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tv   [untitled]    December 10, 2011 6:00am-6:30am EST

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maundering. historic. friendly. dynamic. so do friends but. my co. the headlines on our t.v. straight live pictures from moscow's square where thousands protesting the biggest demonstration project this of course happening due to the results of sunday's parliamentary. the rally has attracted people of all different political persuasions and is well underway. for it to remain peaceful joining me now i live in central moscow. and europe is split britain becomes the only one out rejecting e.u. treaty changes and forcing all the other twenty six members to come up with
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a separate debt crisis. and last resort israeli airstrikes on gaza and ever increasing tensions in the region drive palestinians to seek opportunities in war torn libya. news live from moscow city center this is with me. but i thousands of people gathered in central moscow protesting the results of sunday's parliamentary vote it's estimated at least fifteen thousand people are taking part right now as we speak and the opposition claims the results of the election were fraudulent to a correspondent in central moscow and he said no way to give us the latest and he said good to see you you are at the side of the demonstrations we can see the crowds are amassing behind you that tell us what is the scene what can you tell us
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what's going. well numbers are conflicting we're hearing some very bad numbers certainly thousands of people here they go from fifteen to twenty five thousand i just want to give you a closer view of what's happening you can see a stage has been set up a rainbow of flags you have the solidarity organization which is not. i see communist flags ya book which is a party they didn't get into the dumas and then you have a group of people as you see on this bridge here really kind of standing back and almost seems just watching to wait to see what happens there are calls for this rally to remain at peace what we're hearing and this of course is a sanctioned rally for thirty thousand people now we're hearing that an unsanctioned rally people have met at revolution square which was the original place that protesters organizers try to get a sanctioned permit for they didn't get that people have gathered there we're hearing that a couple of thousand people are making their way peacefully so far towards the square where the sanction meeting has taken place and like you said people calling
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for free and fair elections a court reporting to them they do my lectures that took place on sunday weren't carried out in that matter and that's why they're gathered here today to make demands that elections are free and fair or and he said i was you say the making to the elections be free and fair certainly some across the country are reports of some protest it up to a seventy two cities but as you say the demands are being voiced but how is the kremlin at this point reacted to what people are calling. what we saw protest as soon as last monday directly after it became very clear what the results of this election were going to be and that happened again on tuesday like i said this is a sanction protest and both president medvedev and prime minister vladimir putin have have supported the idea that people of course have a right to come out onto the streets and voice their opinions voice their demands they claim that the elections were carried out as freely and as freely as they could be observers were here what they did to criticize very strongly especially
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prime minister vladimir putin were statements from outside of russia that these elections were neither free or fair share from secretary of state hillary clinton and that according to the russian government stepped over a line. when it comes to it we understand there are issues here of internal internal issues of the. both calling for free and fair elections but it's not just domestic if you stay with us been proof as you might tell us about the west actually meddling in russia's internal affairs. there hasn't it seems there are specific proof that in fact the state department again statements coming directly from hillary clinton there is evidence that it was released by life news odd basically details from e-mails between goalless which is a monitoring organization that took part in monitoring these elections and the department of state where there's very clear indications they're available in the life new site you can actually go and read them in english where you have these observers that took part in these elections actually asking how much they would get
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paid for each and every violation so anyone can go and actually read those statements from coal is we did hear that they're going to actually launch legal action against my views because the e-mails were obtained illegally but no denial on their part it's a very clear evidence that the statements from wheaton on the west sticking their nose a little too far into the country's internal affairs are being backed up by evidence like this. as you mentioned not only with the u.s. state of all the getting involved here but certainly as we hear some reports of a western media getting involved perhaps trying to ruffle some feathers or what can you tell us about. yeah if you want some western media news networks this week you would get an idea that there was pure chaos on the streets of moscow of course you and i anyone who lives in moscow knows that that was certainly not the case in fact it should be said this is the first day that so many people have come out onto the streets you saw networks like fox socks new showing pictures of athens where of course yes it was more entertaining it painted a clear picture of chaos but it wasn't moscow you had c.n.n.
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showing archives of previous nationalist ethnic rallies that took place a year ago they filed a correction but still this trend of not really showing accurate pictures and giving accurate ideas of what's happening in russia is the is a little too much for the russian government it backs up again there. idea that that there is is a move it could be called slight but there are certainly trends that some people would like to see more chaos then of course is actually happening within the country especially in the capital and he said just for a moment let's let's address the key figures in the opposition movement here here in russia we understand that one of the key figures actually has very close ties to the international republican institute. right you're talking about parties numbed sofa with forces been in russian politics and it's pretty well known in the west for years now he was the deputy of former prime minister and he and his party tried to register for these do my lectures and did not qualify to actually run in the
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parliamentary elections he showed up i'd be on sanction in protest at revolutionary square and we understand he's making his way if not already here clearly thousands of people it's very hard to actually go into the crowd to know who is exactly here but we can confirm that he is at the protest today gatti cross bar of course the world famous chess player did not come back from new york to join these protests and more about them so really about those connections to the west it's not something that you can hide the very public tracks that he's supported by washington's national endowment for democracy you know whether or not that's fair that's for other people to adjust but to to judge but he is here kasparov is not here another rising star i think it's fair to call him is alexei not violent he's a very well known blogger his movement he's not associated with a political party is anti corruption is not something that you really hear about a lot when he's covered in the west he's not as popular there as here in russia i
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mean i was detained on monday's meeting and will be detained for fifteen days so he is not here today certainly a lot of his supporters are here something that you don't hear a lot about never use his actual movements in terms of his nationalist trends in his movements he's he's very well known for speed. such as russia is for russians and that of course if you know anything about russian history or russian people and the monkey culture isn't you see here can be something dangerous you you can see on youtube footage of some of his speech in fact out for yourself from monday's post says and a lot of experts have really categorize that as hate speech but here again not here today it has to be said that a lot of the people that came out to this rally today are not associated with any political party or very here so solidarity not for the party but for the movement for fair elections and they have made that very clear all right and he said i would live in central moscow thank you. and we are keeping
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a close eye on developments on the russian capital on our web site you can go online for the latest updates on video feed on the post election protests also at all c dot com you'll find analysis of the latest news on the scandals that followed the election and all the videos of the demonstrations log on to our you tube. more news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. showing appreciation to rule the day. ten minutes past the hour here in moscow on the way for you here on our peaceful squatters targeted by police. there's nearly a million buildings. in the ukrainian people freeze to death every winter i would
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counter that with. corporate protestors in london about why the law has branded them terrorists. and demonstrating before course why rallies are being held worldwide for the release of a man sentenced to my supporters say he's nothing but a political prisoner of the us. the final score in brussels was twenty six to one and one of europe's most important political matches for decades britain was the odd one out the other e.u. states agreed on a new pact designed to stabilize the euro and attempt to solve the debt crisis the british prime minister vetoed attempts to change e.u. treaties over fears that his country's national sovereignty and financial sector would be hard for the rest of the e.u. states will now work to water power to enforce a rigid fiscal and budgetary controls and punishments for the big spenders or the
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new deal should be ready by march for more insight on this now let's talk to all of you who is the head of economics at erasmus university in rotterdam. i thank you for coming on the program today so you leaders say they will go ahead with a new tax and a budget pact a despite the veto by britain does it matter that the u.k. is not on board for this. we do apologize i hear and we just lost our connection at the worst possible moment there we were speaking to briefly from the erasmus university in rotterdam we will try to get him back on the line in just a moment here on tape now of the corporate occupy movement that flared up in the u.s. three months ago has spread across the globe in the british capital protesters are growing in numbers while claiming commitment to nonviolence but the authorities may not make the same commitment as artie's or either bennett reports. tense dreadlocks even didgeridoos but all the occupy london protesters really terrorists
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the city's police force seems to think so it sent a letter to banks and businesses in the financial district warning of the terror threat posed by occupy activists it puts them in the same bracket as al qaeda well i'd say to anybody who believes it to come come here and have a look for themselves and see that we are totally peaceful protest is preposterous to say that the backlash of criticisms force the police to admit its wording was too strong but it stands by its warning to big businesses to remain vigilant issuing this statement we've seen crime linked to protests in recent weeks notably around groups entering office buildings and with that in mind we continue to brief key trusted partners on activity linked to protest this is the building in question occupies so-called bank of ideas activists moved in here nearly three weeks ago it had been empty for months the apparent terrorists now use it for meetings and
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lectures on how to solve the current crisis they can even count celebrity backers and politicians amongst their guests and a huge number of people want a different kind of economic system that's what people here stand for i want to come and lend solidarity to that the u.k. is complicated laws on squatting mean the owners still haven't been able to vic their new uninvited tenants since the building wasn't in use the activists don't see why they should leave is a fair point private property. is it fair that there's nearly a million buildings empty out there in the u.k. and people freeze to death every winter or counter that with this so far this is the only building process does have occupied it belong c.b.s. it was empty before it was taken over as the swiss banks a conviction order for this building beefing up security at its main offices just across the street as they fear the protestors could spread to both u.b.s. and the financial services authority refused to comment but they clearly heeding
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police advice security is tight in the money district. a small group of people recently stormed the offices of a mining company during a national strike they claim to be part of the occupy movement those here though deny any links but that hasn't stopped police tarring them with the same brush it's just unfortunate that some people actually have done that and it's because in police attention. it's going to label of such as people will get a few bad apples going in here and in any organisation and they've said well that they're all like human on the image just not true the original occupy camp hopes to keep its protest peaceful evicting anyone using its name as an excuse for violence they might not be al-qaeda but any minority prepared to step the wrong side of the law could play straight into police hands either bennett's london. he was r.t. live from moscow it's good of you to join us today back to one of our top stories here and the final score in brussels twenty six to one in one of europe's most
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important political matches for decades ultimately britain was the odd one out as all other e.u. states agreed on a new pact designed to stabilize the euro and attempt to solve the debt crisis however britain the british prime minister vetoed attempts by britain ultimately decided to stay away from this agreement at second more insight on this now from are you climb out who's the head of economics that it was a university and rotterdam mr palmer sorry we had some technical difficulties earlier glad to get you back on the line really to say that they will go ahead with a new tax and a budget package despite the veto as i said by britain does it matter do you think that the u.k. is not on board for this you know this is short of it does a disaster. she just you need the euro is splitting your inner union part that's really the message i'm getting from this should. you start that that's what's. not going along which in the way i think it's
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a sensible position to tell you. that because i don't see the solution. you know there are. only some it's. going to help your greed you know that now if i may just jump in for a moment here who has actually come out of this royal better because britain says that it's protecting its interests or perhaps or the e.u. because it is now given itself room to act. well let's be clear britain is outside of euro zone it doesn't have the euro so it was already a complicated situation the article conscious decision concerning the euro that's wrong of course also britain didn't host native texan financial transactions. as i understood so i think but then again. the european union and especially the euro countries are really struggling you with this crisis and they're trying to solve it
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by strict rules concerning the budget deficits which case she apparently the cause of all the problems but most economists will also say is that the problems are also elsewhere they also have to deal with housing markets even markets growth in greece and also spain and these policies are not doing anything about those problems so it is sort of window dressing a little bit. more of the also seeing the strict rules that are now being laid down and apparently in a sort of constitutional treaty. to street. to make one case against it and he would not have been able to see the banks because years ago. the rules had been applied. but. as you say the strict rules would have prevented being able to save the banks earlier but it's important to just touch
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down on what your saying here because when it comes to the elite is now proposing tough budget controls and punishment for those who break the rules but with countries like greece and portugal as you mentioned who have no money how can brussels fine nations that have no cash does not just make them worse off. you know it makes those were thought to meditate to only three countries to meet rules that they have agreed on no it will mean that all these countries should make adjustments in. the policy. but you're quite right i mean we still need to deal with the problems of reach spain portugal ireland spain and also into the. in the trades. now if i may a european governments are already being replaced by a bi euro kratz based out of brussels for example of greece and italy just just how far do you think will the political heart of europe encroach and continue to
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encroach on suffering today. oh i believe we've lost the line here i see again we were speaking to the head of economics at erasmus university and anyway we appreciate your patience in joining us but we are coming to you live from moscow it's now id twenty minutes past three saturday afternoon demonstrations have been held in cities worldwide calling for the release of one of america's most famous prisoners. was incarcerated thirty years ago of killing a white police officer it's a crime today that he still denies the conflict and was on death row until this week when a court commuted the sentence to life in prison his supporters claim the former black panther movement member is an innocent political prisoner activist mike farrell says deserves a fair trial now because. it is like many other cases in the united states a case where race entered into the prosecution where there are serious questions
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about the not only the efficacy but the effectiveness and fairness of the trial the elimination of the death penalty in this case it's really only one step and i hope it doesn't mean that now he's going to be consigned to a life without parole and everybody's going to walk away and say ok we won because in fact justice has not been served in this case it's on the record now that the judge was biased racially biased it's on the record that the. police corruption in the in the philadelphia police force involved the suborning of perjury and the actual extortion to get witnesses to perjure themselves this trial was corrupt from the beginning and that's why amnesty and human rights watch and so many other organizations say justice must be done and say that you've got to start with a fair trial. you're watching r.t. now israeli airstrikes on gaza are continuing ratcheting up tensions in the region even further killing four people since thursday but the most recent happened early
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saturday israeli air force struck targets in gaza it's unknown whether there have been any casualties at this point though dozens including several children and one . since the labor strikes began it's one of the major reasons alongside a massive unemployment rate the palestinians are fleeing elsewhere to find work and a new life as artist policy explains even a country fresh from a bloody civil war is seen as a land of opportunity. here is where garza's desperate and unemployed gather thousands who are hoping that the war in libya can offer them over spite from the hardships of war on their doorstep. we don't have any source of income prisoners are in better conditions in us that's why people want to run away from here. the queues here are long and full of hope a lot of the sort of i'm happy to do any type of work that it doesn't make a difference just to get some income so my children can survive. the united nations
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puts unemployment in gaza at forty five percent two in three gazans live in poverty and every year the ministry of labor says another thirty thousand people join the ranks of jobless ever since israel imposed a siege on gaza nearly five years ago the private sector has all but grinded to a halt mostly the economy and gaza is dependent on israel it's the way israel set it up all the materials we need for industry and construction have to come from israel through the israeli ports and airports we have no direct relationship with the outside world before the palestinian uprising in two thousand tens of thousands of gazans worked in israel they pass through here areas the largest border crossing between israel and gaza but as you can see now only a handful of people trickle through into day now. was a painter and would earn about thirty american dollars a day enough for his family to survive on but in the last seven years he can't
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cross the border and with no work this side his children often go to bed hungry he was one of the first to sign up when a call went out for people interested in going to libya to register i don't care if it's libya or not and ready to go to mars for the sake of getting food for my children i can't give them more than twenty cents a day to survive on can you imagine that i must says israel promised to lift the blockade on gaza as part of the recent prisoner exchange that freed the captured israeli soldier but israel says it made no such promise this is the. the control of the sea control the air be able. to breathe freely with. israel is the main goal was to be a reason for the siege in gaza and this israeli government did not deny israel says the siege is for security reasons and is afraid materials like cement and steel could be used to build weapons and military fortifications policia r.t.
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on the israel gaza border. now three twenty three pm here in moscow let's get to some other world news for you in brief with the world update here on r.t. a fresh wave of clashes between security forces and anti-government protesters has left twenty four people dead in syria fighting erupted in several major cities thousands took part in demonstrations calling for the end of president assad's regime activists claim that children were among some of those violence broke out the day after a major oil pipeline in this region was blown up still unclear who was behind that an estimated four thousand people have died in the past nine months of uprising. a japanese nuclear plant has leaked almost two tons of water containing radioactive materials in the southwestern town of. the leak was discovered by plant workers on friday morning the cause is still under investigation but officials say the water poses no safety risk the country is still trying to recover after an earthquake and
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tsunami rocked the fukushima power plant that was back in. at least three people are dead following violent clashes in the democratic republic of congo after the results of presidential elections were disputed. in the past few months has intensified certainly did so on friday when challenger. rejected the official results and the winner a security operation has put opposition strongholds in kinshasa now under lockdown and witnesses reported gunshots in the capital and burning tires sending plumes of black smoke at the. white to the caucuses region now where the outgoing president of south ossetia. has agreed to step down early his resignation is aimed at ending a political deadlock following recent elections which failed to appoint a new leader a runoff vote is now scheduled for march as artie's maria for national now reports . the situation here in the region has been very tense and complicated in the last
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few days and how it's been resolved eventually are seen by the opposition as a big victory and by ordinary people here in the region as a big relief following the opposition candidate our joy of his victory in the presidential runoff held here in the region earlier in the vanguard another candidate and it'll be really who was expected to win this vote and who was considered as the key favorite of the presidential vote complained to the supreme court of south the city about violations allegedly committed by allah george's team and later the court ruled and now the outcome of the vote and moreover to bar the juror herself from participating in the next poll should yield for march hundreds of her supporters have taken to the streets of the capital to involve protesting against this decision and expressing their solidarity with the jury were the two sides been involved in this conflict have started negotiations where russia has played
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a role of mediator eventually as we can see there as the court has agreed to step down currently the republic is waiting for him to officially pass the presidential powers to prime minister and people on the main square his can volley that you can see behind me they're still here and they're saying they will not go home until that happens. reporting right there is a lot small for you on our website. for example dive into history on this day thirty six years ago the inventor of a hydrogen bomb and a courageous fight perfect human rights in the soviet union. won the nobel peace prize. also on the red moon stargazers across the world gear up for the last total lunar eclipse to happen in years we report on like.
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three thirty pm it's a gray snowy saturday here in the russian capital this is our back in the headlines in just a moment. well
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. science technology innovation all the news developments around russia we've got the future covered.


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