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tv   [untitled]    May 17, 2011 9:00am-9:30am EDT

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one of colonel gadhafi envoys comes up to moscow where russia's foreign minister has an end to the fighting and to observer the un's resolution if a suspect suspected accountable were in the capital russian police arrest a man called heating human and liver. i'm paying the price for portugal e.u. nations to stump up seventy eight billion a year rose but grow weary of bailing out broke countries with concerns that spain is on the slide. and russian attacks officials are taken to task that use of mass investment that's linked to a lawyer who died in custody over a year ago. a
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very warm welcome to you this is alex he live from moscow the pressure is calling on colonel gadhafi regime to stop the bloodshed and stick to the u.n. resolution the foreign minister met a libyan leadership representative here in moscow who said that they are ready to listen but only when the rebels lay down their arms and nato stops a moment. is following the talks russian foreign minister sergei lavrov described talks with libyan authorities as productive he said that they have agreed to create safe zones in the country to court the rate with the u.n. security council on distribution of humanitarian aid throughout the country to follow the road now presented by the african union and to let international observers inside the country that would be monitoring how those resolutions are
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fulfilled however in their living in the thirty's has conditions under which they willing to do so. tripoli is willing to consider approaches based on the african union road map for peace they are ready to fully meet the requirements of the un resolution only but said it was necessary for the opposition to make similar moves and for nato to start storming porn industry allow for once again stress that nato is actions in libya to be younger as aleutians of the u.n. security council and that there is no military solution to this called and even though russia is not a year lateral mediator in this particular conflict it does agree with the road map that was presented by the african union opposition members are also to come to moscow to hold talks with foreign minister lavrov over the visit has been postponed it was supposed to come to morrow nonetheless they're still coming to mostly they're still willing to talk however many are saying that there's some clear cut
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reasons why the rebel government doesn't want a ceasefire washington's perfect mentally via mahmoud jibril the leader of libya's transitional national council leapt in study in the u.s. for years and on his latest visit to washington he didn't fail to show how devoted he is to american values we. really believe and we really aspire that our message will get across to the american public that we are really here to join hands to build a democratic a dream and the libyan soil and washington they join hands with those seeking to replace gadhafi and take over power in libya to help prop them up the u.s. pledged to funnel billions of dollars of conduct its pros and assets to the transitional council i am currently drafting legislation at the request of the state department and the administration that will authorize the trans for of available cash assets to the council for the support from washington comes not only
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in money and tomahawk missiles but also in military command one of the commanders of the lead in rebel r.t. is gen calif i have to her a long time khadafi to factor he leave you know washington suburb for the last twenty years just minutes away from cia headquarters although any intelligence connections have never been officially confirmed at the moment we have cia operatives all over eastern syria and i can cia agents who are there even before obama recognize it and have for it in full eastern libya along working alongside french intelligence and british s.e.'s as well they are manipulating the agenda of this transitional council some analysts say the u.s. is using the turmoil in libya to propel to power people who would be loyal to their interests you look at this collection of job real job yunus and if there are these people are foreign agents they're nato stooges they're they're completely
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controlled and they will never be able to assert any kind of independent autonomous libya good risks of the proper regime of that this would be generate into chaos and number of leaders who were propped up by washington have based popular discontent in egypt hosni mubarak had been extensively supported by the. u.s. for decades despite the mess the disapproval of his policies yemen has seen violent the rule of its president who many believe has managed to hold on to power only things to u.s. support and the government of hamid karzai in afghanistan has been struggling with public discontent for years the u.s. and its allies will go into the stare which some sort of a regime that we approve of but the process is not going to be a democratic one and in the long run you odds are overwhelming that the libyan people will reject the regime having clearly taken sides in the libyan civil war washington is now seeking to forge strong ties with whoever might come through
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power there but analysts say such an overwhelming support financial military and political never comes without strings attached and check our reporting from washington r.t. . libya itself a nato airstrike has struck a security services building and the headquarters of the country's anti you corruption agency cafe officials claim the bombing was to destroy files on corruption went to the rebel leadership the two buildings are close to the residence of colonel gadhafi which is being regularly hit by there till the time comes are you trying to support an artist seeking to arrest the libyan leader what british investigative journalist tony gosling says it's the alliance should be held to account for. nato as shown in other campaigns around the world but it starts off with this sort of pretense that they want to have a short sharp war and what it happens is it turns into a long protracted. war where actually who does want out of this the military
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industrial complex these massive military companies who are supplying all this weaponry tonight in tow and the people who do best out of any fact both sides. military can we should both sides do well so i think that i don't think that the nato side really want to make this a short thing at all they actually would like a long protracted conflict. and they would like ultimately to take control of libya's oil and libya's finances which is what this is all about we don't see colonel gaddafi going into foreign countries invading them calling them attacking them we don't see these long protracted wars carried out by colonel gadhafi i think he's the least of our problems and we should see tony blair and george bush in the top of the international criminal court you are with r.t. still ahead for you this hour spicing up the space race. on its extraterrestrial ambitions go far beyond the launching of the space station the chinese hoping to land a man on the moon by twenty twenty five and a man on mars a point twenty four c.
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the beijing reveals its cosmic plans we look at whether that will mean competition or cooperation in the current space of superpowers. b.p. and ross nears arctic aspiration and share swap deal has collapsed and now ross nav say it will be seeking a new part and to explore the arctic the pick the agreement failed to b.p.'s current partner in ross a are reportedly rejected i think it's a billion dollar offer to buy its stake and take it with me we'll have more on what analysts think of where this deal can be revived in about twenty minutes. i suspect that kind of has been arrested here in moscow paine's thought of butchered at least one of his acquaintances who was found by police eating a meal that contained a human liver he's pretty rough. over the past two weeks dismembered body parts are being found in the media but that by the moscow river as well as here in western moscow where i am right now now one of those body parts there was found was partially harmed and investigators were able to use the thing to get fingerprints
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to positively identify the victim as one year growth of forty year old man they then went around talked to his circle of friends which led them here to this apartment building where they questioned and eventually arrested showed that in shadid in i had admitted to the the officers who arrested him it was he who had who had murdered you go to if he also admitted to having eaten parts of the baby is victims of body and in fact in the apartment where he was arrested police recovered the the tools that were used to dismember his victim and also and also parts of human liver but it being caught up in cooked in a stew the charger and had been eating had been described by people in this area as somebody who had a history of mental illness and the the manager of the apartment building was
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actually. at the scene for the arrest and saw him being taken away his mother had asked him to open the door because he wouldn't open up to the police i came to the door asked him to open it but he wouldn't so we kicked it in but first he claimed he had anything then police found a liver in his refrigerator and asked showed it was human after that he started telling the truth about what happened he couldn't remember half of it because he was drunk when he did it the victim he remembered was from rostov and had recently got out of jail and having to go to invited the man to his apartment he would invite anyone who offered to buy him alcohol. but we've also been able to speak to the mother of shad today and she expressed deep concern at what her son appears to have carried out this callous murder and horrific eating then the victim she told us that he actually said to her after the hundreds discovered nearby to where the problem was that he had carried out this murder however due to his
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illness she hadn't believed that he had been able to do such a thing. she's always been different when she was at school he said himself against the whole class and all the teachers of the teachers in march he thought it was unfair well next time he just try the test. and talking to the neighbors and other people who live around this area we're building up a picture of a very disturbed individual however some of the neighbors that we have spoken to have said that they really can't believe that this is happen not only in their in their local area but that somebody who lived so close to them could have carried it out whereas others have said that they suspected that this child didn't hard to be up to something for quite a long time. i was cleaning the rubbish and been and the container was so i try to press it down it was then i saw a box covered in plastic bags and then when i tried to move it and saw some hand sticking out. like
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a plate it is we just can't believe this is this person has lived next to us for so many years and all of a sudden he does this is a negative he's a sick person he's a schizophrenia world and then it turns out he's killed and eaten someone. and it's not the only chilling case of cannibalism in russia recently if you are go to our website r.t. dot com you can see our report on to st petersburg teenagers who were convicted of killing and eating a female friend a year ago. portugal's rescue was not coming cheap it will cost its partners seventy eight billion euros after finance ministers cleared the way to bail out another country it's the third e.u. nation to get a massive aid package after greece and ireland and given that greece has its hands out for more funds as doubt the bailout remedies are actually working as daniel bushell reports. the eurozone is in serious trouble there's a storm of controversy already growing over the seventy eight billion euro rescue package for portugal which has just been agreed by the finance ministers of the
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european union here in brussels several states have already come out and openly criticized finland being among them one dutch m.p. told me it's really not the job of the prudent states in the european union to be restoring those countries which have been more ridiculous for example portugal now the i.m.f. the international monetary fund is supposed to be coordinating this rescue package it's also supposed to stump up a third of that cash but it's head dominic's trust can has just been arrested on sexual assault charges in new york so there's two more there as well greece is a country that's already received a bailout but it's already asking saying it needs more cash now we're clear how taxpayers across the rest of the e.u. will react this time of economic difficulty to having to bailout those countries and the belgian the finance minister has said that he really wants to see greece
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sorting out its problems first before it gets more money now the four critically ill economies of the european union and known as the pigs that's portugal ireland greece and spain and by far the biggest economy and therefore of the biggest concern is spain is really growing concern over the economic situation there we've got horrible statistics local most of one in two young people in spain are out of work the question is being too big to fail that may be a saving grace that the euro zone countries simply can't afford to let a big country as spain go by the wayside and fall as well. it's not just under bush you're right now the deepening of the other side of the atlantic as well with the united states now having a fourteen point three trillion dollar hole to fill emergency measures are being considered to prevent america from defaulting the government is likely to arrange loans from pension funds to help it keep afloat for the next few weeks earlier this
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year the i.m.f. warned washington that it needed to tackle its huge deficit congress is now negotiating with the white house to see what america can investment banker rogers says the u.s. doesn't have leaders brave enough to defeat the debt. well what all this will amount to was eventually the death of the dollar you know when the united states doesn't have a revenue problem you know we have a real spending problem you know as dr mark probert said you know we're really in the end game here you know unless we really start to rebalance ourselves there won't be anyone to show up at treasury auctions i mean this is in bad ways not only economics pretty soon if we don't get this issue in order no one is going to be showing up i mean what kind of message are we really sending out to our creditors here i mean if you were the leader of a company whose trip is competence just about every quarter and if you think your creditors are shareholders will continue to finance your business i mean what this will amount to is a decrease in standard of living if you don't raise the debt ceiling but that's reality you know we're broke i mean not that no woman has already been raised ten times over the past fifteen years and meanwhile the national debt has tripled and
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it's clear that these politicians have no real intention of going to the real fundamental issue at hand and that's where overspent and we're leveraging as a nation and it's clear that they have no intention of paying this bag without monetizing you know from dominic sex crimes or the tax evader himself to me gee you know we don't have a real leader out there was really really ready to talk about the real issues at hand here and in just two hours time here i'd say rocks cars are in the sticks you have what have their own ideas about why the dollar is talking and. not only let me explain something about the dollar enjoying a bit of a balance recently tied exactly to the moment when i've been logging in spite to call a stance a bully pakistan violence film that eleventh american state sanctioned terrorism blood guts pentagon arm military conflict the military industrial complex i.e.
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you deeds are you deeds it's a huge splatter fest that we've seen which is the basis for the rally in the dollar there's no jobs there there's no manufacturing there the only thing backing the dollar is for ten states tension terrorist acts that's what the dollars all. because reported just over two hours time here and. several russian attacks officials are having to. being investigated over allegations of stealing forty seven million dollars it follows on a pro by lawyer sort of. guard in custody in two thousand and nine off and edge of me being refused medical treatment because friends later published his findings these are really good stuff and join us live from. being widened what else do we know well. let's start off by talking a little more about sergei magnitsky who is the man at the center of this very
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recent taxation scandal he was a lawyer for the firm as its capital group was accused of tax evasion in two thousand eighty was taken into custody was was under investigation in names of both an illness and died in november of two thousand and nine when that happened the death of his death sent ripples across the human rights community including their presidential a human rights council have to various groups have demanded a thorough investigation into the case that he's dead and that it was. still continuing it has been. has been extended until at the end of august of this year at this point we do know nothing definite could be said about the. the the think about his death now are his friends are alleging that the reason why that he was taken into custody in the first place is because he has stumbled called some evidence suggesting that some of russia's tax officials were involved in
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a very elaborate tax embezzle move which saw more than five billion rubles that's more than forty million dollars. from from a brush response and they have sent they have published a video on the internet with the details of these new delegations and they have sent an inquiry into russia is a significant which has now begun a probe into this latest case. if you want to thank you. on the street at some other headlines from around the world now for you and another pipe bomb has been defused near dublin after an anonymous telephone tip off it happened as the queen arrived in the republic of ireland for the first official visit by a british monarch in more than a century is conducting its biggest ever security operation during the visit the trip is being labeled as historic following decades of animosity between the two countries. japan is promising to provide over fifteen thousand houses for people made homeless by the fukushima nuclear crisis it will also allow evacuees to
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retrieve their cars from the exclusion zone in the next few weeks and closely monitor their health will be announcement comes just by news that to further reactors may also be in a critical condition. but trying to has unveiled plans to build its own space station by the end of the decade and to team up with russia it's a lot of man on mars by two thousand and forty henry morton reports now on the blue sky thinking which looks set to leave china's rivals in the space race far behind. beijing space city opening its doors to the media as china announces its intention to build its own space station by twenty twenty to rival the international space station and while some see chinese advances in space travel as a potential threat officials here are coming to stress the spirit of cooperation they say is behind china's space program. and would some go on we're looking forward to cooperate with other countries in the field of space exploration and
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we're also looking forward to having more countries doing this work that we can promote the common goals of mankind honestly for the moment though china's space program is doing very well on its own since becoming only the third country in the world to send a man into space in two thousand and three the chinese also carried out a space walk in two thousand and eight and the country isn't going to stop. trying as extraterrestrial ambitions go far beyond the launching of the space station the chinese hoping to land a man on the moon by twenty twenty five and a man on mars by twenty forty and ambitious timetable by anyone's standards. however it's the very speed and nature of china's space program that has some including the u.s. worried most of the tens of billions of dollars that the chinese have spent on these projects has come from the country's military budgets and with china's downing of a damaged weather satellites and using a ballistic missile back in two thousand and seven some are now talking of the
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potential for a new space arms race. janus is developing a good space program like any other superpower this technology is the most advanced and mostly used during peacetime but if needed some dignities could also be. chinese officials deny the country's manned space program has any military uses several european countries are expressing interest in using any future space station for research and the. says but it's only working with russia and its mission to put them on phone models and remove faulty beijing. and in our next hour here on r.t. the european space agency chief tells us how he hopes the cash will keep flowing for space exploration while struggling eurozone countries gobbling up the money. and over to the business task with b.p. is a big plans have been grounded more details now just about. zero
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the charcoals the international film festival in the event of the russia from may twenty third to twenty ninth featuring two hundred films from forty eight countries thirty five russian premiers and fifteen tries winners from the burley in china and venice film festivals appearances by ray financed hundred carville don't get dozens of forums discussions of workshops the circle of international film festival find cinema for a demanding audience. how welcome to businesses here how is he thanks for trying p.p. and ross nafs arctic exploration deal has collapsed sources close to say it will be looking for a new partner to explore the arctic i think you have its agreement with b.p.
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comes off to be peace current partner in russia they are reportedly rejected a thirty two billion dollars offer to buy stay contain k d p a r has consistently objected to the nature of the deal saying it broke at shareholder agreement with the how this also suggests they are still prepared to negotiate several conditions can be met but yeah let me change from we're all supranational corporation believes there's little hope if you can be revived. they also have to not continue negotiations with both companies was a british company and would be a russian part of it because to my mind ross nafta has already got quite an awful problems and putting all of this project because of the unwillingness of russian to prove the whole deal cost nafta is now will continue negotiations or start negotiations with other or one another strategic partner we know that between
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january and march first and it has already received. proposals and expression of interest from shell exxon and chevron and also from cheney is an indian company has about the work on the arctic shot so i believe that trust me have to turn to those companies and first of all to exxon shell chevron to continue negotiations and to push the project forward. to look at the markets oil prices a slightly lower the solve the concerns continue that the debt crisis in greece will curb european growth now european stocks down on tuesday as investors digest weak german economic data chosen french conglomerate weak from four percent after reporting an eighty one percent drop in net profit late monday an actual sector's getting go shares in societe generale and in paris in paris and b.n.p. part of god came one point four percent afterward it was upgraded soup overweight
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from equal weight at morgan stanley vodafone shares are up in london up through according revenue above market expectations. here in loss of coffee obviously the markets continue to trade in the red this hour the back of all the world's worldwide market trends now let's look at some individual share moves here on the rise ics precious metals not a point of metal is up more than three percent after reporting record high quarterly results in russia colors and standards he was here as of last night's and tainted key are in the. read the news there small share swap agreement has collapsed. to a crisis starts to produce has not released results with both enjoying strong gains from the high commodity prices the country's biggest two group several style has posted a five hundred thirty one million dollars profit for the first quarter of all analyst expectations that compares with a net loss of seven hundred eighty five million dollars during the same period last year. and number two steel company you ever asked group has reported earnings of
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seven hundred forty million dollars for the first quarter that's of sales increase of thirty percent company says it expects an even stronger second quarter. net profit of russia second largest mobile phone operator megaphone fell two percent year on year to three hundred sixty million dollars in the first quarter the company says depreciation and amortization expenses rose thirty percent offsetting an eighteen percent increase in sales. was equity market is seen significant for the past few weeks peter weston at the time of capital does believe rebounds is on the cards once shipped back to less risky assets to. eventually there will be a bounce back in particular you know of looking at a kind of old person's hundred ten dollars per barrel whether my sister is right now where it was that same level a couple of months ago they were prophesied to top us so you know there's some kind of level up when you talk about when the concert all price but i think rather than
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looking at the world press right now people are looking at global factors and i do expect us to see volatility over the next coming weeks and i think the trend will be on the downside maybe for another week and then of course reaching the summer months when you know anything can happen we've had a very active summers of a very sort of some of the talk of love when it comes to quick would you say i think in terms of the emerging market universe what is interesting right now is that it has to shift back towards developed market risk we saw that a couple of months ago as well and as we have risk aversion on the rise i think it's very easy to make their argument to stay in more liquid or more sort of what is perceived as less risky risky markets as. well have not.
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wealthy british scientists are. sometimes.


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