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tv   [untitled]    February 28, 2011 4:30am-5:00am EST

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these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada after. book orations rule the day. welcome back here's a recap of our top stories on our protesters in libya are calling for a final push to oust the forty one year old regime but there are concerns that a trial of colonel gadhafi could expose sensitive backroom dealings with various western nations have the same type of thousands of foreigners are finding themselves trapped in the chaos and some are unable to get out. the escalating on the rest of the arab world and especially in libya has sense energy prices skyrocketing affecting living costs seven economy all around the globe has some of
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the stage for a new toilet brush by global powers. and a public outcry in the u.k. over the involvement of the controversial us security contractor a lot he'd margin in britain's national census the right rights groups allege that the government is risking the confidentiality of personal data and it is really writing a debate on privacy and ethics. nato members are constantly claiming to create new strategies and new partnerships in the face of fresh threats to global security well the alliance is trying hard to reach out to partners like russia to help it achieve its goals he spoke to the danish defense minister about euro atlantic security and copenhagen's view on the ways it can be ensured that interview's coming up next.
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you didn't think danish defense minister it's great to have you with us today and things from a security perspective what does a north stream gas pipeline represent for denmark and for europe. actually i think the north korean gas pipeline is another way of getting gas from russia through europe and russia and europe is so much into link if we talk about the gas market because the. greatest buyer of russian gas and therefore the north stream pipeline we'll make sure that we can actually have gas libert without any troubles which we've seen before and from a danish perspective we've said that according to international rules then if it's ok for the environment of course they can be built so we have had a very pragmatic and very you can say it
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a business minded focus on the pipeline and i look forward to have it your country was the first to allow the yourself of politics if not for a layman this cast why i think it was because we said that we we need russian gas for the european market. and we would like to make sure that we can have the supply and have the supplier also in twenty years time and therefore the gas pipe is needed. and again according to international law or it's only if it damage the environment but you can say no so we have no political discussions or political focus on this because we saw it as a pure business part lately for the last two or three years presently as it has been talking a lot about reshaping the common security zone with europe and he has proposed this common european security treaty what's your take on that what you what's your response to this proposal i think that we can work very closely together russia and europe without having a new structure i'm not so much in favor of putting up new structures new
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organization if the old ones aren't working so i prefer to make the old ones for it one thing i'm very positive about is. the russian nato council and i attended the russian nato council meeting in been in november and there was a very. focus from russia but also from nature and we have to work together because we have some common challenges we have some common threats and we have to find solutions together. and i see that as the way forward instead of talking about constructors you know some experts would argue that nato is a little bit outdated and it needs restructuring and this common european security treaty is exactly what it needs to actually reshape itself in a multi worlds i'm saying what we didn't respond was also that we actually reshaped nato and we made a new strategic concept for nato that's focusing on what are the challenges of the
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world today it's a cyber attacks it's terrorism it's it's so kyra see i mean i would say that it's a sea of threats threats it's not a conventional threat and we stated very clearly that for nato we do not see any country to be a beacon to me of a fear of nature so different we actually reshape nato and i think that it's a help if you started to be disciplined with russia or restarted with russia i think that's the way. we're talking about missile defense because we also have a common threat coming from the south. and i think that's very positive in in the way that we are working together and that it's also my experience that russia does not see nature as being the big threat among them or not anymore and. what exactly is nader's new studies that concept for causing security. i
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think it's. i think the new strategic concept is this is so much focusing on the new threats not old threats and i think that it shows that we have to work very closely together in in reshaping what we are doing and your strategic concept to say that in denmark you. so i have to look into what are we doing with the danish defense how can we reshape the games defense so we can act towards the new threats towards terrorism towards cyber attacks and and so i actually use things we decided to meet also to make some changes inside the image defense now that mark is a relatively small can three of. you have curves position from now to twenty countries plus your former prime minister is now the head of nato so it's sometimes it's in. this country above its weight when you think well i. actually it's what i've seen and what i experienced was because we are so much focusing on doing
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having soldiers deployed to places where we can make a difference for example in afghanistan in the helmand province area for example when we've been in kosovo eleven on. a cow we do encounter piracy. at the coast of somalia and we are we whenever we decide to deploy soldiers we say can we make a difference and if we can make a difference we say yes and that's also why i think we are all great because we we sometimes we say no we say well if we can't make a difference then let somebody else do it but we think it's important to be an international player and normally i say. you don't need to be all then one has a small state a pretty state of just being a small state we have to be smart state so i have introduced that what we're actually doing in defense policy issues and security policy issues we choose to be smart states we choose to be involved special places around the world where we can
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make a difference while it's imagine that goes on there really is their hearts go out right now and letting people believe that it's completely unrealistic for nato troops to leave carol stand by two thousand and fourteen what do you think. i think it i think it's i think we can leave with our battle groups. but i think also that we have to stay in afghanistan after two thousand and fourteen to do training of the of the police to do the training of the african defense and afghan army and that's also why when i see that when i see the russian nuclear road and i have some very good discussions yesterday with the ice foreign minister over coffee and when we talk about what goes what comes after two thousand and fourteen and one of the things we agree upon is that we need to support the african reconsideration and reintegration process to make sure that after two thousand and fourteen that the afghans can actually take
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a war themself or be responsible for security but we also have to make sure that you don't end up having. an internal war in afghanistan and i think the russian experience from afghanistan we have to draw on that and we have to we have also learned troops to look into the lessons learned from russia in afghanistan earlier what america's also is the only country to opt out of us common security and defense policy wise. all it comes back to the maastricht treaty and it was like well a lot of the danes they have a referendum a lot of danes they voted new. suit in march to sign maastricht treaty so to make sure that their right could stay as a member of the u. we have to do some of that and the fences were not clear and the euro's another legal affairs is another and well i would say and right now it creates some problems for me being defense minister because whenever the e.u.
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countries would like to discuss security policy issues to friends also issues i'm not allowed to raise my voice. which means that would have no influence on the you and d.c. on these issues and. i would like to get get get rid of the of the opt out. but the political climate in denmark is not ready for that so it's so therefore i have to live it you look at another angle in your opinion what can a woman bring to the table as global security goes that a man can't. i wouldn't. maybe a broader focus on how do we deal with security risks and what do we actually do. i think it's very important whenever we are deploying soldiers that we do not look at just military military ice i think it's important that we see it as a whole and i'm very much became about comprehensive approach so when we deploy
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troops we also have to look at a civil reconstruction and development in the countries where we have deploying soldiers because sometimes where we know that some wars they actually start out of poverty it starts out because people will they fight for clean water. we have to we have to take that into consideration so i think i can be more i can have a more equal or comprehensive human and how should we deal with the. different issues and i don't know whether it's because i'm woman but i feel that sometimes i have a broader view on things well you also have reading your interest in mentioning the holistic approach is this what you mean yes exactly exactly if you position yourself as a civilian minister chris a military place but then when it comes down to security interests piracy a defense minister will eventually have to choose one over the other when it comes
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down to it which one do you protect first. that's typical i wanted to know. and i know that i was appointed minister because i have civilian background and because i don't have a military background and my prime minister was very clear saying that well you have the chief of defense he is responsible for the military things and my prime minister was very clear he don't want a general to be the minister because then there would be some conflicts between the chief and minister so i'm actually asked my duty is to have this broader view on things and not be the one only talking about military tactics or who's supposed to be where and when it's all right thank you very much for this and three weeks.
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lines the oceans would be soon which brightened if you knew about the song from phones to christians. who threw stones on t.v. don't come. protesters in libya are calling for a final push to oust the forty one year old regime but there are concerns that a trial of colonel gadhafi could expose sensitive backroom dealings with various western nations but the same time for thousands of foreigners are finding themselves trapped in the chaos and song are unable to get out. of the escalating on ruston. the arab world and especially libya has sent energy prices skyrocketing affecting living costs and the economy all around the world well the problem has set the stage for a review to oil washed by global powers. and a public outcry in the u.k.
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over the involvement of controversial us security contractor and walking heartland includes its national census rights groups allege that the government is risking the confidentiality of personal data and it is really fighting a debate on privacy and ethics. for sports and you are you've got some ice skating with a difference i hear yeah that's right most of it is true isn't it skating is a popular pasta even though we're not very good at it but it will stand into extreme sport in the russian capital this weekend we've got some great pictures from mount pleasant terrific night strike a school the winner in england's colling cup final that coming up. hello there thanks for watching the sporting this is what is coming up over the next few minutes making the cut scar become the first team to reach the k.h.
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else conference semifinals after thrashing spot at. last over the moon on loan. markets the winner is booming and beat arsenal to lift the carling cup. and the limping champion uganda can either sweep the medals repeat canasta parade in moscow . probably start on the ice where scott had become the first team to advance into the semifinals of p.k. h.-l. playoffs the team from st petersburg beating spartak moscow once again to take another salable for nearly two and their best of seven series beautiful netting a period when it scarred for three victories is second goal of the night elsewhere in the western conference it's all square in the atlanta. athletic cruised through their latest encounter by eight goals to one's almost a level of their series with the nominee. needed overtime to pull further away and their tie against anonymous guy and in the eastern conference double defending
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champions outlaws need just one more win to advance the russian has excited by the six one on the road also on the brink of the semi's after beating severe and you have their noses in front against met in the mountains of course and regular season champions that god and i try to eat in their tie with an f.p.p. me. carries a footballing fairytale burning and beating mikey are still two one and the carling cup final to lift their first trophy in nearly fifty years with on loan rubin striker obafemi martins saying he was the easiest goal he's ever scored i also work in city the whole favorites but it was an even and entertaining contest with him feeling. hard done by after just saying misty buddy hey dan in the box the referee mike thing said it wasn't a penalty after the linesman wrongly flanked offside but the police get in front on the hot serbian international classic you put it bluntly you had the last word
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behind the long. she had a good. commercial strike on going to shopping picks up a loose ball or money she's to cross the robin van persie he speaks of brilliantly by the dutchman posing in price yes the gun is without a trophy themselves for six years and i pushed for another but ben foster stood for in the brummie. and it was his longboard that led to the winning creates a new source of confusion in the arson defense and bearing in substitute feminazi space that the times online from russian side grouping it was only his second touch of the match to decide after stripey since nine hundred sixty three and afterwards said he's never school and zeke. playing modern english premier league west ham have moved off the bottom of the title off an impressive three one win at home to inform live a few funny down play she's read basin in the skull past and then maybe say no to
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the hammers by half time glen jones and pulled the light fell fast talking coulson victory in injury time three one less time for price the eighteenth irony of the drops and only goal difference the red states six elsewhere minds decisions and one thing often tell them want him to fold them place west brom to not. change a sport now and it's been one girl he's been stealing the shire i repeat you are sixteen more sky world and i limping champion kenny and i have claimed no four goals in the latest leg of the ground for a series the pressure was on can i ever to deliver in front of a partisan home private schools leading lady presented her. you program on the map of the nation the night i was as good as impeccable the ribbon and the clubs. performing with the ball the slip up wasn't bad enough a strip of another go no rival for can i hear remorse there with any fellow russian
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alexandra coming close she claimed two silvers for. the ribbon however and neither says more work needs to be done if you carry this all into the london olympics next year. well i'm not very pleased with how it performed to see i made a mistake with the ball that's because i haven't had enough practice with my new it would seem at odds with the other pieces about rates is only computed my errors that just means i coach and the chair just would have noticed. a perfectionist now there is no place like home for the san antonio spurs at the moment they be called the longest home winning streak in a single season in the n.b.a. getting their twenty first victory at the ninety five eighty eight defeat of memphis when huge nobody was their star man he got a season high thirty five points on the night with the spurs believe it late they were trailing by four in the closing minutes after mike only came into sets and finishes with the don't he ended with nineteen points which nobody had the final
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say running straight to pass so he still manages to sink a shot. it's not going to spit the length of it so you think the nine three right in the last will be second so ninety five eighty eight on a school. where he may be called new number one but not in carmel lost in the final of the world match play championship in arizona or played three. unseasonal winfrey conditions in the desert you could take this on they with a snow flurry stopping play early on likely not for long thought took a three hole lead on the front nine time out pulled his life back to make sure they were in the square however. german couldn't keep pace after that donald with a sweet upright chair on the fifteenth he went on to win this thing up again and he had to impress the truth on the six things that you only needed one because karma conceded after the first if you don't have a biggest win of his career collecting just over
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a million dollars in prize money rising to the little girl ranking. meanwhile in mexico johnson wagner picked up his second win on the p.g.a. tour beating spencer living in a playoff to take my coca-cola classic both round seventeen and after their final round but levine failed to save power that long putt on the first. could see putt for the victory and that's just what he did his first title he speaks again he stood open three meet a guy. let's catch up on what has been happening on the slopes but i'll feinstein world cup leader rewrites pit close friend and defending champion lindsey vonn in the latest super g. event in sweden right one of the super combined on friday but from triumph in the downhill on saturday so both. can in just one hundredth of a second separating the two the any given time in a six win of the season
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a little limping champion in banking destruction her world cup lead over from one hundred ninety six points just nine races. and there's also a narrow window on the men's side a surprising once a veterinarian match nabbing gold in his favorite slalom events in both the area the thirty one year old is a twice solemn world champion but had been respectful most t.v.'s before this time . and he picked the patrick ryan free of france's young buck teeth bronze complete game and overall leader it's a costly made a red state and he not only. the freezing cold temperatures in moscow why didn't prevent prevent thousands of spectators flocking to one of its parks to witness flying high status and our own if not slightly frostbitten constantine to top off with that so watch. an impressive three hundred fifty needle or nice trick
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was erected coombes keep working must go to host the crucial third stage of the question ice world championship and the downhill internationalized getting only from twenty four countries where we get to put this skills to the test at the toughest been in the history of this new sport. sometimes it's the most difficult track it's not very fast but it's very challenging as there are many obstacles coming one after another that's why there are so many holes on the course it's very hard to prepare for a little strict struction and despite the freezing cold with temperatures dropping as low as minus twenty two degrees thousands of spectators to defer to tampa event and no one was disappointed they had actually melted the ice and oh i swear on the track russians are new to this kind of i scored but i came to learn quickly and available for scoping to be in some points and home and his stick to me playing for a place in the final but failed to progress at the last hurdle and you might feel
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prosperous feel unfortunately i was just you know so i asked what i was eager to get used my first result was my legs just wouldn't go but it's very hard to get prepared for such events it's difficult to stay in top form. and so the final turn out to be a few years jewell between current leaders are to be like anyone feeling and came of this trial courts all the flying field picked up where he left off from the previous of them the many older ones and bill lining easily stormed to his second successive victory extending his lead at the top of the rankings i prepped for me and i managed to do almost five clean runs i had little problems in the final after the save part but i like a i got my bus back i got a slow start it again. starts all right i like a little bit beat up. like him for back out on the ice and traditional i killed it . starts and there are still everything to settle for it before the decisive stage
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in quebec so we turn for it to the finish when still whining isn't dissipated on the nineteenth of march same archie. great to watch and so say was a match at the cricket world cup england captain andrew strauss saying his side's dramatic draw within the off the final ball was a terrific advert for the game india had posted three hundred thirty eight on live from a fifty i wasn't sachin and a hit in his forty seven one day international century and in reply strike struck one hundred fifty eight from one hundred forty five balls so england were closing in on remarkable win until a flurry of wickets fallon when the final ball was bowled in maybe she runs the win but graeme swann running money one much in the pool to make the break that made ricky the school's level so i one point stand at the front one is a pretty big. i think there you go to celebrate the fact it was an unbelievable
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good cricket. you know probably the best. fifty overs for my you could possibly get you know some great performances on both sides by sides of the. party happy polly stark so that brings us to the end of the sport people aware that we have a. on . them.
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