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tv   [untitled]    June 4, 2012 12:02pm-12:32pm EDT

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intervention in syria is absolutely enormous we've seen hague of course william hague the british foreign secretary calling for intervention we've seen the new french president saying the same thing the americans obviously taking the lead the specter of a military solution has returned after the syrian regime was condemned internationally for the death of one hundred eight people half of whom were children before an investigation into who was responsible was even launched they're all saying that their side regime is committing human rights abuses and they repeat this message obsessive like i am confident to predict that indeed it will remain fixed in people's minds and could well be used as a pretext and you don't have to look back to far to see where hasty judgments saw a rush to take up arms but the cost of war and at ninety nine it's exactly what happened in our division of a massacre which was the village of russia you had a u.n. inquiry that was severely bullied by the u.s. ambassador was leading your observation mission on the ground your claims that it
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was a brutal massacre or as a career innocent civilians by government troops serving it was lame presented with ultimatum and randomly aimed and bombed back then the you just love in government just like the syrian one now condemned militants for the killings in this case blaming the ban in separatists from the kosovo liberation army an investigation was launched to find out whether the victims were innocent civilians as the international community claimed or whether the country's army had been battling professional fighters two out of three forensic inquiries proved most of the casualties died in combat the third report by an e.u. team has never been made public interesting we know about the we have been reports of syrian rebels whoever they are. with the. i think of being in kosovo liberation army people who were basically agents of mido. in the course. of
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training on my i don't know they were saying they were training in the marshy human right but the only training that caylee would have ever even anybody is how do. you war we look at what's happening now. but even with hindsight after the nato bombing of you can slavia ruin the alliances are you strikes in libya last year history isn't been prevented from repeating itself again and again when these disturbing images from the syrian village of whole are made world headlines everybody agreed those who are guilty must be punished but the reaction from the international community has been so sweet and so called donated the risk is that the punishment will come before even those who are truly responsible are supposed and that could mean not just a loss of justice but also huge loss of life. reef nationality moscow or more on syria now from antiwar activists and journalists dime to barbara's
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extensively covered civil conflicts in arab countries. where you are with the struggles of viscerally pulling out of the true star do you think that you an idea of mediating peace in syria is now dead as a solver. well the united states is trying to kill it but it's absolutely essential that some sort of peace you know oriented mission take place or there will be bloodshed horrible bloodshed in syria little make libya look like a picnic united states has been very clear from the outset really of the activity in syria that they want to see assad go on they have geopolitical reasons for that particularly the relationship with iran and the military base the naval base of russia in the north and tartus and they really don't seem to care about what the facts are in this particular case of the recent massacre you know the outrage that people rightly feel over that can't be blinded by
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a failure to do fact finding to find out who in fact was responsible and so the blame is being laid at the regime's feet in the media in the western world like wall to wall from c.n.n. and those fox and cetera to even the progressive media so-called fear and there's been no fact finding yet and how much is that i mean the media and also the west as a whole blaming constantly president assad for all the violence and talking creasing lee about foreign intervention how it's needed how it's the only way how much does that affect the rebels the fashion to make these kind of announcements that they want to and that's exactly what they're playing to and what's unfortunate is that every side that speaks with the syrian people finds it has to report that the syrian people do not want intervention from outsiders they have historically resisted it and wherever it's expressed in polling data and the more than fifty
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percent turnout in the parliamentary elections earlier this month and the strong support for the regime in those elections to the referendum on a new constitution earlier this year there is no doubt that the syrian people do not want intervention so those who claim to be acting on their behalf and using that as a pretext to intervene. there's a contradiction on its face in that position and that's not being reported here at all. in some of the other countries we've seen that have took part in the arab spring revolutions we saw much quicker action i think it's fair to say this is been the longest standoff it's obviously a civil war and there's lots of talk about perhaps washington and other countries kind of surpassing any kind of security council decision do you think we could see a repeat of iraq i mean. how likely is fine intervention really. you know it's a tough call to say how likely it is but certainly all of the moves are being made by the united states to do intervention i mean let's be realistic here there the u.s. has been intervening since this uprising quote unquote began the report earlier mentions
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the fact that these are clearly professional soldiers that are conducting these operations and these are not protesters that decided to grab some rocks or maybe a pistol because of the response of the state to their protests this is an army that was placed there either emigres from syria or just foreign nationals gen generally that's being supplied from the outside from turkey the nato country from jordan and from lebanon and so the intervention is already a fact whether or not it becomes an overt intervention outside of the u.n. which by the way is illegal or you know take some other form the intervention has been underway since this you know since the arms struggle quote unquote began. but these profits have stalled here is that fair to say that some kind of intervention is needed to stop the violence i mean you're talking about in a way had an intervention i'm talking about blatant intervention like we saw in
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libya the i think that the first thing that needs to happen is there has to be a quarantine of alms into syria particularly to you know non-governmental sources no one would allow some foreign power to arm civilians quote unquote in the streets or rebel fighters of the united states that would be an act of war as long as we're arms are being and we're talking tanks and anti-tank weapons and at the aircraft weapons you know heavy artillery as long as that stuff is being placed into the hands of people in syria and pointed at the government the idea of peace is laughable unfortunately it's not funny but it's laughable and so it has to start there the introduction of on is into that country that has been ongoing now for. better than a year that has to stop and the borders should be placed under international control to make sure that it doesn't happen from there you know then there's a possibility at least of peace because at least those who are bringing arms struggle against the government will see that they might have to actually make
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peace and then the world can judge how that actually happens going forward antiwar activists and journalists don de bar with live analysts. with with live ice if they are now with us from new york for us this hour thanks a lot don thank you. well tom e.u. officials were expected to press russian president vladimir putin to change his stance on syria during their summit in st petersburg alongside china the kremlin opposed to any kind of military intervention and wants dialogue instead but it was other issues that took the spotlight including some of russia's own affairs are to is a remake of loose god has been following top level talks of the final press conference attended by the chairman of the european commission shows emmanuel but it was a and of course the chairman of the european council herman van rompuy of course puts an egg question was posed by one of the foreign journalists and he said that there were leaflets distributed at the hotel where he is saying. no to russian
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pinochet and hundreds of opposition members are in prison and just a quick aside we are apparently staying in the same hotel we did not see any such flyers but the question was posed and the russian president was quick to come up with a response to it. called political prisoners whenever i go i'm asked about mr holder and his future as we know the european court of human rights rules there are new political motives in criminal cases. so if someone suggests i go to prison then i have good company of course we're talking about me here the former oil tycoon who is in prison at the moment on charges of investment and tax evasion now there of what were of course the other issues covered at length and the first and foremost of those was the economy of course the euro is finding itself in the rather tight grips of the economy crisis we have a greece which is threatening to leave the eurozone and of course the decision on
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that is just weeks away from from now but it did look like the european leaders actually saw the picture and rather roams the colors they said that they're adamant in keeping a greece a in the euro zone bonds on the terms and conditions that they themselves put down for the country and this of course comes on monday when the markets have crashed head again. greece is gearing up for a part of the mentary election in less than two weeks time which could mean athens scrapping its balance deal with the e.u. and i.m.f. greece's future of the euro zone is also under intense scrutiny and interview coming up later this hour american economist and nobel laureate eric mosque and says an end to the ears financial woes is still nowhere in sight. greece could go on. and so on. depression unemployment could grow to astronomical i saw it already very high but it could it could certainly get
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higher. things are by no means currently as bad as they as i could get i see be the greek situation as a tragedy because so much of what has happened could have been prevented if europe were truly. an integrated unit a. cyber threats hacker attacks on laws officially aiming to tackle internet piracy but in fact infringing people's rights to online privacy it's an increasingly topical subject on the world's most famous whistleblower is aiming to get to the heart of it in the latest edition of his interview program here on our to do in a saga get together with activists from the fight for frank movement here's a taste of what's to come on tuesday. technology enables those surveillance of
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communication then there is do the other side of that coin is what we do with it we could admit that there are some indeed some legitimate use investigators investigating the bad guys and bad guys and so on but the question is where to draw these judicial supervision where to the control that the citizens can have over the use of those technologies and this is a policy should and when we get to those police issues and we were looking at the earlier we of police are asked to sign something and don't understand the underlying technology which is why we see so much hype about cyber war is that some people that seem to be in the authority about war searching about technology as if they understand it but they're always talking about war because that's their business and so they're trying to root technology into that and so when we have no control of our technology we have these people that wish to use it for for their ends for war specifically that's a recipe for some pretty scary stuff. and we hear
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about one of the. punk activists interviewed by julian assange as their general jeremy zimmerman was held for questioning upon his return to france apparently the purpose was to fish out information about the wiki leaks founder that's not the first time the program has provoked a rast with a top human rights activist from bahrain detained after talking to a science a month ago. in other news canadian students are back on the streets thousands have marched through montreal two days after talks with the quebec government on tuitions fees collapsed student groups are demanding a freeze on the planned increases in higher education costs but authorities have ruled out that possibility protesters are now vowing to renew dalí rallies which last month led to fierce clashes with police more than two and a half thousand arrest can reports started in february as a student strike has now grown into a popular protest against mirroring the welfare system of canada's southern
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neighbor. the canadian province of quebec a region that prides itself on free healthcare and affordable education for its residents students here pay a fixed amount for tuition fees around twenty five hundred dollars a year for all of the colleges and universities that's the lowest rate in north america and the taxpayers pick up the rest but that model might change as their government looks south they are looking at present borders and seeing what united states are doing and trying to become closer and closer to what the united states are working on which is more and more proof is a show that instead of reading your social programs that cover for everybody. tens of thousands spilled onto the streets when the government said they'd be pushing up to we should fees every year and in five years the students of keg will face education costs almost double what they are paying now. i mean even you know this
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is a student at a montreal university she works part time at a local ice cream shop she says if the people of keg don't stand their ground now in the future higher education just won't be an option for many if it's too expensive the poor children may not even think about going to school because it's another world it's part of something that's accessible they're not even think about being a doctor or. you know it would be you know it's a symbol and what i was saying is so expensive so the people the poor people they want to leave they have no choice but going the army for the prospect of having to join the military to provide for their education is not the only thing about the u.s. example that scares the to fund skyrocketing tuition fees americans carry massive student loan debts on their shoulders we need to preserve this and. what we see growing in the united states right now having
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a lot of students they are still paying for their university program and when they are seventy years old so we need to make sure that every students will be able to. make religion and make sure that they have you can afford actually to start and maybe. new. new businesses the rest of north america should be looking to come back as an example of how to mobilize student association should function through direct democracy and how they should actually organize and challenge these measures and challenge this whole system. to protest clearly signaled the path that is willing or rather not willing to take when we look towards the united states we see a country in which the idea of access is wrapped up in the ability to pay and this is where we're seeing the resistance against that access to things like higher education or like health care are in fact access to public goods and that there should be
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a way of controlling the costs and ensuring that people no matter what their monetary capabilities are able to take advantage of these kinds of programs. what the world knows about the protests here is that they have to do with students and their tuition with people of the province it's not so much about the economy but more about their identity and the special welfare model that they're striving to keep. reporting from. montreal canada r t. coming up later in the program of the egyptians who want more than life for killing bracing for a third day of protest against what demonstrators call of lenient sentence for hosni mubarak and his former right hand man plots. the peace movement of the world's biggest profits from. forty billion dollars since two thousand and three but that looks to be over the room as its most important save a joint venture isn't ambitious enough chinese will join us no bidding for b.p. stake we'll have all the latest in business in about ten minutes. the u.s.
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defense secretary is in vietnam as part of a charm offensive and they say that slowly encircling china in its own backyard washington is beefing up its military presence in the asia pacific area seen as an attempt to contain beijing's growing regional influence leon panetta wants greater american access to vietnam sports dr parkman wang from hong kong city university believes china has neighbors may be using washington to get leverage against china . i would not say that this office asian countries this more powers would like to give up china but they would like to invite the united states to join in the arena so that they could have more pocketing chips against china if you serve a kind of. no two china china can nort assert all is so frantic aims over this off china sea and vietnam can also be packed up out by the americans military power to counter china's military dominance in the region the
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south china sea has been a very important and vast raji take location for number one connecting oil shipping routes from the middle east to east asia number two a small sole a very important commercial shipping rules for all of the east and southeast asian nations the south china sea has been a very important irritant for china and southeast asian nations international relations for the past decade. so forget all the stories we're covering are also available anytime online here's what's uploaded and ready at our t. dot com right now one sentence for a russian man as libya convicts over twenty people for allegedly helping acts leader moammar gadhafi but they insist they were working as an engineer or at our t.v. dot com. trust him billionaire tycoon mikhail prokhorov is planning
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a big party a political one that is after securing six million votes and russia's president selection you can discover all the details on our website. round the clock protests are continuing in cairo's tahrir square as demonstrators demand the death penalty for ousted president hosni mubarak well he and his interior minister were sentenced to life in prison for their role in deaths of protesters in last year's uprising although another other mubarak associates were cleared of charges tom barton reports from the egyptian capital. protesters are occupying tiris square in central cairo calling for a second revolution to change the situation in egypt initial happiness that former
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president hosni mubarak was given a life sentence turned to anger as other senior security officials were acquitted of involvement in the deaths of hundreds of protesters last year mohamed morsi the muslim brotherhood candidate in the upcoming presidential elections second round in the country towards the camp he said that the revolution should continue and that if he was chosen as president he would try and get mubarak back on trial and how him execute it and the chief prosecutor of egypt has also said that he's going to try and appeal the acquittals of some of those senior security officials made shafique is the other presidential candidates in this race seen by many as not really being sufficient not up to what they hoped for for this revolution and they see the courts verdict at this very crucial time in egypt as a sign that not much has changed and that they all military regime is still in
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power and mr shafique said that he would not reinstate that old regime and that a choice for the muslim brotherhood would take egypt back to the dark ages as he put it although he's going to have a lot of convincing to do to make people believe that he's not part of that old regime in the meantime as this election divides the egyptian people more protests are being held here in the capital and elsewhere over the country and more are being planned including a million man march through the capital. coming up to twenty five minutes past the hour a look now at some world news in brief for you a car bomb has gone off near two government offices in the iraqi capital baghdad killing at least eighteen people and wounding dozens more blasts is the city's deadliest single attack in months it follows a series of assaults last week that claimed seventeen lives. a rebel spokesperson says the bolivian militia have allegedly ended their earlier airport
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takeover but there's no official confirmation yet and armed groups seized the capital's main international airport storming it with heavy machine guns and armored vehicles but also forced airport authorities to divert flights their anger is directed at the country's leadership for detaining one of their commanders on sunday. daniel now joins us with the latest business news hi there danielle good time to go on holiday i hear back home for me it is the america. the euro ruble most major currencies the economic news stateside news all those two u.s. factories unexpectedly fell again for a second month has made the greenback cheap almost one twenty five to the dollar to the euro now wall street for the sell for the lots of news from europe isn't helping jews eurozone investor confidence index is up to get me more lending between e.u. is falling that it's false just in four years the fusees closed for
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a holiday today that's friday's closing if we can get the european figures up. has slipped six thousand points psychologically important their oil prices a mix the swedes now pointing to is going up in the last hour while brant blended still in the red on the one hundred dollars a barrel. pick in oil news of contacted british b.p. of the russian military said it was happy with the way the joint venture is being run. so your ship is in beijing and he has the latest. chinese companies and they signed it back and also the china national offshore all corporation which are the second and the third largest oil companies in china respectively are looking to buy into the dmca b.p. now that the british shareholders are selling their stake now certainly for china this would mean diversification of their resources of of buying oil from russia right now when the stand that russia and china are already under an agreement
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russia sells thirteen million tons of oil to china every year until twenty thirty it's already more than half of china's overall purchases but still this number could be bigger certainly for china this is a very important issue it is one of the most energy hungry countries in the world in fact different experts and organizations put china on. first place in the energy consuming countries in the world and i say that more than twenty percent of the global energy consumption comes from china so we understand that for the moment the a russian shareholders we have the priority of buying the british part of the shares by definitely nobody could rule out the possibility of the chinese buying in to the shares of claw back a little of friday's ten percent collapse investors really don't like all this turmoil that's going on. as it will sponsor champions league football next year and
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to scale supermarket offer to buy back stock from shareholders at a nine percent premium rush through what was the only row of light really in the gloom today its shares closed up as investors feel it's full and far enough this year i drop today and you saw all the stories as usual the website all to dot com slash business all right thanks for coming up on our team the world finances are under the microscope with us the economist and nobel laureate eric mascara and our special interview that's right after a recap of our headlines. well
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the. money it's technology innovation all the leaves develop. around rush hour we've got those huge earth covered.
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at eight thirty pm moscow time these are the top stories on our t.v. and syrian rebels reject the u.n. peace plan and renew international calls to impose a no fly zone for sound president also that's his voice is growing in some arab and western countries for armed action after the civilian slaughter in houla. despite expectations syria would also dominate the russia even summit in st petersburg it was russia's own affairs that were in the spotlight when commenting once again on the imprisonment of a former oil tycoon mikhail khodorkovsky plus the american legion reiterated that there was no political interference in the case. and thousands of canadian students
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returned to the streets to protest against the rising cost of education two days after talks with go back authorities on the issue broke down the protesters also say they fear their country is comping the u.s. system that's landed young americans deep in debt. but up next we'll talk to american economist and nobel laureate eric massa him to find out what he thinks is on the horizon for the troubled world economy. mascon novel are it in the comics it's great to have you with us sir today it's a pleasure so we'll start with greece and the latest news we know that chris his public finance is practically paralyzed pensions and salaries won't be.


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