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life on the. video on demand. exceeds mine old girls. with the palm of your. comb. with r.c.a. live from moscow on. the top stories now russia should have a stake in the new solid shield program in europe barack obama spells out his idea while visiting warsaw poland is still set to howard's part of the system that used to be an article of discord between moscow and washington. and serbia is a divided russia go bloody she's arrest standard extradition on war crimes charges with many saying it's a sacrifice to speed up joining the e.u.
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the former general was a rule to fit to be handed over to the hague despite health problems. the u.s. a state department calls on the georgian authorities to investigate beyond a crackdown on protests that led to several deaths since crowds take to tbilisi the streets again to rally against the government's excessive use of force. and egypt opens up border crossing with gaza partially ending the four year blockade of the palestinian territory human rights groups say it's a breakthrough in the humanitarian crisis for one and a half a million palestinians who are facing constant food shortages and a lack of medical treatment. those are the headlines on r.t. for this saturday but up next why the russian capital was known once as the white city that was in the sixteenth century among many revelations and his transition.
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hello and welcome to the program on the streets must go out i'll be exploring the city's boulevard ring actually just a whole see straight it was a recently laid out to replace the fortified walls of the old bailey god's white city heights with history culture museums and entertainment it's the perfect routes to explore the russian capital and we saw that here just opposite the beautiful christ the savior cathedral. about trying to not here shows you the incomplete second the design of the boulevards under the stalin plan to reconstruction it was intended to continue the route south underscores the circle this idea was never
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fulfilled. the walls that once stood here to to related over the years eventually catherine the great secret that they should pull down when the walls were taking down the names remains trees were planted in the first moscow boulevards appear in seventeen ninety six. the area on google of steve boulevard today is just it with various stands he has said he it's a contemporary piece is how long lived francis as an artist and local sit and love his stroll across a. popular meeting place for us the free artists we need other artists and people from the creative community and get to know new people. full of our brain is adorned with several monuments to a standing wish in writers and poets one author in particular has to step. on the boulevards google is the nineteenth century writer and one of the best known books
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by him is the novel dead souls. the monument of our names after the rise of depicts a smiling that was approved by stalin. legend has it that the soviet leader didn't like kind of the statue of a savage forceful and creates a new one. is a changing city many parts of the whole of oz you know scattered with various west and south cafes as a true european city a for timing is all the rage in summer months now. it's a popular french restaurant chain. away from the high end a series of prices here are as decent as the food. and this is where we're meeting this week's guest. to meet you so tell me how i'm reliving here most are.
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almost two years working for and about a consultancy how do you think the russian capital would look before you came here . i guess i know not many preconceptions but i'm a runner so i guess i was hoping the green space business around and i was pleasantly surprised they could bring about them and how does your life you know associate with a live audience well every day i mean i live on the below road ring and my office is just off so i walk on but about every day another i'm training for new york marathon must come out. i'm using it along with. your environmental consultants that's right so i mean obviously i'm interested in this of ecological value of the following as well and. in that respect it's got one interesting history day the bit about being one it was set up in one thousand twenty first planted silver birch. then these in tabor's because the first the trees as i thought i would later but then again. not surprising like them so they were placed by the entries which was just like interesting but here the losses was
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for the also cultural spices the value of the art exhibit since you got the roller skating as a whole you know community really with my muscovites hang out so yeah it's busy all times the year i mean it's actually now in the summer it really is a place you know the muscovites congregate oh you're just you know take it take a bottle of the log on a bench or it has a table to yes yeah so it's a it's a real focal point for the for the city and you know support a great place in an old hundred years ago strong values of like i did the running as well wow well good luck with your math in the most american you're brave man but all right will investigate about also in the area federal on if you skip over a grand eighteenth century building mr holmes the state museum of oriental art founded in one thousand eighteen museum has one of the largest collections of art in the fall and middle east central asia the caucasus and many other regions and countries. because it isn't easy in moscow in the boulevards and
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cities places in craft stately except mondays. packed with fascinating information it seems every building monuments represents amazing history. you can see the pushkin marriage monument it was here in the old nearby church the famous because he married his sweetheart and. she won today this town is a popular place for states and even marriage proposals. several addresses on the central boulevards. this is a mansion and first of all it was given to a theatre company in the beginning of the trenches century. in its first names to change theater but from one hundred fifty of best the name of one of russia's best known rises alexander pushkin staging base washington. and contempt.
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of school. it is important. time and place. and fear and. to get into the green is love and this is of all ages children. and in many sections of the. street artists and musicians perform. this small chance. and this is certainly the most populated and this is the area. crossing the intersection of streets. if you like people watching this is the place to come.
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the fall of. souls of culture. through. america. spectacular. which is famous coffee machine versus first as a mcdonald's and dozens of shops nearby this area of the boulevards. version of times square. changing a vibrant city. for everyone. projects. on the. cutting at us even though. they find something special each time they think submission is losers and you can buy confessionals on the exhibition itself. this inspires you thanks using. that planet is marvelous it's so small and we should it's acted on.
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the diversity of architecture on display along. is impressive to say the least. all the nativity convinced it was the oldest buildings in downtown moscow outside the kremlin rules founded in the kremlin officials in century it was me to its present location in for the fool has given names to the streets and its neighborhoods. moving around the boulevard of the beach where. you can date and be set in a name. some historians suggest that the words came from france but it was first rendered into the russian language as this was actually a play on the web meaning to stroll it was it became boulevard well speaking of walking as it's a long way and the weather is beautiful i think it's time i get on
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a bike. boulevard ring is always a prime location to strolling edition of the quaint makes this a desirable address indeed take a cafe sit at b. or a coffee while watching strollers and ski says i bought. a special in-state anything that was free here is for interest and you can sit in the grass dream and get internet to sixty. is agreeing to please them hang out as friends or sundays and it's even more fun to play with friends in the found. pull into the sea and the aquarium located here you can experience the underwater life from several regions of the worlds. the place is especially loved by youngsters who can see various species of shark isle suppress mysterious jellyfish quite impressive called reefs first you would need to meet. it was like to go to the scene and seaquarium
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give them a chance to do so you can see the reefs of the red sea or shores of australia. species of fish in here on fridays we have this mission sure when sharks puranas and the rays are fed included these should know. there are several bike rental shops in moscow all charged. for a deposit. it's the passageway to see the city get some sun and exercise at the same time. the main she see pretty translates to english as clear palms during the seventeenth century as people through a sense of the also it became a stream you just see the locals call the area to see homes and since you know three of the films were acquired placemen she coughed it. completely cleans it is given its present name clear and has been home to the various wildlife and assumes .
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the p.c. will rise to the front of the roots of. the road runs through the most potent sky and byways of the yowza river. as all tool comes to an end it's clear that the history of moscow is reflects is not only in its monuments but in the structure of the city. ok the fall of our brain might not be complete but it does offer a complete guide for capital showcasing what amazing and diverse city must go truly does. and that we have imposed on this week's program on the before of the russian capital i'll see you get the same for me and the rest of the crew by the hour. for.
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more than a month. in one of the most extreme environments on the planet this is it and charge it up and people have to be aware that they are far away from civilization and sean combs discovers what makes sense article is so special and instructive for many wildlife in antarctica is the closest and friends of. the expedition to the bottom of the earth are to.
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headlines on r.t. and the russia should have a stake in the missile shield program in europe barack obama spells out his idea while visiting warsaw poland is still set to house a part of the system that used to be an article of discord between moscow and washington. divided over a. looming extradition on a war crimes charges many saying it's a sacrifice to speed up joining the e.u. . former general was a rules of fit to be handed over to behave just like his help from. the u.s. state department calls on the georgian authorities to investigate the armed crackdown on protests that led to several deaths crowds take two to police the
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streets again to rally against the government's excessive use of force. and egypt opens a border crossing with gaza partially ending the four you have located in the palestinian territory human rights groups say it's a breakthrough in the humanitarian crisis for one and a half a million palestinians who are facing constant food shortages and lack of medical treatment. right now time for the sports with kate. hello welcome to the sports news on day seven of the french open and these are the headlines keeps getting better depending childhood rough on the golf just four games that rushes into the last sixteen of the french open that pits a rival jacket which is also three. plus european classics manchester united but it can dream the champions league final it is also when be this saturday night and red
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bull flying sebastian vettel takes his call of the season following a crash delayed qualifying sunday's monaco grand prix. the first of tennis rafael nadal has remained on course to retain both his french open title and the world's top ranking the king of play steve rounded nipple eyed every day because congress anthony in round three the spaniard struck just four games on reach way six one six three six love to treat the croatian qualifier. needs to defend his title if he's to stay on top of the a.t.p. rankings off the top and i think i did a few things much both of them are very. happy for the. club is worth doing. so in march almost all of them. meanwhile novak djokovic wraps up in four sets his darkness delayed match that's why martin del potro it was his fortieth consecutive wins this season
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with also keeps him on the to the coveted lot number one spot struggle which needs to make the final to dethrone as are all rely on the spaniards to relinquish his prime interest next up to the serbian its local boy rashard just a. joining them in the last sixteen is world number four and the scot twisted his right ankle early in the second set but overcame the pain and was still an easy winner against germany's michael berra who sent the ball wide to two hundred sixty six three six two when next up the british man the serbian which is pretty. wide open in the women's day rushes to look up at the end of a car about moving around for a straight sets win over the stoniest k.s. kind of the next face is it tory as a rank at the end of the russian school siege is a rich vein of form against italy is roberta vinci as a rank taking just over an hour to put a slot in the last sixteen and she wants to emulate her best ever think she will
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surprise specially last year's first round exit. serving world you know dominating and trying to be safe on her serve and i think she also story we're only took me a few games to rejoice because she has been unusual very. well i think just to really. bring the story to draw me. and also through is number six seed gnarly the australian open final list was hardly ever troubled ice around it just they are from romania and couldn't return three match points down next to the league is critical. and while it is an action packed day on the paris clay courts the action just over the price will go to congress petition leader thirty two year olds respond is a date for a career spanning an impressive seventeen years that is wrong ranked seventh of the world most a total of eleven w.e.t.a. titles to her name winning
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a grand slam would have to clean they every. i mean all the saturday night match tonight it will take on barcelona at wembley in the champions league final with united manager sir alex ferguson believing it could be a classic his side held a final training session on the pitch on friday and are raving for a fourth european title united are the underdogs they do have a fully fit squad focused exist players have the attacking prowess needed to avenge their defeats a basket in the final two years ago in rome and also predicts the style of the two teams produced a showpiece to remember. his appearing final in terms of what happened if you don't have a good laugh in his game tomorrow it could be a war of goals it could be a lot of excitement going for a lot of good food or i'm sure you. saw at the certain part from their. well as we've also they already have fond memories of when you stadium it's where
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they were crowned european champions for the first time back in one thousand nine hundred two current coach but guardiola was playing that day when they beat some doria one nil is our favorites to lift the trophy again and as they're fully prepared expect nothing less from united. the days before we are we are pretty we're focused on mention united we are focused on on on our feet so we're conditioned our players we're focused on how we have to be. more. and just just think about the game so i think they did it then we did the same. so all eyes are on wembley but one person will have to stay away from the showpiece not sure if the president sepp blatter skipping the final as he prepares for bribery hearing on sunday this respond himself at the center of the scandal a movie or a statement before i think's going to take its claim to new cash was being offered to fee for members in return for votes and next wednesday's presidential elections
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which took no action he's only challenger qatari one hundred finns hamam is not accused of bribery and according to you a for boss michel platini it's uncertain what will happen next if you're caught and women know because there we have a two kids is as you say is a disciplinary and they will go to zurich but they will all but. i don't know for the moment i mean the symbol of the city was a new i don't know what i would pick up. on me when angie have gone top of the russian premier league after a two one win at like what if moscow all the goals came in the second half of the first round passing the group back off with one wheel to the visitors then the back of the super double bellies the goalkeeper pushed the ball to his boss. but angie were reduced to ten men in the last minute now connor sent off for a second book about offense mr said just making the mistake of the spot that was too little too late for luck a mighty few saw a sixty eight beaten run come to an end but also well being are up to this if for
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once it's fashion take time i don't suppose the point is to react to a news account after just seven minutes and then the next and medvedev doubled their lead with an unchallenged solo round strike the title. out on the one back a few minutes later after being awarded a penalty. of the cost but not the way to the joy of a few troubling fans how about just after the break christian about five to eight spectacular for the kick they will be used to go advantage and trying to replace a bit as much or big. the rest another spot that one it finished because one side. it was a wet wet wet in the early kick off a spot that now takes two to do with brutal it's kind of grozny until he had a bitch question a corner break the deadlock for the hosts after thirty three minutes past the check inside responded within five minutes with a header of their own it was in my receiver the man on target. before becomes the
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only goal by me under the silver so a perfect take charge just before the interval. however the line convert all of it saved some of the blushes and now jack gray through the second half to always how it finished what you can both sides in the bottom half of the table. from the one now is vastly better has claimed his first opposition this season after sergio perez crashed heavily in qualifying for the monaco grand prix red bull tucks their six consecutive pole six races the world champion factory and jenson button i root for seconds with teammate mark where that you first underlines in this course the ferrari continues on out and of course session starts seven well twenty one year old mixed in paris lost before the subducting out of the tunnel it's a safety barrier guidance to go is to say to the sponsors responding positively to medical practitioners from his craft. golf now an
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englishman luke donald is keeping up the pressure on from patrick lee westwood for the world number one ranking donald who is currently world number two is in a three way tie for the lead at the b.m.w. p.g.a. championship donald grabbed a two shot clubhouse lead with me and i thought oh and other to kill us at the five i state donald added eight seventy two to please see a perp opening round of sixty four to go six on a par overall he needs victory this weekends to claim the number one spot from rest with showed signs of improvement the second round of sixty nine which in five shots of the elite. and finally russia has targeted judo as a potential medal winner at the london olympics next year and qualifying for the games continues this weekend with the moscow grand slam where sixty four countries are taking part his remark was ripped. moscow's grand slam is one of the most prestigious events on the international jeweler calendar this year it's all packed leads from europe asia north and south america will battle for
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a cup of his political action spot at next summer's games in the u.k. and the one hundred fifty thousand u.s. dollars prize fund should be an added incentive to athletes and big dreams that are really full tournament's of his kind in the world in france brazil japan and in russia each year there are more countries in africa participating this time as many as sixty four nations have already signed up for the grand slam so it is by itself a record. it's no secret that russia's prime minister vladimir putin care is juda store share putin competed back in the seventy's in the soviet union and now he's considered terrorism out of the sport at home despite a busy prime ministerial schedule clinton still finds time to trade and preside over a judo club called bar and in st petersburg and of course he's expected to appear at the moscow grand slam. you can see putin's technique right away any professional would know instantly that he's done some serious training it's in his posture oh movements and destabilization techniques it does help us that he's the prime
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minister and we sometimes even brag about it but it was his personal request to ensure that our athletes win a limited gold and b provide all the conditions were chief that. grand slam will be the first step for many competitors on the way to reach and the olympic summit in london is taking place across the weekend in the russian capital arts he will be there to let you know how turns out the remark author of artsy moscow. that's all this post. by fire.
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