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tv   [untitled]    July 6, 2011 11:00am-11:30am EDT

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as in japan approves a second disaster recovery project devastated communities call out for more psychological support and fears grow over radiation levels in the area around fukushima. shining a light on the web of international terror russia publishes a declassified list of people and groups it says are financing extremists in the north caucasus. and the euro's woes take a turn for the worse as portugal's debt gets downgraded to junk status with context reading over where it was all. a diplomatic and just stuck between russia and france moscow reportedly hits out of the french arms dropped to libyan rebels
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saying it was a violation of the un resolution on the conflict you tell us on that just ahead from. here in business plus an equity markets have closed or have lost ground closing in the red with banking and he starts under pressure putting in more figures on the global markets performance in just twenty minutes time. a very warm welcome thing and this is r.t. live from moscow i know recent share almost four months since the massive earthquake and tsunami tore through japan's northeast the daunting task of rebuilding homes and lives continues efforts have been posted by the passing of a second emergency budget of almost twenty five billion dollars but as well as a financial assistance traumatized survivors are also in desperate need of
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emotional support starting to transform misreports. as the waves crash against the damage to sea wall on the japanese coast low in tears working tirelessly to clean up the debris and bring some sense of normalcy back to the area. and i want to tell people we need more help more supplies and things are still here. beyond the physical destruction of there is a distressing psychological factor as well as city if you want he is right on the edge of a twenty kilometer exclusion zone for radiation contamination and fact in a recent study by japan's nuclear safety commission forty five percent of one thousand children tested in the walking into neighboring cities have tested positive for thyroid radiation exposure a figure that has parents appalled at the government has researched the criteria for safety and are not concerned with the consequences their reaction is to help the governments they face but they don't actually take care of the damage and the
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people here first there was the earthquake then the devastating away which rushed in and destroyed this part of the coastal city of it walking also there are the nuclear radiation waves that are coming into this area as well the volunteers that are coming in for rebuilding this city certainly have their work cut out for them but just like the city itself the people who live here the community they need to have their spirits rebuilt as well but. again in an effort to keep the community emotionally strong organizers have brought this acting troupe in from tokyo they say their goal is to provide something it beyond simple intertainment. we have a certain japanese pride and in his destructive situation i would like to bring good things and present a spirit of japan and japanese pride by bringing people together and making people smile through that shared community experience there is a sense of hope that the city of milwaukee can indeed recover convenience store
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because they get close. to you see clients come. and with an understanding that there is still much more work that needs to be done and people here are working to keep their community together. i just want them to stay where they want. and if i can be helpful that i keep doing it. rebuilding the city one step at a time any walky city to ten sean thomas for cheap. well in the wake of the crisis that from pushing out of japan is going to stress test each of its nuclear power plants to determine how well the reactors could further withstand a natural disaster movies or surrendered a sure thing people the facilities are safe but he spoke to the director general of the world of nuclear association and blames the media for stirring up public panic in japan is a preview of what's to come next now. we've just seen twenty four thousand japanese
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citizens killed by an earthquake and a tsunami. we've seen the media have a frenzy in covering the accident at fukushima which has not made it had not been very responsible for a single radiation fatality i think it was a tragedy in terms of the world's understanding of the essential safety of nuclear power i also think however that it might also be educational in the long term because people are going to focus on and as they begin to begin to focus even more clearly on the ultimate consequence of the fukushima they will learn that there was relatively little damage done. by our five minutes past the hour here in moscow without seeing the russian government has published a list of all individuals and organizations proven to be sponsoring terrorism also includes international interviews involved in funding extremism their names taken from a u.n. blacklist our north caucuses correspondent with no question about his details on
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this. list of individuals and companies suspect it's all things wolf meant in financing of terrorism was published in this government own newspaper this morning now this document was a previously confidential but now part of it is that open to public now companies that are present in this list are located in the do. countries and basically across the globe there are companies that are based in egypt in afghanistan in somalia and even in germany and the united states in terms of individuals they also come from a significant range of countries from the countries of the middle east from african countries from germany the united states and from russia russian citizens primarily come out from the republics of the volatile region of russia's north caucasus from ciccio and from and i guess there are also some well known names in this list some well known groups like the muslim brotherhood al qaida and russia's most wanted
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terrorist model you know this document shows that some kind of a nod or a cow has been created that connects countries with each other and that the problem of terrorism has become an international issue now several years ago the world thought. is that our present here in this region as of chechen rebels because of the situation has changed whether russia's most wanted man don't want of being present on the list of the world's most wanted terrorists and it really is this document shows how the system works and thoughts of the problem are for a turn is far from being solved and is an international problem. being a part of a right there a lot more still to come of the program here and also you know including something weapons or selling out germany or italy planning to export two hundred times to saudi arabia it's about human rights concerns and is condemned by opposition politicians as give me. more so what's behind it romania's wish to
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unite with neighboring moldova to reports from both countries where tensions are running high. people rights from russia and france reportedly clashed over nato is handling of the libyan crisis at a meeting of the un security council held behind closed doors it's believed that moscow criticised the french decision to deliver weapons to you could be rebels or atrocious as was a violation of the un resolution if you're going off now reports on white washing has taken such a strong stance. the french foreign minister is saying that there is no more need to airdrop weapons to the rebels in libya seeing that they are now organized enough to establish ties with foreign partners and get the needed weaponry themselves and this statement came after another announcement by peers that it has been dropping all arms to be only be an opposition saying that this is the only way we think to prevent civilian deaths while russia strongly few sleep criticizes this saying that
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this is a direct violation of the u.n. no fly zone resolution because its original point was it to protect civilians and not supplied weapons it's not the first time that the north wales own resolution which initially gave the green light for the entire military operation in libya that this is becoming a source of contention between the members of the security council because first of all the operation has been going on for over four months and civilians are still being killed not only in the fighting between got our police forces and the rebels but during airstrikes and got out the supporters see that scores of civilians have already been killed because of the strikes including some members of got at least family including children also several western powers center trainers to help organize so the rebels there's now this talking about supplying arms to the rebels
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france directly says that is that it's already done this is germany is thinking about that as well so russia is a fusion of criticizing all of this saying that this was not the point all for the north fly zone resolution because its point was to stop the violence and not to take force in this conflict and also perhaps france is the only country at the back the moment it was confirmed that it supplying weapons to. supplied weapons to the rebels but just on tuesday got a few swartz's were able to capture a lot of weapons which apparently was heading to the rebels from croats or and was produced in belgium so all of this is creating. conflicts all of the members of the un security council in fact what's happening in libya is already affecting the un security council's policies on syria because the russia says it
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will veto any similar resolution on syria after what's happened with the resolution . so he's a good reporting right now it's ten minutes past the hour here in australia with nazi germany is reportedly selling the two hundred tanks to saudi arabia talk of a deal has caused outrage among germany's opposition politicians who claim the government will be breaking its own rules earlier i spoke to francisco brown german member of the european parliament who says that saudi arabia isn't a country that poland should do something weapons to. stephanie not a country doubtful feel sick right here at the own german export rules it certainly doesn't meet the e.u. code of conduct announce exports so we think that it's actually should be to stop the export of before it got its blessing was checked with the americans who are also gave sort of the ok on it i think of course it's also this idea of a stabilizing factor in the region but i think it's completely misled we have seen
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what can happen to regimes and we don't think this is the right moment to send such a signal politically but also to send really the arms that you remember. for relations with israel looking at the wider region here and what effect could the deal have on israel's security. you know probably most likely from the israeli current government position it's even the civilising factor but you never know also how to reach and will continue to develop saudi arabia isn't the best friend of iran and iran isn't a friend of these. also my enemies enemy is my friend that my pigeon logic but i say again as i said we should not be misled to avoid the current developments and also the credibility of germany and the european union in the region because i think that's a very important point not only towards israel but also you know the pilots union and the entire region of who do we support and how. to take the ball when it comes to human rights. what are coming your way in just a few minutes here net gains. what may be seen as
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a convenience in the lot being utilized by indian fishermen revolutionizing their business and turning them into entrepreneurs and businessmen in their communities we report on what it takes to turn a traditional trade into our enterprise. europe's ongoing struggle to save the euro has been dealt yet another blow as portugal has had its debt downgraded to junk status. credit rating agency behind the move says a default is likely unless the country is given another bailout and you have a list of question the logic of settling struggling economies with more speculation grows over whether the e.u. is ready to come to portugal to rescue yet again under direction the e.u. and the i.m.f. are taking in solving this crisis may well lead to severe consequences that's according to douglas carswell an m.p. from a british conservative party. i think it would be immensely food dish to have another bailout because what we're doing with each so-called bailout is adding to the
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amount of debt owed by countries who are already bankrupt if we really want to fix this problem instead of adding to the debts of portugal greece and other countries what we should be doing is three things we should be devaluing the currency is that means leaving the euro we should be allowing them to default on debt restructuring if you prefer that time and we should be forcing them to downsize their expensive public sectors by so-called bailing out greece we're not helping greek people. what we're doing is we're transferring that debt burden onto the shoulders of european taxpayers it's an outrageous scam and i think it will mean that you know my children and my children's children will have vastly higher tax bills it's not right it's not good for us in western europe it's not good for greece it's not good for portugal but argument is that we should continue to pay this money to the i.m.f. but i happen to think the i.m.f. is not doing what it has historically done so well it's actually in fact it is an
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organization that is that is run with the wrong approach it's a little bit like putting the arsonists in charge of the fire department we'll continue to see hard pressed western european taxpayers are all rather not asked but required without consent to foot the bill for the folly of the political class in pursuit of a grand year's vision of monetary union it's outrageous and it's not fair incidentally it's also going to consign us to the economic slow lane for many years to come if it's continues. and we've plenty more pictures of your interest surrounding the bailout so our web site r.t. dot com including dramatic footage of one of our correspondents are being caught up in the violent showdown between protesters and police and continuing to report through clouds of tear gas. also online how to find the secret to a terminal life we've got all the advice you need if you want to live forever all that and much much more artsy fartsy.
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mobile mobile phone actually has become an integral part of everyday modern day life but what's seen as a fun new gadget in some countries has proven enough to revolutionize their lives and livelihoods of many people most well he's a pro. shrewder now reports on the indian fishermen who are costing the next generation of work for their catch. more than kumar revs up his engine for a day of fishing off the coast of carolina the southernmost state in india with a little bit of i studied in school until the seventh grade but then i had to leave school because we were not economically well off so i had to help my dad with fishing kamar is one of thousands of fishermen in the state who wake up at one
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o'clock in the morning to earn a living for decades fishermen like kumar rely on luck and prayers to find a good catch but all that has changed since the introduction of the mobile phone in the state more than ten years ago but. if the fish is not available where we go fishing fisherman in other parts of the sea call us and tell us where we might be able to find a good catch then we go to that particular place. in addition because of the new ease of communication kumar is able to find out how much demand is that is local market and the prices that buyers are offering in order to determine where to sell his fish today he is making double the amount of money he was making before he started using a mobile phone he now owns his own boat and says he is able to send his three daughters to college india has about the growing mobile phone market in the world and the most growth is happening in rural areas what may be seen as a convenience in the west is being utilized by indian fishermen revolutionizing
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their business and turning them into entrepreneurs and business men in their communities most of these fishermen have been doing this work for generations and never imagined they'd become so tech savvy they had watched their fathers and grandfathers come home from sea several times with no fish at all but today that never happens you know about a little bit ago there's a lot of difference between the times when we used to go fishing with stick boats and now when we go fishing with engine but after the arrival of the phone it's become easier for us as studies show that mobile phones aren't just empowering the fisherman in the community more competition means better prices for consumers on average they fallen by four percent it's a new quality of life for the people of this community who never dreamed that they would escape poverty it was most fishermen their illiterates but we want to give a proper education to our children and that is possible because of the earning we get from the fishing business there's no doubts that mobile phones have helped.
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providing new opportunities by advancing their tradition with technology preassure either r t carola india. you with r.t. live from the heart of moscow twenty minutes past the hour let's check out some other stories making headlines around the world now and a united nations investigation has condemned mazen for lunch on the israeli eleven on border security guards killed seven posted. eleven others during a march which saw a crowd storming the border they were shot as they scaled the fence during an anniversary rally which remembers the palestinian people displaced by the creation of israel as well as i get to comment on the us of course. these amazing pictures right here from the united states show a wall of dust fifty miles wide caused chaos off the descending on parts of phoenix and arizona the dense cloud dramatically reduced visibility grabbled flights at major airports and left many homes without electricity stretched thousands of feet
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into the air and was spread by strong winds. activists in romania say they want unification with neighboring it mulled over by next year they say the two countries should be together again as they have been at various points in their history but it's not to use a look see the reports there are mixed feelings about the plans with many in moldova remaining bitterly opposed. from photo exhibitions. in both bucharest and krishna now since two thousand and nine some movements in romania have been complaining to win back what they see as their land. since april it's been impossible to miss colorful stickers like that in towns and cities across romania bessarabia is romania they say believing that the land which is now the sovereign state of republic of moldova must again be under bucharest control and indeed it was until the nineteenth century which saw it pass hand several times with the collapse of the u.s.s.r.
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moldova declared independence becoming a member of the united nations because of europe and the world trade organization now when alliance of more than thirty n.g.o.s in romania say these achievements will be sacrificed in the name of reunification by the unification i mean. of the romanians from the two states from romania republic of moldova one speak because for the. fact we are separated unjustly and we want to leave this historical bucharest official line is that reunification of the two nations can only happen if the post soviet state becomes an e.u. member but politicians in moldova have expressed concerns that president a cesspool would not wait for that eventuality and will instead at some point in the future expand his country's borders to absorb moldova the remaining president. a couple more group. within twenty five years from. integrate.
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here under the. european integration for many of its actions is actually discrediting because the european integration because for most of the people of european integration is definitely not integration with. analysts in the moldova and capital say. the last few years have served as a clear proof of this intention. after the change of power in two thousand and nine loads of remaining media outlets would be at the moldable those include several major t.v. stations and two dozen newspapers we believe the main mission is the room an isolation of the deconstruction of the mold overnight and the. next year which marks two hundred years since bucharest last for the first time the action twenty two of movement is planning a massive information offensive population action twenty twelve says it is not
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founded nor officially supported by bucharest and that their mission is peaceful form the people of the need to restore the greater romania if the majority of people from romania and from the republic of moldova decide that. they want to reunification this is a. possible. if that's the case then it's hard to imagine any reunification in been your future especially with up to forty percent of romanians agreeing they'd love to have bessarabia back but almost two thirds of moldova's population wants to remain sober and. let's see russia see reporting from book arrest in romania and republic of moldova. that's your career she's here with. us. hello welcome to business thanks for joining us our currency wars are not over the driver to find
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a way out seems to be fading brazil's finance minister says he's ready for extra steps to stem the damaging rise of the reality according to give and take big big economies have failed to agree on guidelines to manage their currencies meanwhile mahler's lover from the x. capital says russia has no reason to to try. russia seems to be in a better position than some of the other developing nations there's no forget it these emerging economies have been emerging economies only last few years or so. russia's been around a lot longer although russia has a huge trade balance inflation is not really a major issue in russia and it does have a more developed economy so if there is a currency war between brothers into developed economies and emerging markets economies i don't think the russian will be dragons' with suitors as the place. to look at the markets precious metals are catching their breath after tuesday's rally to problems in the u.s. and europe are feeding investor demand for
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a stay at gold prices added over thirty dollars and i'll start tuesday biggest one day game in eight months and the stronger dollar and higher interest rates in china are pulling oil low or high rates may slow economic growth and demand for oil u.s. energy department is to release a report thursday that could show that grew stockpiles to the half million pounds last week. now let's take a look at u.s. stocks of their trading in the red with investors considering china's latest interest rate hike also affecting stocks as movies downgrading portugal stats late on tuesday european stocks are down for the same reason portugal downgrade and china's rate hike puts is losing half a percent of the dax is down a quarter of a soft banking stocks are putting pressure on london with broadly sending over four percent and the world bank of scotland down over three percent and russian equity markets closed in the red with banking and energy stocks under pressure let's have a look at some individual shareholders album isaacs energy majors among the main
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losers gazprom is down one percent and banking as stocks are also under pressure would be to be losing nearly two percent and bucking the trend is gold it's up over four percent supported by stronger precious metals. from forty dollars says the recent upward. i don't much care is now like a teacher. the warm sun of very hard to be i feel that the market wants to see some correction of the recent three days carol and probably will for listen people this isn't be performed extremely well in last two or three days ago in both our personnel so i think the markets will simply need some break before going further up again. for the first time a russian company is holding an i.p.o. in poland the country's largest grain producer valen or will face forty percent of its equity at around forty dollars a share the price is significantly lower than initially expected values the company right around six hundred million dollars alan or spanned the i.p.o.
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proceeds on the other. and was a lot of make a gas group is continuing to put the financial crisis behind it it's increased sales twenty five percent year on year in the first five months of two thousand and eleven the results have kept pace with the growth of a group saw in two thousand and ten where it will try to profit boosting this news is gas is agreement to the thermal folks white house and it's. a gas c.e.o. role ever some says this is just a short term solution. we have a short term need to find the products for our work because personally corvus of the initially no no it's filled up. so i can focus for us now is really to improve our own products because that's what we have. so it's a new world civilians new bosses a new approach and if we can help someone else we will do it but doesn't fix the problem commercial vehicles that's where our focus is. we would take it from there
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. and that's our update for this hour but don't forget you can always log on to our website. slash business and more stories thanks so much.
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