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tv   [untitled]    May 22, 2011 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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the. latest news on the week's top stories here are soaring unemployment and all steroids the measure sparked nationwide protests and spraying country next in line to say the. legal process against the now former international monetary fund puts even more stress on the e.u. which relied heavily on support during. the russian the president's appearance away from turning a reelection bid in supply during an unprecedented q. and a session with hundreds of journalists.
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it's one pm here in the russian capital you're watching artie's weekly news repeat on the latest developments angry antigovernment demonstrations are sweeping spain your thoughts he's lost the battle to impose a ban on public protests the country is voting in regional elections today the ruling socialists expected to suffer major losses of tens of thousands of people occupy the central square for the song square trip some of the protests have sprung up in other cities as a country struggles to overcome the session do with record high unemployment. sara first reports its crumbling economy spain could be next in line for rescue that. best greece. and now portugal as the u.a.e. things paid out great numbers there are now serious concerns. spain could be the
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next to topple. a testis throughout europe clamoring to the case even more taxpayers' money being plowed into rescuing others was. i think again that even that is becoming that. i don't think that my break is that it probably was forty three per cent of under twenty five that is why i didn't like the whole labor market was that i was a i think it's going to be. this is. where the women will is where we will be millions in the year is a problems weren't enough there is now talk of greece defaulting on its loans even potentially exiting the year altogether and portugal's recent bailout is reported to be worth around seventy eight billion year that spain is the euro things for for
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largest economy the different challenge altogether if it fails. if the situation happens when the markets would not manage it going out of spins that is the most catastrophic scenario for the e.u. what will the e.u. do i think in many experts share my opinion that the e.u. will do the utmost to avoid the scenario would any cost because spain is too big to fail so you really got to come up you know the big question now is just how much longer and the year is a continued bankrolling going bust as the spiraling debt crisis continues to escalate there is a ministers are struggling to maintain a united front noid. financial survival for such countries a spain would seriously. it could lead to the use of two currency zones in europe a strong group of countries using the euro and the rest not using it. thinking to any. the breakdown.
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by portugal possibly. think i get it. right. there. but politicians may have been blackmailed by the financial community to think they know what's to save the banks from collapsing that's according to some economist michael ross we are living in a so-called capitalism but this is ridiculous because the capitalism doesn't work anymore everything in every country is being bailed out so we have something. because. i don't want it there is no other choice if we let greece
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bankrupt or portugal bankrupt and in a capitalistic system this is normally a normal procedure the banks will suffer and the banks will go bankrupt and as a matter of fact here in germany you not only in germany specially also in france of banks are full of greece there and some people already there maybe the politicians have been elect mailed by the financial community in order to give the money off the taxpayer to make the banks of our well the former head of the international monetary fund has been released on bail and placed under house arrest and work for an extra scan was detained just as he was preparing for a meeting on the plight of greece and portugal's economies resulting in reports his arrest has thrown the talks on resolving european debt crisis into disarray. no strobes called no euro that's what pain because the whispering of the police charged the now course with the attempted rape of a hotel maid very differently the possibility that some countries could decide to
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leave the euro pushed out of the euro and then we've got to understand that. belief that the euro could and should be saved in the face of north steel resistance from richest states stross kong live this week's bailout of crippled portugal germany and france insist boyland raises its low corporation tax the s.k. as he's known was the man saving euro she called to me these allegations are going to be. of the i.m.f. as an institution and. definitely going to be missed. strobes call and even persuaded greece's leader to stick with strict spending cuts disappoint royals on the streets but he has a good card to some of you heads of state governments made a difference he has good contacts for example to the greek prime minister on
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thursday greece for more loans on better terms but no heavyweights europhiles the s.k. has gone few back another bailout. greece should leave the euro zone that has put under strain the euro choi is one of the imus top bikers contributing tens of billions of euro ruled it is an asian chief who's not likely to be as europe friendly as trolls because he has been very personally very important in getting the i.m.f. involved and assisting in designing the bailout packages but also coaxing and encouraging politicians to do the reforms necessary now you may not get the equivalent kind of person with the same kind of convictions coming from the emerging markets. when one of the world's biggest investment banks bill three years ago it triggered a global recession we're still reeling from today but it's still true if you would your road to extinction really make matters worse the consequences probably would
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be higher and much higher that was for instance as the bankruptcy of lehman in two thousand and eight with e.u. economies that this tour is the team that toppling the world's leading banker comes at the worst possible time this is not just the end of a career dominic's was instrumental in risking the eurozone as most troubled states is a risk to seem to threaten the end of the euro itself valuable shorty harris. the british military operation in iraq is ending more than eighty years and the last group of royal navy training stuff playing out on sunday ok joining us invasion of iraq three on the pretext of destroying saddam hussein's weapons of mass destruction. running the war out of favor just like he was a hundred something nine soldiers during the course and most of the cases military
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forces withdrew two years ago. failed to make iraq a safer place the terror attacks happened there on a regular basis. flynn says the war is a blight on british and street. all we seem to receive is we replaced one rotten government with another rotten government there's no question but said it was seen as a monster and the world is a better place without him but the replacement. is in all kinds of trouble at the moment the whole of the country is falling into another morass of corruption and abuse and he's find it very difficult to control the system so i'm afraid. there's a saying. that it was the wrong war that we went in to be inquiry has been recorded yet it is these recalls when the war was decided. british parliament there were over two hundred m.p.'s of voted against which is
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unheard of we very rarely go to war without the full party of consent of the british people and in this case there were great reservations that we were committing our soldiers to a battle to see their lives destroyed in the service of a foreign country it was bush's war britain needn't have had a party later a tall with a final tally of eight years one hundred seventy nine dead without any great achievements is one that will mark one of the words moments in our history. well in this with the second visit to the republic of ireland this week to reaffirm toys between london and dublin the visit came amid a rising tide of nationalism in scotland he's a considering parting ways with the credit. reports from edinburgh. the starting pistol sounds in the race for independence for scotland the scottish
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national party now has a surprise majority in parliament and their hell bent on a referendum on breaking away from the u.k. being control over a resource responsibility for the problems with. stand up and speak to the issues that matter to us. charging. that we have a voice abroad revenues from oil and gas in the north sea oil worth an estimated twenty one billion dollars to begin k. treasury every year scotland says the reserves are in their waters it's hard to imagine the u.k. would let the oilfields go without a fight particularly as westminster wouldn't be legally obliged to honor a yes vote of the scottish people the union jacks days flying outside the scottish parliament could be numbers scotland's ditching the united kingdom would mean the u.k. treasury lost valuable oil and gas revenues and it could be the inspiration for historically less peaceful independence movements in europe like the basques and the northern
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irish to follow suit and further destabilize an already weak e.u. the s.n.p. would support other european movement in their own struggles for independence including wales and northern ireland if they so choose for the people of those countries to say what we want to do we would never support or condone violence in any shape or form clearly a fog of countries wish to pursue an agenda then a great deal of sympathy for losses and even those who don't want the u.k. to break up say it's a set. so it wanting to reclaim individual nationhood that striping the maidment system argument. it's not why the rupee richard it's all about whether you feel that we are scottish and british we want to be and remain part of a union which i think serves scotland well through for. years the s.n.p. still has work to do if it wants scotland to break away even the most optimistic
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polls show only around forty percent of scots would yes and on the streets of edinburgh people the oil industry and you know say. all the oil is they don't want this we've got on it generally they. eat it to other people well the school itself. was a school and as much as close to be. the case of either feature or how often or in short when should i have mentioned opinions. let me phrase it all day one make. sure you know enough about it to get a feel for the kids hoot when will the s.n.p. has time to bring the onshore ground it's putting off a referendum until the second top of its government it would be the beginning of a new era for scotland which hasn't been independent since seven zero zero seven
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but it's always retain just strong and distinct national identity something the s.n.p. will be playing on with all its might and its all its. on the way. finds out why at least say one demonstrator president steps down. well it's always on the country's most active volcano and that's. the sky. of sonnets. sectarian violence has been hit from the capital of ed ever since the uprising toppled hosni mubarak's regime christians have been targeted in several attacks by muslim radicals dozens of them are certain spent dial. up has been discovering that the egyptians are disappointed with the frames that the square revolution has brought so for. president mubarak but there is little
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satisfaction in the take of free egypt. really is he unified on square three become an enemy of barak's resignation so egypt and muslims and christians turn on each other. we want justice we want equal rights. in institutions in business in its police and army and in politics. for centuries the coptic christian minority has felt discriminated in the country germinated by eighteen million muslims the revolutionary euphoria has brought a desire for change. people have tasted freedom and they like it now we are kind of fed up with the situation. tensions in the past month have met dozens killed scores injured and several churches burned as a muslim woman and her entire family had been welcome in liberation and to her
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twenty four year old son was killed in the street by a brick thrown during sectarian clashes in baghdad a northern flashpoint as years of syrian religious tension boil over so how can we know mubarak was a dictator maybe he was corrupt but at least we have been able to sleep and our children were alive we never saw the before we couldn't have even imagine something like this happening yes from this point of view i miss the old regime and many others glorify the january revolution among them the muslim brotherhood. and under mubarak jade's the country's only well organized political group with the president gone they moved from jail cells to this much rebuilding in central cairo the revolution given them a long awaited voice and. radicals are triggering the transitions of the revolution united people and they want to ruin that they don't want to see egypt
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strong and independent but i'm sure they will disappear after the parliamentary elections. in batteries pyros poorest district is home to millions of people surviving on just a couple of doors a day following the fear revolution egypt's immune system has been a weekend dramatically economies in critical condition and his role in the country when this happens the symptoms strike the most vulnerable first and the question now is just how far the damage might spread and whether egypt can ever recover. cairo. meanwhile in libya nato has reportedly hit the capital's main port and market off his residence early on sunday tripoli officials claim weeks of bombings are triggered right here in crisis the government has accused international forces of violating u.n. the law is that resolution of things and risk. as it's not friends forecasts
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and also the actions of. the u.n. is nothing more that it's all of a barrack look at they have pock receipt coming out a united nations as they go ahead and they'd libya with their humanitarian bobs i mean how could people be so ignorant in carrying it dropping bombs on moammar gadhafi s home oh they call it it's calm his command and control center it's is how this was supposed to be humanitarian mission while at the same tie they turned a blind dog to what's going on in the ivory coast with millions of refugees what's going on in the sudan and what's going on in yemen and bahrain it's the club they only prosecute who they want to prosecute and when you're a member of the quad you're excluded it's the united states' policy of going after those they don't like you know not doing business with as opposed to those they are
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doing business with that are actually committing even more heinous crimes you know what he stand or was he asked the question about next year's presidential election in russia that students announce that they sponsored tomorrow's a press conference and to make sure you know if the president spoke tension this in his in going to secure a session since taking office in two thousand and eight nazis customer service reports some issues discussed. one hundred thirty seven minutes of the eight hundred journalists seventy two questions and one man to answer them about president need to make a difference first major press conference on wednesday giving many a chance to voice their questions but while some were serious what would you say is there a chance to give to each of our actions well deserved accommodations and sound more light hearted. i know that your wife has to park in knots an hour to park my own car so maybe i could borrow one of his education but. it was the question of the
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possible second turn that everyone including the president expected the most and showing your idea those ideals the decision over the presidential race is not made in this kind of format it should be made when the situation is right as well that a greater political impact and i will follow this principle in the server i want to make a statement i will make it easy to pick a fishing industry of whether current president is or for former president clinton will run for office in twenty twelve has become moscow's most evaded topic according to me diminutive the two men share a lot of views but also have their differences lesser pushing yes my name my relationship with my colleague and political partner but to me a putin is not just something that people call a tandem and actually we have been working together for over twenty years and we know each other well that we think alike and our views on key issues in our
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country's development are very close but this doesn't mean we always think the same way we have different views on modernization i think this process but could be much faster. it would calving sidestep the most intriguing topic we need it still took time to focus on major domestic and international issues and archie's question about syria can get him to make a very strong statement because that is why syria support. lucian's on syria frankly speaking they were disregarded by the actions that some states took even though initially russia supported the first resolution and didn't veto the second what happened afterwards demonstrated that these kinds of resolutions can be manipulated this is deplorable because it undermines your thirty of the un mission but it shows according to some a growing unease with decisions made concerning the middle east. have appeared somewhat to regret russia's support of the resolution on libya was quite strong in
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saying that. the actions are currently going beyond what he thought he was voting for. so i think internationally people take note of that because it will signify russia's increasing unease i think about what's going on in libya and more broadly in the middle east but i didn't detect a sense from mr medvedev that the security council wasn't the proper forum in which these things should be discussed the lot of regional journalists present many questions focused on domestic matters but one subject of great interest in egypt both in russia and abroad is the imprisonment of former oil tycoon who. is released who he did in georgia society of course that was assured of question and the old some will be equally sure that no absolutely not the president you saw other times likely to influence who cooks a sentence i don't think he's going to be released and after all it's not the president who put him in jail and i don't think it will be politically easy for
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material to. parole. although he has such a possibility according to all you know these sort of things happens very rarely in any country in korean version so i think basically the word mediator wanted to say is that he doesn't dispute the decisions of the court but he doesn't consider this person i think. is the press conference going to cause reporters its success after nearly two and a half hours with a mini they did break the press farewell and headed back to the kremlin but the question that remains unanswered is will the stay there after twenty twelve captures are artsy moscow. caught up with a major event as press secretary straight off the conference the target of a covert explained rather presence is taking his time to answer the question on everyone's lips that interview for you in the next hour. that's
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a georgia where right they said these tear gas and rubber bullets to the government demonstrators hundreds of position members have accounted for a second day of protests in the capital tbilisi and morsy on their way to join the right well positioned leaders say hundreds of people have been arrested badr has suffered a rousing his march through the city on this route to step down immediately demonstrators claimed they'd been brought to the freedom itself with its presence or that's the key to this according to opposition groups thirteen people were injured certain to tank as police raided one of their offices in that position the regime that's sort of in clamp down is in touch with the people there act in self-defense. the government is extinguish like. criminals sacred down the ministration way church have been sanctioned by the government itself so we're expecting according to
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legislation we are not doing anything illegal so it was absolutely peaceful manifestation of their pushy woodland's they began evolution they used illegal wars against peaceful demonstrators so we have a right to protect ourselves we have a right to protect our values we have rights to protect telling them this and we have a right to leave a normal democratic country. well look now at some other news making headlines around the world thirteen people have been killed and dozens injured in a series of bombings across baghdad officials said at least eight explosions took place during the sunday morning rush hour the last until the neighborhoods of southern a city in the east and by on the west known as yet claimed responsibility for the attacks. syrian security forces have shot dead at least eleven people during a mass funeral for anti-government protesters killed or even this week somebody
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with a little cracked others wouldn't a political analysis and sterilized between president assad's winfrey and its opponents. the international media for running from the sun for the rise again two months ago making it impossible to the penny provided by council that suggests and government officials. suicide attackers have stormed the government building in afghanistan east of the capital kabul police say there are at least three men armed with machine guns on the up in the traffic police headquarters at least three people reported killed afghan forces have surrounded the building but are not launching a full assault detonating attack a suicide vest on sunday a suicide bombing killed six people and wounded twenty six with richard hospital in kabul. iceland has imposed a flight and closed its main airport the country's most active in europe leaving
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dormant for seven years. of smoke in russia stretching twenty kilometers into the net however experts say it's unlikely to cause the kind of widespread disruption witnessed throughout the last one another of the countries ok here's where the. i think that because our web site that scotty dot com for more stories are on the bottom of the earth that to the stars. are some of the dari in the world send out is sean thomas experiences and i think russia has tons of great some. great movements of the past and the future of space exploration driving a formidable rocket travel from for a few years ago to the latest tricky tasks in which all the parts of the car. found it for the joy of a circle of life but one case one of the world's rarest monkeys has got. some form and that's the video number it's.
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billions of dollars and boxes schools and empty drug initiatives in afghanistan and up in the wrong hands stay with our team to watch our special report exposing corruption and criminality of the most dangerous countries in the world that's coming your way with the cup.
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if if. if. it was the fourth quarter. the street still keeps its secrets a denounced time some feel that the soviet files.


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