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tv   [untitled]    March 1, 2012 10:00pm-10:30pm EST

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now with. fucking with a lot of show at the real headlines with none of the mercy we're going to live in washington d.c. now tonight there's news that two more u.s. soldiers have been killed in afghanistan and we continue fallout from the koran burning in prison so to speak to colonel lawrence wilkerson on that iran syria north korea and the n.d.a. then former louisiana governor buddy roemer and reason dot com and reason t.v. other than she would make a less you'll join us for an alternative politics panel and google's new privacy policy started today so we're going to tell you what's changed what the ways are
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they can get around it and we'll explore the possibility of quitting google altogether with all that market and i included he does have happy hour but first let's take a look at the mainstream media has decided to miss. all right so today is one of those days when the mainstream media is all over the place and granted there is a lot of news today with the death of andrew breitbart continued tornadoes sweeping through inflicting damage in the midwest and of course more campaign coverage. conservative blogger andrew breitbart has died in los angeles he was just forty three years old folks in the midwest bracing for new storms after a string of deadly tornadoes there i dozen people killed in three states reality star snooki well they say she's glowing. rumors that she may be pregnant big turnaround to report to you right now folks mitt romney is now sixteen points ahead
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of rick santorum and maybe it's unfair but you know this is an advantage bush had over kerry and gore in the regular guy you know when mitt romney talks about support it makes me think of what poll and you know things that are not this kind of common man thing if years the track from the national weather service now at this point they think it's about seven miles long right bar died suddenly of natural causes at his home in los angeles just after midnight we swung polls showing that mitt romney trails rick santorum in the rust belt state and now this new twist this just in the donald trump for romney in ohio the delegate count starts like this romney's at one sixty seven santorum at eighty seven the total you need to get the nomination one thousand one hundred forty four were a long way from that right now twelve people were killed more than one hundred hurt several hundred homes and businesses also destroyed. thank god that on this busy news day they also managed to fit in pregnancy but hey that's the end of the so-called most trusted name in news always make time make time for the latest
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breaking news on the jersey shore now some of the other stuff the mainstream media covered today is actually real new so it made sense what i'd like to do is keep highlighting the stories that don't get their attention and this week in particular there have been a number of and that's to get reports reports from human rights organizations that unfortunately don't get any coverage sure part of the reason is that they just might not seem exciting enough right there's no breaking news element in it and that's the wrong approach because what these reports show us are in fact widespread long standing problems and deserve discussion and reflection. so to ask over a new report released by human rights watch it zones in on california's justice system where approximately three hundred youth offenders those that committed the crime while they were minors or they've been sentenced to life in prison without parole i just put this in perspective for you the u.s. is the only country where people under the age of eighteen can be sentenced to life without parole we pride ourselves on such a thing minors to death but life without parole is the sentence to die in prison you just have to wait decades for it to happen naturally now all the never might be
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three hundred in california nationally there are more than twenty five hundred youth offender serving these sentences and it's a horrible thing and this report is pushing to change it so we throw in a few more statistics if they compile the way in california forty five percent of the hundred twenty seven cases surveyed use have been who have been sentenced to life without parole hadn't been the person to physically commit a murder as in that they may have stood by they may have driven the getaway car participated in a robbery but didn't physically commit the murder many of the crimes also come under an adult's influence previous research that human rights watch did found that an estimated fifty nine percent of youth serving life without the possibility of parole nationally were first time offenders one other thing about california racial disparity unfortunately exists across the entire country in our justice system but california is one of the worst out of those given this sentence for life without parole for juveniles african-american youth are sentenced to eighteen point three percent higher rate than light you hispanic you have five times the rate of white
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youth and let's not forget of course that having such a harsh criminal justice system costs a lot of money human rights watch calculated that since one thousand nine hundred california spent between sixty six and eighty three million dollars incarcerating this population only go up as more user sentenced to be behind bars forever now so to think just point out the size the scope of this problem what we really need to have a discussion about and listen to researchers correctional officials about is the fact that these are kids young people have the potential. the changes are exactly why life without parole should not be an option and as soon as next week the california assembly might be able to vote on a bill called s.b. nine which if it becomes law and needs of the youth who gets sentenced to life in prison would at least have the opportunity to petition for a change to a parole eligible sentence but it's still not enough so this is one of the issues that plagues our country on a large scale every day every year it gets worse and while the mainstream media
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should report on the news of the day they need to continue to look at the bigger picture connect the dots highlight these issues in our society instead of choosing to miss. it's got quite a range of foreign policy issues to cover today two more u.s. soldiers were killed in afghanistan an afghan soldier and this comes after the shooting deaths of four american soldiers last week a new poll shows that eighty one percent of israelis are against a unilateral strike on iran and members of congress are attempting to change the language and the n.b.a. that allows for the indefinite detention of u.s. citizens but my question of course is why do they pass the bill in the first place so we have a lot to cover so let's get to it here discuss this with me is lawrence wilkerson retired united states army colonel and former chief of staff to colin powell or thanks so much for joining us tonight for a little while since we've had you on the show and there's
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a lot going on so i reads really going to grab bag we have so much to catch up on and so i want to get your take on what's been happening in afghanistan itself without the first time that we've seen protests in the country not the first time we've seen protests in the country as a result immediately of a very stupid and insensitive action but you know if we look at the timing of this happening really before this major drawdown that is planned before it begins is they finalize it in some ways seal the deal in some way. i think it's getting dangerous the general situation is such that we have polls from pakistan again for example that show and i still think pakistan is the bigger problem. the biggest enemy for the pakistan people by huge margin is not the taliban it's not their own government it's not so mixed arnel factor other than us we are the number one enemy for pakistanis that's a very dangerous situation because i think pakistan is the real issue here afghanistan can be handled if i kissed on india china turkey and iran
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and other countries with a vested interest in instability are brought in to the game they're not going to be stabilized by the presence of u.s. forces in fact u.s. forces are destabilizing just as russian forces or we are and. it's a i wouldn't be surprised for example in the next six or seven months to seize karzai and his colleagues grab the money and run probably to do something like that that's how fragile that government is as i said one time before on your show the joke on the streets of kabul was that controls less and less dash kabul not afghanistan so it's a very it's a very dangerous situation we're even examining ways now to extract ourselves from this landlocked country because we realize that when we withdraw we will become targets whether we draw through pakistan we withdraw some russia or iran or
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wherever we're going to be targets as we withdraw so this is a very very difficult situation. so how exactly do you see that playing i mean do you think that within six to seven months karzai mike of karzai goes. then that might be part of that then what happens right and how does our own presidential election really and that if obama is reelected i'm assuming. it's hard to believe in certain timelines and promises anymore but i'm assuming that means that they'll go on with the schedule of a timeline of twenty thirteen for republican with the exception of ron paul is elected and then what happens we have three choices of president obama's reelected and it looks increasingly like he's going to be going to go in for a. sudden collapse or whatever we can either stay exactly as we are or we can do you fit up and stay even longer or we can stick to the withdrawal schedule and pray that nothing happens on board while we do it all three of those
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are bad choices we've put ourselves in this circumstance and we have failed to do the kinds of diplomacy that i would have ordered years ago and that should be going on right now with countries that have an interest in afghanistan and stability post us presence there we fail to do policy to make sure that when whatever happens when we do leave there is a vested interest in afghanistan maintaining some form of stability that doesn't invite terrorism doesn't invite civil war doesn't invite a continuation of the last thirty years frankly afghans are sick and tired of this they would like to see the turmoil stop and some stability the question is can we find the ingredients around afghanistan india pakistan in particular i mean can we find the leadership in afghanistan to bring this about frankly it doesn't look like when you say that if the diplomacy element that fails. would you say exactly what you know is it just a continuation would you say that something that started with the bush
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administration continued on with the obama administration is a common. some are tactics of drone strikes and they all sounded a lot of all the above beginning with the russian invasion in seventy nine eighty and all up to the president in our neglect in between the into the russian occupation of afghanistan and the mujahideen that we supported against the russians and what's happened in the terms of that neglect that led to bin laden and then led to our occupation of the country this is this is a study in how to fail from the beginning of the russian invasion all the way up to where we are now if you don't have the principal players in afghanistan come to some india and pakistan come to some kind of understanding that instability in afghanistan serves neither of their purposes and feed that consensus with china with turkey with iran alternately with the united states alternately with russia and the stance then you've got no way of bringing
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a reasonable degree of stability to afghanistan if that takes really explicit diplomacy and a lot of work and i simply don't see that work everything done either by more grossman or anybody else in this country and certainly not by others in the region because they believe it to a certain extent from the instability i have let's talk about iran then because obviously that's on the radar these days obviously the tensions there are heating up but you see an interesting dynamic in the sense that it almost seems like the obama administration certain military officials are the ones that are trying to tamp it down you have the media playing a very large role on you and i have spoken about iran many times before but on the show and said you know maybe three years from now we will at some point have a war with iran because there is an element of the community here and the u.s. and the foreign policy community the neo cons that want this that are itching for it but they now you have this element from from israel as well right when we hear these stories that israeli officials are saying that they're not going to tell the u.s. if they choose to strike whose purpose is that service. frankly it's serving the
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purposes of the more radical leadership in iran. and as a matter of fact if either israel or the united states were to attack iran and not follow up with an invasion which is the ultimate way to regime change. then we would have satisfied many of the runs political objectives at least the more radical elements in iran we probably would sway the international community away from us because we would have on provoked attacked iran we probably would use a little bit government with people that are not solidified with those people right now there's a lot we're doing you say we are you i mean we're just going to yes so clearly the visit he also says that they're going to preemptively strike without telling the u.s. you know by frankly i think that's a lot of rhetoric i don't believe israel has the capability first of all they have the capability to bounce the rocks around a little but that's about it and second i don't think they would be that stupid i
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think this is an effort to lead in credibility into the diplomacy and i hope like every night when i go to bed i say a prayer i hope we're doing so by a lot of all of those regimes in secret because if we aren't our diplomacy is sanctions and sanctions as the policy will not work so how important then is this coming weekend you have a pack conference on monday who's going to be here spending meet with president obama and it's this constant never ending circle right of everybody has to pledge their allegiance to israel in a certain way we see every time the benjamin netanyahu speech he gets more applause and we're standing ovations than the present of the united states themself does and then let me show you this ad that's been taken out in the new york is really not astonishing you look at the bottom of that look at the bottom right let's see if we can show it and you will see this here at least at least two thirds of the groups listed as backing its center for american progress at media matters saying that
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they're liberal media but the other answer is reason you're jewish americans so what do they do calling jewish americans enters the mideast. this is true irony we have one group of jewish americans calling another group of jewish americans who are funding the efforts to stop war with iran any some rights this is incredible and i never thought i'd live to see this not just i think not just small groups of people but huge groups of people on the left like the j. street group and then groups on the right like a pic or trading barbs of edison with those of between one and this is this it is ironic right how easily these that these words are now thrown around seem so nonsense i just want to finish here by asking what you think about the situation in syria because we also see barbs being thrown around in the sense that if somebody. is on the side where they don't think there should be intervention then automatically you have blood on your hands or you think that it's ok you know and
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this is a debate not only internationally but between left and right that we see here in the us happening of people i'm listening to about syria or people who are serious about syria and one of the things they point out that the mainstream media in this country is not pointing out is how the casualty list is roughly balance that is to say mushroom assad is killing some people and the opposition is killing its own people and this doesn't come out in the media here it's all bosh rose. if that's the case and i think it probably is i think this is the way the arab league presented it in its report which no one paid any attention to in this country if s. a case is a civil war and a civil war that's produced casualties of rock roughly equal balance on either side and while we may or may have been casualties as we all do this is not something you should be interfering in this is something that the syrians have to take care of themselves imagine eight hundred sixty one eight hundred sixty two if england had
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decided to intervene on the side of the south in this country we would have been greatly perturbed by that in washington this is not a situation that's clarified. anyway and it's a situation that leads me to believe we should be very cautious look what's happening in libya that was not a success look at what's happening in egypt now we're not sure what's going to happen there these are things that the people in the region ought to be able to take care of themselves and without external interference and we can provide. for a very long time to get started you know this global policeman role on ron paul on that we have no business doing it thank you so much for joining us tonight thanks for your. time for a first break of the evening about welcome back all star panel with an independent candidate for president and reasons editor in chief of the cholesky everything from oil to and from.
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people calling like you said for free and fair elections. and they're still reporting from the same place where you can hear behind me loud explosions.
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you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so for life you think you understand it and then you limp something else and here's you some other part of it and realized everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm sorry welcome to the big picture.
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all right so all we ever get from the cable networks and political discussions is your typical right vs left so let's take it up a bit find out what the thought is somewhere in the middle of this weird middle libertarian independent whatever i am world other people only don't only see our political discourse as black and white so from the contraception mandate i watch st rising gas prices so the president's flip flop on super pacs joining me is nick gillespie at their in chief of reason t.v. and reason dot com and from our studio in new york and a presidential candidate and former louisiana governor. john and i thank you both for joining me tonight and thanks nick i want to start with you. i think you guys reason have some mixed emotions on the occupy wall street movement in and of itself and so yesterday they had another day of action where they specifically targeted alec and they don't know that this is an organization that has a little bit too much influence when it comes to writing a piece of legislation and then heavy lobbying probably
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a lot of pushing it in states across the country what's your take on that well you know one of the reasons why we like or you know think highly isn't right quite the right word but our kind of charmed by occupy wall street is that like the tea party your group you know in these two sides don't seem to get along very well but they represent some kind of authentic grassroots kind of movement and pushback against the saddest vote against power i think that's all good where occupy wall street i think goes wrong pretty quickly is that in its actual demands and so far as you can tell in many of the targets i think the movement was fundamentally flawed they should have been occupying pennsylvania avenue they might want to occupy the you know because it's actually the government policies that are picking their pockets and screwing their future it really isn't wall street per se it's banks troops who have their hands in obama's pocket it's old people who are getting you know doing very well on title moments that really are taking money directly from young people and screwing up their future or those of us under fifty group like alway were true
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. you know right leaning. interest group i don't think the policies they're pushing are the ones that are causing massive unemployment and massive deficit spending in fact alec and us probably should be a lot closer they should be talking more than protesting governor roemer i'd love for you to jump in here to say you were shaking your head in that one at one point like you were agreeing at the next point i wasn't so sure as i went to take well i think naik is fundamentally correct i think we have a problem and the problem are the barriers between the leaders and the people there ears of money. often berry is a party sometimes barriers of culture and at times the leaders don't listen but all of the people can get heard there are too many barriers and the one barrier that i would begin trying to remove is the barrier of special interest money it
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could be multinational corporations it could be wall street banks it could be those with the special agenda like insurance money i mean it could be a variety of things i'm not against money for advertising on your show or elsewhere but i'm against it in the dark i'm against it in overwhelming size from people who are hidden i don't think you can have a real public funding that way if i can counter that you know actually historically literally the united states was built on anonymous political speech in the form of the federalist papers which you know so we can say others so much on unknown money out there floating around and stuff like that in fact everybody knows who the players are and the way that you get rid of special interest money is by getting rid of the government play can clearly pick winners and losers and comes up with an unbelievably intricate business regulatory code with the tax code you know
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and this is something where as a libertarian i'm against all tax exemptions i mean people should be taxed along the same way and it pains me when obama says you know what we've got to we're we're going to give tax breaks the manufacturers whatever that is and then rick santorum said you know what we really need to do is triple the tax exemption for children because women are more children it's like no that's not. going to just so we can get through a few more topics here too i also want to see you know we're talking about some money that's being spent in the dark and i really want to hear your take on the president's recent one flop when it came to super pac spending we have a little clip here to look at to think. yes you can take this progression of the president's take on it it's time to such challenge for america we can't afford these political games and what is at stake is no less the integrity of our democracy as in the backcrosses our full interests must not be allowed to drown out the voices of ordinary citizens and as long as i'm your president i'll never stop
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fighting to make sure that the most powerful voice in washington the last. particular i would have doubt face for president obama president obama is actually reversing course the president seems to be having a change of heart asking his top fundraisers to embrace the pro obama super pac. arts we got that clip i have to post but together nicely so i'm going to remember what were you disappointed how did you take that move or is that you got to play the game if you want to get reelected. well i wasn't surprised he's hypocritical i mean politicians in general are able to keep three thoughts in the air and they claim each one is needed that's the art of politics but this is hypocritical i mean here's a man barely halfway through is elected term in office two years into it decides to run for reelection and what's his first speech say i'm going to raise a billion dollars well you think ok from the american people there are three
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hundred million americans so he's going to ask three dollars a person he's going to get grassroots like nick said you know the best thing about occupy is that it's some semblance of grassroots i don't know he didn't do that he did banking reform and next week he goes to wall street has a fundraiser at thirty five thousand dollars and take it and it's hosted by goldman friggin saks i mean look i love being on american but we have the right to speak up we have to duty to speak up and i think special interest money has locked washington down it's not only broken it's bought and it's not right i said well this president may be a hypocrite but do you think that i mean look around at the other options right now too i'm curious what you think of that first of all i don't think there's any problem with sort of super pacs or individual spending you know people like sheldon adelson the guy who's backing newt gingrich that is you know you know this is i
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know a little just little gag order. or an entire can you go to know it row there are millions and you know this is why it's because in one nine hundred sixty eight the . mccarthy who really got the word movement jump started in america it was funded by a single millionaire and you know when we talk about super pacs and we worry about that the fact is that obama in his own reelection campaign has hundreds of millions of dollars more than all of the super pacs on every client of the universe will be spending what i like about super pacs is that it takes or any kind of. expenditure it does the takes that message out of the hands of the politicians and out of the parties and whether it's with vets or george soros group back in two thousand and four i think it's good it spreads it around and it doesn't pollute the political arena anymore and it actually opens up more possibilities of messaging rather than fewer words we had like ten times. he and i could not disagree
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more sure i dream of living in a country where every person has a voice not just one vote but a voice and decide to get off the t.v. couch and stand up and participate in the debate of how american could be a better partner in the world and how we could lift poverty out of its current dilemma and how we could set standards for our children and grandchildren and it's not done by through wealthy men writing big checks i think it's better done in history by people feeling empowered to speak and i'm for more speech and the big checks stamp own speech i couldn't agree with this guy more. that's a great. i don't want to force me we're running out of time so i have to wrap it up but i wanted to talk about oil i want to talk about enterprise bar we're just going to have to do it but you just write it can you afford to write or do some guy who gave voice to a lot of different people whether it's match roger arianna huffington or
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a bunch of conservatives we're living in buddy roemer world more people have more voice now than ever before that's a good thing maybe on the internet it's not so much when it comes to political campaigns or the legislation that's we all look for in congress the enforcer of our little gentleman how you think maybe both are joining congress i've been a governor it's not true all right thank you so much for joining us tonight. all take another quick break but when we come back the h.s. is monitoring social media across the country so what exactly are you looking for or even take a look at some post the trouble that is the only way to get rid of google's monitoring to quit the company once and for all over whether or not you have any options left to outsmart google's new privacy. people colleagues like you said for free and.


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