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tv   [untitled]    December 13, 2011 10:30pm-11:00pm EST

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there's the police corruption. but what is protesting nobody seems to know. that never pepper sprayed the face but part of the argument that they're being overly dramatic. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else to some other part of it and realize that everything is ok. i'm charging welcomes a big. blow
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to the capital account again i'm lauren lyster.
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sign for show and tell on tonight's program and last week and spoke with colonel lawrence wilkerson about the u.s. covert war in iraq and we ask you how far you think is escalating tensions could go between the two countries let's go to producer. had to say over the past several years we have watched the covert war against iran heat up from the sucks now virus explosions at nuclear facilities to the unexplained is a. parents of iranian nuclear scientists and just last week iran revealed that they were in possession of the us sentinel drone which was flying over iranian airspace this against the backdrop of an increasingly heated rhetoric coming from the u.s. political class from the president no options off the table means i'm considering. all options to the g.o.p. presidential candidates people after all the work we've done there's nothing else we could do but such bill take military action but of course you take military
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action if in the end despite all of those things the dictatorship research you have to take whatever steps are necessary to break your parachute of a newsgroup so do you agree with our guest colonel lawrence wilkerson that the us is marching to war with iran steve pratt said the u.s. doesn't really want to go to war against iran it's all about trying to create enough internal dissension to force an outcome similar to what happened in libya alan baker believes spying on iran is necessary obama is doing what he has to do but regardless the next president will be at war with iran turkey x.i. agreed there is no doubt the u.s. will go to war with iran it's all we know how to do in america now since we don't produce anything except bombs and guns whole coonan added and a new war started by a president in this in his first term has been used successfully to win a second term there is a lot of scaremongering on its way now the us going to war with an oil rich middle eastern country with an evil dictator on the verge of acquiring nuclear weapons
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it's a story that should sound pretty familiar to you if you've been awake for the last ten years now one can only hope americans realize are sons of deja vu before it's too late. now as always we appreciate the responses and here's our next question for you and show we spoke about the occupy movement targeting ports along the west coast and the union did not take part and there seems to be a division over tactics and who they really hurt so let us know if you think it off by continues using tactics like shutting down ports could it create a split between them. movement and units that's how you think on facebook twitter and here to analyze a response just might make it on air. now earlier this month the durban summit south africa kicked off with representatives from one hundred and ninety five countries gathering off the sake of countering climate change for this month we discussed the failures of efforts in cancun and copenhagen to produce any success and it looks like the two week long durban summit had a similar outcome just yesterday canada's environmental minister peter kent announced that his country will be withdrawing from the kyoto protocol which
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expires next year formally ending the country's effort in global approach to combating climate change it's now clear that kyoto is not the path forward for a global solution to climate change if anything it's an impediment. now according to several ports this was for all was a long time coming especially since prime minister stephen harper's conservative government never braced the agreement signed by the previous administration but under the protocol signed in one thousand nine hundred seven canada was obligated to cut their emissions to six percent below nine hundred ninety levels our emissions were actually seventeen percent higher than the one nine hundred ninety levels by the year two thousand and nine now when ten ounce can of his withdrawal he cited several reasons one of which is the price tag for meeting those target emissions levels he explained it would cost the country thirteen point six billion dollars because that's how much can they would have to spend on carbon emission permits for other countries. canada is facing radical and irresponsible choices if we are to avoid punishing multi million multi billion dollar payments to meet
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the targets under kyoto for twenty twelve would be the equivalent of either removing every car or truck a.t.v. tractor ambulance police car and vehicle of every kind from canadian road or closing down the entire farming and agricultural sector and cutting heat to every home office hospital factory and building in canada. now can also went on to argue that the protocol is pointless because the us and developing economies like china weren't include it despite the fact the developing countries create a large portion of the carbon emissions but there's something else of the green news blog points out canada is the hot spot for oil sands production and unfortunately as we've pointed out during discussions about the keystone x.l. pipeline is a huge source of emissions and pollution in general with a conservative government now in charge they know where the money is coming from so why would a damper on oil when it could boost can of his economy so even though canvas thrown in the towel the durban summit has agreed to extend the kyoto protocol this new
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package would extend the current plan to cut carbon emissions in industrial countries meanwhile in a rather unexpected move the united states and china both agreed to a deal to create a legally binding document to replace kyoto and regulate their carbon emissions are the details of the new baggage they have yet to be worked out in the participating countries will have another three years to create another protocol that's going to take effect once the current one expires so for the time being looks like canada is the only one to formally withdraw from the un conference although it'll be interesting to see how the rest of the countries will fare once the details are officially drawn up and ratified. while there is a new party in town new political party that is when i say do i meet at the launch of the justice party was just held on december twelfth here in washington d.c. with rocky anderson at the helm planning to make a bid for the presidency anderson is a former democrat who also supported mitt romney at one time and he said that he won't take more than one hundred dollars per person in donations part of
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a greater fight to limit the money influence over our political system and this law party is also launching for the sake of justice social justice environmental justice and economic justice things that are definitely themes that you hear brought up a lot these days as protesters across the country joining the occupy wall street movement and poll after poll shows a growing distrust and discontent with washington the can you really kind of two party really break into our system without embracing it big money. joining me is rocky anderson former salt lake city mayor and the justice party its first presidential candidate thanks so much for being here tonight great to be here all right so this is brand new you got to tell us what the justice party is all about it is but it's been information for a long time there are a lot of us around the country who know that it's time that we not just add another party to the mix but we offer a change in our system and our electoral system in the system of governance and getting the corrupting influence of money out of the system is absolutely necessary
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or we're never going to see change we'll never see changes in terms of our nation's leadership now absence of leadership in climate change it's absolutely essential if we're going to avoid the catastrophic consequences of climate change for the united states to step up but we know that it's a corrupting influence of money from the oil and gas and coal industries but it's stopped what needs to be done in the public interest and we say that see the same thing in the financial sector deregulation why was that done because the corrupting influence of money president obama accepted more money from wall street than anyone has ever received in history and then one what doesn't have to wonder very long why there hasn't been one person serving time for the massive financial fraud that's hurt so many people throughout this nation categorically more about what i wonder about all the time boise right now is there seems to be a mood right of discontent if you look at the occupy wall street movements like i
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said if you look at any of the polls but i'm just wondering in the history of third parties if you want to talk about the green party it's just kind of this this little miniature party that might sway the election towards one tatt or the other because this massive campaigning machine is still going on right now between democrats and between republicans so that we want the justice party to be in the justice party is going to be a major force in american politics and it's time that the american. people get over this fear that we might spoil the election for the lesser of two evils and step up and say coming together organizing together building a grassroots movement we've seen revolutions around the world based on social media we can do the same thing in this country if we come together and really change the way things are done in washington i'm dying to know how you're going to do this that i know for example that you're only you're only taking in one hundred dollars per person as campaign donations and that's personally are you going to take more
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money in for the party right because it takes a lot of money to get a party on the card will accept more money they don't have those same limits but we feel very strongly that candidates who are running need to limit the impact of money and i used to fight when i was practicing lawyer for and to gifts by lobbyists to legislators the utah state legislature and they basically laughed me out of there these people were going on ski vacations golf vacations front row seats at the jazz games it's bribery pure and simple and these these gigantic campaign contributions we know it's exactly the same thing but if we want is going to be enough though if only individual candidates of people like yourself people like buddy roemer who's also been on the program say i'll take one hundred dollars in person because ultimately you still need the party machine to work you need to prop it up you need to get the name out there and all of that takes money so you know how do you actually fight the corruption was becoming a part of it it's so different now with social media we have
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a democratize means of communicating in this world not just in the country but around the world we've seen revolutions then governments because of communications that were facilitated by this new media we can do this in this country we can create the kind of grassroots movement that helped begin this country in the first place and it's not going to be. based on a billion dollar campaign with all these expensive meaningless fifteen thirty sixty second spots on television people stick with social media if they click on something a video they want to watch it's because they want to watch it it's not some break between programming on television and we're going to show that the people of this country are smarter than what these politicians that are based on the campaign goes on this elevating kind of people specifically are you trying to attract here do you
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do you support the anti wall street movement do you want those protesters that were shutting down ports yesterday as part of it you know who else because if you look at some of the you said that climate change is a huge issue right you've been part of the anti-war movement you've been part of. the movement it's kind of sounds like this is what the democrats are supposed to be doing well that and obviously the democrats have a you know we had a great opportunity for a major health care reform we're the only country in the industrialized world that doesn't provide essential health care coverage for all of our citizens why is that the corrupting influence of money from the health care and everything is coming are so afraid of the world that the word socialism right that gets thrown out any time eventually something like horse is ridiculous that there's the rest of the industrialized world socialism some of those countries have multiple payers but they don't do pound for profit insurance companies for essential health care so you see that this common theme throughout the deregulation that caused this this
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economic of people around the world why was the corrupting influence of money from the financial sector why haven't people served any time because of that corrupting influence why don't we have good health care why are we providing good leadership on the climate crisis why are we spending as much as the rest of the entire world on military. weapons it's because of the corrupting influence of money you know these contractors for the f. twenty two completely outmoded project they had contractors or sub contractors in forty two states they know how to do this because then it doesn't matter what the party is republicans and democrats were fighting for continued funding billions of dollars we see it every year we're seeing right now it is national defense authorization act right and so is a constant even worse annoyance of billions of dollars but i'm curious to i want to find out because i know that you said that you voted for president obama and yet
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you also told people that you didn't trust president obama not holding on as a roster of two evils at the time i didn't dorsey i was asked to endorse him and i said i don't trust it and i didn't want to say i told you so i wanted him to surprise me and meet the expectations of hope and change of everybody else he's completely betrayed his base one of the first things he did he came into office and all those were criminals people that tortured for the first time as a matter of fishel policy in our nation's history in violation of international treaty obligations and violation of our own domestic laws and he said all let's look forward and not look of course when you look backwards you go after the financial criminals that you think brought to our economy would you like prosecutor said to you bush and dick cheney and whoever else not administration is culpable that's what the rule of law requires what we have now in this country is a two tiered financial system where you have the very privileged the rich and the
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powerful and then there's everybody else that's paying the price and we have now the same thing in our legal justice system a breaks my heart as a lawyer i went to law school because i believed in the system as a country i grew up in the world we had the equal application of the laws now congress went through when president obama was a senator and he promised to join a filibuster against immunity retroactive immunity for felonies. committed by the telecommunications companies that participated in illegal surveillance of american citizens he got the democratic nomination and he entirely switched his position and voted for them and that's not the only place on force and we've seen him switch his position on many many a time when you don't have enough well you know i want to thank you very much for being here tonight i think that it's exciting to know that there is another party out there and you know we'll see if people actually listen it will see if it's if your table of not serving the needs of money because it just seems like that's the
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way the wheels turn around here and how do you fight it thanks so much for being here if you so much. all right coming up next do you think i've signed the pledge that everybody knows i'm probably fat cats are two or five and unhappy are got an update on the very cute couple but be right back. into that only military mechanisms difficult to bring justice or accountability. i have every right to know what my government should do if you want to know why i pay taxes. but i would characterize obama as a charismatic version of american exceptionalism. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so silly you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realized everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm sorry welcome to the big picture.
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if. the capital account climbs lauren lyster. to believe the repetition of.
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what a protest and nobody seems to know. that never appropriate to face quite hard the argument that they're being overly dramatic. hi guys it's time for tonight's tool time award and once again we're giving it to the grinch i made gingrich the old newt has been gaining popularity by the day amongst conservative voters and a better appeal to a socially conservative following he signed a pledge on the i was social group called the family leader and i guess you can say that this would be a typical step for a g.o.p. candidate trying to win big in the iowa caucuses but this pledge says that newt is forbidden from committing adultery the same pledge is already been signed by rick perry by michele bachmann and by rick santorum because there's one glaring difference between newt and the other candidates new infidelity don't exactly
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belong in the same sentence he cheated out his first wife with his first major his mistress and filed paperwork for divorce the day after she had surgery for uterine cancer and when he married his first mistress making her his second wife he cheated on her with his current wife calista all while wife number two was coping with multiple sclerosis so not a very admirable husband if you ask me now what gets me is that everybody knows about newt's inability to keep his pants on and yet he made headlines earlier in his presidential campaign when he blamed his infidelity on his love for his country first of all the there's no question that at times of my life partially driven by. how passionately i felt about this country. that i work for too hard and the things happen in my life that were not appropriate. and what i can tell you is that when i did things were wrong but i wasn't trapped in situation if it was doing things wrong and if i was doing. so he's openly admitted his wrongdoings that he agreed to
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sign the family leaders pledged to say faithful to his wife but wait as it gets even better and his statement to the conservative i would group gingrich writes i also pledge to uphold the institution of marriage through personal fidelity to my spouse and respect for the marital bonds of others and then goes on to say i will also aggressively defend the constitutionality of doma and federal and state courts i will support sending a federal constitutional amendment defining marriage as the union of one man and when one woman for the states or ratification so new things that people can conveniently forget about his past wrongdoings as long as these jobs any attempt at legalizing same sex marriage however he takes it even a step further saying that he would sign an executive order of people came commander in chief restating federal funds would not be used to pay for abortions and the halls of vowed to reject a real life sweet so basically went all out of his pledge just use one group to cover all the typical conservative viewpoints on all issues but seriously the most hilarious part of all this is that signing a pledge that says if you're forbidden from committing adultery that's what you
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already do when you get married why do you need another one it's just absurd so for signing a pledge not to cheat even though you technically already do that when you're married and using this pledge to rail against doma and some say same sex marriage to win support among conservatives newt gingrich is tonight's told time where. ok joining me this evening laura lister host of the capital account here on r t and tanya summon a reporter and blogger for think progress dot org so we have so little time but let's remind ourselves of the cutest story ever that everyone loved about these two gay penguins. pedro and buddy are endangered african penguins they're both and they're both in love with each other they're bonded they seem to get along quite well there's no question about that but zoo officials plan to separate the two hoping they'll mate with females as part of
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a breeding program you know the two meals together but only the females. so pedro body were separated and now looks like peter a buddy are getting into the girls but he already paired with one and breeding activity was observed pedro he's been courting constantly courting a female females but no solid bonding as yet happened so he hasn't gotten laid yet but that's it for the ladies they swing both ways what can we say yes or no such thing as a bisexual penguin i don't know good i like your take on this because i immediately thought that that means i was going to take this to say that you can be cured of your homosexuality because everybody. i mean you want to own as there is a pos this is they're probably out and i think they're meeting doesn't mean that they're bonded you know maybe had a tighter bond with pedro or whoever broke back march of the penguins are you. right now i like very well speaking of newt gingrich eventually like zoos he also likes all kinds of. stuff which mitt romney made fun of him for recently. we can
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start with this idea to have a you know call me that would minerals from the from the moon i'm in favor of spending that kind of money to do. i'm proud of trying to find things that give young people reason to study science and technology and telling them someday in their lifetime they could dream of going to the moon they could dream of going to mars. are you guys ever think progress put together a nice little list today of some of his ideas which include a he's been warning forever of and. let's face it not going to happen space mirrors mirror system in space that could provide the lighting equivalent of many full moons the space space lasers geo engineering which basically is forget about climate change we actually need to work to counter rick as well just blast the clouds out of the spy or out of the sky and also he spoke about using second life and video games basically to help create
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a better parallel country and some of this stuff actually kind of makes me like him better just like how hatefully isn't like one that i say he's a labor of lasers and mirrors sound kind of cool that's so funny the first thing i thought was with how much alone i hate snoot but i know she's into space i just wonder if this is going to you know make an impact on her and sure enough that is the first thing i said that is so funny like the stuff so it's going to get on just . well this is kind of it. but i think it's a place space should a good read but maybe you know as vice president could be achieved this is a whole opening interspecies kind of public office that you go and fight on that's right he not only studied history he's also trying to save the future or change the future i guess you could say well you know what speaking of lasers so gingrich wanted this space laser but listen what they're doing in the u.k. for starters let's start with everyone recently witness when riots were going on.
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thank. you very very well you're. right. so now the police don't like the writers very much have a shoulder mounted laser that's in preparation that emits a blinding wall of light capable of repelling rioters and yeah there it is there's a picture of it a blinding wall of lights why did they have to make it even more like a cipher why do they have to give people even more excuses to use hackneyed one thousand nine hundred four comparisons i don't understand why they need to make it so much worse for themselves from a p.r. standpoint not to mention just kind of like a reality standpoint that they're going to aim a laser is in writers eyes if that ever happened and this is new to. this is what i learned i learned now pepper spray is really passe. now it's over the. pepper spray i would imagine i've never purchased it but i would imagine it is a lot cheaper than a twenty five thousand pound laser light gun but think about how you need to steer
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times why are they splurging for laser light guns think about how genius they are us during times when. the queen is only getting fifty million pounds a month or whatever we went over last this is pretty genius though you know how can you report police brutality if you can't see it happening if they blind you with it or you can report only good point if worse. with the horrible horrible sounds during their blinding lights or some brave the taser the flash grenades. i'm going to talk about there in there that start using on everybody do you mind pounds a year i think so yeah it was it was are you guys thanks for joining me tonight i got a wrap it up that's it for tonight's show thanks for tuning in and make sure to come back tomorrow clive stafford smith who is the founder of the human rights organization reprieve he's going to be on the show to discuss a new campaign by that organization involves legal action against the cia's drone program i mean times over gets to follow us on facebook on twitter they have become a fan of us on facebook watch us on you tube dot com sites they want to show them
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that but they have next is when it's. all. even. if you believe.
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it's technology innovation all the rest of the women's from around russia we've got this huge earth covered.


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