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tv   [untitled]    December 24, 2011 10:01am-10:31am EST

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david cameron reveals plans for involvement in oil rich somalia calling the country a threat to british security. seven pm in moscow i met très a good to have you with us here on r t our top story thousands gathered in central moscow today to protest against this month's parliamentary election results the mass rally was organized by opposition groups claiming that the vote was rigged or he's an isa no way has the latest from the scene of the demonstration. it's certainly fair to say that the head count of this saturday's rally beats that we saw two weeks ago at below one has square official figures we're hearing from the interior ministry is that thirty thousand opposition is saying some hundred thousands but certainly tens of thousands of people came onto the streets of moscow today to call for free and fair elections you had lots of different political
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groups here people that just came out and say they're not part of any political group that in fact they don't want this to be politicized they want to just come out and have their demands made and what they're demanding is a rerun of december as part of the meant to revote we saw several different faces of the opposition but also some celebrities it's fair to say we will procure of who of course is a relatively new politician who's running for president in march showed up he didn't speak to the crowd like was expected but he did go around and really talk to people it looked a little bit from a far like some kind of campaigning really and what he did say was that if he becomes president he would dissolve this this state duma and call for new elections we also saw former finance minister alexei couture in speak to the crowd he spoke officially on stage and he called for people who were involved in the so-called of vote rigging to be brought to justice and calls for snap elections in terms of the parliament really well as soon as we saw protests which happened almost immediately after the vote some of them sanctions others unsanctioned we heard reaction from
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both president medvedev and prime minister putin saying that protests are encouraged in terms of people coming out and voicing their demands and that's important for russia's political development and important that people are politically active as long as it stays within the law but we also just two days before this rally heard from president makes very good a proposal about some mass reforms to russia's political system disease centralized power from moscow but also to create more of a representative proportional system in the russian parliament there are a lot of different political parties and organizations that have been coming. these protests really the most common thing we're hearing today is that people will continue to come out onto the streets until their demands are met and the next protest is already being there are rumors circulating around that it's already mean plans for the end of january we're constantly bringing you updates on the situation in the russian capital go on live for all the latest on our twitter feed you can
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get the first head information from our niece who's reported from the heart of these protests all the latest background on the moscow rallies plus the video all there at your fingertips a click away at our team. will stay with us still to come this hour behind the scenes of the biggest news. after the interview was finished they all came up to the instance and get us on camera we want to see what we feel. are these tests are so one of the few foreign correspondents allowed to report from syria she looks back at the anger and fear she witnessed while reporting there. well it may be the season to be jolly for many around the world but not in syria which is mourning the victims of friday's terror attacks forty four people were killed more than one hundred fifty wounded in twin suicide bombings in the capital damascus syria's muslim brotherhood has claimed responsibility this is the arab league begins its mission to put a peace plan into effect r.t. sara for reports. chaos and confusion in damascus as the
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capital which until now has remained largely spared from the violence starts to feel the effects of an escalating conflict. the first day of the league's work was a bloody tragic day the people of syria will never forget these terrorists this time of year the capsule is usually brightly lit as christians who account for ten percent of the population get ready to celebrate christmas but these scenes of devastation are a harsh contrast and a stark reminder of just how much the country has changed in the past nine months. last year at christmas we used to wish health and pray for people in other countries that were going through hard times with war we never thought that this year it would be. this year is totally different because of the situation in our country. the priests here planning their own mark of respect for the coast.
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of syria our people to. avoid the external. festivities but to go. there when really feels like celebrating anyway when the country's hospitals are full of casualties the government claims it's fighting arms militant groups sponsored from abroad meanwhile the opposition originally marked by its insistence on peaceful protests it's now been joined by growing numbers of army defectors and has become increasingly arms after months of quite downs by the government and this violence spreads its prevailing extremely hard to know exactly who is responsible for what. you have for instance. from somebody who is not. the government can use the position to try
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and do a prison cleans it's the government. taxing killings to be met repeatedly with claim counter-claim an accusation you have to use two different movies to use the. we don't turn as a means to see who is more inclusive to the truth one of the arab league team will be attempting to cut through the rhetoric and discover his version of events is most accurate they many remain skeptical about how much they'll be able to achieve but there's one thing that everyone here is shaping for and that's for the violence to be stopped the christmas celebration thing going down this religious services will be happening people. are going to be with their country there are the. permanent members of the u.n.
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security council still at odds over how to act on syria russia calls for a balanced resolution calling on all sides to lay down arms but the u.s. and its allies seem committed to putting the blame on the assad regime political analyst david gold and your thinks the west has a specific agenda for syria. the reason they would want to provoke regime change is to put in place a government that would be friendly to us and its allies interests and of course to enable those interest to control the strategic resources in syria and throughout the region which is the same case that we saw in libya i mean that the whole justification of protecting the population was really just a front to be able to overthrow and assassinate william lombard out coffee and put in place a government that would be friendly to the u.s. they have to remember that right after the obama administration withdrew troops from iraq to some of those were relocated to the border of syria from jordan and in
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preparation of arming this conflict and possibly engaging in it as well and i think that these terrorist attacks are part of that or part of maybe a justification to say hey there needs to be a stronger military presence from abroad in order to prevent further military conflict internally in the country that could result in the deaths of so called innocent civilians. you know unrest in syria has dominated world headlines since march and it's one of the top ten events that shaped nearly a whole year of news on r.t. or corresponded to spend a lot of time reporting from the country hears her thoughts on the syrian crisis. well when we went to syria it was sometime in october and the situation was getting very tense there so our flight arrived at the around three in the morning so you can imagine the surprise and the shock of security forces when three foreign
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journalists arrive at a time when there was a media bad international journalists there but we're here in the center of the assyrian capital you can see behind me traffic is just about starting to flow again going into the city damascus was rather peaceful it was quiet although very tense still because everybody knows what was going on in the country. and what's interesting i think mostly for us is that we saw the kind of. diverse opinions on what was going on there was no clear two sides even there were more than two sides it was not i want the regime or i don't want the regime. and there was one time you were interviewing a young man and he was rather critical of the government so he gave his point of view and what you didn't see on the camera is that there was a group of men around him and us listening to what he was saying. and afterwards
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after the interview was finished they all came up to us and said get us on camera we want to see what we feel. and then we also spoke to those people who were protesting specifically those who were on the streets in how to stop that's about twenty minutes outside of damascus one of the guys that we interviewed he actually disappeared for two days and he said he was held by security forces he was beaten up after forty eight hours of detention and torture they took all of my money and belongings and threw me out into this. we also spoke with soldiers' families those who have been killed and you can't wholesome feel that they are angry at the protesters because their sons have been lost fathers have been lost husbands have been lost so you can understand the point of view that they're coming from you from how console jer's kill other soldiers this is impossible whatever media says this is plainly lawyer. speaking about fear look out tell you one incident we were
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supposed to interview one of the leaders of the national coordination council the local opposition. the interview with sets and he when we called him he said i might have to cancel because we there were security forces we think who were at the office and they wrote some threats on the wall. we had to our fixer who translated what it meant. it said you're working for israel or the u.s. we're going to kill you. and so they were there wreck threats at the members of the f.c.c. particularly leader. that was a scary time because we they were just outside we didn't know whether they would come in and we asked their our interview we are you scared he said you only die once. so the syrians are very i felt hospitable people but when
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when it comes to political talk when it comes to expressing a political view in a crowd it can really get heated they would. jostle at the rally that we went to it got pretty rough. our camera was procured and so forth. everywhere do you know but that is your job you go in there he try to get you try to do what you can to try to film as much as you can try to put it in as much context and we had to tell sometimes. to tell people please calm down otherwise we can't get anything on film heard here on the steps of the syrian capital where the reality of gathered show their support for the government it was a far cry from the images we've been seeing in other cities that the country where there have been reporting a lot of the great force i don't see a government photo of those however what they get about where in this country whenever they'd be the news about syria whenever we would be everything you suppose
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syria i would really pay attention and although everybody here say that they gots correct i don't think that's or got stopped as precise as i think it was so i'd like to think that because of my trip there and my experience there. that when i see something about syria i don't take it at face value i remembered everything that i had gathered and would look through with through that perspective rather than just what i see. each day up to the new year we'll bring you more personal reflections from the correspondents who covered the year's biggest stories and you can see them all on our website right now at r.t. dot com here's what else is a click away you know the white city of los angeles pushing people detained during the occupy l.a. protests to take classes on the first amendment to learn the quote proper way to exercise free speech plus. bioterrorist scare the worst pandemic humanity's ever
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faced could be unleashed was a recently developed recipe for creating a virulent manmade flu gets published. still high in the imperent success of its intervention campaign in libya britain is now turning its eyes to another oil rich african state somalia seen as a training ground for a terrorist with a potential to incite extremism of all young british muslims and its fate is going to be decided at a summit in london in february artie's laura smith has been. in the words of prime minister david cameron somalia is a failed state that directly threatens british interests his solution options ranging from humanitarian aid right through to military intervention and reports
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suggest that in the new year following the perceived six acts of the libyan campaign in government circles somalia could be the next target for u.k. forces newspapers as saying that the royal air force could be sent to help african union troops to support the weak u.s. backed transitional government equipment and money other main donations despite a tough economic situation at home there are around a hundred thousand somalis living in the u.k. making up one of the largest muslim groups according to m i five somalia is the latest terrorist training ground where british residents from a variety of backgrounds pakistan bag that dash yemen go to study jihad the risk is that they then come back to the u.k. and carry out terrorist attacks there's also the threats of piracy and the kidnapping of aid workers and tourists but crucially somalia also has boston
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gas reserves and other natural resources including uranium which the u.s. and other countries have had their eye on for years is many points also to somalia's to teaching position presiding over a large part of oil transport routes through the gulf of aden you usually find when the military strategists are planning long term intervention somewhere. i'm looking at a political map second the oil or gas one of the biggest suit has a huge somali community around here that i represent most of whom are from the north and they're not saying to me he's in to free they're saying can we please have support to get a functioning system of government and. so you see this as a direct result of the perceived success by the government of the campaign in libya operation oust gadhafi successful next stop somalia.
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stay with us here on our team still to come a controversial goodbye just days after u.s. troops withdraw from iraq our t. takes a look at the legacy some say they have left behind. could you take three. three. three. three. three. three blow video for your media projects free media. time.
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from stupid. stunts on t.v. don't come. thanks for staying with us here on our t.v. nineteen minutes past the hour in the russian capital taking a look now at some other stories making headlines across the globe starting in nigeria where at least fifty members radical muslim group boko haram have been killed during clashes with security forces the gun battle was the northeastern town over. those living near the city's central mosque was to evacuate before soldiers moved tanks into the neighborhood at least sixty one have died in clashes since thursday as boko haram campaigns to implement a strict sharia law all across the country. suicide car bombs killed six soldiers wounded at least twelve others in pakistan the bomber drove
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a car packed with explosives into a paramilitary camp in the northwest of the country a taliban spokesman has claimed responsibility for the attack saying it was in revenge for the recent killing by u.s. drones of its commander in the area just a day after a similar taliban attack led to one person being killed and fifteen kidnapped. iraq's vice pres. it has said the government was behind thursday's series of bombings that killed dozens of people in baghdad hashmi claim such a large attack was impossible without some kind of help from authorities he fled to iraq's kurdish region in the north after the under arrest warrant is issued against him for terrorist charges at least sixty eight people were killed in baghdad thursday by multiple car and roadside bombs. and the violence in iraq comes just days after u.s. troops say goodbye to the country nine years after the occupation began more than one hundred thousand iraqi civilians and thousands of american soldiers lost their lives in the war that cost the u.s.
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a trillion dollars now many iraqis say the war was a mistake and they're sending that message very clearly to u.s. leaders artie's sean thomas reports from baghdad. packing up to head home it may be easy to overlook the total costs of war at least one hundred fourteen thousand iraqi civilians killed as well as four and a half thousand american soldiers millions displaced from their homes not to mention a one trillion dollars financial burden still the former occupiers leave behind some words of encouragement i can say it with confidence that in the next twenty or fifty years iraq will be a leader here in the in the gulf region that rivals any country inside of the gulf region i think that iraq now is a safe and secure environment it's not a safe and secure is as it should be or it will be but it's it's progressing very well the american occupation of iraq saw the fall of the baathist regime the capture and execution of deposed leader saddam hussein and the implementation of
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a democratic government but now nearly nine years later these are the country better off well it is odd that they below him also the u.s. troop invasion of iraq in two thousand and three and the grievance the committee to meet the situation here worse there are so many mistakes committed by the u.s. military leadership especially in managing the civilian us banks here your base how to negative effect because i said that in fact many here say it was the american mismanagement of iraq and that led to the rise of sectarian violence in the country people if you us who brings the threat of us to iraq he said usa. damage to the infrastructure of iraq he said. so i think. we on american must cooperate in order to. put up this. culture that hate. between two peoples the timeline for u.s.
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troop withdrawal was set in two thousand and eight and while the obama administration initially tried to extend the deadline the official transfer of power came sixteen days ahead of schedule on december sixteenth two thousand and eleven right now the u.s. and iraqi governments are working on a new type of diplomatic relations building a new type of trust if you will but now the next step is in the hands of the iraqi government to move the country forward as america's influence waned political infighting and sectarian divisions in the iraqi parliament have diminished as well giving iraqis hope for a strong future but as iraq prepares to move past this dark chapter they have a message for their former occupiers to defend america. the police another atomistic and because you are a mystic is a great mistake and it affects you. but as teach and also
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the future of relations and friends are few right now in a region in which america's reputation lies and friends in the eyes of many in iraq sean thomas r t. well it's twenty almost here and it's said to be the year of a presidential election as the u.s. russia france and south korea all head to the polls with millions yet to cast their vote the question is what makes a good modern day leader laurie harford also known as the resident gauged opinion on the streets of new york. important elections will be held in many countries in two thousand and twelve what's it going to take to be a good leader in today's world this week let's talk about that what do you think is the most important quality for a world leader to have right now just empathy for what's going on right now just an ability be able to be flexible just with the american people and the people the world and
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a lot of patience and i equate intelligence with humor. i mean say oh yeah a quick mind so you think that sense of humor would be appealing in a world leader think it's an international way of speaking you know everybody gets it and everybody likes it that circumstances are controlling all the countries right now so somebody step up and take the reins you know would you follow someone that was strong like that even if you didn't necessarily believe yes yes their true leader who were honest with people absolutely is having the ability to lead people more important than having the intelligence or the right kind of policies. yeah i would say it is because you have to have a whole team of people that are actually implementing your the work so you have to be able to provide that process for them so is it important for them to have money so that they understand how it works or is it important for them to not have so much money so they're in touch with people who is probably important for them to
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have come up having no money i mean the latest nelson mandela i mean you look at mary came from malaria ended up. i mean he understood what it was what it was like to have nothing else probably what made him such a good leader of course told me i was a new a possible. candidate was because of one the leader of my mind really man. my vision was and he was a man who really wants to lead the nations of a future do you think it's possible in today's world or is it too different a time now than it was in the path of sort of this totally different because of global war it is a. very complex and the management. is totally changed my mind over the people no matter what qualities we'd like to see in the new world leaders of two thousand and twelve let's just hope we aren't too disappointed in who they turn out to be.
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some of the men who took part in a unique russian space experiment by spending a year and a half in isolation coming your way after a recap of our top stories stay with us.
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thank you. the plant that was responsible for causing the world's worst industrial disaster and now it had been abandoned in a condition where it had become a source of pollution of the most recent study that was done shows that this water pollution spreading. more than hundred thousand
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people. need to be born with birth defects and children in the rest of the country. in the sea as little as five hundred dollars for lifelong. unpunished.
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seven thirty pm in moscow these yards the headlines thousands of turned out to rally in the russian capital in a second large mass protest against the parliamentary poll results the opposition claims the vote was rigged and they demand a rerun while the government has promised political reform. in syria all people want for christmas in the new year is peace but there is no festive mood in the air as the latest round of violence leaves dozens dead and maybe escalation the arab league deploys observers.


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