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all you ga protesters about are switch your plane tickets because president obama is pulling a fast one and lives in the conference at camp david in maryland so what is really behind the change of scenery question more. we need more troops there are american troops. the enemy have gone up about a thousand or so in the words. and times not on our show are the real blind mice three u.s. senators see how they run they all they all ran after warren air strikes never turned away from a confrontation they didn't like i've never seen such a thing in your life as three blind mice who are also u.s.
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senators. and israeli prime minister might not be on the best terms with president obama but he is sure getting a whole lot of love from republican presidential candidates we'll show you how these three nominees are clambering over themselves to prove that they love israel the most. it's tuesday march sixth five pm here in washington d.c. i'm liz wahl and you're watching artsy. well a sudden change of venue for the upcoming g. eight summit the meeting of the world's most powerful leaders was supposed to take place in chicago but the white house has announced it will happen at the presidential retreat in camp david maryland now the white house maintains that the new location will provide a more intimate setting but the unusually late change for the international summit has some wondering what the motives behind it could be some believe this may have
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something to do with that you're looking at ads from od'ing that's of protests and rallies outside of the g eight summit in chicago the demonstrations have been in the works for months and earlier i spoke to natasha lennard reporter first lot of home and asked her why the big move especially the last minute here's her take. you know we'll never get straight about what exactly makes basic research vision making but it's definitely being bred and i think perhaps justifiably as part of protest is a huge amount of pressure with that promise to present it looking the context of occupy tens of thousands of people from around the country in the well promising to descend on chicago the thing is they still will be going because it's the nato summit. today go do it so i don't think a lot of protests heading for chicago will change and you know it is
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a lection season so could there be a fear that widespread protests could be an embarrassment to the administration. no doubt and i think that's true with a lot of the harsh crackdown surrounding the un rest my movement since the beginning of this year and before that. but i think got the kind of environment unavoidable when not protests from it and i'm doesn't look like it's going to be backing down and talk a little bit about why you think it was moved from chicago to camp david that specific location in maryland. david is it really the retreat and it's a compound in the middle of the woods in maryland rural maryland there's very few places where people could convert to protect the national park there's no city to street and come davidic itself entirely inaccessible. so i doubt there'll be a huge exit to protect become david g.
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eight rather people will remain in chicago and so that's its own nature. but it was this idea the g eight made the same time this huge amount of protest. that the move away from the g eight and definitely tried to dissipate. and how successful do you think this venue change will be and silencing. thing b. occupy protesters who know various rules i think people feel that it's a victory move been made that threat has been responded to but also nato is still going ahead everyone. and rent. a point. with the nato summit. tension so i don't think i actually see much throwing away a crowd. much interest in the crowd between maryland and chicago because as i said camp david is really inaccessible so since both of the protests that are they were
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both supposed to go on. coincidentally because things can summits were happening in chicago back the protests in chicago to be just as massive just as powerful and you know murders i do i do i don't think it will change change much because the women. really you know these these from it their way of protest making inequality and their problem with the leadership we have. they use the occasion of a summit to do so but it's really an excuse to do so or the present elsewhere. didn't. want to bring chicago in nature but you said you are calling this a victory or it can be seen as a victory for the occupy protesters but they won't be able to protest outside of do so isn't that kind of a blow back for them well you know it's not just been an easy process to the g.
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eight leaders if you're going to be visible but will be equally of a difference because. i don't think. i've been very good at it how didn't direct this tension to lead is and also. to be fulfilled if not direct. it's in their original it's been on the streets connecting to people and making itself visible and so i think the lack of the presence of the g eight leaders will make no difference to how much noise and spectacle people will once take to the streets of chicago. throughout the past weeks and months or has been some speculation that the occupy movement has been dwindling bed do you think that this may help to get a second wind sure and i think you know before that we have cool for a general strike that are getting a lot of attention excitement for a huge day on may the first which is just before we're just a few weeks before the summit. i think come spring you're going to have just
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a wave of action it's no surprise native people didn't want to take the public was when it's freezing cold up but to be expected but now the weather is changing and all the planning that's been going on behind closed doors is going to come into fruition exciting spring i think and in terms of the switch of the g eight protests to camp david in maryland it is just speculation at this point there is no proof that the reasoning behind it is to avert these protests is that correct that's correct but that's the kind of proof you very ready. president obama used to illustrate free flowing conversation between the g. eight leaders and. the free flowing conversation couldn't happen in the slighty plane a strike over chicago summit and have in the retreat at camp david but i don't think we'll ever get
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a full explanation of the news right now taaffe i thank you very much for coming on the show that was natasha lennard reporter at salon dot com. well as the world fears another war brewing in the middle east we continue to hear pro-war rhetoric coming from republican presidential candidates they haven't we hear a lot of we we did hear a lot of it today at apac the influential jewish lobbying group but there are also key players in congress today that consistently band together and advocate taking military action abroad john mccain is one of them and just yesterday he said this about how to handle syria and only realistic way to do show which was for air power the united states should lead an international effort to protect key population centers in syria especially in the north through airstrikes on assad's forces. and he is the first u.s. senator to call on the u.s. to launch air strikes against syria but he certainly is not alone and his hawkish
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tone r.t. correspondent christine for south takes a look at a trio that has a long history of friendship and be friending and then toppling dictators. they stick together through thick and thin from the queensland to the holy land from the ball field to the battlefield they are senators joseph lieberman lindsey graham and john mccain seen frequently side by side both physically and politically to call for more war a song almost on repeat for them three haven't met a war they don't like they lead the charge to end up afghanistan we need more troops there are american troops the attacks by the enemy have gone up about a thousand percent in the word and all and time is not on our side and they've been called everything from the three amigos the three blind mice and the axis of error by the website downsize d.c. dot org they still to work together as a block or candidate x.
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assemble them or pelosi kind of her going back to their old axis of evil that we heard about that foreign policy not just limited to bush's wars here they are meeting with libyan president nor margaret duffy in august of two thousand and nine at a time when it was in the u.s. interests to call him friend mccain later tweeted this calling him interesting but a year later wanted him gone if you want gadhafi to go in one of the steps among many would be to establish a no fly zone over the world stand by and allow a leader like could obvious water is on people an ongoing target for them iran will use military action against iran we should not only go after their nuclear facilities we should just store their ability to make conventional war they should have no planes that can fly and no ships they can float we could point the gun we haven't pulled a single trigger yet and it's about time that we did the two years on and that lack of the media and military action hasn't resulted in armageddon or anything like it
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still the calls for action expand now across the globe the iranian nuclear program is a threat to the entire world fine military intervention. is now the necessary factor to reinforce this option assad needs to know that he will not win and now we find ourselves in virtually the same way going to be your leader syria what's going on in syria what's happening to flow should we respond to it and once again i mean almost we have a response to these guys come and say well we've got to go or the mood of the american people may have shifted to ending the wars but the perpetual vavi for war does have its supporters they're very popular with the military industrial complex which sees every new adventure every new invasion every new arbitration every new major bombing campaign as an investment but it's an investment fewer and fewer americans are willing to make as they've already lived through the consequences of
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the previous military adventures in fact critics say those who continue to follow senators mccain lieberman and graham are blind themselves and they fear the drumbeat for war but they fail to see the bigger picture the very real possibility of pitfalls ahead in washington christine. r.t. so we see who the powerful players are when it comes to promoting pro-war agendas and sometimes spreading democracy is used as the justification for military intervention but sometimes the plan backfires take for example egypt or democracy promotion programs are breeding resentment and suspicion u.s. nonprofit groups recently paid millions to bail out employees egypt accuses of an authorized use of foreign funds so is the united states pursuit to spread democracy instead breeding anti-american sentiment and pride here to talk more about this is jake up warren burger president of the future of freedom foundation welcome to the
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show we are seeing this backlash in egypt and why is the american quest to spread democracy now both received oftentimes in the middle east. well perhaps because there really isn't a quest to spread democracy it's a sham it's really a cover for installing pro-u.s. regimes i mean you mention egypt here's a classic example who has been the principal supporter of this military dictatorship for some thirty years it's the us government through billions of dollars of foreign aid so now they're a little bit conflicted because they see the temperament of the people changing but they're still funneling money into that regime and you see it all around the world and so this idea that the government loves democracy is nonsense that's just the pretense for regime change to get pro-u.s. regimes into power so you're saying that democracy is used as an excuse to militarily intervene in other countries but there is much more to it than wanting
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to spread democracy of course i mean look at the whole history of u.s. foreign policy since world war two you had the ouster of a democratically elected prime minister of iran mohammad mostly dead and the installation by the cia of a brutal unelected dictator the shah of iran the same thing happening guatemala they oust the democratically elected president to the country in a cia crew and install a brutal military dictatorship pinochet dictatorship i mean i could go on and all of the we share of dictatorship in pakistan they love this dictatorship this is nothing to do with democracy this has everything to do with edge of mony i know i do want to shift focus now to libya because there are some new developments there today tribal leaders have declared their autonomy in the east where the libya's interim government is opposing them do think it will need to breaking libya apart so after the death of dictator moammar gadhafi has libya any closer to achieving
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conoco say of course not i mean it's a bigger mess than ever before and let's keep in mind that you know khadafi is another example of where the u.s. government was recently. reaching out to him as part of their rendition torture program where they were trying to get him to torture people on on on the governor on the u.s. government's perhaps the same thing they've done with egypt and syria and other dictatorships but let me use a classic example of where libya belongs to the libyans it doesn't belong to the us government it's not a colony of the us empire or the british empire that libya should have been left alone and it's you continue to be left alone by the u.s. government because all they do by intervening is make things worse not only for the people within the country but for we the american people as well do you think the markets he is able to be achieved cameron diaz. possibly i mean you know it's a difficult process but that's that's something that should be left to them to achieve that the u.s.
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government should use but out of it is it possible sure it's difficult of course but it's a decision that they have to make themselves and you think that sometimes maybe when the u.s. and the last intervenes in the name of spreading democracy that sometimes things don't exactly play out the way they have planned and sometimes the plan backfires and it's almost always like that i mean this is a call to blowback where you have this this this adverse effect in you know it's like riding a wild tiger it always ends up it differently than what you have planned look at iraq and iraq a total mess they've killed one over a hundred thousand people there's nothing but violence there i mean the paradise that they envisioned and they had planned and a page of their war of aggression to do this and this country for and out to be the exact opposite it is a land of violence and strife and death and destruction and certainly iraq is another example where seems like they are very far away from achieving cannot or
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see i do go jake i'm going to take a look at the other side of the argument and there is an oppressive regime and there is proof of heinous human rights violations how can you argue that change is not needed in these scenarios. well i don't argue that change is not needed but let's keep in mind that democracy is not freedom i mean there is a reason why democracy is not even are mentioned in the us constitution a democratic regime can be just as dictatorial as a as a non-elected regime the only advantage that democracy really brings is the ability of people to peacefully change regimes when public opinion changes but is certainly no guarantee of freedom freedom is when you've got a government whose powers are limited and we don't see that in any of the countries in the middle east where the government u.s. government has intervened where there's pro-u.s. regimes you don't even see here in this country where we now live under a democracy where the government's got the power to assassinate its own people
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round up and so people are carting away torture them military tribunals that's not freedom and our founding fathers and our framers of our constitution understood it wasn't freedom fair saying the cheating democracy is a difficult need even here in our own country well democracy is easier it's the achievement of freedom it's difficult that's up to the citizens to control the power to restrain the powers of their government even when that governments democratically elected because a democracy majority rule mob rule can be just as tyrannical as an underling like his totalitarian dictatorship jacob thank you very much for coming on the show that with jacob horn for president the future of freedom foundation thank you. well it is super tuesday it's considered to be one of the biggest days and the race to the to be the next presidential republican presidential nominee voters will head to the polls and these ten states up for grabs today four hundred nineteen
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delegates oh high are considered the most significant since it does have the most delegates now it's expected that super tuesday well are it's not expected at this point that super tuesday will end the g.o.p. race but super tuesday is sure to captivate the mass media airwaves and cost millions and millions of dollars and the ongoing primary spectacle has some wondering i'm all the madness at earlier i spoke to ben cohen who is an editor for the daily be answer and president of the dancer media group he told me his real thoughts about super tuesday take a lock it's a waste of time well i mean i think it's pretty clear that romney's going to win this thing this is just a bit of a dog and pony show so we can go in the media can have a kid it's going to consider it and have some fun. yeah i mean it's a gigantic waste of money we've spent this spending millions and millions of
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dollars on this stuff and you know the policies of these cars are so similar there wouldn't be much to differentiate between any of them we would know who's going to win it's going to be mitt romney so you know that's going to be with and but you do make this argument that the two party system in the u.s. is not sustainable it's not working why not. because i think in. in the long run when you have two parties that are so similar their policies are so it's very difficult to differentiate between the two parties you've got about two percent difference that two percent does make a big difference in the in this game of things you have programs that you know message that will help poor people you have you know the quote the difference between college loans you know the publicans. banks the college loan from the democrats you've got to give a straight to the students those policy issues do make a difference but now i think if you look at fota participation has been going down
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you have to you have to you have to you have to year and that's been a trend for for decades now and what do you think is behind that trap i think people the public is just not buying what the politicians are selling anymore because it's going real it's not just some by politics their policies are can't they if anyone could remember the difference between john kerry's health care plan and george bush's health care plan i'll give him a medal because i carve a bit of difference because there wasn't really much of a difference and that's the point you're not really supposed to know the difference it's just it's a circus act and i think the longer this goes on for the less and less people are going to be inclined to vote and make and have to spend more money trying to get people to vote at the end of the day where does this go when it's very very british version and this is just it's not a reversible trying to mess there was a huge change in the system now what does that change in the system that you propose what needs to change clothes in the system you have you have to have
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company finance reform you have to you have to get money out of politics is the only way to do it you can have a system where the rich can get wins but the kind of that with the most money wins because you always going to have consolidation of interests that get behind the kind that is that going to cater to their particular interests so the only way to stop that to have a genuine candidate is to get money out of politics. that was then cullen editor for the daily dancer and president of the dancer media group. well g.o.p. presidential hopefuls took turns speaking at a packed day as expected they reiterated their ties to israel and talk tough when it came to going to war and go into war with iran over the country's nuclear program apac is considered to be one of the most powerful lobbying groups in america and while presidential candidates pander to the group many oppose their influence in u.s. politics and pro-war stance when it comes to iran and earlier i spoke to jewish voice for peace as rebecca val kilmer said she says apec stands for
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a pack and does not represent the voice of the jewish people take a listen. yeah i mean taking it upon itself to say that it represents the united states but that's really not accurate. or peace is just one of the few organizations in the united states that take very. we have got one hundred. thirty chapters around the country so you know we may not be the mainstream voice recently could. or. would you say that a pack even represents the majority of the jewish opinion you know we really doesn't practice briggs impuls big vision to go straight ahead because we're going to rand and over half of america do say that they don't want to war with iran who just. i think in a war to the right of american jewry and why do you think that candidates republican presidential candidates spend so much effort pandering to this lobbying
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group. the interesting. part of the republican party right now has absolutely no light between the israeli government and me a pac is a very powerful lobby. lobby which also supports israel unreservedly is a very powerful lobby the military industrial complex is a very powerful lobby in the combination of those things certainly within the republican worldview. they pack is a really strong reputation that they can make or break candidates so it's really a political calculation i think that the republican party. kind of party have made it they the organ or the. campaign and just how much power would you say this group has over us foreign policy well you know i think a lot of that have to do with reputation i mean they only have to prove
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a few times that they can make or break attendance the and they have go candidates running errands i think it's a little bit hard to assess how powerful they are. beyond their reputation but there's something about one of the more powerful lobbies and i hate but i can sings and we're working to make it seems you think there's a fair among the candidates that if they don't support a pac and vocally support a pac that they won't be able to get elected i think that group i mean the political effect was that all political candidates are making it about it's about money and about both and they. are matt and how that overall would you say that a pac planes and ramping up support for war with iran. like i said there's a there's a lot of players in the game but i would certainly say that that a package. really detrimental in terms of pushing the guys they work with and on and on and on. and also just want to get your reaction to remarks by president
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obama at the convention. yeah i think obama's speech was interesting and i would put it in context with this speech was a little bit better than what i was expecting i think that made it clear that red line been. really pushing the united states we endorse going to attack on iran or do it as though obama is saying that or that you want to look at other options he was saying that he wanted to give the different option to work and he was clear that he was talking about that the u.s. is red line is about actually iran actually having a weapon is the red line is iran having the capacity out with their weapons which is very different this is slightly better speech. but you ought to compare that to previous speeches where obama made a terrible speech for the u.n. about palestinian statehood and then before that on the question of settlements the
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sort of started out with a very strong ban and then you know walked that backwards and some people might say that you think the teacher in the way he's doing it or you could just say that he's flip flopping and and it's unclear what the strategy for one totally clear to me which one it is. but i think it is interesting to think about whether the democratic party president obama is starting to try to put a little bit of light in the interest of the u.s. and israel which the republicans are not doing and lastly i just want to ask you as a member of jewish voice for peace what alternative you advocate and do you propose in contrast to the policies that apec question. year old in terms of iran. i mean we're. not in the american. war in iraq and the war in. iraq and. america
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we're going to be. very hard work. that was are back of all comers an executive director of jewish voice for peace ilona show is coming up in just a half hour let's check in with a lot of the see what is on today's agenda i alone know what can we look forward to and let's go to got a great show coming up tonight because ferry in from the young turks is going to be joining us about some new statistics that have been put out there by the department of education that show that black and hispanic students are seventy times more likely than their white counterparts to be suspended or expelled from schools so it raises a lot of questions as to exactly how punishment is applied in our school system we're also going to talk to scott horton about attorney general eric holder's speech yesterday which i gave my two cents i think it's ludicrous the legal justification that they're trying to use to say that they can kill u.s. citizens abroad without ever taking you to a courtroom but we're going to have scott horton give us his i guess you could say
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more professional opinion than someone who really has a legal mind and then we're also going to look at the case of two detainees from guantanamo bay that. the defense department reported as suicides although new autopsy reports make some of that evidence seem a little bit sketchy and also raise a lot of questions and we have some new developments on the hacktivist group anonymously to be talking about that yeah we're definitely going to give our viewers an update tonight about the lulz sec hackers that allegedly the fads have arrested and also it turns out that one of them may have been a mole a lot slick slower there thank you a lot of that's coming up next but that's going to do it now for the news from one of the stories we covered you can head on over to our last usa there you will find a story of of our intrepid team has been covering since the start about anonymous and the new struggles with the new law and we'll bring you much more on this in our seven p. .


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