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tv   Headline News  RT  August 5, 2013 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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that. visit. with the west crippling sanctions. bill that. american. vodka in protest of the country's law against homosexual propaganda. sort fact from fiction and what's being widely as a crackdown on gay rights. nearly three hundred people in turkey a facing imprisonment a court preparing to pass judgment on an underground network accused of masterminding a revolution these are live pictures for you just west of the crowds outside the riot police are coming to us in the camera feed however details on that in just
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a moment. thanks for joining us on this monday here in our. world headlines iran's new president has called for a dialogue with the west but warned that the language of sanctions just don't work . made his inaugural address to being officially sworn in as the islamic republic's president or the moderate cleric. by promising to put an end to the country's international isolation over its nuclear energy program but long awaited steps to ease tensions with the rest of the world and not finding much response from some leaders in the west. now and investigates. iran's new president hassan rouhani is widely seen as
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a moderate politician particularly significant detail where western leaders are concerned after years of strained diplomatic tensions in what is seen as an attempt to easing that isolation the government had sent out invitations to e.u. countries including britain to withstand the a swearing in ceremony. excluding the u.s. and israel now the position was that only tehran a base of diplomats would attend but the u.k. had not sent anyone at all the reasoning given by the british foreign office is that we does not have an embassy in tehran but this has been criticized by members of the opposition labor party here particularly the shadow foreign minister douglas alexander who had called this misjudgment as well as a missed opportunity adding about diplomacy involves meeting with people with whom you disagree how in light of the steps upward that to run appears to be taking it moving this invitation to european leaders as well as appointing
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a foreign minister with relations with washington a summer reading to run really wanting to rebuild those relations with the us and europe well we spoke with labor m.p. barrie gardiner for more on this the u.k. foreign minister william hague he had said we will respond in good faith to positive action by iran and improve relations on a step by step basis without remark shouldn't this invitation to attend the president's inauguration in iran have been accepted i think it would have been a very good opportunity to say look he starts with almost a clean sheet just far as we're concerned we want to take him as we find him and it would have been a good opportunity for to go to have informal discussions are around the inauguration. and to do some sounding. too he was going to behave in office so i think it's an opportunity mints. i hope that there are backed channel
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conversations going on that are beginning to try and work out a new relationship with what is after all a new president at the end of the day in this very careful dance between tehran and a western leaders every action and non-action will certainly play a part in that equation on where relations are we headed reporting from london and test ourselves. and the main challenge that i saw on the army faces is the new president is that of easing the economic sanctions that are grinding hard on the iranian people over the past two years the country has faced its toughest most comprehensive western penalties to date the most painful have been punitive measures by the u.s. and the e.u. targeting iran's oil export trade and the banking sector is ultimately crippling the country's economy in two thousand and twelve alone iran is thought to have lost up to fifty billion us dollars in oil revenues the resulting economic recession has caused a sort of significant rise in the basic necessities bread meat and milk and the
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country's medical institutions now say the sanctions make it difficult for millions of people with serious health problems to obtain the drugs they need in fact reported last year that six million iranians suffering from diseases such as multiple sclerosis hemophilia and cancer could not get any access to the medicine that they need for the treatment now despite signals from iran's new leadership washington for its part has shown no inclination it will abandon any sanctions on the contrary and just days before he won his inauguration u.s. lawmakers passed a bill toughening the sanctions and the bill would see iran's oil exports slashed by another one million barrels per day. from the national iranian american council he says that some in washington and more interested in a war with iran rather than trying to solve the ongoing nuclear energy issue. the fact that they would vote for new sanctions before the new iranian president who
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has been saying positive things and who is going to himself face so many obstacles for the house of representatives to go forward with this vote demonstrates that this is a chamber dominated by politics instead of pragmatism and is dominated by ideology instead of. an actual desire to resolve the problems that. lay before the united states now the reason that they went forward with this vote was because of immense political pressure from pro sanctions groups and neo conservative and hawkish organizations that are more interested in seeing a war with iran than seeing a diplomatic resolution to the nuclear standoff. and iran is proving to have an easy relations on not only with the west but also with many countries in the middle east tensions with saudi arabia came into focus after an incident with the president of sudan's and a plane which was heading for its iran but then barred from entering the gulf kingdoms and space independent researcher and writer psoriasis old rick explained
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earlier how saudi arabia might indeed be benefiting from the conflicts in the region. historically saudi arabia has been iran's rival more importantly than that and it's a from the fact that saudi arabia serves the united states and israel and carries that through or does in the region and saudi arabia if should there ever be peace with iran. coming from the west it would really threaten saudi arabia feels very secure for as long as it can be of service to the united states saudi arabia benefits from the war and conflict in the region so there's no reason for them to change and this is smart enough to know that down the line is that to be there that they're not going to be accepted no matter how hard they work for israel and america no matter how steve who is housed in how will they carry out there or do some work with them they will not be want to and eventually. their turn will come
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to. the artes or sophie shevardnadze i discussed what's in store for iran under the new president with rwanda has produced a lot of muck with iraq with images among other issues of the interview focused on terror controversial nuclear program also the recent allegations made by the israeli prime minister that iran is pursuing an arsenal of two hundred nuclear warheads so if it's full program coming your way the later today here on t.v. for now though a very quick preview. iran is going to have two hundred warheads that's what he says yes. but. this is something that i've said many times before it's not of any use to us to have nukes to. use it i mean nuclear weapons is that they're useless.
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it's ten minutes past the hour moscow time it's r t with me rule received a russian vodka down the drain that's the latest protest a move against what seen in the west as russia's crackdown on gay rights activists in the u.s. and europe have been outraged their new law against quote propaganda of homosexuals to minors a name often shortened by the media to the russian anti-gay law and they're also being called to boycott the soft. said the law going to affect guests or participants now supporters of the law argue that ultimately it reflects the view of the majority of russians so hear it out see let's bring up the numbers for you and see if that is accurate for now the latest survey being carried out by russia's independent institute and the overwhelming majority of russians well ultimately
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closely divided between seeing it as a bad habit or it's a condition resulting from the issue of psychological trauma only twelve percent believe it's a sexual orientation as good as any other interesting to know that the same poll regularly conducted over the past fifteen years of basically returns almost identical results for example this right here well those are the stats from nineteen ninety eight and something perhaps to contradict the western media's claims of a so called sharp rise in anti gay sentiment due to the propaganda law so let's hand it over now to our season he said now i'm sure try and dissect it all and get some fact and fiction out of the whole story. there is. no store only no sochi. dumping russian vodka and course to boycott the olympic games the l g b t community in the west is furious with the passing of a new russian law banning gay propaganda to minors
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a detail almost never mentioned lot of here putin signed a law and some very strict anti-gay measures these laws are absolutely obscure they're not clear in what they mean of course it will not have a wide ranging gretzky's of being applied everywhere and to everyone and members of the gay community have been attacked and arrested you cannot say that there is massive suppression or messi of it that's against gay people in the streets and that wherever you say that you're gay you will be killed or beaten russian gay activists are taking their case to the european court of human rights and say the war is meant to target specific individuals but see the picture of gay life in russia from abroad is warped. these pictures being shown and being full of trade just because they slid became a symbol of protest against their suppression of l.g.b. community in russia supporters of the law argue it represents the russian majority
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. something ridiculous if there is a large number of people who believe the lawyers too soft thirty years ago it was criminal punishment for being what they were to take examples from some states in the us the relationship is much improved and strict to these propaganda law. it's important to remember this law is about gay propaganda to minors and it will be enforced with fines not criminal punishment russia is still a very traditional conservative country when it wants to hold on to that. this is one of moscow's many day and night clubs yes it's in a discreet location but it holds three thousand people is packed on the weekends and is full of foreigners its owner has asked us not to film on the inside to protect the privacy of its clients but we assure us business is booming there is a happy arriving excitable you know wonderful gay community which is happy great martin andrews is british openly gay and living in russia for eight years he
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opposes the law but won't be dumping his flock russia is dominated by the church in general far more than the u.k. i think if you compare america for example you can't look at san fran los angeles and new york and then look at the middle part of texas and that's what russia is especially moscow you've got the old meets the new and you've got soviet mindset she's with this capitalist boom with excising west lifestyle homosexuality is illegal in over seventy countries across the globe so martin asked why russia why do the western media why do people and the west never mention cats off the world cup is coming up the. going crazy about saatchi in the lympics i was inside the last week filming there's a gay community there is a great day scene then saatchi but the west has a b. and its on it regarding russia and its. russian. and even now a r.t.
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moscow. or let's try and break down the facts smith's son figures of the new law against a gay propaganda first and foremost is being gay a crime in russia no however preaching nontraditional sexual relationships to a minor is a crime nontraditional defied. that cannot produce offspring can the new law gets you arrested yes but only if you are suspected of promoting gay propaganda to children an example of this is a dutch film crew who recorded themselves a quizzing teenagers in russia on their views on homosexuality charges brought against them though they were later dropped can you go to jail for gay propaganda no the maximum penalty is about fifteen hundred bucks for individuals or even thirty thousand bucks for organizations additionally any foreigner violating the law will be deported and may be detained for up to fifteen days it's a bit murky i understand get the details if you need them at r.t.
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dot com. in the meantime here and still ahead for you in this hour do you remember this big. the one. that made an enlightened. apparently has some friends that may be late for the party but still planning to attend details. just a few moments also. on the cross in the u.s. as protesters hit the streets on mass calling for a full stop to the big brother was conducted by the government all of that. after the show. react to situations i have read the reports from. the no i will leave the state department a comment on your point of the month to say. mr kerry is on the talking. thank
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you no more weasel words. when you question me prepared for a change when you. be ready for. freedom of speech in. the freedom to question.
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thanks for joining us here on our show you in moscow after a trial last in more than five years almost three hundred people in turkey will finally discover their fate today they're accused of belonging to an underground network which is prompting a military coup but the case of spot concern whether exposing the illegal movement was simply and witch hunt let's show you some live pictures right here these are just outside the city live pretty complex just west of istanbul the final verdicts are expected to be delivered on the inside that there is a closed session of people obviously gathering outside to support those on trial and this is ultimately a prison complex the courtroom is inside we're getting a couple of different camera feeds through here in iraq see one of them showing a huge amount of riot police on standby water cannon vehicles as well right now though all things look fairly calm and peaceful outside the prison complex courthouse just west of istanbul let's get some more details on this now. has been following the events leading up until now. allegedly it's
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a large scale nationalistic movement which involves some of that is the country's most top ranking army officials festers journalist prime minister everyone has said that he is ready to stamp out this and to democratic movement which he said has been brewing in the country for decades a lot of people have fallen under that umbrella but people here say that essentially going on is just going to reach the prime minister is being done in jail so as to get rid of all dissenting voices these trial has been released and it ends with the expected from the beginning expected. to be no surprise no one. and it will be the end of trust in our dance government for a lot of people and it is also the end of the judicial system of turkey this is happening after a large scale protests have broken out in the country spreading from istanbul all over the state where people weren't just agreeing with the policies on the prime
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minister not taking to the streets all of these protests have been widely dispersed in fact it doesn't look at this point like protests are happening are turning almost on a weekly basis and get they get broken out by police who are using tear gas and water cannons to this has also been the case in the stumble this weekend better past as well so people here really are expecting some skirmishes to break out between the supporters of those who they believe were wrongly accused of participation in this alleged plot still overthrow the government and of course as the police. were reporting right now let's check out the latest our twitter feed so she's keeping a close watch on the proceedings saying that according to the local media thousands of police all around the court area and a lot of water cannons as well we heard anywhere up to six to ten maybe thirteen water cannon vehicles around this building so they accepting as expecting an upset could well be will keep you posted here on our t. as well arena on her twitter feed you can log on to find out the latest in the
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trial. right to see. her straight. and i think you're. on the record with. thanks for joining us here on out he of the public. scene in the russian your rules last winter when a meteor all the signs of a house exploded in the skies may be set for repeat do you remember this.
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well this is a colossal triggered must peculation a ranging from some sort of mist solid to go all the way to the apocalypse now although scientists say the huge rock may not have been flying solo it was first thought but rather as part of a group of asteroids which still pose a threat to earth just a bit earlier in the program are supposed to lindsay france about it it may be hard to believe that an eleven thousand ton eighteen meter across meteor made its way to earth undetected but that's exactly what happened which is why scientists are leaving no stone unturned even in space now to figure out how the chelyabinsk meteorite made it to earth scientists ran billions of orbital simulations and came up with the apollo asteroid family that may sound a bit intimidating because it is it's a two hundred metre wide cluster of rocks that according to scientists broke up around forty thousand years ago now it's still at large it's our it's orbiting
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around the sun now to find out if it is actually the parent cluster of the chelyabinsk meteorite scientists would need to then to send a tool of the asteroid and take a core sample that's not going to happen any time soon the cost is extreme although if this cluster of meteorites any one of those fragments does show itself to be on a collision course with earth you can bet that action of some sort will be taken until then this cluster of asteroids is still under observation to make sure that something like chelyabinsk does not happen any time soon. are there many more stories waiting for you right now including. the american blood. on the basis. of. what brought out the real.
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america. the very agency that was designed to protect. the very surprising revelations about the secret of the f.b.i. . now the u.s. still reeling from edward snowden's revelations of the snooping surveillance scores of people took to the streets across the country to protest against domestic spying and the violation of privacy so i. marched with the demonstrators to find out exactly what that. so that's really still the bottom that
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did the auction in over a dozen cities across the west inspired by george orwell's novel nineteen eighty-four an anti utopia written over half a century ago about mass surveillance so frightening it sends shivers down a reader spine these protesters say apparently the u.s. government has been using it as a manual theme of this one is about the surveillance and the fourth amendment rights you know we're losing our country i'm really sad about that this is one of the many demonstrations concept i have manged americans are out on to the streets to make their lives right what do you think we're to specifically you guys can do about us and i mean do you think this voice can be benched the rest this is one part of the process right here marching on the streets raising awareness for calling congressmen letting them know that this is not something that we stand for and it should not be done in our name problem of course comes our very being with a thirty year old former n.s.a. contractor edward snowden that we on national security agency was has been
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conducting sweeping surveillance on millions of americans and foreigners around the world and these people are now marching in the streets of new york to say they want to talk to the story of this is the n.s.a. is collecting information of every american regardless of whether they're suspected of doing wrong or of any british stationery be illegal there's going to everyone's information and the fourth amendment says if they care to get information that was ever reason to believe that year or have committed a crime i'm very concerned about the volume of surveillance that is not performed by the national security mr chairman we know more and more about what's going on but we still don't understand a lot of the technical details underlying it protesters are now chanting outside eighteen t's office is one of many companies that the n.s.a. was able to retract information from about u.s. citizens phone calls being me. messages being sent the length of the phone calls being made as well as where the people were speaking all of these major concerns
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for u.s. citizens now coming onto the streets to basically tell the government that they've had enough and they will not stop coming out to protest until their mace message is heard we are outraged we're outraged that we're still learning to what extent all of our contacts i telephone calls our. chats on line are being monitored and we're not happy with this these protests urbanised by a group called the store there were a grassroots up privacy rights movement that is demanding the restoration of the fourth amendment to the us constitution that prohibits reasonable seizure and searches all these people are now on the streets because they say the west government has really not been playing this role the way it should and has forgotten about the rights of its citizens it's the citric and i r t v. i know we're coming to live from moscow thanks for joining us today ok partridge coming into the studio right now for your live world of sport.
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wow revolutions in the middle east sure get a great deal of coverage but you don't mix a lot of sense revolutions are exciting t.v. peaceful protests are nice but footage of moloch tough cocktails flying and crazed crowds of local middle easterners really grab attention so there's a logical next reason why some protest movements get a lot of coverage in the mainstream media well others kind of adult please forgive me for being conspiratorial but there is one revolution going down which does have all the exciting visuals of the arab spring but just doesn't get any of the mainstream coverage in fact unarmed people in this country recently stormed the parliament trapping ministers and lawmakers with that they held them down for eight hours demanding the government resign until police with shields smash their way through creating a narrow corridor through which the officials could escape now that sounds like
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exciting and visual news but why did you hear about it all over the mainstream press that's because it didn't happen in libya or egypt or any other exotic country but in good old vogue area right in the e.u. where u.s. and e.u. interests are best served by the status quo being maintained there was no need to hype up an intervention or kinetic action in bulgaria the only time you ever hear about the need for a crackdown in bulgaria is when a government there actually started working in bulgaria own interests and not the us desires but that's just my opinion.
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hello welcome to the all t. sport show another action packed tough hour of russian and global sport coming up with me. and here are the top stories. worlds apart two top head toughly poland is seen by over and you say in bowls will be going for gold at the world athletics championships in moscow next week. while rockies rockets and german to ring colleagues might conflict.


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