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tv   [untitled]    October 28, 2011 11:30pm-12:00am EDT

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to change the rule and dismantle that in order to concentrate control and find a villain situation to wall street would thank you so much article we need to do is simply rewind thank you thank you so much for your words the launch of the community thank you so much for being with us here tonight i'm sorry to cut you off but we're out of time to watch this conversation again as well as other conversations of great minds go to our website conversations there it lies dot com . are you scorecards ready when we come back my panel and i will take on this week's major headlines in the big picture rubble you know a lot of us that's. what drives the world the fear mongering used by politicians who makes decisions to break through get through and if you have a maid who can you trust no one who is you know you with a global mission to read see where we had a state controlled capitalism is called sasha's when nobody dares to ask we do our t.
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question more. for. fun. are you ready to rumble joining me this week for the big picture on all our derek cutter columnist for townhall dot com and contributing writer at both big government dot com and the daily caller you know isaac attorney reporter for think progress and biz colonnade senior i an online editor at the daily caller that's what started the occupy oakland demonstrator and two time iraq war veteran scott
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olsen he's now awake he's having trouble speaking and writing early hopefully some short term brain damage i mean hopefully short term as in. and why are police forces using what may well be deadly force to stop. peaceful protesters of first of all it wasn't shot with a bullet he was to show that you're allegedly hit with a tear gas canister we've seen i've seen the video you can't guarantee that i can't see what happened in that video but. it wasn't likely to shoot somebody it was an accident if it happened in fact the way that they say it happened so you know you can't see the damage here is tear gas so i am i have and i'll tell you it's violence it's like i believe the first the crowd and. and i would what i was much further down beat up than have to tear gas they spent hours trying to tell him so easily you could more easily why did margaret what are you the question is when did
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the constitution change the. first amendment of the constitution says that our we have an absolute right to assemble peaceably and petition our government for redress of rights and will constantly tell you that lobbying is evil but you just said that we have a constitutional right to do it that is that is beside the point using these assemblies if you use them here in the park indefinitely how can you where does this say that because there has it ever been done where and where is it ever been done was started in seven hundred seventy three it started seven hundred seventy three and was it woodrow wilson. there was it would it was herbert hoover who was up to was that all of us are made on god to a revolution of red led to the revolution of franklin roosevelt but let's get it will i mean i'm not going to get into a debate over who's at fault here because you know derek's right that we don't know the full facts of what happened it really bothers me you know scott olsen is a hero this is a marine he served his country but the cops who were involved in this these are people who lay there who lay their lives on the line every single day and i hate to
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see this dispute breaking out between the occupy wall street protesters the ninety nine percent protestors and the police because at the same time when these cops are going to work every day to go where they're told they protect and they put themselves in harm's way the republicans are calling those budgets those cops are getting laid off they're losing their right to unionize they're losing their benefits and so these two people the protesters and the cops are fundamentally on the same teenager at zero as you patriots and they're heroes and the mayor of oakland is now walking back really fast because she's the one who has actually has the decision making power the police do it yeah and i mean i don't i don't know if that was a good or a bad decision on her part i know that from the perspective of going to lose her job from the perspective of what he had to say i think he's right i think that this movement and i mean even here in your interest kind of a characterize as some sort of this incident rather than some sort of police violence and i think that would be i think that would be a mischaracterization of what happened from one for not knowing the context to just
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simply because. you had a crowd that was divided between violent and peaceable protesters who were stoking the flames of this really tell you of basically what ended up happening so mother jones cover this very clearly actually they were a far to the left organization they covered what you have is a large majority of peaceful protesters were out there alongside some very violent protesters were looking to stoke controversy there because they were like oh well i just thought prior to the cliche there we're going to have on tape a woman there is part of it on the lawrence o'donnell show that i mean that they were throwing bottles and rocks and to go where the filled with are and i said yeah well if you want to hold this is so hold on this is right ahead this morning one of these incidents that we need to all right in the last thirty years the top one percent seen their wealth increase by two hundred seventy five percent yet the average wage has gone up since reagan came into office dollar thirty two cents you know tom you tell me there's not that into the top one percent from when reagan was
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president is in the top one percent now you can earn your way into the top one percent maybe you have i want you as a buyer do people call them now they want to talk about the g. eight you know if you have got you maybe it's an age you made now you can see. my income has gone up and down over the years it's official republicans have already killed hundreds of thousands of jobs it's not official the math instead of the american progress right three hundred seventy five thousand jobs as a result of republican budget cuts and then if you look at the state budget cuts were state in all in red states. because in blue states have actually hired some people but it's been a net five hundred thousand jobs lost in the red states you add these together and you know if it wasn't for republicans cutting jobs unemployment probably be below eight percent so is it true that the republican strategy to beat president obama is to destroy the economy sure looks like they're doing a great job but what strategy what might have been it could have been better well we don't know he had this right is he not you know if all these people have such a big that's right the g.o.p.
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has been a trying to make a case lately that they've presented sixteen jobs bills all when. it was it was just bill's also falling to ask us for recall which had been passed and actually i mean in the b. issue of tax cuts and government reduction i mean that if that's what the point is and i mean you're projecting forward towards the future you have to be able to be economically economically sustainable hollowing is monday that monday is or whatever day there's any way the g.d.p. is going to he's going to be clipped by the national debt and now we're just we're in a national debt run by three republican presidents so let's let's be clear we don't have to speculate about what's going to happen in an era of austerity because we're actually watching it played out david cameron the prime minister of britain is the president that republicans want to have you know he came in and he called for twenty five percent across the board cuts and at many agencies he's put in place the austerity stare at the agenda that we've seen so many people in congress pushing and the result is that for the last three quarters growth in the growth in
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britain has been literally nonexistent is a good zero g.-d. flues were went down for you yeah so you went it went down half a point at one point but i'll cut through the average has been zero no growth in the united states we just had a two point five percent growth that's not great it's not terrible either that's slightly below average and so you're seeing now you know we got a small dose with the with these cuts that we had to put in place to get the budget through and to get the and to get the deficit ceiling or the debt ceiling raised we've got a small taste of that agenda over in britain they've got before we go later going well majority of fox viewers seem to get this fifty two percent of your say president obama has been trying to fix the economy and republicans have been watching rocky as well as of one of the blocks news for i love you if you absolutely love democracy when you win and when you lose you sue or you ignore it ok it's not a go but i will impose it on its own bill out of all implement obama's jobs bill if
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we also take the polling data that says we want to bomb every people fair. not that swapping out one for one without i mean you want to say polls and legislate by partially do it i don't know that if you want to do that go through the items of obamacare item by item and actually ask people what they are rather than use let's go easy. people i'm perfectly willing to once you want to swap out based on polling if you are because the polls and obamacare on my side and obama's jobs bill will do some damage it won't be nearly as damaging as obama. might say this is over lying but the chances are he's probably not going to see these poll numbers one because they're from fox two because he's not actually interested in looking at polls because his favor building rating is at its lowest that it's ever been and he's struggling to bring that up because of because of the economy because what the american people perceive is a president that hasn't been able to recover i think it's to the extent that he's struggling it seems to me that he's struggling against her but i don't really understand why we're talking about the holes i have in the question is what is a good idea and it really doesn't matter whether fifty percent of the country or
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thirty percent of the country making sure that we have school teachers in our schools is a good idea that's in the jobs bill making sure that we have roads that's a good idea it's in the jobs bill making sure that all americans pay their fair share and that the people who are least able to afford it don't carry a disproportionate bore burden that is a good idea and that is in the jobs bill so what we want to be looking for is we want to make sure well let's start with that let's start with the tax rates that we had when we had a booming economy under bill clinton look i think i see any route we are going. to be under the white house i would like to roll back the reagan tax cut i was like it was our gamma regulations it was easier to go back to zero and over and over to the republican race here mitt romney showed he's a flip flopper again this time five herman cain is still doing really well in the polls even though he has apparently in no states any ground he's not. actually
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running for president is in at least three years running in politics as well as fifteen years he's made his living as an inspirational speaker he's just doubled the speaking fees rick perry is deeply flawed he falls all over himself and tea party group american majority actually came out officially asked michele bachmann to drop out of the race bertha resume is back how long is it going to be before republicans start asking donald trump to come back you know. we're all about i'll say this you know i've seen the romney campaign described as the no on the campaign he's out there he's not doing very many events he's not putting themselves out there and i actually think mitt romney's been very smart and here's why. we do have a weak economy and it converts tend to lose in a weak economy so that's a strike against obama on the other hand republican ideas are massively popular you know paul ryan's plan to gradually phase out the medicare program that is unpopular the idea that the backbone of our economic policy should be tax cuts for paris
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hilton that is unpopular and so the best thing that republicans could do is shut their mouths hope that no one notices them and that the wall that normally plays out incumbency takes labels and runs which is exactly what i think he is doing so romney romney has fans of romney is keeping his head down i mean that's his that's the strategy right now to make it through the primary process because he's found himself in a comfortable position in the polls cain as of now announced that he's interested in keeping his head down because he thinks that battle help am i here to be seen to him. this makes do you think you have that you have multiple you have you have multiple people the political experts who say this doesn't feel like a campaign yet for a lot of reasons partly because so many candidates involved in the polling right now i think represents americans who are interested in seeing personalities that they would like as we get closer to an election no closer to the primary you're going to start to see the polling is going to indicate americans having favorable to four candidates they think will actually accomplish so very very pleased or is that going to be when the republican party turns to chris christie and john thune
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and mitch mitch. and says please we need a likable guy you don't say you know you already had somebody run for president it's a calling not a favor. to go back to your comment you're citing twenty second or so i think herman cain about his speaking fees doubling as. i think they will there be only three but he's not running to double speaking he's not running for president united states i talk to them and i've interviewed many of you really think that he do you think he's wasting his time just to double the speaking from my go to there is an easier way to do if it doesn't involve the invasive media going to iowa and i was going to bet you a year from now he's a fox commentator and making it very very present a united states adventure dollar either way he's not running for he's got more experience and if you're going to position than barack obama still rick perry now has his own speaking of presidential candidates where rick perry has his own flat tax unlike herman cain's which would actually massively increase taxes on poor people and massively cut taxes on rich people. perry's flat tax says if you're rich
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you can have a huge tax cut if you're poor and not so poor that you don't pay any taxes at all but you know working poor or the working middle class you could just pay what you're paying right now. i don't get it steve forbes is the first guy to push this back in one thousand nine hundred six if it had passed he would have by now gotten a one point six billion dollars tax cut steve forbes and he and he still pushing this thing what's what's really more important for the republicans addressing the actual debt that they keep screaming about ward dealing with the these massive tax cuts that have been given to the top one percent by both reagan and now we're going to get into the one percent that money's earned the government takes and the government wants to take more of whatever may continue when he wants to take there is a car is never going to go black taxes are the price of membership in a civil society what is a fair what is a fair share. i go back to where i started a fair share is that money is the is the taxes that we had when our economy was
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booming you know george bush sold us his bill of goods. george bush told us let's go ahead let's cut taxes on the rich and our economy will grow what has happened is his per presidency and in a mad and in a massive recession and now the situation that we have right now the riches the incomes of the rich are still growing a great deal businesses are literally sitting on trillions of dollars that they are not spending that they are not using to hire so the idea that we're going to take people who are not spending their money who are not doing anything with it and are not creating jobs with it i would then going to say take more money so you can not create jobs with that that's bad policy they're going to do anything with their money to get into your mind is really simple there's no demand and there's no demand because because wages have gone up a dollar thirty two cents since ronald reagan came into office and declared able and ready to do i was leaving that money i was making three eighty five in one thousand nine hundred fifty five even more you know what ultimately perry's plan needs to have that the reduction you're talking about the debt reduction as well
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because revenue it won't match honestly actually works i guess i don't see any of these then these i think. optics but in any case the patriot act turns ten years old this week you saw it was sneaking peeks in part you're celebrating i'm sure you would all right rejoicing. study inside the weirdness of the word homeland sneaking peeks and one of the pieces of the patriot act we were sold this is going to protect us from terrorism seventy to seventy six percent of the time it's been used to look for drugs usually unsuccessful with twenty four percent of the time for other crimes less than one percent for terrorism has the patriot act made us safer but this is the problem with big government you can have the greatest intentions in the world but once you let the camel's nose under the tent every other law enforcement agency is going to use that yes it should be really me and saying it should. be absolutely changed i think divorce is a series of things have to be changed with the patriot act but it's one of these questions where you certainly can't throw the baby out with the bathwater you can
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create something new call it something completely different fine but there. including interagency sharing that really did matter that wasn't there before the patriot act was and still weren't there not because they were prevented by law because they were systemic. and they were just fine they've been unable to in the process you have things like roving wiretaps which have definitely real liberals a real to this but the principle of the principle of a roving wiretap is that you can track an individual not just a device it was done whatever they have to say was a warrant bill of goods here because we're told this is about terrorism that's not what it's big news for i reject this suggestion that you know because it's a government thing that that somehow impugns all government you know medicare works just fine social security works just fine sometimes the government does good things sometimes government does bad things and we should get rid of the bad and you know this doesn't seem to be doing what we were told it was supposed to do. last question we're tired of hard the political ad that's getting all the buzz this week is herman cain's featuring his campaign manager smoking cigarettes and letters we
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need to get in because together we can do this we can take this country back. so given our promoting drug use in this case nicotine gets you a lot of attention what other candidates will steal cain's idea and cut a new political ad featuring drug use will it be a ron paul or. oh yeah i need the government to take care of me i don't want to use that one so i'm these was thought i. never thought of our own we're gonna flaws here is i. phone for me and all drugs will be legal including heroin or perry and your state has executed two hundred thirty four death row inmates more than any other governor in modern times have you
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. see a slogan going to be i don't just lethally inject or how about mitt romney. at those very low and it's not something that those of the very high and it's for the great look last the eighty to ninety percent of us in this country. mitt romney gets a starbucks endorsement you should too coffee is a drug if you're a mormon you know. i'm going to. i'm not going to but i would guess that gary johnson is probably high right now. tom i'm proud to announce my candidacy for the presidency of the united states and i promised free cocaine for all americans but i think ron paul's biggest problem is he's always so consistent just right now he just needs to come out and just be doing heroin i think that be a great campaign ad and a way for him next to get some press try to find a visual of the. answer is michele bachmann. parents are going are you going to times tonight is someone hypnotize you because no matter what i ask you you give
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the same answer do you hear the ties has someone put you under a trance tonight you say or slogan is going to be i'm not hypnotized i'm just done and i was the trip or the artist there you. know up during. thank god thanks. for coming out in south and i do nine versus the one percent the one percent versus the one percent i'll explain and i deleted. what drives the world the fear mongering used by politicians who makes decisions to didn't create through good food if you had made who can you trust no one who is in view with the global machinery to see where are we heading state controlled capitalism is called satchels when nobody dares to ask we do our t. question more.
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the banks or one percent in chicago had a little message they wanted to get out to the ninety nine percent movement camped out on the streets a lot so someone at the chicago board of trade order leaflets out the window to rain down on the demonstrators below the leaflets read we are wall street and it's our jobs to make money go ahead and continue to take us down but you're only going
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to hurt yourselves it's going to happen when we can't find jobs on the street anymore guess what we're going to take yards. as we all know today that's not a threat it's a promise wall street has never had a problem taking what's not there whether it was the trillions they took when the economy blew up as a result of the housing bubble scene or the trillions more they took from the taxpayers when they demand to bail out wall street just churns other people's money and skins their vig off the top and they've been doing it in a pretty outrageous way what once was considered both immoral and illegal for the last thirty years since reagan stopped in force in the sherman antitrust act is now normal leading to an explosion on wall street. that started back then continuing to this day of what was then called m. and a mergers and acquisitions from nine hundred forty seven through nine hundred seventy nine before reagan m.n.a. as america got wealthier and wealthier that wealth went to everyone we all got
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wealthier but then came fat sure and reagan and milton friedman and i and rand in this bizarre notion that claim games by rules that work for everybody is just a quaint idea and instead the world should be reformed to make it easy for the predators as a result over the last thirty years most of all the new wealth created in america which is just the top one percent and reagan first began to really corrupt capitalism as i noted in my book on equal protection most americans didn't even notice that greed is good sounded reasonable to many people and for the first time in history school kids started saying they wanted to grow up to be rich instead of wanting to grow up to be somebody who changed the world like washington lincoln or martin luther king jr. but then after reagan kicked off today's massive concentration of wealth the top one percent just started taking more and more they took it all after all reagan made it legal in the last generation the richest one percent have seen their incomes almost group of all the average americans have seen
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their paychecks increase my only a dollar twenty three cents the average wealth of the top one percent is two hundred twenty five times greater than the average wealth of a typical family thirty years ago the typical c.e.o. made about forty times more than the typical employee now they take as much as two hundred times more than their employees and wall street as much as two thousand times or ten thousand times more than their employees take take take but after thirty years we're now clearly seen the results of trying to play a game with no rules or rules that are so skewed as to make things easy for the rich and hard for working people it's why working people took over madison wisconsin so why working people are taking over cities all across america and because in that reagan era so-called free market capitalism was all the fad from here to factories you katie pinochet's chile are now seeing the ninety nine percent
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revolt in nation after nation after nation but even though the one percent sitting high above chicago think it's is their job to take from everyone else a majority of one percenters actually think it's their job to give. earlier this week filmmaker michael moore express the mentality of most one percenters want to give back to the nation that made them so wealthy. that even though i do well that i don't associate myself with those who do well i am devoting my wife to those who would who have less and who have been who have been crap upon by this system and that's how i spend my time my energy my money and i'm trying to up in this system that i think is a system of violence it's a system that's unfair to the average working person in this country and it was a mistake to ever give me a dime from that day and michael moore isn't alone warren buffett for example
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famously called for his taxes to be raised in fact he's been calling for it for years noting that there is class warfare going on in america all right and it's his class the rich class the one percent class that's when but there's more as i said there's actually a majority among that one percent who are on the side of the ninety nine percent a new survey of millionaires by the spectrum finds this sixty eight percent of millionaires people earning more than a million dollars a year in this nation support increasing taxes on millionaires that's right most millionaires want their own taxes to go up you know it's there is that old interview with the german businessman is that i don't want to be a rich man and of course country because over the last thirty years millionaires and pretty much gotten whatever they wanted from free trade deals that make c.e.o.'s incredibly rich while working wages to enormous tax cuts that created huge national deficit and corporate welfare in the form of wall street bailouts and big
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oil subsidies and now that a majority of millionaires want their taxes to go up they can't even get republicans in the senate to drop their filibuster and allow a debate on the issue. point is it's not about how much money you make that makes you the one percent from michael moore to warren buffett there are plenty of patriotic one percenters it's about whether or not you think it's the job of the rich to give back to the country that major rich or if it's just a job of that which he's making more and more money to make more money than they can spend in their lifetimes their children's lifetimes their grandchildren's like times or their great grandchildren slave times while the nation around them it's sure it's it's not about your bank account it's about your patriotism but ninety nine percent which is the most patriotic thing happening in america let's just hope our cars our politicians catch on soon as the big picture for tonight for more
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information on the stories we covered visit our websites and our free speech dot org. so check out our two youtube channels your evidence of. this entire show is also available as a free video podcast on i tunes and we have a free thom hartmann i phone and i pad app at the app store you can send us feedback on twitter at tom underscore hartman at facebook at tom underscore hard on our blogs message boards and telephone comment line and thom hartmann. and don't forget democracy begins with you when you show up when you participate that's what democracy is all about it's all of us get out there get active show up occupy something tag your.
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well for british scientists some time to. market finiteness. find out what's really happening to the global economy list months cars are run no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to kaiser reports on our keep. us.


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