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tv   [untitled]    July 2, 2012 9:00pm-9:30pm EDT

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well i'm joe marvin in washington d.c. and here's what's coming up tonight on the big picture the obamacare decision last week conservatives lashed out of chief justice roberts going over to the liberal side of the aisle but in reality he did them a huge favor one that some groups are already trying to capitalize on so where does the health care fight go from here also our republican governors going to put politics ahead of the well being of millions of americans and where super pacs worse than mafia hit man all that and more in tonight's edition of the politics and thousands of acres have burned to the ground from the colorado wildfires seventeen
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people died this week into the hands of free east coast storms a wildfires and super cell thunderstorms the new face of weather in the era of global warming. you need to know this over the past month chief justice john roberts may have changed his mind on obamacare c.b.s. news reporting the roberts initially sided with the conservatives on the court to strike down the entirety of president obama's affordable care act before changing his mind and switching sides a few weeks ago to uphold the law according to c.b.s. roberts kept a close eye on media coverage of the court leading up to the decision and one source close to the court suggested that roberts may have changed his vote to keep the court's reputation intact but ultimately roberts also did conservatives a huge favor they realize it or not by upholding obamacare roberts kept in place
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the for profit health insurance system which could have been overturned a few years had the health care crisis in america continue without action and most importantly by designating the individua. mandate is a tax roberts gave the republicans a chance to repeal obamacare through reconciliation meaning republicans would only need a simple majority in the senate to get rid of the law no filibuster allowed this is a point i made on this show last week. by throwing this in of the realm of tax had it stayed in commerce clause it could be filibustered when it hits the senate now did this not of this in the realm of tax it's only going to take a simple majority so for publicans get the senate they will repeal it so a that was a huge you know big wet kiss on the mouth of the republicans by john roberts but throwing in a tax and. sure enough minority leader mitch mcconnell was listening here's what he had to say sunday on fox so-called news the chief justice said it's
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a tux taxes are clearly what we call reconcilable that's the economy sure that can be kind of personhood with fifty one votes in the senate and if i'm the leader of the majority next year i commit to the american people that the repeal of obamacare will be job one so as much as president obama hoped that the supreme court's ruling last week would put an end of the debate it's only just reignited multimillionaire lobbyist dick army's tea party astroturf group freedom works has already laid out a strategy to repeal obamacare it begins at a state level with step one being preventing states from setting up obamacare exchanges these exchanges are critical to obamacare as they open up free markets where people can buy health insurance plans at lower costs much like members of congress do right now and can't be denied insurance for preexisting conditions so far only two states have a health insurance exchange set set up and running all twenty nine states have nothing and republican governors in five states florida kansas louisiana oklahoma and wisconsin have so far said they will refuse to set up
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a free market health insurance exchange in their states step two is to prevent states from expanding medicaid coverage for low income people under obamacare states are given huge amounts of free money from the federal government to expand medicaid coverage individuals making up to one hundred thirty three percent above the poverty line around forty thousand dollars a year for a family of four if you make that amount or less it would mean that your health insurance is free unless your republican governor turns down the money so if states decide to turn down the free money for political reasons it could limit just how many americans end up getting health insurance thanks to obamacare already republican governors in ten states including florida louisiana mississippi nevada south carolina and others have said that they intend to opt out of the medicaid expansion the more states the follow the less effective obama became. bamma care becomes steps three four and five to repeal obamacare according to the koch brothers funded freedom works all deal with the november election step three is to
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elect four more republicans to have a repeal proof image over bold majority in the senate which is what mitch mcconnell was talking about when he said he did use reconciliation to repeal obamacare with fifty one votes step four is to retain the house republican majority which is likely because corporate billionaire funded super pacs will spend hundreds of millions of dollars to defeat progressive and democrats around the country and step five is to defeat president obama thanks to citizens united for the first time in american history an incumbent president will be out fundraised in his reelection efforts which bodes well for conservatives who want to get rid of his signature achievement health care reform so what all this tells us is not only is the fight over obamacare just beginning but because john roberts declared tax which can't be filibustered in the senate republicans actually have a fairly decent shot at repealing it and even though there montra has been repeal and replace it could really care less about replace again here was what senate minority leader mitch mcconnell said on sunday when pressed on what republicans
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would do for the tens of millions of uninsured americans who would lose coverage of obamacare was repealed. the single biggest step we could take in the direction of improving american health care is to get rid of this but modified race or your talk about repeal and replace not how would you provide universal coverage. i'll get to in a minute but i just want to ask what specifically are you going to do to provide universal coverage to the thirty million people who are uninsured. that is not the issue so for the hundred five million americans who have preexisting conditions the tens of millions who can't afford health insurance on their own and the six million kids who are now on their parents' plans thanks to obamacare repeal is a life and death issue but the republicans in the senate minority leader mitch mcconnell it's not the issue instead it's all about using sick people as a club to beat up the president so an oligarchy like multimillionaire mitt romney can become president this fight is just beginning. for more on the republicans
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reaction to obamacare and the rest of the stories the big the big stories of this week it's time to turn things over to our political panel on panel tonight are horace cooper conservative commentator and senior fellow at the national center for public policy research and richard followed progressive strategist notion host of the richard followership thank you both for joining me tonight let's talk obamacare despite the supreme court ruling the right seems fully committed to repeal mcconnell has promised to use reconciliation to do it a new reuters report or poll shows that obamacare has jumped up in popularity five points here's what paul ryan had to say about repealing obamacare. we disagree with the notion that our rights come from governments that the government cannot grant us and to find our rights those are ours those come from nature and god according to the declaration of independence ok he's going to go to the declaration of life liberty and the pursuit of happiness i can have the right to life and not have health care or you know this is an amazing thing you walk through all of the different things that you accuse republicans of doing and yet this bill is more in
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popular than it is been in a while it may get a temporary bump as a result of the recovery in the supreme court but the truth of the matter is the american people do not want this a majority of them do not and they will not be a political consequence other than a reward to the republican party for standing up for or any people any members of congress who happen to stand opposed to that which are just you know i think that's a that's a good argument and i think it's a straw man because i think republicans have or the american problem with obamacare because the public at the demonize that with the actual facets of the bill the people actually like case in point a lot of middle class homes like the fact that three million young people can go back on their parents' health care insurance or the people who have young children like the back of their kid who has asthma can still get health care or a person who was as an adult who was as well even trying to cherry pick this bill and visit god it's not a matter of better to begin with well that's exactly what it will just ask whatever you want because that will do when asked the american people know what i'm going to
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tell you the thing to do in the america you say is they have a branding problem and the leader isn't ready to talk about the specific they don't have a brain and you're out of line that you're american people don't like the idea of the mandate the american people don't like the idea that the federal government is dictating because the american people don't like care then fewer than one percent of the american people are going to end up with a mandate. to actually do this naturally if you work in the health care industry you're going to be replete with mandates from the federal government telling and chooses what percent of products that you're going to provide your people in massachusetts are paying the mandate not only talking about the mandates and intimately and i talk about the many people the i'm talking about a mandate that says the insurance provider. there is going to have a policy that covers this and this and this a mandate that says yes there you have to yes. secretary sebelius has already indicated that she believes that this bill gives her the the right to go to insurance companies and say this is an acceptable insurance policy and it covers x. and y. do you think i should and it was over and i said i'm going home for you and i was
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free not that you will pay that up so that's absurd but the power that's given to children how are those given to secretary sebelius says that you cannot charge somebody a ridiculous amount to give the health care insurance it's basically protecting the consumer so that you can you don't pay you get a fair health care in the industry you're going to pay the price for that you're going to be there later years but you're gone you know yes you are is this every one of the fundamental and totally if not true this is flatly not true that you were able to increase the number of people who had it was you know there's a lot for the fast and the tax is a problem with a. supervisor i'm going to make a run for the rail on having bureaucracy we need to get rid of the bureaucracy to make that we can streamline things that's exactly what the affordable care act does it says the insurance companies going to care every dollar on overhead you offer that's what it that's what i think it was i mean it of bureaucracy and it's precisely because of that's just not the religious freedom mandate and the disputes over that through all of these this is a lot of what are you going to claim that we where do you find out what is in the
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bill i said what it was passive use your wedgie issues and your perceived these strong lives are taken to the election and the american to be friendlier liz cheney has nothing to do with it all it says that if you already got the organization you have the right to get health care that's all it says no you define differently what constitutes health care treatment right after that as a woman right there you believe that who actually did analysis and even even that horus and you know this if you're running a church you can discriminate against when it's it's it's perfectly legal it's only when the church decides to run a stonehill it's all on the government's i see ospital it is then we are you going to. status and as a church to say this is our shield it's only when the federal government decides jesus you're feeding people with a miracle that's not just not that's not religion if jesus is going around yelling the federal government is that's not ministerial at the end of the day went down does not have that of the public and say repeal repeal repeal they have absolutely
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positively nothing to replace it with because there's no other policy that could that there's been now that's out in the public in the public sphere that will allow for people with preexisting conditions to get health care under current health and join with us that what i was have been given is no he didn't give you want to let it get me to spray the water you then the reality here better than anybody that could have created a lot of history years presented an alternative why on earth when the laos please. give me guess what i'm telling you the one republican what is that and maybe if i could point was they have a comprehensive plan well that is why i started i thought were friends of what is it i thought it really interesting that chris wallace was asking mitch mcconnell what is your plan to provide universal coverage as if chris wallace and fox news were so mean that there should be universal coverage when mitch mcconnell so that's not the issue was me saying we republicans have no intention of providing but i can't speak for mitch mcconnell and we republicans what i can tell you is that there is a dispute in america over whether or not you should be allowed to ascertain whether
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whether health care summit willingness or not before you get the benefits there ought to be some differential in price between those individual who have an illness day and they get was right we've got to get those out to get a break here well we'll resume in just a moment more from the politics panel after birth. download the official anti obligation to go on the phone all i pod touch from the i choose ops to. watch on t.v. life on the go. video on demand on t.v.'s mine gold comes and says feeds now in the palm of your. question on all t.v. dot com. did cool stories in here
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we want to present. something else. blog about the politics panel on our pals and i horace. conservative commentator and senior fellow at the national center for public policy research and richard follower progressive strategist and host of the richard foller show out of washington d.c. we had radio that is correct and way cool that is ok let's talk medicaid expansion ten red states have promised to opt out medicaid of course medicare is the program for people over sixty five medicaid is the program for people who make you know basically wal-mart wages who can afford to buy health insurance or you know live at after slightly above or below the poverty line if other red states ten states have said that they're not going to take federal money now to opt out of this expansion if other red states jump on board as many as nine million americans could end up without health insurance even though at the federal level we have all collectively
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through we the people our government said let's provide them with free health insurance sixteen democratic governors have said that they will join the program and we have these nine republicans who've said no why horace let me ask you this question why would republicans rather play politics than do what's best for the people actually it's not about politics in fact you see the progressive they were pushing this were wrong when they argued that they could force states to do this and the supreme court ruled that they could not this is a very very costly program it is time consuming it is bureaucrat intensive it requires a lot of the resources of the state to match those that are being given this is the mandate of all mandate is no match. for me for. the truth of the matter is that the states do get this money because states can set up their exchange where they see fit to set the exchange up as long as they follow some of the rules that are in the affordable care act but actually it really just boggles the mind especially in a state like florida where you have a lot of one employed you a lot of that are below the poverty line that a governor wouldn't take money coming from the government that would help children
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and working families get health care like i just don't understand what's going through their head as to why they won't take the money from the federal government programs like here's a check to help you cover medicare or medicaid or for individual in your place i don't want to take federal money for. high speed really matter as it was that was one of the issues in this supreme court ruling whether or not the federal government could mandate that the states implement this through the medicaid expansion as such are they what the federal government said was you take the money or you lose all of them i just said that that's not a mandate that's that's simply a consequence now that's a mandate that's a mandate and what the court said i mean the court said by seven or so and i'm going to what this wait a second are down there we do have a ruling seven to two the court said that the federal government did not have the authority to do that and that you. know that's a fact it is built upon the sovereignty of the states to be able to carry that out and the reason that the states both in the reason of that lawsuit initiated itself
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as i said is precisely because it does require matching resources not dollar for dollar but matching resources on the part of the state in implementing this and those states have to get those resources not from outside of their states but from within their nation if if jefferson wrote that the purpose of government was life liberty the pursuit of happiness and in modern day america life means access to health care shouldn't this be responsibility of government should be the responsibility of government tom and i think that this go this reminds me very some little something to happen a couple years ago when the federal government wanted to change the drinking age of twenty one across the country and they tied the drinking age to the highway bill you have tried to transportation and a lot of states like louisiana but chose not to take them up to not to raise drinking age and then there although i was fall apart and they were forced into a sort of they had to take the highway money these states are making a political argument that these governors are making a very very on educated political argument in order to score points for the election but what's going to boil down to is the health of people in their state are going to it's going to go down when that goes down as
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a lot of them believe their state hopefully saying i can't live here because i'm going to other states where i can get free health care i mean that's what it was a very long watch this is exactly what people like jefferson intended for us to have experiments and watch one state do one thing another do another if california and other. progressive states want to have a come here and receive all of these free nice most of these are big ones by these sixteen democrat governors i assume many of them have progressive attitude and therefore we're going to see what happens whether people run from florida or run to texas these are the kinds of differences that are going to occur but they are going to occur precisely because the states and their elected government get to decide whether they're going to risk their resources there's a credible element of lead to zoom in that argument because that is a service let me just explain that assumes that people can run what do you what do you know what are you saying to the people of medicaid is for poor people they they by definition don't you know don't have that kind of mobility medicaid is a wonderful idea that was created in the sixty's that is falling apart and now when
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you can't wiggle around it could be for poor people it's a terrible it's a terrible solution for poor people independent it's read it more heroic than what poor people really should be free to buy their health insurance policy of money they don't have really given the opportunity to become independent people so that they can make a choice instead of waiting in line where the. question for you is that if you go i have given away i have a very simple question for you please explain what you say to the single mother who works the night shift at wal-mart stocking the shelves at her i'll let me finish that everybody for progress is making a harder time for you and your children to have an opportune right and her child has asthma and she can afford health care insurance and wal-mart is the provide said health care i'm sure every somehow i know how do you do you know do you mean that you know it's intended to undermine what meaning one million people in this in this country and i do you want my money to you for what you gloves off and i'm sorry that i'm sorry that we are all compassionate person but i mean you have we're
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not compassionate you take other people's resources and give them fashion is taking your own resources the republicans have done there i don't know if there are enough progressive millionaires at all america that we could deal with the tax hike you should take it off the table if you violent. terribly we're going to get you won't you do everything you can to trick us into the source which is about as conservative as when this whole this when this whole all their years demagoguing tax of the true the matter is taxes the price you pay to be an american that tax is the price that you pay for being loaded but for being out voted by people who want what you have made what you want you might have been handed i don't live in the real world you take the no i want to that's paid for by tax dollars do you take the metro those people but i don't think ever do you go to the smithsonian museum is paid for by travelers. i mean all the things that you talk about the does your travel what do you recall about actually going to public school there is tax dollars i just understand the republicans make this argument about why taxes the horrible traumas all the programs like the police from did you guys not call the
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police i don't know if they all get it is you progressive that want to make the people even close to a federally answer it is not have made a lot of. anyone the tax dollars by tax dollars generated at the local level and sometimes those tax dollars aren't income tax i think i think those are not all of this conversation it's not i mean it's not like capital is highlighting the differences in world view which i think is great let's take let's carry that over to super pacs if we could according to a new study period science daily super pac political attack ads are far more effective than political attack ads run by candidates the reason why is that when a candidate runs a tack at and has to attach their name to the beginning or end of it is what's called a black a backlash effect where people go first is being nasty whereas if it comes from the american center for better life then there's no backlash against the candidate there's actually more effective so before citizens united candidates and parties were required to stand by their negative attack ads not anymore is it good for our
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democracy that the supreme court has basically given campaigns the power to hire political who can scare the hell out of voters and lie and distort frankly under the guise of free speech with complete anonymity and no consequence. first amendment has always. i think super pacs are absolutely horrible and i think you know for the fact that republicans are beating up on john roberts he was the one that gave them their super pacs and gave them the fact give corporations voices i mean corporation people in this country and basically they've given as they've given corporations an extra vote in the american in the american political system the idea that corporations get a vote in their own voice of their people is a stems from decisions back in the eighty's to make up the idea that john roberts came i don't know if that's not is a ridiculous amount to answer your point i think that it is likely that today it's popular to use super pacs and you can get away with things but in a few years maybe even in a few months the american people will be just as unhappy about negative ads coming from unnamed sources as they are coming from name sources i trust the american
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people they will listen to information they'll look at it but fundamentally as i started off with it is a first amendment right for you to stand up make your argument if it's false the american people can be trusted to decide that if you don't think advertising works i did not say that i said fundamentally i don't think the american people i do not believe. would be able to see through i do not believe that people who buy a soft drink who have no interest in soft drinks i do believe that you might be able to help them pick among coca-cola or pepsi by using advertising and regulate expenditures from corporations whether they're unrelated or not doesn't have any impact there whether it has nothing to do with whether or not they have impact if you tell something to someone that they know one of their own and their own what are. you going to come away with you can't persuade them no matter how you try a corporation can give a billion to create a super pac and say that burning coal burning coal doesn't hurt the economy three
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hundred million americans hundred million americans can put three dollars together they've got a billion dollars and they can do the opposite this whole hearing is a one line were just same one that said a couple minutes ago that the poor will the poor the poor wal-mart worker who. it's a vote is stupid because she both progressive not to say she was stupor you said i did not say you shouldn't do but i said if i had any advice to give you advice would be to stop supporting the very people who undermine who limited opportunity are saying that yes i do trust the american and well known for you clearly that you don't trust her decision to vote democratic and we will watch as this election and you're going to watch that is where can people are more likely and specially at the working class level are more likely to reject this progressive edition of the matter as much as the american people to what we're seeing from recent polls that all the advertising goes out about bain capital and it was for the economy while it was for the middle working class the american you're sort of negative in battleground states in the midwest go up on mitt romney because they know he's the wrong person around the world that way till a billion dollars comes falling out of the sky we will see any liberators or isn't
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it time to thank you guys. thank you richard. it's time for some air sacs really there's a new bar on battle sweeping the nation we're supposedly masters of the bedroom can show off their sultry skills for all to see welcome to the world of the air sex world championships a so-called sport that challenges contestants to show off their best moves on an imaginary partner contestants have about two minutes to impress the crowd and judges are based judged based on their imaginary foreplay intercourse and overall energy chris true the founder of the air sex world championships told of impose that air sex will be an olympic sport one day we're going we're giving these people
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a platform to glory they're getting a stab at start of the championships are being held across the country with upcoming events in cities like atlanta and even here in washington d.c. or has it that in response to the new craze republicans of introduce the say no to air sex bill on the floor of the house. coming up this weekend freak storms caused a path of destruction from ohio to washington maybe nearly three million people without power meanwhile in colorado the worst wildfires in that state's history and t.v. to rage so far these disasters just weather streams are the new norm under global warming.
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