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in russia. the white house. not to attend a summit with russian president vladimir putin next month expressing extreme disappointment at. the documents. and u.s. intelligence agencies it turns out washington's been splashing out. international
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news this is. where it's not just turned eleven pm. edward snowden has been given temporary asylum in russia allowing him to leave the transit. assisting him says that the paperwork issued today allows snowden to live work and remain in russia for up to twelve months. the news has been received. the two reactions that a lot of people really wanted to hear from which were edward snowden himself and wiki leaks founder julian assange for mr snowden's part he says over the past eight weeks we have seen the obama administration show no respect for international or domestic law but in the end the law is winning i think the russian federation for granting me asylum in accordance with its laws and international obligations now
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says this is another victory for the fight against obama's war and whistleblowers this battle has been won but the war continues the united states can no longer continue the surveillance of world citizens and its digital colonisation of sovereign nations the public will no longer stand for it will continue to appear until the government abides by its own laws and rhetoric so you see neither of those men are backing down in their philosophical stances in this situation left the airports with sarah harrison one of the wiki leaks advisors accompanying him anatoly who has been facilitating a lot of snowden's communications on the ground here in russia has come forward today with the official piece of paper issued by the federal migration services that shows that he is indeed allowed to stay here for twelve months what he did say also is that the secrecy of rounding snowden's location is just as important as ever let's listen to what he had to tell us about that. the fact that he's the most
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wanted person on planet earth today he would be concerned about the issue of security that includes questions of safety and the place where he is going to live that's all up to him. consoled an advise him but on other issues it's up to him as for meeting the press yes he's ready to meet the russian media but you need to understand you still need some time to adapt to russian reality he also says he will be helping along snowden networks father with the paperwork work wired to get his visa to come to russia and finally be overnighting with his son. and to communicate with him. in the meantime the next step for edward snowden according to his advisors is that he will be pursuing a job and looking. june twenty third. in the legal limbo which supports a diplomatic standoff between a number of countries or. the details. from the very beginning of the story president putin said that russia never invited snowden to come here it was his own
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personal decision we had heard earlier on thursday from presidential advisor use of course was said he didn't think this whole situation would spoil relations with the u.s. however washington did warn earlier anyone that would assist norden in any way he would have some serious problems with them have been asking russia to extradite him even though there's still no it's tradition agreement between the two countries but initially snowden was heading to latin america he did ask ecuador for political asylum in venezuela and bolivia said that they were ready to receive them on their soil if he wanted but then there was all speculation about ecuador being under pressure from washington since it's already granted asylum to julian assange then this whole incident around the believe in president's plane which was stopped and searched in europe amid speculation that snowden may have been on board which is against all existing international rules and really regulations and according to
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snowden's lawyer mr it was very in that he decided it may not be safe for him to continue his journey and he began looking at the possibility of staying here in russia maybe even finding a job he even agreed to president putin's conditions who said that he could see if you wanted to but then he would have to stop farming washington and concerning all this revolutions he did pass them over to the press before actually even arriving to the transit zone of airport record bomber now not attend the planned summit with russia's president putin next month according to the white house spokesman the issue is now being evaluated but he's going to his for the details on washington's response the white house spokesperson says the u.s. is extremely disappointed with russia's decision to grant snowden asylum he said snowden is not a whistleblower that he's been charged with a crime it has to be expelled to the united states he also said this will undermine . the growing cooperation between security services of the two countries while
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moscow says calls to punish russia for the problem which the u.s. has created are ridiculous we heard russian officials say because the u.s. has voided snowden's passport it left russia with no choice but to deal with the issue so this buildup of confrontation with russia over snowden takes the thunder away from the national conversation on the surveillance state we know that the president just today was having embers of congress over in the white house to discuss these programs the n.s.a. program some of the members of congress who are very critical of. these programs senior intelligence officials have testified in congress releasing classified documents in response to snowden's revelations of course those documents were carefully redacted and did not reveal much but the fact that the government has to respond to these concerns is already a win for edward snowden and many people are genuinely concerned about the growing power of the n.s.a. whether or not legislators are actually going to act to reverse any of these
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programs that's a big question last week congress kill the legislation that would make the n.s.a. walk back some of its powers but that bill was killed by just twelve votes so there is another legislation that that is being introduced in congress that is looking to make the feis a court this secretive five the court more transparent so this is all happening because of edward snowden's revelations and we wouldn't be having this conversation if it weren't for him well earlier i spoke with london based legal expert and examine the curious and he thinks that snowden may be in russia beyond the initial twelve months. the ball in a sense is in the american court that the russian authorities have been extremely careful to do this by the book they've insisted on mr snowden making a problem application he's done it through a lawyer there is a well founded case here for asylum the u.s. has no legal grounds to object to this do you see that this will be a temporary asylum or perhaps could it turn in to being something
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a little more permanent because many are saying is going to be very difficult for snowden to get out of russia russia has basically two types of asylum this temporary asylum which is what mr snowden now has and then there is refugee status which is rather more permanent my impression is that the intention eventually is to apply for refugee status the reason he applied for temporary asylum is in order to get himself out of the airport now that he is in russia proper i think the intention will be to apply for full refugee status if the u.s. number less wants to jeopardize its very important relationship with russia because russia has done something which it is legally fully entitle to do that is a decision for the u.s. but many people will i think feel that if the u.s. does that then the u.s. frankly is behaving in a very strange and self destructive way. rajon live by philip place than any
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p.c. from brussels philip washington said well it's disappointed but certainly not surprised by this latest move by moscow did you expect this to happen just briefly well i think it was bound to happen i think the snowden to be kept there indefinitely in the transit zone of the moscow are so something was about to happen and it didn't come as a surprise that russia read to grant temporary asylum stage and still snowden and wallace do though for relations now between moscow and washington which are already strained over a number of issues yes well i think. relations are not going to improve. i think between these two countries but i think the u.s. has to keep a low profile on this because there are a lot of questions to be answered by the u.s.
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government to the european union to the european union member states because some things have happened. just not acceptable but yes you were there in brussels and many in europe expressed shock and anger over the u.s. intelligence practices but actually they haven't really given snowden much of a lending hand have they in terms of help at all. no ok but the u.s. is obviously trying to get a hand on. snarl and russia is not going into that pressure and might be enough just to further strain relations between russia and the u.s. of course but senior e.u. officials are saying that they will actually not question their american counterparts about the impact of such programs surveillance programs do you really think everything is going to be done or do you think a lot of cooperation which we're hearing about today between the u.k. and the u.s.
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and of course a lot of cooperation between berlin and and and america not much is going to change is it despite the fact they said oh we're going to look into it. yes but this is unacceptable i think it's also very very dangerous to see that we knew what was happening with the and this n.s.a. practices and still the negotiations on a free trade agreement could start earlier this month without the e.u. even trying to delay them so this is all very humiliating i think for the europeans and for the european union member states that just started out these negotiations about a free trade agreement without anything really happened without any real pressure having gone from the e.u. just briefly today we're just learning now in the last hour or so that snowden says the u.s. has no respect for international law but of course many would say he had no respect
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for american law he should be returned to the u.s. should he not to face charges he has broken the law has any well he probably broken the law that it has to be investigated he has broken the law in the u.s. but they consider snowden as a whistleblower. he has reviewed is shocking and and unacceptable. that has to be looked into too. by the e.u. not only by my russia and by the states but it's an unacceptable that the n.s.a. has been able to spied upon citizens of other countries without his coaches knowing anything about this even the e.u. institutions have been spied upon by the n.s.a. and this is unacceptable things like that should could only should only be possible to help them with democratic over with an authorization by
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a judge and with respect of their. right to prove the sea but all this has not happened and it is humiliating for the european union member states to see something like this happening because we have all our always considered ourselves as privileged partners of the united states and you know a privileged partnership should be based on the relations of all that trust and respect for one another and in this case well this has not really happened as it member of the european parliament philip kleist live in brussels thank you very much for time thank you and let's remind you of our top news story then the whistleblower edward snowden has been given temporary asylum in russia and has left moscow's sheremetyevo airport in a taxi accompanied by we can expect presented if sarah harrison the paperwork issued today allows him to live work and remain in russia for up to twelve months
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his whereabouts is unknown according to the lawyer assisting him snowden went to quote a safe place and moscow's decision was criticized by washington with the white house saying it is extremely disappointed. for the snowden leaks no show that not only was britain's g c h q spying extensively on u.k. citizens but it was receiving forms from washington to do so the shocking revelations have been published by the guardian newspaper or is probably boyko takes a closer look at what has been disclosed the u.s. government has paid at least one hundred million pounds to the u.k. spy agency over the past three years now in return for this money they've got access to and influence over britain's intelligence gathering programs now these
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were allegedly top secret payments the americans expect a return on their investments in g c h q so d.t.h. who has got to work very hard to meet the n.s.a.'s demands which almost makes it sound as though that the u.k. intelligence agency is working for the n.s.a. i mean for such a prestigious agency these revelations are likely to be extremely damaging one g c h q strategy briefing that the guardian has seen says to quote that g c h q must pull its weight and be seen to pull its weight which gives you an impression of the sort of the work ethic in g c h q and the how hard they're trying to please the americans really the guardian seen other documents that reveal that g c h q is actively pouring money into spying on personal mobile phones and applications and according to the guardian some staff that work for g c h q have expressed concern
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about the more reality and about the ethics behind what it is they do they are given the level of deception in their work as well apparently a number of employees have been concerned about that now the leaked papers also show that the u.k.'s biggest fear is that the us becomes dissatisfied with the work that g c h q is doing and as a result will invest less. money into the u.k. spy agency which brings us to watch a number of observers are concerned most about in this story which is just how close the relationship between g c h q and the n.s.a. really is certainly considering the amount of money that's been poured in and just to remind you that it's over one hundred million pounds over the past three years it would seem as though the british side is almost dependent on their american counterparts seventeen minutes past the hour here in moscow the news continues on are to you in just a minute. wealthy
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british. market. find out what's really happening to the global economy with my exposure no holds barred look at the global financial headlines. kaiser reports. i would rather questions for people who positions will instead of speak on their
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behalf and that's why you can find my show larry king now right here on r.t. question more. he continues her naughty let's now take a look at some of the news that's been dominating the global headlines today syria could see the influx of european weaponry leaders make a decision on supplying lethal aid to rebel fighters thursday it's an unofficial deadline for decision to be made and it was said it may fall by the u.k. and france however since then the ministers seem to have had a change of heart by a surge of foreigners now fighting in the country and many of those coming from you states a french official says that this flow is president to join the nine years of the afghan conflict only fifty jihadists were identified as going to the country. well
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in syria in one year alone more than one hundred left france to fight against president the sat and experts say that most of those westerners are self radicalized and join the terrorist ranks of al qaeda and the nusra front the official estimated number of europeans fighting in syria is up to six hundred while the actual number could be much higher than that and as r.t. tests recently discovered this is feeding e.u. hesitancy. while the u.k. arm the syrian rebels or not that's a question that's been answered a number of different ways it's a clamp that began to mostly in varying degrees of light but ultimately always sending signals of support for the opposition it will be no political progress in less the opposition is able to withstand the onslaught and put pressure on assad so he goes there is no military victory so we will also increase our efforts to support and to shape the moderate opposition we are prepared to to a man. arms embargo. we must ensure that these arms go to
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the syrian national coalition into no one else to one half years on syria continues to pay the delicate complex picture a battleground constantly shifting as it is with western leaders rhetoric in american twelve hour meeting in may e.u. leaders agreed to disagree on syria with the u.k. and france successfully getting their way even though they were at odds with the twenty five other member states the european union has agreed to bring to an end the arms embargo only syrian opposition this is the outcome of the united kingdom it wanted rhetoric in the millicent of the need up to the libyan intervention also led by the same players it's remarkable there you go they could simply try and override the experience of libya because as a recent report said the. supermarket for the entirety of the of the middle east and and if they were to go into syria that would be true to
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a power of attorney on august first e.u. countries can reassess their positions on syria and those who wish to arm the rebels may do so but as that day drew closer hesitation grew louder with david cameron acknowledging that there are quote unquote a lot of bad guys amongst the rebels and recent reports from syria show all kind of affiliated groups wanting to establish an islamic caliphate and dissolution rebels and defecting back to the government side before the the war in afghanistan and before the attack on iraq there was no al qaida in iraq there was no al qaida in yemen there was no calcutta in somalia there was no al qaida in syria but there is now an idea that's not lost on the british prime minister there's too much extremism about some of the rebels but frankly we do need to do more to help promote those parts of the opposition that want a free purchased a democratic syria and so we're not all being the rebels this are cilia r t london
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. well earlier i spoke to dmitri bunting whose son has gone to syria to join jihadist forces. first i want to hold on to it friends with muslim brothers when it became eighty and there's nothing wrong with that to go on holiday for the walls you know and after. that they may send those much as though there's in cairo that they give him money that they give him a scholarship that they pay money to study to continue the study of this muslim religion and salafi. you know but i didn't trust it to have the feeling that something was going wrong you have that wind just cereal i know i'm going to make it fast i tell you want to seriously i start to discover every day thousand pictures and videos of syria and one day i recognize my all son in the video with other belgian guys so i moved to syria i was in the way i've seen so many cruel things even when the fighting group one got to where they could not me the put the
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gun on me i was almost dead and at least i came back to the house because these radical people these leaders this show you know they don't give me the opportunity to see our son if you experience the horrors of war do you think he would want to come back but they may not let him in effect has he been kidnapped. because they. were standing above all these children from the west not only from the west but many of the young guys from all over the walls they are using this young children and they're all months that they see they see their family are they go back to europe right to be you say to parents. they think it's all a thing as western children it's a clearly a very very traumatic it's a very traumatic time for him what do you say to other parents who could well experience the same thing what do you say offer in terms of advice that this could happen to their children it's time five to twelve that the international community little stand up and reacts i am very realistic and not only me but this is
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a much it's all the violence and that's why the international community in the directs doing nothing doing nothing the west is doing nothing to bring our children back they get a chance even sabbat these radical fighters. with the western allies of the syrian opposition weary of the my colleague kevin owen also the free syrian army spokesman if he could provide any reassurances that weapons will not fall into extremist turns your so you want more arms them from the west but what would you say to the extremely worried politicians in both europe and the us that have raised concerns of extremist elements within the opposition could get hold of those sophisticated western arms what guarantee can you give them but that won't happen. we're talking about extremists or terrorists that entered syria they didn't parachuted in they crossed borders and we must find out how more than a thousand taliban fighters entered the country and how it kind of members escaped
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from iraqi prisons and syria so there's international will to get all the islamists and terrorist elements into syria to change the military and political equation of the country downplayed the syrian revolution we asked the foreign fighters al qaeda and the al nasra front to leave syria we won't allow any extremists or terrorists to dictate their agenda on the future of the country what are you certain that the f.s.a. really can control the extremist elements fighting alongside your movement. we need help on that we need help to get rid of the syrian regime and extremist elements who are against terrorism and massacres we don't want to kill people supporting the government because this syrians we want all extremists to get away from syria and prostascint syria there's no place for islamists in the country. a german journalist who has just come back from syria says that the conflict is being misinterpreted in the west. we should see it's one thing clearly we are not talking
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about the civil war i strongly disagree with the term civil war we are talking right now about a proxy war why we are talking here militants from more than twenty five from nations already in syria fighting and they become more and more every day and we know already that the syrian army was finding in rebel strongholds a lot of western arms sold the western arm delivery gould's on maybe already since two and a half years or maybe even before the weapons are already delivered they are delivered every day and what is taking place now sounds for me a little bit like a legal justification for this taking place so i don't believe that this will bring a strong change on the battlefield it just will bring a change maybe in the official discussion insight that you. more news coming away with me and the team in just over half an hour from now and meantime next and his view on today's global economy that's after the break.
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remember we talked about clothing for regular folks like you and me that can make you invisible to drones well freedom fashions as i like to call them are continuing to expand although the fact that our drones infrared eyes are very scary the more common street cameras are way more likely to want to average day violate your privacy and thus they invented the justice cap this hat blocks your face with the lights from face recognition software all the camera will see is an anonymous glowing ghost i personally haven't tested this thing out nor have i seen it with my own eyes and wearing three aaa batteries on your head at all times does seem like a bit of a bother but hey if you really want to be left alone and you're willing to throw down a few dollars this looks like a pretty good fashion statement to me the sad thing is that this sort of invention shouldn't need to exist people should have to live with the constant fear of
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unlawful consent less observation but sadly they do so inventors keep the freedom fashions coming but that's just my opinion. couldn't take three years for charges free. range chickens three. three. free. old free books to feed you for your media projects free video done to our. welcome to the kaiser report imax kaiser. and.
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just sipping some kool-aid it's a technique called method reporting i'm trying to get into the minds of those in today's headlines you see nine out of ten cold members prefer to drink kool-aid before partaking in a mass suicide or want to tempting to assassinate a public figure you don't hear much these days about cult leaders and their crazy followers but we've got some in our headlines stacey herbert tell us more max they used to make the news more often but i think now it's just part of the fabric of our society that we're all cult members and if you look at this first headline this is an editorial from the financial times by adam posen a former member of monetary policy committee of the bank of england the cult of home ownership is dangerous and damaging so in the us in the u.k. we have homeownership rates of sixty five to seventy percent and we're told over and over that we.


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