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tv   [untitled]    August 5, 2011 7:30pm-8:00pm EDT

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crew goes skydiving with jake so if we survive we'll see him next week please check out adam vs the man dot com or go on guess and topics and find me on facebook and twitter as always you can get me at adam at adverse is the man dot com this is an option d.c. i've been. if used to be an ideal place for a holiday or good old change in the moments. the wounds of war are still visible. the republic is not only relieved but also shaping the future. wealthy british.
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. ancient greeks and romans built that towns here they live so it by side with local tribes two thousand five hundred years ago. and the app has principalities tempest in the eighth century later became known as the app has condemned. the modern day republic of up cuz it covers an area over by ninety thousand square kilometers the cause is south is situated on the eastern coast of the black sea. the greater cooks is mountain range towers in the republic snow. it is a land where some tropics the lakes adjoining the place yes. come
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on let's go locals remember all too well the tragic events in the kazi is more than the history. of eighteen years have passed since then these little girls but i can talk about it without my lips trembling and throwing hearts i can talk about that. i'm cuz here is returning to normal and again becoming a tourist cop for the black sea region. if travelling by sea and old lighthouse points the way to kasi is capital so whom.
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they keep a finds it difficult to open the massive tools it is at least one hundred fifty years old. and then climbs the leading to the lamp. and yes three this is part of a long stairwell made in the nineteenth century. it was built together with his lighthouse in eight hundred sixty one feet. it's beautiful to see where they don't make anything like it nowadays. the light house is one hundred feet high it's a powerful noise can be seen thirty kilometers away. assume lighthouse has french origin in the russian empire as navy placed an order
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for its construction with the company that was at the same time drawing up a blueprint for the eiffel tower. at that time there was an oil lamp here. at their dinner it was quite an advanced lighting fixture fire the standards of the day. but compared to modern one thousand walked lamps it was three or four times a week or it's like me. with a permitting turkey's black sea coast can be seen on the horizon and the lamp has gone out only twice in the history of the lighthouse turkish troops took it away as one of the spoils of war occupying up close and eighteen seventy seven it was put out for the second time after the abkhazian georgian war and the early nine hundred ninety s. . the
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deal that broke out in m. cars here in one thousand nine hundred two last if it is because you have the status of an autonomous region at the time and supreme invoked his constitutional right to self-determination of that georgian troops ended up here under the pretext of protecting a railway they were driven out in the course of severe fighting. some thoughts about because they were liberated in one thousand nine hundred three the georgian troops retained the op a category gould's one of our strategic regions. following george's attack on south a set here in two thousand and eight the abkhaz military carried out a special operation in the could dorie region with the russian support georgian forces would driven out of the republic's entire territory russia and several other
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countries have since recognized a concious independence. the turbulence could dorie river this is the entire length of the goldfish this place was part of the silk road now is the way leading straight to abkhazians capital so whom from the greater cooks is mountain range. the road clings to the gorge down below that as a chasm with a mountain stream carrying its clear waters. whenever the rocks step aside the i can see rooftops in the valleys this is the abkhazian region of spain and many local people left their homes during the conflict in georgia now they are coming back.
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the could was a favorite tourist attraction before the war but it's seen few travelers in the past two decades now visitors can once again have more of a picturesque landscape a mountain lakes of fools and the unique flora. but if the. tourists who used to come to. when it was still a soviet republic were ellen travellers. they knew every mountain and. tourists coming in now because this is the peaceful place again. the books would forest is one of the most revered places an all about because as well as in the could.
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the stream running through the narrow creates a special microclimate. the grooves of most covered trees look like they've been sprinkled with emeralds. the village as i'm talking sits near the fairy tale scenery. each morning about the ships go about their household chores. they have cows and lenny goats every day husband and wife italian makes. a traditional abkhazian cheese a secret to this produce is in the fermentation. make. cheese making begins with a fundamental process. they will use the x.
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tracks from the stomach of a car. space is how we do it. the foot quickly brings occurred in the vats to the right temperature once it's thoroughly needed a cheese can be served today look at people like the patchy chefs and again plan for the future vitali is going to set up a tourist camp in the courtyard of his house he will treat the guests to homemade cheese and take them on guided toulon's. cheese is a form of income for us it's like our national currency. that people always need to eat and cheese is always in demand here so the. i. there is a three hour drive from the farm to some people in the ad cause cops will say the
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city has taken on a different look in the past several years ruined homes and hotels have been restored. the waterfront has been so being transformed it's a traditional rallying point for tourists and locals alike and it has a known history. i can't release his wife being a merchant ships came here from greece and other places yes there is evidence and just in there was a marketplace here in the first century b.c. and you just get on their actions from nearly the entire black sea coast brought their groups here. just a stand up a kin often visit main pier. the paintings are inspired by the city and the sea it sits upon. what do you this see is being in now in
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a bowl part of this land. don't come here just to have a good time in green where we got the sea and this land as part of all sounds. one of the stand his paintings commemorates her friends from fought in the war but never returned. her father is still missing but a standard hopes is a life. of causes ecology minister. teaches at sickroom state university. today he tells his students that up cars here can boast vast reserves of pure water due to its glace years and rivers so if we conserve water in the upper reaches of our rivers the republic will have the most valuable resource for many years to come
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all of mankind needs this resource nowadays the value of a liter of ecologically plain water exceeds the cost of a later of oil but only if. tree in something is a cool collision illinois stands in the downtown area it is more than three hundred years old in the early nineteenth century a botanical garden was laid out around it it is one of the most beautiful areas in the city. this is one of the oldest the temple gardens in the world which it currently features over five thousand plants from every continent. this place is a veritable treasure trove of plots exotic flora such as the japanese. of
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adapting to conditions in the cause of these groups of the black sea coast at the beginning of the last century scientists was surprised to see them bearing fruit kochi to palms bamboo and olive trees only search be found in the botanical garden but most of the botanists pride themselves on the sago palm. him here in the garden you can find plants which are one hundred two hundred twenty years old and they are thought to be some of the oldest on earth the history goes back to the college that is to say they're related to the tree for. today the park is still being restored to its former glory and soon it will once again open for the public to enjoy.
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please. the movie and phone ministry is situated on the black sea coast twenty kilometers from sukumar it was founded in eight hundred seventy five by monks who were right in that cause here from greece soon after that the close to became a leading religious sense out in the caucuses the ministry stands on an elevation surviving defensive force of cations of the end a copy a fortress around a nearby hill and a copy is the name of the capital of the ancient because kingdom of. just of wars broke out here i various times georgians general ways romans turks and persians
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invaded this place but the mountains protected the local people we associate ourselves with the mountain with rather than with people related to the city. when . the emic appear fulcher stands on a mountain top beneath the mountain speedy ologists have discovered a vast cabin and it attracts numerous tourists a tour of the cave begins with the tourists boarding an electric train locals jokingly refer to it as the abkhaz metro i there is some room that let's get in. the know the i phone cave is one of the world's largest its volume is about one million cubic metres tourists get to experience or inspiring beauty of this on the ground kingdom of god lead them through several grottos of the many who enter this cave have another motive other than just the poor of this mysterious world people
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suffering from asthma or allergies come hits a breathe in the medicinal effects of it's humid as every do you doctor new knowledge in gas here i'm going to take you on a fascination tour own on to ground chambers if and only off on. stage. tourists form a line as they go from one holds when the other to the sound of trickling streams small bridges and narrow passages run along the style of tights and stuff like modes crafted by nature. water dripping from above has taken centuries to form these intricate limestone columns. that mind your feet please it's slippery here. in the largest hole of the lobby and foam there is enough space for three football
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pitches. but one of the most spectacular sights is a wall to form calcite rock. it's large drops dripped down from a height of two meters would never reach the cave spokeswoman. a winding road of relic plants looks between the rocks of the reefs and national park the park is under the special protection of a cause it covers a total of forty thousand hectares many of the plants are unique in that they can only be found in this region. they each patch of land and here is unique because it is inhabited by rare plants and animals.
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the road goes uphill only way to the much celebrated pride of the republic lake rita it was forms of chewed of nine hundred fifty meters above sea level following a rock slide reach that is described as a remarkable natural creation and the most attractive site on the black sea shore of the caucasus. always a. lake or it was born as a result of an ancient earthquake. that's how it was filmed. in stances about one hundred thirteen meters good enough if the lake is the jewel of the entire caucasus as well as at highs here is the question of civil cover. it's a cause he has nature reserves a constantly expanding another national park is being laid out in the dori gold it will be adjacent to the wreaths a park a relic of plants nature reserves will gradually cover almost one third of the
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republic's territory. stallion's country house still stands on one of the scenic banks of lake greets a soviet leaders were fond of vacationing here they often invited leaders of foreign communist parties to visit them the former state country house stands tool age old trees today it is a tourist site. a trip is found tucked away in the foothills of a mountain and up cause a decision waited on the banks of them achieved the river which boasts clean water and a strong current in the old days monks fishtail they lived in a monastery high in the mountains hidden away from will be affected as legend has it that in the nine hundred thirty s. then soviet leader joseph stalin went fishing in the river. to catch
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was so full that he ordered the trout to be built here. today there are some three hundred thousand rainbow trout in the farms palms. all. all of what i catch i thought so much of this female is five years alt. if the spawn in school of frayne will try out we get baby trout from them. the trout farm is situated on the banks of a unique river. it is filled with water gushing from a giant subterranean spring and it is thought to be europe's largest spring of this current.
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the village of drips stretches across the foothills several kilometers from the black sea shore it's called the heart of our cars yeah the backyard of nearly every house here has a distinctly as a look a backyard is one of the keys symbols of the traditional way of life in abkhazia each backyard is supposed to have a cabin made of rhododendron. it is in fact a kitchen where all family members gather over meals. her idea. of. the fireplace is in the center of the cabin a far as can lawn the clay funnel with a cauldron that hangs over it on a chain this is filled with memory leader a name given in some black sea countries to corn flour porridge that's when i think
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i might as well put a lead on the it for a while but that's not really necessary. here people leave long lives because the oh it's natural food cooked over fire. i know that's moldavian so make my mother go to eva i'm puzzling which normally gets called ugly stuff. i also know that italians call it polish and. this is on the mug. abkhaz always try to make sure the fire in their cabins is constantly lit it is both a symbol of affection in the home and the place with food is cooked the. front. looked around the globe hello hello hello great to see here. the the guests always welcome in our cars homes at any time of the
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day the salt of the earth the gentleman let us celebrate may god give us health pace understanding how pianist love and joy to all our nations to all our presidents. a stand up a key in the after just is going to pains in your picture she poses a building that was shelled during the war members of parliament used to meet in session here whenever asked on the recordings the app has georgian conflict she's always reminded of her father on post human to wait here in the night and never came back. and there were also people a transient remember eighteen years have passed. and
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i don't know how much time will pass before i can talk about it without my lips trembling and throwing hearts. i still condes bring myself to do it. the sukhumi lighthouse has witnessed many events during its long history. it still serves as a beacon for the growing number of foreign ships arriving at up calls his main hall but. they captains know full well that it is been sending signals over the abkhaz waters of the black sea for more than a century each. dish that would wish to return to smirch and ships were quick to turn up here. no doubt they had information telling them about
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the location of the lighthouse and the harbor. there were used during storms the light horse always filled its vital role with great precision. the lighthouse keeper has yet to repair the pockmarks in the tower left by bullets from the abkhaz georgian conflict. on the same token abkhazia will take some time to rid itself of all traces of war. meanwhile life in the republic is clearly returning to normal.
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