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fairly lend themselves to be resolved by conventional military strength while seems like he may understand that we can't keep bombing our way out of every conflict all right this is a good start knowledge in the reality of our completely unsustainable military industrial complex and how ludicrous the bombing for peace mentality really is however he will continue to reinforce how terrorism is a real threat facing this country and he emphasized that the military remains an essential tool of american power but keep in mind this is the same tool that so massive that it stands bigger than the militaries of the next ten countries combined so until haykel starts invoking draco nian budget cuts and initiates the closure of world bases i see this as nothing more than cheap talk people put that budget money where your mouth is and let's break the set.
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on the heels of cyprus the staggering bailout and detroit's economic downturn stockton california has just declared bankruptcy stockton is home to about three hundred thousand people making it america's largest city to file does far up the chapter nine bankruptcy application was accepted by a judge this past monday in order to allow the city to continue operating according to city officials the biggest debt owed is to the california public employees retirement system a debt of nine hundred million dollars it has been allocated to pensions however the city is deliberating on whether they can actually get out of bankruptcy without going after the promise pensions it's a situation that's all too reminiscent of the lady who california a city of one hundred sixteen thousand people filed bankruptcy in two thousand and eight when facing a sixteen million dollars deficit although they escaped millions of dollars in debt from the bankruptcy the city was able to retool its pension plan which to this day remains an unfunded liability of one hundred sixty five mil. in dollars so despite
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the city's miscalculated funds and the giant bank's risky investments the average citizen is the one who suffers interestingly enough the attack on pensions mirrors the terms of the i.m.f. is now setting for cyprus moving forward so does not about all of this how it all fits together and the dangerous precedent it sets for the world i'm joined now by jason berman's and a pen journalist and host of unbound radio dot com jason thanks so much for coming on thank you so much for having me out of you this is very alarming if you look at the terms that the i.m.f. is now setting for cyprus they're talking about going into bank accounts there and taking forty to eighty percent haircut although they're saying they're only going to go after accounts bit or a hundred thousand euros or more but at the same time read this article and it says that the poorest will be spared the worst cuts but not all of these cuts all this the same time when they're saying they're going to have to retool their pension plan and actually raise taxes now going back to overlay how california in two
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thousand and eight when they declared bankruptcy they were told within a few years they would be back in the black and not in the red and that just has not happened so now they're being asked to retool their pensions as well and the main focus in stockton california which is a huge micro cause and for the rest of the country at three hundred thousand based around one hundred people you know believe that you know about three hundred million people here that they're going after their pensions as well so what we're seeing is people that have been fiscally responsible that have been planning for the future going to put money away no longer have that to fall back on and the state is going to come in and just take it why are they doing this when they have said this is simply that they're not going to go after the poorest i mean how is it that they're able to do this face and. that's the real question how are they able to say that this bank is too big to fail but we're seeing it more and more and we're seeing it in the backdrop for. those people that had no idea that their bank
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accounts were going to be subject to a bank holiday and now it is haircut really have nothing that they can do they have to sit back and watch or they have to get out on the streets and protest and we've seen that in europe before with the situation in greece but you're not seeing that in the united states and i think it's high time you start seeing that before they start reading pension funds here another all army aspect of this cyprus situation is that it seems to be the model now for other westernized first world nation not to talk about what you're going to say you're going to talk about canada and i want to actually read a piece of this new economic recovery plan that you just to me and to jason they just proposed their economic action plan for two thousand and thirteen and it seems like they're using cyprus is its model for their new strategy and it says this regime will be designed to ensure that in the unlikely event that a systematically important bank believe that the capital the bank can be
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recapitalized and return to the viability through the very rapid conversion of certain bank liabilities into regulatory capital jason break this language down and also i mean what does this essentially mean for the rest of the world here well first of all they were hit with all sorts of rhetoric and you can find this on pages one forty four and one forty five i encourage people to look into it because they're naming these significant banks but not to you which banks they would be and obviously the parliament would decide which banks they are but those would be the large conglomerate conglomerate banks and they're saying to us well don't worry we're going to save the taxpayers in case that these banks go into default still they're going to save the banks but they're also going to save the taxpayers how are they going to save the taxpayers they are going to go in to the capital funds that are there from bank accounts and the other resources that they happen other words the land they own the property they now will all become liquid capital to these signet the. banks if they were to fail and there has been no discussion about
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this across the board in the mainstream media these are members to the north if they had doctors just don't like this we're going to be company or with a new term not bailout but beilin and bam land means the banks to literally use your bank bank account to recapitalize theirs because they were barely live and they spent much on believable jason instead of looting the taxpayer funds for the bailout they're going to go straight to our bank account and take it themselves absolutely astounding what's happening there as a lot of what cyprus what president cyprus sets really for this global system let's talk about cyprus i mean you just mentioned that initially people were being told that they'd lose about ten percent of anything over one hundred thousand dollars in the bank but according to the washington post i mean the losses can now reach as much as eighty percent and that's insane to think about you really think all this money will be confiscated. i pray that it's not going to be confiscated but with
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that with the way the media is reporting on this i'm definitely not putting it past them and let's not forget in this situation not only are they reading the private accounts of the site periods they are also raising taxes two point five percent and raiding the pension funds also going back to the social welfare system and we haven't even seen what the i.m.f. canst to do in those two instances this is very alarming we are literally giving up our sovereignty our rights our political actions to these banks to the i.m.f. the world bank these organizations that are supposed to be helping us but instead they are got it got it the regular populace they are adjacent of course the financial lead to the banking elite all of the world removed their money from cyprus before this happened they knew what was coming we see this time and time again and obviously this is a global president as we're talking about right now do you think that we could see something like this happen in the u.s. states and if we do what should we do to prepare for this because the banking establishment globally and clearly thrown everyone on the bus and they will
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continue to do so. well i think that it can't happen here is just ignorance at this point especially when you have the canadian government now actually writing it into their economic plan of action in twenty thirteen in case such a situation does arise of people want to protect themselves now is the time to withdraw the majority of your body in these bank accounts to stop paying into for a one k. of pension plans that mean up and guaranteed not only five ten twenty thirty years down the line we're talking about in the next couple years i would say protect yourself with hard assets and really look at the global economy right now there is a reason that bitcoin is exploding through the roof because people no longer trust the banking systems if you look at the way the bitcoin has risen to the top financial markets in just a few weeks it is directly correlated with this cyprus situation. and but jason that despite all this economic instability despite the obviousness of what you're pointing out that seems to be rippling our around the world is inherent in the
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system the leader of the world bank just came out and said extreme poverty could be wiped out by two thousand and thirty i mean what is absurd optimism mean and terms of looking at the economic model that is completely inherently an equal and designed to inevitably collapse it just shows you that you do you really live in a hole well in super state where the media can literally promote the exact opposite of what is going on in reality and if you see this president of the world bank i spoke with or georgetown university he stated that in seventeen years one point three billion people that are extreme poverty will no longer be in that extreme poverty because of the causative and nomic outlook globally so what we have is a media propaganda machine promoting global banks like the world bank and the i.m.f. well they got the general populace and then when the large banks like j.p. morgan chase for example so off to rid of the woods and then make money on the back
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and betting against them during the two thousand and eight financial crisis will they go to court and they beat the system jamie diamond just got off yesterday in the first trial against dexia so it is rather just heartening that you're seeing again the banks propped up as saviors and when you bring them to court for the really got you legalities they have all the money in the world to fight it and they barely if ever get a slap on the wrist and of course the structural adjustment policies from the i.m.f. and world bank designed to keep the third world in perpetual poverty to prop up the first one to keep these people as rich as they ever have been and ever will be thank you so much jason and burma's it is true they are well and i thank you for coming on breaking down some of the rhetoric host at unbound radio dot com everyone check it out thanks man thank you. feel like you see so far check us out on who. good outcomes are great in the set where you can watch the latest episode of the show like yesterday's were featured norman solomon co-founder of brit roots action
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not or can also scroll through and watch every show since about the middle of december so go favorite us and comment on how we're doing on blue dot com slash breaking affects how i take a break from my preaching but stay tuned to hear from your jean-pierre rare organizer with the cancer coalition on north korea and the legitimacy of the threats we've been hearing next. is trash to get rid of. but it's also a treasure. it's worth fighting for. and the trap was no way out.
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good some media write only. ten thousand tons told through space towards russia. with the power. of a nuclear. weapon sky full on r.t. . choose your language. with. the consistency of. the opinions the.
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choose the stories get him. off. the to. do their job or she or anything like.
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over the last few weeks the nuclear armed north korean government has been making a series of threatening declarations against the u.s. intelligence analysts say the threat of nuclear war is minimal the war rhetoric from high level north korean officials is not letting up and as a result the u.s. announced that in a precautionary move they'll be speeding up the deployment of advanced missile system defense to the region in the next few weeks this following a series of u.s. training exercises in south korea as a show of military straight including sending b. two stealth bombers each of which cost taxpayers more than three billion dollars but wait before you run for your bunkers support understand the legitimacy of these threats and the context of why they're happening in the first place so to help us dig deeper into just that i'm joined now by eugene period per year you never say last name organizer for the answer coalition thank you so much for coming great so it's going to be so for people who are freaking out and i'm seeing it all over corporate media that north korea is an attack of nuclear weapons how likely is this
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scenario well i think it's not very likely that north korea would attack us with nuclear weapons i mean the one thing that the government in the media is consistently skipping over is we don't even know if north korea has minuter is minuter is that technology to put nuclear weapons on a warhead to even launch them at the united states so i think this is a very serious threat that's going on there in terms of world peace i don't really think that there's an imminent threat of nuclear war between north korea the united states and some declassified documents actually reveal that the pentagon was planning to drop a nuclear weapon on north korea during the korean war what made them not do this and are they still planning to potentially do this preemptively i'm sure well i mean we know that even in recent days robert gates when he was the secretary of defense even said that all options are on the table when it comes to north korea so we know that from the korean war the united states has made this a very important part of it strategy i mean. douglas macarthur even said that during the korean war he had a plan to drop thirty to fifty atomic bombs on the border between north korea and
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china to help the united states win the war even during the armistice talks between the united nations this united states in the so-called united nations forces and the north koreans they were considering using nuclear weapons on that country so obviously if there's going to be any threat of nuclear war between north korea and the united states it's going to be on the part of the united states yes indeed the only country that someone dropped nuclear bombs that during a war time the media doesn't seem to talk about the other side of this hostile situation u.s. and in stealth bombers live fire exercises between the u.s. and south korea or the u.n. imposing sanctions over and over again is north korea simply responding to the threats that have been happening for the last couple of years i think so without a doubt i mean not to mention there was a war between the united states the united states was extremely brutal but i mean you know in the past decade just the past decade we've seen the united states invade iraq afghanistan wage war in somalia all across the african continent all across asia recently did the asia pivot significantly put more troops you know
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australia and other countries moving all sorts of weapons systems including the f. twenty two stealth fighter to the korean peninsula selling drones to south korea so all of we can see really is the united states the most powerful country in the world with the preponderance of force on its side continually to tighten the screws economically with sanctions and build up its military force and its saber rattling so i think north korea looking at what's happened to iraq what's now happening to syria what's happened to afghanistan has to see libya for instance who supposedly you know won the or learn the lessons of iraq by eliminating their weapons of mass destruction program president gadhafi or moammar gadhafi was still taken out of the picture so the north koreans certainly i think are responding to the trend of the united states over the past decade to overthrow any regime that stands in its way and i think that this all begs the question why why does the u.s. has such a problem is to do this especially in this. region of the world eugene well i think north korea is one of those nations that in the post-war period decided to choose a different development path
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a path of socialism not capitalism and all countries that decided not to go the capitalist road were targeted for the united by the united states really for destruction for showing that there's a different way other than the capitalist us led road of development and i think north korea the hostility between the united states in the democratic people's republic of korea is really rooted in this difference the fact that north korea whatever the issues going on in the country still stands as a sign of independent development defy the idea that you can do it differently that it doesn't have to be just like the united states is that you don't have to kowtow to their every single wish and for the united states this is extremely dangerous because if other countries start to feel this way it threatens the many of the us imperial strategy absolutely their defiance of the global order imposed by the world had your man but you know i just heard read today that north korea is actually proposed continued efforts for a peace treaty in the past kind of flies in the face of everything that we're told that north korea is this hostile nation if this is true why isn't this proposed to come to fruition well because the united states is interested in peace i mean as we
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know many people in america do not know one of the key negotiating points for the north koreans has always been to sign a peace treaty only an armistice has been signed the united states refuses to sign a peace treaty because they feel they have no interest in a peaceful resolution of north korea the north korean issue because their north korea would be free to not spend all their money on the military not have to be consistently concerned with being invaded by the united states and by south korea and other nations allied with america it would be able to at least potentially prosper and that would send the wrong message it would send the message that independent countries countries that are non capitalist countries that decide not to kowtow to the united states and western nations could in fact succeed and so by keeping up the pressure on north korea militarily and by sanctions it sort of forces them into a fortress like mentality which makes it look like the least desirable place in the world. and that's very valuable to us propaganda in terms of saying to other countries you should do what we said of course other client states like saudi arabia behind agree just human rights violators we don't hear much about that you
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but we constantly hear about north korea and he rights abuses but i think the korean war and people think about this it's totally forgotten almost omitted from the discussion of what really happened five million dead carpet bombing for years and that country and and since then i mean people don't even realize a career is the unified country i mean talk about the demilitarized zone and other people don't even necessarily want that they want to fixation certainly people do want unification in korea and there's a strong movement in south korea unification movement that is never written about but there's a thousand years of unbroken culture and history in korea and that's something that on either side of the border i mean we see that on both sides there is a significant sense of people wanting to reunify wanting to come back together but the united states and its super bellicose policy of constantly refusing to resolve the issue with the peace treaty and really denying on numerous occasions the issue of bilateral talks and refusing to remove troops from the korean peninsula has continually kept things at a nice edge and lastly you know it just reminds me of iran where we're saying you
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don't have the right to build a nuclear weapon even if they were building a nuclear weapon why is it that these solver nations don't have the right to defend themselves from a nuclear state that has used nuclear weapons and war we have about a minute left for exactly that reason because then they'd be able to defend themselves i mean iraq kept saying over and over again we don't have weapons of mass destruction it didn't help them libya got rid of their weapons of mass destruction didn't help them everyone who the u.s. has targeted in the axis of evil or for regime change they have to be able to defend themselves or they will be taken out i mean that's the lesson what other less you could you draw if you're north korea other than if we don't have nuclear weapons and act like we're going to use them then we will not be able to appropriately deter people like the united states with thousands of nuclear weapons who seek to dominate the world and who use more military force on a daily basis than any other country in history next ten countries combined our military is so massive and i can't help but think that. the sanctions that were imposing are just hurting the people more than anything thank you so much eugene pier rare. answer coalition for coming on breaking it down thank you so much for
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having me. forty five years ago today one of the most important civil rights activists of the twentieth century one of the most inspiring figures that ever lived was assassinated i'm talking about dr martin luther king jr but the social revolution that that he led didn't happen overnight for years a civil rights movement had been building in america one filled by decades of intolerance and segregation it was because of martin luther king's steadfast determination that he's most remembered today as a trailblazer for civil liberties a year after his famous i have a dream speech that led tens of thousands to march the nation's capital the civil rights act of one nine hundred sixty four was passed which banned racial segregation and in one thousand nine hundred sixty five the voting rights act passed and sharing suffrage to all african-americans but king
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knew racism wasn't the only social ill he immediately sought to fight for a new struggle unfolding beyond the borders of this country one of vietnam and for the next three years he became extremely outspoken against the war giving multiple speeches and shifting his focus to the global community famously stating that an injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere in fact it became such a threat to the establishment that the u.s. government quoin him quote most dangerous and effective negro leader in the country and despite m.l.k. being constantly hailed as such an important historical figure at the same time the establishment was desperately trying to undermine his efforts in every way. i can remain under the watchful eye of several national intelligence agencies subject to cointelpro federal surveillance for years and additionally recently uncovered correspondence reveals that the f.b.i. had sent dr king
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a threatening letter and nine hundred sixty four urging him to commit suicide the letter published by letters of note is a disturbing message that was accompanied by a recorded audio tape of kay. allegedly committing adultery it reads quote your done your honorary degrees your nobel prize what a grim farce in other words will not save you king i repeat you are done it concludes with king there's only one thing left for you to do you know what it is you're done there is but one way out for you you'd better take it before your filthy abnormal fraudulent self is barred to. but even with threats from the highest levels of government dr king remain committed to this path of justice for all until april fourth of nine hundred sixty eight when he was assassinated by alleged corporate shames earl ray yet there are many unanswered questions about the f.b.i. is role in dr king's death over the years the king family's attempts for
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a criminal trial were repeatedly denied even following james earl ray's rick han't of what he claimed was a false confession but finally and one nine hundred ninety nine a unanimous jury in memphis tennessee found local state and federal government agencies guilty to conspiracy to assassinate dr martin luther king jr the civil trial consisted of over seventy testimonies from witnesses who one after the other called into question the original narrative and concluded that james earl ray was nothing more than a patsy king's wife coretta scott king stated that this jury confirmed what was already suspected by their family. she said it provided their quote family with a long sought sense of closure and peace which had been denied by official dissin from ation and coverups yet even now over a decade since that civil case questioning james earl ray's guilt as the lone man
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who killed martin luther king is received as nothing more than a wacky conspiracy theory but i guess it's easier that way isn't it tonight the facts rather than giving them credence after all putting up an m.l.k. memorial in d.c. is always easier than putting m.l.k. is real murderers on trial. i'm in sochi the only city in europe i'm the host of the twenty fourteen winter the
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picket. signs. thank you. so much. thank you if you saw a. dog days of. the pride days it. takes a common. sudsy it's so true.
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ok. ok. i. torn apart by conflict. has changed. a model an islamic nation. and a peaceful one the strong islam the first of course a secular law
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a second. session. i'm sure is in place of. old traditions still a mando cannot go on the catwalk in a swimsuit it's. just a republican country see the live. feed. me please please please please please please. please .


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