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tv   Headline News  RT  June 4, 2013 1:00pm-1:29pm EDT

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to guest in turkey as trade unions join the nationwide protests against. the regime. with the latest on the police. washington says it will send patriot missiles with f. sixteen fighters to. i'm a base and they're off to it's cross the border from conflict stricken syria. and prosecutors move against the u.s. army private bradley manning saying he knew full well that hundreds of thousands of state secrets leaked by him could fall into the wrong hands.
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and screen online international news and comment from moscow this is the twenty four hours a day. leading turkish trade unions representing two hundred forty thousand workers have begun to strike against the government is the latest force to join the nationwide protests that have gripped the country with police brutally cracking down on demonstrations a second fatality has been confirmed the fatal shooting of a protester which some of blamed on the. reports now from istanbul. twenty two year old man did die after his sustaining a head wound during the night's protests in the south of turkey in the city of kentucky of the protesters are saying the shot came apparently from a police car however this information we have to stress this hasn't been confirmed yet so we have to wait and see for at least somewhat official results whether or not this indeed was a case of severe police brutality earlier on sunday there was
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a young man also died after a car slammed into a crowd of protesters so far these are two confirmed deaths but the people on the street that we have been speaking to they're saying that they have personally seen police death four or five people are dead more than sixteen hundred people have already been injured and more than a thousand arrested there is more and more people coming out on taksim square going to get the park just in istanbul alone the numbers seem creasing and most of them are really peaceful protesters and we have talked to one of the young lawyers association representatives who explained to us why people continue to flog the streets in turkey voicing their protest of the current government groups who not only low years here are some doctors but does the organization of the community of the nation are asking the government to resign to become a union here due to do. illegal acts of the government now their decision is somewhat different in a different part of the city just a couple of kilometers from here in the road just as there are actually targeting
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the prime minister's office says the police are retaliating with tear gas water cannons rubber bullets plastic bullets prime minister erdogan is actually out of the country he's on a trip to morocco and speaking on monday he said that the situation in the country in turkey is calm he has also disregarded the words of the turkish president good who called off to end police brutality and is actually meeting with the representatives of the top opposition parties in turkey in order to try and solve the situation however prime minister don has said that he doesn't understand what the president says but he said. the protestors message has been heard members of the public sector also going out in protest today this ad just adds to the magnitude of protest that we are staying for so really the protest movement in turkey does look like it's only gaining momentum. human rights groups and some foreign officials including the u.s. secretary of state have condemned the excessive use of force by turkish police the country's deputy prime minister claims tear gas and other means of crowd control
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only being used in self-defense protesters and images from the scene paint a different picture this photo that has now become a symbol of the protests shows an unarmed woman being pepper sprayed in the face in istanbul when to say the police are increasingly resorting to force without any provocation water cannons and tear gas are being used on crowds in several cities which some describe as war zones bystanders including women and children are often called in the crossfire police officers are also being accused of trying to mask their identity this photo apparently shows personal numbers on police helmets skewered or covered up we speak reported that turkey bought six hundred twenty eight tons of tear gas and pepper spray in just over a decade mostly imported from america professor chose this can was one of those tear gas by police and says peaceful protests as be met with violence for no reason . turkish people in with some moving others and in other cities showed
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a problem solve to get their devoted wife people need to use. t.v.'s when they don't want to turn to the people people are shouting in the streets that they don't want to strike and the government say no we're going to go along with this park we've been whooshing of the park one day gets them they've spent a long sixty million dollars on which to buy changes what people are doing trying to do needs to put the trains in the public and show the government getting fifty percent from the people they're going to do that the grunts again doing things. professor fear that demi has been gauging opinion on the streets and says that people are defending their freedoms from an authoritarian regime. and stumbled the first day of the protests had only thirty people in taksim and it's from a phrase and the next they do people became three hundred people and the next state
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was treated thousand and now there are tens of thousands of people protesting so the best course of action probably would be for the government to step back and look what did demands of the protesters are and act accordingly but i'm afraid there are no signs that they are drawing government will take insights to the broader issue that protesters are bringing up and this is again it was brewing for the last three years is the increasing or two italian ism and top down management of his government that he seemed to have at least makes decisions made affect the lives so i mean you saw people in this country and he thinks that the majority rule means that the majority becomes a dictator of the country so i'm hopeful that this actually protests are good signs for to extreme ocracy health health and signed it just a couple blocks away from the presidential palace people can go out and express their opinions i was told several protesters today many of them are first time protesters they have never participated in a political organization i met affiliated with any any group or organization but still they're on the streets and protesting because they feel that dear life style
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of wife and their culture and traditions are under attack by the. u.s. will send missiles and f. sixteen fighter jets to jordan if your reason is to use the weapons in military drills and counter possible threats posed by the raging conflict in neighboring syria the picture trees are designed to intercept missiles but it could also be employed to enforce a no fly zone. looks at what's behind a move washington insists is only aimed at helping. well it's certainly not really about jordan what we do know is that the deployment of a patriot missile battery and if sixteen fighter jets to jordan comes amid escalating international tension over the syrian conflict what the u.s.
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is saying is that the weapons are meant to be part of a military drone but it has said that they could remain in jordan afterwards to counter the threat posed by the syrian civil war now this comes several months since nato deployed patriot missile batteries in turkey along its one of our borders there with syria and although the batteries are designed to intercept scud missiles they could potentially be employed to enforce a no fly zone and so this is the indication from recent reports that say that the want to go on to draw up plans for a no fly zone inside syria that would be enforced by the united states and other countries such as france and britain. and the russian foreign ministry says it's against placing heavy weaponry in nations neighboring syria the arms issue came up during the russian e.u. summit in the urals which again called for both sides to start a dialogue or direct you to shift keep brings us the details. at the press conference during the russia e.u.
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summit. stressed that russia has never violated any international regulations on supplying weapons in the syrian he said that the issue of the s three hundred which has been actively debated over the past several weeks is not serious at all because the contract on supplying syria with these complexes was signed years ago and it has not been yet fulfilled according to and whether this means that the ask three hundred have not been in fact delivered to syria is of course of course remains to be seen but he stressed that delivering any weapons to any side at this moment of time would destabilize the situation in the region and any attempts to find a peaceful solution to the syrian bloodshed both sides have regenerated the things we have heard before over the last month that this conference which would see the members of the syrian government and the opposition at the same negotiation table is very much anticipated by the international community. cited the lack of unity
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within the syrian opposition as the main reason for the lack of any positive answer coming from the syrian rebels in fact there are so many groups within the syrian opposition some of which are considered to be terrorist organizations across the atlantic that came up with a particular strong remark he said that he saw in the media of some members of the syrian rebels eating. their dead enemies that he would not want to see people like that at the negotiation table in geneva it is really hard to say whether this summit has brought us anywhere closer to the actual conference over there's no set date so far but we do know that russia and the e.u. are sharing a common ground on syria that this conference is the last resort to find any kind of peaceful solution to the syrian conflict. and the united nations latest report. syria says there is evidence to suggest both sides in the conflict may have used
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chemical weapons. and also accuse both government forces and rebels of committing war crimes however it says it still needs to test samples taken directly from victims or the science of the alleged attacks this comes as the french foreign minister claims the sarin nerve agent was used many times on the ground in syria he didn't specify where all by whom they were used. to send more to the country. puts public health all the hospitals patients of possible consequences as they struggle to meet savings targets talks to health care employee. that is after the break. technology innovation. developments around russia we.
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he continues now here in american army private bradley manning is now on trial for feeding government secrets to wiki leaks and could up spending a lifetime in prison because of it the prosecution suggested the twenty five year old had close ties with the editor of the whistle blowing web site something that could backfire on both manning and the case progress is blake has the story. private bradley manning twenty five year old army intelligence officer is accused of giving military files to the web site wiki leaks in turn aiding the enemy according to military prosecutors tell those prosecutors said that when private manning uploaded files the anti-secrecy website wiki leaks he did so with the intent to harm very good or to protect now supporters of manning gather here to a rally in support of the soldier in me that they deem for whistleblower but prosecutors painted a much different picture by the end when army prosecutors delivered their opening
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remarks they said that private manning was someone who knowingly and willingly went to wiki leaks with the purpose of bringing harm to the united states now something that was very very significant that we saw here after three years of waiting for the court martial finally get underway was that prosecutors really tried to bring a connection between private manning and julian assange on the publisher of wiki leaks now asuncion his attorney michael ratner and i have spoken at length for years now about how this trial the trial against the american soldier is going to be used to bring charges against we keep in turn assad could be extradited to us and perhaps even sentenced to die so the way things wrap up here and perhaps twelve weeks time is going to really play an important part in deciding how the u.s. goes against wiki leaks and in the last couple of weeks we've actually seen more and more examples lately of u.s. prosecutors killing against journalists and other news agencies for so-called leaks
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defense attorney for private manning portrayed him as a hero david who hopes that the u.s. government will realize that this is a person who had no intent on aiding the enemy and simply wanted to expose crimes that he thinks the world has better from. our extensive coverage of the tron and for me this resulted in a website being down for hours off to being attacked by a hacker group as responsible say they did it to protest against both manning and the sun should they. referred to as cyber terrorists and traitors in august last year the same organization carried out a similar attack around the time when during the surge launched his own interview show here on r.t. . while manning exposed scores of government secrets the most contentious of which was the so-called collateral murder footage depicting u.s. soldiers attacking iraqi civilians and journalists but there are many more shocking revelations which manning brought into the daylight the documents expose operations
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at the notorious bad ground detention facility in afghanistan now they reveal prisoner numbers and transfers at the site which has seen allegations of widespread torture there are descriptions of unreported friendly fire incidents between coalition and afghan forces these leaks also showed fifteen thousand more civilians died in iraq than previously thought and activists said they make up to eighty percent of all deaths and they revealed that people not deemed a threat were held and tortured at guantanamo bay to extract intelligence despite the u.s. claiming the prison is only for dangerous militants or peace activist david swanson maintains none of these revelations are put civilians or troops at risk. this is an unprecedented legal case being brought by the government arguing that making secrets public through the media in dangers the united states people by aiding the enemy that is if you make something public any whistleblower any media outlet any
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were reporter or journalist because some enemy can get ahold of public information you have aided the enemy and they will they will bring evidence that osama bin laden had in his possession information that came out through bradley manning's leak they will not as far as anyone knows present any evidence that any harm resulted from this to any civilian or soldier in stark contrast to the harm being brought upon so many civilians and soldiers by the u.s. government's actions that this pushback against bradley manning helped end the occupation of iraq which was a great harm to the u.s. people as well as to the people of iraq i think that he should be awarded the nobel peace prize there's ition at many nobel dot org to do that he's one of the nominees he actually deserves that he actually qualifies under alfred nobel's will unlike some other recent recipients i don't think that whistleblowing should be punished
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you know to nations torture reportorial one man they spent months inspecting manning's detention conditions and said the treatment that he underwent was unjustified. the reading. of the engage the united states government. to help me understand why he was being held in solitary confinement first in iraq and then in the quantico marine corps base here you know washington the information that i was given for the first eight months i considered insufficient i issued a report that i submitted to rights because of all the united nations and looked and said that his eight months of solitary confinement was unjustified we do this while i'm in. it was pursuant to the regulations that the military applies in court martial proceedings and that it had to do with the gravity of the charges against
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him we've seems to me that before someone is found guilty and it's all agreed that to apply so to the next three hundred eighteen. only because the charge is this or soon will the other men that they gave me. or they call the ones on the arm but they did not explain what kind of harm would be grand. and you can always. catch up with many of the stories that we're covering. a drug shows the. one hundred. seventy percent. time.
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today. these are the. us federal prosecutors of. liberal reserve. looks at the implications. in the wake of the investigation into the navy he was of bitcoin is now in the fire the knowledge of six change of the digital currency is now requiring all accounts to be verified as the u.s. pulse pressure on the coins to get more insight into all of this i'm now joined by christopher hall from the institute of them as you mark his highlights tina crisp
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ok tell me do you think this demonstrates that the u.s. feels threatened as the u.s. economy economy will no longer have the current say do you feel there's a threat going on here as well i think that the federal reserve isn't threatened so much by the loss of the dollar in their current state because it's. not going to bring down the dollar i think they're more worried about alternatives to the u.s. dollar being out there and that kind of undercutting u.s. monetary policy actually taking away the anonymity of a quite removed one of the argument that governments have again right but to think that the whole point that people go to all of the bitcoin is because the trust of of global central banks is getting is dwindling i would agree with that it's our really i don't think there is a global central bank actually coming out and saying we have a policy that is going to make your money worth less so we are looking for these other channels that work well or not and just take you further off the grid but i
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don't think it's the only reason that people are attracted to this point in these other other currencies we really kind of started only just begun to tinker and experiment with the limit. free banking of alternative currency they're going to be more creative they're going to be different than going and they're going to be better and tougher to get into. now to some other international news in brief this egyptian court has said he will be three people to up to five years in prison for working at unregistered n.g.o.s in the country and illegally obtaining foreign funds the longest terms were handed to twenty seven foreigners tried in absentia here long trial caused a rift between karo and washington which is right to cut off its multimillion dollar economic aid to egypt. central europe is suffering the worst flooding in almost a decade which is killed nine people and left a number missing around ten thousand people have fled the disaster zones after days
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of heavy rains troops have been deployed to set up protective barriers the czech republic declared a nationwide state of emergency as its rivers threaten to burst their banks cities in the south and east of germany remain on high alert residents preparing for water levels five meters higher than normal people in britain face curing an ever longer lines for medical treatment that's after health care bosses want patients will have to wait increasingly more for treatment that's if they can get it all it comes as the government tries to push through twenty billion pounds in so-called efficiency savings on his political reports. it's a system unlike any other one of the world's largest publicly funded health services but britain's n.h.s. is facing growing problems austerity means cuts to vital services at a time when demand for their services is that an all time high perhaps more concerning for many is a raft of scandals regarding substandard care at n.h.s.
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hospitals around the country february so the publication of the francis report which looked into failings of care at the mid staffordshire hospital near birmingham where over one thousand people may have died needlessly as a result of patient neglect the outgoing head of the n.h.s. who presided over the scandal has even been dubbed the man with no shame and there's been accusations of failings of care at all the hospitals around the country gary walker is the former chief executive of the united lincolnshire hospitals trust he lost his job after trying to alert his bosses to the fact that patients were risk gary you tried to tell your bosses what was happening what went wrong at the hospital. well back in two thousand and nine like today we had hospitals that were. stretched we had something like ninety nine percent occupancy and we said well in that situation with so many patients we couldn't deliver the targets anymore. well you need to deliver the targets whatever the demand and if
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you can't do it we'll get rid of you and anybody else who says. the very beginning it's about politicians. and it's about civil servants doing whatever it takes to do that now you say you were silenced why. because i raised concerns with david nicholson the head of the n.h.s. raised concerns with senior people in the department of health and all of. that information never to become public we've got more cuts on the way what's the future of the n.h.s. can the national health service get over this i think unless you go on a study you can't convince people why there needs to be savings. cuts i mean we know there needs to be twenty billion pounds a year in the n.h.s. now that's twenty percent of the budget so that means you know one in five hospitals potentially need to close so i think what's happening is this is a slight revolution where that's where the staff are getting up in large numbers and saying we can't treat as individuals any more and psychos you now have got too
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many people raising concerns you need to do something very welcome many thanks for your comment a new report out from the british medical journal says that patients are more likely to die if they have operations and at the end of the week. od see london. here mosco coming up it's time to crunch the numbers on a financial show prime interest that's coming your way after the break here naughty and i'll be back with a news team with interest of a. new york magistrate judge gary brown has ruled that it's ok to track people's location via their cell phone the judge supports his decision by saying that there is no legitimate expectation of privacy in the perspective of
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a cellular telephone where the individual has failed to protect his privacy but taking the simple expedient action of powering it off this statement seems to hint that cell phones are some sort of fun luxury and that people are just too lazy to turn off their followings when they want privacy this ignores the fact that there are many people who have to be on call twenty four seven like surgeons and server technicians these people can't just turn off their phones so does that mean that certain professions can't have privacy also this presumption that people have no expectation of privacy what about people who send images of text messages of a sexual nature to each other joy i think that all these people just assume it's all public goods i don't think so the fourth amendment says that people have the right to be secure in their persons houses papers and effects and i'm pretty sure that's cover cell phones too but that's just my opinion.
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but as. afternoon and welcome to prime interest i'm harry and boring here in washington d c let's get to the day's headlines. for you mum and dad once in a while that's what the world's most powerful monetary manipulator told princeton grads over the weekend that would be chairman ben bernanke he was a princeton professor himself other pearls if you uniform isn't dirty you haven't been in the game well after four and a half years of near zero interest rate policy. branding we're afraid to see just how dirty the chairman's uniform is but this point but don't worry i've channeling poet robert burns and the chairman close and true truman ask fashion give him
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hell and that's about what we can expect when the fed tapers away the punchbowl i'll be talking about the fed and gold with peter schiff in a bet and prime interest producer justin underhill will present a chart to explain just exactly what the fed has been doing. q e and in the u.s. the big banks have had to submit to living the wills to regulators this is basically a blueprint for their wind down should they become insolvent or maybe i should say more insolvent but the central banks of central banks which is the bank for international settlements just came out with its own plan for how to deal with too big to fail it's simple they say just let the creditors and the positives take the well. i want cyprus of course the creditors to recapitalize a new banking entity but this presupposes the creditors have the money to do this after all is too big to fail goes down worth doing all is not well in.


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