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tv   [untitled]    May 28, 2011 3:30pm-4:00pm EDT

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once again flared up. these are the images and seeing from the streets of canada. showing up for a show to rule the day. good to have you with this is r.t. coming to live from the russian capital twenty four hours a day top stories this russia should have a stake in the missile shield in europe the bomber spells out his idea while visiting warsaw poland the stills that the hells called of the system that used to be a major area of discord between moscow and washington. is divided over not common knowledge is a rest and extradition on war crimes charges with many say it's a second finds to speed up joining the e.u. the former general was ruled fit to be handed over to the hague despite problems.
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and in georgia fells in the states in the capital streets against a rally against the government's violent crime and protests two days ago several people dead and the opposition says thousands remain in jails and hospitals all have simply disappeared. in egypt opens a border crossing with gaza partially ending the four year blockade of the palestinian territory human rights groups say it's a breakthrough in the humanitarian crisis for one of the hoff a million palestinians replaced constant food shortages and lack of medical treatment. well not for the moment with another summary for you in about thirty minutes from now meantime been a reeses a big problem it's a clone of me is a meltdown and it's self isolated regime has few places to go for help and the former leader explains to see how this night that is next week on.
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wealthy british style it's sometimes. hard. to. market. can find out what's really happening to the global economy for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines to cause a report on. how again a welcome to spotlight the interview show r.t. i will know of and today my guest on the program is the new sketch i've ridden the news yesterday that a man in minsk has bought thirty two refrigerators and brought the well the problem is the severe financial crisis and whether russia that's turning into no
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overall economic crisis at least it may turn into such a crisis prices are skyrocketing nobody knows what's going to happen tomorrow people are buying all they can for the country desperately needs cash injections from the outside can this economic situation influence the sell isolated political regime and me we'll be talking about it from the former leader of the country the first president of independent explains laugh chris cage. the currency crisis in minsk has pred panic among the population the people have been allowed to paint the us dollars and euros for title and tourist services to see it as a recognition of the defeat of the russian ruble in this situation present only solution for suddenly made a statement he could release political prisoners many analysts said he was trying to bargain financial aid from the west. but a day later to have missed the look of political rivals was sentenced to long prison terms the crackdown on the opposition leaders has made the aid from the
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i.m.f. virtually impossible when still can receive a one billion dollar trade from russia but can only do so if it sells most to some key state assets experts say massage and who's putting himself in a very shaky situation if he doesn't find a way to stabilize the feverish national economy he may lose the grip of the country has been ruling by the strong hand during the last seventeen years. there's been a good day mr square which. very much for coming to our show it's an honor to have you here today we will be discussing this situation valorous it is a dire situation that the russians are very concerned about. why is there is facing this crisis today some people certain media and kremlin sources say that the main reason for it was that. governments a lot of money into the bo russian economy in the run up to the elections you
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supported that theory no crees this crisis is our own illegitimate president's fault because surely put it the cash injections were his fault too you lied to russia europe it is in his own people on television and on the rear so it started quite some time ago a very long time ago. absolute power corrupts absolutely. such people don't care about democracy and elections any longer. and he's this way because obsessed with power that is the main reason but he's our ability to look presidential knees but i say illegitimate because he was never elected ritual and he lost to the latest election switch and you'll see a bit he completely subdued everyone you worked with you turning them into pompous is what the people of belarus have to suffer. i wanted to say bill russians but i'd rather go with the people of belarus to avoid is sounding like
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a nationalist says that well but nevertheless the outcome of the last year's presidential election in belarus is still may i'm old the major reason for the current devastating economic situation in the country there is this report from spotlight villain the demeanor. when he was running for his fourth consecutive term last year to question the spread nothing to ensure success one of his carrots was a suited percent increase in wages extravagance might have added to look at shanghai's popularity but it didn't help the country's economy which only went from bad to worse position never trusted beneficial results of the presidential vote the night they were announced thousands of people went down in the streets in minsk to protest location because real action disciplines of the rally were dispersed by the police more than six hundred protesters were arrested the master's dungeons of the
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valorous opposition during the election were harshly criticized the broad this by dead dozens of protesters accused of when i was in the rally i've been given reason sentences the e.u. and the us condemned the repressions and introduced sanctions against our rooms taken on the pressure combined with the shame because it struck against real action spending but eventually led to the financial crisis this week the bellers currency was devalued by more than a third eighteen into the pre-election wage increase ours was granted as three billion dollar loan from the eurasian economic community a grouping of almost soviet republics and that's considered no more than temporary relief did fiscal and monetary pull serious unneeded because the economy still mostly been running the soviets. the first time in the seventeen years president bush and there has been finds himself under the impression both internationally and
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at home with some trials of opposition leaders combined with the current financial turmoil make the prospect of public congress ever more real. mr cabbage you just said has lost the latest election so that's holy according to the opposition because he claims he won it december nineteenth mass protest against election rigging of the next day and courts that started handing out guilty verdicts one after another day after day i think thirty people were convicted in total only almost all opposition leaders were sentenced to time in jail some of them got suspended sentences some didn't does this mean there is nobody left in the bell or who can protest against was that over there when you go
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and you know they had this saying during the war you can't change everyone the same is true today you can chill everyone he jailed the best or people also you have to realize that the belorussian opposition is merely nominal because there were you opposition i mean like the one they held in the west or like you have in russia our parliamentary opposition was wiped out but it was they are those who are the people who had the courage to rise up against the legal regime against state terrorism yes you're right in a really good activists quite hard but still i think we have enough people. to transform them with and improve should the overall situation in belarus. this is. it's. still a terrible terrorist attack in april it was
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a terrible tragedy but immediately after that occurred people started saying that look as san go is always acted as a shrewd politician and used to strengthen his own political standing and to weaken the opposition. do you think that's true. as he said straight away that it could only be the opposition who could have done it's just war which was proved not to be the thick later but of similar but and this only because there were real professionals on investigating. our police are too stupid and busy battering a civilian as you put it so we know why did russians and israeli investigators. and they conducted a quality investigation when it turned out not because rates who were involved with the opposition sort of look at shank of course will still claim it was the opposition's fault now he blames old earlier attacks them down at the moment but
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this i think was done by other people than those who investigated this attack so whenever things get difficult ilads did you know it was brought his son to the explosion site even before the bodies were removed leaves every child has to be protected from seeing such horror but you brought his son there sure everybody how much he cares about the bill or russian people and the victims so please tak you're saying look a center is a bad father and the presidency is strong words like stupid you know i said other people were stupid going to. why are you still not in jail. you well. you see i know what kind of person look at this stuff so i never do anything that can land being present at the moment nevertheless i'm still the most persecuted man in the biller it's. now can you see those people are not stupid if
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this special benefit the thai received for my services to the people of the bell or it's only good amounts to fifty cents a month what it there would be to put it used to be a dollar but now it's just fifty cents with so what don't you think this is stupid i was the poverty line well even if you are ready to live in poverty you still have to spend a couple of dollars a day are in employment benefit is twelve or thirteen dollars which is also a job so your pension is less than the unemployment benefits yes and less than the minimum pension but that's just the benefit of for my special services to the people of bel-air it's what you call a man who prepare as such a bill if not stupid well they're not actually stupid but they have to work in such a way that would be able to say on the boss in your stupidity and he would be right well another reason you're free mostly you have to look at. doesn't see you as
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a political rival when you question was well i think it is because i'm a lawyer biding citizen of my future and i observe even the e.d.o.t. clause which we have in the bill or us say so he can suffer criticism you know he can't take it when you know why aren't you present. on sawrey but is not an educated man. i can be more delicate when i criticize saying that he's a when he talks about garage or the ukrainian president of the way with i don't call him names i'm just saying he's a not very educated man and i have evident. just to back it it's going he wore it someone would be franciscus karina ward and says karina strolled around saying. you know that kareena died well sharon in fifty years before the city was even founded what do we call a man who says such thing and sort of says. the former president. well it
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was like we'll get back i'll tell you take those big steps stay with us we'll be back here in this room almost anywhere. within a month. in one of the most extreme environments on the planet this is and charge it up and people have to be aware that they are far away from civilization sean thomas discovers flight make sense article is so special and attractive for many life in antarctica is the place he lived and the sun's an. expedition to the bottom of the earth.
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but there are killing innocent kids oh i see. this of course and that's never a. mama's song close call spoke with me i think of it every day. before i was fired
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from the memories. ah so much so long time i'm just here trying to tell. i was afraid. i was ashamed that i didn't. i was ashamed that i hadn't been a hero why. the way. i am always going to be out. for i shall believe what i was born not once or i think that i was a good ole. boy you know most older on the other side and i think i'm just a good. welcome
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back to spotlight i'll bring up in just the reminder that right guests here on the show today is the instructions give each the former leader the first president of the republic. mr cisco of each will have already discussed the difficult economic situation that belarus is going through the value and the devaluation of the belorussian ruble has the financial crisis and the devaluation of the belorussian bruegel head the bottom yet by no means all the experts agree that they should have to evaluate it to go russian herbal boy for more than fifty six percent of the prices keep growing of course they will through a couple of people in jail naturally will blame it all on them all the trash the
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nation on television accusing them of all the hardships that people of color is have to endure it will all be a bundle of lies so. there are a lot of people in russia who admire the dollar russian economic model. that model use can. some of it i know it and i can prove it because consider this as the russian ruble and a bill a russian ruble both came from the soviet herbal that was the worst moreover we had a denomination to increase their roubles value by ten but today a russian ruble is worth over three hundred belorussian roubles this means belarus's currency has depreciated two thousand times compared to the russian ruble not just a soviet herbal. also know that we didn't have a black tuesday which our economy never defaulted but it was
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a gradual depreciation which the patient people of bill or is having what can we call an economy that slaughters its own currency like that a success is a good i don't know where you find academics who are willing to praise that system . look at how the effect and the people's lives thanks to the shankill but miller who's as one of the lowest life expectancy rates in europe. is just the districts he's completely stored at yes i was a tip conference today and if you look at the official figures of the bill russians the district's committee they say that we are flourishing our life is grade apparently and this is served by the media to the naive russian or us russian journalists who come to look at it to get a present leave of information about how beautiful life and says the year is take anti-crisis fund is going to learn voters' three billion dollars they think that
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will help the economy it will help but not for long the money will be used to sustain the repressive machine and grab down the opposition are stupid the law enforcers are very well paid what europeans have already realised where the money goes so we won't see any money from them less that of. your countrymen that will russian. how are they reacting to the economic shock that the country is going through a bit of a well they're used to this sort of thing. is i already told you bill or who says in a perpetual state of shock our currency has depreciated by two thousand times was this in the papers you know nothing of this is in the people use it people is right about anything wayne for example and they tell us look they're only used seventy percent of their cultivated land or is collective farms used all of it what they don't see though is that at least the winnies able to cover all eats needs using always seventy percent produces more green than ever we don't have free media just
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tries speaking to a television journalist as we're talking now over media's monopolised semi-independent self censored newspapers have a circulation of fifty thousand a week and at the same time we get two million copies of the soviet bill or is telling us that the president is a saint and we've never had a better leader and that we shouldn't look for anything he's lickspittle riders will drive you mad or is infected with the serve all mentality is people are actually no longer the russians their location because henchman well whatever you call it servility or whatever the fact is that people are voting for lucas chunk of which is no they're not but most of them supported bush and co nothing of the sort i say this time and again no civilized country has recognized these elections
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because the votes were not counted the people simply can't imagine the scale of the fraud with which we're talking about people in europe do you know what sort of letters bill aris writes judy european parliament. they say we have seen you use three commissioners to disperse demonstrations. but when we use water cannons and police baton to gain civilians you condemn our actions. that's another lie but because the police was obviously just trying to beat people into submitting to this monster is government that has been feeling office for sixteen years and look where it has broad deloris i've heard that one of the reasons behind the opposition's defeat and the size of his hand is tough measures of course is that none of the opposition candidates have so far forward a solid program best they could come up with was let's do it like lucas and go but
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better this is entirely wrong here are confusing two things not presidential candidates who are united by a common desire to change the political system in order to do that they would have to get out of the way that was their common goal aside from that they programs were completely different look at sunny spring for example i was in his team and his program was great and the primary objective was to change the political system this doesn't mean doing the same as. those very pro european is not quite what we could never reach up to europe the objective was to liberalize the economy we can't save the economy without a free market well the current polluter ships as a free market can lead to anything and in a sense i agree surely yes well for a state in which hillary is according to the constitution. we do need
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a degree of government control over the market i would do you agree with the notion that lucas enters a regime can only be defeated if the single candidate is nominated by all opposition parties no one work and no i can't agree with that ouster. she was right if we had a single candidate there would be a lot of their little area time and media attention when we had non on get here and all agree that their political system needs to be changed and that was great as a way to make noise but not to win but they did a way to get. lost in a six polling stations where the voting was monitored according to exit polls but other of polling stations he lost as well he could have collected thirty two percent of the most with the margin of error off seven or eight percent. the other seventy percent would still have to be split between one candidate stuff which
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leads to a runoff and which only new candidate can win. those son has been getting more and more media attention lately and people started speculating that luke is trying to might be trying to make him his successor. do you believe that's possible there with the one. yep well i know this boy's mother and i don't think he can be raised right to become a good president because he's essentially raised without a mother with those that were with the so i don't believe in this theory it's focused but at the same time i'm sure we would like this to happen. yes it wasn't last question after uprisings against all three carrion regimes seem to be the zeitgeist today i especially take into account the events in north africa is this effect and goes that all well you know those completely isolated and
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unaffected well what i think is this bill or who suffer a heavier casualties in world war two than any other country or a thousand people and we lost more people than anybody due to k.g.b. requires holes and we had behaviors casualties in the afghan war perhaps it's time to stop using access can afford or. we will find a peaceful way out of this situation because this bigotry cannot continue it which although the recent law itself smart people and we will find a way to revive our economy and make it competitive i see both thank you very much for being with us and just a reminder that my guest on the show today was staying this last trish kid which the first president of independent republic will adults spotlight will be back with more of the full time comments on what's going on in and out censorship and so then they are to eat take place about. it i
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am. sad.
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motion would be soon which brightened a few new moon bounce soon from finest impressions. from stunts hot seat belts come. to live not only next to the boardroom advances in egypt but also on the border of peace and war. and they're responsible not only for themselves. but also for their loved ones because. they are ready to take any risk of. own. cause.


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