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all. india. joins the who to. the gateway who took the brunt imperial truly to tell us the. socialist.
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road to the colonel was a photo retreat. global stock markets falter amid a loss of confidence in the u.s. economic recovery and growing euro zone debt brussels is concerned italy's economy is on the point of failing and far too large scale out its the worst international market plunge since the two thousand a. raising fears of a double dip recession. in my private conversation with the president of syria discussed the same ideas. need to be carried out if he fails to do that future awaits him president medvedev born syria's president will have a sorry fate if he doesn't implement reforms thirteen more people reportedly killed in a fresh wave of protests days after a fierce crackdown on the city of hama this comes amid estimates that more than a thousand people have been killed since the unrest started in march. ukraine's
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former prime minister yulia timoshenko detained for contempt of court infuriating her supporters outside the courthouse where she's on trial for abuse of power she's accused of bankrupting ukraine's economy with a russian gas deal but she maintains her innocence saying the trial is a political witch hunt maintains the agreement that ended the two thousand and nine european energy crisis was concluded legally and fairly. spotlight coming up next stay with us here on r.t. . wealthy british style it's a time to. market why not scandals. find out what's really happening to the global economy in cars a report on. hello
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again a welcome to fall into the show on r.t. i'm out with all that and today we'll talk about next to the tenth international aviation sprayed show just outside moscow this russian aviation show will house planes and truth all over the world business people are flocking to strike a multimillion dollar contract and visitors odd gathering to watch downlinked air performances russian head for amazed what else do the organizers have to. give the director of the nats having a nation show blood in their body said they had these russian industry department you wouldn't see this on. the international education space shuttle or max was launched in russia just two decades ago but has managed to gain weight very
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quickly financial experts note the deals done at the russian and shell is not yet as big as the world's oldest the paris and show. but unlike its french counterpart max is growing rapidly which gives businessman reason for optimism the last max so deals worth over ten billion dollars and this year organizers surely want to beat it. is nice to see you. know what place does next occupy among other international shows and how is it different from them. well i believe that it's not quite appropriate to assess this event in terms of places you know i don't mean whether it's number one or second best it cetera what i mean is what makes max special because every air show has something special about it. yes that's rising above all the major international and shows that take place in paris long done russia china has
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something that makes them different. max definitely reigns among the top five world and shows. makes it different from all the other shows is probably that we have the most interesting and spectacular flying demonstrations. this is the air show is taking place in russia outside moscow and naturally everybody is expecting to see some new russian aircraft anything new this year it will i prefer not to reveal the surprises we have prepared for our visitors but. what you have to write. for the first time will display the fifth generation fighter jet that thought. that we take pride in the jihad as it's our main achievement in the military aircraft manufacturing industry in the past two years but now the second project type is ready and we are happy to present the jet to the visitors.
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so this is perhaps the most anticipated model russian aircraft some. generally speaking air show will be different from the previous max air shows because we'll have many heavy and super savvy aircraft on display. for example we expect to see an eighty three eighty airliner at our show. for the first time correct the air show will also display. and two twenty five aircraft in the heaviest aircraft in the world. the only super heavy transportation the american c. five galaxy will also be displayed on the ground as well as a number of other aircraft which boggle the mind not only by deer's technical solutions but also by their design with question. for aerobatic teams meeting it with. actually fun of you are they going
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to demonstrate the fifth generation fighter jets you've mentioned or not yet. mr beach you know there are no aerobatic teams for this generation fighter jets as yet naturally we hope to see it in the future but currently unfortunately russian flood groups are flying the jets that have been tested and used for about. fifteen or even twenty years you can be as you twenty seven want to be as you thirty and the me twenty nine. the need reliable jets for the kind of things they do yes. for and pilots are going to be there. well vis here we won't be able to treat our visitors to an aerobatic show. of hands and for a typical order which has been so popular with the russian public no one else. will
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have foreign pilots flying the us air fifteen eagle and the french are a father and the telly and c twenty seven cargo plane. some one of. the latter is a unique cargo plane that p. forms aerobatics. from the show planes aerobatics. business and contract. planning to sign any contracts at this year's air show if you do not mind disclosing this information of course. yes there are some contracts that we would live to keep yourselves for now. we wanted to be a surprise to everyone but you also speaking in general if we think the business part of the year shows are really important it is an integral part of any exhibition. business activity to go up in the run up to maps as well as during near
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show itself this could. tell other meetings involving aircraft manufacturers and affectional as from a related fields there will be many business forums and conferences during maps where a wide range of issues related to airplanes helicopters and chance and so forth will be discussed and thought this was a contracts it was in my opinion the most important deal among those i'm free to mention now least expected contract between united aircraft corporation and united ancient corporation these are two russian companies that plan to sign enamel you on their purchase so if new p.t. fourteen agents for the new m s twenty one aircraft but they cheat isn't innovative and highly important project it is because it will provide the contracts for the enchants that will be produced in twenty fourth scene and twenty fourteen and installed on the planes that will be needed in twenty sixteen and twenty seven seen but yet many parameters will become clear their characteristics their products and
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there is delivery terms this makes it much easier for the corporation to launch these products on the market this year as they did with this you know i have been following news from the recent air show in paris you tell me he's i may be wrong i get an impression that the business is dying out in the united states and europe. we end the allies that turned on the asian markets soon more than half of all flights worldwide would be departing from or landing in china. what is it true that the asian market is developing so fast and is so robust as to attract all the aircraft. the factories the airlines and so forth. as far as airlines are concerned my colleagues from the transportation ministry could give you more information on the issue of chile new logistic crude some the world air traffic map and some forecasts for the twenty twenty twenty thirty s.
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early indicators dead to share of asia especially southeast asia and chinese grown . and nearly increasing or actually skyrocketing but i think there were two tendencies that are developing simultaneously but they are not directly related to each other on the one hand the number of flights to and from e. she's on the rise on the other hand what you said about the atmosphere at the paris air show unfortunately i wasn't there but i think i know what you're talking about because new ambitious players are ranter a new aircraft manufacturing market and there are new projects made good in the end to do gian of eighty s and boeing the new players from canada brazil china japan and of course russia reaching for those market segments that were traditionally be demain did y'all pully in the choice each player has us brawls and cones. chances for success and problems but they certainly
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pose a threat to those who used to dominate the market but these things are not discussed today or shows. next we'll have a section dedicated to young people and their experience in aircraft technology would you please tell us more about this exposition what will be there in display and generally does the fact that you have such an exposition i mean there is no lack of young professionals in your industry. so you know it's not of course it does. max is a big event and we don't limit our program to business meetings and conferences but it is also important too to us. instill patra tism in our young people. we have had this section for a number of years. five years or more. there is a section for college students and another one for children. in the college student section and we offer an opportunity for all the universities
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related to our industry to display their projects. their innovative technologies and so forth. in the children's section we announce the winners of our long contest in. the best projects are displayed and mr putin traditionally visits this pavilion and receives presents at so it's a kind of a tradition you know. last year we had a jump there and i think we will do it again this year. the idea is to bring together university graduates and potential employers i hope it works with. managed to produce something real value for manufacturing i mean something apart from presents for mr putin we wish. let me answer this question he said. the
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truly does not matter what they display at the point is that they should be creative. the main purpose of this action is to demonstrate the creative potential we have in our college students. and it is really not that important whether their work will be used in the future as part of some serious research course at the core remain just an academic project. spotlight will be back shortly right after a break. so they'll go and say look. it used to be an ideal place for a holiday but the phone changed in
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a moment. thanks the winds of war are still visible. the public is not only relieved but also shaping the future explain. the berlin. to lose. six. six. six.
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plans to close a team was in the cooler than reaching the farm in a flock from all over the world caught a few centimeters to their self-confidence. this time archie goes to the on the region code for the gold rush still gets people like ducks or an ancient tribe fights to save its culture. for cranes are protected in the first official nature reserve. to the original. push to close up on the arctic. welcome back to spotlight just
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a rumor and my guests on the show today are. director of the international aviation and space show and the director of the industry department. mr bruce are another item on the agenda of the next two thousand eleven airshow is a conference on the trends in prospects for aviation in russia. what are your expectations of this conference do you hope to get more subsidies from the government maybe. this conference will provide a platform for an in-depth discussion of the new government program for the aviation industry. has been working on this document for the past eighteen months we hope to finalize our work in time for a max present terry conclusions at this conference. and we hope that the comments. constructive feedback will receive at this conference will help us to finalize the
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program it is a fundamental document for the aviation industry that is up for then x. fifteen years. then was presented to the government this spring right with what we presented in spring was just a concept which outlined the main ideas of the program currently we are working on the final text of the program. what are the objectives of this program we want russia to regain its spot among the world's top three nations in the aviation industry it's mainly to revive regional and traffic and those for the primary objective involves several seconds or objectives so one of which is to revive local air traffic which was well developed in soviet times but with time. decline and we need to recover in this segment. i am going to try and ferried out some secrets all right. there have been numerous reports in the media saying russia
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is working on a super fast helicopter and they will develop the speed of four hundred kilometers per hour is this helicopter ready to be showcasing it at the air show i would actually refer you to mr ceasar here with his question as he is much better informed of all sorts of secrets while we do as organizers is provide a venue where they came and the veil of a secret exactly that's what i mean. are you going to unveil its actually i mean really russian helicopters have always been very popular are we going to see any breakthrough helicopter technologies this time. yes there will be some very interesting exhibits i druther keep it secret for now and instead invite all viewers to visit max and see it all for themselves thanks but it will be a fascinating show in addition to airplanes there will be a helicopter session provided by. there will be new models and some interesting exhibits but i'll keep the secret for now. they have
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a question for you. and one of your recent interviews you said we would like to learn from brazil to model the use to support their aircraft manufacturing industry or indeed brazil started from scratch very good progress in just a few years i think their manufacturing what five hundred planes a year so what is this president model and why have you picked it over say this model which actually works well airplanes ranks among the best in the world this is true of course we're willing to incorporate the best practices but we think that the brazilian model is very interesting and a special efficient at their start up phase and that's where we are now with the maturity of our projects we're starting off excuse me for interrupting i just want to ask if we know it started. face that and presumably means nothing if what we had before has actually survived and we have to build everything from scratch again fortunately some things have been preserved it is probably not a start up but a follow up if we talk about the industry on the whole you're right i was talking
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about specific projects for instance there is the am i eight helicopter which has been fine for forty years now but still accounts for a major share of our sales in the sale so this helicopter has been growing year in year out it will both in terms of numbers and in terms of revenues or which we are eternally grateful to it's just that you know but on the other hand there is the am a store new one plane that we have high hopes for it is currently at the design stage and we expect it to be ready by two thousand and fifteen i'm talking here about the new aircraft that are only entering the market like a super or a but a n one forty eight and other airplanes and helicopters to put these aircraft have in a good financial package is of crucial importance in your lines no longer purchased aircraft alone they purchased a service a product that's why the products cost and quality are most important in this sense the brazil and system has been very helpful for us it has enabled us to shape the relations between the state in the industry in such a way that the government has taken it upon itself to finance expensive aviation projects as well as provide the lowest possible interest rates unfortunately proud
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banks in russia still maintain high interest rates so we cannot take commercial loans with a terminal for ten to fifteen years and run profitable projects if we arrange government support of the industry quoting to the brazilian system providing for minimal interest rates is that your business plan can accommodate that would generally ensure the kind of competitive performance that we're aiming at if that is what the brazilian system is all about the names. of that in there has mentioned the superjet casing of this year because there was a yes we will it's not going to be the first time it goes in display or are you going to show any new features it was that you thought you would know. so there are no new features. we demonstrated all the new features of the previous max show your million and others i mean you see this year's show will be out tenth and this year's moto is our max but always a premiere for the premier there were two super jet was the premier last year and
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had this max show as europe has said it will unveil the fifth generation fighter jet but this doesn't mean that all of the aircraft will be brand new actually our shows also feature aircraft that were designed and constructed ten or twenty years ago and what matters is that we present them as a product for the market is why did the designers and manufacturers look forward to meeting their prospective customers if you try potential customers that attend max they're not only foreigners are they yes there are both russians and foreigners so how much do you reach out to promote the superjet domestically because this is a big issue every time a plane crashes and i'm sorry to mention this but it just can't be ignored like this most recent crash of the t.v. one thirty four everybody starts seeing you can't fly these planes any longer they're barely outdated there are new planes but nobody buys them is that the case . well indeed this failure to market new aircraft is an issue for government policy
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is to address it to play it at this point russia's banking system and project financing mechanism and not efficient enough to meet the needs of consumers that is russian airlines we hope what yuri was talking about is happens at the end of the day talking about max itself as it is an opportunity for a businessman to meet and talk business programs are flight program and even the static exhibition offer a lot of opportunities for face to face dialogue customers can come and take a close look at those aircraft touch them and try them out and so on. through the superjet is in demand. from the point of view of russia's domestic market released who should do to offer new aircraft carrier lines on financial terms. that would allow them to replace old aircraft was new once the new aircraft should be marketed primarily in russia be able to their immediate for the domestic market and one for to use designed to land on turf airstrips such as those most airports in russia
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have especially in the north and in the forest region our primary goal is to promote russian made planes on the russian market as yuri mentioned the am one forty eight airplane a new model the a n one fifty eight will be rolled out of the upcoming next show this is another new model we have says when you're poor it's repeated to mention upcoming projects in the twenty twenty jet because you can tell us about this project what kind of aircraft are we talking about is it really going to be a breakthrough. would have to you what is this project all about. what is the breakthrough that someone at this point the twenty twenty jet is purely concept project we cannot even define its basic characteristics. don't even know whether it will fly horizontally or vertically yes so whether it will be a passenger or
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a cargo ship it's one of the one of the if then you can still see twenty twenty chad is a craft that will help us take up ten percent of the global market which is what our strategy calls for things are you looking for an issue yes we're looking for a product that would help us bring our share up to ten percent we're looking for two things on the one hand we're looking for in each on the other hand we're reviewing our current are and. determine the area where we have a good chance of achieving a real breakthrough because nobody has to kemah tenser the market unless you have a breakthrough product so a combination of our marketing research in r. and d. efforts will eventually define what this twenty twentieth's had to look like. my final question is for both of you both in. your best to promote right. industry on a global scale. today twenty years after the disintegration of the soviet union and the decline in collapse of the russian aircraft manufacturing industry we see we're not really far behind global industry leaders are we beginning to catch up with
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companies such as boeing and airbus. and say we have started this process which is a big step in itself. we haven't entered the race that's right i would even say you we have jumped on to the last car leaving train but we were not left standing on the platform so this is good it could have been much worse but i didn't see the lawyers you could be building things instead of aircraft in the someone who rides but we're getting new aircraft. we managed to retain some of our protection and as yuri said we are at the start obstacle or a follow up station sure we're not safe to start up a minute the process is underway and we hold that united aircraft corporation will be successful within the nishi dr pies. yes we have a chance thank you thank you very much both of you for being with us and just a reminder that my guest today would have led the director are they actually show
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and unity director of. the department that's a foot out from politics here if you want to have your sales spotlight to have someone who aren't who you think i should interview next time please drop me a line and held it up at. our in here and let's keep our clients interactive back with more first time comments on what's going on in and outside russia and stay on our team and take it. this is a table from the u.s. embassy in colombo to talk about here an apparent june seventh incident of extrajudicial executions the military reported to the press that on that day the
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old nine to release him from that the best edition by instructs you own could have you know and they're going to do strongly suggest however that the nine were executed by the army and then dressed in military fatigues. explain how you know this kind of phenomenon where bodies are dressed up as guerrillas and presented as killed in action and this and this idea that you need to produce these actually encouraged paramilitary collaboration this is a cia document central intelligence agency they knew about these activities they knew they were happening they knew about links to paramilitary groups and yet. u.s. aid continued to flow.


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