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from. politics. kurdish civilians are full victim to the war in syria as al qaeda linked groups push to expand their control to set up an islamic state. anguish instead of aids major medical gaps that britain's state funded hospitals leave hundreds of patients suffering examine the problems plaguing the n.h.s. and meet some of the victims and. we were told not to interact with them not to look at them as human subtopic not speak with them we talk to a former guantanamo god about his disturbing day job at the notorious jail which led him to quit and convert to islam.
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oh. you're watching are to a live from moscow it's a twelve zero pm here midday in moscow you're with me to one with a. now any further delays in starting an international peace conference in syria could prove fatal according to russian foreign minister sergei lavrov this comes as the number of civilian fatalities rises in the water in country i mean disturbing reports of four hundred fifty kurds being killed by militants in northeastern syria now the syrian government is the keeping its grip of a larger area in the south of the country a huge section of the population here belongs to present a low idea muslim sect while the rebels most of them representing the sunni majority are in control of a large chunk of the north of the northern provinces stretching to the iraqi border to the east and there are many al qaeda affiliated groups in of the ranks of the
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opposition in the eastern corner here the syrian and kurdish minority enjoying a large degree of independence but the enclaves in other areas have become the target of heavy attacks from al qaeda linked fighters according to recent disturbing reports four hundred fifty kurdish civilians were massacred and we could go jihad is captured two hundred civilians from two kurdish villages in aleppo syria's could are raising the alarm over ethnic cleansing by groups connected to al qaeda it comes amid reports the militants are about to announce an independent islamic state in northern syria now our chief correspondent in the region is really is following developments. four hundred fifty people at least a hundred and twenty of them children were killed in cold blood by militants these are reports that we're getting from north eastern syria from the kurdish villages and towns in the region this is an incident to which the russian foreign minister
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sergei lavrov has alluded to he said that of course this is also another sign that a political solution to watch the crisis in syria is absolutely needed as soon as possible the pressure on the kurds is increasing from the likes of the news or front we know that at least two hundred people have been taken hostage again from various villages and towns and we have spoken to one of the men whose relatives are in one of the villages and were among those who have suffered at hands off the. groups. it's another room surrounded by these started going from door to door. and took women and children hostage the rebels came into the house of my cousin she was and so the murder took the women and children and. the kurds are very very protective of the land that they have been living under for literally hundreds of here as this was a territory and kurds are spread out over this particular area of the region where
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senior turkey and iraq sort of meet come together and they were actually very successful at pushing the extremist groups out of syria over the past couple of months as a matter of fact and once the extremists realized that they are being essentially pushed out of this region where coincidentally they envisioned creating their own state the al qaeda state they have multiplied their efforts essentially trying to reclaim this land which never really belongs to them and to sort of punish the kurds and that seems to be the way that they're going. about the. two to enter to this region because they are arresting people and kidnapping people and they are using so many excuses again the security outskirts they are according to them and they are not even at three are muslims and we. they are preventing us to stay publishes this and i'm talking to
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a position members i'm talking to the syrian coalition members they told me about kurds are trying to independently it was a good idea that's why i'll try this tactic that's me. and he are using this. so it does look at this point like the situation in north eastern syria with kurds and the likes of the un is are found seems to be spiraling out of control and of course we'll be keeping a very close eye on it as it develops. the free syrian army insists it's only targeting specific kurdish political parties part of the ethnic group says there's a wide scale war against them there's likely to be international silence gibby allegation of kurdish genocide according to german journalist manual us and writer whose closely followed the syrian conflict. i don't expect any international reaction except. protests to right now i don't think so because there are international interests especially the international the geopolitical interests of
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turkey was a very important need to remember we shouldn't forget that nato troops also german troops are now at the tripper syrian border with patriot rocket systems heading against syria so we have turkey on the site and it's not turkey place this important really conflict i don't think that there will be any serious international reaction a former member stated that the leader of the north. or working close with the cia and we have other information from the kurdish popular defense units who claim that the most of our front is also organized and supported by the turkish intelligence and i think this is not a coincidence when we know how the kurds are treated in turkey itself. will be closely following the escalating tensions between different groups in syria and the situation for civilians the on air and online. it seems are
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too many patients being treated by britain's state medical system mind during more pain then again there have been hundreds of serious blunders national health service a hospital in recent years causing people severe disabilities or even killing them at n.h.s. hospitals today is known as black wednesday a time when death rates traditionally go up with the arrival of new less experienced tough artie's playboy who has examined the problem. it was meant to be a routine operation to remove her varicose veins but after a surgical blunder lorraine previn suffered from complications that were left on treated she ended up having her leg amputated. you know and. didn't want to do next basically a lot just seemed to fall between. the gap between everything that was going on this is the hospital where lorraine's routine operation went wrong and why she had
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to have her leg amputated as a result three years later and she's finally got an apology from grantham hospital but she's still fighting for compensation with the n.h.s. over the catalogue of errors that took place with her cat trying to get on says after the surgery merely added insult to injury a quarter complaint in three ospital and claimed the said the. medical files it was just. play on are still going on says to all the questions are always asking lorraine isn't the only patient to receive substandard care from the national health service over recent years john about how it was left with excruciating pain . only to discover three months later that doctors had left seven inch forceps inside her the n.h.s. schools such incidence never events blunders deemed so serious that they should never happen to freedom of information requests have revealed that over the past
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four years there have been seven hundred and sixty two such mistakes we measure patient satisfaction every every year i suspect at the moment it probably is pretty low i came into the n.h.s. in one nine hundred seventy seven and i was told i only had five years to last because it was on its knees every year that i spent in it it was the worst it ever been i think it's in a crisis i think it has to change its culture recent scandals have exposed higher than average death rates in failing. spittles not just myself but my colleagues also higher management you know we're just more stressed now and we have a lot of pressures to complete things on time and you know we're not being able to deliver the care that we want to twelve patients it's having quite adverse effects remember that while n.h.s. staff talk about being overstretched hospital managers are blaming the problems on squeezed budgets a senior n.h.s. official recently said that they're about to run out of cash in a very serious fashion of a country in europe by and large spend
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a lot more money on health care than we did receive a recent run. as one of the lowest in terms of patients we're paying too much for too little care the rain is adjusting to life as an amputee she now has to rely on her husband to care for her it was a run to shock. i think something larissa locked into so happen to other people but when it actually happens to you personally you feel down you feel lying we open it and it was just a mixture of all those rolled into world and it was just a. thing she now says that she can only hope that no more patients have to go through what she did. r.t. london. on the way for a year profiting from pollution will report britain's ever growing electronics web and those making a pile of cash from illegal digital dumping. the
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hunger strike at guantanamo bay has receded to during the holy month of ramadan and attention has now turned to how the detainees are being treated being we've heard accounts from several prisoners who have described a daily routine of invasive body searches which sometimes included sexual assault terry holbrooke's worked as a guard at the prison camp you reveal the instructions he was given. we were told not to interact with them not to look at them as humans not to talk with them not to speak with them have nothing to do with them unless it was absolutely necessary important to work we were told to be very aggressive in searching growing. i don't think any of us as guards felt comfortable doing that as a result of such we didn't do that there were certain rules that we were given that many of us just didn't all of we didn't see on those as being the political logical or ethical in some circumstances and those were all such we didn't implement them
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and over one hundred sixty six remaining we've had to live in your books to find any shred of evidence to charge try and convict them and we've not been able to do that nor we've been able to falsify the evidence i would think of america being the great nation that it is having the wonderful legal system that it does can't extend the courtesy of sending people home after ten years eleven years twelve years of captivity. maybe we need to have a good look in the mirror and take a look at ourselves jamesy is a former u.s. army chaplain who worked to add guantanamo bay he was arrested and charged with aiding the enemy that had this and other charges dropped at a court martial but he claims the real reason he wasn't present was while objecting to prisoner abuse at the facility. basically after objecting to the horrible conditions the enormous amount of abuse that was going on there then i was real
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roaded and accused of being a terrorist myself and that landed me in prison by the u.s. military i was very much aware of the qur'an being desecrated there were reports stories from prisoners how they were maybe subjected to being put in you know what you might call this a tonic circle where interrogators attempted to force them to you know make prostration like in the form of the muslim prayer in the center of that say tank circle and then of course there was sexual humiliation being carried out on the part of female interrogators down in guantanamo. more news ahead as we report on the positive signals from iran's new president on approaching nuclear talks with the west we'll have more on that just after the shop break.
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thanks for staying with us here on our team good will and no hidden agendas these are iran's times when you go shooting with the west over its nuclear program new iranian president hassan rouhani proposed direct talks with washington as well as news conferences being sworn into office the details now from our teams lose a friend. iran's new president hassan rouhani has called for dialogue with the west but warned the language of sanctions will not work he won june's a vote by promising to put an end to the country's international isolation over its nuclear energy program rouhani made his stance clear in his inaugural address. i see this coming week if you seek your student loans or speak to the lungs of respect not through the language of sanctions so iran's president has extended an olive branch and what have we seen from western countries so far new sanctions had
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to be imposed just a few days before the president was sworn in the u.s. house of representatives overwhelmingly passed new restrictions on iran's oil sector and its mining and construction industries even though invited some western leaders didn't even attend the president's inauguration some say it was an opportunity missed to break the ice there is a new president what does that signal a new approach every action is sure to be analyzed and gesture evaluated the possibility of direct talks between the united states and iran hasn't happened in over three decades although in september a new round of negotiations is expected between iran and the international community and hillary many leverage was a u.s. diplomat involved in the various negotiations with iran during george w. bush's administration and things of washington's want to make the concessions that iran once. it's hard to see how they're taking me in the middle that you issues
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or the islamic republic of iran that i think are ensconced in international law or that the united states recognizable its sovereign right and its treaty right to enrich uranium that's something that the united states has shown no evidence it is willing or able to do with the the obama administration and congress the other piece that critically important for the islamic republic is for the united states to ease lift at least some of its sanctions that it has imposed on the islamic republic enforced or tried to coerce countries from around the world to impose on the islamic republic of iran that too will be very very difficult for president obama to leverage because many most nearly sixty sixty five percent of the sanctions unholy on iraq are now are now legislated are now in u.s. law president obama simply does not have the power to lift those sanctions without the acquiescence of. another civilian scandal has struck the united states this time here america's anti drugs agency that's investigated for spying and of
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and then blocking about it as we report online. and a big brother catches one zero day shows bay red handed to the full video is on our brilliant kids a you tube channel you can see that. as technology gets better so our pile of obsoleting the tonics get bigger although recycling this rubbish in the u.k. can turn a tiny profit some traders like cashing in on shipping the problem abroad illegally exploiting soft laws on handling the hard way sara for three ports. with the pace of technology ever changing yesterday's essential. electronic waste. is the fastest expanding way stream. been investigating the industry's growing. concerns around illegal trading
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so this is why they are electronic. you might be quite surprised by. the recycling companies that are able to extract precious metals like the copper. still as well as the mater around one point five million tons of electronic cycling every year. and yet research just around a third is that is actually being recycled by reputable sites such as this one so where does the rest of it go. in this country and i think. in the trade in treatment.
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which came into force in two thousand and seven and it's supposed to make sure that anything that can be exported to developing countries but industry insiders estimate that up to whole foods will computers discarded in the u.k. and illegal trade. if you. do. i know very. little money in the last few years the government body the environment agency has been slowly getting to grips with the problem and has made a number of successful prosecutions despite the costs of recycling but the cyclists
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are turning a profit as the cost of metal they extract from the goods is high but the growth of the illegal industry means there are concerns black market traders could price these reputable recyclers houses the market is wrong and it will affect. you know down the line in my affections and if people continue to do wrong and illegally you know the. legitimate merchants so yeah it does have a big impact and we're concerned about things going in the right line in the countries receiving the way its young children are often involved in breaking down the equipment much of which contains harmful chemicals experts warn of the potential consequences to health could be dying in countries which are you know placed so differently not be have the capacity to deal with it our country is a logical advanced they have the financial resources they have the infrastructure
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to describe i think there is some amount of responsibility they have more responsibility to deal with this and to ensure that the poor countries. by someone international news this hour the u.n. is warning. serious consequences if the country continues its violent crackdown on anti-government demonstrations and says newly passed legal amendments infringe on fundamental human rights legislators have made a series of major changes to national empty terror laws ahead of a mass pro. it does plan to this month gatherings and sit ins in the capital of bands and courts could strip convicted protesters of this citizenship. anti-government anger in tunisia has broad tens of thousands onto the streets calling for the resignation of the islamist led government the country's
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constituent assembly has ground to a halt until the government and the opposition open negotiations this recent spate of unrest responded by yet another assess a nation of a prominent opposition politician two weeks ago. i guess explosion has killed at least eight people in argentina sources say up to a dozen people may have died in the massive apartment block blast caused by a gas leak fifty more were injured in the ensuing blaze which trapped many residents in the opera stories of the building fifteen others are still unaccounted for and firefighters warn the building may collapse at any time. kenya's main airport is closed right now after being golfed by a massive blaze in the terminal it's in the arrivals hall from ways smoking could be seen billowing for miles around passengers and staff way vacuum waited and no casualties are reported while the fire itself is now said to be under control now
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robey international airport is east africa's main aflight hub. a bomb blast at their pakistani football ground has famed seven lines and wounded two dozen many of the victims were teenage boys who died when the device exploded after a match police say the bomber was remote controlled and strapped to a motorcycle outside the stadium attacks across the country have already killed almost thirty people this week. america as i was during debt may be much worse than it is being admitted leaving us economists the bad governments calculations just don't add up and many wonder just how long a country can sustain such as we call it debt figure skating people will experience us debt seemed worryingly higher over sixteen trillion dollars but according to a study by the university of california america's debt is actually four times
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higher at seventy trillion dollars but how much is that really well let's compare these sums to the world's most valuable company so as you can see the official u.s. debt figure of over sixteen trillion equates to forty apple empire's bar professor hamilton studies found that the u.s. has over seventy trillion dollars of unaccounted for debts which would make up a total of one hundred and sixty five apples and that's not all it turns out that even seventy trillion dollars may be an underestimate of former economic adviser for president reagan professor courtly calls reckons a more accurate figure would be two hundred and eleven trillion dollars which in our apple analogy is five hundred times the size of the world's most valuable company. so whatever figure economists come up with although they may defy all the estimates show one common factor they are enormous and it raises the question of how much longer such extraordinary debt levels can be sustained and the dangers
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that come with it. right to which a u.s. agency putting the n.s.a. surveillance data to use breaking the steps has the answers and analysis white on the brink. the main competitor girl on the market is mother nature. may customers struggle with a good. fight for each draw from in those dirty supply not.
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mean. i know that i'm. really messed up. in the old story so closely. it's a little worse you're going to go right out to the. radio guy and. say i want to close for about a good cause you never seen anything like this i'm telling. you guys i'm not a model and it's a great little set so i just got back from a jam packed weekend in los angeles opportunity to attend and speak at a revolutionary event called the psychos media festival there i not only got to promote the show but i also got to talk about the importance of bridging art and activism on top of that i sat down with two awesome comedians and modern day philosophers joe rogan and duncan trussell for their epic podcasts as
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a crazy ride but now i'm back and i'm ready to break the set. a little more of the goober she made me feel like. it's no secret that we live in a fast paced consumer society want to reproduce a gargantuan amount of waste every year. a large majority of that garbage is plastic just take plastic bags for example humans use one trillion of them every year according to campaign reuse it that means every minute one million plastic bags are being discarded it's a staggering statistic that compelled my next guest to work with plastic bags an artistic medium and for over fifteen years she's created various installations turning this hideous product into something beautiful her fascination with the material letter to research more about plastic and how it's waste has become an environmental damage.


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