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should americans be learning spanish if. six point two billion swiss francs to fifteen billion spews francs and average grows ten percent a year. every amount and so class or so one hundred million who are. going to born in gross amounts to three point seven percent on average we three percent this is reached the level amounts to just paint in mind two fears a chief executive. in
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lake geneva. is into this lake the melt water flows from the mountains of switzerland. located on the shoreline is the headquarters of a company which deals in water. it's the headquarters of mislaying the most powerful food and beverage company in the. atmosphere we believe that to have a long term business success you must see him with famously create value for the shareholders and for that and we call this creating shared value and it is the fundamental principle behind the way we conduct business at nestle how i could put
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social responsibility. report is think it's our financial report so i think it's a good balance again which is we play. when it comes to water. and global ambassador he travels the world preaching cautious and careful use of his most precious commodity. he's a captain of big business committed to making money but also a man who speaks of social responsibility so i want to know more about that my first destination is these to be. when mr lee is hoping the united nations to provide a un refugee camp with drinking water. is one of the humanitarian projects which the company finances as part of its corporate social responsibility program. it's the lack of drinking water the global water problem which is also of paramount priority for the u.n. the water crisis is perhaps the most urgent ecological and human threat of our time
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in their recent world water development report twenty four agencies of the united nations confirmed that the global water crisis is getting worse and threatening millions of people every day they can't benefit the paper if it p.o.p.o. in a way it is possible for either the united nations board best to do it by itself. by having a bit know how far mr or the company is with a few expertise so few in h.c.r. be able to assure access to pure water for the parents of south so people. this is the jam to which meter brobeck is referring in his knisley we do it's home to some twenty thousand refugees from neighboring somalia. many of them have been
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here for more than twenty he is waiting for the cooling in the country to store. i've been expecting something of a showcase project but instead refugees tell me there's a shortage of water. like you see that way down to the can was sometimes we don't have water for two or three days. due to problems with the poor holes on we can have you know what tricity we could then also it then we have to wait for a specialist to repair the system. to get to. the campus supplied by an underground water pipeline the want to being pumped from the valley some twenty kilometers away . nestle cosigned us the
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water supply system and according to peter brown that is committed to its long term operation. in the last three or four years we have another one. before the time. given. that. this is now running out of. the funding we. said that it does me. no. no no if. you do this you. did in two thousand that went into two thousand and two thousand and four they support that. this is. out of not only more border you got word that.
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nestle's commitment to the camp is finished but according to the company. website it's still continuing. to make sure that their water system can keep functioning. so that the people of their reach. and. clean water for many years to the future. is brought back intentionally playing up commitment or is the company's p.r. perhaps getting just a little too enthusiastic. the water companies are in this for one reason and that is profit and sometimes they connect up to a project like this for their marketing tools because we all over the world are criticizing them and they're trying to renewed their image in the world they don't stick with something unless it's profitable they are a big transnational competitive corporation and they will never stay with something
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for humanitarian reasons. from canada is an ambassador for water just like peter brown back. except that she's a consumer activist a winner of the alternative nobel prize and a strong critic of nestle. nestle and. we've asked the company for an interview and was still waiting for a reply for the time being we can still know these pictures on the fringes of a media event. nestlé is one of the most profitable companies ever annual turnover exceeds one hundred billion dollars it's the world's largest food and beverage multinational adored by investors big and small. more than a quarter of a million staff. and the chairman of the board is
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a man with a mission. to have often wondered what is the most single important factor that could ensure a company continuing for another one hundred forty years and i always come to the same conclusion he water. when it comes to bottled water nestle is the undisputed well. the company has bought up many of its competitors and now owns more than seventy different brands the new alternative totals more than nine billion dollars. with a takeover. perrier nine hundred ninety two brands. spring joined the product portfolio. access to the lucrative beverage market in the usa. also look of course which is also very important which is what you say mature for companies to be checking all over their constantly what are people thinking about
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this less bryants about this there's a responsibility as a corporate citizen. in bern switzerland i have an appointment with a senior nestlé manager. he chose the restaurant. will nest and give us information about its water business. and an interview with peter brown back. the answer is no according to the nestle man it would be the wrong film at the wrong time. then he offers to commission from us a film about the global use of water in agriculture. above and beyond that the doors to nestle will be closed to us worldwide. that means no cooperation from nestle from now on we can film peter brown bag only when he makes public appearances but that doesn't deter us so we travel to the
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country where the company sells most of its water. a spring water pumping station in the northeast of the usa. for its poland spring brand nestlé pumps out a million liters of water every day. a tank of coal thirty thousand liters of water which nestle pays a private landowner just ten dogs. finally heavy traffic is a problem the water tankers carry up to twenty five thousand times. the time to miss those buckling looking about an hour. and also for at freiburg it supplies about a sixth of the water for poles for bottling was the focus of attention today. our
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care for you want to stay with us right i would try burger if you take in millions or kill them to water out of one place they're asked to. that effect somewhere that's why you've invited freiburg residents to dump the bottles of cold spring water i took upon this hole that. they don't belong here they don't have a right to be here anymore like the war allows. they don't have a right to come here and take the water. inside the misting wants to build a second pumping station. wants to pump double the quantity of water. but also some consideration the local authorities are refusing the company permission as a result nestle is now suing the town. this is truck access from denmark and that water source is something that is crucial to their growth here. it raises the question even more
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loudly who does the water belong to and if i have a house next to your house and i pump out of my my land where is the line where what i pump out from under my land is coming out from under yours the situation right now is that the public has said no plan or said no the appeals court has said no and nestle says. so the appeal was filed i believe last week before. suing inhabits the town of. c.-span a man in my opinion that is an absolute right when someone says they do not want to balling operation in their community does also that is something we must also understand the stand oh.
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well. science technology innovation all the developments from around russia we've got the huge you're covered. leg.
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misty constantly needs new sources of water. here in the state of maine the home team of hydrogen interests is searching for new springs for the company. mr nice requires water rights privately purchases whole areas outright. which is what happened in the front a region. poland springs are now plays where the light. tire area there and get all of its mountain water and sell it all over the world for money regardless of what it does to the college. they are very very stupid in dealing with. changing regulations or working within regulations.
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to meet the demands and the goals that they have if there was no. resistance to them coming to town there would be no office with a good labor policy giving away free coffee the funny part is they give away free water they're giving away a case of free water to the first fifty people every month that come in there and for me it's extremely ludicrous because that water is the water that we get when we turn our sink they use it up there and wash their hands. and flush their toilets with the same water. felling is bring water. thank you bob that.
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in main opposition is growing many people are angry that nestle is making big money out of their water a meet up again with more bhalo. leslie is a water hunter they're a predator they're not interested in the sustainable use of ground water or this springs that are the reverse of the springs that they use their out for one thing and that is to make money and so they come into an area and they see the water like water mining like a gold cup they come in they drain an aquifer atoll it's gonna run it's gone they move on they don't live there very seldom they don't have any connection to the place they're after profit they're predators water hunters looking for the last puro hotter in the world. in the small town of poland stands a kind of fairy tale consuls it's a bottling plums dating from the here nineteen zero seven. the original spring now
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has little water rumor has it the spring ran dry a long time ago but the name has remained today poland spring is the top selling spring water in the usa for less lake a spa claim success in terms of turnout. today in the state of maine the rust free new clothes bottling poland spring water the newest is this one built by nestle in kingfield one hundred twenty kilometers from the original spring. we want to pay a visit the local media spokesperson said that all she had to do was inform head office. africa. are back. the barrier stays down just like the nest a man told us back in the swiss restaurant. my next destination is
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a wildlife preserve some two hundred kilometers south of conflict. here to the hydro geologists have been successful in this. but a small group of women are against next. over their water coming on a. kind of belief that was started. the reason i'm fighting for water preservation is we have a very large water rack were for here that we care very much about what happens to with nestle moved their way into it over three years ago without us knowing about
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it we noticed the wells were in place on this land and that's why we began the fight to maintain. passion is we're in a battle of our life with nestle and we're trying to not have nestle come into our town to read. the next lee decided to put wales in the ground they go down a certain number of feet and they let them on or tour the water levels in this area off the land puts or they have not requested a permit to x. track they're only testing our area well here we are we're still this is three years we've been tested. in order to exploit commercially the massive reserves of water. trying to find private land to the towns of shapley and. from
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there would monster pump water from the wildlife preserve and at the lowest possible price. in the towns around the preserve of nestle has now become a political issue yet. as a factor we cannot fight that company on any level playing field they didn't feel it was necessary to hold a public hearing on this issue this is why local control is so important corporate america has the lights lobby for us they are they are they are drowning us out it is time for people to stand back up and speak to what they need to address what is right for their towns you live in the towns they don't they live overseas. it is a question of whether the normal water supply for the population should be privatized
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or not and there are two points of view. one i would call it an extreme point of view it is not supported by n.g.o.s choose. which insist on water being declared a public right. to make it the phrase in other words as a person you simply should have the right to have water. that's an extreme solution . the other view is that water is a foodstuff. place and just like any food stuff it should have a market value they want our water and they want our water for profit and what they're paying less and a penny a gallon is just outrageous and what happens is they come in and they come in again to these small rural area years where there is very limited government and they use
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their scare tactics and there are a billion dollar company and you can never beat them. nestle might be at a wonderful company but i have not seen it we've tried to work with nest back when you find out that nestle believes their way into our community and that the person that wrote our regulatory ordinance was recommended by nestle well the people should be writing the regulatory ordinance it's our town it's where the taxpayers so what we did was we met with a lectern officials and under the regulatory approach in the united states the regulatory approach we have ordinances in each town. and what those ordinances do the regulatory ordinance pretty much tells these companies or a small company or a large company what they can do in their limits and so forth but it only regulates them make that we cannot say no we don't want you in return to the set of course we
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know them very well and we have intense discussions with them the situation varies from country to country from city to city or as in the us from state to state. in several countries there are people who are very happy to see us building factories or connecting wells. in our cities and going on you know there's there's discussion aboard whether or not we're interfering with the natural water flow rules. since the breakout an operation. listening to green triangles to transport vehicle from just wildlife preserve. nestle's battle with the determined women of champion infield has not yet been decided. to follow the big water tank has to haul this made to the lawn just want to
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bottling factory in the wild. post the water is pumped by nestlé from the area directly behind the factory. the other half is transported in tankas from pumping stations in the hinterland. for one time followed nestle pays ten dollars or even nothing. once bottle the same water costs fifty thousand dollars when sold across the company has a home spring natural spring. in maine nestlé pumps about as much water as that used by the entire agricultural sector throughout the state that's around three billion liters here and the figure
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is rising. back in switzerland we're at nestlé is annual press conference for us the opportunity to film inside a company. i'm interested in this latest new brand. aimed at winning over can. in developing countries. at the press conference we are offered san pellegrino and we tell water the new product carries the promising name life to your life brand for those who don't know ten years ago did not exist and it's an incredible story to go from zero to where we are today one of the top brands yes yes and one of the reasons we've been able to grow grow is we've been able to offer the consumer that you good quality water and different
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parts of the world and it's been very well accepted we're looking to take that asset expand to more geography more parts of the world we think the growth will in fact continue it's a profitable brand forced to and it's a jewel that we have an opera folio and our plans are to continue to leverage it so i'm very optimistic about that brant. one water. that's the idea behind your life. to life is purified groundwater and reached by an artificial blend of minute calls it's a secret nestle recipe. it's produced locally in twenty seven countries on five continents. it tastes the same every. mislay pua lice is now the top selling bottled water in the wild crowing in double digits. the test market for the product was pakistan.
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talking about language of oh but i will only react to situations i have read the reports. like. you know i will leave them to stay current comment on your latter point someone please say it is sick yet a car as i thought. well. i think you know more weasel words. when you have a direct question they prepared for a change when you throw a punch be ready for a battle freedom of speech and let out bad to fit into past.
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as iran's new president calls for dialogue with the west seeking to ease crippling sanctions the u.k. snubs he's inauguration while you had snow makers possibile that tightening the penalty. american gay bar was done of russian vodka in protest and the country's law against homosexual propaganda was sort of funded from fiction and it was being widely slammed as a crime down on gay rights. in the just past grounds of protesters with tear gas and water cannons outside the tigris capital as a chord continues to pass judgment on an underground network accused of masterminding evolution five ago you're seeing live pictures right now from ted.


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