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on larry king now giuliana and bill ransacked the proud parents take a baby break self-protection i'm sorry on the six season of their hit reality show and no one thought it would have or how everyone said it was going to fail and i said no one wants to watch a show about a healthy loving marriage that couple gets first little i lost and i became hysterical and i felt like i was just falling falling in darkness or honestly it felt like that plus when i had to deliver on now i tunes on the day says those of the movie the chicago you were all sussed i'm not doing this is our conversation lately all next on larry king down. while the larry king now in new york with bill razak julianne as the anchor of the
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news and the co-host of fashion police also on e or celebrity coverage is later a celebrity in her own right and she's a reporter from the red carpet every mega event in hollywood and bill is the co-host of america now with our old friend leeza gibbons and winner of the first season of the apprentice together they star on the style network reality show giuliana and bill now in its sixth season subtypes and i'm sorry giuliana and bill airs tuesdays they pm eastern we'll talk more about that reality show the menopause the baby amazing yeah he just woke up from a two hour nap in name to do edward duke as duke snider one of the great players in the history of baseball hopefully our son will follow in his footsteps. but he was in suspenders the other day on the today show and honor of me it was i know you were able to picture the two of you together it was like having a child harder lives for a long john wayne said we tried for a long time. i am we went through numerous rounds of i.v.'s in vitro fertilization
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which is no joke and a lot of shots a lot of doctors visits a lot of surgery and then we finally well we found out i found out i had breast cancer along the way. and so we ended up i couldn't get pregnant after that you know because of the medication that i ended up having to go on so. i did i had a double mastectomy and that was about a year and a half ago only year and a half ago i had that big surgery and so i'm on medication now and the doctor said listen even worse news you know you've got you're getting a lot of bad news but to add to it you can't keep trying to have a baby anymore i'm going to have to get a surrogate if you want to have a baby. well we we're working with a fertility clinic in denver colorado and we asked them for some recommendations and it was kind of all the stars were aligned this woman was. qualified and she'd gone through all the testing and everything and she was going to be
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a surrogate for another family and that of the family got pregnant naturally so she was available and you know we were kind of in the midst of the breast cancer situation so it was literally perfect timing those who feel that she changes two little boys and she wasn't looking to add to her own family but she's french she moved to america to be an au pair met an american guy fell in love and she said that she was something she always wanted to do since she was like a teenager eighteen nineteen when she when she was first you know someone told her about surrogacy and that you could do this she said well one day i want to do that once i had my own family i'd love to give someone that get hold of the boy. when we were together the way we did media and we were there we were in the delivery room and you watch the delivery it's our it's our d.n.a. it's our it's our embryo that was and she was more just the vessel that's right he what happened was we had already. banked embryos we had our embryos were ready to
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go but because they want to medication he couldn't put them in they couldn't implant them in need so we had to use her she says she's not technically a surrogate she's called a gestational carrier so she's the person they put your embryo and she carries it is that and then that said you know it's when we look back on the whole journey think we had trouble getting pregnant because in retrospect you know we're going through wondering why is this happening to us and you know why god why but had we not gone to all these different fertility clinics the last for two fertility clinic we went to they made it mandatory that giuliani get a mammogram all their patients and she was thirty six years old that i'm you know well below the age of supposed to get a mammogram and that was when they detected the breast cancer so in hindsight this little baby saved her life and the baby is no and. yes i mean i know he is he is and that was something we obviously discussed at length but what it is larry is that you know for so many seasons people have been watching our show
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through infertility through breast cancer and they've been praying for us they support us they tweet us you know one thousand times a day they e-mail us they facebook us you know and we get so much support from people that if to say now you know what you can see our baby and put a blanket over his head and not introduce him to this and you see what i mean and you know a lot of people do that i just put them in the babies and yeah hundred percent meaning anything just what it means meaning just what it means you know a lot of people when i throw the life raft to him. some of this is the serve read but what we do is you know we definitely put our marriage first i think that for duke that will ultimately benefit him the most to see us have to know that mommy and daddy love each other no george other and are going to be together makes him feel safe you have a good foundation you so you live in two cities we go back and forth although we did live in two cities and now we live mostly. you know it's. i'm from there i have
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businesses that are in chicago and certainly that keeps me going back and forth you know not my whole family's from there so. we make it work you know it's a great city it's a hardworking town and. you know i think that as good for good values good morals meat while i watch that first season of the apprentice i think a lot of people are very interested to see this show years ago ten years ago we. were several was so interested to see this new show donald trump pad and i tuned in like millions did that first night and i'm not kidding the first time i saw him i remember the exact exactly where they sat him outside to do your interview and i told my friend i go oh my god that guy's amazing i don't something about that guy i love that you know i just i was love at first sight for me and so when the opportunity and a news came to go interview bill ransack he was doing some work at the boys and girls club and they were going to hand the assignment out to some young reporter is
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a no no no i go i will i'm going to do this interview i could have a twenty five year old larry. how did i say i was twenty nine at the time anyway and i went and interviewed him and we were engaged eight months later and we kind of just fell in love right from the beginning you said. you didn't raise kids instead of children you know i think one of the time. but you know i think i have a whole theory on how we're raising kids in america. kids are given so much and there are you know parents are always making excuses it's the teachers fault it's the coaches fault it's the you know it's the other kids fault in the classroom and by the time these kids are adults they have never had any had to take any accountability or raising a bunch of wimps and you know that's something that i don't want to do you know and when my kid wants to get a car is going to get a job just like i had to do and like you had to do and i think we're really coddling these kids way too much you know they need to fall down and scrape their knee jerk with the good lives. this will never. do you need to do this right you
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have a business you know ease of doing it you did it i did want to do it they q they came to the head of eat at the time is it n.b.c. and i was the chairman i miss it ted harbor and he came to us he was the head of e and he also ran style network and he said you know we we showed a special on your wedding we cover some of your wedding and everyone loved it it did very well why don't the two of you do a reality show and the first thing was no way ted we're not we're not flipping tables over a will curse each other out we don't have drama in our lives and it goes well let's try something new they we could do something with like a positive couple of positive reality show and no one thought it would ever have ruined so it was going to fail and i said no one wants to watch a show about a healthy loving marriage it's just not going to work it's the drama we don't have a lot of drama what's the allure of watching a real conflict yeah but i think it's something that people want everyone who you know everyone who watches our show loves love and you know whether it's something
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that they see in their own relationships something that they aspire to have one day i think they see that and it's a show that's real if you watch this reality shows and you're almost embarrassed to watch me feel dirty at the end of the hour and with our show people feel very positive people come up to us and they go finally a reality show i can watch with my granddaughter is their reality show you like. i i like a lot of the reality shows on like national geographic you know discovery. you cope with t.v. really i mean i like you know they're very nice chris jenner's great and bruce we know them but i mean that's not something i would necessarily t.v. it's not a point in doing for him for me it is. like that stuff that's the thing is i consider i can say positive our shows but i am a sucker for those other things so you know i watch the real housewives show i watch because since he can watch it i mean the baby north. you know what i think that honestly larry i think it's such a personal decision even when we named our baby you know i remember people go to oh
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you know and it's like a what you know and it's such a personal decision and i think that like even blue ivy remember and beyond saying she is the name they're kept alive it seems so odd and now kind of used to it so i think it's always just northwest it's always strange at the beginning but they're not your typical couple you know i mean so at the end of the day i think the name north the first name north is actually cute but the luxury of the words you have cancer. it's what you would expect it is you know a million times worse and i just didn't expect it i honestly i don't remember bill you and i did i told bill don't even come he was doing a charity mission in mexico i said don't fly home for my results because they're going to be negative and when i heard the words it you know i just i lost it i lost it i became hysterical and i felt like i was just dropping through through like the earth just falling falling in darkness honestly felt like that and it was awful and
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it consumed me for a consumed to me night and day i mean i would be on the floor just pounding my fists and i would go to work i never missed a day of work over it except my surgery because work was a nice distraction i would go to work i'd put on the make up in the air and on and i would do it and the second i would get in my car i would be at a red light and just start hysterically crying and you dick. you know i kind of took the caregiver role seriously you know and i said i've got to wear a lot of hats no you go into this was. no no no no that was part of our of our plan though towards the end we said we're going to have someone look forward to but i try to take the emotion out of the decision making process because there were a lot of decisions that had to be made if you get a lumpectomy g. get a misstep to media get ready you know and we some of the whole team of people that we knew and tried to make the right decisions along the way and i think that was you know hopefully helpful usually because maybe not so much and maybe still. do would be aesthetic question of is he going to love me i took that off the table
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right away and soon as the you know well i said honey i don't care what you look like as i don't i said i need your own for the next fifty years and and that was it and i think that was a hope took a whole lot of weight off of her back to i mean that was a pivotal moment in our decision making process and especially mine when i was deciding in deciding to get a double mastectomy is a huge decision for a woman and you have to be lying if i said i didn't think about the physical consequences so i did not write of course and so when bill said that that changed everything it changed everything i mean and he said it would such sincerity and you know he means it and and it's fine and you know it's you know you have bad scars i mean you're lucky you know that we're lucky these days because you know back in the day when you when you look at old pictures of mastectomies there is mutilation i mean it looks just awful her endless rat very radical surgery they do pretty incredible things with reconstructive surgery these days and i was able to get my
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reconstructive surgery at the same time as the surgery as the mastectomy that was correct but i mean don't get me wrong it was still pretty bad and you've got drains and tubes every i mean it's hideous but now you know your and a half later i have my scars and things like that i don't look the exact same my. but but but but when i look in the mirror i'm reminded of what i went through and i actually think the scars are kind of cool. and they're kind of you know. i am right now with more of this. coal.
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crime. victims multiply here each day. it's very profitable to invest in colombia. is a very high return on investment. you'll know me and he said that i've been working in this area for thirty years and i've always had to pay the armed groups a lot of needed betis the managers have changed their name
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a strategy but to still the same murderous. high ranking suspects you know coming. pretty upset about that mr president. to president putin. both to me and. i won't give an interview i'm sorry but no. investigation is a dead. end he says it's sickening stuff and keep quiet or else you'll suffer the consequences. even if your bodyguards to watch themselves because the same goes for them. from. i've never heard of such a case as ours for so much money and gold has spilled some. for all the gold in colombia. could you
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take three. three. three. three. three. three bronze. for your media project free media r.t. dot com. with giuliana and bill celebrating six years org reality show giuliana and bill know this this is an amazing story you own a restaurant together and we do we have a restaurant in chicago called r.p.m. italian and we're the system for it's the three owners rancid is the our soul to scissor chef partner and then mehlman is our other partner so the jewish guy is. the one on the operator guy behind it all noble and sample it but not with the members of the brains of the operation that's for sure so we've got our team italian and we're opening up r.p.m. steak and then we've got washington d.c.
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and los vegas coming so we're going i am we're partners and i were you know sometimes these hollywood people they just put their name on things that they invest but we're actually partners and we're very very involved in it and food is great food great for. us what we end up with almost two years and were born in italy where i was born in naples italy what age i'm here seven i was seven years old. and you not at all you don't know and you believe generational skipping gene absolutely her mom is a great chef my mom's the best my mom inspired the restaurant that's how we got into the restaurant business we wanted to open a little forty seater for my mom called mama depending on our show and she's beloved and people people watch the show to see mamma dependent and she's a great great chef so it's kept right over me you do the fashion police with my friend joan rivers i do. if you keep a straight face i don't. i do it and if you ever watch the show you know it's funny joan will say this show consists like
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a joke that's out of this world and then they cut to me or kelly was for it and were laughing and of course we're guilty by association because they laughing but we can't help it a lot of people say they tune n. because for number one reason they love joan rivers their words a reason not even to hear what we're going to say but to his see our expressions of kelly got engaged. it was boyfriend is world fiance he's always on set every week nice this kid in the world the nicest guy in the world because she has seizure she did it was one day i was in there i was not there melissa rivers was filling in for me and it was on set and you know it's amazing though as i remember kelly was telling me that you know as as. obviously the last place one of a seizure is on a t.v. show in front of cameras not that we are live but they were taping it in such obvious a personal thing and to have it in front of all these people but the value was they had it on camera and they could show it to the doctors which isn't half stick so the doctors were able to see kind of what she was acting like before it happened how it happened so in a way that was
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a blessing in disguise but she's doing she's perfect she's perfect woman one for me apprentice when it first came to be what did you sign up for that you know is a friend of mine growing to college with her mom was a talent agent chicago for kids and she got some random facts in this they were looking for entrepreneurs to compete in if you win you can become is right and then she called me up and she said i made an appointment on thursday to meet with these people and one thing led to another in a net with these people and they had two hundred fifteen thousand people apply for donald has told you that. they narrowed it down to fifty of those that ever applied for any job that. was racial this is a little. it's ok for you when you've been chosen right why was that i was the last one picked so i was the sixteenth contestant chosen in that first season and i want to winning it. the payoff for you i wouldn't be sitting here today if it wasn't about i give all the glory to donald i mean if it wasn't for him i would be married
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to my wife i mean he's you know used to work for no no but i mean i'll do anything for him you know take a bullet for the guy you work the longest for him of any of her and i stayed with him for several years. was that you wore them for. you learn a lot you know i think you learn a lot just through osmosis and watching him negotiate deals in the way he treats people you know this better than anyone he has people that never leave you know he is people are very loyal and he's very loyal in return and that's what it's about but he is a good is a giving to very. possibly be a good yeah but you know i think he understands that he's able to laugh at himself and you know he's a he's a guy's guy who had a cheeseburger and watch a game with you it was him. or him a much better dresser since i've been married to her pocket square was my doing a little pink but yeah from the watch to the clothes you know i when bill loves to wear flip flops to a fancy dinner he loves flip flops everywhere we go and number when you want to
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wear flip flops to church i go honey i got to draw the line and he goes what did you say jesus for if. this is were for books i can argue that. but yes so yeah of course i mean it's one of the things i love to talk about and so absolutely given fashion advice so what's this is too good to be true what's the biggest problem you two have. probably where we're going to live i'm not a fan of l.a. i know you love l.a. but for me you are from chicago i have real estate there have restaurants there and that's where my family and friends are and that's you know for me that's where i want to raise our kids you know i want to do you that's the hardest thing i that is it's funny you ask that because sometimes people say you guys seem so perfect you must have some problems and we're like any other couple trust me you know we argue about all sorts of things but it's definitely the biggest biggest thing in our life right now the one thing that we're trying to figure out is where to live and you know i've built this career career i really love and enjoy in los angeles and you
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know and i have a daily job i mean every day and i can't just pick up and move so much as the baby someone watches the baby or he comes to work with you i'm going to do this when they have to do it now let them so one says listen. can't they do more chicago is it moving the chicago you were in our house last week i did this is our conversation lately or does he just. puts his foot down do you work because i'm alone. did you hear that you can see my cat if you are. right now they're not going to let me do that in chicago i know listen larry i mean work if you get a job on toes you can yes you know that yes i do know that be on t.v. yeah absolutely and that honestly that's not what it's about it really is a wonderful. you know what it is we're trying to figure it out right now my priority is bill and the baby. but at the same time bill and when i say fine
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bill i'll quit let's move to chicago and then bill goes or hold on hold on i don't want you to resent me i don't want you to regret anything so do you see what i mean so there's a struggle to your i'm good at that it's fun if you want if you want their own move . in order culture for we get to some social media questions and other things you had you'd always in success reading follow didn't work one up. you know it was a big show for n.b.c. we were excited about it you know when we were asked to host the show and. you never know i mean in t.v. you just don't know what people are going to like and what they're not going to like. some exact science and you know it was too bad because we got they got these three incredible bachelors you know these three single guys i mean my friends couldn't believe that they were coming they got these guys really need a t.v. show to find love you got a rock star and entrepreneur you know multimillionaire and i think maybe all of them together plus all the women plus even the guards as
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a to close it felt like there was a lot going on but it but we had everything going for us you know we we had the voices are lead in i think eva longoria as a partner on the show was great she was able to help us promote it and everyone thought it was a slam dunk we went we were already charting out season two schedule in the network and already cast the next season i mean we had marked off the calendar and then after that second show there was a shock to quote a form of it. is a slam dunk. ok we have some social media questions for moon rock tweets why do you call them rants build. my bro you know you know what it is i think we. bill and i yes for husband and wife but we're best friends we really are at the core of our relationship is like a true cause there is a look at me like you are such a was really you know there's i'm sorry your argument is there but we are no bill
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set up for me i'm like not a typical whiny no no we have fun we do we have we do have fun and you know. we're going to go to chicago area i want to get as soon as a few were me ok and you know i have this career that you love them but you have a high spending kid who want to go to chicago what would you do i would leave to lose them but i would get a job. i would make do with both was about being on certainly going to miss. a lot of t.v. stations in chicago so you do syndicated show chicago that's evil that's our goal our goal is to be able to do want to win so. zoe on twitter wants to know what annoys you most about each other and not the question of moving she got what it was is there anything about a better. i mean her car i call her car the dirty diaper it is it's not normal larry i mean she collects things she has twelve strollers she's a on the borderline of being a hoarder you know if my words birth was to. come
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on i like everything about you that you know he leaves. wet towels everywhere like he's one of these people he gets out of the shower i don't know i don't know if you're this type of man of men i meet him do you tell a lot in the shower when you come out and make you said it was so you do get the floor wet i don't like that only the bathroom can you tell us in this hour in the show yes i do i actually open the door i reach out and grab my tie towel off and then i know you do have shellings no no i want to. do the five minutes and then what are you going to do about. abigail alonzo do you think baby dude will be a mama's boy or daddy's boy who spoils him. he spends prime more time with me i think i mean that i mean that in a good way i take him with me and he's come to construction sites with me he's with me everywhere i think is exactly no turn off months he said that months old bill is a baby hog this is a new term movie grabs him is
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a baby and you know you'll see pictures of him on my twitter or a bill holding the baby in facebook and then people go you're horrible mom where are you you know you're never with your son i go i'm the one holding the camera and no one understands that so he's he never takes a picture of us it's always me taking pictures and videos of that we little game go if you only knew just run through some words julian is best personality trait. or best personality trait is for authenticity what you see is what you get is his is his loyalty very loyal bills but the bills pet peeve my messiness is you a bit peeved about him my pet peeve about him. you know i always has to be so perfect i don't know him to be a little more flawed but he's a brother to trump that's true. pleasure what's your guilty pleasure deserve a bad sweet tooth really what's yours say in brazil or independent last night or new york i did real damn every night we have to have a big desire not a little one
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a big one. do you have another name other than do. well edward is his first name we named after my father now there's a lot of others and there's a line that's really been my son's middle name is. my middle name as it were a year since i can and you rush remember but you thought it sounded too much like a pornstar or something rush rancid gutter and since i'm right for now rush rush limbaugh and you get to over the rights. of others not what would you be. this see. major corporations are actually i take that back i would be the president of an entertainment network if not enough. f.b.i. agent dea agent. it's a very big. thank you giuliana and bill writes a great job of them with us on twitter and kenge things. up and.
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wealthy british style. time to write for. the market why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy with max cons or for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into the report. is it possible to navigate economy with all the details to to stick to
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misinformation and media hype will keep you up to date by decoding the mainstream status if in your right. for the past ten years colombia has welcomed foreign capital with open arms when he's turned the new president juan manuel santos places mining at the center of his . development model in bogota be independent expert coolio fiero denounces an incestuous relationship between the multinationals and the colombian political class. no i thought about it it isn't just an impression it's a reality that there exists a very strong link between these companies.


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