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tv   [untitled]    June 6, 2012 12:00am-12:30am EDT

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revolution returns to egypt as hundreds of thousands rally into a square with deepening political and religious divisions an ominous warning of more trouble to come. as one of the major contributors to wiki leaks faces his latest aiding and enemy hearing washington gets caught red handed with a very selective approach to handling classified data. and some of your leading powers with russia and china in the driving seat gather to thrash out security as a counterbalance to the political grandstanding of the west.
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on air and online twenty four hours a day this is out. hundreds of thousands of egyptians have packed into the now iconic square in cairo running for the death penalty for former president hosni mubarak and leading the protests were the country's islamists out in force ahead of the looming presidential vote in the country and he could to capitalize on burgeoning unrest ati's tom barton is into. thousands of protesters have converged here to race where in the center of cairo you can hear the sounds of protests reverberating around the square around me a real feeling of anger in the streets tonight and it's primarily focused around the verdict in the mubarak trial hosni mubarak egypt's former president is now going to spend the rest of his life in prison it seems unless the protesters get
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their way at least some of them wanting to do a bit more of a back than that and to get in the death penalty and what really set the more was six of his senior security officials who were acquitted of involvement in the deaths of hundreds of protesters in egypt's revolution last year this also added tension around these protests because very shortly egypt will enter the second round of its presidential elections but many people here are expressing a lot of frustration that they see the choice in those elections as being really no choice at all one candidate mohammed morsi is from the muslim brotherhood he's been trying to garner support here at the protests going around the crowds saying that if he was elected president he would drag mubarak back to trial and try and how often execute it which has struck a chord with some of the protesters however he has received criticism from
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a wide wide number of groups as well they see the muslim brotherhood as religiously conservative and warn that they may try and hijack this revolution the other bed shafique is mubarak's last prime minister and a former air force officer the protesters just as angry about him they say that he could well be or should well be barred for standing in these presidential elections but his links to the old regime are simply. to close and that he's going to have a lot of convincing to do to try and make people believe that he's not in with the old regime and the military council that's ruling out the moment this atmosphere has brought people out not just here in the capital but all over age it this was intended to be a million man march tonight we're not sure whether a million of have turned out it doesn't seem that it's that many but it certainly is a huge protest and
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a real real ignition of the spirit of protest against what is seen as very little change compared to what was wanted for last year's revolution. and then contributing editor of foreign policy in focus dot org says it's likely that the military is working to extend the egyptian m.p.'s there for extend its rule over the country if your feet is removed then of course you have no choice but that the military council stays so i do think that the military has set things up in such a way that they will continue as a major force how much of a major force i think depends on those people who are out there in the squares and what finally comes out of this election my concern is that if the military or the police decide to provoke something with the demonstrators then you might have a shift in the direction of shafeeq because people are concerned about stable ity
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excedrin keep in mind these demonstrations did not start over the question of democracy they started over a question of bread of unemployment poverty except or a so this is not just about roses this is about bread and that has not gone away. well another regional hotspot syria allows humanitarian aid workers into the country as an aid to the nation of violence as a fragile cease fire is left hanging by a thread from syria coming up shortly. and america's defense chief cozies up to india's leadership as a string of bad luck leaves the u.s. short of bases ahead of its military move into the asia pacific. we can take supporters are assembling their forces on wednesday as bradley manning one of the major contributors to the website faces his latest hearing he's charged with twenty two separate crimes including aiding the enemy which is
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a capital offense but in a culture never reports washington's interpretation of the freedom of speech the pen's on who you actually are. from a former cia officer who questioned waterboarding to suspected we can take small bradley manning the obama administration has waged an unprecedented war on whistleblowers prosecuting more of them under a spanish laws than old previous administrations combined but it seems one man snitch is another man's spin doctor the problem with the current situation with the current white house is they have leaked classified information several times when it suits them to do so one of those with what was the thing with the book obama's wars done by bob woodward where they played out two chapters of information about current operations and also with the kathleen bagel bigelow project regarding seal team six takedown of ben lauder last year at this time the film in question which is titled as zero dark thirty covers last year's raid by u.s.
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commandos on the pakistani compound where some of bin laden was hiding the conservative watchdog judicial watch has obtained records revealing that hollywood filmmakers were given access to proof the undisclosed information about the operation oscar winning director kathryn bigelow and screenwriter mark boal were even granted at tour around the volt as cia building were tactical planning for the raid took place the film is out in december but was initially due to be released just weeks before november's presidential elections bad facts so some flak fly the administration's way while the entire project has raised concerns over the way intelligence is being used it's best that this kind of information particularly as it revolves around what's surrounding this movie remains classified it absolutely has to it's very unfortunate that it's coming out to be used for political purposes
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for a congressional election however there is nothing unusual about the defense department collaborating with the makers of hollywood blockbusters. it's a partnership that dates back to the middle of the twentieth century and it has proved effective the pentagon has what hollywood filmmakers won access to millions of dollars worth of military equipment to use in the movies and hollywood has what the pentagon once the endsleigh institution called its actions and attract millions of potential recruits in recent months to other movies about the navy seals long survivor and act of valor how for safety official assistance veteran hollywood reporter david robb says the pentagon has for a long time had access to the scripts of hollywood filmmakers to show the military in a better light and the american people are seeing hundreds and hundreds of thrones and television shows that have been sanitized by the military and to make military
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seem more heroic than it really is and never wrong and always good that this creates a false image in the american people's mind so while for some weeks we'll get true walked out others are trying to project patrick and propaganda on to the silver screen my integration archie reporting from los angeles california. remember the world's top whistleblower during the songs has is that into the show here in ality stay tuned the next hour for the latest edition. reach no terrorism and extremism both are on the table at the annual summit of eurasia six pioneering powerhouses this time being held in china the book known as the shanghai cooperation organization also touch upon global foreign policy with leaders of iran and afghanistan invited to join the gathering but it is and it's the our special reports now from beijing. we have
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a very busy day ahead of us were understand that. a state visit to china his first state visit as russia's president will be transforming into the summit of the sha high cooperation organization the organization which has celebrated its tenth year anniversary last year and definitely all sides all countries involved in this organization have been noting that the corporation has been very successful especially in this security field something which has been a burning issue for the central asian states and that's where we already know that there has been very great success in the talks between the leaders of the countries we're also expecting very many important meetings on the sidelines of the summit between putin and the presidents of ghana stan and iran the something which we of course will be bringing more information on a soon as we get it and this will probably be the main focus certainly this summit comes just a day after the start of official state visit to china these sites have managed to sign very important agreements and listing economic ties and have managed to
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exchange their views on many different global policy issues and reported that they have been seeing eye to eye on all those issues in particular certainly the growing military strength of the united states in the asian pacific region something which greatly concerns china russia is agreeing with beijing on that matter and certainly the developments in the middle east even if we didn't mention did that russia and china are seeing eye to eye on the syrian conflict such a strong relations between beijing and moscow have been causing some concerns in the west primarily because china is a growing developing developing state with its economy and military being stronger every year we are following certainly all the interesting developments during the summit in the next two days here and we'll be bringing all the latest information to our viewers as soon as we get it. well for more analysis on this now let's cross live to things our he who is an associate professor of international relations at the renmin university of china he joins us now from beijing thank you for joining
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us here on r.t. the summit of the shanghai cooperation organization is kicking off today how much leverage does the bloc really have on the international stage. i think of the importance of the shanghai cooperation organization is growing but it will be limited to the central asian region that you can use a car and we see these organizations draw more and more countries of tension and a number of countries demonstrated their interest joins us organizations but i think. in a number of years to come we need to a number of sunni communities organization strong understand of them why is just the sort of organizations but you largely its members and certain ways and also it's important is need to use this organization you just konami corporations because in the past years since organized resistance the single minded focus on security and the political. order to make this organization substandard we need to
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pick more attention to it canonical corporations or man the member states and the doctrine more options organizations when you mention security there and of course the summit will be focusing on tackling terrorism separatism the extremism in eurasia but how effective can it be in that in that forum. you know the. general speak in such an obvious so-called as you will scorsese. autonomous regions but in the past years with the corporations of promise the member states. are corporate owned organizations and the china's security situation into this. autonomous region of people has not necessarily related to good art there are terrorist activities. i think. we did a good job you can. so. extreme beaten and
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terrorism. our source a given situation in the general now president putin will be wrapping up his official talks the chinese leadership today and or judging from what we've heard so far what effect will putin's third presidential era have on russian relations in your opinion. you know also president putin is he did green job. nor for store as you know russians relations with china and i think we see you be. in a worse of a country is quite a trick when the way it's economic. or corporations particular of the trade between two countries that. are so it was a bit to come to use and made efforts to coordinate the diplomatic because our cooperation our number so you porton internationally she was solid person the board
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you did a good job think after he returned to the president president sees that and i think that's a key we'll continue to push forward to corporations between to can country and sad because i'm quite. quiet as possible to see if such a kind of a good relationship between china would continue are for the u.s. to car let's talk about the u.s. here i mean the states is shifting its military forces to the asia pacific quite clearly within their contracts already deployed to australia and the bulk of the countries fleets to be shifted to the region that should be concerned about that. yes. a sun rising country to try and answer quite concerned about the media move out of the united states you know you know shangri-la there are a lot of ghosts of a. defense minister. realty. the guidelines for the expanding at say you asked me to talk president's initial pursuit. it's a crowd of concerns and so it's
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a number of the pews are trying to separate the periphery is that we also see the united states more or less involved sort of disputes but on the other hand we're not so concerned we're marching you china continue to meet terror economic growth and you have put these harzi all the risk and i don't think it's such a kind of need to move horse are fundamental to china security now this corporation between russia and china i mean both of boosting their joint military might with naval drills being held back in april remember do you think this may prove useful given the us nato expansion in the asia pacific as a counterweight. but you know first clears i think are such a tender commuter train a corporation between china and the russians in the first place just don't send the bilateral relationship but on the other hand i don't think that such myths or reset
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joint exercises that are strong signal china and the russian want to send to the united states and other countries that. we expand since so you know as the minister of presence that you will pursue the turn of the russian i cannot say i don't think it will take some measures to counter but honestly grow you need to see just countries the histories tell us if one country is particularly the country we saw the chair cared about and they would do some sins that you. do right and we do something to to prevent to start a kind of you will soon see how are you supporting. ok we'll leave it there things are here so it's a professor of international relations that are running the university of china thank you for joining us thank you. i remember we have got all the latest stories and video on our website at r.t. dot com here's a taste of what's there if you right now just having juice for parliament do or
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spends an american session on the bill to regulate rallies and debate stuff then look beyond midnight. canada's twelve year old economist her views on the global financial crisis went viral after she criticized banks and governments from bob in the public. the syrian government has agreed to let aid workers into the country for the first time based in four cities hit hard by the violence among them is homes well since the rebels said they were abandoning the un's cease fire plan they have been violent clashes the security forces meanwhile syria has banned seventeen diplomats from u.s. britain france turkey and other states tuesday mask this is accused foreign powers
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of funding and arming the opposition fighters little east expert eric ali believes those countries are motivated by regime change in syria. when they. bear vassal states like group some talk about transition what they are effectively mean is regime change that is what they did in libya with dire consequences as we can see in their country today in syria the plan to bring both sides to the table and have a negotiated settlement is obviously the best way to move forward but the united states and britain and their other allies have put absolutely no pressure on the other side to come to the negotiating negotiating table and start a process of talks so it would appear to me that what we now have is an end game
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situation where the united states has decided to remove this regime and will use everything in aspire to do so. well as well as being a scene of ongoing violence syria has been locked in a so-called information war as the country's minister of information had told r.t. mainstream media coverage often clashes with the reality his fill interview is coming up later this hour but here's a preview for you. the very people responsible for deaths filmed their crimes and sent the footage to the media blaming the government for the atrocities and a recent study shows that ninety percent of satellite coverage on syria has nothing to do with the actual situation in the country it's all lies and fabrications this again proves that there is a real information more waged against syria with real facts being substituted with fabrications these lies and the only way for them to achieve their objectives in
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their war against syria the houla massacre is a good example of that that as soon as the first pictures of the massacre were released everybody started accusing the syrian army and security forces but we all know who was really behind this crime today the people of syria are targeted by terrorists who are armed and sponsored by regional powers like qatar saudi arabia and turkey as well as by western nations such as the us. now where the united states losing a slew of critical bases across central asia the pentagon has apparently lost a new drive to secure more allies defense secretary leon panetta he are torn india publicly asking you to take on a greater role in afghanistan but analysts say there's far more stake. india slated for a bigger role having lost pakistan supporter america's future in afghanistan threatened
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by a resurgent taliban the much touted to the asia pacific young rattling his question to reports now and just why america is so we get a cozy up to india. the world's got its eyes on india its the planet's biggest arms importer and is set to spend one hundred billion dollars on beefing up its military arsenal over the next decade while many weapon makers from far and wide are lining up to cash in on this need to modernize the united states has dash to the front of the pack. going through the. floor and our america. ships and all those who. grow up to the navy to many it's seen as part of the u.s. is bigger shift towards asia one that its defense secretary leon panetta is now touring the region to actively engage it in a chair you were
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a report issued by the american government of china is listed along with iran as one of the us is biggest adversaries the report also specifically singled out india as the main country washington would pursue as a strategic partner in the region the united states has already been thinking better of all amount of energy strengthening military ties with india it just told them time military transport planes for four point four billion dollars india also conducts the most military exercises with the united states than any other country many analysts say that it could be a way for washington to use new delhi to counterbalance its new enemy china. china you know. what it says that. for this includes. and. it wants to get used american influence in
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issue while india is happy to have partners to advance their arsenals many observers are watching the american interest with caution is one of india's biggest trading partner i mean we are neighbors big on each other. we should not be made a proxy rather power sooner. and i we should not frighten the buttons of americans and with americans i think got a big lining. it's a declining super bowl. and be able to. hold their ground and they ship by sort of medium as the united states continues to buddy up to india it looks like it could be using their new found friend to bully its enemy preassure either r t new delhi india. now look at some other top stories from around the world the white house has confirmed the death of al qaeda second in command after u.s. drone attack in northwest pakistan on monday. maybe was the target of the missile which hit a militant compound killing fifteen people tensions have increased between pakistan
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and washington over the last two weeks after america refused to stop strikes. moody's has downgraded the credit rating of german banks saying they face risks using crisis deepens the country's second largest lender commerce bank was among those named as well as three of austria is not just financial groups comes a day off the standard and poor's predicted one in three chance of greece leaving the eurozone countries general election like this one. well time now for the business is. thanks carol well as every morning we are following the asian markets which are the only one straight in right now so let's take a look at the latest figures and see what's happening there now as you can see right now the asian markets are extending choose the gains we have the nikkei that skated over one and a half percent and similarly with the hang seng getting just over one percent in
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hong kong we have property and consumer stocks them particularly well and now we have a weekly again which is question exports higher in japan now they had dropped after the group of seven finance ministers as well as central bank governors held a conference call meeting yes they suit discuss the euro zone as well as other matters and in fact japan's finance minister said that they are not opposed to tokyo taken action to curb excessive volatility in the yen as well as the sort of this as you said now moving on to the u.s. stocks there rose the left in the dow for its closing again the first one in five sessions there we can see that the nasdaq also added point six six percent and when it comes to investors they're also encouraged by a better. than expected data and the service sector and i have more of that when it comes to crude prices later on in europe the footsie was closed for the jubilee celebrations but of all recent trading later on today and then when it comes to the dax as you can see it closed lower and that's
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a following investors mainly focused on ninety seven conference call where ministers say that they work closer to monitor developments and what happens there now also later today the european commission will unveil a new proposals to make sure taxpayers' money isn't used to bail out failed banks they want to prevent banks from dragging down the entire system and the issue was highlights of course with the greece and spain let's not forget that spain is currently trying to find some one hundred billion dollars to strengthen its capital buffers and officials want to ensure that bank shareholders and creditors are the ones held accountable for losses incurred by the banks. well here in russia it's two hours ahead of the opening bell so what you're seeing right now is the picture from tuesday a mix trading session there are two yes added just the last while the my six dropped over a half a percent in general it's been a terrible year for markets and volatility in the oil prices hasn't been a help of oh see how the discussion goes when the markets open when i was take
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a look at currencies and see what's happening with the year and the ruble actually we can see that the euro is gaining against the u.s. dollar when it comes to the ruble that's a picture from tuesday it lost again i should say against both major currencies that you can see there updated figures coming up in two hours time time for some crude crude is going in there for a third day in the row and that's followed economic reports that suggest that u.s. stockpiles fell in the u.s. of course and that the fuel demand will increase that's of course the winning combination when it comes to prices going to higher and this is the that i have been karabakh see ok thanks i thought they were and i will see you again the next hour. well that coming up in a few minutes syria's minister of information that gives a firsthand account of what's really going on in the country stay with us.
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