. he give me an a seizure. because he cut off my finger. they put it in a bike and left. guessing that me so i tolerated it i accepted it so. it's ok it's just a finger better than taking my life.
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there are some in the us that he only. has to. pull out there is he on. the of the role model author of armies i see on. and on and on the news i mean all meals. yet the consequences it or. all of them look at that i'm not a war. orders cool. or some of the to pull us. out of the moment ok as i read up anything said yes at least income from missiles
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gnomic is a compliment there canonic when i. look into can i give him pull one do you under the work of where your motionless times donaghey. the one of the film on the phone near the start of year one is little to anti gun kill study in the over us and not a must the new news was to the islamists silenced. canard colossally on your account is william curium we can see this. in the meal meal good look on the screen from sony who. see at the consistent hole that to my last one a car is only. because no way are you at the wheel arguing with me. as i lay finger on the buttons on the lenses. some noise for us and saluted a lot of and soon he could a thing with
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a crown and open. a little dust. dunes delusional dunkerque we're. yesterday told. the kid told me i was in me they are you. sure stands for position is concealed cannot be said good. just to get the question though is that i see. casey is under the eyes a little clique you don't give us but the news he's from. there ok secure own one you are getting this bit as a one man who followed us again the old school form was. again a lived in cinemas either tell them and then he nods. yes because into me i'm. not personally a secret book is to rely on the tallest. the if you
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feel. good kill him when i don't know you. know me or annoy you want to know it because i know that until i know casey all or can all. get a sprinkle me on me and. kill has drawn the one on one of the course. hero human to selene pia. get off the sun. killing him paul. simon can this cure you don't pull.
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where there was a child i never had toys in the world same i'm thrown away i started collecting them one by one about the first three years they would steal them from my children grown ups all of them because they got used to it's an now they don't steal and nothing. like toys.
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and this was the first one. mistery bear this one. i've had it for seven years. almost twenty years ago they threw the bodies them out hill. but no now. now they toss them from this size.
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lady come lately mutilated. pieces from up there to down here. an arm here. i can get in any place everyone gets along fine with me my toys are like all kinds of people. i get there by car. and the tough guys see me and give me toys they also like the car.
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here is mitt romney trying to figure out. of that thing that we americans. want here. the feature is on the on the ball and the crystal ball can securely so that it's. going to the club are going to distract us from what you and i should
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care about because they're a profit driven industry that sells a sensationalistic garbage he calls it breaking news i'm abbie martin and we're going to break this that it's. legal. lead the world. science technology innovation all the latest developments from around russia we've gone to the huge earth covered.
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that was. more syrian kurds recon seeing civilians slaughtered as their villages are plundered by al qaida linked rebel find just possible into the opposition militias engage in deadly rivalry. president obama says moscow and washington is a relations i need some time i'll do while russia's foreign minister says there's no cold war shadow and various policies need to act like adults. and the battle for moscow begins as six candidates are wired to become. the why of this campaign is a real nail biter for those leading the race.


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