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happening to the global economy for a no holds barred look of the global financial headlines tune in to cause a report on our. russia should have a stake in the results shield program in europe barack obama speaks out his idea well love visiting of poland which is said to house a part of the system that used to be an article of discord between moscow and washington. ten days ago. he was wearing a cap and intellectual jackies in this meeting with difficulty is that he had a stroke did not why didn't he the nine months into the police arrived so here's a divided over iraq is a rest and a looming extradition on a war crimes charges will bring you a firsthand account from the village where the former general was captured. the u.s.
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a state department calls on georgian authorities to investigate the armed crackdown on protests that led to several deaths while the opposition claims its supporters are still being targeted. and easing isolation in egypt opens a border crossing it with gaza partially ending the four year blockade of the palestinian territories. a very warm welcome to you this is our live from moscow now russia should be a part of the missile defense shield in europe so says the u.s. president who was speaking today in poland despite the comments were obama reiterated the u.s. is not giving up on plans to host some of its rockets and planes in the country close to russia's borders. you're going to spin off is in warsaw and joins us live right now and you go to sochi statements quite contradictory to each other what is
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the bottom line of obama's visit opponents you know. well it has become quite a conflicting picture here in warsaw because on one hand we have barack obama talking about this new stable and friendly level of relations between a russia and the united states and both him and president komorowski have said that it's very possible that russia will be part of a future joint anti missile defense system in europe but then on the other hand barack obama has just confirmed washington's plans to equip an air base here and poland on its land which will service hercules military transport planes and f. sixteen fighter jets and also more importantly for poems to house short range interceptor missiles by twenty eighteen now all this comes after another meeting between barack obama and the russia's president dmitry medvedev at the g eight summit in france the two leaders also discussed a future possible joint anti missile defense system and seems to agree that it
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should work in the interests of all sides in fact the a.m.d. issued surface of the sensitive one for moscow for years it was the biggest stumbling points in the lesions between russia and the united states since moscow was of the view we know these plans to bases elements here in eastern europe and in central europe as a threat to its national security and after that said barack obama scraps these plans there's a lot of talk about mutual cooperation and just earlier on saturday i guess so now it's really unclear of the purpose of the strong nutri presence by the united states cure in portland especially to moscow since it's been saying that this country is under no direct threat from any of its neighbors so now many analysts are saying that if washington were and wants to work together with russia then it
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has to provide a legal guarantees to moscow that it's under no threat. at this point they're talking about sharing early warning information and other radar information which would be a step forward but before they can get there before they can get to a shared system russia needs to be reassured that the system is not aimed at it and again the nato and the united states need to make a joint statement to russia saying that this is them is not aimed at you this is kim is no danger to you it's focused on dangers and threats from middle east not from russia. so it is quite an unclear picture indeed because on one hand there's a different positive tendencies when it comes to words but the actions don't movie fit in this pitch all right nancy is that you could go for love and war so thank you. former bosnian serb army general about the cold blooded she was
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waiting for his fate to be announced on monday and so few have been left indifferent by his arrest with reaction ranging from jubilant to outrage but he's a veteran as i visited the serbian village where what it was finally caught. well we did manage to talk to a some of the people of course it was saturday and quite early in the morning when we made our trip and the village itself was a credibly small very sleepy lots of people gardening and basically the only thing that was odd it was the large amount of journalists and of a number of policemen that were standing outside the house where a former bosnian general acolyte it was actually arrested and you could feel that the people of that village were not very happy with the amount of journalists present they were very keen to talk to them but we did manage to speak to one woman who was one of a lot of his neighbor. i mean we were shocked and i reckon not each was arrested no
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one have the slightest idea he being that he's brother lives in that house and don't know him very well now ten days ago another man appeared in the house he was wearing a cap and a military jacket and was moving with difficulty as though he had a stroke we had no idea who the man was until the police arrived. helping ins our force divided after the arrest. and to talk a little bit more about what his arrest means for the serbian people i'm joined live by mr alexander who is a political analyst here in belgrade thank you so much for talking to us now what is his arrest what does it mean for the people of serbia are they happy about it are they not happy about it mostly. because they don't first of all because. they're all some people protect and serve from another genocide like right through the second thing is they don't think that any of those promises made to discover actually come into play and let's really realize still it's just another sort of a national humiliation so anything tangible being. returned you mention
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promises presume you're referring to the promises of e.u. membership that was given to serbia for the actual people to see a membership really. both it might have several years ago the thing is it's just become an old and tired story and the more people. listen about it here about the less they're actually enthused them to be actually believed because all they're seeing is any money that comes in from the outside winds up in the pockets of a very few people mostly the politicians really trying you know of course i understand that many people here in serbia are very dissatisfied with that they tried you know and don't actually believe it can be objective absolutely everything that's has been done so far shows it actually was a tribunal just set up claim exclusively one side bad guys were picked on two years ago they were the serbs and they could be you know was there to justify western
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policy here that's actually why the real culprits. reporting. the facebook page. the story first. remember we're always interested in your opinion on the stories we're covering today we are asking what the arrest of. a victory for justice. you're saying. is.
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from moscow now thousands have taken to the streets of the georgian capital to protest against the government's violent dispersal of peaceful crowds two days ago but sollers the u.s. state department's call for an investigation into the crackdown opposition's claims that those speaking out against president saakashvili are still being targeted. the opposition have taken to the streets again this time their main focus is announce things like a fairly they're protesting against the violence that was used when states crack as we said at the time the deployment of the place didn't come as a surprise to any of us here i believe the main part of an area we needed there was going to be some form of intervention it was the scale of the police operation is really about the police operation in one of your earlier reports you said that there was there were many more police than there were protesters city the
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discrepancy in numbers was heat i mean there were protests in the thousands and many of them were peaceful and also it was dubbed the silver evolution this is an older generation of demonstrators he was fighting against them to rise of the place and when the police operation turned up and they were in the. very very quick question now was the operation was justified whether it was just. that amount of force certainly many people on the ground we all felt that it was and it was very chaotic and a lot of injuries were sustained it's very hard to gauge an accurate figure on this and as we said the protesters taking to the streets again because the unhappy with the way the situation was handled and the ensuing events are also north so when you talk about the chaos that ensued what did you see the police wielding batons or was it based or spray or what were you saying well they turned south and i said at the time it really felt like witnessing a moderate modern day a battle scene they lined the streets on both sides of that street outside the main parliament building so they had the protest the sudanese around it and there were
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thousands of them they had their own and shields that they were beating on it was very very aggressive and in the space of about a couple of minutes. the opposition leader about possible negotiations a couple of minutes later they were in the crowds and i like i said has and see those take us everywhere there were rubber bullets flying less rises and because i didn't you say one of the early reports of one of our colleagues marty espanol was a victim of violence yes a spanish correspondent at the time he got. the bullets as we were trying to get out of us in the many of the journalists were in fact injured alone in colleagues so the chances of getting injured in this but when you saw that the methods of violence being used by the police what kind of injuries were people sustaining this is very aggressive they were walking into the crowds and just basically grabbing anyone that was in front of them in the genesis of the war and if you're in the area when when it kicks off you need to be out of there pretty sharpish because they're not going to discriminate you know a young journalist protestor they were just in and it was extremely chaotic it's hard to gauge accurate information is
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a lot of people still trying to track down ballot is that friends and family that they had they need turned out at the demonstration and they're not able to find where they are now do you think is that it coming out. it's very hard to get an accurate reading on that and. witnessing it it seems extremely low the numbers that they're releasing and we know that they're saying ninety arrests they're saying the numbers of people in hospital in those cities we saw many more injuries and most especially the number of people with what you see is much higher. just a bit earlier now are coming your way in just a few minutes here on our t.v. it's a look at whether some recent catastrophes making people think more about the planet's future. i've lived in this there's a big event the next five minutes we ask people on the streets of new york what they think of the regime tornados and the near nuclear disasters six. plus another ticking time bomb many think these are threatening mankind global warming
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he travels to antarctica to see if the continent with the world's cold this climate is getting hot under the collar. causes a blockade has been eased after four years of total lockdown egypt open the border crossing for pedestrians giving a gateway to the outside world for one and a half million palestinians crossings accessible to anyone except men aged between eighteen and forty who do require visas the border was closed after hamas seized power in gaza with israel hoping the blockade would help to force the group out human rights groups cite the massive humanitarian cost from food shortages to the sick being unable to leave for simple treatment but as i. reports the new lifeline for palestinians is a real headache but. this is egypt's border with gaza a place where for years the gates was shut off and then opened only the most extreme humanitarian cases were lit through which meant no more than three hundred
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people a day but vulgar was not one of them last year she died from cancer of the stomach she had trying desperately for months to leave gaza for chemotherapy treatment abroad but was never able to get the permission she needed to leave. and then i went to the hospital here and they gave me some women and the pain there and the borders are poor this is the reason was for. the new egyptian foreign minister says the decision to close the border was shameful on saturday his promise to open buffer permanently without the israelis is coming true no more willing agreements going up six years ago between an odd opposed to gyptian president hosni mubarak the united states the israelis and the europeans be in place that agreement gave e.u. monitors access to the crossing and allowed to live it to supervise and monitor security cameras from a far. watering. points and checkpoints and for the same interest of both countries. the permanent opening of
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rougher terrifies israeli citizens especially those who live and he puts in a whole hours just eight hundred metres from the israeli gaza border ever since the kibbutz was established nearly sixty years ago it's been on the receiving end of interest what cats and snipers from gaza city care of any meaning when we hear the first receive falling down we have to one and take their place somewhere i said there are. a lot of the keyboard there are every right in here is a whole area there are just last month a sixteen year old boy was killed when it was some rocket hit a school bus he was traveling home in people who live here are afraid that what will happen next is that more weapons will find their way into the hands of palestinian militants and ultimately be used. against the jewish state sure. if the border will be open freely a lot of. heat. in the house is
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already loaded is in unison again though we have much more the implications of which are becoming clearer by the day on sunday eighty five kilometers away from gaza but already a grad missile fired from there has hit the outskirts of the city is radio news warning that in the next major conflict teens of thousands of rockets were put to tel aviv weapons nene's as their dating life was raided living not far from gaza it's possible becoming part of his maybe life across the country to see our team tel aviv. moscow and washington have signed the first contract to use russian and made helicopters in afghanistan the deal for twenty one cargo aircraft is estimated at more than three hundred million dollars it's the first of its kind it comes as u.s. secretary of state made a surprise visit to the country amid a breakdown in trust between washington and islamabad key u.s. operations in afghanistan asia times correspondent pepe escobar told r.t. that the u.s. is losing control of pakistan. this is. a belt trucks and takers
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this is something that we don't usually associate to a degree in afghanistan during the afghanistan war states if the u.s. does not have access to transportation routes in pakistan so we can see them cleat that the americans are hostage off the pakistanis if we need to solve the afghan war so it's ok we give we give you won't break tree one point five billion dollars a year and you cure the bad guys for us it doesn't work like that it's not a real it's not a relationship between. equals zero so it's a sad truth that your relationships you know we do you want to do and the pakistanis terrorist. no we say we're fed up with it. you we're got to learn from moscow it's good to have your company today and check out some other world news headlines now that nato has continued forming the libyan capital tripoli on tuesday
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saturday it's a rare daytime air strike that hit the compound of colonel gadhafi with nato saying it was targeting that command center and not the leader personally the strike comes after the g eight leaders put pressure on gadhafi to leave or russia said it's upping efforts to mediate a cease fire. in spain and the austerity protests have turned violent as police clash with demonstrators over one hundred people have been injured countrywide rallies are sweeping cuts started about a fortnight ago after two years of recession the country is now faced with the highest unemployment rate in the eurozone and struggling with major problems. in china over thirty five million people are estimated to have been affected by a devastating drought along with the yangtze river it's the worst recorded in half a century among the many problems the region now faces are a shortage of drinking water and severe losses for the agricultural industry no rainfall is forecast in the area until the beginning of june well the droughts the
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latest natural disaster that's spurring ever greater numbers of doomsday theories some experts say they're a sign that people need to build their futures with greater responsibility online a talk show host laurie hofmeister asked people on the streets of the big apple if this really is the time to change. tornadoes ripping down buildings nuclear power plants melting down are we building our society responsibly our with any forethought at all oh this week let's talk about that do you think society thinks that long term or they just always doomed to think the short time i did things which country are and. i think americans are very short term. i mean. why aren't planes made of the material the black costs me out of. all this like you know we that those are just not enough for thought put into it i just maybe dad or maybe there's other things that we're not really seeing
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maybe it's you know i mean i'm sure a lot of i'm sure yeah some people are going to say it's on the government mysteriously or i think that the friends. companies but because. there is no private interests in the princeton i hope that it's true so maybe if there are people worried about making money so much they'd make things better i think we're done with is it and i phones i pads there's no they can pass next five minutes do you children i do does my concern you that it does but i think we're ok the world in and last week and they were four billion years the sun burns out so they will be ok you know back in the thirty's we used to build projects that bastid for for one hundred years well they built it will tell us that hoover dam is going to last a long time projects like that. they should last a thousand years because hopefully will be around in about us and us right you put
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my buddy had to work and he's in construction so there's a lot of that too it is a fight against the corporation mine mainly. because you know i mean it's from a purely economic front of you taking. cost a lot so it was going nowhere and the planet or the corporation. it's whether or not you think we're building society responsibly the bottom line is with lives and our planet on the line we can always strive to do better. and with the light from moscow now will we see the icy glass years of our planet's coldest consonant. green valleys but it's not a burning issue as are currently being tackled by antarctic scientists. reports. more than a month. in one of the most extreme environments on the planet this is antarctica
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and people have to be aware that they're far away from civilization. discovers foot makes antarctica so special and attractive for many the wildlife in antarctica is. the fragile. expedition to the bottom of the earth. each week. on kings george island to measure twenty nine different markers. by doing so he can record exactly how the glacier changes each year and it seems that glaciers in antarctica are getting smaller just. the fact that our glaziers are changing in size point search change in climates i know we know that since the middle or the end of the nineteenth century the majority of glass years are receding it means there is a general warming over. antarctica provides a unique opportunity where scientists can get
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a firsthand look at how this warming trend affects the local ecosystem from greater amount of fresh water is coming from the land of the sea which forms of fresh water where the surface of the sea water fresh water is lighter so there is some problems with mixing of the water coral which could possibly influence the structure of. plankton zooplankton and krill are the main source of food for the majority of life in antarctica clearly over the last thirty years in this region the amount of ice which is critical for coral survival in the wintertime has declined. that means that the area may not support the amount of cruel in the future that it has supported in the past penguin species delhi penguins and chinstrap and ones are declining in this region principally due to that decline in coral even though the overall global trend is pointing to what is
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in fact global warning some scientists are saying that we're living between ice ages and this is all part of a natural cycle in fact there is some evidence to suggest that we're at the beginning of the next cooling trend. because i mean indicator on the glass here is an equilibrium way in altitudes it's the all to choose where the accumulates the minds of snow equals the male so the mayans if they sow to choose gets higher it means that the climate is getting warmer and if the altitude gets lor that means that climate is getting closer since two thousand and six this altitude keeps getting lower. and while scientists have been keeping track of how little they should have been reacting to changes in the environment they say it is just one part of a much larger system but most of what we have to keep in mind is we don't have a situation where climate change is in the same way all over the planet it's somewhere it's getting warmer somewhere it's getting colder and somewhere there are new changes it's all at the same time which tendency occurs in which area is also
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changing so is the climate here and right now is constant in the future this can also be treated much though not all scientists agree on the levels of climate change most believe that it is becoming increasingly more important to monitor what is happening on our southern most continent antarctica is a truly spectacular place it is changing rapidly and more knowledge about what is changing and why can only help all of us understand there are other areas of the planet that are going to change in the future so we might have a chance of being prepared for whatever comes down the line in antarctica sean thomas our team. and you can see all of sean's antarctic expedition series online when ever you want of course of all it's going to come all all of his reports are there waiting here's what else you can explore on the web site right now and auxiliary fire and mass destruction with this is no war zone and ammo dumps going up in
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flames putting an entire russian town on high alert also. a gay parade quickly sours in moscow dozens of marchers are outnumbered by police during an attempt to hold a round of round. ok a recap of our top stories coming your way in just a few minutes that will be after a very short break. with . the.
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the be. the big. the big.
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the for. the. ellipse up next to the birth of egypt's. but also on the corner of peace and war. they're responsible not only for themselves. but also for their loved ones. they're ready to take any risk an. own. place.
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st. louis soon which brightened if you want song from feinstein. who threw stones on t.v. dot com. twenty years ago the largest country in the observer's racism. must have been on the beach began a journey. for where did it take go. down the field official antti application. i pod touch from the i choose up still.


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