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tv   [untitled]    March 6, 2012 2:00am-2:30am EST

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dozens of arrests as rallies both in support of and against. russia after he's named president for. war mongering rhetoric against a mass chris intensifies in the us as former presidential candidate senator john mccain. writes for the french military campaign against the syrian regime also. said the want to comes to preventing iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon i will take no options to president obama promises his supporters pro israel washington refusing to rule out the option of force against iran which israel has with threatening. and the russian equities are in the red in the first
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hour of trade following very hefty gains on monday it seems they have no place to go considering what's happening on global equity markets and the price of oil all the details about twenty minutes. around the world and around the clock you're watching our team but the presidential victory has sent tens of thousands of russians on to the streets to celebrate and protest against the outcome of the vote thousands rallied in the center of moscow for fair elections but police said two hundred fifty were arrested when some refused orders to disperse after demonstration was due to wind but it's not what the answer is. let's say you tell us more about what happened. well it started with
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a great deal of resemblance to the rallies which we have been seeing in russia for the past three or four months since the fall of entry both in december everything was very peaceful with the prominent opposition figures talking from the stage to the crowds contesting the legitimacy of the voting demanding a rerun of the election demanding prime minister putin president elect to step down with some of the as i said political figures of the opposition talking to the crowd including third placed candidates in the presidential election russian tycoon mikhail prokhorov the new comer to the politics everything was peaceful and the crowd in fact started to disperse started to leave the pushkin square square it's about two kilometers from where i'm standing in such almost right now until one of the opposition figures have killed it's off said that he would not leave the square and to put in steps down several hundred to sunday school and organized a city protest in one of the fountains in the square certainly and the operational fountain that was the right police as we understand urged them to leave the square
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to vacate it because the time they had sanctioned for the rally was running out and the the rally was officially over but the people refused to leave they were chanting slogans and the right police had to use force to disperse the crowd from the square we understand that two hundred fifty people were detained including some opposition figures very popular opposition figures like the idea yes and i said they were all detained but later as far as we understand they were all released we understand that they had to pay a fine for violating the regulations concerning mass rallies but that's where it ended everything seems to be peaceful at the moment but a lot of those happy that contained by the way town to the streets didn't they how did that play out. a very different picture was here carrie had been isn't a square in front of the kremlin but this very same time when the opposition was protesting at the pushkin square square. fifty thousand people were here to support
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but didn't put in to congratulate him with a victory and this was not a rally it's all this is more like a celebration proxy with pop star star forming from the state and people expressing their delight over. victory the prime minister himself was here twenty four hours earlier on sunday when all the polling stations closed across the country and he was very emotional too thanking the people for the support and expressing his outmost delight at gaining this overwhelming victory in the very first round of the election making a second round runoff completely impossible so then what about the other candidates in the election and how did they take the outcome. most of them reacted positively and congratulated like even put in of all his victory and in fact they held a meeting with the prime minister which he inspired and they had a long conversation they have all of them except for you know he's a god of the leader of the communist party the second place candidate with
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seventeen point two percent losing almost forty six percent to let you know which in the heat refuted the results of the election he believed that it was illegitimate and thus he did not want to attend this meeting organizing a little rally of she's only around three hundred people also in central moscow the most important part of this meeting probably was the fact that. putin and the prove to the fact that new file profit of the russian tycoon is planning to launch a peace party to initiate his own political force and that united russia policy and he versatile he will hold a rate with me how prominent and he is a political movement now definitely in monday's events once again showed that the russian opposition is very very versed on the one hand we have mikhail prokhorov the man who is trying to build a dialogue with the authorities or with those in power in the problem and we also have more radical part of the crowd like exceeded by libya yes and others who are openly supporting the escalation of the conflict between the those in the streets
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and those in power and openly call for mounting of the protest force in russia my colleague you are doing a great show what tells you more about the face of the russian opposition in her report. you might think there are two types of post-election rallies those by the winner and less jubilant ones by the defeated opposition but if you look closely at russia's political scene these days you'll see how sharply the opposition itself was split into two ranks. the vertical of power in our country could help slow the civil society initiated from below concrete shells on top and there's no political competition here's the official opposition defeated candidates need thing with the winner in his residence the morning after the vote criticizing the kremlin and here's what may seem similar but in fact a very different rhetoric from the unofficial street opposition.
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who are. here it is a growing their own words. unlike the newly risen political star mihail proctor of activist and blogger alexei now bali hasn't spent two and a half million dollars on his compay and he never ran for presidency but thanks to his active bloc and the massive coverage of his calls for a revolution by the western and russian media he rose to an unofficial opposition leader almost overnight in the heart of my gun and. i think. the activists from the street opposition condemned sunday's ballot even before the first vote was cost these presidential elections illegitimate and the person who comes to power whoever it is even if it's not will be illegitimate in any case. to rogers stood for a venue to rally the opposition ended up fighting it out between each other in city
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hall for a group of. one they might have had russia's most liberals where in the center of moscow to protest but the question still very much alive is does the news straight up position know how to square this circle the march fifth rally for liberal values to the test to what extent will they be of a the law. this will police are saying we must go but i calling you to steal could turn so to sleep here in our city and we can do whatever we want we are not leaving we are not leaving an hour after the sanction rally was supposed to wrap up some leaders were calling on people to put up ten cent occupied the square every chill moskovitz are already well familiar with polo that police is courting protesters to the much row and arresting the most resilient ones who refused to leave among them now. almost everyone these days wants changes almost no one wants
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a revolution but there is a minority who are making this a revolution however i don't think they'll manage to break open the russian state police report that monday's protest rally gathered around fourteen thousand people on pushkin square that's less than in the rallies in december when up to seventy thousand took to the streets following the parliamentary vote many explain the dwindling numbers as a reflection all but the communist candidate acknowledged the results of the vote a clear sign that the changing political landscape in russia has little room for revolution race except in a virtual r.t.e. scale. while a presidential election is a serious issue there's always room for some fun as you can see next.
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stake a secret look at some unconventional moments at polling stations gone by when cameras intended to write a voting process which captured sites. to watch how ukrainian women activists from the controversial film and group calls to see their own station. voted to kill thompson launching a ballot boxes to r.t. dot com. now there was extensive international and a media interest in russia's a presidential election china became the first country to congratulate writing their original his win for western leaders to discuss free action in beijing when i joined from there by the suffering charlayne experts on russian chinese relations and thank you for joining us here on our team that china as you said was first to congratulate beauty but what does this tell us. i think that. i believe that. this president action are great. the
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most the russians people the political. patient so. i think that most of the chinese. also have a. result even. maybe you also can find out some of the very important but i mean. if they can they. then if you permission from them are because how can you be so. to there's been criticised by some for failing to commit so many well defined economic strategy will there be a different focus now do you think. yeah i think after action i think we can find some of the new picture hopefully not only tom ethic issues would be improved but also absent relations will be
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a chance and i mean when seeing the political reform i think we can on some progress in peace. eric and also hopefully. not only russia relations will be strengthened but also. russia with western societies relationship also will. have been pro progress beijing like moscow opposes western and arab powers wanting action against syria china's former ambassador to damascus is in the country this week promoting a peace plan what chance of success there. are sink. out. relations let it we can find some of the. new situation because on the on a china russia she is some concern but also i think really we can
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send something new new a statement from from putting food on pope in red we call it even if assad knew it before in the city just on. a ship as if he could reach it i think that is very important message for chinese people including some of the new messages about new. exploration siberian fire east and think that there is a new area for cooperation between russia and the pacific regions countries including china ok. thanks on an expert on russian chinese nations which are easy. senator john mccain has called for strikes on a military campaign against syria the first u.s. lawmakers to do so in a statement comes as international pressure on personnel serving creases was sanctions imposed on the regime. red cross has reached two parts of the city of
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homs where civilians are caught between government forces and the only. reason for national is for impotence worse. for presidential candidate john mccain has become the first senator to publicly call for a u.s. led military strike on syria to and eleven months long conflict here in the country draft copies of mccain's speech have him telling the senate serious crisis has reached a decisive moments and the only realistic scenario to preserve innocent lives is with military air power we're also hearing from the free syrian army here on the ground that it's waiting for foreign weapons to arrive early is concerned it has received weapons and anti aircraft missiles from u.s. and french sources meanwhile the regional media reports that more french officers have been detained in the city of homs that's become a center of the conflict between the authorities and the opposition here in syria and they're now being held in every field hospital that we've been receiving
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information earlier that more than one hundred french paratroopers have been detained in the city of homs on the ground political efforts to find a way out of this conflict are in full swing. the need for democratic change pushed the syrian people to the streets last march a year on pro-democracy slogans are mostly forgotten and political reforms passed almost unnoticed wrongly only claims a member of the baath party who is almost fifty year rule was ended by the country's newly implemented constitution he believes syria is going through a historic transformation. the country's billions dog nation for a long time the multi-party system will finally pave the way to competition development and these new syria will be room for all opposition and those who are angry that. course it's a fake. hundred per cent fake talk
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we do not trust our people good much less better we believe what ever he promises we've tried back too many years ago and too many times and he's never been an honest but not all opposition members are so skeptical some have decided to take it there and run the parliamentary race ninety days before the elections at least six new parties appear their names reflect society's vital need and the party's aspirations for have democratic entitle for either national or solidarity the allens our party is just four weeks old its members say the hardest thing will be to persuade people to actually vote but baby leave the ice has broken. finally the board was closed for so many years is open we should use it and activate people's political will as the skeptics main concern is that this noble impulse
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could not come at their worst time no one in syria will separately with the regime why killing is still growing in streets and bombing is still going in the cities. but sapper are taught from islands are part of believes the reforms could be an important tool in finding a solution to the country's protective crises and. i can describe the situation is painful and we can resolve it together our party is preparing documents for the president and the government we call on all parties to start dialogue a military solution and foreign countries interference will only make things worse you we should know when to be and we should start deciding now and your constitution is the latest in the package of reforms that also included the lifting of emergency laws and the release of political prisoners might that highly says these changes could be a double edged sword making the country stronger but also the ripple to foreign influence. there are people and their salaries are in dollars reals and dharmas
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they want to destroy the country they don't want changes we know we cannot allow changes to happen we have to pull reformation and we should stand still to resist it but maybe the fears of change at home just as powerful the syrian parliament has seen many changes in its near century old history this building used to be home to many political parties within the last fifty years the political life within these walls hasn't been all the colorful with a total dominance of the grass party the democratic changes the uprising brought iran are expected to modify the political landscape here in syria but the same for us promotions are yet to come in people's minds and this is something which will take a lot longer. teen damascus syria. but a website or if you dot com is packed with news analysis and by catching videos it's a taste of what's online at the moment but jailed oil tycoon he did have
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a sentence for you since april off a lot of attention didn't get reported to the. front who let the dog vote the onset is the u.s. state of new mexico where pooch is now a registered voter. that's possible. rock obama has told the pro israeli conference in washington that america will not hesitate to use force to friends iran from getting nuclear weapons and israel has been pushing for military action against the islamic republic of the us president did stress the need for a diplomatic solution is a voice on the issue of the most powerful one so. it's an annual tradition more than thirteen thousand people gathering in the nation's capital for the american israel public affairs committee annual conference it gives people from all over the country a few common revitalise their approach it is very
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important the united states will back up israel and indeed it is the united state is committed to backing israel while apac is considered to be one of the most powerful lobby groups in america and they hope this conference each year showcasing american israeli unity just how much power it is group has over u.s. foreign policy there is controversy speaking at the conference president obama reiterated america's dedicated to fostering strong ties with its closest ally when it comes to preventing iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon. i will take no options off the table and i mean what i say. that includes all elements of american power statements like that make the world wonder is war with iran just around the corner. is really is are pushing us into
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a regional war that. of cataclysmic potential apac supports more jewish voice for peace and many jewish americans are in the side of peace not on the side of unnecessary wars protestors outside of the convention say israel and apac are dragging america into war with iran position held by many antiwar groups. but they're also protesting the lobbying groups enormous impact on u.s. politics politicians know that if they attempt to speak up on this issue they're going to be not just vilified they're going to be defeated apac affiliated groups exorbitant amounts of money and supplemental campaigns and in the in the white house israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu told obama that israel and america sansa gather we all you and you all were together and while netanyahu stress israel
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will always be a master of its own fate obama insists the united states will always israel's backward comes to israel secure this after israel has warned they will launch an attack against iran without giving us notice apac. has a lot of power and a lot of that is due to the fact that congress and the media. just eats it all up so the question remains with israel ramping up pro-war rhetoric and america dedicated to supporting them as another war in the middle east all but inevitable in washington visible arts. well turn this to max moving through says netanyahu is aggressive stance on iran could spell disaster for israel the u.s. and the rest of the world iran has practical concerns it is going to act in its own
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best interests own best interest is not to launch a nuclear strike on israel even tinier pardo the head of the israeli mossad intelligence service says that so it's really benjamin netanyahu and acting through a pac which is like their shadow government in washington to alter american policy and move against american interests and they've already done that with sanctions the obama administration has fought sanctioning iran central bank because they knew that it would raise gas prices and oil prices inside the u.s. congress passed it one hundred to nothing this apac resolution and now we have high gas prices and americans don't really understand why and now they're pushing us war for israel to apac netanyahu it seems so messianic and so influenced by a neo conservative line of thinking that he's taking israel down this path of self-destruction. hyping war rhetoric and pushing the united states attempting to corral the united states into a war that could be catastrophic according to the world renowned economist royal
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would be a war that could cause a global recession. but take a look at some other stories making headlines around the world this hour yemeni officials. that since over a hundred soldiers rational. government also captured dozens of its becomes. presence efforts. across. decades of. sunday in the shadow. of the presidential compound twenty five. hockey star has tested a short range ballistic missile capable of carrying nuclear warheads and weapon has a range of one hundred eighty kilometers sitting just a day after a supersonic cruise missiles for. india the two countries which have fought three wars since the partition in one hundred forty seven.
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france is of people having the would have to leave their homes in southeast australia as flood waters cause havoc their areas have been declared natural disaster zones days of intense rain have led to swollen rivers flooded farms and most of the answers to those bridges and roads. well now that we russian presidential election is over investors are waiting to see what economic policies the government will pursue but it's not my business desk with attention so what are the expectations well it's not just investors fitch ratings agency is also monitoring the situation closely and this threatening to cut russia's long term rating if the new government fails to. tighten the monetary policy essentially the rating agencies says that it's who turns election campaign promises will cost the russian budget budget
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a whopping one hundred sixty billion dollars over additional spending and boosting public spending over the next six years will essentially lead to a wider budget deficit putin also pledged to raise the peace of the country's economic growth to around seven percent a year he hopes russia will join the top five economies and jump to the twentieth place of the global grading of investment attractiveness it's currently in one hundred twentieth place so there's a lot of us jurors are expecting to see from the new president and jacob well from morgan stanley has the details. a lot is going to be called for in terms of setting up the new government and people getting their feet under the table so i think people will be looking for progress still reach a wintry in may june resumption of privatization rather middle of the year and a credible economic team in the new government. the russian markets are shedding value in the second hour of trade it's less than one percent losses for both the
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r.t.s. and m i six and it seems like they have no place to go but down considering that monday night was awesome street protests and traders usually interpret that as a side of instability also global equities are shedding value across the board and it's hard to withstand that pressure and also more oil which is a major factor for the russian equity markets is also seeing very choppy trading on tuesday morning that in just a second but first the biggest movers on the my sex now the blue chips a losing value pretty much across the board or oil majors including gazprom are in the red the financials lights burbank also shedding value on metals the m.k. is also down now a bit more on crude prices it's an important indicator for the russian equity markets and we're seeing a tug of war trade on choose they essentially it's it's
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a competition between the macroeconomic factors like china cutting its growth rate targets and supply concerns over iran's nuclear program and now a bit more on china the world's second largest economy its growth rate target on monday to an eight year low of seven and a half percent from its longstanding gold around eight percent and not really brought to the equity markets down in hong kong the hang seng is shedding value and the tokyo coke is nikkei is also down in the not quite as much because it is supported by tech x. orders that's the latest from the business desk i'll be back with an update in about fifteen minutes else either.
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