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tv   [untitled]    February 10, 2013 3:30pm-4:00pm EST

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and. that the case the issue of. other energy sources is a key. be the decisive factor. here is health care abuse scandal erupted in the u.k. this week a public inquiry of deal to hundreds of patients suffered at the hands of health workers tasked with looking after them the british prime minister david cameron officially apologized for the suffering caused suffering but the issue only looks to be growing artist by vocal has more. my wife started hospital in september two thousand and eight to disaster to total chaos when you walk through the door of the world you can smell it. no staff available to find and. the burglar was left to reach. on the floor we've been there since breakfast on. the. line in
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a row for you see. maybe carry if you can get into the death of john's wife is just one of the many horror stories to match from the now notorious stuff at hospital before that sandy would have been described to me not just in. song. in the most horrible sense seems. to. be she'd have to go through what she went through julie baby's mother died at stafford and what she calls appalling circumstances but when she blew the whistle on the hospital's practice says she was faced with a cover up all the evidence was there that the hospital mid staffs was failing and yet the that was never shared with the public and i believe the same as in all the hospitals it's so much that a string of senior officials failed to take seriously data which showed the hospital significantly higher than average death rates relatives of over
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a thousand people never got to see them discharged from the hospital patients died needlessly off the suffering a catalogue of neglect left in their own excrement dehydrated and without painkillers it's the biggest scandal to hit the national health service in recent years but with budgets being slashed and red tape preoccupying hospital manages a person's health secretary is warning that there are little bits of stuff that all across the u.k.'s health system the results of the public inquiry. into the hospital's failings are expected to issue a damning verdict on the way the whole of the n.h.s. functions is going to be made so tomorrow because people can't continue to support the hospital's chief executive has said we're sorry that despite the progress that has been made there are still some instances of care which fall below that which we want to provide sorry might be too late but the tide of public anger swelling campaigners say it's time for westminster to overhaul britain's beleaguered health
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service before any more lives and needlessly lost. staff it. online for you bush the bush you think access to the private life of a former president. breaks into the e-mail accounts of the bush family publishing some personal photos on the website we have more on our t. dot com. also for you there moscow self styled a black devil has been hunted down by the police following two years of posting videos on the web of him driving as porsche recklessly in the city capital find out online how he was eventually apprehended. a new federal agency lie detector policy is being discussed by president obama's administration that's in the wake of allegations that authorities went beyond their legal limits storing the screenings of thousands of job applicants and employees of
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the federal government are just more important i took a wider look at whether american security officials are overstepping their boundaries by making people disclose unnecessary personal information. for more than three decades john sullivan worked as a polygraph examiner for america's central intelligence agency today the retired cia employee is offering some strong opinions about the nation's lie detector policy too many on us people are too many people who should be passing the. aren't and there's no there's no accountability for that. last year more than seventy three thousand americans were reportedly required to undergo polygraph tests in order to get or keep jobs with the federal government according to an investigation by mcclatchy newspapers a growing number of u.s. agencies are asking employees and applicants intimate questions that extend way
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beyond the realm of national security probing matters such as sexual conduct financial matters and past personal relationships a woman was pressured to talk about her experience being molested as a child and when the polar bear for said that he refused to go on with the interrogation he alleges that he was pressured to go back and continue interrogating our scientists found that polygraphs aren't reliable enough to prevent innocent people from failing and deceptive candidates from passing i think it's important to understand that the polygraph is not just. for screening it's an interrogation tool lisa ribicoff is an independent polygraph examiner and investigator who uses the polygraph program designed by homeland security she contends that it's ninety eight percent accurate i do think that there are some questions pertaining to some emotional aspects and personal situations should not
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be included but i do understand why they're included on the basis of that the government needs to see how exactly what their breaking point is however applicants who are denied a coveted position after failing a polygraph are prohibited from accessing the records of their interrogation and are often barred from contesting the results were filing complaints in federal court in two thousand and four the cia veteran who conducted lie detector interrogations for thirty one years failed his own screening there was absolute. no question in my mind the the test was really it's this was a terrible test sullivan lost his security clearance and was denied a job with a federal contracting agency he claims his examiner falsified the results possible retribution for sullivan book detailing america's polygraph system the obama administration is now promising to draft a new national polygraph policy that would prevent agencies from pushing legal or ethical boundaries during screenings but at the moment the program has no oversight
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or accountability meaning tens of thousands of u.s. citizens will continue getting personally probed in the name of national security bring up or not are to new york. there are many international issues where russia and the u.s. are often poles apart on iran and syria of course being among them after the break our team talks to russia's envoy to anyone about what the main poland points of contention are between moscow and washington and how they hamper progress in resolving world conflicts. some countries want oil but that's kid stuff who needs oil when you can secure the world's largest supply of truck a soda located exclusively in sweden and waiting sweden for absolutely no logical
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reason is a possible you say well supreme commander of the swedish armed forces general sphere guru and son must have watched red dawn too many times because he thinks the russians are a common general durance and declared that if invaded by russia sweden wouldn't be able to last a week against the onslaught therefore sweden must immediately join nato he said that currently it is not quite possible to invade sweden but due to the two thousand and eight war with georgia it is possible for russia to somehow push through established european borders bring their forces up to sweden gates putting the generals country in danger but guess what according to your own council of the european union georgia started the war so by that logic if the two thousand and one with georgia is the example of the future then don't kill russian peacekeeping troops and you'll have nothing to worry about but general gordon also made the point that president putin is rearming the russian army hinting at a threat well being heavily armed to defend yourself is a bad scary thing then joining up with nato seems to be pretty hypocritical if the
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people of sweden want to join nato well that is their choice but they shouldn't be tricked into having their taxpayers pay for their sons to die in afghanistan based on totally bogus arguments that make no sense but that's just my opinion. wealthy british style it's not on. markets weiner scandal. happening to the global economy the report. is trash to get. it's also a treasure. it's worth fighting for. and
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a trap with no way out. today. again fled the fighting these are the images and seeing from the streets of canada the first. day.
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i'm very pleased to introduce russia's envoy to the united nations with only choking that's a trick and thank you very much for making yourself available for this interview thank you let me begin with iran russia is about to sit down yet again for talks with five other world powers on iran's nuclear program the negotiations are due at the end of february the u.s. vice president joe biden said that the u.s. was ready for direct negotiations with the with iran do you see it as a breakthrough as a serious push for diplomacy on the part of washington well hopefully of course so we're looking forward to the resumption of the talks of the six. in late february and we have always welcomed the possibility of direct contacts between the united states and iran unfortunately over the years there's been some back and forth some positive statements on the one side were met by negative statements on the other
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side this time i understand there has been a strong negative statement from high level from tehran which which was saying that those talks were impossible but the iranians are notoriously difficult to negotiators and of course the subject matter is very complex so on each particular issue there are always very difficult discussions it is. quite a challenge to make headway but we believe that there has been some could weigh on the substance of those discussions and we hope that there is a good point from which the negotiators can proceed with making some progress just speaking more generally when when talking about progress in relations with russia i heard many times the administration officials and members of the obama administration say well we've got russia quote unquote on board to put more pressure on iran in what context in what way do you see russia on board with the united states on iraq our american colleagues of an interesting way of describing
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the situation they very often turn to take a. as you try to call them in terms of their american positions and others coming over to those positions this is not the case at all this is not the way we see it when we enter into some discussions with the united states and other partners in various situations will try to find a common position so sometimes they move towards us sometimes it's a compromise where we have to do to come together midway this is the way we we sort of find a compromise we are prepared to continue working together within the format of the six even though we make no secret of the fact that i would think that some of the things which are being done by some members of the six a counter productive because in addition to security council sanctions they piled up all sorts of unilateral sanctions which we believe are not necessary and needed as a mother of principle because once we're going to work together once we develop
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a certain system based on security council resolutions to add anything on top of that is sort of the wrong thing to do in our view this is creating some humanitarian problems in iran which should not be there it's creating some bad blood in the talks with iran which which is not really necessary if they end i mean the u.s. and israel together or separately were about to make the decision to strike iran is there anything that could stop them you know i hope our common sense and good reason will stop them because this will be the worst thing to do well first of all the opportunities for for dialogue are there nobody nor member of the six including the united states maintains that the that the iranians have already made the political decision to develop a nuclear weapon they accept they say that as far as they know the iranians have not yet made that decision since this decision has not yet been made even according
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to them certainly there is room for. for diplomatic discussions for diplomacy etc etc a military strike. would certainly make more for the talks with iran possible so every opportunity for political discussions will be lost i agree with those who believe that in fact that would give a great push to those in iran if that strike were to happen who might be advocating building a nuclear bomb so that would be in a rational then generous step to say nothing of the regional repercussions of a conflict with iran because now we are facing instability in the region spreading from mali libya in the north west africa all the way to iran speaking of mali how do you assess france's military operation there i believe that the extremists in the north made a pretty bad miscalculation they got carried away and they decided to make
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a military move to the south heading towards the capital bamako then the government of mali a request of the french to send in the troops and that it and where we understood were not generations because in terms of international law it was completely clean clear a request of the government because of a clear threat to its security and the like integrity of the country so we supported that in our discussions in the security council and basically everything that which is happening and now the african troops are moved into in support of the french is within the sort of within the context of the resolution of the security council i should say that we do have a little space but sometimes quite as discussions on the security council this is not one of those situations this is a situation where people understand the dangers and also have a very frank exchange of views about what needs to be done in order to
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avoid putting the united nations in. overly precarious or dangerous situation what effects did the arab spring have on the situation that's unfolding in mali right now one question of spring was the dramatic events in libya. we're in the course of the crisis of course lots of weapons were brought into libya and there was a lot of there were lots of weapons as it is but still many more weapons were brought into libya during the recent hearings which then secretary of state clinton had in the house of representatives one of the congressman said that they had information that qatar with a wink and nod as he put it from the united states brought in twenty thousand tons of weapons into libya and you know twenty thousand tons you can arm is small terrorist army and so on of course this is exactly what has happened in mali definitely we see a spillover from the libyan crisis to to
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a neighboring country and most likely the spillover has affected other places as well for instance it may well be there are many indications to that effect that the terrorist attack. in the in the jury had something to do i mean close to the libyan border also had some sort of libyan connection in terms of people maybe weapons terrorists emanating from libya participating in that attack the u.s. now insists that their support for the syrian opposition is non-lethal could it be that the allies of the united states are supporting are providing more weapons at the wink and nod of the world this is definitely the case i'm in the middle of the united states chose to stay clean of the bad guys at some point of the crisis the did realize it seems that things going very wrong you know that various terrorist groups were coming in that the radical islamists are where we are
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active. there so they were beginning to realize maybe before some of our other western colleagues that things were making a very dangerous stir and that the and original scenario they had in mind that it would take just a couple of months to topple the assad regime and then sort of democracy will triumph was completely unrealistic and had nothing to do with the with the actual situation on the ground but i mean do notice this is an extremely powerful country definitely with a lot of interest influence on for example such a country as qatar which is reportedly the main source of weapons and support for for armed opposition so if the united states were to want to be a logical and read it take a stand this certainly. could could make it clear to those who supply weapons to to to syrian opposition groups or the fact they simply say that they
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themselves are not doing that does not does not really absolve them completely from responsibility of what is happening there in terms of activity on the position groups you said that at some point u.s. officials started started to realize and i think that that is the sense that a lot of people are getting because the administration the obama administration seems to be a lot more cautious talking about syria now as opposed to a year ago for example they talk about how complex the situation is on the ground have you noticed that change yes yes this is what i'm saying this this changes is a is clear and this change is clear here in our informal discussions in the security council clearly we know one could feel that. their understanding of the situation has become much closer to our understanding of the complexity of. what is going on there so this is what i think makes it important to continue dialogue in that format but there is one disconcerting thing among other things.
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there is a lot of talk about chemical weapons in syria which is which is a valid concern and we have also talked very seriously with the syrian government and they have given us all sorts of assurances that the as they put it if there are chemical weapons in syria they do not intend to use those weapons but to our liking there is too much talk about that in sort of in the threatening context that should something happen then you know all sorts of things will get done so sometimes it does give us an impression that somebody is looking for a pretext for military intervention to say nothing of the fact that this kind of narrative we fear might provide incentive for the opposition to do something extremely dangerous with chemical weapons what kind of an interference what kind of an international effort would russia support well no no i think what the cd news is more diplomatic support we were the only ones who are trying to work in both with
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the government on the opposition to bring them to the table to try to form that transitional body which is there for doing in the in the geneva document now. our partners keep saying that years years the geneva document indeed this is the only rational mind a document point of departure which is there on the table in order to try to arrange a political dialogue between the government on the opposition why were you reluctant that because because you're not there was this document i suppose they still were clinging to their idea of toppling the government and the opposition was was not prepared to go into dialogue with the government our western partners made a mistake and clear all of. the very bad signal when they. sort of recognized this newly formed in the national coalition on the basis of
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a platform which rejected any dialogue with the government and which go. for the destruction of government structures but on the basis of that but on the they did they did recognize them however recently there has been a very interesting and important development potentially very important development and this is a statement by the leader of the coalition about which initially were very skeptical and still it has many problems of this coalition it does not have much of a unity within itself it has some contradictions with other opposition groups but still of the air we have to take it as a fact and the leader of that opposition mr gottlieb recently made a statement which attracted a lot of attention saying that he is prepared to enter into dialogue with the government here give some preconditions for that but it's get was crucially important for the first time from an important member of the opposition this statement was delivered so we think that what the international community should do
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now is to encourage this kind of attitude and of course this statement came after a statement which it was made by president assad early january i think which was criticized by many because it was not going far enough because it was too dark for center etc maybe much of a criticism of that criticism was was was accurate but he did talk about dialogue with the opposition as well so in our view the need of the voter all of the international community working from various directions is to try to grab those threads from ball size and to see if they can meet you know if those two thirds give me thank you.
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tim's mission to teach me. this is why you should care. for. the way.
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thank you. thank you. q. q. live. well. it's technology innovation all the lives developments from around russia we've got the
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future covered. olympos live live. live. goodspeed. i wish i. looked. good luck mislead and good luck. play lists. and i'm a. little my bottom and a little. limitation
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