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market. why no what's really happening to the global economy with much stronger a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to the report. we're going to let you shoot and potentially kill another human being and then the war will not only provide you with immunity from criminal prosecution but also immunity from any future civil litigations license to kill the stand your ground law has caused so called justifiable homicides to skyrocket in the u.s. the law is now under fire after the shooting death of a young african-american so when a self-defense a week fads old debate authorities in western pennsylvania have charged me with having year old jordan brown as an adult the boys will have won a trial together in adult court not old enough to drink drive or vo but just old
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enough to be tried and sentenced as adults children as young as eleven are spending their entire lives behind bars after the u.s. justice system lock them up and threw away the key with no attempts to rehabilitate . this administration is going after whistleblowers in a president where we all have it off the top those sources i have to say that i myself i'm really nervous about the safety of some of the people that i talk to feel i share likes to tell freedom of speech and when it comes to internet freedoms of maybe i'm more of a do as i say not as i do mantra so are there two types of freedoms american lives by explore. wednesday april fourth a young here in washington d.c. and liz while you're watching our t.v. . the letter a hot topic in america today it's being called
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a license to kill the stand your ground law coming under scrutiny after the death of florida teen trayvon martin a man that called the trigger remains free it's a day that's because police took his word that he shot martin and self-defense and florida is one of the twenty four states that allows people to use deadly force wherever they are as long as they claim self-defense artie's marina par and i had sex a close look at a controversial stand your ground law. it's the second amendment to the us constitution had a soundtrack. the right to bear arms would best be recognized by gunfire. the land of the prairie is the most heavily armed nation in the world with two hundred ninety four million firearms floating around america hi i'm chuck nor a black belt patriot if somebody grateful to my home i can use my roundhouse kick for a look down the barrel of my gun. in a reported thirty states
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a us doctrine known as the council law allows homeowners to shoot and kill intruders without becoming liable to prosecution since two thousand and five their freedom for going to the nurse to play in shoot in the name of self-defense has widened under controversial legislation known as the stand your ground law experts say it allows going owners to use deadly force to protect themselves in public by sensually delivering a license to kill it tells people you know what if you're in a confrontation on the street with someone or getting into an argument or there's a physical altercation even if you could safely retreat from that just walk away and go home you don't have to we're going to let you shoot and potentially kill another human being and then the war will not only provide you with proper immunity from criminal prosecution but also immunity from any future civil litigations that stand your ground first. law in florida but recently received national attention
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following the deadly shooting of seventeen year old trayvon martin the unarmed student was carrying candy and iced tea when he was shot dead by a neighborhood watch volunteer police released the gunman george zimmerman without charges bond was our son watch volunteer george. a lot of people can relate to our situation. and it breaks their heart just like you breaks mine he said. continue to fight for justice for since stand your ground took effect the number of so-called justifiable homicides in florida have tripled as morgan's parents mourn the loss of their son u.s. gun laws remain historically loose in many states citizens with criminal records and prior restraining orders are still able to perceive gun permits. critics say easy access comes courtesy of the national rifle association for and or
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a gun for rights organization and torrie sleep powerful u.s. lobbying group that reportedly spent more than seventy million dollars on political ads during the two thousand and ten us with term election paid for by the n.r.a. everything that the n.r.a. pushes at the state and federal level is designed to sell more weapons that's what this is about there's a lot of money thrown around whether it's an array campaign contributions to florida politicians or corporate money that can be spread around a number of different ways since two thousand and five and stand your ground law has been adopted in twenty five states throughout america so it's ninety six years old dr king and bobby kennedy were said it was somebody. that you know if you're going to do the gun violence and so you know it's the most powerful nation in the richest nation in some people's minds most immigration. clearly something that you can see people should each other. since nine eleven u.s.
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civil liberties and freedom suffered in the name of national security new gun laws have some of the mystery made it easier for americans to arm themselves reading the land of liberty locked and loaded. artsy me or. have a thought more about the implications of being allowed to stand your ground i was joined by mark walters host of armed american radio and co-author of lessons from america from armed america here's his response to critics claims that the long courage has got a nurse it's a shoo in kill people and certain situations take a listen. i don't think any responses we armed citizen would take kindly to you we all want to be safe we all have a god given natural right to defend our lives in fact our body has a response known as fight or wipe and anybody who is lawfully are going there are millions and millions of americans who carry their firearms with concealed weapons
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permits in whatever state but they reside in forty nine of them out of this that have the right to use that firearm to defend their life the stand your ground law is good law in the sense that it extends what we know was the castle doctrine in the home to any other place that we have a right to be and i as a proponent of rockall firearms ownership certainly would never recommend what happened in florida you know in fact on my radio program i make it very clear don't be the next george zimmerman by that i mean you give up your stand your ground defense when you no longer stand your ground and it appears that george zimmerman was actually following this individual where he wasn't standing his ground but certainly i would recommend some would most of the top trainers in the united states always we can that's the best avenue the avenue of a step but that is that one of the more controversial aspects of a live man it's hard to argue over the fact of it you know if you feel like our life is in danger that and said be able to protect their south well one of the more controversial aspects of this bill is that it doesn't require you to flee and it
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allows you to kind of pull the trigger and sat there growl and that i mean and cynthia last resort it absolutely should be a last resort but at the same time i don't believe that that's controversial i don't think you should have to flee in order to defend your wife what if you're there with your wife or your children and you can't really should you try absolutely you should try you should the best known and best way to win a gun fight is to avoid it at all costs were not allowed if you can't we if you are not alone you have a right to defend your wife so i don't believe the best controversial i think the way romney has really put it this way the fact that the law is being. vote by someone does not necessarily mean that there is or should be expected for better or case george zimmerman you know just because someone uses it doesn't mean that it necessarily should apply each individual case i think would be to each individual very subtle and i think what angers people about this case as you know there is a lot of conflicting reports coming out
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a lot of unknowns about the fact that zimmerman wasn't you know he wasn't arrested and he was just taken at face value that hey i did act in south a bad spot and this particular situation the fact that he wasn't armed he was holding a bag of skittles and arizona iced tea so that kind of raises some questions as to you know the justification of using this stand your ground law but also. since this law was passed a few years ago i think it was in two thousand and five in florida justifiable homicide so-called testify justifiable homicides have skyrocketed in florida not just in florida nationally where this law exists so i don't i can't really speak to that whether i want to get your face has been used as a result of stand your ground or whether you have the fact that the justice system will be firm and whether or not a case this is actually a case of justifiable homicide again very somebody uses that mox of claiming self-defense because of stand around here i stood my ground and i'm defending my
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life i think the justice system the prosecutors will make a decision based on the evidence that they have i use a firearm to defend my life in two thousand and two you bore the same your ground laws were in effect in florida and the result of it though i'm sorry. but as a result you know i want to say to my children that day and it was before the stand your ground law before it was a stand your ground law we should go back in two thousand and five we have an inherent right to self-defense. you stand your ground law simply codifies it and says hey we're not going to criminally prosecute you for doing this and we're simple certainly not going to allow you to be sued out of house and home because someone took criminal action against you and your life in jeopardy and definitely you know there but the thing is that with that with self-defense there is nothing in the constitution that says that you do have the right to self-defense it's more of a of a moral or historically you know a legal in and here you should be able to defend yourself but in the constitution
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there is nothing that explicitly says that. yes the second amendment to the us constitution doesn't say you have a right to defend your way to some of the best it's a sure you have a right to keep and bear arms of course we all know that arms are used for self-defense in self defense of the nation and the us supreme court has upheld you bases worse in two thousand eight hundred for d.c. finding the heller overturning washington d.c. gun laws is unconstitutional but of course in the dawn of decision in two thousand so this is very poor house and on the sides of if that's what you are correct about that the result is that it's not written in the constitution where we have a god given right to defend our own lives and the us constitution in the form of the second one recognizes that i do want to shift to another interesting i guess comparison switzerland has a lot of the highest. you know gun ownership or rates because you know there are required to have guns and take part in this military training because they have
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a militia army so far that they have they use guns as for military obligations there in switzerland the crime rate is so low that gun control is barely an issue but here in the us we don't have a militia we don't have to use them for military applications much different from when this law you know when the second amendment was read. decades ago but the figures here show that have a gun doesn't make your home or community any safer so what's going on here what is the difference is it is a cultural issue. well we're right you know over three hundred ten million people and we live in a free society as a result because with freedom comes responsibility and unfortunately you can't legislate responsibility we have the highest rate of incarceration in the free world in the united states of america and again i believe that's of a byproduct of our freedom there are bad people there are bad people in all walks
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of life there are bad judges there are bad lawyers there are bad police officers there someone from every profession in every walk of life sitting in a u.s. jail cell somewhere unfortunately we can't legislate morality and you can't legislate away that people if it were simple as putting up a sign we could simply eliminate crime by saying no crime on the side of a highway as we entered the city unfortunately real life doesn't work that way we are the switzerland is a much smaller country they have what they have a gun culture that goes back you know hundreds of years and switch on and you're absolutely correct they actually have automatic weapons for the automatic weapons required in the home of every legal asian adult and they do not have a gun control i can't say gun control because there is no gun control but they don't have the right problem that we have we don't have a gun problem in america we have a crime problem in america and until we go after the criminal end and you actually actually work the laws that we have on our books already we have enough gun control
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laws on the books what we need to do is enforce those laws and worse are are there are criminal law and put criminals where they belong i wish i had the answer to that question i don't i wish i did rabbit it is interesting to make that's a country where a sense. of both countries have your status and are that they've had own guns about and one scenario that seems to lead to more of a peaceful situation we don't quite have that success here but we are at a time our call terrorists thank you for coming on the show that was the house armed an american radio and co-author of lessons. america. well the u.s. is one of the strictest countries in the world when it comes to cracking down on kids and each year hundreds of thousands of children are tried as adults the u.s. remains the only western country that sentences children to life without parole and as a sentence in this cruel and unusual by the international community the supreme court
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is now taking up the subject of locking up kids for life we take a look now at the consequences of trying to punish the bad idea of america's troubled youth forty's in western pennsylvania have charged eleven year old jordan brown as an adult the boys will have a line a trial together in adult court but what if his sentence is also the one that is a life they're not old enough to drive drink or go but in america kids as young as seven years old can be tried as adults when you hold the youth accountable the same manner and passion in which you hold an adult. still not right and it's not fair michael can't knows what it's like to be a kid locked up in an adult prison you never know when my daughter you can be you so you can be fair and right what's going to happen to me he was locked up for the first time when he was twelve years old here at oak hill juvenile correctional facility and that wasn't and neither was the design so rehabilitation was an awful punishment you know who are only gay and just. like most
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kids that serve time as a juvenile in the u.s. he got into trouble again at seventeen he was charged with armed robbery as an adult he says for a kid being in an adult prison is a constant struggle to survive they know what it is we come off the worst and you don't have nobody to want you just. so they pull you when in reality in trying to get a favor out of your father sexually you know if you if they've been around a little you know if they. first he was spared from sexual abuse of many kids aren't so lucky in fact one in five victims of sexual violence in jails and prisons are under the age of eighteen you've been dealt with philip has are thirty six times more likely to commit suicide than those in the juvenile system and any given day in america ten thousand children are held in adult jails and prisons most of them have never been convicted of
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a crime and kids are fair game for solitary confinement kim says for five months he spent twenty three and a half hours per day locked up alone i could have went crazy and if they don't and just i was i'm going to say when often they do for that long critics slam the practice of putting kids in adult jails of cruel and unusual punishment they are less capable of understanding the consequences of their behavior their development is incomplete and that's why the supreme court struck down the death penalty for juveniles in two thousand and five but today the united states is the only country that sentences kids to life without parole it was viewed as a substitute to the ultimate penalty there are now twenty five hundred inmates that were sentenced to die in jail as children this is a peculiar early american phenomenon in which we tend to believe that the harsher the penalties the greater the public safety pay off kids should instead be
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rehabilitated lubow that's the focus on washington d.c. these newly opened new beginnings now walking into a classroom at new beginnings is much different from walking into a classroom at other juvenile detention facilities now this is considered to be a model facility it's a system based on reward rather than punishment and experts say that this system is much more effective at a reasonable attaining you become productive members of society but unfortunately places like this and the u.s. are rare here kids are given a second chance but in most prisons throughout the country remain america's forgotten children hope for the future gone an early age in washington lives lost our teeth. now earlier i spoke to carrie ann and lead organizer for the just kids partnership to end the automatic prosecution of kids as adults i asked her how she feels about putting kids and friends all presence. we don't think that that is
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a good process and maryland kids as young as fourteen can be automatically charged prosecuted and this is amy and we are working to try and stop that practice and why what is wrong with that process i don't kids along an adult presence because we know it doesn't work and wishing we could see doesn't work it doesn't make community center it doesn't make kids they are just can't release or what happens to cults or city kids who are in charge of the dogs and we found that those kids are often transport actually that you can assist and those kids that are juba do or don't tell stone actually get cited so the public thinks that kids charge that oh are getting put away but that isn't actually the case there are turning toward communities without the treatment in the services that they need to become productive members of our communities also i'm a big as this over incarceration children can you talk about that. you know kids are overturned if you have kids you know as young as eight and nine and are
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now the tension that's a little so as we've overcome in those it still is increased the criminality of kids a cutting them in a terror channel so we have continued to increase from charging kids and young and in those places to credit we have been going to for it and these kids that are being incarcerated a lot of are being jailed for nonviolent crimes that's why in maryland there are thirty three charges that can get you automatically charged as an adult so no one who reads your case you are automatically sent to an adult the chechen center as some kids wait there for over two years to have their case hurt and then sixteen percent of those kids have their cases were turned that you've been asked to step so they have been incarcerated and not getting any treatment any services anything that they need have productive members of their community and then i returned back to the communities and a lot of time. and so when they are returned they are committing crimes again
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because something is going on within the juvenile system where they're not being rehabilitated. in fact it's quite the opposite. way to go if they are richard's at the juvenile system they do the services they need a lot of kids who are charged adults are just there. and they don't get the services that they need and they were turned sort of getting treatment. but now another interesting thing here in the us one of the only a country is to sentence kids to life without parole of the international community sees this as cruel and unusual punishment why is it here that we do practice that and it's considered acceptable. i think that we believe they were being tough and we're you know punishing someone for something that they did we don't realize that they're being automatically charge they're not getting their counsel that they need their would get a. benefit and it don't share. with the public defender who has an over you know
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over. and there are just people that we think that we are putting away and getting them to eat but they don't realize that and i don't care if they don't. they're just sit there and wait. and also sarah do you want to touch upon kind of the other side of this argument proponents of you know cracking down harsh lee on children is that how you if you're old enough to do the crime you should be old enough to do the time you know so what's here what's your response to that you know we had done a lot of research shows that kids are in for it there aren't that i don't spray the i don't don't believe or mention other twenty as we do research to show that kids are different that they're jealous he shouldn't say that just because the kid was fourteen who may have done so they should be treated as. they are to and that is why they're considered minors that's why they can't drink they can't vote because
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they are children and yet it seems when they commit a crime all of a sudden they're seen as adults that's exactly right. so carol what is the alternative that now looks like there's a lot of layers to this problem even within the juvenile justice system even putting kids in an adult system. what is the alternative what needs to change. i think that we need to search being artists as kids and we need to start providing them the early intervention services then they need to be successful we can't continue to have a bit at the back end of a probable need to pit services in their communities make sure that they are to the things that they need and not just understand when something happens we need to make sure that we don't continue to criminalize them when they do. come in contact . with it you need to understand we need to get back to that they're going to limit
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their right kara thank you for very much appreciate you coming on the show that was carrying an ensign lead organizer for the just partnership to end automatic prosecution of kids as adults all it's happened again student protesters pepper sprayed by police last night at santa monica college in california about thirty people were hit with pepper spray the group was trying to force their way into a meeting at a college over to wish an hikes now according to a school spokes person campus police felt the crowd was out of control and their actions were justified and while the video was shocking take a look at this photo and it's a little girl believed to be four years old had to be treated after the pepper spray got into her eyes and her throat how was that justified the college says it has launched an investigation into the incident and will pay the medical bills of those injured but this is not the first time something like this has happened at a college campus in california just last november we showed you a video of
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a similar incident at the university of california davis. thank you. so in a five month period to california colleges have turned on protesters using pepper spray it's still not clear what type of pepper spray was used in the santa monica incident but he used the davis cup was using military grade stuff military grade pepper spray and peaceful protesters sitting on the ground so we have to ask the question when did it become normal to pepper spray students aren't colleges and universities supposed to be a place of ideas dialogue and even protestors how can police and college officials justify pepper sprayed their own students especially students who are trying to bring attention to the rising costs of college in this country. well the
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u.s. state department spends millions of each year so formal internet freedom around the world but at the same time u.s. companies sell surveillance and sight blocking technology to countries like bahrain kuwait and saudi arabia or its corresponding guy and kitchen can takes a look and if there's two kinds of internet freedoms. the u.s. government continues spending millions of dollars to support freedom of the internet around the world but is it freedom for all we can leaks which to many has become the symbol of you in every demise been under fire from u.s. officials and lawmakers because we teach publish documents which embarrass the american government in many ways we can fix becomes the enemy the u.s. has reportedly shoot a secret indictment against elaina signage the head of the website which leaked hundreds of thousands of documents revealing in the very things we tales about wars in iraq and afghanistan five major u.s. financial institutions these that math a car pay pal western union and the bank of america have trying to economically
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strangle weiqi least by blocking donations to the web site until recently peter pan viewer and has served as a foreign service officer in the state department that's it says it was fired over the book and the blog that he wrote about the failure of u.s. policies in iraq the state department since two thousand and eight has spent seventy six million dollars overseas on internet freedom giving tools and support to bloggers and journalists and online people around the world particularly in countries that we have difficulties with at the same time the state of oregon has spent all that time and all that money supporting those bloggers it has found internet freedom to be inconvenient in the form of weiqi leaks that has worked just as hard and spend probably more money trying to shut down free speech that it opposes the supporting free speech that it feels furthers america's own political goals overseas we call that apocryphally but it's not just the leaking website that the us is after but also there's sources critics say this administration has
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embarked on an unprecedented campaign against whistleblowers in this culture with it that with a straight face and it's going after ripple wellard in a president way we all have an obligation to protect the sources i have to say that i myself are really nervous about the safety of some of the people that i've brought to. as a journalist because national security i'm talking all the time people that work in the intelligence of the military community it is said shockwave through the news of the globe trying to stifle inconvenient leaks that home the u.s. perceives the internet and social networking platforms as major tools with spreading democracy and spend millions of dollars to help people in the middle east and trying to get around iran and glossy fire while it's at the same time ironically enough american companies provide bahrain saudi arabia and kuwait with the technology to effectively block websites a lot of the tools of control that are used by so-called repressive governments are provided by american companies the difference is that corporations for better or
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worse talk about profit as their motivation and government however the american government thoughts about freedom and democracy is its motivation when in fact in many ways it tends to act in the opposite direction some argue that left uncontrolled yet border surveillance and fight blocking tools by american companies would undermine here an air raid in the same way as arms exports undermine peace initiatives as far as u.s. government efforts to secure air freedom there seem to be two kinds of freedom freedom that they encourage and freedom that they punish but is there such a thing as freedom i'm going to strike now reporting from washington r.t. . so that's going to do the for the news that stick around the big picture is coming up at the top of the hour and i hope thom hartmann will take on a panel of conservative activists plus the united nations is now looking for the elec their life but the secret to happiness and they're willing to travel to the as
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