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tv   [untitled]    February 15, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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grant says it's been going to see drink pass a boil so it's just six e.u. countries but it wouldn't do so at the moment because of the wind take your a. brush aside external blair is that encouraging opposition groups to stay out of dialogue with the syrian government and that will bear large responsibility but i'll gladly violence and while president assad has announced a referendum on a new constitution. and at rallies marking the one year end of the pro-democracy uprising in bahrain because the stakes here in the other country down with police he's in tactics and what happens from the u.k. .
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and a very warm welcome from all of us here in moscow this is all she with me our thanks for joining us first iran has reportedly warned six you countries it might stop supplying them with oil in response to a series of sanctions which include an embargo on tehran's key export and iranian official has added the only reason they're not stopping crude sales immediately is europe's extremely cold current temperatures are she's drake agrees reports now from greece one of the countries believed to be subject to that oil could bite her on. the latest reports here what we hear is the iranian foreign ministry has cooled up these impasses of these six nations concerns and told them that cuts will happen but not right away or they will face a ban on exports to their nations but they'll be given some leeway and that's what they termed humanitarian reasons the cold snap has been sweeping across europe it
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will go down if implemented preempt somewhat those sanctions imposed by the e.u. back in january and due to be implemented in july six nations in question here well those reported to be in the really thick of it when it comes this economic crisis we have the netherlands of france also portugal italy spain and greece is well there's already been questions raised here because tehran says that he can find other people to buy exports that's the likes of india and china where is the being raised as to whether or not the e.u. can really you place that good and quite cheap supply of oil to those who have been so stricken in recent times greece in particular is in a sticky situation right now failing to guarantee another bailout plan even though they push through further popular austerity measures just on sunday and this really raises a bit of a concern at the moment that those imposed sanctions on iran back in january by
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e.u. member states could shortly come back to bite them. meanwhile tehran has a greater rate of its residents to resume nuclear talks of the major powers to discuss the country's controversial nuclear program that while israel has stepped up pressure on iran with prime minister binyamin netanyahu saying of what he described as tehran's aggression stopped and he repeated his claims that iran was behind bomb attacks targeting israel as a means in georgia and blasts in thailand this week there are links between the incidents despite iran denying any involvement says israel is waging a psychological war and some fear might pave the way for military action and political analyst chris bambery from the international socialist group explains why he thinks israel is out of this. i have to take israel's claim that iran is behind the attacks on its diplomats in georgia and india with a pinch of salt firstly should be said israel has
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a long record of using assassination as the tool i think it might be better of originals atros in response to those those going to stop its assassination policy and would ask other nations like iran to support it but i don't think israel's going to do that because use assassination so often i think what it is really are trying to do is trying to up the ante and so the americans will do something they aren't capable of taking out around nuclear program they don't have the means to do it best they could memorize a hit and run run of the time i think it actually behind the rhetoric about nuclear weapons the reality is what they are worried about is the increase of increase of influence in the in the region who really is of constantly said that they're not going to me nuclear weapons international atomic energy inspectors have just been tyrannical came back seems a good visit they're going back to iran they're getting cooperation you wouldn't know this from reports in the western media so i think there is
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a ratcheting up of my opinion is the ratcheting up is not by the iranians it is by the israelis and by the americans and i think there is a lot of hypocrisy. a boat around you could program i am no fan of nuclear energy or indeed nuclear weapons i don't want them but it was all caver around that to have a nuclear program in the one nine hundred seventy s. when britain france and america would curing to sell the shah of iran nuclear technology it was ok then because the shah of iran was one of our guys its not ok for the iran to have nuclear weapons no i do islamic republic there is more another kind of pressure iran faces over its nuclear program on our website so the us was to take to evolve from a financial group which would cost the country's oil sales but couldn't have global consequences so had to r.t. dot com they didn't.
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russia's foreign minister sergei lavrov says that foreign countries are intervening in the syrian crisis and that was the barest possibility for civilian deaths the statement came with reports of violence of the cities the homes and hama some of the fiercest in eleven months of unrest. you can always find a compromise but only through carrying out negotiations this is what some from the opposition refused to do dissuaded by some external players who burned a huge responsibility for the ongoing violence for the deaths of peaceful civilians . meanwhile in syria president bashar al assad has ordered a referendum on a new constitution to be held in eleven days and over the period and then still the one party of all the presidents bath party in frind and the current constitution party is riffing off reports from damascus. but they did for the people's referendum on the country's new constitution has been announced on wednesday it is
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expected to be held on the twenty sixth of february in eleven days the syrian government has been working on the draft for this new constitution for quite a while now and it has sad that the most important thing about this new constitution the most important change is that it implies the end of monopoly of the ruling party in syria the vast party has been in power in the country for the last fifty years actually since the beginning of the uprising here in syria last march protestors have been calling for democratic reforms and for amendments to the country's key law in the wake of violence that followed in the show demonstrations peaceful demonstrations many opposition leaders have been only demanding president bashar al assad to go and they will not be satisfied with these medical reform with this particular random this news it's how has come amidst numerous reports about
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violence all across syria we've been hearing reports from the city of hama north of the capital damascus from the opposition activists saying that the tanks of assad's army have been deployed in the city and we have also been receiving reports from another troubled area from the city of homes where reportedly there have been explosions at the all pipeline activists have been reported four hundred people dead in the last few days since almost all these reports have been coming from one source from the opposition there has been a feeling that another part another side of this conflict in syria has been kind of ignored. since the beginning of the uprising in syria last march the regime of bashar al assad have been accused of repression torture and killing but with the bodman of homes. blame has since focused on our side forces attacking civilians and
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shell in residential areas. the beautiful yard calls himself a member of the opposition and intellectual not true aleutian the real one his stresses from a social democratic group originally from homes he blames assad for mistakes which allowed bloodshed at the start but he just defies what the regime is doing in his native city now he is the two i and he is trying to to to. protect civilians i think that in homs there are many gangs you know there is a title and everyone can claim that he belongs with this title and no one can ban him the danger posed by the armed forces who are seen in the killing of a french journalist last month and he says when he went to homs he put in his mind that the syrian opposition is very peaceful in the g.m. is trying to frame them so he he was like
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a pioneer in the call and he was killed by the some gang attacks on government targets have become increasingly bloody themselves with twenty eight people killed and scores injured on an attack on a military base in a little last week an f.s.a. free syrian army representative admitted responsibility before the organization later denied it claim and government forces a claim ridiculed by the regime when the insurgents and terrorists have committed this attack only an insane person could see that the government is killing its officials and officers and destroying its own administrative buildings these armed terror groups were created to commit these crimes and they have committed them in the past and will continue to do so if the west and the arab states support them last sunday the arab league vote still for full political and financial support for the opposition to unify its ranks it is. similar call from the leader of al qaeda.
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to unite efforts to help overthrow bashar al assad recent reports suggest iraqi weapons could tare troops and libyan rebels a role in syria on the opposition side this makes for a volatile and highly dangerous makes. many western powers interested in fomenting unrest and syria and so they'll turn a blind eye to extreme weapons coming in through borders like lebanon in turkey to create the very militants i won't call them terrorists but very dangerous armed groups but the west has its eyes wide open when it comes to the reported death toll to come of the no un figure more than five thousand employees civilians only but that figure leaves out any mention of pro-government forces killed in the conflict some say the numbers are destroyed to lead to political objectives. our number so for six thousand i don't suppose them but you would be surprised to know that over
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two calls it hundreds of. this is. good the commented foreign pressure has focused on the assad regime but the syrian government and its international supporters say there's been a total failure talk knowledge of violence from opposition forces which has been a key factor in the country's present term or they warned that finding the solution to the country's crisis isn't possible without recognizing all its causes written off now t. damascus syria. they use continuing to put pressure on syria's president assad to step down confirming new sanctions against the country are on the way and political analyst dr omar says western powers are sending the wrong signals to the opposition should be encouraged by the announcement of a referendum on a new syrian constitution. the way forward is to have dialogue and i think in order to have dialogue there must be sacrifices on on on both sides here is the
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president making. a huge move forward by presenting a draft of the constitution and i think that that should be in his view in many people's view sufficient for to convince the other side to sit down on the table. and to have a serious dialogue. that would save syria the destruction and save the so many people. the syrian opposition is calling for reform what is the best way to get that done is it through cutting weapons and shooting at government institutions and targeting each other and having a civil war in syria of course not i think all the syrians would agree to that however many of the groups who are fighting today in syria they actually are not ready for dialogue they have they are working according to western agenda in order to remove the regime of assad there is
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a real problem or foreign interference in sit in a fair. share for a democracy protests is in another country bahrain so states got what they wanted after being promised reforms including among the police but twelve months later actually it's trying to manage the anniversary of the op rising. was as harsh as before the only difference was that this time some tax hikes and arms the police used were brought from the west by those supposed to bring democratic change other than it has. tear gas and stun grenades supposedly the work of a reformed police force but one year on since the first anti-government protests will crushed in bahrain it seems not much has changed the only difference now the crackdowns been planned by one of britain's former top cops john the eights used to be assistant commissioner of london's metropolitan police he now works for bahrain's monarchy which says he's there to oversee police reforms the police have
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borrowed or behaving despicably their latest trick is to throw cans of tear gas into homes of people they don't like shut the doors and people have died choking to death tear gas or use out of doors and i think for the british police officer overstimulate is retired to be associated in any way with that is is his role yes resign from scotland yard last year in early victim of the phone hacking scandal he popped up in bahrain in december as part of the regime's p.r. campaign to clean up its image a campaign pushed hard it seems by yeats himself he recently told the daily telegraph his new charges had a well rehearsed plan for the anniversary of the uprising adding the concept of reasonable reaction to provocation has been reinforced. as for the uprising itself yates said this isn't organized protests it's just vandalism rioting on the streets claims hotly disputed by london's bahraini community i mean you get thousands and
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thousands of people protesting demanding their rights and you call that vandalism if you seem to forget that there are sixty five or sixty five people actually died from police brutality activists in bahrain insist their protest was peaceful their aim to reach the iconic pole roundabout in the capital manama they say they were met by tanks toxic gas and rubber bullets what we witnessed on the ground as not. the front or from. this previously but it's been extended through the toxic gases and use of poisoning of. mr john contributing we should see a positive things at the ground what we are seeing today as nothing acceptable it may not just be british tactics bahrain's easing but weapons to government figures
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show the u.k. sold over one million pounds worth of rifles and artillery equipment to bahrain from july to september last year long after blood was spilled that despite insisting all licenses had been revoked as for yates his contract runs until april by which time he hopes to put in place concrete reforms on this evidence that seems a long way off either bennett r.t. london. greek political party leaders have signed the written commitments to brussels saying they'll stick to agreed austerity measures regardless of the results of general elections in april but greece still needs to convince the year that it will make enough cuts and return for one hundred cents have been then your bailouts needed to prevent defaulting on massive debts next month the greek parliament approved establishing measures on sunday a key meeting of heroes on finest ministers this council as they demanded more assurances from china grads fondo wide awake news website believes that brussels is
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easing the bailout as a big stick on athens. what's at stake isn't debt it isn't the big banks of europe being paid off what's at stake is sovereignty for the five hundred million people on the continent of europe you know greek greece is the first domino once they are radical a sovereign nation in greece which they are trying. to achieve over there by neutering their parliament by dictating laws financial loss from brussels once that's achieved in greece you know it is not going to stop there and i think that's what a lot of people don't realize you know even the day that this deal was announced moody's came out and downgraded austria france italy malta portugal slovenia slovakia spain in the u.k. they are not going to stop in till they can eradicate representative to govern government inside of europe and have everything controlled financially out of brussels and if you control the financial the financial aspect of these countries you control these countries. quick look at some other stories making headlines
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around the world incurious small that three hundred prisoners were killed in a fire which swept through a trailer on tuesday night they were either buried or suffocated to death. rather some inmates managed to escape by breaking through the roof and jumping from the building and electrophoresis ought to have caused the blaze. nato has admitted its recent as strike in afghanistan killed several children and teenagers happened more than a week ago another village north east of kabul and has outraged i'm going to shows it comes in the wake of the latest u.n. report indicating that the number of civilian casualties in the decade long war rose last year compared to twenty. in turkey police used rubber bullets and tear gas to disperse a group of fifty people throwing molotov cocktails in the streets of the city of curry demanding the release of a dollar and all the outlawed code just on workers' party p k k he's facing the
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death penalty to turkey the un the us regard the pick of the terrorist organization to have some of his own fixing kurdish rebels have been killed in the past few days as tensions rise on the anniversary of his capture. french president nicolas sarkozy has officially declared he will run for a second term in the forthcoming presidential election april it is the public with his reluctance to declare his reelection bid for months sarkozy's announcement has come as france struggles with a deepening debt crisis and he's already announced a plan for the future to give the french people a voice through a referendum on further economic reforms. up next on talks to middle east expert tariq ali on the turbulent situation in syria and the implications it could have for the entire region.
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i'm talking to tariq ali who's a historian and author and writes mainly on subjects to do with the middle east of course we're talking about events in syria tariq ali thanks very much for talking to us now president assad seems to be clinging on to power in syria do you think there's any chance of him stepping down in the near future well it looks unlikely is if he'll step. of its own accord i think he has to be pushed out the syrian
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people are of course doing their best in the country. what is more dangerous is the pressure of being built outside especially in istanbul and by nato to try and organize an intervention that i think would be disastrous and lead to enormous bloodshed much much worse than what's happened in libya. so i think that be a disaster i think the best way is for pressure to be put on him from without by a concrete who are not seen as hostile to syria which include russia china and others. and the pressure should be kept on at home and he should be told in blunt terms that he has to go where his father shed a lot of blood in syria he is now doing the same and that this family's on acceptable in syria needs a nonsectarian national government to prepare a new constitution the arab league's reportedly calling for
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a joint arab league un so-called peacekeeping force to be sent into syria president assad has already rejected the idea do you think it's a good idea i don't think it's a good idea to send any so-called peacekeeping forces i mean first we have to say what is the arab league the arab league is essentially amaury bond organization which is brought to life when the west needs it too it has no active role for the last twenty five years in any positive sense in the region but surely the involvement of the arab league which is kind of a local regional group is better than the involvement of the un or nato as exterior organizations well it's fine having observers from them if they do their reporting accurately but foreign troops i mean you know who will be the foreign troops there the arab league said saudis said cut through these sort of big vote crews of democracy in the region i mean that's utterly ridiculous it doesn't make sense at
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all i think the pressure has to be kept up externally nonviolent pressure that he has to go and i think the chinese and russians are now in a strong position to be saying we've effectively prevented any foreign intervention in syria but you have to go. and push through. a national government the other people of course who are capable of putting pressure on most of our. hezbollah in lebanon and i think all these forces should now see. that it is impossible for syria to be governed by this family and this sectarian clique that has ruled it and the sooner they go the better for syria do you see syria as becoming increasingly isolated in the region and and what effect will that have on iran in turn to think well i think they are becoming isolated i think the iranians are such an independent state to me one of the few sovereign
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states in the region that they can look after themselves i don't think the fall of us as such will affect iran because it will be in the interests of the syrian government if it is a democratic and representative government to maintain good relations with all these countries i mean you know i i have to say that when you look at what the west did in relation to the our pride seeing some of the crisis in the yemen where killings still go on and what they're doing in syria it just sort of stands out the former yemeni president is having medical treatment from the united states. so this double standards that operate make one who is suspicious of western motives and you say china and russia are in a very strong negotiating position now however. foreign minister lavrov says visits to syria recently seems to have yielded no results whatsoever well i think that you
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know if it carries on like this and that the. family and clan refuse to budge and refuse to relinquish their stranglehold on the country sooner or later something disastrous will happen possibly including some form of foreign intervention and then where will they end do they want to end up like gadhafi or do they want to end up like saddam hussein lynched by mobs backed by western troops that is the future that stares them in the face there is no other breach a lot of commentators have been saying about the arab spring in general that. the violence and uncertainty in the aftermath will enable the muslim brotherhood as the only organization that is organized enough to take advantage of it to essentially step into the fray are you worried that that will happen in syria well i don't support them politically and i don't think it will be in the interests of syria to have an islamist government you know moderate or extremist the pattern seems to be
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at the moment of saying that the turkish model a moderate islamist government is the best model for the arab world i disagree very strongly but i don't think it's a good model for turkey either by the way. but the fact is if it's the only power in the land it will and there are elections that will come to power like it has into its ear like it has in egypt and then one has to deal with it i mean i regard these groups as the slum equivalents of christian democracies socially conservative organizations but perfectly happy to follow the latest economic trends. which dominate western do deals with the united states but you make the muslim brotherhood sound fairly benign really do you think that christian minorities and other minorities have something to fear from that well i mean there is always within moderate islamist parties a current which feeling that they can't really offer.


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