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tv   [untitled]    January 22, 2013 1:00am-1:30am EST

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your favorite from our if you're away from your television just doesn't pass it by with your mobile device you can watch your t.v. anytime anywhere. islam is militant say more attacks on westerners planned in response to the french intervention in mali the west past actions in libya are increasingly blamed for the escalating north african crisis. brock obama kicks off his second term in office with promises to back them ocracy across the globe sparking concerns america's intervention policies are not likely to change during his coming years in office. israel goes to the polls in parliamentary elections but a lack of viable competition at a widespread feeling netanyahu is set for reelection has left many voters disenchanted with a system. that
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is standing in the russian capital here watching r t with me marina joshie a colorado linked militants who claimed to be behind a deadly hostage taking geria are promising more attacks on westerners in response to french intervention in mali at least thirty seven foreign nationals including french british and americans were killed during the terrorist siege of the gas plant that was stormed by algerian forces at a weekend in officials say the militants used weapons gathered in another african state of libya largest stockpiles of arms were smuggled from there in the chaos that followed the western backed toppling of the khadafi regime and as r.t. is probably boyko explains the recent surge of violence in africa comes as a consequence of western states previous involvement in the region. for seven or. you want to be. you wanted freedom you want an economic progress france great
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britain europe will always stand by the libyan people. but a regional crisis probably wasn't what mischief sarkozy anticipated when he was spearheading the military operation to topple moammar gadhafi although the former french president can't say that he hadn't been warned personally i play a significant role in establishing peace in those regions of africa should the situation in libya be unstable al qaeda will establish its rule bin laden will return and libya will be another afghanistan the terrorists will flood to europe cut to paris and almost two years later markets after his words could well be ringing in the areas of need what i saw was the successor francois hollande having just sent troops to mali france's new leader could well be learning that every action has a reaction. secu so not only did the french intervention in libya not help the
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democratic process which is what they said they were after but if actively opened up the floodgates for weapons stockpiles and fighters to leave the country and go south of the border this is a more to mali where the recently deployed french military were reportedly stunned by the technologically advanced weapons that are in the hands of their adversaries nobody seems to think that perhaps organized groups come from somewhere other than mali it seems they came across the nearby libyan border libya is as i say central to all this problem because all the plot of weapons it's been produced by the collapse of the darfur region but also a complete failure to establish any kind of real state you have essentially all the operating in different parts of libya and you have across much of this hour a situation where people have arguments where the interests of extenso bribery and corruption order grabs is common place gadhafi was bitter opponent all right it was
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ahmed groups whatever his faults and they now have the ability to use the chaos in libya to buy themselves a base the first effects were immediate a hostage crisis in algeria said to be in retaliation for the french offensive in mali has already claimed the lives of dozens of civilians taken captive i'm frightened of terrorism this is always been a problem for france whether it's iraq or sarkozy. i'm french i was born here and live here my culture is french but my origins are there and if i was there i wouldn't like another country telling me what to do. we're scared of anything that threatens us. france's global allies are showing signs of being sucked into the mali conflict british prime minister david cameron has already acknowledged that battling radical insurgency in the region could take decades rather than months and all this so that france can remedy the knock on effects from its libyan
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intervention. r t paris. the former you can bask in her t.l. geria graham han told my colleague and now way that he believes britain will continue its involvement in the north african intervention despite fears of being bogged down in the conflict i think the united kingdom will continue to support the french intervention what is britain's interests than. well i think britain's interest is in having stability on the on the if you like the southern flank of nato just across the mediterranean from from western europe. i don't accept these conspiracy theories about minerals i think it's really about knowing that we have we have stable neighbors stable neighbors but at the same time britain openly box rebels who are known to have sort of attachments to al qaeda and other islamist groups in syria. yes yes well if i say read anything
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at all more of a geo political in terms of security and not resources so where then why yes in syria no in algeria in mali well i think it's a different story this is not. an al qaeda linked islam the stop rising in syria it's all three people who want a different life they want to be rid of a tyrant. in charge of them and the story in mali is completely different this is. a foreign intervention by the al-qaeda linked terrorists themselves this is not just mali i'm striving to change the government political analyst john laughlin doesn't agree with the former ambassadors assertion that there are no extremists among western backed rebels in syria he says the west selective approach to which islam is forced to support has more to do with its geopolitical interests
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. i greatly enjoyed the ambassador's. discomfiture when you put him that question i mean he doesn't have an answer and the western governments do not have an answer to the question of it which is to say why do we support islamic or islamist rebels in syria and yet send troops into crushes in the midst rebels in mali there's no way of squaring the circle these are simply double standards for the by the same token why do we support last year the secession of south sudan but we suddenly send in troops to prevent the session of north mali these are political decision we are taking political decisions on the basis of our political vision and our friends and enemies and that's the reason why we do one thing in syria and the other thing in mali and as for encouraging stability i mean that really does take the cooking to say that you know we have practically the whole of the middle east including north
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africa in turmoil we have supported we the west have supported the great uprisings of the arab spring only to find that they the regimes they have produced have an important islamic element these conundrums which the west has not sold them is not sold and it is on the contrary making matters worse second time's a charm during his inauguration speech in washington president barack obama forcefully laid out the priorities for his second term in office now with a special stress on backing democracy around the world his pledges have already led to concerns of further u.s. involvement in foreign states are just bad she can explain. in his inaugural speech president obama sort of for spine it to those who have been wondering whether the u.s. will continue on the track of interventions here is what he said we will renew those institutions that extend our capacity to manage crisis brod for no one has a greater stake in a peaceful world than its most powerful nation. we'll support democracy from asia
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to africa from the americas to the middle east because our interests and our conscience compel us to act on behalf of those who long for freedom. so from asia to africa from the americas to the middle east that pretty much covers the whole world so we could potentially see interventions by the united states pretty much anywhere and one wonders how different it is from george w. bush's speech is about advancing freedom and democracy in the world which the u.s. has been doing mainly with bombs but president obama's remarks do not come as a surprise to those who've been following his policies in the last four years which included the u.s. in gauging the end undeclared wars since through targeted assassinations program in different countries and the u.s. making a so-called pivot to asia expanding its military prepays its presence in asia pacific to counter the rising influence of china's it's very interesting i've been listening to debase all kinds of panels in national media here about the future of u.s. foreign policy is about what the president should be or will be doing and there is
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a general sense that of course the u.s. will be intervening aware of it can't that's the idea that's being perpetuated it's not even a matter of debate really president obama signs off on a kill list every week and sets up new drone bases overseas and somehow his foreign policies are not perceived as aggressive and do not steer a debate here at home there's also this phony argument that you hear every now and then that president obama is not half as aggressive as george w. bush would have been or mitt romney would have been made and it seems there is a notion that as long as there are no u.s. boots on the ground as long as wars are fought either with a remote control or through proxies it's a success and it's not perceived as aggressive again president obama's hit and run style leave intervention was touted as a success then the u.s. ambassador died and it became more difficult to brag about libya and ignored the mess that we view it turned into so it very much seems like it's not about the
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president's actions it's about perceptions president obama talks beautifully and smiles beautifully how could he be aggressive so perceptions are the reality of politics here. openly criticizing barack obama may get into a whole lot of trouble at r.t. dot com we've got for you how one famous for it was shown the door for delivering a diatribe against the american president to. the south. it's decision time for israel with people across the country having to the polls in a snap parliamentary election but due to the limited time for campaigning and the failure of the opposition to unite behind
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a single strong candidate prime minister netanyahu his victory seems a foregone conclusion r.t. spotlessly reports on how a lack of change is left man israelis apathetic and disillusioned by the state of democracy in their country. the countdown has begun but instead of scanning the papers to brush up on who's saying what in the final hours before his radio's head to the polls. is searching for an apartment the twenty eight year old is desperate to move out of his parents' home but times are tough and he blames the government right i'm not going to vote i see who are the candidates and there is no one standing who represents me or who can change the general mood in the country. the recent political jostling that's all candidates need from one party to another induced even more pessimism in people like musharraf who have lost trust in israeli politicians the union between bibi netanyahu and his foreign minister avigdor lieberman into biederman government the return of leave me for my opposition leader
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back into the fray just a few months after announcing her time and only frustrated and already election where we public many israelis don't believe that the present politicians and parties. have any really new solutions to the big problems facing israel security spirit economic issues. but among all the uncertainty one thing is certain for the disenchanted voters and i also feel like the outcome is pre-determined everyone knows not and you know who is going to win for them or the apathy based on the belief that netanyahu will almost certainly when has led experts to worry about the state of his way to democracy. there are some populations designing these really society if you take a certain sort of the ultra orthodox presenters that turns out to vote is very high it's above eighty on the other hand when you look at the middle class the youth and the arabs the presenters is around sixty. and those figures only help
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netanyahu and his allies of course there are parties who are ready to oppose the government's policies one of their merits boasts that a vote for them is a secure vote against netanyahu and a leadership that will destroy israel first of all are is aleisha in the war will continue. there will be no solution to the palestinian problem and the economic and social gaps between rich and poor will get to much wider and deeper such merits is expected to win only around five percent of the votes in a recalled field of fifty four parties that are running in these elections netanyahu is partially is expected to get only about a quarter of the seats in the parliament but with other political forces being shattered into rival factions this is still going to be enough for him to continue in power the coalition effort on yahoo is expected to build would have a very slim majority but it would still give him the mandate he needs to map out this country's next four years but the paradox of the selection is that the
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candidate say to win is not particularly liked by most of the country policia r.t. tel aviv's while the issue of israeli settlements on the west bank was among the most pressing ones during this election campaign but politics aside actor and director in iraq a more now and for his prime videos decided to take an unorthodox look at the whole land expansion issue i will talk to the author himself later in the day but here's a quick look at what he can expect later here on r.t. . i'm here with some investors from england ok i'm here to show you bio most of my books are doing this area and you know george bush. not you know an exception ok same distinct solution who cares what she was about to do so would a lot of us in our. own car. well
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still ahead for you this hour though cell blanketing the u.k. causes transport chaos and heaps of problems for public services. and making billions from hunger while speculators crème profit from skyrocketing food prices millions starve across the globe all that after a short break. there are twelve cities in the united states in which half of the people with hiv aids live with. this with
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this is a problem that. is substantially preventable it was like the big elephant in the room and nobody wanted to talk about they were really good public health campaigns people were really focused on this problem you certainly should be able to have a lot less a lot less human suffering. live live
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. live. live . live. live live live. live. live.
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live. live live live live live . well welcome back if you're joining us you're watching our two live from moscow travel chaos mistaken over europe which remains paralyzed by snow and freezing temperatures it's been especially tough for the u.k. where hundreds of flights have been canceled and rail and road networks have been brought to a standstill artists are first reports from london. all across the united kingdom right now right phillip things like this like kid in london everywhere covered in
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this blanket is snowy but was this looks absolutely beautiful it's being causing chaos around the country going on five thousand schools are being placed planes are being grounded the trains that being delayed as once again persons transport system creaks under the pressure of a little bit of snow causing havoc to commuters as we've been finding out anything is ludicrous and points to hope whenever i think it's ridiculous other countries seem to manage i think we should catch up about the very good to smaller. flights the whole absolutely insane thing about half a century around the place anyway so you know we have to travel to get the sources out of the way. but none the person who seems to like the phone with us now. from rochester on to. the train starts to take the train to some pancras. then let me go from the underground to here i guess i'm going to go back about why but
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it's not just commuters of course being affected as the cold weather continues some economists are concerned that as people struggle to get into work on time with shops and restaurants having to close early that this could impact an already fragile economy and it looks like the cold weather is here to stay a little bit longer the met office of ishita severe weather warning of course large parts of the country looks like much of the chaos we've seen over the past couple of days but to continue to prevail once again when it comes to britain a little bit of snow can cause a lot of trouble so if. london. now is take a look at some other stories from around twenty five percent have been arrested after trying to anger an air force base near the turkish city of a diner where u.s. troops are sampling two patriotic missile batteries to be deployed near the syrian border earlier the first of six p. to be our batteries along with german troops arrived in the port city of as
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kunderan were protesters voiced their anger over and her stance against damascus turkey has been a staunch critic of the assad regime and has openly supported the rebels. in syria itself rebels continue to target pro-government facilities with the latest suicide bombing having killed at least thirty people in the western city mia that's according to the u.k. based syrian observatory for human rights which also reported an explosion in damascus but provided no immediate information on casualties the incident follows an arab league statement that he won efforts to and the conflict has failed to bring even a glimmer of hope. a pilot has been killed in three passengers injured after a helicopter crashed into a house in the brazilian city of some pow no one on the ground was hurt in the incident authorities are investigating what forced the aircraft down the city as one of the world's largest private fleets of helicopters used to avoid heavy
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traffic is that the employees of investment banking giant goldman sachs are in line for a bonus boost for what seen as profiting on a crisis surging prices of staple foods and growing shortages are proving to be a silver lining for bankers despite manny around the world being left to starve or explains. the employees of goldman sachs investment bank are in for some happy times their salaries have reportedly been raised and almost half a million dollars worth of annual bonuses are to be paid out all because in twenty twelve the company made about four hundred million dollars from investing its clients' money in a range of products known as soft commodities such as read and maize to coffee and sugar but what's good for bankers is damaging the global food situation say experts and many claim major investment players are contributing to a global food emergency the united nations has warned that the world could be on the brink of a major hunger crisis this year after poor harvests in the united states and ukraine food prices already surged last summer with cereals hitting
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a record high in september last year food cost sixteen percent higher than in twenty ten and more than twice as expensive as a decade ago even after adjusting for inflation with almost a billion people already starving such a forecast could make things catastrophic worse and the latest controversy with goldman sachs has once again we ignited the debate on what actually stands behind the hike in food prices organizations like food watch say they are not the only ones financial players around the world bear a lurch part of blame by investing astronomical sums of money into foodstuffs and speculating on the prices to make big profits in the last three years alone speculators have poured in as an extra hundred billion u.s. dollars into the sector and that is expected of driving prices even higher investment and central banks deny this saying futures trading is important for farmers and their bets have no effect yet the prices. bear scant resemblance to the natural growth in demand for food moreover they're already creating grounds for
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instability sparking protests and demonstrations for instance in several african countries including working faster in senegal bakers went on strike recently because of an eighty percent increase in the price of wheat so if this trend continues people will be unable to afford basic staple foods and if further harvest suffer too it's not hard to imagine the consequences for the world's hungry. and next our next crimes are in herbert expose more bankers who come out of dodgy deals looking sweet. u.s. attorney carmen says stealing is stealing whether you use a computer command or crowbar think this is a how the administration her department of justice behaves towards jeremy hammond towards wiki leaks towards barrett brown towards environmentalists towards other activists however they have no. let go the financial criminals they're not obeying the rule of law or even the rule of the constitution or even the spirit of the constitution they're just acting out as sociopaths and psychopaths and they're in
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any time they get caught they rewrite the law they rewrite the rules. coming up in a couple of minutes abbie martin's breaking the set. emission free a critic a sion free cruise for charges free. range month free risk free. to tide free. old free broadcast quality video for your media projects and free media and on to our t. dot com. what mystery is
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hidden deep the nice. visitors the north welcome here. traps laid for intruders. and the supernatural can arise from nowhere. can a human be possessed by the underwater spirit. mistress of the cave on r.t. .
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if you live on one hundred thirty three bucks a month for first ice and try it because you know how bad you left that much i don't get any i mean. i am finally as i am sufficiently really messed up. in the very soft socially apologise to use a sec. worse we're going to. lie down to the. radio guy for a minute. what we're about to give you never seen anything like this i'm telling. you guys happy inauguration day everyone yet so very special day that comes only once every four years except this year it also happens to lie on martin luther king day so to celebrate this occasion president obama swore in with his hand over dr king's very own bible interesting but that's not the only but the bible obama uses
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just not extra part of a look he took the oath of office over president get his bible as well just to say better stack them bibles so well the saving grace be enough to turn his administration around well let's find out on a very special break in the said starting now. it looks like. you've never seen anything like it. so guys we're now in two thousand and thirteen that's a story going here for many reasons not only is it the fifty year anniversary since martin luther king's march on washington but also marks one hundred fifty years since those in slaves in this country were freed of the emancipation proclamation it's hard to believe how far we've come from a period of slavery to a period of racism.


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