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tv   [untitled]    June 11, 2011 3:00am-3:30am PDT

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massive anti-nuclear protest in the japanese capital marks three months since the deadly earthquake crippled the fukushima nuclear power plant there still no end in sight to the country's radioactive crisis. activists tried to draw media attention to a secretive meeting of some of the world's most influential figures demanding the builder group be offered up to public scrutiny. the next winter games host thrust city of sochi is getting a major facelift to make sure its infrastructure and sports facilities are fit for paralympic athletes and spectators with disabilities.
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from our headquarters in central moscow you're watching r t with me and he said no way it's two pm here in the russian capital seven pm in tokyo japan and it's exactly three months since the devastating earthquake and tsunami hit the country causing widespread destruction and leaving some fifteen thousand people dead the nuclear crisis that followed shows no sign of abating as radiation continues to leak forcing tens of thousands of evacuees into crowded shelters our correspondent sean thomas is in tokyo where anger over the situation is spilling onto the streets . of course it is for three months after they got a standing earthquake and tsunami which are right to japan and devastated the fukushima region of course creating the nuclear disaster at the tepco daiichi power plant where we now know that three reactors have melted down and possibly melted throughout today is
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a very interesting day on. tepco headquarters in central tokyo thousands of people have gathered so much in support of nuclear power believe it or not and thousands more who are walking the streets in organized protests carrying signs and banners and shouting out slogans through loudspeakers against nuclear power saying that there needs to be alternative sources of energy of all this of course and for the tepco headquarters the company responsible for the daiichi power plant and one of the reasons why this is important is that within the past week new information has come out saying that tepco at the initial phases of the disaster lied about the amount of radiation that was coming in and tried to downplay the situation saying that the radiation levels were not as bad as there could possibly be a meltdown then of course this past week it was revealed that they cut those numbers off in a half in fact and the amounts of the radiation was much much larger also coming to light is that the nuclear fuel not only melted down but possibly melted through the
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inner containment vessels and into the outer seamlessly aligning which is a much much more serious problem one thing that people are worried about is the amount of radioactive water that is in the area this is the beginning of the rainy season and people are worried that with even more rain that radioactive water will then spill out in the flood in the area causing work examination also people are very angry about the children their schools which are contaminated as well right now kids are exposed to higher levels of radiation that ever happened in the past and they have to stay inside in sealed buildings without the ability to play outside it's also very hot and possible to get. angry but i suspect one person from the prime minister sharon has actually oversight saying that he will not subject his entrées investigation is a compromise this is even assertion which runs reference to the exact themselves to be higher levels of radiation of course our goal was an r.t. cruise to go into the super she was on and we're going to go in with some cleanup crews in see how that process is going right now but from tokyo sean thomas artsy.
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here is our tease still ahead this hour hackers are seen as heroes like criminals. they can see. everything they are they are our. approach all the security systems we have people in the big apple how they feel about cyber attacks becoming more and more frequent. but when our close our team on a journey to one of the most beautiful locations in russia's cops is in the serious meaning of the day. but first some members of the u.s. congress have reportedly received a letter from colonel gadhafi saying he is ready to negotiate a cease fire their senses city of the letter has not been confirmed meanwhile nato airstrikes continue to rock tripoli it comes as gadhafi is daughter filed a lawsuit against the french president nicolas sarkozy and nato for intentionally killing four members of her family in
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a military strike earlier an unnamed alliance official claimed that the alliance now considers colonel gadhafi a legitimate target but nato has long insisted that regime change is not an objective of the military operation ever more to speak more about that we're going now by mark aman whose modern history professor at the university of oxford thanks for being with us first off back in april gadhafi wrote a similar letter to president obama is this reported second letter to congress a sign of total desperation here. not necessarily pressure calm nature but he also has a new or strongest resolution was critical. and there is a vision in washington i have in the west in general inside nature. in this reported manner gadhafi says he's ready for ceasefire talks if it's authentic do you think
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the u.s. will actually go for that. it's very different. paul the u.s. and its major allies britain and france to accept any kind of ceasefire will come gadhafi because they have repeatedly said that any settlement only although he is leaving office and even car on the other hand we have signs that in fact there are fact channels between gadhafi and the rebels some of the rebel leaders who were in discussions with the later leaders last week have said that they also talked with about his silence or sort of have a problem but nato is in charge of the problem of the politics on the ground in libya of entry with libyans who are not necessarily the nato leaders would like so you don't think the congress would go for something like that even if it would stop the blood sat. mr rahman can you hear me well this. looks he's trying to really play
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a public relations are here say who are the people who are going to have a cease fire i believe because he's pushing in a sense trying to put the onus on you know outburst of nato leaders and we. are a little country that will be a pressure was greater on that as this bombing campaign. should be more more and more more money in the small since public opinion in countries like britain for final means are supportive of this campaign and i think for leaders expects but also of course a leader someone who will be over if you can. have if that is daughter has filed war crimes charges against nato and france for killing her family members of president arafat like do you think we'll ever see nicolas sarkozy per se held accountable for something like that. it's highly improbable pretty volatile or a big problem has been that western leaders have called for an end to impunity supporting international justice all governments all not really to some rule but we
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have seen from. the complete willingness of the western leaders check the souls all the officials to investigation let alone forces or correction so i think anybody who gets a crash course or we're going to report merchant registration. for his years on trial. in which we're going to have a profit or so i spoke to nato chief and on thursday and he said that the alliance is not targeting individuals at the same time we get reports of civilian casualties every week also when this began it was a missile to protect civilians and now we have a high ranking official from nato saying that exactly is in fact over to target he also told us on thursday that nato will not intervene in syria do you think we can believe what mr rasmussen tells us. there's a big problem if we do sometimes feel with her. very sorry we seem to have it on video from you for now mark almond live for most
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of your broadband from oxford thanks for that. well our web site r t v dot com we're asking you how you think libya's to be resolved so far more than sixty percent think nato should withdraw admitting that example has one fewer people fourteen percent say things should continue as they are in telecom the eventually got eleven percent think ground forces will resolve the situation any amount of you were suggesting to you when she said peacekeepers and split libya into the line let us know what you think at r t dr. shrouded in secrecy and invite only meeting of the world's political and financial elite is underway in switzerland the annual gathering of the builder group has attracted strong protests to numerous conspiracy theories argues laura m. it has been following the meeting. opposition to the build up or group meeting here
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in switzerland has brought together parties and special interest groups from across the spectrum of political beliefs and it's not just this west people have come from further afield germany austria the u.k. and even the u.s. to try to report on or just to objects in person so this group of powerful people meeting in secret we've also heard reports of alternative media journalists being threatened with deportation by police and other low level harassment among the processors switzerland's youngest member of parliament for the people's party he came up here to fight for transparency here's what he told me people have a right to know what's happening in the what's happening and. meeting people wants to know. who or what have they for plans for the future. i'm here for more transparency the agenda of the bills about remain secret until long after the meetings over bob build a birdwatchers make an educated guess about what's being discussed this year it's
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saving the euro build a bird invention deciding the new head of the international monetary fund to replace that infamous colleague dominique strauss kahn and of course the events of the arab spring which notable build about what she's accused the group of exacerbating into a bloody war to try and hike up the oil price veterans with politician domini benteke told me it's obscene that such things should be discussed here on neutral swiss soil and he's called on his government to arrests henry kissinger for war crimes for. doing now in libya and probably also ensuring iran i don't know if i can accept it as a neutral position right now connection church people just to support war in my country. freedom for. for. some accuse the builder berger's of
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masterminding the financial crisis and given the dire economic fates of the last to build a burke host countries greece and spain some fear for the future independence known e.u. member switzerland and we think that there is a danger because they are meeting in switzerland they want to get rid of the last stumbling block in this whole european union you know it's like an island which is in their way you know that we have to erect democracy that we are not in the union that we're not in the euro and maybe we are afraid that they're trying to destroy the pressure is mounting on the bills of both groups for the saturday as the swiss people's party the young socialists and other activists descend only resort towns to try and draw the world's attention to what they see as nefarious undemocratic meddling in the face of the world's institutions. archies laura emmett there will keep you updated on the building burke meeting on our twitter feed she tweets that
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so far as your crew is the only international news channel and it's fun for us as mainstream media seems to be ignoring the events of the last hour underscored to stay on top of developments at this building or group meeting. i determined wheelchair user making an accurate crossing from russian east to west has reached its final destination moscow examiner caution began his journey from glad you've all stuck in the middle of april since the braves around eleven thousand kilometers by hitchhiking with his electric powered wheelchair despite the hardships which included falling into a ditch alexander says he's happy to have made new friends while raising awareness about disability issues that's also the gold of the paralympic games to be held in twenty fourteen in sochi and it starts tuesday new school all ski reports the city have begun comparing the disabled athletes from around the world. is it
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easy for a man in a wheelchair to travel to sochi a tough question for the mayor and his aides as the city's preparing to host the two thousand and fourteen winter paralympics he asked russia's their olympic champion to inspect all cheese newly built airport. i actually like that this place is one of the few airports in russia that have lived a device that helps disabled person shooters to board the plane through the city however there are issues that require attention and i'm sure they'll be dealt with of. all newly built ice rink steady and keep this in sochi are equipped in accordance with strict paralympic standards but in the city itself with its aging infrastructure still a lot has to be done to comply sochi sidewalks shops and restaurants are also undergoing massive construction to comply with strict standards so that nowhere result and even though competition such as iceland hockey and alpine skiing will be held far from the city center thanks to the games sochi will be more accessible for
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people with disabilities living a lasting legacy for locals and visitors alike russia's paralympic squad topped the overall standings at the vancouver two thousand and ten winter games with thirty eight medals twelve gold silver and sixteen bronze was cope with russia's paralympic champion. as he was preparing for the three week training in sochi we. were proud that russia will be hosting the paralympics it's good and the games are being held at home here and it's a great responsibility we just can't lose. the first paralympic test events and all play in skiing and biathlon will be held as early as next year drawing unprecedented international attention to the small russian town so for most people here it's a chance to show their hospitality to the special guests creating a comfortable barrier free environment the first of its kind in russia and also a great opportunity to see the russian paralympic team in action. r t sochi.
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well all the stories we're covering are always available for you online at our team doc column exposed blogs mean video clips and expert analysis here's what they're for you here's what's there for you right now let's trade the move on some military national icons and then in moscow. was vandals smash luxury cars out of the car park in moscow using metal bars stones and homemade explosives the first it's in the capital all the details are. spanish police say they have arrested three suspected hackers believed to be part of an international network behind cyber attacks on corporate and government websites around the world sony playstation has allegedly phoned victim to one of
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their recent attacks that led to a personal data loss for millions of subscribers the resident so has taken to the streets of new york to ask the public about being potential victims of hackers. so many intend out even the f.b.i. it seems like no one is safe from hackers these days. heroes or villains this week let's talk about. speaking they are heroes because. everything they are they are from. the security systems so what if a robber a bank robber is technically. proficient enough to get into a bank does that make him a hero to. the police department goes into certain things and the government goes into certain things probably i would put that on the same level as i would someone who goes in and hacks into a site are not supposed to be on their harvest which are five think of it illogical
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. because we're just doing illegal activities. just a mix of romantic about hikers and it's done really open the lens to things that should be oh i don't have that much of a problem is that it's so subjective though why are we entrusting deaves essentially making that kind of a judgment call. these that's a strong word well they're going to take people's information for the good or bad well if you're if you're going in and you're taking a lot of credit card numbers and credit card accounts and doing that type of thing you're using that information again her private citizens and i don't think that's a good thing how do you ever had your personal information had i actually yeah you know and i felt. so violated and trying to control the information that's out it's just. it's an awful feeling oh i think it's going to
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get worse much worse because i have five daughters ranging from twenty three down to twelve years old and they're you know they don't think anything's ever going to happen to them and they're out there with all of it even though the warnings from parents they're the next generation so if you caught them putting stuff out there and you're like don't put it out there address is still phone numbers yeah whether you think hackers are villains or heroes the bottom line is if you have information in a database someplace consider yourself a potential target. it's coming up twenty minutes past the hour let's take a look at some world news in brief nominations are closing head of the international monetary fund the french finance minister christine lagarde looking to take the top top of her maid rivals the head of alcoholics anonymous actual bank contacts for the post now only the mexican bank governor augustine carstens and
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european domination of the i.m.f. if elected the guard will be the first woman to head the organization in a sixty five year history. at least forty people have been killed in massive floods sweeping central and southern china the disaster has also displaced tens of thousands destroying houses and infrastructure across the region among the stranded for tilden trapped in a school surrounded by water triggered by toronto rainfall the floods followed the worst drought china has seen in decades. time now for our russia close up series for this time the team travels to north korea. christian churches agricultural prosperity and a magnificent ancient acropolis known as the city of baghdad today we look into one of the most mysterious sites in southern russia the village of guards but it's not
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the locations dark legacy that drives the vocals way there's no question of when discovers. we continue our exploration of the north as such in a republic and this will visit a unique historical area the village of dar golfs or as the locals call it here this city of tad's the cemetery has almost one hundred asian stone quips where people that lived in this area bury their loved ones along with their belongings now this valley stretches for over sixteen kilometers and is the real open air museum for his thirty as they say this land helps them imagine life down here four hundred years ago meanwhile day to day life continues in this area alone sighs this images of the past now watch our report to find out more three hours drive through a dangerous snaking road in the mountains and chop troops but it's worth it there are a lot of different legends and myths around this area in the past locals try to avoid
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going to the city of dallas as they say anyone who dares to get in will never get out alive and even now there are hardly any tourists around this place which might be more to the difficulty of getting here rather than any death curse. in the times of the plague many people with no one left to brood them would come to the crypt and wait for their demands first mountain about the city of the giant deeds of the beginning of the fourteenth century the ancestors of the sangean central down on the five mountain ridges with the land was so expansive they were forced to choose the windiest and most unserviceable place to build a cemetery these d.c. area now provides a huge opportunity for archaeologists items found out the cemetery have been treated both professionals and local homages these days the surrounding area may
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once again be a lawyer with agriculture and competent but is being deserted. people in search of a different lifestyle. for a local ascension vasya this is a devastating fact he has built his own hydro power plants and provides him and his family with interesting but he doesn't know and will inherit his legs move a vehicle of the idea was born out of ten years ago and it took me several years to build it from scratch i used everything i could possibly find i call my invention a freeflow wheel but what i see now is that people are leaving half of our village left in less than ten years thanks john believes that the only thing that can reverse this situation is the creation of the necessary infrastructure new roads new jobs and new opportunities to stop people leaving young people may be attracted to the bright lights of the cities but the locals the they're leaving behind
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a truly unique story to flush out the land up north of here if they're rounded by mountains and health and while driving along with no one can certainly run into a church or if mall mark who are going into the theory bothered you were gay who left his tech real life to live hand says that this monastery the highest situated in russia connects the past and the present the church was only build some sixty years ago but it stands nieto word the dates back to the sixteenth century actually work during the if it is celebrations of a ten thousand people come here for local christians this place is unique maybe because of its location nobody knows after spending several hours hand it really feels like this mountainous area marries the past with thousands and if you listen hard enough you can almost hand the few fathers of such singing their songs by the fire they are gods and the republic of north the south has also kept the memories
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of the times when this place was famous for because struction office said. defensive towers and elder rooms of this buildings can still be seen on the slopes of the mountains that surround this area and the biggest remaining telework is over fifteen meters height now to talk more on the historical importance of this area for i'm now joined by a local residents to go thank you very much for joining us so that you now tell us why do locals still consider this place as a special area well the place is really spectacular and nearby this beautiful landscape here is the city of the dead steeple still value people still respected. many tombs in those tombs people during the home invasions of one family and every family had each own up to and what kind of interesting objects were found that you know all three were found just the summitry well i think the most
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interesting thing here is just so-called goats because in many cases the remains of dad were found in wooden blocks even in the biggest reverse it's impossible to sail here so right very palin that bodes it's no ways you know nobody knows it's a secret for everybody still all right thank you very much that was that even though it's you have a local resident meanwhile our team continues to bring you the latest picture of lloyd down here in russia's north caucasus in the republic of north to south korea . that wraps up our main news walk i'll be back with a recap of our top stories after a short break. twenty
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years ago it gained its first president. in the midst of colossal change.
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setting a new direction for a new country. saluting the state and russia today. come one stream cascading from mountain slopes the view is miss moon rising. this newly brings death at a speed of more than two hundred kilometers from. its step to the i'm a launch on our feet. hungry for the full story we've got it first hand the biggest issues get the human voice face to face with the news makers r.t. . two s m span children greet and one form or another socialism has spread the shadow of human regimentation over most of the nations of the earth and the shadow
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is an approaching a difference. in the early twenty first century military bases a network of military bases all around the forms of the empire that the united states is trying to build that's astonishing most americans have no idea there are more than a quarter of a million more than two hundred fifty thousand us troops stationed on these bases all around us. we don't have power bases of america we don't have any british base we don't have any korean base we don't have any french bases or you know we just all american bases in cross bases or five or the noises our north of those bomb to us at all because they're our bases but for other people it's almost like a cancer here for them speak. sixty into world war two the spaces have been.


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