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shock and fear and i would do such a brutal attacks on kurdish civilians in syria told r.t. was happening in the afternoon and claims now plagued with radical lists. meanwhile foreign and defense ministers are from of russia and the us are set to search for a solution to the syrian violence in the first meeting since the diplomatic friction over n.s.a. leaker edward snowden and religions. and the roots and fruits of the arab spring will look at the ongoing democratic crisis and struggle for stability in the arab world war then two years after the uprising.
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a very good morning to you live from moscow this is our to you with me on monday let's take a look at our top story the. kurds if you try to help others under attack by radical islamists in syria in danger of being abducted that's what an eyewitness to an assault has told our team the kurdish minority in syria has endured being the target of heavy radical is attacks allegedly for around three weeks now with the alarming reports of killings and kidnappings growing the details now from our g's. the kurdish democratic union has officially turned to the international community asking them to pay close attention and to rescue them from the fighting that is happening in this region and essentially asking the likes of the un to save kurds who are being among the syrians who are killed on the basis of their regional and secretary and identity among them they're saying a lot of women children and the elderly in this statement because they are saying that these practices are fully alike with ethnic cleansing and genocide and of
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course they're accusing the cell a few groups in the groups such as the a loser front operating in this region the russian foreign minister sergei lavrov has urged the international community to come together and solve the situation in syria according to various reports at least four hundred fifty people have been killed by the on the front in north eastern syria reports say that at least one hundred twenty of those are children in response to our t's official request to the united nations security services saying that they are investigating the matter on the ground there and they have people working there right now and of course they're extremely concerned with this matter because should these allegations in fact find any evidence of actually being true these will amount to war crimes that they sounded cannot be independently verified due to the chaos that is happening in northeastern syria right now we have also spoken to people whose relatives were in these northeastern part of syria for talking about men being killed and women and
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children and the elderly being taken hostage and civilians escaped their shot militias raided their house and blew up some of the others the conditions are very bad people are in fear and terrorized. out of control they're raiding the streets there's no media coverage and anyone who tries to reach out is being kidnapped by the militants. you can follow on twitter for the latest developments in the syrian conflict and the situation with the country's minority. now statement from the peace in kurdistan campaign calls on others to defend the kurds from massacre and ethnic cleansing it's up to the kurdish democratic union party appealed to the e.u. on thursday also calling to the world for help and protection from what they see as genocide against the people let's take a look at that statement now peace activists in kurdistan are asking the u.n.
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the u.s. and the e.u. to act now to stop what they call brutal massacre they also went on to say demanding that they stop sending weapons to groups in syria using them to attack civilians and commit war crimes the statement also goes on to say turkey's role in fueling the conflict in the kurdish enclave in syria needs to be examined as well now its author daoud turkey's claims that it's not involved in that it doesn't support al qaeda linked fighters kurdish politician the hassan mohammed things the support the syrian rebels are receiving from abroad is is to blame for his people's plight. all of this is happening because the rebels have been on from the ground by countries that do not want democracy and peace and. turkey in the gulf monarchies arming these terrorists. western countries are turning a blind eye to the rig knowing the atrocities being committed against the kurds we're calling on the west to stop supporting the rebels and to assist us otherwise
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these extremist forces could eventually turn against their backers. this is all going second in command has one that serious situation raises the chance of. extremists getting their hands on dangerous weapons and that makes syria the top threat the u.s. right. now former deputy director michael morrell says the potential collapse of the assad government with its massive chemical arsenal will render the country a haven for terrorism also claims that given the constant flow of arms syria could become the next libya and the conflict could spill over into jordan lebanon as well as iraq that the director for the institute of policy studies told us that the u.s. and its western allies should reconsider their military support to the syrian opposition since there's no guarantee who will eventually get the weapons. despite
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all of the assurances of the various representatives of the free syrian army or the national syrian council who say well we'll make sure they don't get in their hands because we'll keep receipts i'm sorry but receipts aren't going to make it when one force has the capacity militarily to overcome the other force they can't make that kind of a guarantee that they won't fall into those hands it's been true for quite a while that the most powerful militarily of the opposition forces have been the islamist forces allied consciously of their own choice with al-qaeda certainly there will be challenges for the west if there is another permanent stronghold of al qaeda someplace like syria and the danger of. other unaccountable forces who have no commitment to international law getting control of weapons of mass destruction that may exist inside inside syria such as chemical weapons that would be disastrous finding a solution to syria will take center stage when the russians
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a foreign and defense ministers meet the u.s. counterparts late on friday relations between the two countries took a big hit after barack obama canceled his one on one with president putin last week because russia granted asylum to n.s.a. whistleblower edward snowden advantage again reports both sides are trying to send on graphically shrinking common ground and it seems. u.s. russia relations with a new low over snowden president obama has just scrapped the bilateral meeting with president putin it's in this frosty setting that secretary of state john kerry and secretary of defense chuck hagel are meeting their russian counterparts to get a lover off and sergey to try and find common ground on a whole range of issues snowden of course will be part of the discussion it is a part but it is a not a large part of what the agenda will be on friday the obama administration keeps saying they scrapped the meeting with the russian president not just because of snowden but because of a lack of progress on other issues naming missile defense and human rights in russia but the u.s.
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had helped talk some disagreement over missile defense to me to yours with regard to human rights imagine you meeting with the u.s. president one possible so it's pretty much clear to everyone that at this point it is about snowden and the question many ask ahead of the friday meeting is whether this scandal based tension will affect cooperation between the u.s. and russia in other spheres on syria for instance where cooperation is already under a lot of strain to say the least both moscow and washington agreeing to meet somebody in geneva where they would bring all sides of the syrian conflict together to map out a political solution but are they any closer the opposition has been clear they will not sit down with people who have blood on their hands these are all part of the discussion and all issues we continue to work through the idea of the summit was about bringing all hands to the negotiating table in order to finally stop the bloodshed and save syria from becoming an all but one thing that both the u.s. and russia agree on is that the terrorist threat is growing in syria russia is sure
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to raise the issue of u.s. plans to arm the rebels when it's clear that the weapons can easily migrating to the terrorists' hands that happened in libya so similar concerns on both sides but very strong disagreements on what to do and how to do it nobody expects that before . for john kerry so you love ross chuck hagel and will walk out of that meeting on friday with a big smile on their face but the hope is that they will at least not let disagreements and scandals completely overshadow whatever progress the two countries can actually make. it was snowden situation is among the reasons why us a russian relations became strained his revelations are keep coming to often overshadowed by the political firestorm over his future and. a gun the rounds a website which gathers information about data gathering methods by intelligence services and he explains why there is you push for more government transparency in
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the u.s. now risk being considered terrorists. the statement of the former head of and is a saying that this new group supporting transparency that they might have to be light seen as to new terrorist i mean that's an amazing statement in a country that has been originally having a first amendment freedom of speech and transparency of governmental affairs was within that tradition something that was normal that simply amazing united states tried to apply a lot of pressure on russia because the and as a will have an idea how much damage snowden can do for them if you'd just comes out with a material showing the involvement of major u.s. software and hardware corporations. and as a smidgen worldwide to get access to data that's being processed through their
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compounds and this will have over time big impact also economy wise. so russia is not extract the place and from my perception not the guy you can pressure on. you first resistant to that. because reportedly favored one particular encrypted mail service which has now been shut down five why dot com. and while you're also there read about an n.s.a. official coming clean about exactly how data from american citizen and the snooping agencies have. searched for. and i would think that you're.
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on the record with the. instrument. being the. well for two and a half years after the revolution we wait for the arab world not of the country it was experience uprising find joy in stability today some of them are struggling to stay the course for democracy while others are experiencing deja vu with yet more antigovernment riots are just an ism has a story the arab spring captivated the world just over two sword years ago changed democracy and new elected governments were promised in the three countries that began this wave of revolution but what prevailed is nothing short of chaos almost full circles in tunisia and egypt and in neighboring libya a situation some described as much worse than before regime change we don't hear
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anything about libya in the western press or western television channels what we know is different groups vying for supremacy people are desperate to try and put a cover all of what has been created by the libyan disaster in the fall of gadhafi trends have formed take tunisia we all remember mohamed bouazizi the fruit vendor who set himself on fire in december twenty ten his death sparked mass protests followed by the president fleeing in mid january twentieth eleven now again the death of an opposition leader sparked protests in july twenty thirty in they have a down still this week tens of thousands are on the street demanding the resignation of the government in egypt similar to two thousand and eleven and mass protest mubarak he's out twenty thirteen mass protests morsy is also out and violence reigns with the help of the military. the fact that morsi violated
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human rights does not justify overthrowing him and especially if together with the overthrow we get more violations of human rights rather unless you are an investigator on torture one man does there he told r g the most worried he is it's about countries like libya where the organization is denied access but are aware of atrocities far worse than under gadhafi very troublesome because we hear about clandestine detention centers. detention centers that are run by militias that are not accountable to anybody so many experts including mendez expects positive change in the our world it's just not clear at what cost and how long it could take egypt the military backed government is struggling to restore political stability in people face a much bigger problem another posed ramadan feast is
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a few to be increasingly hard to come by as the maze populous arab nation is experiencing a major supply crisis and is also in its worst economic condition in nearly eighty as artie's beltran examines the problem. at a cairo hospital food bank volunteers offload banks of provisions to prepare a traditional ramadan dinner for many like most of our words a hospital worker tonight's donated meal is the largest one he'll get this week i earn about fifty dollars a month and we are six people so the maximum i can do is buy beans two for a few sounds so i can eat we want justice i work a whole day and make practically nothing when i'm leaving but if i don't this tiny salary my family will meet the poorest are suffering in egypt as policy makers and the media are distracted by the deepening political crisis food banks like this one who tried to cover the whole country are stretched to their limits explains coordinator at. the poverty line is so high food is the most important think we.
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will provide hundreds of food baskets full of fries and basic food stuff so that they can feed families for a month in some places will go to utterly destroyed every time we visit it gets worse even provide livestock so that they can feed themselves for a while with the country in turmoil food distribution centers like these a plug in the gaps amid an escalating crisis food insecurity has risen significantly in the last few years according to the world food program resulting in a rise in stunting anemia amongst children due to malnutrition over a quarter of the population is under the poverty line and they're the ones being hardest hit with the continued civil unrest and dwindling foreign exchange reserves and they say the situation will only get worse as egypt is unable to import much needed wheat for the bret millions depend on government subsidized bread that sells for about one cents a loaf however critics say egypt's food subsidies are wasteful and don't filter down to those who truly need it it's basically subsidizing thems at
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a very cheap prices that bailing it to the mainstream populations with a very high. very slow nutritional value close to ninety nine percent of the poorest people are not getting any of the subsidy and we know that twenty percent of the stuff. he goes to the richest strata of the society and i guess if there's enough productive subsidy egypt is facing its worst economic crisis since the one nine hundred thirty s. and food prices have doubled since two thousand and twelve making nutritious food inaccessible to many in the world that there are high prices everywhere to meet his vegetables are too expensive for me with few functioning state institutions on the new interim government focused on developing political events these issues will continue to go on resolved and for the moment the most vulnerable will be left starving tree for r t cairo innocent americans have been paying police billions of dollars for not committing crimes now this is going to seize that from drug laws and mafia bosses has been caught by police coffers now
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head to our website for more on that. and a day may take eighty five hours and you might have to wait three years for each summer but the freezing rain revolving around jupiter and may be mankind's best chance at survival id dot com tells you more. news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. showing corporations rule the day. problem british actor stephen fry has caused quite a stir with his call to boycott the sochi winter games as
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a russian legislators agreed a bad on promoting homosexuality to children. separates the myths from reality and that the media frenzy. stephen fry's open letter said that russia is making scapegoats out of gay people just as hitler did the jews which is why he's called for a boycott of the upcoming winter olympics set to take place in the russian town of sochi next february not a boycott sort she idea is gathering at lightning pace with commentators on both sides of the story weighing in some of the. place in cost in russia isn't unprecedented in fact the u.k. itself had a similar law were in place until very recently the united kingdom had something called section twenty eight in place until two thousand and three which was almost exactly the same is the recent law passed in russia which said that homosexuality should not be promoted in schools or to minors so much for keeping sports and
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politics separate which is exactly the message that the international olympic committee gave to r.t. boycotting sochi twenty four team would only serve to deprive the country's athletes from fulfilling their dreams of competing at an olympic games something they've dedicated a great portion of their lives to accomplish history has shown that boycotts do not solve anything but simply punish olympic athletes those campaigning for gay rights also doubting whether stephen fry's proposed boycott is the right path to go down but only people who will suffer because of this because it is the sportsman who are participating in these in these competitions that's why i'm against the best solution in this in this case is to go and protest during the olympic games concerns surrounding the new gay propaganda on the war in russia has even led to worries that gay athletes could be arrested when they arrive in sochi for the games to which russian authorities to fire a five that the new law doesn't outlaw homosexuality and that those attending and
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participating in the games will be safe despite the assurances in this former olympic host city the talk of boycott shows no sign of abating. artsy london. other world news making headlines this hour u.s. drone strikes in yemen have killed up to fourteen suspected militants according to officials the attacks come a day after authorities said they had foiled a massive al qaeda terror plot in the region of the u.s. and other western states close their diplomatic missions earlier this week i mean fears of an islamist attack but some analysts believe america's drone strikes are contributing to militant recruitment rather than fighting it. there's been violence between students and right police in chile after an activist from the my poetry ethnic community was found shot dead protesters broke rocks and molotov cocktails from inside the university of chile our security forces responded with tear gas and water cannons the police argues for murdering the activists which the
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authorities deny she was recently reprimanded by the un investigator for using excessive force against the indigenous immigration minority over land rights. israel has authorized eight hundred homes to be built in occupied west bank territory peace talks with the palestinians as opposed to museum on aug fourteenth after a stalemate of almost three years but its fear of this new development will put a spanner in the works of the israeli settlement expansion in twenty times brought the loss talks to a grinding halt. a rapid spreading wildfire has falls thousands of americans to flee their homes in southern california five people have so far been injured and ten homes destroyed officials say another five hundred five hundred homes are now at risk thousands of firefighters helicopters and tanker planes have been called in to tackle the blaze.
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russia's immigration laws just got tough with harsh is harsh penalties for not only illegal workers themselves but also those the businesses who choose to hire them millions of people come to russia without permission a situation which the authorities are struggling to get under control artie's you got these going off reports. i mean absolutely they came here thinking it's the road to opportunity but instead in many found themselves on their way back home we were working and then all of a sudden police rushed in and detained us. over one thousand illegal workers were arrested this week alone so many in fact that a temporary camp had to be set up to house those awaiting deportation several human rights organizations have criticized the conditions the migrants are kept in only the basic necessities are provided meals the toilets and showers it's not just do a couple of course this isn't a summer camp or your vacation getaway but we do have to remember all these people
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have violated the law but some n.g.o.s claim these conditions are still better than the ones most of the workers experienced during their so-called employment like i dislike the realities these people lived as slaves almost none of them got paid they work for food independent public movements have also been trying to help authorities get the situation under control for instance this is one of the basements they raided home to over a dozen workers many without documents and their employer. and i you know how can we find a who's in charge here our boss yes not here right now can we call them i don't have the number. workers are usually hired by contractors which service buildings and apartment blocks clean streets and look after other infrastructure but was. because of high rent prices in the city it's cheaper for contractors to house in the basement even though it's illegal we've gone through around fifty in
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the last six months around five hundred migrants have been passed over to the police most refined and some with approach to. according to migration officials there are around three million illegal migrant workers in russia but independent studies show much higher figures but clearly for companies hiring migrants is a much less of a hassle than firing russian citizens quare entitled to social benefits while illegal workers have no support at all it's not only about cleaning streets servicing buildings or working at markets construction alone is a major source of jobs with some projects creating hundreds or perhaps even thousands of new places most of which also usually end up being taken by migrant workers the lack of transparency is found in all spheres of business and experts say it's now undermining the full system just some entrepreneurs hire strictly legal like rules and invest in difficult amounts of money and while those who hire illegal aliens don't how can they compete from august's the fines for breaking
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russian migration and labor laws will be substantially increased companies will have to pay up to thirty thousand dollars for each illegal worker they hired for them saving cash this way has never been so expensive you got this going on r t moscow. up next to no hiding place for the stories to which a slip from the mainstream is breaking the sadly on our team of human. health. science technology innovation all the latest developments from around russia we've got the future covered. led.
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the leaves of economic ups and downs in the final months day the longer the deal sank i and the rest because i was going beat k.c. will be every week long slender live. look right on the scene played the first tribute and i think the true. lead. on our recorder splitter lead instrumental. little. to me in the cold on the long lead. to live on one hundred thirty three bucks
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a month before i should try it because you know how fabulous bad luck i got so many i mean the towns i know that i've seen play really messed up. the old series so closely. it's a little worse for the little. white house to come into play the radio guy and columbo minestrone hospital i want to watch closely are about to go because you've never seen anything like that i'm told. you guys i'm having martin as the break in the side so guys i know what i've been saying that there seems to be no legitimate basis for the terror alert issued worldwide but i was wrong to say it's been revealed that there is legit evidence. why the u.s. made a decision to close the nineteen embassies across the middle east or to the daily
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beast the intelligence gathered was from a conference call between more than twenty high level al qaeda operatives you heard me right a conference call between al qaeda. it's crazy but think about it a lot of the revelation that the n.s.a. is spying on every line of communication on the planet doesn't make total sense that terrorists would use conference call dot com to plot the next big terrorist attack but i kid but if you already think this is ridiculous just wait because it gets even better because according to one official the terrorist call was quote like a meeting of the legion of doom you know the cartoon group of villains who fight the justice league so now the government's comparing allocated a cartoon villains who took even if this cartoon call actually happened one day when the government leaked this to the press or edward snowden edward snowden was charged with espionage for leaking information about the n.s.a.'s dragnet surveillance program why because the governor.


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