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tv   [untitled]    March 24, 2011 9:30pm-10:00pm EDT

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a mobile home community decided to start life anew we'll talk with the award winning director of. the documentary exploring a new documentary that just might change your. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so. you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else here see some other part of it and realize that everything you saw. i'm sorry as we.
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see. all the back to the big picture i'm tom hartman coming up in this half hour first a movement has targeted the bank of america is preparing to jump off a national day of action what the protesters are up to later in the show and he went on a whim in search of solutions to the world's trouble in problems and found the solutions to some of his own but we're winning director tom shadyac who wrote the and directed the new movie i am with you here and vermont really can pull off single payer health care is it possible that two hundred doctors could be on the move that in science daily take.
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speaking to robert robin hood what would happen if a rich famous and successful guy decided to change his lifestyle out of a more average american that's just what filmmaker tom shadyac did and has just released a movie titled i am a tells a story and if you are a very real way all of our stories check out this trailer for the. reason. we are asking to see significant. what's wrong with our world or what can we do. most importantly what we can do about. science. elements that undermine everything we've been told about how we how the world works we connect with each other at a fundamental level people realize.
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that we because we know. the basis of nature it's cooperation in the markers it's in our genes. we're just at the point where it's times in town for tonight's washington d.c. from near the movie at the e. street theater welcome thank you good to be here that was your voice by the way that i've been clear in this movie. thank you it's it was beautiful to have you read it thank you you've been fabulous and successful and quite wealthy and then you decided to give a lot of it up here's a clip actually from the movie sure she shares with her viewers. they took a chance on a guy who at the time was known as the white guy on in living color. my world changed overnight. and well i kind of went shopping. first i bought a little seven thousand square foot house and those never swimming through the store. make sure that it professor leifer.
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more success came my way i bought a bigger house and more stuff. but something odd happened to me when i moved into my first beverly hills house that kind of took the edge off my buzz i was standing alone in the entrance foyer after the movers had just left and i was struck with one very clear very strange feeling i was no happier. there i was standing in the house and my culture had taught me was a measure of the good life and it made me absolutely no happier. so this is the main set up for the movie yeah you know in the microcosm my personal story of the flawed character and i was taught a certain model of success by our culture and that it would pay and i found it neutral and i got the rewards if you will the treasures on earth and i found it absolutely neutral and yet as i have shared more of that as i moved away to
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a simpler life use less resources a simplified things that i've been able to share more. create community be a part of a connection with other people that has brought a wealth that was not taught i felt and supported by our culture in the way that the material wealth was it's really interesting some of the studies on happiness show that. there are there's a certain peak or a certain rise that occurs with you know basic needs being met and then it kind of levels out and then there's actually a drop at great wealth you know i mean if we're the point where people start getting o.c.d. about their wealth. talk about that well in the movie you say that there's a certain limit money buys you out of the burdens of homelessness hunger poverty you want an education or an operation that money could make you happier but above that it actually doesn't make you any happier and can invert your happiness because of the complexities that it brings i found that true also this is this is i think
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it's just absolutely remarkable that after all these movies that you've made back to give me a quick list like the nice ones who was my first movie the nutty professor liar liar patch adams a dry dragon pose a drama bruce almighty evan almighty and i produced accepted and i now pronounce you chuck and larry largely mostly successful films who are just short of two billion dollars but it wasn't the kind of success that success to me is about these horizontal ideas of family community connection sharing you know giving a gift i've been given a gift as a director and i want to share that with those i want to it's a question we don't ask. in our society i didn't hear your other guest asking how much is enough or what is tom shadyac need to live a joyful meaningful purpose filled life and it's a question that when i ask myself i see my needs are simple i still live this this beautiful life and then the rest can be shared and that to me creates a true wealth that i believe we should be teaching our kids do you think the. the movie suggests that your perspective is that we're not individuals that were part
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of the whole that we are our brother's keeper yeah i do very much and i think you know your issues your shows are very much an issue show and i respect that we want to get underneath the issue and there's a fundamental way we're looking at the world now and it's this idea that we're separate that you and i have nothing to do with each other so we hear the word me a lot it's me it's my effort it's my stuff and yet when we look even at the science of quantum physics say there is no my there is no ego that's the illusion that einstein had said we are all truly in this together and i think we have to make a choice as a society do we fundamentally believe what the mystics what those leaders have told us the moral leaders like martin luther king are we brothers and sisters are not and i would agree with you i don't want any brother or sister of mine which is anyone to go to bed hungry i don't want any brother or sister of mine to not have medical treatment if they need medical treatment especially when i've been given so much as a gift and i can share that if it creates some kind of material wealth i can share
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that and it makes me wealthier and i believe again a truer sense i'm hearing from a lot of people who've seen the movie obviously because i'm in it i mean people you know i didn't we didn't do a lot of. this is not public sucking up you were wonderful in the movie you tell amazing stories and i find them a political i find their moral you know i find them very moral and and i think we can meet even those we disagree with on those moral grounds you know we have to ask ourselves who we are what you tell beautiful stories of thank you but the feedback i'm getting from people is that they feel like their lives. has been changed as a result of seeing this movie this is a transformational movie was that your goal when you set out to make it to transform others or simply to get out of your system what had happened to you and i think it's both i think every filmmaker wants to communicate something i needed to tell the story i literally thought i was going to die had a kind of a near death experience of the bike accident that compelled me to share something as a last chapter of my life but i think every filmmaker hopes that something that they
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do will affect another person to rethink something to recalibrate to make a shift not for my own edification quite for their own potential joys but potential meaning and purpose brilliant job of tom shadyac thanks thank you thank you for your participation mentors appreciate you thanks no thank you the movie is called i am and it is life changing check it out. it's no good to bad in the very painfully i believe first the good senator dick durbin in response to congressman peter king's hearings into american muslims durbin will be launching his own congressional hearing into muslims but his hearing
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will not focus on the threats posed by muslims but instead the threat posed to muslims and their civil rights pointed out the surge in anti muslim rhetoric and hate crimes you're going to be in hearings next week to try to improve the situation of muslims in america as durbin said it's important for our generation to renew our founding charters commitment to religious diversity and to protect liberties beer and she'd buy a bill of rights. and should start paying close to getting peter king the bad guy steve doocy but i can't really blame me just reading from a teleprompter so let's give it to fox news on fox and friends this morning to see said sarah palin's thoughts on libya and suggested that her insightful prediction shows she may know more about the libyan situation than president obama to work in the white house is insisting it could up each believe on his own accord but former governor sarah palin sees a different end game for her i think kathy it is going to end up dead through this
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mission coppice not going to go willingly sort as a former governor have a better understanding of the libya leader we want her to write i guess that's because she's studied up on libya extensively on facebook that and of course you can see libya from house and the very very ugly the westboro baptist church elizabeth taylor died yesterday so naturally the westboro baptist church announced plans to pick up her funeral are due phelps these folks are. and for the church said that elizabeth taylor has now joined michael jackson heath ledger in hell do you realize how it was so full of talented people go ahead show up with a picket signs does anyone really even care anymore it's just all very very ugly. coming out over two hundred doctors are prepared to pack their medical bags and head to vermont at a new health care policy is put into effect i'll explain why they're so heated up in tonight's they are take.
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this number given that we had an apartheid regime right here. i think the bombings even funny well. we never got the that says they're going to keep him safe get ready because you give them their freedom. you know sometimes you see
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a story and it seems so for like sleep you think you understand it and then he'd slip something else if you're see some other part of it and realize that everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm sorry welcome is a big issue. for . for.
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another outlet for people who want to put an end to the republicans reverse robin hood crime spree is the us uncut movement us i'm cut grew out of the u.k. uncut movement and is dedicated to making sure a trans national corporate tax dodgers like bank of america exxon mobil pay their fair share of taxes so we can uncut this slashing going on in benefits to the middle class or holding a national day of action this saturday urging people to show up in protest at their neighborhood bank of america branch so far bank of america in washington d.c. has been shut down twice by us on protesters and movement is getting so much publicity in the u.k. that today the government there announced they were raising taxes on the rich oil companies and banks and declaring no more cuts to social programs given that actually the daily taken just a minute but will us on the same sort of response from our government here and tell us is ryan clayton regional spokesman for the u.s. uncut movement brian welcome hey thanks for having me great to have you here with
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us the first of all why bank of america well big of america's and agreed is tax dodgers you know they made four point four billion dollars in two thousand and nine and zero dollars in taxes you know and if that one company alone would do their fair share you know we could unquote one point seven billion dollars in early childhood education that's head start in title one programs so america do we want teachers or do we want tax cheats and that's a decision we have to make right and it looks like. republican which has made their decision on the side of the tax cheats and you know. we've got a sound bite here we've got a little clip from what you guys have been up to with back to america let's take a look at. this you don't have your taxes are firefighters teachers public servants who are. very good. for your tax.
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dollars your taxes pay your taxes. what is it. it's incredible that was the bag over his shareholders meeting and you that's very kind of response interview oh they were stunned i mean they were silent and actually i'm a little shocked they were so silent they let us speak our piece i think they were happy we didn't bring pitchforks you know but if you go back old you. it isn't in the u.k. . i've lived in europe for a year and i've spent a lot of time watching b.b.c. and b.b.c. is not owned by any giant corporation and you know they pretty much you know they take on the sacred cows even in the government because there's so many multiple levels of arm's length between the government and the you know i'm like n.p.r. for example where where they're actually taking direct corporate funding isn't the fact that. in the u.k. the u.k. and movement is getting a lot of news coverage in the major media particularly b.b.c. but here in the u.s. . it seems to me from just watching the news what your biggest challenge is that
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the corporations who run the big t.v. networks they don't want to pay taxes anymore and bank of america does and are you having a tough time cutting through this well you know that's our job you know that's what we're here to do we've got to penetrate public awareness and make sure that people hear the facts because you know americans are pretty smart and when they hear the facts on this one everybody agrees it's a magnetic message you tell people you know bank of america made four point four billion dollars i paid less in taxes than you have in your pocket everybody gets that that's wrong but that's cheating and it's immoral well they did it with one hundred thirteen offshore. fifteen tax havens around the world you know and they say i mean that investor conference and they say we make the majority of our money in america no market around the world competes with it right now and then they go and they tell already their taxes exactly and they go in and telling them of the make a majority their money in cayman islands and luxembourg in these other one hundred fifteen tax havens you know that's the dirty little secret of wall street they they share one set of books to uncle sam and they show another set of books to their
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investors and if we can match those two things up then we would have one hundred to one hundred billion dollars more in. x. is collected by the government every year and that means middle class taxes could go down that means we could fully fund things like social security and we could keep teachers and cops and firefighters from these critical services we could stop cutting. the grass cutting the things that are being paid right now we're cutting to the bone of social services and we have to fix that because there's there's long term consequences to that you know my guess ryan ryan is that if you were to talk to the average teen per year and i'm not talking about dick armey or the koch brothers or the people who organize the buses or pay for the big stages and things but just the average person who shows up with a sign and he knows that something is wrong in america but isn't quite sure what it is if you shared your message with they would be with you if you guys reached out to the these folks are you finding that they're starting to show up i mean i know on my radio show i'm getting calls from tea partiers all the time going i just realized i've had but yeah i you know i would say i've talked to
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a lot of tea party members in the course of my activism especially around d.c. the one the one person i talked to you know fill kirpan from the tea party organization of americans for prosperity we were talking backstage one day and he said you know i agree with you i think corporations should pay their taxes i'm not in favor of corporate tax deadbeats and if if phil kerpen of americans for prosperity can agree with us you know two different sides of the political spectrum and in the people in the middle of america can agree with us you might get we fired over a quarter you know it well then why did this problem fix you know what and that's important it's critical that we get this message out there that people demand that our politicians do something about it you're absolutely right and the website is us on cut out towards you chris ryan thanks so much for shade thanks for having started their shit while the tea party pushes for policies that only help millionaires and billionaires u.s. uncut is there for the rest of us so join in and show up you're not alone in this war against corporate tax dodgers and austerity measures fact we're late to the party.
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in fact let's just check out how the world is doing right this is today's financial times this is not intended to be an ad for them or anything like that it's just it's fascinating to read what you know the how the richer it's talking to the rich to each other that kind of thing and there were some just really interesting international stories the first one comes from a company's market socialism section two of the financial times italy steps up drive against foreign takeovers now while for example german car companies in america are advertising the fact that they're making cars in america is that
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wonderful we're giving you jobs we're giving you cars they're not mention that they're taking all the profits back to germany the italians are saying you know italy has stepped up their campaign against french buyouts of italian companies italy's cabinet agreed on wednesday to put before parliament a bill that will define telecoms food defense and industry and energy as strategic in an effort to staunch unwatered foreign takeovers this is by the way the theory and part of doing this because france is already doing it to. a couple of other stories. socrates pays heavy price for austerity push is the headline in the page that is this is now he's the prime minister of greece and portugal and as prime minister jose socrates he's the he's been pushing these austerity measures that are being kind of shoved down the throats of the greeks by the i.m.f. and the world bank. and the people are pushing back to the point that today he just
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kind of threw his hands up in the us and that's it i can't do it anymore yes parity measures and including a special tax on pensions they want to axe ocean securities actually were drafted within put from the european central bank and so now they're going to you know have well we'll see any of the pedro pedro pass' coello leader of the center right social democrats the main opposition party said he would not support further measures quote targeting the most vulnerable members of society so this is you know portugal is heading toward a bailout as the prime minister quits and in the u.k. this is where it gets really interesting euro drama u.k. uncut is where the whole uncut woman started. george osborne the headline u.k. osbourne's unveils pro growth budget ok so it's a program of budget in the u.k. george or osborne u.k. finance minister unbuilt on wednesday what he described as a pro growth budget extensive tax rises now we call those tax increases
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the estate is british newspaper extensive tax rises and spending cuts announced last year had brought economic stability said but the package unveiled in the annual budget was fiscally neutral with tax rises for banks oil companies and electricity generators offset by tax cuts for other companies or smokes of small companies motorists and middle income households in the u.k. they just jacked the taxes up on the rich people the banks the zero companies and here were saying oh you know exxon mobil paid nothing in taxes nothing in tax the most profitable corporation has for the world and you wonder why us and kind of started to get a little upset i think personally that this wouldn't happen if you k. on credit had been out there good on em.
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there is no more glaring example of the steal from the poor give to the rich scheme the republican reverse robin hood's have been pushing that in our nation's health care system and there is one group of people a group of people who are very important health care who bad enough of our fraudulent system it's. doctors hundreds of doctors in thirty nine states have signed on to a petition saying that they would move to vermont if that state approves a single payer health care system as one doctor points out we want to practice medicine not push paper every single democratic president since harry truman has tried to reform our health care system only to be shot down by conservatives even some republicans like richard nixon with his employer mandate tried and failed and as a result we have a sort of health care in america that republicans want a for the rich by the rich for them and death panels for the rest of us little
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people have died in arizona as a result of what jan brewer is doing health insurance companies have near monopolies and ninety four percent of health insurance markets around the country as a result fifty two million people are uninsured another twenty five million are under insured employers are kicking ousts off their health insurance for us they're threatening their workers if they protest or they try to unionize all rolls of shut the business down on him over to china or india or some other country where there's no health insurance costs could be canada could be any european country for that matter. people are slipping into bankruptcy mostly because they're getting sick illness is the trigger for fifty percent of american bankruptcies while in every other developed country in the world this is simply impossible because everybody has health coverage twenty percent of americans or de laine medical care because of
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the high costs was the result of that forty five thousand people will die do die every year because because for the money to care for these people when they get sick has been sucked up by a small group of millionaires and billionaires who've gamed our system bankers really who call themselves health insurance companies all of it was handled on the run by people like dollar bill mcguire who made one point seven billion dollars in compensation for his first ten years as c.e.o. of united health care the current guy who followed him stephen j. hensley made over four hundred seventy million in his first five years this is you know every penny of this is the that these so-called health insurance companies make every penny it's from saying to somebody no we're not going to cover you we're going to cover you we're not that and we're going to pay for that this isn't just stealing money from the poor to give to the rich it's stealing the life from the
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poor and it's a moral crisis as much as it's a health crisis that was takes place in america the wealthiest nation on the planet and now doctors doctors are saying they've had enough just like filmmaker tom shadyac discovered money doesn't buy quality of life just like us uncut the movement is fighting against austerity measures going after corporate tax dodgers doctors are now going after the health insurance companies to drown their lives in needless paperwork and act like the real death panels in our health care system. and turns out of vermont succeeds in replacing its for profit health insurance system with a single payer system and other states around the nation follow which is exactly what happened in canada and says scatch one adopted a single payer system and then it spread across the country then our nation will be fundamentally changed for the better we become a nation where people can start
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a new business or pursue a new career without having to worry about losing their insurance a nation where a mother or father can get sick without affecting when their child can afford to go to college and the nation is not drowning in debt because for profit health insurance c.e.o.'s need the mansion these guys are after all sucking about a fifth of all our health care dollars into their paychecks dividends and corporate bureaucracies look anywhere you want and you'll never see a successful nation with a sick population health care is sacred and we are our brother's keeper so let's stop the theft and make america healthy again as the big picture for tonight for more information on the stories we covered visit our website at thom hartmann dot com dot com this entire shows available for free pod cast on i tunes also check out our youtube page youtube dot com slide big picture and don't forget democracy begins when you get out there and get active when you show up when you contact your likely representatives when you show up this weekend for a u.s.
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uncut event when you participate tag your it will see to. your social obligations your. touch from the. girls. or a sense for you now with the palm of your. comb . that's.


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