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six months of starvation one tunnel god will save a hunger strike is on the wane but desperate business day again repeated force feeding and invasive body searches. tough times for the u.k. view if we look at the plight of jobless young bridge the two years after violent riots a route to london and other parts of the country. and the cars are making stars of videos from a russian vehicles go viral as dashboard cameras capture some of the ways bizarre and ridiculous road incidents we show you the pick of the hits.
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live from moscow this is already you're with me tom would say for all want to cluck news bulletin let's take a look. friday it's now half a year since guantanamo as prisoners began their hunger strike the u.s. military says the starvation protests is waning because inmates have been eating off to dusk as is tradition in the holy month of ramadan the prison is on protesting indefinite detention without charge and to the treatment the u.n. special repertoire for torture try to find out about the conditions for his time but only got a limited tour of the facility. unfortunately i was not allowed to visit. what i will be at least not in the terms that i have to apply under the rules but i am subject to i did get invited by the pentagon but on conditions that i couldn't accept because conditions was that i would see only the parts over prison
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that they wanted to show me and specifically that i could not have it be rigged. within minutes they claim that they can only give me the same terms that the united states legislators for example or that they give giorno their store of visitors but i am the real united nations special rapporteur on torture and the terms of visits to detention centers but i applied have been approved by the human rights council so i'm not asking the united states to give me any preferential treatment but i also cannot give the united states preferential treatment i. want on a mowbray is already the world's most expensive prison the but new data from the u.s. defense department shay's the bill is running even higher than previously thought now the facility opened in two thousand and two and its overall price tag will top five billion dollars by next year keeping one hundred sixty six inmates house at
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the prison means the u.s. taxpayers picking up a tab of over a million dollars read a one time obey is located in cuba so the u.s. has to spend plenty of cash on shipping food materials and flying in personnel here's how the total tab breaks down for the year out with a big share of the spending allocated to prison staff and security guards another large chunk of taxpayers funding goes to maintaining high security court keeping the prison running meanwhile seems to serve as a recruitment tool for terrorists worldwide that's what the scene at counterterrorism consul for human rights watch told us. probably how with one tunnel that as long as it remains open as long as the u.s. engages in this eleven years plus regime if you go to tension then terrorists will continue to have a very powerful tool for recruitment in order to say to young to survive to manage throughout the affected regions look at what the united states is doing to your brothers look at what the united states claimed it would stop doing because of
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course the manning want tom on people around the world you know that president obama pledged to close guantanamo was in one year of taking office that was four and a half years ago and there's no closure and there's a very simple way to close it down and that is either prosecute people for whom are sufficient evidence of crimes in legitimate courts like the us federal courts and release the others that has always been the way to close guantanamo. now the prisons began refusing food because of they detained without charge and they want more humane treatment while the u. when has come to the defense on this hit and here's a statement that they released earlier back in may they say the u.n. said that holding prisoners without charge is a violation of international law and also cruel inhumane and degrading treatment the force feeding of guantanamo inmates has also drawn the angus' say such procedures aren't acceptable and should not be used against anyone who uses
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voluntarily decided to go on a food protest these painful procedures and invasive body searches us still part of the daily routine for many of the prisoners he's a washington correspondent guy and she can with more. every day in guantanamo it's groundhog day whether you're a guard or a prisoner that's how one officer described life and get mail every day is the same as the last then there is no escape for many inmates it's a painful routine routine that includes regular searches and force feeding twice a day for those who are on hunger strike the latest account from the prison comes from a british resident named shakur aamer has been held for eleven years of good will never charged with any crime shuckers been on hunger strike since january has also refused to leave his cell he writes i have said what i want to do just sit there for a week doing nothing just sitting it's about as nonviolent non-problematic protest as you could imagine but they won't let me do it so the forcible cell extraction
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ting carries him out of the cell his hands and feet in shackles to a special place where they perform a search a pet down which sucker armor and other inmates call the good moments sarge they flip me over for the surge mostly it's just an assault sometimes a sexual assault we call it the get my message they carry me like a second potatoes which is really painful for me. guantanamo officials actually responded to our inquiry about allegations by saying we don't comment on any detainee allegations made through their defense attorneys regardless of how ridiculous and absurd the allegations might be by saying this guantanamo officials may be suggesting the trucker's allegations are ridiculous and absurd could be but nonetheless has a history of torture and abuse which washington has tried to cover up by hiding behind state secrets privilege if you listen to the officials you're led to believe
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life would get more was not so bad the inmates can watch cable t.v. they're well fed and force feeding is not as bad as it sounds no matter what the u.n. says after all they use a lubricant to shove the feeding tube down the detainees nostrils to make sure the detainees don't resist of course they struck them to a chair on the receiving end that is on the detainees and is of course a completely different story they report pain humiliation and despair that's their routine in washington i'm going to check them. plenty more issues covered in breaking the said which is here at eleven thirty g.m.t. but we've also been monitoring the guantanamo hunger strike since it started at the beginning of february and we've chronicled it all for you on our website our g. dot com has our guantanamo timeline we've got all the latest updates there plus prisoner accounts reaction and the expert analysis of what's going on at the notorious facility. two years or since violent riots
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rotten london and other cities and towns across the u.k. and britain's youth are still feels left behind now with the government of pressing on with cuts thousands of young people are falling into long term joblessness what's more the seeds were sown long before the unrest in twenty eleven youth unemployment has been rising steadily since two thousand and two and the figures has almost doubled in the past nine years and currently stands at almost a million meaning that one in five brits aged sixteen to twenty four don't have jobs and the number of those not studying is also on the rise according to the universities and colleges admissions services applications from english students are at their lowest in the past four years this as their tuition fees have tripled in twenty twelve r.t. sara for its met a young bridge who took part in the riots two years ago to find out if anything's changed. everyone. i want to.
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i meet charlie at his council house it's been almost two years since his arrest and imprisonment as a result of his participation in the london riots he received a six month sentence for theft but to charlie the impact of his actions have lost it far along you would think that. you know well. this thing. doesn't make you feel knowing you are. free to speak no one. would move there. you know these one of those who would have been dumped in the aftermath of the rioting with the turn barrel you also play courtney met with many young people he
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got caught up in the violence and her new book seeks to debunk what she says is an isolating and stigmatising tight so i try to deliberately because i knew it was a phrase that gets used by politicians and by the media to describe well often to describe young people in general which is just complete misnomer very unfair and i'm just so inaccurate almost one hundred percent of the time the motivations behind the riots were complex but the basic economics play a key part of the rich poor divide so it's stream at the moment and the poor are kind of thing and the thing that you know that being left behind that was a phrase i heard in my research a lot you know we're being left behind and so i think it might be the start of something more i don't think the problems of going away they haven't gone away then we're going to see more more problem until these things start to get results with the spark that started the riots largely attributed to the sheeting and killing by police of a man named mark duggan here in the london borough of tottenham and two years on
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and friends and family is still awaiting an inquest expected in mid september but as they wait for answers many questions still remain over the ensuing violence some putting it down to mindless criminality others to deep rooted social problems that many feel guilt have not been dealt with indeed youth unemployment in the u.k. remains that crisis levels latest figures show that nearly a million people between the ages of eighteen and twenty four around to work. i'm never going to join in because. i think. i did and. still in a constant. as i was performing in joy. and with a criminal record. at the time of the riots the prime minister described the behavior of people like charlie as mindless criminality pure and simple offering no
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need to. listen to us more because we live in the last basically in the slums we haven't got enough and so they need to sort of listen to us and let us just pour world across and maybe what we need or what we want not necessarily what we want but what what we need and what might help us if they become who is in front of you right now what would you say to him that you think people need right now to hope. for more you've crops and morphing maybe more funding to do things he says that he's going to do this and that i hope people. are going to be given buses are you also hope there's all this talk about this and there's no action. soon on the whole of the surface r.t. london. the m.p. for tottenham away the spartan twenty eleven has accused the government of burying the report on the riots and more than half of the panel's recommendations haven't
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been addressed at all in its final response which was supposed to outline of the efforts to tackle the causes of the protests let's talk more on that too with the lead just for social activists and london's former senior policy adviser on the equality is good to have you with us here on r t now there are increasing worries that west minutes is not doing enough to support britain's young people do you share these concerns. i do i think they are poor sections of british society and. a vice like grip of wanting money employment cuts today essential frontline services schools nurseries health services education housing. in a spiral of vicious spiral of decline going on exacerbate all of the social issues that gave rise to the disturbances two years ago let's not forget the issue of race and racism in this building was
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a black man he was shot by an overwhelmingly white police force in the backdrop to his shooting the killing. of wife of a whole range of black men who died the very suspicious circumstances in police custody i don't know all the reaction to that was from all communities of all races and straights nevertheless it is important that we remember as we consider two years ago that race plays an important factor let me give you another example of that the youth unemployment statistics in january two thousand and ten fifty six percent of black youth in the united kingdom were unemployed that's an underestimate it's a government assessment that it's an underestimate but speaking about looks out on the beginning of the government's response is that to the programs they do have programs that are supporting families and improving youth education as well as taking on employment and employment and they know working is that is that the case
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. the government is one of the most incompetent polk's war governments we've seen in british political history all the initiatives to tend to running to the sonne ending glorious ineffective fadia and don't meet the needs of the community but that's me that's the point i was making earlier. this is a majority white cabinet it's a majority male cabinet from the financial straits they have known astounding of race equality and in areas like london and birmingham which are almost majority black connecting minority cities these issues are becoming acute so what the figure is rising every day nearly one million young people now out of jobs what the what's the way to turn this all around we didn't know the way to trend all around days to take a leaf out of the poor spokes world governments of british history when off to the second world war the country was we're recovering we didn't use austerity to cut
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our way through public sector spending to growth we invested in major infrastructure education universities hospitals schools royal role radio road infrastructure housing these were the key developments that the government borrowed for borrowed money from the international markets to invest this government has turned its back on them and despite all the evidence that austerity is not only just not working within the united kingdom but not working right across you although they persist relentlessly with a strategy that is determined really been seen to fail how volatile how would you say the social situation in the u.k. is right now post the twenty eleven and twelve. i think all the conditions all the conditions that give rise to the two thousand two thousand and eleven. disturbances have been simply exacerbated made more acute and there is
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a bigger group of people now affected so i think the likelihood of a repetition of the kind of seas we saw two thousand and eleven is it is almost inevitable given the government's role to failure to respond to the needs and issues. they calls these and catalysts of the two thousand and eleven disturbances now they need as they do admit that to youth unemployment is that they have mates pressing issue it's already established a fund of billions of euros to tackle the problem is not having any impact at all while not aware of a billion pound falling to tackle youth unemployment what i what i am aware of is one million people and what we call zero hours contracts which means an employer can simply say no work for you this week you don't know how much you're getting paid or how much you use you already have a million of our people in zero hours contracts we have ever growing levels of
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youth unemployment the employment situation for women in britain now given that they were the major. public sector and we've seen half a million of those jobs go means that women who are an important part of communities and families i've also seen their incomes being decimated this government is really seeking to provide its friends in the city of london with greater access to financial and we contracting opportunities while at the same time in misery rates in the poor leaving them the wealth inequality gap between the riches and the poor is even wider than any other time in british post-war history each espresso actual activists and from a senior policy advice or any qualities thank you for sharing your thoughts with us . right some news just in the jail of the axe oil tycoon mikhail khodorkovsky is set to walk free earlier than expected that after his appeal hearing in russia's
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a supreme court he will now be said free in august next year we'll have our correspondent at the scene a little later this hour to bring you more details on that. wealthy british style. time right on. the market why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike stronger for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into cars a report on. you know how sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realized everything you thought you
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knew you don't know i'm trying hard welcome to the big picture. thanks for staying with us here on our nearly three hundred people have been convicted of plotting to overthrow the turkish government the verdict in the five year long lead monk trial sold the hate all of the mean lawyers like a dam makes and journalists get long prison terms of some of them jailed for life joins in a protest and against it the verdict and clash with police slamming the trial as a witch hunt international relations professor mark ellman from bill can join
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a verse he says of the turkish government fia's a minute she impala grab similar to what happened in egypt. on the one hand you have the charge that there's a deep state military intelligence christmassy against the prime minister but the prime minister's supporters certainly seem to feel that there's a deep plot against them organized by security forces not just in turkey the last few months we've seen this dramatic shift in the middle east which is why i think they feel particularly vulnerable they see the good muslim brothers in egypt who they see very much as the sister party. pushed out of power they feel that the americans and europeans are tolerated i think in the encroaching government circles in our party circles they fear that although this particular case got going some years ago now the threat for what very perceived as the secularist military alliance against them could have indorsement from outside. former u.s. servicemen are switching sides a joined of the bad guys online through foreign help more and more working for
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mexico's drug cartels that's it men and trainers and the f.b.i. as a recruitment said to increase. its repeal the boston bombing suspect that the middle months and i have had been reading white supremacist literature before the attacks get the full story and r.t.e. dot com. now does a more news making world headlines of this hour police have used the water cannons to disperse the protests against a new security bill in the chilean capital legislation aims to introduce harsher penalties for demonstrators were told police he will demonstrations will be targeted if they cross a disorder in public places she is we seem to frequent student protest and most of them are peaceful that small groups of people have been known to try and attack police with rocks and petrol bombs. three people have been shot dead at a town
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a council meeting in pennsylvania in the united states and armed men blasted through the wall of a municipal bill. and opened fire witnesses say a local police local official then tackled the men before shooting him with his own gun police have confirmed the suspects arrest but have declined any further comments. but as one of the foreign minister cleans the leaks by u.s. whistleblower edward snowden comes from what his country suspected long ago is what they. are exclusively told r.t. is a spanish channel when a woman. we had always strongly suspected the u.s. was carrying out surveillance across the world america excuses its nuclear activities by saying it's based on legislation and congress gave its approval along with the supreme court of the government to simply put it into effect but there are a lot of ethical questions as to how this program is being implemented in regard to
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society in this case the rights of u.s. citizens are being abused and decides we also see that the program involves other nations who are not obliged to abide by american laws and this is what makes it all very serious. jailed a formal oil tycoon mikhail sadowski is set to walk free earlier than expected often appeal hearing at russia's supreme court. is outside of the cold building to tell us more about dina. tell us more about what kind of well what kind of a break has just received at this appeal. right well indeed russia's supreme court here in moscow has just heard. that of course against the second conviction the court this day was really to rule whether his second sentence for money laundering and embezzlement should be a lifted before he was due to be released in october or not here and now as you can
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see there are many reporters there lots of different media groups a lot of people ask just a couple of minutes ago the corage has finally made his decision and indeed reduce the sentence for gold now in terms of coffee the courthouse reviews his sentence to ten years and months which means that it's a year from now me that are close he is due to walk free from the prison colony and in terms of he has a business partner plot on the video he is going to be released several months earlier in may two thousand and fourteen now because of the post he himself was not present at the court hearing he actually spoke via video link from he is prison colony which is located in northwest encourage for russia now he has defense to actually argue in the appeal. and his business partner they were
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both convicted on charges that were and valid right from the start south this decision that was just made by the words means that the claims that were made by the hotter cost. team were partially satisfied it's now burning a hole whether earlier this month the european court of human rights which has criticised number of times the trials there were halliday against. russia but still the court in strasbourg has rejected claims that their convictions and their cases were politically months evasiveness not just to give you some history holocaust he was arrested back in two thousand and three and convicted tax evasion now two years later and before this appeal he was about to be released next year and so were two thousand and fourteen but was taking into consideration what just happened to russia supreme court here in moscow we call that our vote he will
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walk free why in august two thousand and fourteen ride to medina they will all be see have more updates as the hours go on the verdict mage in a question of our reporting before us. right i dast can report to will be up in just say the hof and now it's over to max kaiser and money matches and i'll see the bank. wow revolutions in the middle east sure get a great deal of coverage but you don't mix a lot of sense revolutions are exciting t.v. peaceful protests are nice but footage of molotov cocktails flying and crazed crowds of local middle easterners really grab attention so there's a logical next reason why some protest movements get
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a lot of coverage in the mainstream media well others kind of adult please forgive me for being conspiratorial but there is one revolution going down which does have all the exciting visuals of the arab spring but just doesn't get any of the mainstream coverage in fact unarmed people in this country recently stormed the parliament trapping ministers and lawmakers with that they held them down for eight hours demanding the government reside until police with shields smash their way through creating a narrow corridor through which the officials could escape now that sounds like exciting and visual news but why did you hear about it all over the mainstream press that's because it didn't happen in libya or egypt or any other exotic country but in good old boag area right in the e.u. where u.s. and e.u. interests are best served by the status quo being maintained there is no need to hype up an intervention or kinetic action in bulgaria the only time you ever hear about the need for a crackdown in bulgaria is when a government there actually started working in bulgaria own interests and not the us desires but that's my opinion.
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welcome to the kaiser report i-max kaiser is george osborne the straw man of treasury secretaries according to wikipedia a straw purchase is any purchase where in the agent the straw person agrees to acquire a good or service like a mortgage for someone who is unable or unwilling to purchase the good or service himself and the agent transfers the goods and services to that person after purchasing them. the mind boggles let's get stacy herbert in air to discuss this yes max today this morning across the world i've been noticing that this scam that happened in the.


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