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tv   [untitled]    September 20, 2011 4:01am-4:31am EDT

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rate of the country by one notch deepening the euro zone's economic woes the agency also clee gave a gloomy forecast for the country's ability to get itself out of trouble the country's premier silvio berlusconi has criticized the decision calling it quote out of touch with reality s.n.p. said its move was prompted by italy's weak economic growth and fears the government will fail to deal with its huge debt despite parliament recently passing an austerity budget the downgrade now means it could be more expensive for italy to borrow money to pay creditors meanwhile greece has been given an ultimatum by i.m.f. officials to enforce deeper budget cuts if it hopes to avoid bankruptcy early next month this after eurozone leaders chose to wait till october before ruling on whether to release the next eight billion euro bailout but economists say more austerity measures only make matters worse. the reason it hasn't he gave for the actual downgrade from what from a plus to a minus was the bleeding cool situation is unstable well when has it never been
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unstable in italy i think as indeed speaking on italy now. and you notice no other agencies are downgraded i'm. sure they're there to see their political situation is it in flux size of poe's a little bit of fire under them to resolve their political differences austerity is not the way to go the europeans are being run by unfortunately the german banks and the german banks are crying austerity you don't need austerity at a time like this so you have to inflate the economy you have to create more money you cannot cut back. and so unless the europeans specifically the germans stop insisting on hysterically for everyone yes it can get much worse. in the u.s. president obama has laid out a plan to cut the deficit and revive the economy with the wealthiest americans expected to pay more he said big earners and corporations must pay higher taxes adding that everyone should pay a fair share outlining roughly three trillion dollars in savings obama explicitly
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promised to veto any debt reduction legislation cutting benefits while failing to include higher taxes on the rich but republicans have decried obama's approach as class warfare and libertarian economist lou rockwell thinks the president's plan targets the wrong people. we're getting poorer and it's absolutely true that government connected rich are getting richer so what do we do about that do we punish businessmen who are creating jobs and creating wealth and making things better or do we take some of the stolen goods away from the people in washington away from the oligarchy away from the ruling class i think that's what we have to concentrate on not let the guys at the top which you who obama is working for again soros and buffet in these guns would not let them try to focus our attention on hating the guts of a guy who owns a bunch of a subway sandwich shops he's not the problem he's the solution it's the bankers and all the people who got rich wall street the military industrial complex big pharma
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it's these kinds of arms of the corporate state that are getting rich far too rich and the other they need to be cut back cutting back cut back government that's what we need to do commentary from libertarian economists lou rockwell. israel has offered to hold direct talks with the palestinians in new york as tell of even attempting to halt president abbas's ambition to win u.n. recognition the u.s. also opposes the bid in there has been intense diplomacy aimed at averting a crisis over the move. into reports on the counter efforts russia is taking to see the palestinian plan go through. russian foreign minister sergei lavrov held an urgent meeting with the u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton now members of the delegation are telling us that even though this is a closed door meeting the assumption is that lavrov and clinton were negotiating the future of talks on the israeli palestinian relationships the palestinian bid for statehood at the united nations security council is really stealing the show
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this year we know that palestinian leader mahmoud abbas is expected to present palestine's bid for recognize statehood to the u.n. secretary general ban ki moon in the next days to come and this is something that we know israel and the united states are really not favoring they have been calling for the whole to negotiations between israel and palestine to kick start again on a bilateral level this is something that palestine is already seems to be tired so it is taking these specific actions to try to get its recognized within the within the international community so extremely busy week lies ahead at the united nations of course often the highlights of the week become speeches of world leaders addressing the general assembly hall and this year is promising to be no exception for a look back at some of the more historic moments that have taken place throughout the last years let's now go to our report if only these walls could talk.
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taking a pumped up wow factor and center stage drama would be their story every year for about ten days the united nations becomes a mecca for world leaders from the confrontational to the surprising to be outright wacky the u.n. g. pilgrimage never fails to impress what happens right here becomes a mirror image of what i mean gauging game politics can be over a hundred in one thousand members make up the general assembly to get attention leaders have to get creative if you want a lot of the tension you could try to like streak the united nations nobody nobody has come in but naked. with a goat on their back i mean so far none of this has happened but i wouldn't rule it out in the future that's one of few tricks that have not been performed here yet i think the one that i remember the most i mean there was cut off he with who i guess will never be back here again so it becomes memorable because it's a collector's item now his long speech and tearing up tearing up the u.n. charter and falling asleep so we have just record your corn you're out of corn. you
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are. should not be discouraged the constitution comes from the record holder for speech length and indian envoy in the fifty's nobody remembers what he said but they remember that he went on for eight and a half hours exhausted the diplomat collapsed at the podium only to return and carry on the u.n. is really owned it's owned by its member states so it's not really anyone's role to you know be kanye west and grabs you know you've got to when they're up there they can go as long as they want they can also see whatever they want and accusations often go flying towards the u.s. yes then i came here. thank you. reza here and it's necessary for students today and from the us the greatest obstacle to this future is that your rulers have chosen to deny you liberty and the media obsessed with creating legends out of these performances people who have him
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she could be clad carla bruni becoming a headliner for the simple act of showing up to sauvie leader nikita her short run to legibly banging his shoe against the podium a grave for colonial slavery that should be buried deep the better half a century later the story is rumored to be a favorite among tourists visiting the u.n. the soviet leader so on says the episode is a legend as the shoe banging is never captured on video. over the media over the. whole. i'm older but a good number that you could believe in main thing that never to showcase word as deed officials pull out so-called facts sparring accusations backed up by wouldn't feel. the need to invade iraq by nonexistent weapons of mass destruction we're giving you are facts and conclusions based on solid intelligence the key players
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come and go as. it was you have the firm from one side and the other side and just do so who are to you would. deal with the fierceness clearly not for into this international political stage drama year after year is the number one guest to r.s.v.p. and r.t. new york. in the west bank israeli settlers police and defense forces are getting ready to bear the consequences of the palestinian aspirations for sovereignty they expect mass marches in support of the move landmines are being planted alongside the border parties postie or has more. there's a growing sense of isolation among israelis for months they simply named it. and now september is here and with it the ease and uncertainty about what to do when palestinians ask the united nations to recognize they state i think the responsible thing to do from the idea of sport interview is to prepare for an eventuality
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prepare for the worst case scenario and hope it doesn't happen the worst case scenario is violence there's even talk of a food into fodder the israeli army has been preparing for months beefing up security on settlements and planting new land mines along israel's northern borders but many complain these measures go too far out of throwing too would. maybe it's more come for. the last thing to live if one says a repeat of the chaos at its borders three months ago when hundreds of demonstrators stormed the israeli syrian border in a show of sympathy for the palestinians twenty protesters were killed by israeli fire the area is littered with mines and added danger to those clamoring the mines are not necessarily very to deal with people who have peaceful intentions but mines are a legitimate form of defense many countries have mines on their borders for that reason
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in one of its internal magazines the israeli army said it was planting new mines in the area as a deterrent against any future demonstrations that might take place cards are expected to surge forward when palestinians put forward their case at the united nations and the army refused of request for an interview the most they gave us was an e-mail response in which they said they were performing ongoing situation assessments and doing everything required in order to ensure that the daily routine and security on israel's northern borders was maintained but it wasn't security there tof the right half of salad bars body he lost a leg a hand and an eye when he picked up a mine when he was thirteen years old. what happened with you and sometimes. it was better if we did because. we can continue to live. like.
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he got little sympathy from the israeli government that blamed him for being in an area infamous for mines but instead of hate and anger sally wants his misfortune to be a warning to others and is now dreading what will happen if thousands of people surged towards the borders later this week i feel very very very sad because i know or mines bombs and material to make just just. give flowers or good life for the people it's nine months since the arab spring began and as palestinians lobby the united nations the last of the region's old certainties are being swept away but fears in the region are growing that what happens in new york will set the stage for the next middle east crisis. r.t. israel. we have more on the continuing turmoil the arab world coming your way in a few minutes. to finish off remaining supporters in libya while the west
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anticipates cashing in on new business opportunities there. which brightened. a song from feinstein. starts on t.v. dot com. wealthy british style. that's not on. the . market why not. ground. why not what's really happening to the global economy with mike
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stronger for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into kinds a report. thanks for staying with us here on r t turkey's president is in berlin discussing e.u. membership and some issues faced by three million turks living in germany today the multiculturalism debate comes at a time when the country is marking fifty years since inviting a wave of turkish workers to help boost efforts to build the berlin wall artie's tom barton looks at the changing demographics of one of the world's most ethnically diverse cultures. it's the end of school for thirteen year old monica college in frankfurt germany. his grandparents escape from rocco in the one nine hundred seventy s. joining the launch of the white german society his mother grew up in. and she's seen things change and we have a time where everything was perfect you know we don't feel like that we have. met
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down there i'd like since my son was why there's a after five here then i feel like something's happened the politics not just problems are at least partly down to a massive demographic change statistics show that the overall population of young people in germany has fallen by two million in the past decade of so you cannot make a situation also of population. increase so. not to have as much children those we need increasingly wealthy germans see raising children whilst holding down jobs as a waste of time and money the only parts of the population that are growing immigrant communities the changes in culture and ethnicity leaving some germans feeling threatened but the islamic leaders forty years law make model of society that is very different from the democratic german money we find that islam prevents
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people from properly integrating into germany for instance if we see ten year old girls being sent to school because we can already put it it's available light. too late say immigrant communities arguing about immigration now is outdated and may even border on racism here we're still have a discussion about the his that being now we are like the middle age. and with a serious labor shortage looming experts say germany needs all the workers it can get to a solution for demographic problems we need people see on the. islamic people these teenagers from poor immigrant backgrounds are being welcomed into a new education program called start which. helps them with money and support towards the final school exams we believe. is right there now there's my family
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was discriminated against it was a very difficult time for me now without wanting so much about money i can focus on my studies and graduate from school. the demographic future of germany's difficult to predict but if programs like this work they could help germany accept these students as part of its multi ethnic feature the changes in germany's population and the debate surrounding them will take many years to play out but life goes on and by the time these teenagers have children of their own it seems likely the face of society here could look rather different tom watson r.t. mines germany. turning to libya where and forces claim they'll crush remaining resistance from the colonel supporters in the next few days but their progress in taking three besieged cities is slow with the ground often switching head several times throughout the course of a day loyalist forces are dug in deep in said to be using civilians as human
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shields meanwhile libya's new ruling body the national transitional council is having trouble forming a new cabinet because of disagreements among members of r.t. him self has been on the run for a month now his whereabouts are known nato is still bombing the colonel supporters under the pretext of protecting civilians but there are some analysts who think the west may be gunning for its own profit. it's very hard to believe that they are getting involved militarily out of the in some of their hearts but of course as we've seen lately there was a paris conference held where very business interests were discussed and the whole purpose of that meeting was of course to make the military adventure worthwhile and to discuss business opportunities involving the rebuilding rebuilding of libya with energy companies and telecom firms and. construction companies from britain and from very good position to get their lucrative business you know.
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the national transitional council has made it clear that it wants to reward the countries who could lead role in backing of the rebellion but we also have seen resistance from jihad movements who have called for the members of the national transitional council to resign and who are making it abundantly clear that they are determined not to lead the west countries. for more stories news and videos you can always check out our team here's what's a click away right now lethal cocktail pilot error and bad weather investigators found traces of alcohol in one of the crew members of the plane that crashed in northwestern russia in june. while in the u.s. a study finds car crash deaths of all drug abuse deaths rides find out more about that at r.t. dot com. take a look now at some other stories making headlines across the globe activists in
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yemen say security forces have killed more than fifty people in the past two days during clashes with anti-government protesters across the country in the capital sanaa snipers opened fire from rooftops shooting pedestrians and looting those were filming the violence crackdown follows the country's vice president reports that the country's vice president could sign an initiative arranging the transfer of power something protesters have been calling for for months. a policy that bad open homosexuality among servicemen in the u.s. military has been repealed the law known as don't ask don't tell was introduced in one thousand nine hundred three during the clinton administration according to it gay people were allowed to serve in the armed forces only as long as they kept their sexual orientation is private the gay community has held its scrapping as a story day for equality. in mexico at least thirty. maids have broken out of three different jails in the state of veracruz it happened almost simultaneously one
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prisoners armed with knives overpowered guards and forced them to open the gates officials say so far fourteen of the fugitives have been recaptured security at mexican prison is notoriously weak with guards often intimidated or bribed by drug gangs operating both in and out of the jails the region is seen a sharp rise in violence after a major drug cartel moved its operations there from a neighboring state. and the region court has ruled that confessed mass killer anders breivik must remain in pretrial detention for two months and spend half that time in solitary confinement it means police can continue to hold it in custody until november fourteenth when a new detention hearing can be held brave it has confessed to the bombing in downtown oslo when the shooting massacre at a youth camp in july but deny criminal responsibility he said the massacre was quote necessary to save norway and europe from muslims and multiculturalism seventy seven people died in the attacks to day's headlines coming your way in a few minutes first though the business news with yulia.
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thanks man hello and welcome to business say thanks for joining us moscow in tehran have agreed to join to develop the world's largest untouched as in club deposit in central iran it will be run by russia technologically and the biggest private bank of a run a b s i analysts estimate the project to be worth up to one point two billion dollars however its implementation could be harmed that as the iranian bank is subject to u.s. actions. russian ruble continues to retreat against the main currencies that's after meeting its lowest annual level against the us down on monday the central bank says the value of a free floating through bull will be decided by the market. but it is very early. so there is no god in the church a. large amount of domestic. some of your don't.
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have that he could put you to the border which. let's have a look at the markets all prices the mix this hour after seeing heavy losses on monday escalating fears over the eurozone debt crisis going to need to stoke and sun's over demand light sweet is currently trading at around eighty six dollars per barrel while brant is one hundred nine dollars per barrel. asian stocks are mostly low as a downgrade zero interest credit rating exacerbated and growing concerns about a use over into ad words companies with relatively high exposure to europe are among the main retreat as in tokyo with seventy and down around four percent and financial stocks are under pressure in hong kong with industrial and commercial bank of china almost one percent of the red. european markets opened on a positive note after seeing significant losses on monday however they're still under pressure after that standard and poor's downgrade of a truly worries over greece's state of economy also remain in focus it's. the
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russian markets are also up the r.t.s. is gaining points percent while device x. is up one point one percent so. let's have a look at the index movers on the minus six right now is better because on the rise on speculation it might increase the amount of shares to be converted into to pull the treat receipts the electricity sector is also in the positive territory even russia is continuing gains up to its reported and almost sixty percent increase in that profit for the first half of the gifts and taxis among the game is the retail sector the company's first health profit has jumped more than its salt as it significantly extended its network. russia may be seeing a bit of profit taking this week but michael stuff that's great here believes the high oil price will continue to make commodities stocks look promising. given the very high level of certainty out there a word by using our clients to take advantage of the fact that the world price
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remains stubbornly high and also noting that the ruble has weakened a lot we like the world stocks which benefit from the high oil price in one hand and also the impact of the favorable impact of the weaker ruble another stock that merits attention right now given investors' desire to shelter themselves from the commodity price volatility is a company called o g t four this is a power generation company which is trading at attractive valuations it has low cash flow volatility and yesterday the company released a very favorable first top financial results showing a five percentage point improvement in the profitability of the big dollar bill and also very strong top line growth. russian retail sales for all these have seen their highs john briley sales rose around eight percent say consumption is recovering faster and higher household projecting power the russian government hopes the corner will accelerate in the second half of the get after slowing in the first six months. of the russian government has agreed to come three and
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a whole billion dollars into russian railways over the next three days forty percent of that money will be injected by the end of next year the company will invest the money in construction projects for the sochi winter olympics and general modernization. high consumer confidence and cheaper lowe's have given a boost to cars sales in russia swedish auto maker of all though says it's heading for long stable growth in the market with sales up to seventy three percent this year. i'm expecting growth in the automotive market around the twenty percent mark and i'd expect us to be grown slightly ahead not significant we had probably twenty five to thirty percent ahead for next year it's more a year of consolidation for us two thousand and twelve with at least in russia no major model launches but i think you know we're building on some very successful launch of a sixty very successful launch two years ago of x c sixty. and that's the business news the south and north star as you can always log on to our website that's out.
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when the far away line. where human life is ruled by nature. the distant past of planet earth is scarcely preserved by the poor. animals lie hidden in the deep permafrost. and for those who deal with them restored
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times are still not over. this was a city. of about one hundred ninety thousand people and we had eighty thousand people working for general motors. or a job that depended on general motors. general motors if it's not relations you it might be your neighbor or somebody you knew so it's kind of a family run business you know myself i'm third generation my father was working there and you have a lot of two three and four generation families are there first let's understand it is that this is a man doesn't know what. it is a. man to work. i
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think for a long time this notion in america that bigger was better was simply an undisputed fact in the twenty first century smarter better general motors simply became too large for their own good and so many brands that they couldn't even keep up with they just basically became a dinosaur. more news today. these are the images. of canada.
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twelve thirty pm in moscow these iraqi headlines rome on the ropes the euro zone's third largest economy takes a hit as italy's credit rating goes down sparking fears and even even deeper financial crisis it's the latest of six years on countries to have taken their credit tumble to see it. israel calls for urgent peace talks with palestinians but plans mines on their border add of the palestinian bid for a seat at the un this friday that some worry could open a pandora's box. and multiculturalism under the microscope turkey's president visits berlin trying to break down a wall of issues facing immigrants in germany there is some german say they feel threatened by the ever growing wave of immigration. with only three days left before the palestinian.


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