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tv   [untitled]    March 2, 2012 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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change no no. nobody's announced a war young lady so. and nobody has confirmed that iran is trying to create nuclear weapons either and neither one of those statements is easing tensions between israel and iran we'll show you how the u.s. is stuck between iran and a hard place. and a space race may be over but it looks like nasa is throwing caution out the window these days i'll tell you how control close to the international space station has been compromised someone is going to step up at some point and they're going to say we've had enough of this the real issues are not being addressed it looks like both
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republicans and democrats are striking out in public opinion polls so could it be time for a new party to step up to the plate. good evening anse friday march second seven pm here in washington d.c. i'm christine for watching our team. well this weekend thousands of people will be heading into town here in washington for the annual apac conference apac is the american israel public affairs committee and both israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu and u.s. president barack obama will be speaking at the conference they also have a scheduled meeting with one another this monday and no doubt that discussion will be dominated by talks about iran the u.s. and israel of course longtime friends but at least in public there is a disagreement about what to do about iran and its rumored nuclear program the u.s.
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seems to prefer sanctions to action but israel seems to really want america's assurance it will stand by israel if it decides to take action well it earlier i spoke with brian becker the national carbonator for the answer coalition and i first asked him what he thinks will come out of this weekend's conference and also some of the broader implications of decisions regarding iran. we are witnessing a carefully coordinated and calibrated assault against iran this multi-faceted it includes economic sanctions that are very powerful as president obama said this week it's creating a world of hurt in iran i mean quite interesting that of course the people in iran are the ones suffering because of economic sanctions but at the same time you have assassinations of scientists you have subversion and commando units and covert operations and of course the always looming threat of actual military strikes by either israel or the united states so the idea is to keep is iran in a state of extreme tension as part of a destabilization effort of the current government but do you think that israel
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actually feels what jim extract from iran or is this you know more building up to high or as you say are trying to keep them in a state of tension so i don't think israel's assertions are real at all i think it's part of a game plan it's part of a coordinated assault iran does not have a nuclear weapon israel has hundreds of nuclear weapons iran subscribe to the i.a.e.a. the international atomic energy agency its nuclear program is monitored israel won't sign the nuclear nonproliferation treaty israel routinely invade its neighbors as it has over the past four decades iran has never started a war so when you look at all of these actual facts i would say the real menace to the peace in the middle east is real iran is not a menace is iran is being targeted and i think this is part of the israeli hype arrogating to itself the right to strike as it did in iraq in one thousand nine hundred one it gets nuclear facilities as it did in syria in two thousand and seven
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as it would like to do now in iran but united states government is is somewhat afraid that if israel carries out a unilateral strike within the middle east this will play out as a paradigm by the israelis ainus government against a middle eastern country and then those lines all of the middle east will unite against israel and so the united states is. is concerned that israel might act to promptly in terms of carrying out unilateral military aggression let's talk about those who are opposed to war i mean what's the answer here let's take a look back into the one nine hundred eighty s. in great britain we had the british government basically give the green light to allow the americans to keep their cruise missiles at the ground common base and i believe as berkshire england literally had it started you know with a few hundred built up to seventy thousand protesters most of them women we see pictures right here they actually joined hands around the base to block access to it i mean kind of
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a cool story in history but is this what it's going to take i mean are we going to need seventy thousand people to come out and say this cannot happen well there should be seventy thousand people who come out because it's very games or it's the united states invaded afghanistan it's been a ten thousand year long were invaded iraq more than a million iraqis died according to the lancet medical journal iran is a country of eighty million people if there should be another another war a full scale military conflict the impact on the iranian people the people the region the people the world is very grave so people should come out and in fact are coming out to start to demonstrate against a possible new war with iran but even short of a military conflict with all this drama we also need to demand an end of the economic sanctions which are designed to destabilize punish collectively punish the iranian people and topple their government in violation of their right to be self determining when it comes to that right to self-determination there is just such a heightened build up especially in the last few weeks and months about you know
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whether or not bashing be the case about what to do and there is a disagreement in a lot of the use of language here there are disagreements among jewish people there are disagreements among several different groups and a lot of people complain that when they criticize israel they're called anti-semite just because of you know. history and they feel they can't criticize you netanyahu policy or the a lobby without being called that yesterday our jihad it colonel lawrence wilkerson on the alona show he's also the former chief of staff to colin powell and i want to just play a little bit about what he said and then we'll talk about it. this is true irony we have one group of jewish americans calling another group of jewish americans who are funding the efforts to stop war with iran any semites this is incredible i never thought i'd live to see this not just as not just small groups of people but huge groups of people on the left like the j.
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street group and then groups on the right like apec or trading barbs of edison because of between morning after reading about islam and actually a set of rules for those who do the criticizing and those who criticize the critics well indeed i mean you can't raise a voice in the united states in support of the palestinian people for instance and their legitimate rights without being accused as we have been and has all of those who have stood with opposing an accused wrongly by the zionists forces and a pack another from a right wing groups associated with israel as anti semites it's trying to create an atmosphere where anyone says anything against israel is labeled anti semitic the fact of the matter is millions of jewish people in the united states and around the world disapprove of what israel is doing in the antiwar demonstrations in the demonstrations in support of the palestinian people many jewish people jewish americans are out in the streets so it's wrong it's terribly wrong it's part of
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a propaganda effort a propaganda machine by the by the israelis ainus government and its supporters in congress and the media to label wrongly those who criticize israel as any semites but i think that that effort is starting to lose some of the wounds that it's had historically and i think we see a turning tide and let's just sort of bring this back full circle here and talk once again about sort of what we may see this weekend in terms of talk in terms of this deal this agreement between the u.s. and israel president obama spoke last night and i asked someone in the audience yelled out a hand something about it's hard to hear her but there's something about a row with iran take a listen to what he said. oh big. change none of the bodies announced a war young lady. but refreshing her friends. while president obama seemed little rattled there for a moment of course the u.s.
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is already at war with iran when you impose economic sanctions like an economic blockade it is according to international law an act of war when you deprive a country of food and medicine and that needed to sustain life that's an act of war but what he's talking about is whether the bombs are going to start falling and the united states has made it clear that it too not just israel but it too is prepared to carry out military strikes against iran but it's not the preferred choice at the moment they're hoping that economic sanctions a very tight sanctions a lot of suffering a lot of pain a world of hurt as obama said will help destabilize the government the u.s. goal in iran is not to have a nuclear free iran it's to have a puppet government in iran as they had during the reign of the shah from one hundred fifty three to one hundred seventy nine in other words an extension of american power and a very important geo strategically important and oil rich region of the world all right brian becker national coordinator for the answer call less than a lot keep our eyes out for the can retaliate conference in town.
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i still have an artsy houston we have a problem nasa officials are dealing with a possible security breach after all the laptop and top secret codes for the international space station was stolen so is it really rocket science for a hacker compromised the space program. r t is the state run english speaking russian channel it's kind of like. russia today has an extremely confrontational stance when it comes to us.
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people calling like you said for free and fair elections. and they're still importing from the. uk you can hear behind me loud explosions. and. i got it. all right so here's some disturbing news in the last couple years four dozen high tech computing devices at nasa have all gone missing they've been lost or stolen something this was revealed in congressional testimony this week by nasa as
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inspector general now among the items that have disappeared a laptop that contained the code needed to command the international space station funding for nasa has of course been cut back in recent years but nasa still spends around one point five billion dollars each year on i t related activities and that includes approximately fifty eight million on i.t. security earlier today we brought in our cyber expert in chief andrew blake he's also part of our red team here at r.t. and he's got a little bit more of a grasp on all this stuff than the average person here's his take on nasa's lacking security. so what happened this week was inspector generals testify before congress and said you know there's a couple different problems with nasa right now and they were very big problems not only did you see that there was this little piece encouraging news files but he just admitted down right that nasa is incredibly vulnerable to cyber attacks not only are the incredibly volatile cyber attacks we miss that they are constantly
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bombarded with cyber attacks and there's been less years for five thousand instances where malware or unauthorized access is somehow corrupted their files and they are aware and they say that oh well we've been trying but they still managed to give away the code that controls this. billion dollars thing that flies around the world that have built around the world series the national space station is kind of important thing yeah absolutely and i know just yesterday the f.b.i. director robert mueller was speaking to a group of sort of cyber security experts and he warned that cyber attacks in the next few years will actually replace terrorism as the most serious threat facing the u.s. so if that's the case why aren't i is anathema more for the protected and what do you think he's trying to get out there in the nasa testimony in the earlier comment cannot have come at a worse time because coincidentally the former head of the cia all through this
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week. was really that they didn't like what the stuff that we're the fellow that they're corrupted the iranian nuclear program for years ago he was a former head of the cia said you know that was a good idea that worked that was great so we have the cia saying he going after the programs of other governments that'll work and we have the f.b.i. seeing that this is the actual threat and then we have been. the nasa to say this is happening and there's nothing you can do about it right in fact. what you were saying i mean i was reading up on this a little bit and you were saying like our computers are our system actually gets hacked i think i found fifty four hundred computers have essentially been hacked and i know that he said security incident occurred that resulted in the instant installation of malicious software on these computers or on authorized access into the system i mean what could happen if this will be you know just
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a hacker could control the international space station. or rational masses a bunch of rockets i think and other sorts of cool stuff so it's not so it's not something you want to just put in the hands of anyone and it's different than what we've been seeing with anonymous with a few lots of like i'm stuck seeing a d.d. o. s. attacks will take down a website will cripple our government web site will go in and will go to a local small time or even big time bomb force needed to publish a bunch of e-mails it's not a case of stratfor yeah it's not just correspondence and it's not just home addresses it's it's code for the international space station and it's not even that's not encouraging it now so they admitted to congress the inspector general but they kind of just have been making mistakes actually discovered that over the last few years there were at least ten instances where nasa went to go take their old computers and sell them off to the public but kind of just forgot to agree so
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hard drives oh my goodness yeah this seems like. the opposite of rocket science to make a horrible joke at this seems like you know even when elementary schools have drives for computers they make sure that this doesn't happen i mean and with what we know about cyber attack i've been to a few conferences here in d.c. where it really is made the biggest deal of that that every organization whether it's a news organization or a government organization needs to be worried about cyber attack i mean it's not and barest about absolutely should be and i q security is such a huge business in america and internationally that. they there is no reason for this to be happening not so much and they spend fifty eight million dollars out of security a lot of security out of a lot of want to have a billion. together so it's it's not good what comes out of it and i mean are they going to is nasa going to get smarter is people gonna learn a lesson from this or no no no absolutely not but it is said that they've done
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audits for the last several years and they regularly find mistakes and oh we try to fix them but to her know that the the smart guys are just getting smarter and. nasa is lose in the bunch of codes have they said anything i didn't see in terms of this laptop that was missing that have the information to the international space station i mean have they gotten bad or it's still out there somewhere they haven't actually gone into that but they also said that there's a good number of things that they actually can't even try to keep track of because when when mobile computing devices are loadout to employees the employees are responsible for keeping track of them and if an employee misplaces something out of a system of thousands of computers they don't necessarily have to report that something's happened to them so there's only forty eight laptops missing that they're aware of that's the told me it's holding the national stage together but i read that they weren't even sure exactly what information was on those computers and interesting story i think is an important one to get out there to show that
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even nasa vulnerable and what does this mean r.c. writer andrew blake interesting stuff thanks so much thank you. well still ahead here on our team while president obama burns bridges with voters on mitt romney and rick santorum a hard time rallying the base is it time for a third party candidate to get into the mix we'll ask the editor of a and a lot of questions next. to the capital account i'm laura mr. pepper spray let's just bring dry it's right
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right i mean it's like a derivative of pepper it's a food product essentially. what stronger than anything you buy other. browsers of times stronger than any one of the most people you ever put. all right let's talk politics now there are republican caucuses in washington state this weekend and of course just a few days it will be super tuesday and let's be honest these last few months have been right a roller coaster ride with fluctuating polls with the g.o.p. candidates sharp jabs traded over cable networks and way too many presidential debates so what do we left with now well in the eyes of many it's a field of candidates that very few people seem to be excited about
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a former member of that field republican jon huntsman who dropped out a few months ago said this last week about what may need to happen in this country . i think we're going to have problems politically and so we get some sort of third party movement or some alternative voice out there that can put forward new ideas and that ain't going to be me by the way i thought the tax question i'm not interested in that that someone is going to step up at some point and they're going to say we've had enough of this the real issues are not being addressed. all right so this is not the first time this is the that but often when it is considered to be a little friends are out there now earlier i spoke with masson report out of our friend ally dot com and i asked him what's going to take to have a viable third party candidate take a listen. based upon the marginal nature of the current political landscape i think what we the american people really need to see is
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a candidate who values and fusion who values our most essential liberties which have been a rotated over the past year and a pace which has never been seen before along with an anti interventionist anti imperialist anti colonial in and so forth foreign policy which is not among anyone in the republican field or obama or think that maybe ron paul the only heard been. putting forth a dialog that differs at all from him there it is that we heard from both sides or go along now and the continuity of magenta that we've seen bush to obama has in my opinion this allusion to many americans from the two parties has been completely though i think the only viable truly buyable all party of is the one.
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thing that is completely absent from the platform above the mainstream republican and democrat party so well i think it's a good point so you know you brought up a lot ron paul let's talk about him he's running as a republican but as you say when it comes to the what you know what he's calling for he's very very different from now on any of those republicans i want to show you an interesting poll this is a recent rasmussen poll that shows if ron paul or to be the nominee he could actually be president obama with forty three percent of voters surveyed choosing him compared to forty one percent choosing obama i mean what do you think of that. i think that is a completely viable oh i think that is a very realistic finding because when you look at obama you see someone who's made a lot of wonderful promises his rhetoric is a ally but when it comes down to it is presenting is george boy who we know he's continued to defend the warrantless wiretapping.
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the national defense authorization act for this but when you're twenty twelve which contains the indefinite detention provisions which ron paul and again many times and both republicans and democrats voted for that legislation and obama recently issued a presidential directive which is a non-binding statement saying that they would use the indefinite detention provision began by americans but when it comes down to it i don't think americans trust him to follow a non-binding agreement when he broken every single one of his campaign promises ron paul has been very consistent in his views very consistent voting record and i think americans are more willing to trust ron paul but as we are talking about the viability of a third party candidate ron paul is running as a republican i know in the past there spent some grumbling about whether maybe he
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might switch and run as an independent a libertarian. but he the fact is he's running as a republican right about somebody else was going to somebody else came into the race i mean what would it take how would they differ themselves from ron paul from the republicans and from the president. well i think rightly is third party candidate would be very similar to ron paul in their views on foreign policy but when it comes to domestic policy i think there could be a lot of different really in terms of how. might move towards the gold standard or something along those lines how you would cut a lot of the social safety net and so forth but honestly as we've seen a lot of people have called it a two party dictatorship in the united states because that largely what it is i think that is a very accurate representation because the money behind the republican and democrat
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work anything they can get behind that third party candidate let me let me stop you there not a so let's talk about the money you know people complain about candidates and about congress but the two party system now seems more than ever that it will stay in place because of you say like you say the money and of course the supreme court decision on citizens united. for get a good candidate it's going to take a lot of resources money i mean don't you think the chances have now diminished. i always think that is an accurate representation. but i believe that is partially why ron paul has just decided to. running as a republican because i think he is well aware of the fact that he probably would be included in a single poll if he was running as a third party candidate and not included in a lot of the polls running as a republican so i think realizes that a lot of people realize that running as
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a third in a third party is a political death wish of sorts because you're just not going to get the money and you're not going to get the backing of. the big money players you really need and i find it very interesting that ron paul actually is getting a lot of money god willing of course from the military but also from prominent investors like one of the founders of pay pal so i really think that a third party candidate running under a third party grafton's an independent or libertarian or so forth i think they realize that now we've been united with super pac and. almost unlimited money at the disposal of the obama campaign and the romney campaign. is really it would not be viable. it certainly is interesting when you take a look at the field and you take a look at just so far here we are in the very beginning of march the role the super
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pacs have played in this election i think we're only going to see it getting bigger and more robust when it comes to that money. at or around the lie. well the leaders of almost all european union states have signed a treaty right or prevent another greece from happening the fiscal pact was drawn up to keep national budget under the control of brussels with very strict punishments for countries breaching that limits the elites are safe and have refused to sign the u.k. and the czech republic has are selling out is in brussels with the latest it's been talked about for months claimed as a solution to europe's crisis fiscal compact partly new fiscal rules by the end of the studio a summit this fiscal stability compact will have it signed sealed and delivered this pact comes with tight budgetary rules that must be strictly adhered to or else face automatic sanctions member states must maintain a balanced budget or have a surplus keep
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a budget deficit of three percent or less and schreiber balanced budget rule international legislation within one year firmly within the constitution if budgetary targets are not met the guilty nation could be brought to the european court of justice and be obliged to make penalty payments the reins of strict budgetary oversight will be in brussels hands now we've in europe in brussels we've got our first saw and it's a good start and he's going to police all the barges on the member states and these member states will lose sovereignty in the field of budgetary policy now what is the population going to accept this. population the already been forced to accept want tougher security measures after another all good couldn't miss novels of if you are doing well thirteen everywhere you go towards crisis with everybody is no battling people because if we are cutting expenses everywhere then you crush
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it where nobody's consuming nobody's investing but growth is the point of this trip is a continuation of pure liberal orthodoxy. so we are exactly going back to what we have been in the last fifteen years. in this e.u. readers see the budgetary discipline this fiscal stability pact is expected to bring as a step closer to solving the eurozone structural imbalances and help crisis here countries ease their way out of their predicament but it's a one size fits all approach that has some worried about the impact it could have i'm healthier economies lead to huge fiscal consolidation bias. even those countries that have a serious consideration to go consolidate their fiscal accounts which can depress becoming anything that's a. bank's problems and they don't want to you want to lend not a desirable scenario with the new buzzwords our growth and improved.


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