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unity for peace to allow the solution of the refugee problem of the problem unfortunately this process is facing grave difficult the president the president ruler of israel and his coalition do not want to give up the west bank and. not really. under any pressure to do so neither internal or external pressure and that is what really makes it difficult the parameters of the solution are there better excepted by the international community there accepted by the roadmap they accepted by the arabs and the muslims as well that once you have two states side by side with the share jerusalem ultra becomes the capital of the two states and an overall peace a arrangement fifty seven arab and muslim countries will recognize israel and will normalize the relations with israel but the present government of israel is not interested this is really the problem now why isn't this pressure forthcoming part
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of it has to do with the the history of the jewish people i mean israel in the final analysis has. tried to resolve an issue with the jews in europe in particular and in germany in specific where. persecuted and in fact a genocide take place during world war two against them and therefore it is very difficult to put pressure on people who all the time refer to that genocide that happened with the buckles of those who did that genocide. europeans and not palestinians are not arabs and we were willing to share in the solution but not on account of the palestinian people their dignity their rights the determination of this very difficult really to do to see what israel can get
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away with but the other occupier. there is a strategic relationship between the united states and israel and that's thirty ticklish unship there has only very rarely been used to put some pressure to get the israelis to warm the people on the peace table and we have a very interesting say that said some people need to be chained to be taken to paradise and to me peace is paradise for israel it's a palestinians and you need sometimes to put pressure to get the israelis on board back in two thousand and five he made a very interesting remark saying that george w. bush was driven by a base mission from god to give these rallies their security to give the palestinians their state and to give the middle east peace what do you think drives . his successor is really
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a very interesting man he started with very positive ideas. the got the biggest. talked about being delivered from god but at least they were delivered from his principles and from his conscience but as president of the united states who have lost the midterm elections. became very difficult to keep our cause as a priority in his policy program. then i cannot make problems in the united states financial problems environmental problems and now reelection. in a year and a half unfortunately the promises of mr obama which include stopping all settlement activities producing an independent palestinian state before september of two thousand and eleven have not come true so far and that's why we have to continue
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trying. maybe if he's reelected like mr clinton before him he would have a little bit more influence and time and effort to give our cause the priority it deserves a year out in your current compact capacity and representing the thought a movement and. you know better than i did that your political rivals hamas us still is still plotting to destroy israel if any peace settlement is inside do you think they will change that that position idea have any levers to make them change their position on this issue we have any observer who. watched observed clearly what mr bush on the leader of hamas has said in the meeting in which we signed the reconciliation agreement the man has really mentioned the word israel six times in his speech he talked about an independent police estate on the
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west bank and gaza and not. on the what today is israel. never talked at all about destroying. state of israel he could be talked about continuing to commit to a cease fire and none violent. period and since he signed that agreement not one bullet was fired across the gaza border. he also entrusted president bob as with continuing negotiations whenever he receives. assurances that this is the go she should produce a process i think how mass is remarkably committed itself to a change in position as far as i understand the palestinian authority is still hoping to go ahead with this united nations vote on the recognition of the palestinian state in september i still hoping to get those one hundred thirty votes that you initially sat here sides on absolutely we have one hundred and sixteen
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countries who have. recognized independent palestinian state committed themselves to help us become members of the united nations and one of them of course is russia and. i believe that. adding another twenty to this one hundred sixteen is not difficult we don't really need the mathematical two thirds because the united nations the two thirds is counting out of those present and voting never in the past had we more than three or four countries voting against usually the united states israel micronesia. the marshall islands both against us which means that the two thirds have always been assured but our drive for more countries is a drive for legitimacy for international support that ziggy were to a going to do and you mentioned that many governments are finding themselves in
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a very difficult economic situation and the palestinian authority is definitely not an exception i know that facing a major budget deficit and the. because of that the palestinian authority i had to see. the payments of government service men by half i believe what do you agree that one of the reasons why you are finding yourself in such a dire economic situation is because. the european union and some of the arab countries are less committed nowadays to supporting palestine it canonically the european union have not reduced its contributions by one penny on the contrary their opinion has really been extremely committed to our support our brothers are committed but you know with the arab spring and the changes going on in the arab world. sometimes these payments belated unfortunately.
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we are the base the deficit basically in donations comes from the arab world the serious threat is if israel decides not to pay back our taxes which it collects especially the customs duties and the v.a. to tax now they did in fact for fifteen days about a month ago and they did for six months ten years ago but. we need and we get international support for israel not to believe the. above it and our local revenue was our growing from tax collections the problem for gaza for example is the siege that israel imposes and gaza which made gaza a dependent part of all countries that the choir's constant support because of the export everything and the means of production are limited by the siege imposed by
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israel so that again contributes to our problem so most of our problems are caused by the occupation and not really just by our supporters becoming less interested in supporting us thank you very much for. first. second the explosives are used to blast to beat in the there's a. certain the remains are removed by machinery. finally. is deposited in valleys she.
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leaves on a. movie . it's. an ox. if. the fallout on the. wealthy british scientist scientists time to.
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market why not the first to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike's cause or for a no holds global financial headlines kinds or reports. breaking
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news here on r t rescuers reach a pleasure boat which sank in a matter of minutes in the volga river. to start one hundred people are feared dead divers report seeing many bodies trapped inside. distraught relatives and friends have gathered desperate for information about their loved ones traumatic accounts aren't given by survivors of reported many children being trapped inside the city or say. any theories are being investigated both went down the such terrible consequences of overcrowding outdated equipment or the recklessness of crude considered. of course more details on our top story in around fifteen minutes time now the sports news in the trash.
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i'll come here watching this worth of data on r t coming up in the program call by a qualifier for the copilot rekha playoffs off the beach in bolivia while lauzon see the miles costa rica's to secure the second spot in that group. ferarri deny red bull in the british grand prix allowing for nandrolone so to claim he is and the team's best with all the season at silverstone. and some major changes in the tour de france titles but i feel it takes the yellow jersey from tarbush a loss and ali example of in our core of withdrawals with a broken side. formula one and fernando alonso claimed for our is first to win all of the season the british grand prix at silverstone while both main contenders red bull and mclaren made costly mistakes on pit stops raining champions of awesome details start of the day in second seize top spot right from the off however the
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german lost the position to a long so when both cars went in for a pit stop on the twenty seventh that will not go on malfunction in the red bull garage allowing the spanish two time champing to take control jenson buttons mcclaren mechanics then forgot to put the will not all melted together of course to two thousand and nine when he retired from the race so alone so fast to the checkered flag while the tel got the better of paul say the answer may mark where both second spot russia's vitale patrol finished well after starting from fourteen . i knew that we were so very soon to become to put the car on the track always. be in off the truck any moment because the grass was very very wet with no mistakes when you go because you know there is too far for the big . now there's been another incident back to the fronts plenty
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of riders crashing and burning on stage nine with lewis their own son just ducking danger to take the days on as local favorite to almost vertical and sunshine this battle that's how both during this stage and in the overall standings coming in second on the day but hey accumulates is enough why instance a q.b. yellow jersey for all-star who should sanchez moving into second overall sunday says are another frenchman on the podium on sunday more losers than winners on the day though we've lost a lot of it examine the war of words the overall in two thousand and three falls to pull out after breaking his thought i well one until audio french and join he who go collided after being hit by c.v. monday's the first day before say stan takes the field on a relatively short ride further down south. america football our way through into the playoffs off debating believing the last group
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a fixture both goals came from brother moll full of coward in the first tough because i've been strike of registering his first in the fifteen minutes when he broke the all side trip to hit the nets. then on twenty eight minutes the leaders where ruled the death penalty for a foul in the box. with no mistake from the spot ensuring his side we're going to nail and make the playoffs. in the meantime pair ruki preparing for the final group c. fixture against chile both teams have full points after two games but only a victory will guarantee qualification europe while one point behind and in case of beating mexico the also progress piru coach k. on knows he has to defeat one of the best teams so far in these tournaments. taking the first two rounds of matches into account i think chile is this side that
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has played the best football but that's not news to me i know they have a great players because they gave an excellent performance in the last world council because the coach they have at the moment is not into that so we know that chile will be very hard. and more football in his favor our presence a lot has sent a stern warning to paschal rule breakers following a series of match fixing scandals worldwide but the seventy five year old swiss said they saw no foul play in the mexican sation clearing five players accused of doping. these people directly and we could suspend them for life all those involved whether their players trainers officials or referees to concerning the recent mexico scandal we have for you for a completely agree with the decisions taken by the mexican football federation it's definitely a case of food contamination this issue is a great wake up call for everybody the. meanwhile tile and football fans are set to witness one of the english games greatest ever poachers up close this season robbie
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fowler unveiled song united player on sunday form a livable and england striker moving from a stunning club more a lot of the fourth highest scoring the english premier league is regarded as the most heralded signing entire football history the thirty six year old will earn some seven hundred thousand dollars for half a year's work well that's why it's eleven season restarts later this month. to a narrow champions. i think over the. teams of the one. now in golf steve stricker is showing amazing consistency at the page a john deere classic when he has that consecutive event in silvis illinois he led from overnight have had a good start to the final round before dropping down on the back nice trick of falling behind me following two buggies on the fifteenth and sixteenth however that
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american rediscovered his pool and trailing stanley by one of the last hole he lined up a twenty five foot birdie putt to secure the title stanley stayed second but only five for the open championship. a bit of us latics now and the suffolk powell won the men's one hundred meters at the ninth diamond league meeting of the. jamaican sprinter failed to bait his own season leading title nine points seventy eight seconds but sunday's nine point nine one was more than enough to win the gold this fouls a seventy first on the sound second carrier result nesta cause it came second with michael freighter finishing in said. and that brings us to mixed martial arts and the fight night still in a moment which saw the trials of two russians witnessed by the grand mosque steven segal robot of the now reports. brothers in arms leo
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together these two are the pride of precious mixed martial arts the procedures done for me the world. will go on with some. basic point night with new joan just lying. the first money to the reef. but somebody jenkins of the roof needed to defend. the eurasian groom it gives him a big amount of from. the best but somebody special if they shift the story for him this week let's. get the action voiced by one of the really most famous martial artists stevens to go. a mother made the tour and could boast a longer reach but that didn't help him against the rules the judge's son line for very strong wrestler quick to demonstrate his stand up skills. a model of just about surviving the first round which was completely dominated by the russian. the
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second source of continue the demotion joe and finally take the fight to the ground which remains the sport's it. a few seconds of ground and blown by forcing the exhausted the mother to give up the fight. bumping concentrating on fine shooting my standup skills race and take action to plan for this fight was to spend the first round of my faith avoid ground fighting to save energy kick punch and see what happens and it worked by about improving my standup skills. then to the biggest fight of the night and then they like championship title wrestle the black tiger misled one of the most promising russians in the week less. than twenty but he will never be defeat coming out the first fight against most annoyed going to heart of the two thousand and nine single to chant them single to being
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the new franchise to one of the most prestigious and the macomb positions right the fight had a huge build up with experts considering the japanese one of the toughest opponents will ever have to face high over the black tiger who claimed of his victories by way of knockout crudely showed his appetite. early in the first round there's a for rocking the visitor with a perfect right which was followed by an immediate take down the enemy classic. and how eager to skate which he did but not for long years this perfect storm continuing this to respond giving his rival little chance. listen to minutes into the flight the judge stopping the bidding in the car and not sure where he was at the stage. there is that adding another stunning victory to his fullest record of nine wins out of nine professional bouts.
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well under siege star himself see go down there as well. in my pre-fight interviews i always emphasize that i would try to finish it as soon as possible i didn't want to take you to a decision i want to knock out and set the record straight of the forest i'd like to have a lot of credit to boss to hosack oh it was been my sparring partner in the. middle of i've never seen russell so focused so concentrated is a type of fighter who has been in the ring and sometimes does extravagant things but tonight he was all about the job at hand and this is the outcome that's why he was in and out so quickly. another fight night is over just meaning it's time to prepare for the next flight which will come on november the fifth he was hoping the fly was born for night putting on party must feel.
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that was the sport coming up after shall break as the lot of us stay with us. hungry for the full story we've got it first hand the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers on r t.
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they faced this is not a provocation but a warning of. a full of shit and you should see stephanie what you showed us a pretty picture it speaks of they have no idea about the hardships to face. plate one it's the says it is open to new things for any army the life of a usaf is the most precious thing in the world. is of self-sacrifice and heroism with those who understand it fully but you have to live a. real life stories from world war two. to three thousand nine hundred forty five dollars r.t.
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dot com. breaking news here on r t one hundred people are feared dead after a pleasure boat sank in a matter of minutes in the volga river republic of tatarstan divers have now reached the ship. distraught relatives and friends are desperate for information about their loved ones survivors give traumatic accounts of what happened. witnesses report children trapped inside the sinking ship join us from the scene of the rescue operation in just a moment. overcrowding outdated equipment all the recklessness of the crew all theories are being investigated to find out why the boat went down in such terrible consequences.
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you're watching r.t. live from moscow well straight to our top story now one hundred people are missing feared dead after a pleasure boat sank on the volga river russia's republic of tatarstan eighty people have so far been rescued eight including a child have been confirmed dead the search has been continuing throughout the night and is still ongoing but artie's is monitoring the rescue efforts and joins us now live tom have rescuers managed to find anyone else alive. so far carey the hunt is still ongoing for any possible survivors the count the emergencies ministry has set up behind me next to the volga on a small beach here small boats keep coming to and from this site and they're part of a larger search effort this is screening the area where the garia river pleasure cruise sank to try and find any people still in the water that looks looking increase.
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only unlikely now or scattered on some of the small islands around where the boat sank we heard from one of their spokesman earlier about what they found when they reached the scene of the sunken pleasure cruiser. knocked on the boat's hole and waited for an answer but unfortunately there was nothing in the flashlights into the cargo hold so the restrooms in this still bodies there for. those efforts to try and find survivors will go on for many hours yet. an extremely traumatic time for the relatives. absolutely kerry the scene that unfolded yesterday was one of a quiet sunday afternoon river cruise along the volga many many people do this is very popular among tourists in the summer to travel along the volga in pleasure cruise is because on the upstream.


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