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very brutal con game but that's just my. loaf. to live on one hundred thirty three bucks a month for food i should try it because you know how fabulous i had lunch i got so many i mean i have my hands at ten pounds i know that i'm seeing the same thing really messed up. in the old story so i personally apologize if. the worst you are going through the white house of a. radio guy in fort lauderdale minestrone that i want to watch closely to give you never seen anything like this i'm told.
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how it potter i'm abby martin today i want to introduce you to some meadows saw we a palestinian activists who was detained by the israeli army in two thousand and two during israel's offensive operation dubbed operation defensive shield samaras is sentenced to thirty years in prison but under a deal brokered by egypt he was released in october two thousand and eleven along with four hundred seventy six other palestinian prisoners tragically once again samara was detained last year and for the last one hundred and ninety five days he's been on a hunger strike in protest at his detention without charge or trial without help and pressure from the outside he will surely die and prison without a continued outcry from activists and urgent action from world leaders who are not afraid to stand up to the israeli government. they will continue to cross every red
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line so this sort of injustice bothers you too and if you feel freedom and dignity are things worth fighting for and you come to the right place so let's break this that. a little bit more of the good of your job or she or anything like the trouble. here stop to consider that every social ill might in fact be a symptom of a greater disease a disease that we have created and institutionalized ourselves capitalism an economic system that my next guest says has taken on the form of a social cancer literally its very nature is to mutate out of control and work against the very interests of its human hosts somewhere very very early on capitalism one from respecting natural laws and social ecological harmony and morphed into incentivize system of value we money above all else so to talk about
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this cancer and how to cure it i spoke earlier with john mcmurtrie professor of philosophy at the university of wealth canada and author of the cancer stage of capitalism from crisis to cure i first asked him about adam smith's concept of the invisible hand and how smith alleges that market casualties and death are required to maintain an equilibrium there's we had to say. to liberty you know it's only between when money basically the goods that are like what was once and for it's goods left that serve life life needs and whether they sell or supply whether it's sufficient demand for them still and all that it's that it's completely a money system that has aids little attention even in snit's they won't like means or like the bases or what we require to live all or they can do it
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with all but. that was all because we had with the region aiding in basically sheep with all the food that it produced in me to produce to the greens household holes that were you know coming home loan interest and warrants and soulful so there really wasn't much waste there was much junk up there that had been. up to the point where we were able to serve our what. we did and then it became into the empty ones because there's no meat in the bowl since even adam smith presupposes but of course now we know all there is no meat at all never mentioned in an economic textbook would use to. individual wants that air conditioned in the minutes of condition so we have completely become. what is needed so that with which life city is with us. is whether we're
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actually and we have no. fulfilled sir and you you know you talk about this concept called mind walk which prevents us from kind of seeing things that they are prevents us from seeing this capitalism as a cancer that's that's mutating against our own interests i mean but then again i mean obviously there are corporate c.e.o.'s and politicians who are perpetuating the system and knowingly i mean they realize that the system of capitalism is completely unsustainable i mean it's hard to justify their path ology are they subject to mind lock as well. well they are in the mind block is very much conditioned in and when take the last president of the bench it was action both candidates were basically grupper representatives of wall street one and an actual vulture capitalist and the other entirely almost entirely funded by.
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representing wall street said i mean when we before the election wall street i'm the only one between you and me and it's i will cover your back that's the best little only it's that he's there to protect wall street when we go down to the senatorial wall will find it what it is that is saying you have to raise fifty thousand dollars a day to stay in law office or you can only do that if you are part of the one sequence system. you are just a function of it and of course your boat will be determined by your power your find it's so the money sequence system the transnational are that money sequence system has invaded every day life spans every life or every white function and would use that to a basically serving them out in sequence from or in a life circuits that never ended in their self multiplication if it goes well if it
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doesn't go all the hold on to the money by the way which is ninety seven it's an invented of thin air or wall street and the banks of. the old on the money and small speculated of true stock prices including everything that i want to kind of course we perpetuate this ideology our education system i mean pretty much in every sector of my society we're perpetuating that this paradigm that capitalism is the only way professor i mean and in fact if you look at u.s. foreign policy it seems like the countries that we're focused on it's almost driven by capitalism is the need to squash any alternative i mean is this part of the cancer. of course this is the invasive part of it because what you're flying with all these basically all forms all is protecting these transnational corporate and bank money sequences and extending if you look at any war that's going on elsewhere
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the iraq war is the paradigm example peddles libya and also the one that they will in that you know speeds and nobody gets to hand first of all they want their oil but not only the wall they want that the first thing that went up in libya was a private bank and the tional kabul street control bank they want their banking says they want the credit system they want their markets they want their agriculture the agriculture of iraq was required to have g.m.o. agriculture an industrial oil well derivative inputs as part of the whole occupation so there isn't a single spent that is taking in all foreign policy now horses always represented the reward in the markets and people's choice and them offices and the rest of it but in fact we go to the facts which is very hard on and on television normally then we will find that it is not a movie made that isn't to promote and vance money sequences in this specially in
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war invasion which since two thousand and one which i think is the greatness. of the tenets of system i have diagnosed with a cancer system way back in the public health journal beginning in one thousand new life and then one led to. two thousand and one and so for love and modes for health change if it is a constructive event and then metastasize the system so that it could override all the future rights we've just seen a continual under obama it could override especially all international law had we'll look at them in the supreme and i'm under a lot of bull cold war belligerent war. will. and absolutely it has metastasized out of control dominating everything else and just to wrap this up i mean to give some hope why how can we get back i mean how do we cure the cancer how do we get back to valuing life sequence instead of valuing
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money sequence here i mean is it too late. no it isn't too late we did it we mean that i think the key issue probably is a public banking system which no economy that works in the world they can work with the banking system that isn't even floated us that it's a public institution that people will all but you can look it up google and they will quite know too and even more well if you investigate the thing that no system ever works wall these days and doesn't work well over the war the first thing they will know they reap we have a poll together as a nation to protect the lives of their people and their life they have to have a central bank the public anything system and the right now which is completely occupied ever since the one thousand and thirteen federal reserve back but it's just gotten worse and worse with basically decoupling it from many regulations.
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from any obligation even to the positives in their own since each so first of all we require a. system which we had before which other countries by the way that's the reason why trying to succeed so well it's not just that they under price labor it's actually the important work in this race to the bottom it's because they have public benefits in every region they have hope we banks before own investment for their own credit. and that's why they have been on a list that sold speak in their productive capacity because they're not wall street blots. with every investment you do it goes at the local level. of the or at the local level as well but at least you don't at least you're investing in something that serves a productive function wall street doesn't have any commemorative option there well
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definitely a revolution of a values and ideas and it starts with every single one of us you know to stop this predatory form of capitalism from crushing us and the planet john mcmurtry author of cancer stage of capitalism thank you so much for coming on giving your take a really important period there. and going. if you like what you see so far go to our youtube channel at youtube dot com slash breaking the set there you can browse every show we've ever done should subscribe to our channels well so you won't miss a single episode else of all of our interview segments tapped out if you want to watch each of those separately and courage everyone to check out our interview last week with a member of parliament george galloway or some great comments of the boss of the two party system so be sure to add your two cents but only if you're intelligent minded you can also look at every segment we've done separately on our tab section on the top of the you tube page from big brother watch to weapons of mass distraction check out all of those segments and more youtube dot com slash breaking
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the set to break my preaching for now but stay tuned to hear why the education system in the u.s. is failing later in the show. the government no longer represents the people. the people are going to take structure . we. put into them. the way our economic system or at least
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not in the. way. we speak your language i mean some of the will not advance. programs and documentaries and spanish what matters to you. there's a little turn to angle story. here. the spanish to find out more visit actuality that.
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happens to people hang over everyone i still find it hard to believe that almost one hundred million people spent yesterday glued to their television set is watching the quintessential marriage between commercialism and athleticism in fact millions openly admit that they watch the super bowl just to be brainwashed by the advertisements yet those thirty second ads cost nearly four million dollars each with no surprise the corporate media had a field day especially with the shocking twist. benefits of playing the super bowl in a dome to stadium you don't have to worry about the weather but you do have to worry about power so when half the lights went out in the super bowl and tonight while i was a problem when it got dark there i immediately being
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a train reporter said this is not a good thing and only a sick and twisted person would hope it had something to do with the halftime show but you're wondering as a sports writer is this going to change the game ok i think the big headline guys was this power outage for what like thirty five minutes and i guess big because it really was about the momentum more than the power going out right. yet the blackout in the third quarter the game became the big headline but instead of focusing on the trivial blackout perhaps we should be taking a deeper look and i'm not just talking about the fact that the super bowl is just a giant bread and circus distraction i'm talking about the controversial reality of what this sport does to the players in the game things like the over use of performance enhancing drugs or even worse the recent scientific findings linking football to brain disease take the case of former san diego chargers linebacker junior seo who committed suicide with
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a gunshot to the heart this year studies of his brain by the national institute of health concluded sales suffered from a disease called chronic traumatic and seth all up to thirty or c.t.e. in fact in the autopsies of eleven professional football players at boston university medical school c.t.e. was found in every instance but it's not only being found in the brains of deceased former n.f.l. players it's been diagnosed a living x. n.f.l. players as well brain scans performed on five former players reveal images of the protein that causes football related brain damage this is the first time researchers have identified the signs of the crippling disease that's becoming ever more prevalent but of course this is exactly the kind of detail that the mainstream media doesn't report of course i mean why would we want some buzz kill like this to distract us from the pleasure of watching grown men slam their skulls into each other but it's not just an epidemic within the n.f.l.
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it's a disease plaguing professional hockey boxing and wrestling pro-wrestling chris benoit who murdered his wife and son before committing suicide while he was reportedly suffering from c.t.e. as well but regardless of these facts the n.f.l. has never been more popular yet the criticisms being made about the sport have never been more valid think about it we're using these football players as pawns to satiate our desire to be mindlessly entertained all of the expense of people's health and lives. look if you haven't been able to tell yet i am not a sports fan in fact i would love to see people carry about literally anything else as much as they do sports for one how about caring about the health of locations of this brutal practice because if we neglect the health of the people hailed as sports heroes in society what does that say for you and me.
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it's no secret that our education system in the us is broken in a recent study by the economist intelligence unit the us ranks seventeen out of fifty countries trailing behind such countries as south korea poland and belgium with america ranking around average in reading and science and bodo average in math skills so our us education policy is to brain blame and is the move toward privatizing education the wrong one to talk about all that and more earlier i spoke to adam bessie assistant professor of english at the college and a contributor to project censored twenty thirteen dispatches from the media revolution check it out. talk about our education policy under the bush administration we had no child left behind which was pretty much a joke because it did exactly the opposite of that now under the obama administration we've seen already duncan push race to the top is this
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a better policy or are kids still being left behind i don't even know by the way thanks for having me on i really appreciate it i don't even know if you can distinguish the policy right frankly i think i've been saying that. race the top is basically no child left behind rebranded i mean even think about the names come from the same metaphor race to the top no child left behind as if education were a race or competition policy wise that fair is out as well as the policies both seek to increase competition standardization. pretty much everything you'd expect except who are much like oh how obama's policies in foreign in foreign policies appear because obama appears to be. kinder and friendlier then bush has in fact escalated his foreign policy in much the same way he has escalated is education bush's education policy so you can consider it to be educational drone
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warfare where the students are turning into the drones but that's ridiculous it's very true yeah the rebranding effort i mean i guess it just goes on every single facet of his visitation it seems like there's so much frustration about the public education system that people are pushing for the only alternative that they hear about which of course is this privatization what is the danger of treating education like a commodity though. well then students become a commodity. i mean education educational system and our communities are how we form young people and if we standardized tests we standardized our children i know that sort of. slogan more than anything but as a community college professor i'm not just a researcher i mean i'm on the ground i just got out of a class ten minutes ago working with many of my students failed the standard access to high school proficiency test numerous times and they had very little exposure to critical thinking and very little exposure to an educational system that was
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enjoyable or valued the sort of complicated lives we have so the danger is is that the kids get fit into this standardized mold or like many other students i have now they're just simply shoved out and disenfranchised from the educational system and from opportunity so again the danger of commodifying education in the one hand we can modify our children on the other hand we open up education to the marketplace and to corruption and there are many cases i could cite specifically about once the schools are given to private and all sorts of nefarious corruption outputting absolutely and it really lacks that human element when you apply numbers to take kids i mean standardise has a huge point of contention right now there is that massive stitchers strike in chicago that was a one of the points that they were striking it's obviously controversial but how does racial and economic inequality play a role in the standardization of students. well i mean it fits perfectly with what i just said a moment ago the students that tend to fit into the standards and do well in them
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are in the rich white neighborhoods the many the students i work with come from neighborhoods where they had intense poverty i've had homeless students they tend to be black and brown the linguistic minorities and when you look at the schools that are under the most intense pressure to reform the schools that have this make or break standardized testing where if they don't meet certain scores the school is closed when the teachers are put under the most draconian measures these tend to be in impoverished black and brown neighborhoods such as in oakland right down the street from us and such as in washington d.c. where you are in fact during the process of writing my chapter for project center twenty thirteen i spoke with d.c. teacher under condition of anonymity she was afraid of getting fired and she's evaluated based on the progress of her students on standardized tests and her students just fifty students in a class first of all which is unreal secondarily they mostly come from the projects
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out in d.c. and many of the students have. you know that forty percent poverty rate in these areas they come from and yet every six weeks they've got to take standardized tests instead of talking about the murders many of them see the poverty and so what ends up happening is these reform measures like race the top notes are left behind and increasingly these no excuses charter schools what they end up doing is disenfranchising the people that they are promoted to be in franchising it leave very children behind that are supposedly not being left behind by this policy yeah you just really articulated it perfectly about you know the confidence of the teachers are really does affect and of course it's always falling back on the teacher success or failure and what about parenting and the role of the children's life at home on the parenting skills i mean all these things play a role into their fish and see their ability to score well on these tests i want to talk to you about bill gates. someone who's invested over five hundred million dollars i mean this was a staff from two years ago to the charter school business does philanthropy like
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this shift public opinion i mean is he influencing people to think that this is the answer and really what's behind this investment. very good question and first of all to your point about the teachers being disenfranchised yes the teacher i talked to is very very disenfranchised and teacher confidence in general is at an all time low which is obvious just talking to my colleagues and in studies that come out in terms of your question regarding bill gates he had something to do with this recently there was a film that you may have heard. that focused on michelle rhee and focused on these amazing schools charter schools called waiting for superman this film was was a huge i mean a success documentary wise was going to be nominated for awards and bill and melinda gates put two million in it this is only a very small part there and i wouldn't call it a philanthropic agenda i would call it a policy agenda just as we don't call the n.r.a. a philanthropic institution because there are forty certain see aims i would not
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call the bill and melinda gates in general in terms of education philanthropic institution their forwarding specific policy and in order to get this into the public consciousness they've spent according to the new york times report two years ago eighty seven million dollars on complicity a lot that goes into things like waiting to superman and it goes into buying numerous puppet bloggers that receive money and even most recently there was a report about a scarred charter school for me in silicon valley that charter school was funded by i don't want to gates in part every member of staff there on the board of directors at some connection of microsoft i don't want to gates and p.b.s. news hour in which this piece was aired is sponsored by i don't want to gates and even the company the news production company was sponsored by bill melinda gates so we don't have the pap and his you have this collusion bill and melinda gates supporting the media coverage education and the schools themselves and working on
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putting certain policies into place and those policies are very much in line with race the top no to left behind and they're very focused on breaking down teacher union. teachers' unions are very focused on increasing the role. and turning public education into a private marketplace absolutely i mean they want to see the return on their investment a huge want to what better way to control the media outlets that are pushing it forty years ago adam finland transform its education system to more personalized teacher to student learning since then i mean it shot up highest in the world with reading math science is this the answer i mean are they on to something here is this where we should be going we have about a minute left you know i mean i talked with the sooners minister of education policy solver who's written a wonderful book on this topic called finish lessons but to summarize they've pretty much done everything we don't do the kids don't go to school tell seven years old they're no standardized tests if they the teachers teach less than
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anywhere in the world less hours the students don't you are more focused a lot of creativity group learning and project based learning the funny thing though the irony is in talking to process all the work you told me you know we called all these ideas from you from america we're going to ideas that are greatest innovations comes from john doing american scholar and he said if you want to find american ideas in action come to fenway so the answer is not so far away from us wow that is amazing yeah we have originated the answer but it's so far away now in practice another the world that's obviously has it right thank you so much adam bessie amazing to have you on a system professor of english appreciate your time. thank you. thanks for watching and if you live in the d.c. area check out a visual for air act as aaron swartz on capitol hill from seven to nine pm tonight have a great night he thought he. played
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