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tv   [untitled]    February 15, 2013 10:30pm-11:00pm EST

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leg. comes at the show today to sing we just saw the studio break like amongst systems to break which is a busy divide in the united states. would be classic scenes from the risky it's a sandy hook school and someone commits a stop the bloodshed on this one comes to prevent the government coming is there a nonsense of the simplest. lead.
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it's friday lets rob will join me for tonight's big picture imo our patrick ali porter with the daily caller carl fresh democratic strategist and partner with both light strategies and horace cooper conservative back of a hater and senior fellow at the national center for public policy research thank you all for joining me perfect time for the time ok let's start off by talking about the new senator in town elizabeth warren there she was there first banking committee hearing asking a very important question
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a banking regulator she asked them why they haven't brought the wall street giants to trial for their crimes take a look. i know there's been some landmark settlements but we face some very special issues with big financial institutions if they can break the law and dragon billions in profits and then turn around and settle paying out of those profits they don't have much incentive to follow the law it's also the case that every time there's a settlement and not a trial it means that we didn't have those days and days and days of testimony about what those financial institutions had been up to so the question i really want to ask is about how tough you are about how much leverage you really have in these settlements and what i'd like to know is tell me a little bit about the last few times you've taken the biggest financial institutions on wall street all the way to a trial it was
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a good question and one for which the regulators were not prepared. you've actually had a fairly fair number of consent orders we do not know have to bring people to. trial lawyers and they will i pray she can you say you don't have to bring them to. trial my question is when did you bring him to trial. that we have not had to do it as a practical matter to achieve or supervisory goals we truly believe that we have a very vigorous enforcement program. we look at the distinction between what we could get if we go to trial and what we could get if we don't i appreciate that that's that's what everybody does and so the question i'm really asking is can you identify when you last took the wall street banks to trial. i will have to get back to you with the specific information but we do it became quickly clear that no one of the regulators had ever taken any of the banks just to trial since the great
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crash and so as of war and then made this very important point. anyone else want to tell me about the last time you took wall street bank to trial. you know i just want to note on this they're district attorneys and u.s. attorneys who are out there every day squeezing ordinary citizens on sometimes fairy thin grounds and taking them to trial in order to make an example as they put it i'm really concerned that too big to fail has become too big for trial that just seems wrong to me. so the question is does this seem wrong to anyone else or assyria law and order guy i'm i'm i'm guessing we're all going to agree on this but maybe not it's not time for some of these banks to is to sit in the dock rather than pain multi hundred million dollars criminal fines where there's no criminal penalties actually i'm not for the government coming out and taking it but making examples of people just to prove
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a principle but i'm really surprised that there's questions being asked in turbo tax geithner set the standard for what we should expect from this administration and its been. buddy system good old boys and slap on the back an attaboy go back out at it i am i think we could have had a great opportunity with this crash to stop the concept of too big to fail government shouldn't be bailing these people out but government also should have been forcing them to interface and engaging contracts with people that those banks feared could make their application is back to your old conspiracy theory that it was all you know bill clinton or jimmy carter who called the congressional black caucus you force the banks into giving loans to lower income urban people which caused this great calamity which you know that problem is a fraction of what happened well and that's not even a problem actually the the the lending act i forget the name of i'm sure you know is right off the top there had chorus we're talking about the dodd frank no no they
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were there the one act that everybody creative everybody on the right always criticizes and actually you know basically what it did was it out was red line and it didn't force any banks to do anything it just it just told. they couldn't give illegal behavior karl. are you in favor of baxter's being brought to trial of course of course. you know and if this is how senator warren is going to spend her time in in the committee i think it's a great great step towards at least maybe getting some answers down the road i mean this is about how she was talking to our people our regulators i can't wait until she has you know see big presidents you know about her and jamie diamond. patrick your thoughts on my thoughts or let's talk about the way that she's spending her time in that last clip that you showed i think she revealed what this is all about she said district attorneys are making an example of ordinary people so essentially this crusade is about making an example and that's progressive rhetoric she comes from the progressive movement they put her in this as a lot of the rest that is not and should not be like that this is about me why do
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you or she got her little apply do you sent in the in the courtroom in the media you know polish them for things they've actually done not for the benefit of what others will see but to hold people specifically accountable for what they've done let it be noted that in early june that and what is what is i can just say one of the reasons why you do that is to discourage others from doing it maybe not to that effect that's one of the reasons that we do it but it's not the primary you know rationale for the death penalty by the way the entire rationale for it is the notion that it keeps people from doing those horrible things you know it you know it holds accountable people specifically and that's the point you progressives he wound up with a fraudulent basis that he did call you progressives you progressives come up with a fraudulent basis for to attack this and then you come up with some excuse for i'm suggesting to you that we ought to have crime enforcement that holds people accountable for whether it's something that you know what you're saying is that if these banks have committed criminal crimes that who should go to jail the president
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ought to go to jail and the people that participated and that process if they have in fact broken the law. and i understood that they were breaking the law as they were doing it i understood that they were breaking the laws when did they get a pass they always had to have that requirement that you understood that you were a lawyer you don't know that something is illegal and you do it you shouldn't care if you're going to go journeys that tell you it's not illegal so that you can get out of jail. which which you know as like jay bybee and john yoo. early last year when you know the five largest banks were accused of mortgage abuses and they reached a settlement with the obama department of justice bank of america and investor warren buffett made a cool one hundred fifty million that day alone when that settlement was reached do you really think my question to you is do you really think that elizabeth warren is going to buck the pattern that's been established by her friend barack obama and target yes actually she was going to have bob it's been around for
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a long long time raised more money in her senate campaign than any senate candidate in the need to impress and hang on one second the reason that she doesn't care what the president may think about these issues or what his justice department or what regulators might think is because she has the flexibility to do what she wants to do what i think that's refreshing there are people on the right that have the same flexibility by being almost completely funded by the grassroots of their own parties she was not completely funded by the grassroots of her own charity twenty million dollars online that's enough to get us out and she even made a statement at the beginning of her campaign saying not everyone on wall street is bad because she wanted to take small street that she wanted to open yourself up to that if you have this not everyone you know wall street is bad if you have the same progressive movement donors as the president of the united states you're not going to buck his his policy on this race twenty million dollars online and he commands like actrix point all it means is watching to see exactly what's going to post left at the huffington post left in the wood but she didn't say anything substantive actually single question are you in favor of banks if banks commit crime is
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breaking them up sending people to jail is a time when you had breaking them up i did it individuals did. things that they should not have done those individuals ought to be does not fail it is not at once that no no i've never been in favor of the bank bailout that's another progressive i don't buy it my question is are you in favor of making the banks smaller no i am not in favor of using violations of the law by individuals as a pretext to breaking overnight in favor of. sherman and i don't know a lot no big because the onerous regulations that dodd frank placed on small banks have actually yes he will absolutely. certain actually thriving that it would underdog and that's not an accurate that's more banks are doing is enough the security gains are growing like weeds i mean the it's the big banks he's doing great yeah ok unions as a whole are going to let. you know they're doing great because the big three spend
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a lot of money lobbying against them when patrick talks about banks and i don't like radios he told my community banks and he's talking about these charters many of them that are state based and they are not doing well and it's precisely because they can't they can't compete in the way that these huge banks which are large enough to have to absorb by the way they have you might say they have a monopoly then let's break up the big banks if you're in favor of competition any coloradans are fed up with gun violence and tragedy after columbine in one thousand nine hundred residents push to close the gun show loophole in the state wouldn't act coloradans but the issue of state wide referendum which overwhelmingly passed in two thousand that a just a few months after aurora colorado are united in one thousand it given this time try to stop the private sale of guns outside of gun shows by requiring universal background checks coloradans represent a majority of americans who are tired of seeing countless lives taken. by senseless and totally preventable gun violence act only eight percent of the country agrees with the n.r.a. so it's just
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a really simple question you know without without going through a whole long rant on this the n.r.a. gets a piece of the action they get basically a little. cash off the. whenever a gun is sold the united states at least from some manufacturers why is this not disclosed whenever they're put on television ok gun owners of america isn't a part of that in our a deal and they oppose the private cell there and are you going to. number their organization america are more extreme than the n.r.a. and that's extreme the truth of the matter is you progress it was once again like to make some financial explanation as the excuse for people's behavior it's possible that people take a rest it was not it was always about the money no if people wanted me to debate about self interest in life and self-interest that's the god's ideal that we are always looking at the dollar but the point here it is the point you are going to malign your entire group of people all the conservatives all want to do this all the conservatives want to do that shot at a car well here's the thing what this all comes down to eventually i mean i've been
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to hundreds of gun shows i've been going to them since i was a baby with my father and you know the big problem is that when we talk about the gun show loophole it makes people think that it's a loophole that only exists at gun shows it's actually private sales is also a big issue it doesn't have to happen and i'll show you that on your right so. what the whole argument comes down to the fear that's being spread here is the notion that the feds are going to use this to somehow come and take everybody's guns. the fact of the matter is federal government doesn't have a big old list of everybody's firearms but i'll tell you who does have a big list of everybody as far as the n.r.a. and for nine cents per name they will sell you their mailing list so if anybody should be worried it should be people that are giving their names and information to the n.r.a. . is there is a lot i think that you know obviously we're talking about the fear that's being spread and i'm glad this being discussed on the state level in this case because i think that's the way to do it if you're talking about the fear around the term
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universal background check and i'm surprised that the progressives haven't changed that term to make it you know more friendlier but universal background checks scares. people because we know that the obama campaign had a very very detailed database and the reason that they won florida was because they tracked people's personality trends they pack they tracked their financial records tried to fit whatever well but they just do it and that and that database is now in the hands of organizing for action which is the pro obama you know organization pac whatever you want to call it five a one c four we've got the great new psychological what i'm saying is that if you're going to use a term here that reasonable doubt away check more about tonight's big picture right after the break. wealthy british style it's time to.
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market why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike stronger for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines kinds of reports. we speak your language. news programs and documentaries in spanish what matters to you. a little tune to angola's story. spanish. visit i. got a bag of the big picture joining me tonight are patrick ali carl fresh and horace cooper and let's get back to it after what happened in russia this morning let's
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talk about the threat of media meteoroids meteorites from outer space last night's meteor shower they are all urals damaged more than three hundred buildings in. your thousand people it comes just before a much larger asteroid two thousand and twelve d a fourteen hundred fifty feet across past dangerously close to the earth today even closer than the moon actually ten percent of the distance to the moon and this is the asteroid hit earth it would be equal to a ten to twenty megaton explosion now here's the question we don't have ways to protect fend ourselves against this threat so you know this this was only discovered recently so so what do we do this seems like the kind of thing that could pull all of the world together patrick that the you know we could we could reach across you know every international border well you know if are now calling for an increased space funding then i think they need to be open apology to ronald reagan for his for mocking him over his star wars program and they need to apologize to newt gingrich who during the campaign everyone thought he wanted to be
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you know mayor of the moon colony just because tomorrow i mean i'm not a libertarian and i think nasa was once a very great part of our country and something we could all unify behind it was it was a unifying force and. i think that we should send new to mars and i think that. i think that it is characterization if you're calling for increase really said he didn't want to meet up there i sat tire was a mischaracterization is characters a shot or as you get the last thirty seconds i absolutely think this is something that ought to bring us together frankly you know all the money we wasted a global warming we could take all of those resources and put them into the real problems of spending money on global warming we have been as a planet we've been spending way too much on this problem and we ought to look together restoring nasa as well as making it a u.n. priority we need more. on the space ship or or what about the u.n. coming after everything that is american earlier i think you know ok guys like that
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we love thanks so much for being with us today thanks for us girl. it's not easy being black in america it's not easy being a woman in america it's not easy being a liberal and it's not easy being old so it's certainly not easy being a one hundred two year old liberal black woman in the united states in a state of the union address president obama told the nation that we should follow the example of a north miami woman named dessalines victor. we should follow the example of a north miami woman named doesn't lean victor and doesn't lean to run to the polling place she was told to wait to vote might be six hours and it's time to buy her concern was not with her tired body or aching feet but whether folks like her would get to have their say an hour after hour
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a throng of people stayed in line to support. because between is one hundred two years old and they are erupted in cheers when she finally put on a sticker the read i voted. upon hearing dessalines story democrats and republicans stood up turned around to look at does a lane in the visitor's gallery and applaud it even john boehner clapped they were applauding dessalines grit and commitment to her simple duty as an american her story is a troubling is centuries of progressive ballot access work for women and minorities is in reverse today civil rights victories are being rolled back by a network a billionaire funded organizations and politicians who don't like democracy and especially don't want liberals and minorities vote in this new era is best personified by the reaction of fox so-called news talking heads to dessalines story
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the next day. listen that hundred two year old woman should not be on the low i agree with you but i mean how. will she do it is a good. idea she was happy she waited a minute she was happy that she was there to vote but i mean this is for me to hold her up as a victim if she was she was it was she a victim of c.e.o.'s rasher is on the bottom of her feet by the way if you have somebody behind us one hundred two can you let you know if you know one place the blame on republican politicians in florida who just like republicans all over the nation have intentionally passed laws and instituted policies to make it more difficult for people like dessalines to vote quickly. voter suppression has been with us since the days of john adams and the federal but this modern attack on voting rights can be traced back to the one nine hundred seventy s. in one nine hundred seventy three the right wing corporate think tank the american
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legislative exchange council was co-founded by republican strategist a hallway which was later seeded with more funny funding by the koch brothers in a speech in one nine hundred eighty all way we gave his take on voting saying this . how many of our christian have what i call them grow good government they want everybody to vote. i don't want everybody to vote elections are not won by a majority of people they never have been from the beginning of our country and they are not now as a matter of fact our leverage in the elections quite candidly go up owning oculus go down paul you're the gift that keeps on giving the gauntlet was laid down and from then on the conservative strategy was simple when in power passed laws to make it harder for minorities poor young people and working people to vote so in two thousand and ten when billionaire money put republicans in charge of several
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traditionally blue states around the nation they immediately went to work to make it harder for the poor minorities liberals college students to rope in florida for example where does looms this is salt under mocker sea came in the form of reducing early voting days from fourteen down to eight and all together a limited eighteen early voting on sundays before the election a day traditionally used by african-americans to vote after church. republicans in florida also passed new restrictions on voter registration groups making it so difficult to register new voters so dangerous space sickly threat of being thrown in jail if you did something wrong that the league of women voters gave up as paul weyrich said republican leverage in elections goes up when the voting populace goes down other republican controlled states did the exact same along with new alec written voter suppression id laws to block access to the polls for minorities poor
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people college students and the elderly according to a study by the brennan center for justice twenty five percent of blacks nineteen percent of latinos eighteen percent of young people eighteen percent of seniors and fifteen percent of poor people lack the i.d. that these new republican voter suppression ideal laws require just to vote as a result election day was once again crippled by long lines like the one that does celine experienced on the other hand of course in the affluent white conservative largely suburban neighborhoods putting on quite smooth according to election night survey by the a.f.l.-cio twenty two percent of blacks and twenty four percent of hispanics waited in voting lines for more than a half hour sometimes up to ten or twelve hours but only nine percent of whites face long lines that same survey found the sixteen percent of obama voters face
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long lines ali nine percent of romney voters to. post-election report released by the orlando sentinel revealed that more than two hundred thousand voters in florida didn't even vote because they were discouraged by the long lines in the chaos at the voting precincts in the mostly minority areas across florida. knowing the florida was decided by just a few hundred votes in two thousand republicans were very optimistic about disenfranchising more than two hundred thousand voters most of whom would have voted for democrats of course their efforts fell short rock obama won florida swept most of the swing states and he won in large part because of the determination of minority voters who knew they were republicans were trying to take away their vote so they showed up at the polls in huge numbers to fight back people like as a lean victor but nobody believes that just because republicans feel this year
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they'll abandon their voter suppression efforts in future elections that's why the president brought this issue up in his state of the union address it is a big deal american democracy depends on everyone having equal access to the vote. and doesn't lean story is the perfect metaphor for what's happening in america today her fellow women only received the right to vote in the one thousand nine hundred twenty after a century and a half struggle against discrimination and patriarchy and her fellow african-americans were on paper given the right to vote in one thousand nine hundred sixty six and with the six the fifteenth amendment but only they fully received the right to vote free from discrimination in one thousand nine hundred sixty five through the voting rights act after one hundred years of marching getting their heads kicked in by police and being murdered by racists and they're still facing republican gold barriers to voting it's been a long brutal struggle in america to expand voting rights to more people than just
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white males it's easy to vote when you're a well paid white anchor on fox so-called news so maybe they're insensitive comments were just the result of simple ignorance they are by and large wealthy white people who have never seen the tough side of america. but that doesn't excuse what purports to be a news network from ignoring the very real republican efforts to suppress young old black and latino votes nationwide shame on you for spock so-called news for about and for the rest of us it's time to take on alex and the billionaires and the republican party and work to make sure that every american citizen who's eligible eligible to vote can easily and safely do so and can know that their vote is going to be counted but it's not going to vanish into the depths of some voting machine someplace that has been hacked or programmed by somebody who has
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a political agenda or that is own did by a company that is affiliated with large republican organizations it's time to go back to paper it's time to do it ireland did when they sold off all their voting machines as scrap metal i mean they literally sold all their voting machines as scrap metal at the scrap metal value canada did away with their vote to be a country after country is try that and also to say there is a national standard there is some basic core right to vote united states anything less than that is simply un-american. and that's the way it is tonight friday feb fifteenth two thousand and thirteen more information on any of the stories we covered visit our websites to tom hartman dot com free speech org dot com if you missed any of the night's show you can now watch it in h.d. on hulu at hulu dot com slash the big picture also check out our two you tube channels they're all and so. also tom harpur dot com check out all the different ways you can send us your feedback and if you're in washington d.c.
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on sunday stopped by the national mall largest climate rally in u.s. history and don't forget democracy begins with you get out there get active tag your it see an x. we. new year's celebrations on the move without the traditional t.v. or festive food surprising meetings and new adventures stories of love and love lost all russians teach foreigners to celebrate them biggest holiday of the year from moscow st petersburg by train over new year there may be miracles.
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