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tv   [untitled]    April 5, 2012 2:30am-3:00am EDT

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hopes he was in office we. we wanted to present. something out. there watching r t the headlines now the u.s. prepares to sentence russian businessmen bit to boot for conspiring to smoke alarms in the chill americans some protests his innocence and grounds to he'll face is behind bars in a case that claims was hugely influenced by biased u.s. media coverage. in central athens with protesters clashing with riot police after retired pension shoots himself in front of passers by in a suicide note the retired pharmacist named austerity cuts introduced by the greek
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government producing his pension to nothing. just contractors lined up for business as india makes plans to modernize the tree by corruption scandals and claims its own apart country says it's prepared to spend one hundred million dollars on hardware extensions. but next r.t. speaks to a former f.b.i. informant he says the so-called war on terror is actually it's not. what it means craig montane who was recruited by the f.b.i. to take part in the agency's most controversial tactics he was a confidential informant infiltrates khalid for indian mosques to root out radicals and to investigate them use them community from within and now six years later he is with civil liberties groups to contain for their rights thanks for having me
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back in two thousand and six he became fatter for a syrian against islam for its tell me how did that happen while i was successful as an informant from two thousand and three to early two thousand and six working on murder for hire operations robberies trading white supremacist groups. and one day as i was speaking to my handler her name was tracy had one i said i think. i'm interested in it for trade mosques and she said oh my god that. was a new gold they needed a man a specific kind of man. a certain man who can. with the proper training in. the gaps and do it in the end to the muslim community learn the language learn the
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religion and use the religion and the culture against the muslim community the f.b.i. supplied him with sophisticated surveillance devices he recalled key fobs. remote control control i had made. between five and six of them. they were always charged. and i left them around the mosques where i would frequently pray. i had one of my pocket the entire time always on and i had the other key fobs just laying around in certain places where they wanted me to target like the mom's offices. certain board members offices. certain worshipers cards in their homes so
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those devices were pretty much used on daily basis e.g. use danger mation that you require me to create other informants yes yes that was part of my role on operation flex for example in my conversations or in their private conversations. with certain things would come up like if the a muslim man was married. and he had a girlfriend the mistress the f.b.i. would use that information to blackmail that individual to become informant or if someone perhaps had a different sexual orientation. the f.b.i. would use that information. to blackmail him to become fluent or a certain youth if they had recreational drug use. or desire to
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use certain narcotics and a misdemeanor level. the f.b.i. would use that to blackmail them to become informant he had said early on in one of your injuries that at one time you thought you were and. because i was protected by the f.b.i. under the bracket of national security so that is the most untouchable that individual can be. where the local police ordered federal officials cannot arrest them because of transactional immunity and bedtimes you have any constraints about which we grown yes i did. but. i was being paid a lot of money at the time. and i was assured by my handlers. that the information that i was gathering and the method that i was using to gather it.
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was far more important than the violation of anyone's rights. so i continued my handler karen armstrong had serious concerns about the method in which i was tasked to use to gather information but he was overruled by the operational. leader paul allen to keep me using entrapment types of methods to gather information somebody from that entrapment is a necessary evil it is a part of the price he paid for it now actual security do you agree with that you know what i don't agree. in retrospect especially because again i.
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use those tactics on a daily basis for over a year. but i disagree on and the reason why disagrees because entrapment methods. never stop it always grows there's no boundaries for it. if i can seek out an individual and get them. coerce them in some way. to do something they normally wouldn't do. that behavior. from the informant. only grows into more of a violation more severe violations. of the civil rights of americans so i think it travelling alone must be stopped how widespread entrapment and or enforcement agents as india in my experience and i work with.
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several federal agencies and several local police departments. as informants. i'll tell you this each and every operationally case i worked on. a large degree. a large degree of entrapment. it is the principle that rests on justice and the grave injustice. and i believe yes the f.b.i. bless rethink their policies and procedures. because i believe that entrapment creates. any. because i was interested in really is is the bottom line it is sitting someone up does the u.s.
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entrap people who tried to. bribe him yes. operation flex began in the united states the operation flex expanded into beyond the borders of the united states and there are people that get a stand in a certain you in iraq. a few in yemen. who were. entrapped. but they were used that method entrapment was used to blackmail them to become informants not lead to an arrest it was to blackmail them now in regards to because put he was implicated somehow in dealing with charles taylor. when he was a present liberia. he was accused of having
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ties with the or you have been serially. among other areas in the in the world in africa rather where he was accused of providing arms. usually when they want you they meeting federal authorities da a.t.f. f.b.i. they will arrange some type of operation will lure you in in pregnant manner where you may be innocent of that particular crime but they'll use that for the rest to pressure you to plead guilty on other arrests so having known the methods of the f.b.i. the a.t.f.
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which i work as an informant. with those individual agencies not only that. i would say entrapment is definitely there are other minority communities in america targeted asking constantly asking a sense you know i think the muslims today are what the after americans were in the fifty's sixty's and seventy's. i think the order of the day. where the f.b.i. and the enemy they found it in islam. and i think unfortunately that's the last a long time religious war yes but they will never say that because they can't let the population of one's constitutional rights. but that's exactly what it is the war on terror is
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a war on islam. and it makes commission dates in believe me. just a want to be execution date is enough for anybody to go through your life to. be no more than thirty percent of the people who are if you didn't texas or not. you know live in north darfur strike. this snatch and you know we execute our convicted capital murder we have the highest execution rate in america we're not afraid to do it we do it well this becomes a point we do comes. out of new hope.
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our getting better you're dead to be executed next week then is it be a scary moment for you to know you can. hear want to be appearing to be in a manner of me saying i say it's time to go. and i would lead them into this for the best chamber of. commerce trade till after they were dating. the goal of. her
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mother. let's be. clear. we're. looking. at a. lot of me a little. so.
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the. u.s. prepares to sentence russian businessmen victim food for conspiring to smoke alarms and chat americans as he protested his innocence and vows to appeal he faces life behind bars in a case the defense claims was hugely influenced by clients. us media coverage. violence erupts in central athens with protesters clashing with riot police off the retired pension the shoots himself in front of him and in a suicide note the retired pharmacist blamed us dirty cuts introduced by the government for using his pension to nothing. but defense contractors lined up for business as india makes plans to organize a village tree hit by corruption scandals and crumbling the country says it's prepared to spend one hundred billion dollars on. next. time
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the sports news now are all these semifinal spots not been decided in football's champions league and century i don't think it's. hello there thanks for watching the sport good to have you company and these are the top stories one win away add on card closing in on the cup final after another victory over truck top. class in the semi chelsea on rionda dread charge into the last of the champions league. and it's an ok russian cruiserweight denis lebedev floor sean calls to defend his w.p.a. title in style. but first the ice hockey we have on guard is just one win away from the garden cup finals but after beating proctor or three one on home ice
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seven god had won the last two matches between the sides and they continue that momentum from the off going one up through ego a very in before i let some collusion double belly midway through the match but there was a dramatic finale because truck pull pulled one back through. the less than a minute to go. and they then replaced their goal and there was an outfield play to try to snatch an equaliser but it was our own god romans your banker who took advantage of the late and the final score then three want to add on god when i went up in the best of seven series i need one more win to join the normal moscow in the final. round football chelsea have reached the champions league semifinal after a two one win over ten man ben fake at stamford bridge sent the london side through three one and i get to set up a showdown with barcelona and blues interim coach. can't wait to face them. would be exciting to play two games against. one of the best teams in the world.
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on the strategy that will suit the players and those who face. taylor relieved man i think is jerry garcia had cancelled out frank lampard. apparently with five minutes to go before marie less pops up with the winner at the death in contrast real madrid cruised into the semi's with a five two win over well to go through a two overall jersey man will face by munich next though he doesn't think his team are the favorites for the title. some of what it was for someone who's not favorite a super we have a semi final exams byron got a hold to be very balanced. playing work and has an extra motivation of playing the final at home real madrid has been two consecutive years and the final mood is normal but we also have the extra motivation of trying to reach the final the second time when we couldn't reach it last time. same with football in twenty eighteen world cup host russia set to receive seven hundred million dollars from
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faith to help the country prepare for the world's biggest football tournament this cash injection would provide a major part of the world cup budget according to russian sports minister vitale the remaining one hundred million dollars would come from sponsors and these funds would be monitored by special you body called arena twenty eighteen currently thirteen russian cities appearing to be among the eleven which will host the matches and inspections of those will take place over the next few months. in april where gets and just elected all the news and they will all be named this attempt we have decided to be twelve stadiums eleven cities so more likely to offer to be in readiness. but not every russian football fan can go to poland in ukraine this summer to watch you're a twenty twelve so for the first time in a decade big screens will go up across the country to show all the games fan zones will be set up in moscow st petersburg and five of the cities where supporters can
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watch every game of the championships the zones will also be in place for the london olympics in the day there will be sporting activities for children i'm sure any matches that will. they are on sale for the adults former russian midfield that alexis nathan things the zones which generate a great atmosphere among the non traveling fans. but much of what a fun once watch football match we want to get with friends no mutual pub. scene because of all of this summer i'd recommend supporters come to fan zone sit in the stands and feel like a possible action i think this professional time to try should be component ukraine . russia's women's football team have had a year a twenty thirteen qualification hopes dented that after they lost tail at home to great need is italy. watched. boyd by a resoundingly win over macedonia last weekend russia's women were in the mood for result against group leaders italy but that prospect was never going to be easy the
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italians won all of the previous five group games including a comfortable two nil win over russia and italy and there was also the small matter of the story look conceding a single goal in the process while registering twenty three but russia's group record of only one defeat in five meant they seemed well prepared for the challenge however from the get go it was clear russia was in for a tough ninety minutes just a few seconds in the italian should have scored and this illiterate unity set the tone for the remainder of the hof eight minutes on and italy went ahead through veteran patricia krenwinkel who headed home from a deflect across a goal down early on russia fail to get their rhythm when they did get forward it was brief and ineffective but they did manage to keep the italians at bay going into half time trailing by that solitary goal despite it being a week day over five thousand people were on hand to give the russian team their focus towards the second half started with a flurry of both sides coming close to story but if that was
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a sign of things to come it flatted to deceive the game became weary with the russians running out of ideas and italy content to sit on the the lead. when it looked like russia would finally step up their game they'll once again call on the break and found themselves to kneel down. this result of course suited the italians and even though the russian side has been forced into the final whistle the results remained unchanged despite his team's dominance italy's coach had considered russia their main group rivals and said the difference between the two sides was simply confidence we are the same but yeah italy now is he would be. more confident about the game russia's coach was understandably disappointed but adamant his team would still qualify for next year's european championships we must feel good. and for me i have. in my head no questions and no negative think that we can't do it
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it's impossible we must be complacent must think that we will do this with russia remain second after the defeat two points ahead of poland while having played the same amount of games will or will would have set them up well in the fight with italy over first thought they will now surely have to settle for runners up position which is still far from guaranteed in the end it was too much for their arsenal of national football team. winning to nail on the day but it was a fantastic day of football sun is shining with all the good performances from both sides and now for the russian team it's up to them to secure the runners up place to qualify for next year's european champions of and that starts with greece almost sixty the june michael. region yes fingers crossed for their marian boxing tennis leavitt has defended his w.p.a.
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interim title in starkly in front of his home crowd in moscow the russian knocked out sean cox early in the second round eleven f. was the clear favorite before. it was the first offense used to be a title but he was looking to continue his winning. streak after beating teen boxing legend roy jones jr and james toney competitive in the aging man leavitt have delivered a knock out blow in a second and is already looking forward to defending his crown again. much will mother as soon as they start moving better in my eye to the edge he will still throwing punches but he can land and lost confidence you can be the judges where he was the world the opponent for me i just did my best and i will do better in next goes. when he started the first of the second round i was sure that he would knock him out because it was obvious that first of all he. he found a hole in his defense and it was
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a matter of ten or fifteen seconds if you didn't learn this point. he would have learned it fifteen seconds later. the first major of the year u.s. masters gets underway on thursday and there's a good news and bad news for perjury counts in and jonathan they were the joint winners of the traditional path for a curtain raiser this is third here unfortunately no winner at the event has ever gone on to win the masters is the trick almost sixteen of them have missed the cut so byrd and harrington sat with his kids here for how to break that curse thomas poole had one of the shots of the day this the seventy four one one in the tournament's fifty two year history with the. ones. i believe made out paul did go into the hole that is all a school for kids who are stuck.
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