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russian voters ready to move. up the future covered. russia should have a stake in the missile shield in europe america promised spells out his idea well visiting poland but also reaffirms america's plans to station some of its rockets i'm playing is there. any millipedes in the hats he was wearing a cap and a military jacket to his meeting with difficulty and then he had a stroke we had no idea who the man was until the police arrived. and serbia is divided over that coming up in just a rest and traditional more crimes charges and bring you the firsthand account from the village where the former general was captured. and the u.s.
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state department calls on georgian authorities to investigate the crackdown on protests that led to several deaths one opposition there claims its supporters a still being targeted. and easing isolation egypt opens a border crossing with gaza partially ending before you have blockade of the palestinian territories. international news and comment live from our studios here in central moscow this is r.t. within twenty four hours a day russia should be part of a missile defense shield in europe so says the u.s. president who was speaking in poland but despite the comments barack obama reiterated the u.s. is not giving up on plans to host some of its rockets some planes in the country close to russia's borders he going to spin off is in warsaw for. it has become
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quite a conflicting picture here in warsaw because on one hand you have barack obama talking about this new stable and friendly level of relations between a russia and the united states and both him and president komorowski have said that it's very possible that russia will be part of what future joins the anti missile defense system in europe but then on the other hand barack obama has just confirmed washington's the plans to quit an air base here in poland on its land which will service. military transport planes and have sixteen fighter jets and also more importantly for poles to hell's short range interceptor missiles by twenty eighteen now all this comes after another meeting between barack obama and the russia's president to meet the new video at the g eight summit in france the two leaders also discussed a future possible joint anti missile defense system and seems to agree that it
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should work in the interests of all sides in fact the a.m.d. issue itself is a feast sensitive one for moscow for years it was the biggest stumbling points in the relations between russia and the united states so now it's really unclear of the purpose of the strong presence by the united states here in portland especially to moscow since it's been saying that this country is under no direct threat from any of its neighbors so now many analysts are saying that if washington world wants to work together with russia then it has to provide the legal guarantees to moscow that it's under no threat at this point they're talking about sharing early warning information and other radar information which would be a step forward but before they can get there before they can get to a shared system russia needs to be reassured that the system is not aimed at in again nato and the united states need to make a joint statement to russia saying that this is to me is not aimed at this. system
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is no danger to you it's focused on dangers and threats from middle east not from russia so it's quite a good thing picture indeed because there's a definite a positive tendencies when it comes to communication but the actions don't really fit in the picture. if you were to pursue not reporting there well the missile defense system was only one of the issues discussed at the recent g eight summit in france the chances of a un resolution on syria of the operation in libya a much more were outlined in president medvedev speech there and you can find it in full on our site and that is. if. it. the former bosnian serb army general that term allowed it she is waiting for his fate to be announced on monday in
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serbia for you have been left in different by his arrest with reaction ranging from jubilance to outrage or not is a couple of a has visited the serbian village where the knowledge was finally caught. did manage to talk to some of the people of course it was saturday and quite early in the morning when we made our trip and the village itself was credibly small very sleepy lots of people gardening and basically the only thing that was odd it was the large amount of journalists and a number of policemen that were standing outside the house where a former bosnian general that's come out it was actually arrested and you could feel that the people of that village were not very happy with the amount of journalists present they weren't very keen to talk to them but we did not is just the one woman who was one of our neighbor. was arrested no one had the slightest idea he was being that she was brought the
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reason this has entered a very low ten days ago when the man appeared in the hands he was wearing a cap and it was moving with difficulty as though he's had a stroke we had no idea who the man was until the police arrived pinions are of course divided after the arrest. and to talk a little bit more about what has arrest means for their serbian people i'm joined live by mr alexander who is a political analyst here in belgrade thank you so much for talking to us now. what does it mean for the people of serbia are they happy about it are they not happy about it. because they don't first of all because. they're all somebody will protect and serve. or through the second thing. they don't think that any of those promises made to discover really come into play with the real life so it's just another sort of a national humiliation so anything tangible being done. with
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a mission promises presume you're referring to the promises of membership that was given to serbia for the actual people to see a membership really matter well it was. have several years ago the thing is it's just become an old and tired story and the more people. listen about it here about the less they're actually enthused them to be actually believed because all they're seeing is any money that comes in from the outside winds up in the pockets of a very few people most of the politicians say try being off course i understand that many people here in serbia are very dissatisfied with the tried you know and don't actually believe it can be objective absolutely everything that's has been done so far shows it actually was a tribunal just set up lame exclusively one side bad guys were picked twenty years ago they were the serbs and the hague tribunal is there to justify western policy here thanks as we hide the real culprits. but on marty's facebook page you can find
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the latest updates on the stories and first hand accounts from our correspondents and remember we're always interested in your opinion on the stories we're covering here on screen and today we're asking what the arrest to write cannot it means for you a victory for justice or a trial of a hero and we're going to facebook dot com slash news and have you'll say. thousands of taking to the streets of the georgian capital to protest against the government's violent dispersal of peaceful crowds two days ago this follows the
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u.s. state department joining russia's call for an investigation into a crackdown that left several people dead well earlier my colleague talk to sara firth correspondent who's been covering the events in tbilisi karate. the opposition have taken to the streets again this time their main focus isn't on things like a silly protesting against the violence that was used when states cracked he said at the time the deployment of the place didn't come as a surprise to any of us here when the main part of an area we needed there was going to be some form of intervention it was the scale of the police operation it was really about the scale of the police operation in one of your earlier reports you said that there was there were many more police than there were protesters the discrepancy in numbers was he there were processes in the thousands and many of them were peaceful and also it was dubbed the silver evolution this is an older generation of demonstrators here fighting against and they came to my safety. and
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when the police operation turned up and they were in these later. is very very quick everyone's question now whether the operation was justified whether it was just. that amount of force certainly many people on the ground we all felt that it was and it was very chaotic a lot of injuries were sustained it's a very hard to gauge an accurate figure on this and as we said the protesters taking to the streets again because they're deeply unhappy with the way the situation was handled and the ensuing events lastly often are so when you talk about the chaos that ensued what did you see when what was with the police batons or was it based or spray or what were you saying well they turned up and i said at the time it really felt like witnessing a lot of modern day bustle seemed they lined the streets on both sides of the street outside the main parliament building so they had the protesters through these around it and there were thousands of them they had their own and shields they were beating on is very very aggressive and in space about a couple of minutes here into. the right idea position possible negotiations
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a couple of minutes later they were in the crowds and i'd like to say cousin see those take us everywhere they were rubber bullets. because i didn't did you say one of the early reports of going to college marty espanol was a victim of violence yes a spanish correspondent at the time he. got hit by a rather bullet as we're trying to get out of that scene and many of the tennis were. killed in colleagues because we're getting injured in this but when you saw that the methods of violence being used by the police what kind of injuries were a people sustaining this is very aggressive they were walking into the crowds and just basically grabbing anyone that was in front of them and in the tenets of the ones here in the area when when it kicks off you need to get out of there pretty sharpish because they're not going to discriminate you know young journalist process they were just in there and it was extremely chaotic it's hard to get accurate information is a lot of people still trying to track down well it is friends and family that they have they need turned out of the demonstration they're not able to find. the things that are coming out. it's very hard to get an accurate reading on.
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witnessing it it seems extremely low the numbers that they're releasing and we know that they think ninety arrest they're saying the numbers of people in hospital in. many more injuries and not. for the people who see as much. and george as opposition says the government is staging a witch hunt against everyone who took part in those protests speaking exclusively to our opposition leader you know would you not see so many of those speaking out against president saakashvili get detained or disappear. but we know a lot of people who aren't interested in government giving us any information about that. unfortunately were deceived and i did it it is there are more. persons whoa. i am afraid it is people. and they shall likely have already child slaves these people have been beaten until this car are almost grown
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people from our miles away so it's impossible to imagine that this corpse that. tribune of parade and special forces and special department because on them you know that people love it in jail and in chorley's. ready to live like this we are receiving this information you can see my security officer corps we are just. between in. the jail where i was a relative people in. hospitals or. we had before that police. there were some rumors here people are in police indict so basically end of stories are coming out from our police you know it's a terrible and what is very important today we're receiving information that some of the people form italy's he's looking for and quickly find. their families
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police entered and they arrested my sister's and wife's coming away on r.t. in just a few minutes from now look at whether some recent catastrophes are making people think more all about the planet's future. i phones i pads there's no they even as the next five minutes people on the streets what they think the recent region tornadoes a near nuclear disaster is a signal. plus another ticking time bomb many think is threatening mankind global warming he travels to antarctica to see if the continent with. call this climate is getting hot under the collar. but first garza's glock eight is being eased after four years of total lockdown egypt's opened a border crossing for pedestrians giving a gateway to the outside world full on the whole of a million palestinians the crossing is accessible to anyone except men aged between eighteen and forty who require visas of order was closed after hamas seized power in gaza with israel hoping the blockade would help force the group out human rights
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groups a massive humanitarian cost from food shortages to the sick being unable to leave for simple treatment as policy or reports the new lifeline for palestinians is a real headache for television. this is egypt's border with gaza a place where for years the gates was shut off and then opened only the most extreme humanitarian cases were lit through which meant no more than three hundred people a day but wilder was not one of them last year she died from cancer of the stomach she had tried desperately for months to leave gaza for chemotherapy treatment abroad but was never able to get the permission she needed to leave. a world of the hospital here and they give me some women and the pains in there and the borders are closed this is the reason was for. the new egyptian foreign minister says the decision to close the border was shameful on saturday his promise to open buffer
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permanently without the israelis is coming true no more willing agreement to call up six years ago between another post egyptian president hosni mubarak the united states the israelis and the europeans be in place that agreement gave monitors access to the crossing and allowed television to supervise and monitor security cameras from a far. brilliance and checkpoints solvent for the same interest of both countries. the permanent opening of rougher terrifies israeli citizens especially those who live on the whole i was just eight hundred meters from the israeli gaza border ever since the kibbutz was established nearly sixty years ago it's been on the receiving end of endless what cuts and snipers from gaza city out of care of any meaning regehr receive falling down we have thought and take their place somewhere i said there. are of the keyboard cells there are every right in here the whole area there are just
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last month a sixteen year old boy was killed when a car some rocket hit the school bus he was traveling home in people who live here are afraid that what will happen next is that more weapons will find their way into the hands of palestinian militants and ultimate. be used against the jewish state sure. if that border will be open freely any other. hamas is already below that is in. there we have much more the implications of which are becoming clearer by the day i'm standing some eighty five kilometers away from gaza but already a grad missile fired from there has hit the outskirts of the city israeli army is warning that in the next major conflict tens of thousands of rockets were hit tel aviv that this means is that dating life was rains living not far from gaza is fast becoming part of his radio life across the country to see our team tel aviv. a new
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government opening at the border with gaza isn't the only egyptian decision that's made headlines around the world a court that has followed the country's alstad leader hosni mubarak and ex ministers ninety billion dollars for cutting off telecommunications internet and mobile connections were disrupted for days when the popular uprising began to generate its leader is currently in custody pending trial on corruption charges and his involvement in the deadly crackdown on protesters. from another. in brief for you nato has continued bombing the libyan capital tripoli on saturday a rare daytime air strike has hit the compound of colonel gadhafi with nato saying it was targeting the command center and not the leader personally the strikes come after the g. eight leaders put pressure on gadhafi to leave russia said it's upping efforts to mediate a cease fire. in china over thirty five million people are estimated to have been affected by a devastating drought on only and the river is the worst recorded in half
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a century and the many problems the regional faces are a shortage of drinking water and severe losses for the cultural industry no rain falls forecast in the area until the beginning of june. and the droughts the latest natural disaster would spring ever greater numbers of doomsday theories so an expert say they're a sign that people need to build their futures with greater responsibility online talk show host nora oftenest has been asking people on the streets of the big apple if this really is time to change. tornadoes ripping down buildings nuclear power plants melting down are we building our society responsibly our with any forethought at all this week let's talk about that do you think society thinks the long term or are they just always doomed to think of the short term idea of the rich country or and. i think americans are very
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short term. why aren't planes made of the material the black costs me out of. this like you know way that those are just not enough for thought put into it i maybe dad or maybe there's other things that we're not really seeing maybe it's you know i mean i'm sure a lot of i'm sure yeah some people are going to say some big government conspiracy or i think that and friends the companies but. there is no private interests in the u.k. i hope that it's sure so maybe if there are people worried about making money so much they'd make things better i think this is it i phones i there's no they can pass the next five minutes you had children i do it doesn't concern you that it does but i think we're ok the world and then last week and they were four billion years the sun burns out so they will be ok you go back in the thirty's we used to build projects that lasted for for one hundred years well they built the both of us
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the hoover dam is going to last a long time we don't build projects like that. they should last a thousand years because hopefully will be around in a thousand years right you put my buddy had a worker he's in construction so there's a lot of that too it is a fight against the corporation mainly. because you know i mean it's from a purely economic or point of view taking. saw those going away and the planet or the corporation. whether or not you think we're building society responsibly the bottom line is with lives and our planet on the line we can always strive to do better. the top story now here in r.t. russia should have a stake in the missile shield in europe so says barack obama that's how it was when he was spelling out the side here during his visit in poland and also reaffirming
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america's plans to station some of its rockets some planes that well to discuss developments on this story are now joined by steven lemmon he's a radio host and author from chicago stephen thanks very much indeed for joining us like how they are about to go on air in about forty minutes from now also we very much appreciate you being with us right now as i just said a bar on one hand has been pledging moscow should be part of this anti missile defense system and the only other hand is putting missiles on warplanes close to russia's borders what do you think is going on here oh well i don't know if the same u.s. imperialism. moscow is very aware where america is doing around the world waging for imperial war it's it's very easy to forget you know so decisive three people know about waging a war and pakistan. and the people the civilians are being peeled baby out of deeley bases. they know who they are well it was their skill their time america is
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you know lowballed for it why are we deploy interceptor missiles troops only grow any more bases if they go into the go ahead to go giri or we go into roomier your president impose a g. eight conference press conference. radio what is. the enemy has expressed the same. and what it was going on today is pirate meet aerated out of a lot with others and what are all in my working title so far is call is circling russia with us he says and russia and china are america's to mean targets but still that many people are saying. the cold war has been over for twenty years now lie this cold war mentality towards russia it doesn't make sense in many people's own minds. will it make sense because the
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all the two global challenges are gregarious scheider economically. militarily rush here is the all you world oh are. basically match america missiles and it's all. the nuclear. countries they have so ninety seven percent of the world's nuclear missiles and nuclear arms with a missile capability to deliver them many will so russia is their challenger and america once you know your challenger proposal as a put sorry doesn't that latest start treaty the agreement of the arms for dutch and treaty between the two countries recently signal an end to all this aggression and suspicion between the two countries. are not at all i wrote about it when it was starting and i think it is an accommodation between some countries.
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and very precise lots of agreements and there is lots of true east i have i have or i read in my articles or somewhere oh i don't have a front of me at the moment but it's there so be way america's promise who is worth the paper the new. american. america. you can trust america america doesn't negotiate it demands. well but what about the argument put forward that an anti-missile defense system is vital against perceived threats from the likes of north korea iran isn't that a valid argument and also the fact that russia is wanting to be part of that missile defense system so there is hopefully going to be parity here and the need for the system. well look for one more thing to anybody since the korean war and the all the responding to the repeated attacks from the so that every truman only and solar cycle in north korea and it research. is not out of character.
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or interest nobody north korea threatens nobody both countries while he always relations with america in the last aggregate of what about russia hasn't invaded the country since afghanistan that has proved it's been no threat whatsoever so why is this as suspicion this feeling of suspicion still in the united states can explain why that is then as you claim. well i don't think there's any fear the fears are real america in fear spears threats to pursue the imperial policy in america literally as a permanent war. based on war if one a war is not a war and you know it's hard to imagine america was a war with russia to be there would be insane for me to do. to encroach in world war you a little bit and things. will look at the way a world war one b.
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and we're going to get saxony and they're going from one contributing at all to look pretty soon the world was a war when you start doing dangerous things and people read the book read the wrong way and one thing could lead to another and before you go it. may be even. less they've been serious people are all sides in america and europe is the only belligerent country in the world any other country needs to worry about bill there's a radio i was stressed in the article that i'm getting you know tomorrow i'm really worried about this and you missed it and so it's just briefly before we finish if we're to believe what the politicians are saying they are aiming for a bobber of course wants a nuclear free world we're talking about obviously something that's been a long standing era of division between the two countries between russia and america's anti-missile defense system yet both seem to be making noises that they
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do want to have a joint system to come to some sort of compromise and if a solution is found well do you think a solution could be found and what impact could that have on global security despite what you can say when they could have. i would look at the solution file and american should be just as closely to the loser of your personal wallet you know i see no solution let me stress this as well america's so-called age the missile defense system is no accident stance it's a part of the us which the leaders understand this is a rule of the system isn't a tax system they would in america has the money specie in this post the russians wards i mean the water. systems and kaliningrad two hundred miles from russia proper both they want a way to if they are costly they want a way to intercept russia's response before they can do what he so they inflict as
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much damage as possible but again i scratch my head of ac is it possible that american will use a salute say if they want a war with russia i simply can't conceive of their pushing the envelope we have a bunch of lunatics in high places in this country i don't really think their skills well many people very interested hear what you have to say on this even lemon thanks very much for joining us and thanks particularly before you go on air with your own show that in chicago radio host and author from chicago stephen and thanks very much indeed. well that brings you up to date for the moment i'll be back with headlines very short one.


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