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parent and she's a activist against genetic modification untested and unlabeled genetic modification so first let's talk turned to this clip here what is what were the testing look like in other words what kind of testing would be reliable to say this is ok for the environment ecosystem finitely we need a long term study to determine if it safe for not only our ecosystem but our health as well. we're in a long term study you're eating genetically modified food whether right or in the lab rats and we have been for decades now wow well it's very consistent is that what this idea. or not alone depending on you interpret what are being served by their cells i mean yeah the kid has got a good point. you know before she is corrupted i guess that's the question but what's the follow up on the well you know she points out that all she wants is labeling and she wants testing because right now at the moment these crops are
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deployed around the world with only. ninety days of testing so she's saying we need long term testing as many other products into the markets have to do but here we have the thing that's remarkable about that exchange is here we have adult presenters who are just laughing and not at all shocked that we are being tested on in a grand experiment that we don't know what the outcome is this is on monsanto but we're also being experimented on with quantitative easing with the as you call them the toxic free synthetic financial products we have trillions and trillions and hundreds of trillions of dollars of toxic derivatives floating around the world and we don't know what the outcome of this will be all experimentation we are the lab rats the adults just laugh and say we're lab rats we'll find out what happens later well i came up with this for a while ago and sexualization and i guess kafka as. metamorphosis
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i believe is the play about a man it turns into a cockroach main area of a couple of presenters on canadian t.v. who have woefully allow themselves to be transformed into cockroaches they they're said. material that they ingest that has no basis on anything resembling food they're forced to be participants in a financial system that's well but they're a canadian so they're used to the mark carney version of economics which is similar to a the fog go off on a french duck plantation where they force feed grain into the gullet of the unsuspecting fowl and become obese with stupidity that's kind of like canada then you've got even a bigger obese problem in america then this twelve year old you know idiot savant child savant comes on stage explains the facts of these people and they become believe making their stupidity the t.v.
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camera literally exploded with vomit of stupidity from these so-called adults who probably want to home and beat their dogs you know just to feel human again well and the other thing about it is that he keeps on haranguing her saying that she just doesn't understand science she's anti science even though this isn't science thought science is all about testing and testing and testing and and people being able to challenge other scientists being able to challenge your results in this case monsanto and all the other by the way you know the genetic modification companies they don't allow their data or their products to be tested by other companies because it's corporate confidentiality so here we go on to another option where the young woman rachel parent she's saying we need labeling at least give us a choice because i reach all parents am against eating to not genetically modified untested foods so i would like to know when i go into the supermarket whether or not this product has to that modification and here's that exchange on the check.
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you know what if they want to experiment ok but that brings me back to the labeling at least give us the choice the truth is though as we know virtually every product in the grocery store would then be labeled g.m.o. one danger that you face is we would just become immune to that label we would accept that it's everywhere as kevin says we've been exposed to it for decades and we'd shrug and say well it may be killing the monarch butterflies but you know i've been eating it for ten years so i'm not going to stop now are you worried about aspect of this not necessarily because at least then they have the choice if they want to eat it but the people like me will find oh i don't really i mean i don't have a choice to avoid g.m.o. corn if i live in america right because it's all genetically modified pretty much all if i'm going to eat corn or any form based products or any corn flour or anything to strive from it i'm eating this stuff so that's a pretty tough choice to make money in the tragedy is that this young girl i mean she's an innocent and she has a mind that still you know working in an uncorrupted fashion i was given the trends of the n.s.a. given the trends of what the incarceration without trial this woman will be tracked
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by the canadian police strapped down force french anonymously. becomes a three hundred pound you know like a lot of americans or europeans or canadians just wobbling around the street and still have a mind to use or because she three thoughts on a loud i mean i feel bad because obviously when they snuff out the life of this young girl it'll be a remarkable tragedy for humanity but she won't be allowed to continue speaking like this should be in prison should be drug should be shot no freethought is allowed this girl is in danger her parents should quarantine or in some way i would i don't see side going to make it to the end of the year so go into this exchange again so the woman presenter the female presenter says we have no choice you silly child with an open free mind don't you know we don't have choice which would be the mentality of a totalitarian person who has submitted to a totalitarian state she's saying we don't have choice just get over it accept it and you know we see this again you know applying this. to the rest of the economy
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in the rest of the world the financial system we have if you're saver or a worker you have no choice but to submit to a totalitarian regime meant to fed speculation and debt so everything is about feeding the housing ponzi scheme over and over in the u.k. in the u.s. and canada and australia this is all we have here and you have to submit to it you have no choice you have to have zero percent rates you have to have no return on savings there are no other you know there is no way you can deploy your savings and are seen rational manner you must submit the presenters in this case the sayings they're saying go go go child because they're there psychotic i mean they think they get on t.v. and they present to their audience a vision of police to tell terry as i'm and they give it a warm funny hockey puck blow like a mark carney in canada hi i'm our karting i'm the most fortunate central banker in history the world i come from canada maple syrup and drilling in alberta so much
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bigger so i just feel bad for this child because she was born of a brain that's a that's a sin in this economy so here again you know we have this system where you have no choice in america you have no choice but to eat genetically modified food the american empire is also and trying to force upon the world their healthcare system so i want to show you this remarkable story covered in the new york times where you again have no choice in their system but to submit to cartels maybe two three four five corporations that control everything in need of a new hip but priced out of the u.s. so they cover this guy in colorado trying to get a new hip he needs a hip replacement his insurance company will not cover it because long ago he had an injury so it turns out that it cost about one hundred twenty thousand dollars to have your hip replaced in the u.s. it cost some thirteen thousand six hundred sixty dollars to have it replaced at a private clinic in belgium that includes a flight that includes five days in the hospital that includes. seven days in
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a rehabilitation center and all the surgeons fees so a fraction of the cost well the part of the problem is that though the hip replacement parts have not changed in decades the same exact part they're charging exorbitant fees in fact the list price of total hip implants increased by three hundred percent between one nine hundred ninety eight in two thousand and eleven and the reason is that is a result economists say of how american medicine generally sets charges without government regulation or genuine marketplace competition that's the key phrase is that without regulation and without competition so in a communist state it's overly regulated there's a lot of competition and let's say our anarchistic capitalism free market utopianism there is all competition and no regulation. those two streams are the debate of modern economics into the mix introduce a new hybrid
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a new freak economic model of no regulation and no competition to take the worst elements of the soviet union and the worst elements of the libertarian utopianism like a glenn beck you put those together and you end up with hip replacements costing hundreds of thousands of dollars in a market where people only really care what the cost of a lap dances that's what they want you get fifty believing the only thing you care about is how much is a lap dance cost and i pay one hundred fifty thousand for a hip replacement some other schmucks going to pay for that just give me my lap dance for five bucks that's the greatest thing about seattle washington by the way you get cheap lap dances if you ever go to seattle that's the only thing you can really look forward to everything else is overpriced dreck and tat so now the part the actual parts of it to manufacture these hip implants cost three hundred fifty dollars but in the united states they sell them for up to thirty six thousand dollars for the three hundred fifty dollars part in the united states nearly all
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hit me implant sterilised pieces of tools metal plastic or ceramics are made by five companies which some economists describe as a cartel so part of the reason why they are cartel is not only do they use u.s. trade policy to lock out any other foreign manufacturers of the stuff they also the food and drug administration. you know introduces huge expense for them to test these products but they don't test by the way monsanto when santo is able to submit ninety days of testing of their own products said the f.d.a. is and isn't allowed to look at your legal horizon gets involved in this hip replacement cartel so you have rogerson cartel replacement in the n.s.a. so any time you want to take for a step forward you're going to get a call on your hip replacement cell phone that'll be wirelessly connected to your subconscious and also your brothers and the n.s.a. no authorize. if you take a step forward. you may take another step forward close or you stepped on the wrong step we're going to have to charge you for being i on the planet earth. and there's
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obama. for days there with thanks i forgot as a report thank you man i stay here for the second i have a lot more. secret laboratory to mccurdy was able to build the new rules most sophisticated robots which will unfortunately doesn't give a dollar amount anything tombs mission to teach the creation of life should care about humans in the world this is why you should care what you only on the r.-g. dot com.
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things like a shrill to my colleagues and i will never shake mr saakashvili his hands i consider him a war criminal. led mission. critical free in-store chargers free arrangement three. three. three. golds. video for your media projects a free media. dot com. interview.
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a little. play plenty. plenty . welcome back to the kaiser report imax guys are time now to turn to ross ashcraft of the renegade economist dot com ross welcome back to the kaiser report and he
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very much thanks for having me of course so ross you know here's the headline from the financial times the u.k. economy bounces back so what is that well it's just excellent propaganda isn't it. on the way here advertising a famous london tourist attraction there is on because handing out flyers basically that's a perfect metaphor for what's happening in the press and the political process in this country at the moment well yeah i mean if there's a recovery then they would raise interest rates immediately yes because the rise in real estate prices and stock prices has come by draining the accounts of savers by transferring by some estimates over two hundred fifty billion pounds from pensioners and savers and giving it to real estate speculators and highly leveraged stock market speculators i don't think we've ever in this country got away from the fact we all got away from the idea that house prices inversely proportional to the well functioning economy we still think britain britain generally also need the baby boom generation have funded everything of escalating house prices and
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a few of the more large souls think well this isn't a sustainable and b. you know a way to run an economy but the press don't want to hear that because they sell an awful lot of advertising space to the far sector funicello insurance real estate and they want the house boom back so they can start you know getting the those revenues back in well so it's that reinflated the bubble as well that we're trying to reinflate the bubble i don't think that haven't we but there's a there's a term to a column a series called velocity flow you know that was a self-sustaining self-sustaining recovery which just happens miracles on its own the point is a. all of us don't really know where this growth is coming from i don't know where the economic drivers the economic driver simply is curious money it's funny money it's credit it's people using their savings because their wages have been depressed so badly. and we're expected to believe that this is
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a sustainable recovery is doing is kicking the can for the down the road now famous scene from that film the matrix where one of the characters is eating a steak and he says i know i'm in the matrix but this steak sure tastes good in other words you want to go back into the matrix you want he doesn't want to have consciousness he doesn't want to be reality based and so if you have a portfolio of property here in london and you're riding the wave of quantitative easing and on paper anyway some some gains on that so if you have enough people living in this pseudo economy. you know what how how was how are they going to voluntarily you know decide not to live in that pseudo economy involuntarily they weren't you know he's going for christmas and we're going to. economic reality oh really borders and you can't carry on doing this so you know it's the first look
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we've used all the metaphors it's the drug addict we have we have to use all the metaphors that last fall you worked for years you made a fantastic film with the force of the apocalypse the which is available on d.v.d. i've got a book that goes with it ok now you you are you've been churning you know keeping track of all this for years now and when mark carney this new hockey puck to the head brain damage central bankers now making statements for the press and you know he's got a nice tie on the people think he's popped out of that show about the madman you know he talks about escape velocity. that the economy will grow to a point where it will but you're saying the momentum will kick in it's own self-sustaining momentum and therefore they debt the trillions now that looks like the britain's got a four trillion in debt in the next thirty six months from a one trillion and up from eight hundred billion just a few years ago that their tax revenues are going to pay this debt he's going to hit the escape velocity. i mean you know the reason why use all these metaphors is
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try and meet people where there are because bankers and the press derbent use all this language of. language or or corporate jorgen to put people off to try to escape this rubbish you know this photo stuff and the idea that the press are now talking to about a colony in this way these good looking always go to most high risk has quite lost it gives you a perfect depiction of what's happening this disc it is a car is live because the line shook he says the inflation is a subdued it's only a two point five percent that's a lie mark carney explain to the people that live you know. statistics and then you can fudge and think especially if you are cynical as the current governing party in the u.k. you can use that to cover any well let me give an example they said they give your thoughts on this just as was pointed out to me recently by misfire stein another frequent guest on the show he makes an excellent point b.
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talking about education costs and he's saying that the education cost is increasing quite dramatically in this country with all the top of the and everything goes on with that education something doubled the cost of double in the last five or six years roughly and he's saying well that's included in the g.d.p. so they point to that say that's growth however when they calculate inflation the c.p.i. they're saying at two point nine percent they don't count inflation but you see so you don't count education i'm sorry so you can do anything you want right but you know the politician thinks of the next election the statesman thinks so. next generation there are kids now coming out of university with the front. and they're going to inherit a mass that is. it takes a generation to generation to spend and a generation to pay for it and what we're seeing at the moment in this party is the generational spending i am ross and he also talks about the fact that i mark carney
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the charlotte bank of england governor i was lying on b.b.c. all week he says that the bank will keep rates at zero point five percent unemployment gets to below seven percent not even milton friedman the god of neo liberalism said there's no connection between employment and interest rate and think about friedman is the thing you could do you can't discard it all the some really good stuff and there's a lot of it which is absolute rubbish what tony saying with that announcement is stance is he's saying to his mates get hold of a load of this cheap money and speculate about how with it because this is going down this ship going down you might as well have the last hurrah right and the people who are suffering so cause are doing so because there's been a wealth transference from one portion of society to another force has been a wealth transfer and has been a transference of wealth from the masses to a few speculators and now he also talks about carney never mentions libre regaining the i s t a fixed rate gang the amount of fraud in the system library only mention
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the money laundering by the big banks in the city of london hundreds of billions trillions of pounds worth of funds that could be made available for a productive economy if there was any rule of law in the city of london i said on the show a few times that other countries outsourced their fraud their banking fraud and finance fraud to the city of london is that a fair characterization of it is fair because in the u.k. we have what's called what's now runs here society so we could sit here on the show and go after any number of you know legalize theft but actually to get to do a decent perspective on what you need to do is go further back in history and one of the greatest coups new liberalism pulled. was to remove the word rent or remove the rent seeking analysis from economic task textbooks now that isn't conspiracy theory that's what happened and also they i was talking to one part of a wonderful economist about this and they also removed the negative effects of deflation from pretty much all the ivy league university economics textbooks well
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if you live in a society someone has got to live off somebody else it's producer in practice and what you're seeing at the moment is people farming out the laundry to london because it's they're still got an empire state of mind that i can live for i can get a free lunch from somebody else and get away with it then the laws at the very permissive for fraud yeah well it's good because what happens in a rent seeking economy or a want to society is government gets captured by the rent seekers so you look at george osborne now the u.k. chancellor and he can't make me i don't think he would anyway but i don't but he can't make meaningful leadership decisions because he's being told what to do he bought the fire sector so why are insurance and real estate so and they're the rent seeking they're the rent seeking factors if you like but when they can just basically have the predators are ripping everybody else extracting real value from the real economy it will risk when they're just lucky zero risk they're not taking
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their perpetrators are for numerous more risks to know now here's what you want to risk here's the key point why on the entrepreneurs up in arms why don't the entrepreneurs in the people who create value even the stay at home moms who was born recently is totally. marginalized stigmatized this divide and conquer thing is is wearing thin and thankfully entrepreneurs are starting to get you you are wise to this and coalesce around the. agenda which is something we should we should push a lot harder message mentioned not famous second ago and his you know what would be . considered a somebody on the conservative side of the spectrum and. so would the telegraph newspaper here in the u.k. so what city am another newspaper here in the u.k. in the case of the telegraph and city am and myself and like the house or heath who writes for these publications has called for higher interest rates higher interest
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rates and not because as a capitalist. as a capitalist is interested in markets that are functioning what the carnie is doing is completely anti-competitive and had a capitalist totally but if you are a rent seeker you don't want competition look i'm on top and who creates value what what what i don't really have a place in the u.k. i should be on the other side of the fence working out where value is i.e. nursing homes the n.h.s. other places where the haven't been disrupted yet put more funnel in there and ripple or rent out of it he thought was that he thought city had a good will and i think he certainly speaks a lot of sense and one of his points about the interest rate rise is that even if it's just a show even if it's a piece of marketing if you like just to show the markets that actually this is the direction we're going and it gives a signal otherwise we got three lost decade plus it would mean that banks would have to compete with each other for deposits and funds but you don't want rent
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seekers competing with rent seekers so what you do there's a pattern of yeah so it was monopoly rents in his monopoly so what you do is you put a large wall or metaphorically around a chinese wall metaphorically around the city of london and then you turn on what is a huge hoover and used to hoover like you know one of those really ones with a face on it you stick it out under the rest of the country and you just suck the rent from the rest of the country and you basically centralize it so you concentrate it one place and call it capitalism so you have the monopoly board that is the u.k. economy run by a monopolist in monopoly past hundred dollars well mark carney is down as he's now running the monopoly board and if you pass go and you're one of his friends you collect two hundred million pounds essentially he says raise the gift just easiest giving out more dosh they've all got really nice barbecues and have all got very nice barbecues and they all stand there thinking they are them in houses in aspen and wherever i've got thirty seconds left and i want to get your thoughts on where
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the ten year bond is big. the ten year bond the bond vigilantes that's the corrective measure in this in this economy that if somebody really thinks that things are going to go tits up i can say that i realize it's a bit of a colloquialism here in the u.k. but it means you know going into the gutter is. about ten seconds but do you see the rates rising from here are they going to be able to engineer them back down again. second guess them. when they come to keep this debacle afloat. ok ross. from the running kate economist dot com you must go there because they have many things on the outside c.v. d.v.d.'s films books that's oh it's like a cornucopia of good stuff thanks for being on the guys report. and that's all the time we have for this episode of the kaiser report with me max kaiser and stacy herbert i'd like to thank our guests ross ashcroft of the right to get economist dot com if you'd like to get in touch tweet us at kaiser report and. you know.
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sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize everything. you don't know i'm tom. heard you saying that you believe that all environmentalist want is to shut down and i wonder who do you believe i did masterminds of these global communist conspiracy is very clear that when the. extreme communist or marxist faction had to find somewhere else to go to do the damage to the west they
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want to do. they found that in the environmental movement. the. goal is. like. the end of the speech. she. talks to her. and. wish. all things all mislead good. luck.
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just seeing them up and coming. clean on my mind i'm a fairly. strong. suit. i would rather ask questions for people in positions of power instead of speaking on their behalf and that's why you can find my show larry king now right here on r.t. question more. lud
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. lud. the a. league. league play. you. the luck.
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was. that. save. the world for protection as you won launches a probe hundreds of. syria by al-qaeda affiliated radical groups. they're just a tad disappointed with the president obama's decision to cancel his one of the one with president the russians giving the n.s.a. leaker edward snowden. u.k. universities become increasingly out of reach into issue fees. from for a family giving up on getting to graduation.


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