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tv   Headline News  RT  June 4, 2013 3:00am-3:30am EDT

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the day of nationwide protests in turkey a twenty two year old man is allegedly shot dead by police becoming the second fatality in the. united states sends patriot missiles and f. sixteen fighters the military drills in jordan but they say that they couldn't stay there afterwards it's just a hop across the border conflict stricken syria. over the largest u.s. security leak in history prosecutors portray private bradley manning as a traitor. good
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morning from moscow where it's now a just off the clock. worldwide. now the unrest in second life police already facing widespread criticism for using excessive force being accused of being behind the killing of a twenty two year old man. who's in istanbul has the latest details on this. did die after his sustaining a head wound during the night protests in the south of turkey in the city of
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kentucky and now some of the some of the protesters are saying the shot came apparently from a police car however this information we have to stress this hasn't been confirmed yet so we have to wait and see for at least somewhat official results whether or not this indeed was a case of. police brutality earlier on sunday there was a young man also died after cars them due to a crowd of protesters also died from his injuries so far these are two confirmed deaths but the people on the street that we have been speaking to they're saying that they have personally seen people who were who were killed and they've seen at least four or five people who are dead more than sixteen hundred people have already been injured and more than a thousand arrested there is more and more people coming out on taksim square going to get the park just in istanbul alone the number of sing creasing and most of them are really peaceful protesters and we have talked to one of the young lawyers association representatives who explained to us why people continue to flock the streets in turkey voicing their protest of the current government groups not only
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low years here are some doctors it is the organization of the community of the nation asking the government to resign to become a union here due to do. illegal acts of the government for the same time prime minister erdogan is actually out of the country he's on a trip to morocco and speaking on monday he said that the situation in the country in turkey is calm he has also disregarded the words of the turkish president good who called off to end police brutality and is actually meeting with the representatives of the top opposition parties in turkey in order to try and solve the situation peacefully however prime minister erdogan has said that he doesn't understand what the president says when he said that the protesters message has been heard from members of the public sector also going out in protest today so. this ad just adds to the magnitude of protests that we are seeing or so really the protest movement in turkey does look like it's only gaining momentum. right
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there are issues in istanbul closely watching the events and not just in the city but across the country you can follow her twitter feed for the latest updates and of course the most recent developments as well human rights groups taking the time to hit out at the security forces in turkey for the brutal response of the protests that you got pissed going off looks at the accusations though it's only fair to warn you that you might find some of the images in his forthcoming report is startling. water cannons do gas and rubber bullets what started as an environmental protest provoked a full scale show of force from the police footage shows disoriented protesters slammed into the pavement by powerful water cannons and often the water's yellow because police are deliberately mixing in pepper spray people are down on the ground trying to return to their senses here a young woman appears to be having a seizure and here are the police in action all the people. basis
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taking all this violence. they never just act while. they don't use anywhere else but the police attacked severely using excessive force i wouldn't call it excessive force it's a monster torture actually similar footage is coming from around forty cities and towns across turkey there are claims the police are dilute the pumping tear gas into residential homes these are among the most violent protests turkey has seen in decades each day more people are wondering whether the government remembers turkey is a democratic republic. because i was in the wrong. that is going to. be did nothing to deserve this cortez this is not only for tax and gives a fuck it's the whole policy of governments under pressure.
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for. for about ten years but according to prime minister erdogan the government is the one being oppressed he slammed the broadest as anti democratic and illegitimate accusing those on the street of being extremists organized by outside forces but protests on this scale take on the legitimacy of their own and human rights organizations are already severely criticizing the government's actions he would discriminate. r t. and the widespread protests in turkey pose a real challenge for the government of activists demanding its resignation andrew finkel the journalist and author who's covered events in the region extensively i spoke to him earlier he thinks these protests won't end until new elections are held. it's clear that there is an opposition movement forming against the government willy outside the confines of the traditional political parties whether they will continue to show this opposition in the streets or whether they will. be
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able to simply become a political force within turkey it's it's really not quite clear however the notion that turkey will go back to normal by thursday by the time the prime minister gets back from north africa is a little bit of wishful thinking at the outrage a feeling which we're seeing on the streets is very much the result of the way the police handled you know sit down tree hugging protest in the center in istanbul square had they not gone in with tear gas instead turned some fire and batons blazing a lot of this outrage which we're seeing would not have happened some of the outrage would have happened a lot of it is frustration at the way the government has been ruling by the true love its government and the what is the solution to this problem the solution to this problem is not you know people standing on tanks and. you know the storming the presidential palace the solution would be for the government to go to
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a poll. it's a busy day for news here on r.t. thanks for joining us today on rory sushi washington is deploying patriot missiles and f. sixteen fighter jets to jordan the u.s. central command says they'll be used in military drills first and may remain afterwards in a nation which directly borders war torn syria its food and concern the tensions in the region could escalate even further let's delve into this a bit deeper artie's middle east correspondent paula slayer and are joining us live here on the program to give us more hello to you from moscow paula the u.s. saying it wants to in homs its allies ability to defend itself is it really about george. well it's not really about jordan what we do know is that the
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deployment of a patriot missile battery and if sixteen fighter jets to jordan comes amid escalating international tension over the syrian conflict what the u.s. is saying is that the weapons are meant to be part of a military drill but it has said that they could remain in jordan afterwards to counter the threat posed by the syrian civil war now this comes several months since nato deployed patriot missile batteries in turkey along its one of the border there with syria and although the batteries are designed to intercept scud missiles they could potentially be employed to enforce a no fly zone and certainly this is the indication from recent reports that say that the white house has asked the pentagon to draw up plans for a no fly zone inside syria that would be enforced by the united states and other countries such as france and britain now moscow has indicated that it plans to send long range three hundred anti aircraft missiles to syria to balance the situation there as a deterrent against foreign military intervention syria is reportedly planning to
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place orders for mc fighter jets as a follow up to this and officials representing the syrian president bashar assad are coming to be in moscow where they will be meeting with the a craft make mig now this has made the u.s. and its allies furious the latest move by syria is being seen as a bid to challenge the european union power was recently lifted the arms embargo on the syrian rebels. or at all to supporters of the markets all of you thank you. well prosecutors on day one of the whistleblower bradley manning's trial they say he knowingly aided the enemy by handing over secret cables to wiki leaks the army private responsible for the biggest security leak in u.s. history facing life in prison more on this with our views on troop. bradley manning twenty five year old army intelligence officer is accused of giving military files
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to the web site wiki leaks in turn aiding the enemy according to military prosecutors those prosecutors said that when private manning uploaded files the anti-secrecy website wiki leaks he did so with the intent of harm very good or to protect now supporters of manning gather here to rally in support of the soldier move that they deem a whistleblower but prosecutors painted a much different picture by the end when army prosecutors delivered their opening remarks they said that private manning was someone who knowingly and willingly went to wiki leaks with the purpose of bringing harm to the united states now something that was very very significant that we saw here after three years of waiting for the court martial finally get underway was that prosecutors really tried to bring a connection between private manning and julian assange the publisher of wiki leaks now asuncion his attorney michael ratner and have spoken at length for years now about how this trial the trial against an american soldier is going to be used to bring charges against you in turn assad could be executed u.s.
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and perhaps even sentenced to die so the way things wrap up here and perhaps twelve weeks time is going to really play an important part in deciding how the u.s. goes against wiki leaks and in the last couple of weeks we've actually seen more and more examples lately of u.s. prosecutors killing against journalists and other news agencies for so-called leaks defense attorney for private manning portrayed him as a hero david bloom's hopes that the u.s. government will realize that this is a person who had no intent on getting the enemy and simply wanted to expose crimes that he thinks the world has better from. a naughty dog performing on the mining trial has made it the target of a hacker attack our website was down for around five hours before popping back up online another group which claimed responsibility said they didn't. because of odysseys coverage of bradley manning and julian assange and they called traitor and
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cyber terrorist at the same organization carried out a similar denial of service attack you know all this last year in the wiki leaks found on the launch of his interview program right here on our. why we're coming here this video right here of a u.s. soldier was a shooting iraqi civilians with children among them of course it became famous but bradley manning's leaks contain plenty of other key information about documents highlighted the operations of the notorious background detention facility in afghanistan for example they revealed a prisoner numbers and transfers at a facility which has seen allegations of widespread torture and there are also descriptions of unreported friendly fire incidents between coalition and afghan forces and these leaks also show that around fifteen thousand more civilians died in iraq than previously thought i could have it said that they made up about a eighty percent of all the deaths and it's revealed that people not deemed a threat and were held and tortured or guantanamo bay to extract evidence and
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intelligence despite the u.s. claiming the prisons are only for dangerous minutes and well david swanson is a peace activist he says it wasn't these documents that were doing any harm in the first place this is an unprecedented legal case being brought by the government arguing that making secrets public through the media in dangers the united states people by eighty the enemy that is if you make something public any whistleblower any media outlet any were reporter or journalist because some enemy get a hold of public information you have aided the enemy and they will they will bring evidence that osama bin laden had in his possession information that came out through bradley manning's leak they will not as far as anyone knows present any evidence that any harm resulted from this to any civilian or. soldier he in stark contrast to the harm being brought upon so many civilians and soldiers by the us
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government's actions that this pushback against bradley manning helped end the occupation of iraq which was a great harm to the us people as well as to the people of iraq i think that he should be awarded the nobel peace prize ition it many nobel dot org to do that he's one of the nominees he actually just serves that he actually qualifies under alfred nobel's will unlike some other recent recipients i don't think that whistle blowing should be punished are still to come for you here on the program on our tape unfair and ailing at the u.k. health care system takes the brunt of austerity the patients are expected to suffer as the government pressures hospitals and clinics to meet its targets savings to talk to former hospital employees and the whistleblower after the break.
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its technology innovation all the developments from around russia we've got the future covered. download live. stream. and enjoy. if you're away from. your mobile device you can watch on t.v.
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anytime anywhere. thanks for joining us here on our. nearly wild update. health care bosses are worried about the pressure being put on hospitals by austerity and they warn patients will have to wait longer for treatment if indeed they can get any at all but the government is trying to push through twenty billion pounds in so-called efficiency savings. to form a hospital executive. who says that decisions are simply putting lives at risk. it's a system unlike any other one of the world's largest publicly funded health services but britain's n.h.s. is facing growing problems austerity means cuts to vital services at a time when demand for their services is that an all time high perhaps more
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concerning for many is a raft of scandals regarding substandard care at n.h.s. hospitals around the country february saw the publication of the francis report which looked into failings of care at the mid staffordshire hospital near birmingham where over one thousand people may have died needlessly as a result of patient neglect the outgoing head of the n.h.s. who presided over the scandal has even been dubbed the man with no shame there's been accusations of failings of care at all the hospitals around the country gary walker is the former chief executive of the united lincolnshire hospitals trust he lost his job after trying to alert his bosses to the fact that patients were risk gary you tried to tell your bosses what was happening what went wrong at the hospital where you were. back in two thousand and nine like today we had hospitals that were. stretched we had something like ninety nine percent occupancies and we said well in that situation with so many patients we couldn't deliver the targets
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anymore the response was well you need to deliver the targets whatever the demand and if you can't do it we'll get rid of you and anybody else who says the same at the very beginning it's about politicians'. targets to be delivered and it's about civil servants doing whatever it takes to do that now you say you were silenced why . because i raised concerns with david nicholson the head of the n.h.s. i raised concerns with senior people in the department of health and all of. that information never to become public we've got more cuts on the way what's the future of the n.h.s. can the national health service get over this i think unless you go on a city you can't convince people why there needs to be so you. i mean we know that needs to be twenty billion pounds say in the n.h.s. now that's twenty percent of the budget so that means you know one in five hospitals potentially need to close so i think what's happening is this is a slight revolution with where the staff are getting up in large numbers and saying
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we can't treat as individuals anymore i'm sad because you now have got too many people raising concerns you need to do something very welcome any thanks for your comment a new report out from the british medical journal says that patients are more likely to die if they have operations near the end of the week pretty boy see london. and of the masters of global finance finding it hard to prop up the idea that austerity is the answer to the world's economic doldrums. but will they have a look at the role the new for school trying to. forget keynesianism or austrian school the only economic theory today is potemkin ism according to wikipedia the phrase potemkin village was originally used to describe a fake village built only to impress the phrases values typically in politics and economics to describe any construction of a literal or figurative built soley to deceive others into thinking that some situation is better than it really is potemkin is policies include quantitative
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easing interest rate cutting market appeasing boondoggle building help to buy schemes george. well of course everybody's talking about this potemkin village in northern ireland built for the g eight northern ireland is building a fake town with government money to make it look like austerity work the butchers business has been replaced by a picture of a butcher's business across the road is a similar tale a spall business premises has been made to look like an office supply store so as you see as well from this image here this is the fake butcher shop it's not actually a thriving business it's a dilapidated rundown. if you stay with us for about ten minutes here and you can see the concert report in full. of course.
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these are.
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federal prosecutors. in the wake of the investigation into this he was of bitcoin is now in the fire the knowledge of six change of the digital currency is not requiring all accounts to be verified as the u.s. pulse pressure on the coin so to get more insight into all of this i'm now joined by christopher hall from the institute of them as you mark is highlighting a crisp ok tell me do you think that this demonstrates that the u.s. so threatens. the u.s. economy economy will no longer have the current say do you feel there's a threat going on here as well i think that the federal reserve isn't threatened so
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much by the loss of the dollar the reason their current state because of. not going to bring down the dollar i think they're more worried about alternatives to the u.s. dollar being out there and that kind of undercutting u.s. monetary policy actually taking away the anonymity of a quite removed one of the argument that government has again right but you think that the whole point the people going to was a bit coin is because the trust of of global central banks is getting it's dwindling i would. think there is a global central banks are actually coming out and saying we have a policy that is going to make your money worth less so we are looking for these other channels that work well or they're not meant to take you further off the grid but i don't think it's the only reason that people are attracted to this point in these other you know the currency we really kind of started only just begun to
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tinker and experiment with the limit of this kind of free banking of alternative currency they're going to be more creative they're going to be different than going and they're going to be better and tougher to get. all right a world update time here on r t straight to lebanon for you as to pro hezbollah religious leaders survived assassination attempt three clashes in the northern city of tripoli at least six people were killed more than thirty injured in the fighting and one of the targets sunni muslim leader. he was on his way to a mosque when an assailant opened fire from a passing car however he survived unscathed. almost ten thousand people had to flee giant floods in central europe to rancho rains left at least six dead at least eight at the moment are missing a rivers are dangerously high levels in germany austria switzerland on the czech republic in fact in prague in the old town the troops are setting up protective barriers to try and keep it above water. it's thought ammonia gas
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leak may have caused the slaughterhouse a blaze in northern china which claimed at least one hundred twenty lives relatives of some of the victims accuse the owners of ignoring safety rules amid reports the fire exits were blocked police say they have a number of people in custody there were more than three hundred people inside the building when the blazer erupted on monday only a third managing to escape. as promised they would not see let's step aside for months and stacy their latest financial revelations the kaiser reported just a moment. new york magistrate judge gary brown has ruled that it's ok to track people's will
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cation via their cell phone the judge supports his decision by saying that there is no legitimate expectation of privacy in the perspective of a cellular telephone where the individual has failed to protect his privacy but taking the simple expedient of powering it off this statement seems to hint that cell phones are some sort of fun luxury and that people are just too lazy to turn off their phones when they want privacy this ignores the fact that there are many people who have to be on call twenty four seven like surgeons and server technicians these people can't just turn off their phones so does that mean that certain professions can't have privacy also this presumption that people have no expectation of privacy what about people who send images of text messages of a sexual nature to each other joy think that all these people just assume it's all public goods i don't think so the fourth amendment says that people have the right to be secure in their persons houses papers and effects and i'm pretty sure that's cover cell phones too but that's just my opinion.
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welcome to the kaiser report i'm max kaiser forget keynesianism or austrian school the only economic theory today is potemkin ism according to wikipedia the phrase potemkin village was originally used to describe a fake village built only to impress the phrases values typically in politics and economics to describe any construction literal or figurative built soley to deceive others into thinking that some situation is better than it really is potemkin is
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policies include quantitative easing interest rate cutting market appeasing boondoggle building to buy schemes georgia. hello stacey thanks actually in honor of this theme for our episode i introduce a potemkin sun because of course you know in london there is no such thing as sunshine it's always gloom and doom very nice there are people watching the show this is what sun looks like it happens every fortnight you know every five or six months barry london. well of course everybody's talking about this potemkin village in northern ireland built for the g eight northern ireland is building a fake town with government money to make it look like austerity work the butcher's business has been replaced by a picture of a butcher's business across the road is a similar tale a spall business premises has been made to look like an office supply store so as you see as well from this image here.


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