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tv   [untitled]    March 6, 2012 3:00pm-3:30pm EST

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president obama says that an attack on syria would be a mistake half the calls for astroids by leading u.s. politician john mccain. were also brushed off republican calls to weigh in with military force against iran this is a rare and gives nuclear inspectors access to a secret military facility while a new round of talks is set to begin with the u.n. security council members and germany like comment on that coming right up. plus the cheers but also a few jeers to as putin's presidential victory sinks in with tens of thousands on the streets but some go too far forcing the police to step in.
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a low blow from moscow at midnight watching r.t. with me kevin now in our top story president obama has dismissed calls from some senior lawmakers to start bombing syria he said the conflict is much more complicated than libya where nato waited with deadly air strikes last year across developments in washington is out he's got a church of cameras catch up with a gun he either violence has been raging in syria for nearly a year now thousands of been killed what is president obama's reasoning for refusing to get directly involved what did he have to say. but have any basically said we can't resolve every issue by deploying the military we have to look at the consequences there was a suggestion from senator mccain that made a splash he said the u.s. should launch an attack on syria no matter what the u.n. security council thinks about it president obama's response basically was that such
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talk comes from people who don't consider the consequences the president said a unilateral action against syria would be a mistake and that the situation in syria is not complicated than it was in libya in the meantime violent violence there continues russia and china call for both the government and the armed opposition groups to cease fire and start a dialogue with washington so far has been addressing your sistar calls to us are along but that may change we're getting reports that a new draft u.n. security council resolution may be put forward by the u.s. that would address these very calls first to the syrian government and then to the armed opposition groups the resolution is being discussed behind closed doors as of now it's very much unclear whether the wording of the new draft will satisfy china and russia which calls for a more balanced approach for that reason they vetoed the previous syria resolution because it lacked that balance the approach now i want to read into the report by my colleague mary for national who's right there on the ground in syria with the
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latest. the need for democratic change pushed the syrian people to the streets last march a year on pro-democracy slogans and mostly forgotten and political reforms passed almost unnoticed wrongly. claim and member of the past party whose almost fifty year rule was and that by the country's newly implemented constitution he believes syria is going through a historic transformation. the country's been in stagnation for a long time the multi-party system will finally pave the way to competition development and in this new syria will be room for all opposition and those who are angry with that. course it's a fake. hundred percent fake talk we do not trust with our people good naturists. we don't believe what ever he promises we've tried that too many years ago and too many times and his neighbor
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being honest but not all opposition members are so skeptical some have decided to take it there and run the parliamentary race ninety days before the elections at least six new parties appeared their names reflect society's vital need and the party's aspirations for had democratic entitled thought either national or solidarity the allens our party is just four weeks old its members say the hardest thing will be to persuade people to actually vote but they believe the ice has broken. finally the dog was closed for so many years is open we should use it and activate people's political will of. the skeptics main concern is that this noble impulse could not come at the worst time no one in syria will separate table of the regime why killing is still going in streets and bombing is still going on the city
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is. but there are told from other party believes the reforms could be an important tool in finding a solution to the country's protectors crisis and. i can describe the situation is painful but we can resolve it together our party is preparing documents for the president and the government and we call on all parties to start dialogue what a military solution in foreign countries interference will only make things worse and we should know and to be and we should start deciding. and your constitution is the latest in the package of reforms that also includes the lifting of emergency laws and the release of political prisoners and what that highly says these changes could be a double edged sword making the country stronger but also more vulnerable to foreign influence. given our people and their salaries are in dollars reels and dharmas they want to destroy the country they don't want changes we know we can
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have no changes to happen we have to spoil reformation and we should stand still to resist it but maybe to fears of change at home i just as powerful the syrian parliament has seen many changes in its near century old history in this building used to be home to many political parties but in the last fifty years the political life within these walls hasn't been all the colorful with a total dominance of the bath party the democratic changes the uprising brought iran are expected to modify the political landscape here in syria but the same transformations are yet to come in people's minds and this is something which will take a lot longer. were if an option r r t the massacres syria about to go on our correspondent in washington d.c. a girl of president obama also brushed aside caused him to put more military pressure on iran so what about the perceived threat that iran is building a nuclear weapon. with regards to iran president obama said we have a window through which we can resolve the issue peacefully and as he doesn't like
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the grounds of who are israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu is pushing very hard for a more affirmative response from president obama on his readiness to go to war with iran addressing the influential pro israel lobby apac on monday after meeting u.s. president he said we have waited eight for diplomacy to work we have waited for sanctions to work we cannot afford to wait much longer a very tough statement right there but fresh after the meeting with the israeli prime minister president obama says he's ready to say to restart talks with iran and there is still a chance for diplomacy to work and there's a very high degree of ambiguity to president obama's stance here on the one hand you have president obama saying all options are on the table that he is not bluffing and is ready to go or go to war if needed on the other hand members of his administration have repeatedly said a strike on iran would be a bad idea they're talking about the consequences and the fact that they know iran
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has an even decided to build a nuclear bomb so there is ratcheting up tensions and at the same time trying to call on the drums of war as if he is walking on a razor's edge actually during this conference answering questions on the ran in syria he was very reserved saying. on iran for example i have israel's back but i don't like the drums of war on syria not every issue can be resolved by waging a war but still he reserve president obama reserve that degree of ambiguity that would allow him to maneuver with his moves in the future organisms of reviews of the washington d.c. . i want to let you know as well the trooper talking more about raj but later in the program to the leaders in eastern libya have declared some autonomy for an area stretching between the egyptian border country's national. transitional council's warned against creating a self-governing region because it could lead to the breakup of the nation we
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actually know them from the editor of pan african news why are the only as a kiwi joining us live from detroit in the states are there without a proper government or anyone to be to stop other regions following suit what chance is said you think libya as now of staying intact. is going to be very difficult and it's not surprising that we see this type of our regionalism taking place inside the country prior to the independence of the country in the early one nine hundred fifty s. i was governed largely as three independent our own place during the period of the ottoman empire collapsed during war one there was three different our regions of the country when the italians came in and took order they more or less forged some semblance of unity inside the country or they were in power between around one thousand love and the way i can call our nine hundred fifty one after the revolution in one thousand nine hundred nine and the gym here under our market
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duffy tempted to forge our national unity and so become true but during the war our last year there was largely led by opposition forces there was supported by the united states britain italy france and the other nato countries there was no real political program that will unite all of the various opposition organizations the only program they really have was there were moving. from power so there's nothing really so are to forge a new type of national unity inside of libya so there should prognosis especially on the national transitional council which is going to cuse to not being up to the job of governing properly. it doesn't look like they are going to be able to form any type of viable provisional government inside of libya they have elections scheduled to take place later on this year but when we have this type of
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regionalism that's going on inside the country that's going to be very difficult for them to do so these various are rubber bands that are running the country have still not been brought under the control of the n.p.c. in tripoli they've attempted to disarm the militia groups this is not been successful then of course we have the whole problem of the militias that are operating around benghazi of course there are other militias that are parading in tripoli and of course in the south in the south was there other groups are there tend to be more allied with the former regime of moammar gadhafi so it really doesn't look like they're going to be able to form a government of national unity unless of course we're only benefit the western powers which are only there to exploit the oil and natural gas resources the fastest exactly it isn't it interesting side to this is area where they declare in the senate seventy autonomy between said the egyptian border that's rich in resources isn't it and i guess the question is who's going to want those resources
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and will the world stand by watch them be exploited at any point in the future. well there's a lot of discontent that's going on right now inside of libya there's an attempt to reform our program darkly forces there the least two different coalitions that are attempting to do that then of course we have the other organizations that are there that are very approach. and want to in fact move closer to the united states and to the nato countries then of course we have the islamist forces that are there who want to move more towards an islam a car form of governmental and islamic legal system so right now there's really not a lot going on in terms of real program to build some type of unified system inside of libya itself which is a tragedy because libya has the largest known oil reserves on the african continent during the beginning of the war last year they had some one hundred sixty billion
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dollars in foreign reserves the old virtually no money to the i.m.f. and the world bank the country was awash with wealth as well as natural resources so the war actually has done more to do stabilize libya and actually create more uncertainty throughout the entire region of northern africa just just prefigures a kind of running out of time a bit but it's troubled months on those since the civil war in libya started so therefore a good time to look back i guess and while it's largely peaceful now it's far from stable atrocities against gadhafi supporters naan bread will still happen whose fault do you think is it for libya ending up like this. well of course the west star intervened in a sectional conflict there was taking place inside the country they had in fact armed opposition groups for decades are just waiting for the attitude of. an engineer this type of regime change took place so i would definitely place the
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culpability for this type of chaos was going on inside the country with the u.s. and with the new york forces because they were only concerned about the toppling of the gadhafi regime in order to get in and further exploit all the natural gas resources inside of our north africa all right thanks to be on the program be only as a q.b. the editor of pan african newswire joining us from detroit thank you. for the three hundred opposition members detained after monday night's election gatherings here in moscow of all have been released one of the meeting spiraled out of control and police had to be called in the next year as jeff skilling has more from outside the kremlin. essentially it wasn't very much different from the mass rallies we've been witnessing for the last three or four months in russia since the parliamentary vote in december only that maybe this rally was not as big as usual with around twenty thousand people attending it it was still there were there to protest against the vote to protest against the prime minister directly the opposition leaders were speaking from the stage of looting the third place presidential candidate. who was
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also there until one moment when people already started dispersing from the square from the bush discuss where one of the opposition politicians said that he would not leave the square until putin resigns and then several hundred people followed his school and decided to stay just sitting protest in one of the fountain search certainly and the operating fountain in the central the square there right police urged him to leave because by the time the rally was officially over the time that the authorities sanction for this rally has already passed so they urged him to leave but the people refused and then the police had to literally push them off this is square that's when some clashes happened and as a result two hundred fifty opposition members were detained by the authorities later they were all released having paid a small fine for for violating the regulation of this particular mass rally we also know that some group of nationalists also tried to march the streets of moscow
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beating up a journalist from one of the radio stations and in the process around fifteen thousand people were gathered here at where i'm standing right now in the national square to congratulate the prime minister with his victory it was not like a political rally at all it's more like a party like a celebration with singing from the stage and this scenes which reminded strongly off what happened twenty four hours before that went on sunday when all the polling stations closed the prime minister the president elect came here himself to thank the crowd for the support it was very emotional about that but certainly this. no time to celebrate now for. the president elect he has already been having a very hard days of work. integration will only come on. prime minister. all the rivals of the presidential race all of them but. the communist party leader who refuses to acknowledge to recognize the result of the.
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did not. wish. to united russia will cooperate with the new opposition force which to be created by. third place candidate in the election. will be officially sworn in as. president for the third time in twelve years and will be coming back to the kremlin this fact . by many world leaders who already congratulated. with their victory in the first round of the election however some of the media still doesn't want to recognize the result of the vote. j.f.k. they would expect but a wealth of strong reaction online to russia's presidential election of the events that followed we break it down for you on our website party dot com the place to be for the analysis is sinful cars that you'll need and for those videos extensively as we showed you last night from the russian capital including the protests on both sides and it's why you choose for those borderline as well some other stories might
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catch your attention the g. eight freight fears of mass demos in chicago forcing the summit of the world's richest economies to be blown out of the windy city we'll tell you where they're heading next and this sounds good retirement at thirty two hundred fifty times your salary surely not under its constitution gets an i pop a make over but all is not what it seems as we explain online our websites our team . touched on it just now let's go back to one of our top stories developments on iran in the past few five permanent members of the u.n. security council plus germany have accepted an offer to meet iran over its nuclear program earlier the country gave the go ahead for nuclear inspectors to visit a military facility at parchin words suspected atomic weapons are under development but israel is not backing off either from its threat to use force over the issue let's get some more analysis on this piece of will force the talked in london for
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political analysts shabbir razvi shall be a good evening we heard dire warnings and consequences from one of our guests earlier on if this did all kick off if israel did strike how bad could this get do you think who is likely to get sucked into it. good evening karen i think the whole issue is that. with iran's inspection being permitted as we own under the n.p.t. rules no country really should be obliged to allow inspectors to come into the military arena but iran six years ago in february in two thousand and six allowed inspectors to come from i.a.e.a. to parchin and in fact they are being accommodating six years later to do a similar thing coming back to your question who will get sucked in i think israel is really trying to create as much difficulty as possible for
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obama and the american government because obviously at this moment in america and all the advises that there are in america as you know only a few days ago all the top journals. former. analysts and so on rode in usa saying that it won't be appropriate and it wouldn't be right for america to take military action in so far as the issue of nuclear matters is concerned but again yesterday mr obama was speaking at aipac which is the big lobbying group for israel in fact it acts as a shadow government for for israel in the united states of america so all these things are really heating up but i think like everyone is saying like all the analysts and in fact their politicians and previous leaders in different american
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administrations saying that really if israel goes down this route it really is asking for its own demise and that i think is the crucial marker which has to be understood by the israeli leadership by the new york cons in. america that is going to be quite a difficult situation for israel if that journey is ever contemplated it has been contemplated but if it's taken up or you mentioned the military side of parsons but opened up before the does seem to be a spirit of openness again from iran but why now rather the moment is because of all the sanctions that are being imposed on it at the moment is it is it finally getting into those do you think why this change of heart at the moment. you were asked a very good question and i think this is how media in the west is now trying to perhaps pro-trade that for the last couple of months iran wasn't allowing the.
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inspectors to go into part two but the reason for that was given a large team by ideas or small tiny permanent representative at the i.a.e.a. only about a week ago. i spoke to you give me the answer. but i'll give you an answer but you know. he was very clear that the reason why iran was an ally in there i.e. inspectors to go in terms of reference and the word that he used the word valid these were not agreed and so obviously the modalities have now been agreed and iran is willing to allow these inspectors to go in and again as we all know and it's all recorded that even on last again occasion when the i.a.e.a. inspectors went in they could not find any trace of what they were talking about and i'm sure iran is going to come clean on this particular case and as i said iran is not a blight on the n.p.t.
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treaty to allow. inspectors to come to its military areas and iran is actually being quite open about it and by israel with doesn't allow any inspectors or any other nuclear state allow a does not allow any inspectors from i.a.e.a. to come and inspect their sites so iran is perhaps being remarkably a point in permitting this course of action to be taken by the i.a.e.a. inspectors have a pretty good living there shall be read to see life from of the folks who are supposed to providing our views as well if they want to catch that extensive interview. and they gave to us here at r t a spokesman for about fifteen minutes in front of the you tube site and also on our website out doc. to investigate what methods other than attacks could prevent iran from obtaining nuclear weapons again this name.
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we're sitting down with thomas pickering that served as ambassador to many countries including russia as well n.p.r. he also served as the u.s. ambassador to the united nations from one thousand nine hundred ninety two ninety nine to pickering thank you very much for joining us thank you for having me you co-wrote an article titled envisioning a deal with iran where the reviving that in order to afford a confrontation with iran the obama administration should open could play magic channels with tehran learn what iran and try to make some kind of
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a deal what kind of a deal the impression we envisage a deal that might invite have in fact two parts to start with to begin with the idea that the iranians advanced two years two months ago that they would stop enriching uranium to twenty percent if we on our side maybe the p five plus one russia china the united states britain and france and germany would provide the fuel elements those pieces of the reactor that they use to make medical isotopes for their population they now have run out of that fuel and the proposals that we make would be to say let's give iran what it says it wants which is a civil nuclear program but let's do our best to create the maximum amount of effective inspection so that's a fire wall a road block a break between their civil program and
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a military nuclear program how realistic is achieving such until today i mean how big is the resistance among u.s. policymakers if you would talk to me a year ago i would have said pretty high but since then several things have happened just two or three months ago secretary clinton made a speech in which there was certainly a clear hint that the old. u.s. policy of no enrichment in iran might well be modified if and the deal could be struck so that the u.s. would become satisfied that iran was proceeding in an open way in a transparent way and that would give some confidence that the u.s. side might then agree to a continuing civil program one of the problems about a civil program is that iran only has one reactor and that i think thankfully because it was provided by russia is bound up in an agreement where they don't need to get fuel russia provides the fuel and more importantly russia takes back the
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used fuel which afterwards used makes them tony and plutonium and is directly usable in nuclear weapons so that's very well safeguarded you have the u.s. military saying and its trailing attack on iraq would be a bad idea and the word was premature and i also asked the u.s. military i think all elements of the united states and attack on iraq on iran not only would be premature but crazy top u.s. intelligence professionals are saying iran is unlikely to initiate or intentionally provoke a conflict and you served as the u.s. ambassador to israel at one time obviously the u.s. and its well they're very close allies because this will really listen to washington i think it does but sometimes when it feels itself in extreme danger it takes its own advice and really interesting thing about these really situation is this far as i can see and people have been very clear in saying this that the
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heads of the three israeli intelligence service don't seem to be recommending a military attack they seem to be against it for good reasons it involves many too many risks some complications and it is unlikely to achieve in any serious and continuing way the objective of stopping the iranian program in fact i believe if. were to attack iran militarily under the current six situation one result would be they would have a perfectly legitimate reason for saying we had no interest in a bomb but now that we've been attacked we have really have to make a part so it is counterproductive let's talk about the u.s. push for regime change in syria a very important thing that they bring up is that. the fate of the syrian leadership should not be persuaded from the outside it should be decided by the syrian people coarsely said negotiation they said they'd like to see president assad step aside and his vice president whoever it is take over but this is preparation obviously for a negotiated solution has to be
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a negotiated solution but that the political solution involves the opposition talking to through an operation like why does the opposition refuse to talk to the government leaders and refuse to talk to that has refused to talk to president abbas and to present yes to the government exactly there was also a fear that that kind of one sided resolution could invite. an intervention i understand russians concerned if they actually believed that the original resolution in libya was not going to invite some kind of intervention thank you.


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